Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When Subs Dominate

I was out of town on a day trip. I had done what I needed to do and got on the ‘dating’ apps before I left the city limits. Guys were nice and hot……and chatty. Dude! I didn’t want to talk about why I was in town, where was I from and shit like that. I wanted to hook-up. I know they want it too, but feel the need for the ‘get to know each other’ shit. I was frustrated.

I ran one last errand that delayed me getting out of town. From there I got a message from a wickedly handsome guy – “can I touch it”. I shot him a pic of my big hard cock and said, “is THIS what you want to touch?”. As you can see, I wasn’t into playing games or delaying the conversation. Not at this point.

He said “yes”.

But then he started being every other faggot on Grindr. Peppering me with stupid-ass questions. Kept asking how far away I was, when he could clearly tell if he looked at the distance thing. Asking me to send another face pic to prove I was who I was. Sigh. I’d answer, but only at stoplights, which frustrated him because of course he wanted immediate answers. The address he gave versus his complex was nearly impossible to find and he couldn’t seem to answer any direct questions I was asking. I figured the guy was a flake and liked fucking with tricks. Eventually, just when I was about to head north, he was clearer and came out to meet me. I was already suspecting drug use. Or basic stupidity. Or both.

He was 6’0”, 160 with a face and especially chin that was just so fucking attractive. That was the draw, believe it or not. Yes, his profile said ‘bottom’ but it also said ‘single’ and he told me something about his husband, so….you can only believe so much. I also had a two week load in my nuts, so topping wasn’t completely out of the questions. It must not have been, since I never asked to see his cock. But normally I don’t care – I just like getting men off. Anyway, he had a certain look to him, but the profile pic was better than reality, not that he was heinous or anything. The chin and its cleft were not as pronounced as the pic showed. Damn shadows and light!

I will say, once in, there was no dance. He rubbed his tightly packed crotch. He had jeans on, but underneath, I would find he had gym pants, almost compression or scuba like. They were kind of hot in their own way. I followed suit and opened my jeans and pulling my member out. Both were still soft, though even flaccid, his looked formidable. I would not be proven wrong.

With some rubbing, his grew. Both of ours did. His grew more. He was at least 8.5” and with a nice head. I was having thoughts about the hell of having a big dicked bottom. I was beginning to understand why some guys pressured me into giving them my dick. I was now in that position. Or thinking about it. I’m not above it. I’m a pig.

He kind of wanted to kiss. I kind of did, but mostly didn’t. I kept having thoughts of meth and meth mouth. Anymore when I think guys are high and exhibit that behavior, I just assume they’re doing meth. I am rarely proven wrong. So no kissing was involved, but not for his lack of trying. I’m just a master of deflection when needed.

The guy went down on his knees. He was a pretty good cocksucker, I’ll give him that. Sometimes there was a hint of teeth, but I’d correct him when I’d feel any enamel on flesh. He didn’t struggle too much when dealing with my meat.

He stood up, moaned, he’d writhe, but he was very non-verbal when I’d ask what he wanted. I could have just decided, but I love to hear guys verbalize their desires. He’d immediately shoot back, “what do you want”. At that point I kind of wanted his ass. His mouth said ‘fuck me’, but his body language said anything but. He’d resist when I tried to turn him around to bend him over his sofa, though I was able to get those scuba-y like pants down a little further. Or he’d rub up against my rock hard dick but would pull back some if I got it at his crack. Deep down, I knew I wouldn’t be going deep. Or all.

The guy would check his phone every so often. I wondered if he was looking for another, or someone better. He claimed he was seeing where his husband was, as he was cheating and the hubby didn’t know. I’m all for cheaters, but it’s always weird when you get walked in on. I was hoping that would not happen. (spoiler: it didn’t)

He asked me to blow him. Honestly, with a cock like he had, how could I not? It was a beautiful penis. I loved every inch of it. I asked if I could take a pic of it in my mouth, which he was good with. I took video instead. He didn’t stop me.

As it turns out, he took out his phone to video it from his angle. We were both into it. I’d have LOVED him to bend me over, but I was sooooo not prepped for that, and I think he was too bottom for that.

After I came off him, he was telling me how much he wanted my load. I asked “where?”. He said, “spray it all over me!”. UGH. Boner killer. I get the money shot. I do. There is a time and place for that, but this wasn’t it. I said, I’ll do your face if you stick out your tongue and eat some. He agreed.

I had been close on and off a few times. Macro-edging, I guess I’d call it. I liked seeing him down on his knees looking up at me, in a worship fashion. At least a subservient one. A cocksucker position. I’ve been there so many fucking times, it’s kind of nice to see what they see.

This whole time I was bordering on that being nice and asking what he wanted edge and the just taking over edge. While I can’t and won’t say I’m a top or a dom, I have qualities. I’ve been around enough to know what is good and bad – and I know it’s all relative, but this is my version, my truth.

In that moment of standing over him, looking down on him, looking down at him, with my cock in his mouth, as he tried to get me closer so I could blow my load all over his face, internally, I just said, “fuck it”. There would be no money shot. There would be no bukkake party of one.

I guided his head. Honestly, I hadn’t felt close, until I decided to take control. I think I fucking got turned on by my own dominance. That’s weird, right? Tops – can you answer that for me, is that a turn on for you when you are that in control? To the point of getting you to orgasm?

My hand tightened on his head. I was there. I didn’t tell him ahead of time, which for some reason I’m apt to do. I usually tell them to start swallowing, as my load is so large, they will need forewarning and direction to keep up. I didn’t know if this guy swallowed or not, and I didn’t care. Today he was GOING to swallow.

I unleashed. It had to be close or over two weeks of cum flowing from my balls. My grip was steady and strong. He wasn’t going anywhere, but it didn’t seem he was trying. If he was upset about the change of plans he didn’t show it, but then on the other hand, he couldn’t. The seed was coming fast and there was a lot of it.

For fear of him not ingesting the load, I reached down and started stroking his throat. This will almost involuntarily get someone to swallow. He did. He was. But to be safe I kept holding his head so he had nowhere to go. If he wanted to breathe normally soon, he’d be taking every drop.

He did. Whether he wanted it or not.

I think he wanted it. Maybe he wanted a strong man to make the decision for him. Or maybe he manipulated the situation to get exactly what he wanted. I’m not cynical (well, I am, but…….), because I’ve done similar things. I mean, he took the entire dick and the entire (huge!) load without  even a slight gag.

When he pulled off, he raised an eyebrow and then winked. He stood up, as I buttoned my pants. He didn’t say a word, nor did I. I walked to the door, he stayed put, I unlocked and left. His neighbors were using way too much curry.

Monday, January 15, 2018


It was a confluence I did not see coming.

Opting to work from home one day, I got hit up by the KISS guy, from which you’ve seen / read some escapades. He happened to be off as well. While he is not my ideal, he’s consistent, knows how to fuck, fucks raw and always had a huge load.

As I am finalizing plans with him, another semi-semi- semi regular pings me. He’s married – to a dude – and cheats. I’m good with that. Actually, it makes me harder. He has a nicer cock than KISS guy, by about 2-3 inches. Thicker too. Bigger head. Both guys can be unrelenting when giving me their cock.

I ask “Rick” if he can wait 45 minutes, as I have something else set up. He tells me he cannot and asks for details on the other ‘set-up’. I tell him and he correctly picks out the KISS profile as the guy. Rick would be up for a 3-way if KISS is. I tell him to come over now, before even checking it out with KISS guy. I know he’s driving but shoot a message, hoping he’ll see it at a stoplight. He does. He’s fine.

Both guys show up at the exact same time. Both walk up the driveway together. They didn’t seem to say a word to each other, which seems about right. Had I planned it at all, I couldn’t have done any better.

KISS whips out his tatt’d cock first. “Suck it”, said he. I got on my knees and did. Rick walks over and watches more closely. His cock is already out, but not completely hard. He steps closer. I pull off, turn my head, and ingest his penis. I slide all the way down to a nice heavy sigh from Rick and an “oh fuck yeah” from KISS.

They move even closer together, getting their cocks so near each others, that I just take them both into my mouth. I don’t care what anyone says – this is not an easy feat. Body dynamics, geometry, cock length and oral capacity all play factors. And of course, the willingness for two strangers to be that proximate to each other in personal space. It wasn’t perfect, but for the moments in time when I was fellating them both, it worked!

But I knew (and they knew) that neither of them were there for my mouth. KISS was first to go. He played with my chest and lubed my hole and his cock. I bent over the desk and took it like a faggot. His cock bottomed out nicely. He knows how to fuck and did a good job. I think he was putting on a show for the third person, and I’m ok with that. I think we all were.

Rick took his place near my head and I dutifully went down on his cock, taking flesh tubes from both ends. It was meant to be.

Still, KISS fucked, but he didn’t finish.

KISS withdrew from my ass and motioned for Rick to take his place. Which he did. But just with his spit. That’s ok. The hole was lubed by this point.

The entry was tougher than the first. Rough and on purpose. As mentioned, the head was bigger and while I don’t know he wanted to make me feel it, I did. He was not displeased with this. His fuck style was rough too – but in a good way. Those of you who get fucked and like to get fucked will understand. He had good motion, but pumped my ass in a determined way. A man with a mission, if you will.

Like KISS, he stopped, as he was getting close and didn’t want to be…..not yet. Without hesitation or direction, KISS stepped back up to the plate. He went in easily enough by this point. I was opened up, as you might suspect. There was no edging at this point. There was a goal in mind. He slid in and out of my ass knowing he was being watched, knowing he had a load and an ass that was going to take it.

KISS isn’t horribly verbal when it comes to cumming. He asked me to ask for the load. I begged for it. While I knew he was shooting, there were not knowing grunts, no ‘take my load’ indicators. But I knew he was shooting. I make sure Rick knows too.  "Oh yeah - pump that hot load right up my ass".  KISS responds with a "yeahhhh". 

I tell him to stay up my ass and I use my muscles to milk out every drop.  Rick is in the perimeter methodically stroking his dong while he intently watches, silently.

But as things must go, KISS slid out of my ass and had barely stepped away when Rick started sliding his prick up my well lubed cunt.

And he fucked me.

And kept fucking me.

He was a silent top, he was more vocal about his impending ejaculation. All three of us knew it was on the cusp.............and then in my guts.

There were a few "nice!" exchanges, but other than that, no talking amongst the other two participants.  Rick pulled out and put on his pants. KISS had his shorts back on.  I slithered back into my mine - to help secure the loads that would end up remaining there for hours.

With no exchange, just like when they came in, they left together and all went their separate ways.....except for the DNA which was combined........and in me.