Friday, November 23, 2018

Chicago 3 - In the Dark

I forgot to set my 'do not disturb' feature on my iPhone, so at 5:00 am, I got a ding that I had an email from BBRT.

The profile was ok, but unremarkable.  But he was on his way to work and needed to get off.  Anonymously.

- Dark room.  No problem, It was 5:00a. 
- No words.  No problem. I was wiped and really didn't need to converse.
- Door open.  Can do.
- Face down.   I know the drill.

He messaged from the lobby.  The door was unlocked and ajar. A pillow was under my abdomen. I was face down, ass up. I left lube at the bedside, but with no illumination and no talking, he'd have to fucking find it by himself.

This guy didn't mess around. I appreciate that.

The door closed behind him, but unlike most, he didn't bolt the door. I heard the pants behind undone, but unsure if they came off.

Most of these "anon" dudes eventually need sucked to get up. Not him. He was rock hard. He ran it up and down my crack. He either had lube or spit onto the cock (or he used my pre-lubed hole from a few hours before), but he lined up at the hole and pushed in.  One push. Balls deep.

I mean - he wasn't massively hung, or hugely thick. But he was insistent.

There was no, 'wait to adjust to it'.  It was shove in and start fucking.

I will give him this. He knew how to fuck. Maybe he was skilled or married. Or both. I do find married guys really know how to fuck. Maybe that was all the DL stuff - but truthfully, I find it hot as hell too.

He was true to his words. Not one word. Not a grunt. Not a growl. Not a peep.

What he didn't have was stamina.  Seven minutes. Tops. After he was in me, that is.

I'm not complaining. I do love to be fucked. ....but I think you know that.  But this was a before sunrise breeding. This wasn't a commitment. It was a pump and dump.  A cum and go.

And I remained in place when I heard the door shut behind him.  Like a good boy.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Chicago 2 - 3 Way

This guy had been jacking me around for a few hours.........and not in a good way.

I think you can see why I allowed him to. Even on the off-chance I had the opportunity, I wasn't closing that window.  But it was a lot of stop and start; then "I'm on the way" when he wasn't. He was listed at 2 miles away, so even in Chicago that shouldn't take 90 minutes. ....even if crawling.

And he started with wanting to suck me. I declined saying I was a cocksucker. As much as I wanted that body - since I never get bodies like that - I wasn't giving up my load on day 1 of this work conference where I was the new guy in town.

So I kept looking - now expanding my search to BBRT. I'm never sure why I just don't start there, but I don't.  Soon enough I get hit up.

I kind of almost immediately groaned. It doesn't take a MENSA member to match up my screen name to my blog name. I do hesitate for guys who read me and connect. It can go either way on their like or dislike of me.  And hook-ups are even more precarious. I assume - and maybe they don't - they know I'm going to write about it. And if they read for content they know I can be pretty frank regarding the sex.

We went back and forth and he was a dom top. He mentioned he'd read everything I've written - which can be good.....and maybe not. But if true, then I do hold no surprises.  He said he was going to get to the hotel at a certain time. And he did.

As I would do throughout the entire weekend, save for once, I'd crack the door and be face down / ass up for their arrival. Sometimes clothed, sometimes partially.

I totally know I'm stereotyping here, but when he spoke, he sounded more like a power bottom than a dom top.  It was easy enough to put aside and how we are is so out of our control anyways.

I did eventually turn around, because deep down I knew this wouldn't be just a breed n' go. So like the guy in 429 from a few hours before, I went to the jeans and gnawed on them, then the underwear. He stiffened up nicely. Very nicely. This was shaping up very well.

The pants came off. He stood next to the bed while I told his cock into my mouth. At first it looked nice. I don't think I had truly caught on to how thick the base was. While obviously cocks differ in styles, his continued to get thicker the farther down you went, and it didn't let up when it hit his pubes.

I commented on how thick that shaft was.  "That's why I liked experienced guys", was the reply. I knew what he meant.

He liked ball play, and I tried. Admittedly, I got distracted by cock. I always do. But as I lay back, he hovered over me so I could lick his sac. And taint.

While doing this I swore I heard the faintest one-tap at the door. I almost didn't get up to look, but did. And there was guy #1.  I told him I had someone else in there and he was welcome to join. I hadn't asked "Kyle", but I had a good enough read on him that he wouldn't mind.  He entered.

Sure he was nice looking, but not quite like his pic. The was good, but less firm. It all worked.

As I assumed, chest-guy really wanted cock, not to get off. Not really. He went down on my cock, then Kyle's.  Kyle had me suck the chest-guy.  I'm thinking 4.5" and thin at most. But he was hard and seemed to enjoy it.

Kyle talked about fucking. The guy's eyes lit up. He wanted to get fucked. This was not my plan. But Kyle was savvy. He got the guy to fuck me.  I was on my knees on the bed, bent forward. Chest guy fucking me from behind.

He wasn't vocal but I knew he was coming after only a few minutes. I'd love to tell you that it all went up my ass, but it didn't. But some went on my balls and some onto the bed.  I'm not quite sure if he started to pull out on purpose or from the other thing.

It seems when I was getting fucked, Kyle walked behind chest guy and shoved his cock up his ass. That might have had something to do with the early ending and the partial withdraw.

Kyle and I hung out on the bed while the other guy got ready to leave. I'm all one to show off, but I was now not in the mood with this guy. But as he dressed, he said I should sit on Kyle's cock. I had every intention, but just wanted him to scoot first.

As soon as he was gone, I climbed aboard.

The cock felt so good in my ass. I sunk down onto it, feeling every inch of girth. That cock was exactly where it was meant to be.

I did remember to reach behind me and squeeze his nuts.  Kyle liked that. But it wasn't enough for him. Soon, I was on my belly, on the bed. Kyle knows how to deep dick a fucking bottom. There was total withdrawl. And total (re) penetration.

He had already pushed that other guy's load up my hole, so there was a nice suction-y / squishy noise that went alone with that fucking.

Kyle got me open good. That thick dick has many purposes. But he knew what to do with the meat that is between his legs.

It's safe to say Kyle made that hole wetter. He picked up steam....he picked up the pace. He fucked. He fucked hard.  ......and yes, he came.

A big load. A few days worth.

After he slipped out, and was cleaning up, we chatted about other bloggers. Kyle is familiar with them all -  Big Dicked Vers Guy.  Another Cheater.  He was all about The Breeder.......but really, who isn't?

As he left, I felt good and used. It got planted up my ass. Deep. And there it stayed all night. Until..........

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Chicago 1 - Fresh Meat

Seven minutes.

That's all it took from the time I had checked into my room at the Doubletree (room 541) to bed heading down to 429. 

The door shut, I put down my bags, my phone pings a minute later. I was brought face-to-screen with a variation of this:

I do love a spread shot with a nice basket.  The arms were nice, as was the face. But if we're truly being honest here - it was the crotch. The denim packed crotch.

He was interested and asked if I was. I affirmed that to be the case and in seven minutes from unlocking my door, I was putting a 'do not disturb' sign on it and heading down a flight of stairs to 429. 

The man was inpatient. Half way there - of that 90 second walk - 'are you almost here?'. 

I knocked. He answered.

The room was a mess. Open suitcase, but clothes everywhere. Clearly he was a flight attendant. There were uniforms out.

He was more handsome than his pic. Hispanic by background, with jet black hair.  He was rarin' to go, with only black briefs on.

I went right to it - down on my knees. I gnawed on that fabric making the black shiny and slimy. I batted his hands away from the elastic a few times until I took it down to expose the dick.

I really don't know whose cock this is, but doubtful it's his, or taken in some kind of altered state.  The cock I got was longer and with a pronounced curve downward.

The pronouncement would come in handy when I lay my head with my head hanging off his bed and him feeding me. He could have plunged deep, but he didn't. He could have gagged me a little, but he didn't.

It was one of the three positions we did, along with the traditional, "on my knees" and him laying back in the bed, which is always my least favorite.

But that is the one that got him off.  His cock / his load, his rules.

The load was plentiful and actually tasted good. 

Seven minutes after I got to my room, I had a hook-up planned.  Twice as long as I got to his room, I was on my way out of his door with his cum in my belly.

This Chicago work-trip could be fruitful in any number of ways.

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