Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last Day in Town

This story is from my 2nd last trip to DC. I haven't even started blogging about my last trip! Fear not - it will happen.

Even though my last day from my last trip to DC was only half a day, and I worked 3hrs of that, never let it be said I didn’t pack as much as I could into the time I had.
…and of course, this time, I was the one packed.
The morning started with two blowjobs. The first one I gave. The guy was ok. Fair dick, fair body. Nothing special. I took the load like a trooper.
I knew guy #2 was coming over, but I also knew I had to get to work. So while I waited, I showered and got ready for the Metro commute. I also made sure my luggage was pretty much packed so I could come back and head out to the airport.
“John” knocked on my door. He had no pic when he replied to my ad, but I didn’t care much. His virtual description didn’t do the actual man justice. 6ft, 180, light brown hair and goatee. Nice body with his professional dress on.
But this I did know from him – just by looking: he was a cocksucker. My ad was to eat breakfast, not serve it. But like I said, he was hot and I’m ok with give and take. And I wasn’t going to give something without some reciprocation. And he seemed cool with it.
The guy was clearly cut from the same cloth I was. Dirty mind, open to almost anything and a nice dick.
He was the kind of guy I could have spent hours playing with. Unfortunately we only had less than 30 minutes. We barely left the doorway when he was down on his knees. After a few minutes of that, it was my turn. He had a beautiful thick cock.
We danced around what we were into – and it turns out we didn’t have to. Some guys will skirt the kink issues so not to feel too far out there and scare their potential partners. I’m not immune to this and usually let the other guy take the lead in his likes/dislikes and then I might subtly try to push that envelope.
Anyway the dance didn’t take long. He liked fucking, and sucking (giving or taking), piss and he sported a nice big bruise on his back. Granted it could have been from some slip, but I’d venture to guess he liked things a little rough and got them that way. I can appreciate that. I can take a bruise somewhere that might not be on my face, though there is something admirable about wearing it when you wanted it.
It got to the point where I knew I was going to be the top for the rest of this encounter. That was ok. I had a load I needed to lose. We moved our fun into the bathroom because I was in the mood to see ourselves in the mirror. It was also easier to bend him over the sink and lube up too. Which is exactly what I did.
He moaned but it was a good moan. He didn’t fight a thing. I slid in with little effort but it was hard to keep in him. Maybe it was the angle. Maybe it was all the poppers I had been doing. I knew it was not the way I would finish – but I also knew that I wasn’t going to waste the load. He knew it too. I told him so in no uncertain terms. He was enthused by this.
Though I had gotten a number of guys off this trip, my load was still packed in my nuts – though not securely. Not at this point. I was dangerously close and I was also watching the clock. I told the guy I was ready to go and and was going to blow his fucking head off. He was more than admirable on taking the huge nut I was giving him. There were pauses where I thought I might actually gag him, but he didn’t quite hit that mark. Good boy.


John on my dick (click to image to enlarge)

When I finally pulled out (all cleaned up I might add) he immediately stood up, but I wasn’t in the mood to go to my knees. I soon regretted that when he shot off. As hard and as far as I would have shot that multi-day load, he humbled me with his volume, strength and length of his shooting. I have rarely been that impressed.
Almost a first, I walked out with him, as I was running late. I never socialize like this after a trick.
Anyhoo….after I did my client visit, I turned on my phone (couldn’t have it on there) and there was a message. The guy from the day before was pimping me out….again. And the guy was different. We made arrangement to meet at my hotel. I had to go back and grab my luggage before heading to the airport. I had time for a quickie. I’m bad that way. I have ended up being late or missing things just for sex. Hell, I’m an addict. We do these things. But this was a plane…..I had to catch.
The other guy was hot. This john was ok. And he was a smoker and wanted to make out. I couldn’t do it. And worse- menthol. And mostly bottom. But true to form, I got what I wanted/needed and it was his smallish dick up my ass. And I got his load too. He did get me to shoot though. Second time in three hours. And it was a big load, hitting my chest, chin, side of the head.
I kicked his ass out and hit the shower before I had to check out. In the airport, I went to scratch my head and found a huge clump of dried sperm caught in my buzzcut. I wonder who noticed… if I fuckin’ cared.