Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hotel Breed & Seed

He was in town and hit me up. Actually, he was at the hotel closest to where I live – less than a mile away. Convenient for me. And for him.

I knew from the get-go that I’d have to be the top here. There’d be no flipping or manipulating the situation to get his dick. That was a shame, as it was a nice cock. I can’t say what compelled me to hook- up, as in my mind, I wasn’t really in a top mood, yet here I was, heading to the Doubletree to meet some guy from Seattle.

In his Scruff chat, he mentioned how he’d been taking dick up the ass since 14……from a friend of the family. And how that ‘friend’ loaned him out to his buddies. It should be noted that the family friends was more than twice the guy’s age at the time. That shit bones me up, big time…..which is probably why I was headed to the hotel.

He sent me his room number and told me his check out time. I told him he’d see me at 10a.

He opened the door without hesitation. Naked. Like he should be. He wanted to go back to the bed room, but I wasn’t there yet. That room was dark. I like the light sometimes. I know from the room position that no one could see in – which was a shame – but I stayed put and he came back to me without question.

While I had slipped on a chrome cock ring before heading down, I could not believe how hard my cock was at the start. As you all know, while recent history here at this blog doesn’t reflect it, I am more geared to being this guy than being the top. I pulled it out of my shorts and it bounced up and hit his face. He immediately went for it so I had to push him back. He had to learn patience and manners. He’s been doing this since 14, surely he knew the score, no?

I sat my ass on his hotel sofa. I kicked off my shorts and spread my legs. He got on his knees and made it between those legs. I told him to start with my balls. Lightly. I never know why but my nuts are so sensitive at this time in the play. After you suck my dick or do anything my balls are rarely, if ever, this responsive to touch of a tongue.

He worked his way up my shaft – which was throbbing by now – and took my head in between his lips. Looking up at me, initially, he made eye contact as he took inch after inch into his mouth.

Now this is where there was a disconnect. There was zero wrong with his sucking. Good alternating styles. Not teeth. The right amount of his saliva. Eager. …..and yet is was doing little for me. Even BikeGuy the Bottom can enjoy good head. And it was all ok, but I just wasn’t really responding though I put a good show of it. I can play the part.

My dick was still pretty hard, but I saw some of the stiffness wane. I peppered him questions about his family friend and his friend’s friends. He was all too willing a participant in taking random strangers – adults – up his teen ass. He confirmed for me that he had lost count of how many men have fucked him. It made my dick strain.

I made him lick lower….and lower….until his lips were planted on my shitter. He licked enthusiastically. Again – I should be loving this, and it was all ok, but not really feeling it.

For my own pleasure, I made him stand up and sucked his cock. Yes, I am selfish enough that even though my dick is feeling ok…..I wanted more. Something that would satisfy me. I knew I wasn’t going to get him to cum, but just to feel the heft of a cock in my mouth was going to get me farther along in the process. He was either like me and a good actor, or he really liked my style. I guess we will never know.

It was time. We went back to the bed. I pulled the curtains back to let in light. First, I like to see what’s going on. Secondly, I wanted natural light for the video. Yeah – I knew exactly what I was doing.

Immediately he assume the position – face down, ass up. I suppose I could have changed how I was gonna bone him, but it never crossed my mind to change how it went down. I should have taken some of the lead in that way, but I didn’t. I didn’t care enough – certainly didn’t care enough about him. I leaned down and looked right at his hole. I lapped at it a few times, then got a wad ready and spat right onto his fuck hole.

No lube other than my own spit, I could have pushed into him easily, but this is a guy who’s been fucked since 14. I felt he’d really need to feel it. I lined up and punched all 7.5” into him. To the hilt. He groaned like a bitch but took it way too easily. I wasn’t the first to do this to him – probably this trip, though he denied it.

As you’ll see, I fucked him for a while. I varied my strokes. You don’t get the entire fuck on video, but it’s a nice representation. He wanted the load buried. I wanted the load buried. But I was videoing. You’ve seen me bury the load. Or more to the fact – you haven’t seen it. You see the dick buried… hear me moan or say something nasty…..or they moan and take it. Again, as you’ll see, I did a porn movie move – I withdrew enough for you to see me shoot it on his hole (not all over his ass like the weak porn movies) and then push it in.

Also unlike bad porn that shoots it all on the hole and then pushes in pretending like they’re still cumming, when all know they’re not – I just let you see the first squirt or so and then give him all I have……..straight up his ass.

The stranger got a week’s worth of spunk. I’m hoping it stuck to his guts. I slipped out, used his bathroom to clean off my cock. Found my shorts, pulled them on and left. I was well done with my day before ever realizing I never even gave him the option to cum. In theory, I could have gone to my knees and sucked him off. Or stood there and watched him jack till he shot. I did neither. It never crossed my mind.

He texted me when he landed in Seattle. My load was still in him.


Hotel Breed and Seed

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

CLAW 2018 #3

It’s an unofficial annual hook-up. He’s attends CLAW. I work at CLAW. He pings me on Recon. I go to his room. He stands there. I go to my knees. He lays back. I finish the job.

In theory, that could be the entire post. I wrapped it up into a nutshell for you there.

Normally – well always, save this time – we do the deed on Sunday morning. CLAW’s final morning. I always figured I was the last chance / final gasp for him at CLAW. Maybe he got laid other times, or perhaps not, but he knew I was a sure thing. And I was. More than he knows.

For this guy, it’s strictly oral. Oh, I’d like more, for sure, but it isn’t even uttered. Perhaps I should have, but I find it’s not quite my place to suggest or tell.

The guy is manly. Shorter than I would normally go for. The cock is average. But he wears leather well, which oddly enough, is saying something at a leather event. My stance is, most guys can’t pull it off the way they think. This guy can. And while I have many weaknesses, I do love a man in mirrored aviator sunglasses. And he carries himself well. Firm in his want, but not a dick about – though it’d be ok if he were.

He is clearly always in a non-smoking room, though they probably all are. On the hotel desk sat three cigars. How I’d love to service him as he kicked back with one. Maybe one day, but this was not it.

There is little talk. He greets me and usually tells me to get on the floor. This time I took a little initiative and leaned in to kiss him. He responded. He’s a great kisser, for what little we did it. Soon, his hands were on my shoulders pushing me down – gently, yet insistently – to my knees. He wasn’t there for kissing. I get it.

I gnawed on the outside of his worn 501s. I made him hard. I made a wet spot – but of my own spit, not his precum. His hand was at the back of my head, grinding me into his mound. Slowly, but surely, I reached up and undid his belt. I popped the top button of his jeans. After that, I didn’t fuck around – it was easy to have the other buttons just undo as I tugged downwards on the denim. There was no underwear.

His cock bounced up and hit my face as I pulled the pants partially down. I immediately extended my tongue and ran it every so lightly along the underside. The cock jumped. Internally I chuckled. These big bad rough leather dudes respond to the light touch. Irony was not lost on me.

My lips enveloped his head…..then the shaft. My lips were soft, but firm. There was friction with warmth and flesh of my lips. The tongue was there too. I use all aspects of my mouth to elicit a reaction. Lips. Teeth. Tongue. Throat. Roof. Spit. Humming. Anything that will make the cock react. Each guy is different, so I have to be adept to how they feel with what I’m doing and change it accordingly. That is the difference between just getting a blowjob and being a cocksucker. Or cockworshipper.

His hands were planted on the back of my head. His hips moved. He was in sync with my downward movements. Some guys can’t get that rhythm at all. My downward move, his upward thrust. He gave it like a champ. I took it like one.

Invariably, he pulled me off. I knew what was going to happen. I get I’m the sub in these situations, so I have little say. He likes to lay down on the bed and have me between his legs. It’s not a great position for me to suck cock – not expertly. Not the way I like it, but again, it’s not really about me. If my skills are less than perfect, he doesn’t notice, or at least say anything.

This time it might have been to his advantage. Usually his head is a little back. I can’t tell if he’s looking at me, as he leaves the mirrored shades on. But this time, his mirrored closet ran the length of the bed. He could look over and see his reflection and mine in the mirror – almost like he was watching a personal porn movie – starring him.

While I’d like him to be more verbal, he’s not. Not really. He’s not degrading either, which is kind of something I look for, especially in top leather men. I know that is a stereotype, but they do exist. In reality, the leather community seems to have some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Sure he made moans and groans, but not much more.

I did ask him to stand up for the feeding, something we’ve never done. It’s always been while he’s reclined. He was nice enough to comply. It did become a face fuck situation, but before that happened, I was forcing myself on his dick at a faster pace. He just took up the action from his end.

Maybe it was because it was the first day of CLAW, or maybe it was because I am so damned good at sucking dick, but he unloaded a huge wad of jizz into my mouth, and into my throat. What was in my mouth, found it’s way to my throat and then into my belly – the amount of cum that’s been there is only something of which Rod Stewart could dream!

He was very thankful and gracious about my services, but by no means wanted me dawdling or sticking around. Nor could I. I was hustled out the door with the lingering taste of a man’s semen on my breath.

Now, wasn't that better than just the opening paragraph synopsis?

Saturday, June 09, 2018

CLAW 2018 #2

This will start more pathetic than it ends up. I’m still at CLAW. It’s later in the day. I’ve had some flirts, but no actual action other than blindfolded whore guy.

There was one guy and his boy hanging out while I was working. They were volunteers. As I sat and did my work while waiting for me to give them an assignment. The boy was hotter than the man, but the man had it all over him – and me – in terms of confidence and forwardness. Soon his hand was under my kilt, and at my ass. Soon after that there was a finger, then two, in my ass. I did nothing to discourage the behavior.

The 2nd in charge of CLAW walked in and chuckled. “Do you even know him?” was his question to me, but in front of the guy(s), which I took to be rhetorical. And of course I knew him. His name was on the volunteer roster. Geeze! That said, I did have to send the guy and his boy away for two consecutive 90 minute shifts, so it wasn’t meant to be. He wanted me to come to his hotel room, which I was for, until he told me which hotel – which wasn’t even any of the three host hotels. Nope. Not happening.

A kid – ok maybe 28 – gorgeous as fuck, with a thick chain around his neck, clasped with a padlock, stood in front of me, also a volunteer. I made him wait for his assignment just so I could stare. He stared right back. I know I was a ‘daddy’ to him, but he looked at me every so sexily. I wanted him bad, but duty called and he had to go do his job. I wasn’t trying to be subtle to him, but really had no idea anyone else in the room was noticing. They all burst into laughter after he left. Laughing at me. I had nothing to be ashamed about. I never saw him again.

I got pinged by blindfolded guy, asking if I had another load in me. I did. But did I want to visit something I’ve already had? I really wanted to get bred myself, but it was turning out to be less and less of an opportunity. Still there had to be other guys to top, no? Maybe – but timing and opportunity were not intersecting in the venn diagram of sex. I caved and said yes.

Back to the 16 th floor for me. Between the elevator and the room, I passed a good looking young guy. Probably late 20s. Handsome. Smooth. Harness, shorts and boots on only. We caught each other’s eye. I never turned back around. 1604 was open. I pushed in and went in and shut the door. Buttboy was still in place…..still blindfolded. What a whore.

I barely pushed into him when there was a knock on the door. I asked if he invited another, but he said not a word. Just like last time, he was silent. WTF, I thought. I withdrew and went to the door and opened it. What did I care if there was another. It would make it hotter. I like an audience. #Not even looking through the peep hole, I opened the door. There stood the guy I just passed. Not really thinking, I assumed he was invited here and just looking for the room and we arrived around the same time. This was not the case. He assumed it was my room and was bold enough to knock on the door to get at me. I’d find this out later, of course.

I went back to our host and stuck my hard cock into. I got an ‘umphf’ as I slammed my dick into what I knew what was a well-used hole. The kid stood next to me and dropped his shorts. It was a decent piece, but nothing that would stop traffic. Turns out he wasn’t dropping trou to show me his dick. He turned to the side to show me that hairless white ass. He was watching my hard cock going in and out of this other guy. He silently nodded his head for me to follow him out the door. For all my faults, I am a decent guy. I felt bad just ditching the guy bending over for me, but I had already given him a load – as had others. So I did the next best thing: faked my own orgasm. He had so much jizz in him, he’d never really know. I followed the kids out into the hall, waiting for him to lead the way to his room.

His room turned out to be the stairwell between 17 and 16. He assumed I had a room, I assumed he did. This guy had either just come from another’s room or just cruising the hotel hallways looking for action – and apparently finding it. #I’m a big fan of public or semi-public sex, so a stairwell wasn’t a ‘no’ from me. I did look: no cameras. And no one was walking down or up 16-17 flights of stairs, even though the wait for the elevators seemed interminable. He clearly wasn’t fazed – and might have already done it here, since he went right to it. His vinyl shorts came off and tossed on a stair ahead of him. He reached down to balance on one of those risers.

I did coat my cock with spit, but there was no foreplay other than him insisting on kissing. He was adamant about that, but not good at the deed. I wasn’t there to teach him. He bent over, exposing his little pink hole. I put my pink pole into it.

Like the last guy, he was no stranger to stranger cock. The hole was receptive, but tighter than the last guy. This guy was younger, so it stands to reason he hadn’t taken as much cock in his lifetime, though you just never know. He wasn’t silent, but he wasn’t noisy. He was getting fucked and liked it. I was ambivalent, to be honest. I’d rather it be me bending over in this stairwell while some unknown guy I’d never see again seeded my cunt.

Like the last time, I could hold out easily. I’m getting used to fucking more and not being so quick on the draw. He took every inch like a champ, and he took it hard. There was nothing special about the fuck for me – other than the locale. But I had a load brewing and I was going to get rid of it – and may as well dump in some basically anonymous butt, right? (you know the answer.)

I unleashed. It’s like I hadn’t even shot a few hours before, yet here I was spraying inside this kid. He loved it. Of course he would…..and I’m not patting myself on the back. I could be anyone to this guy.

I let it slip out this time instead of yanking it out. Without even asking he sank to his knees and cleaned me off. Good boy.

We exited the stairwell into the hallway. He insisted on kissing again. He was still bad at it. Ironically, I ended up taking the stairs down 10 flights, as it was a wait for the elevators. When I got downstairs I had a scruff message from the blindfolded guy thanking me for the load (ha!) and asking if there was someone else in the room with me.

I never answered him.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

CLAW 2018 #1

I attended my 6 th CLAW a month or so back. As usual, I did more work there than play. It’s always the way with me. And as usual, it was harder to hook up with guys, as a bottom, than I think it should. Where I think a lot of time bottoms can have more power in bed, tops have more power to get guys too bed. Sometimes the bottoms are powerless in that regard.

The problem here of course is there are too many potential guys with which to hook up, so it’s a waiting game. And if someone else is potentially hotter, than you’re left in the dust. It’s much easier to top here. WAY too easy, in fact. The irony is – and I’ve said this before – a thousand guys right in front of you and the way guys fucking hook up are via Scruff and Recon phone apps. Frustrating.

That said, that is how I got some action all three times.

He was on Scruff. Average everything, but a nice face – though on the screen would be the only time I’d see it. His profile alluded to vers, but in the convo, it was clear he wasn’t. Or wasn’t for this trip. He was a big old bottom.

1604 was the room. Door would be open. And it was. He was head down, shoulders up, eyes blindfolded. I had on a kilt, so nothing needed to be taken off. I had gotten hard as I walked down the hall and pushed open the door. Scenes like that always get to me, regardless if I’m bottom or top.

I stood behind him, admiring his ass. I dropped to my knees and ate his hole. I wasn’t the first one there. This I knew, by smell and taste. Eventually I stood. I raised a hand and brought it down hard upon his left cheek. If it hurt him, he never let on. If he liked it, he never let on. In a certain way, that says a lot about a man. He wasn’t there to be interactive, he did the right thing.

I lifted the kilt, my hard exposed. I pressed it against his hole, no lubrication. I had a hunch I wasn’t the first one there. I wasn’t wrong. With enough resistance, but not enough to stop me, I entered. The hole was slick. I mentioned it. The only time he really responds to me. I’m #3 – so he claims. #I fuck. I fuck hard. This is about me. While it’s kind of about him, I try to make it less so. I want him to feel like he already feels – like a thing. Like a utility. I know that feeling. I’ve been that utility. I know how he wants to be treated, what he wants to feel like after that door closes.

He’s not one for aural ques. There is nothing telling me if he likes it or doesn’t. I don’t really care either way. I pump. I pull all the way out and enter all the way in. I started by sliding, then it was pushing, then it was punching. I don’t think I was his #3, but I’ve been wrong before. He was open. He was willing. All too willing. There was nothing ‘vers’ about this guy.

I held off an incredibly long time, actually. While he didn’t say it, I think he was annoyed. He was, in my opinion, looking for a pump and dump. Usually my triggers take care of that for me, and easily. Not today. But I was controlling this more than I usually do. Not quite edging. I never got that close, though I could have. I was enjoying this – not just the hole, but the scene. The blindfold. The pig.

Still, I had work to do. I made a promise to CLAW and I intended to keep it. I got close. At the precipice. Then I overacted when it happened. I made a show of it. I left the folks in the hallway know. I let the folks, if any, in the adjacent rooms to know too.

I let his guts know too. I filled them up with white hot sperm. Which added to the others he had lining his intestines. Which would be the lube for guy #4.

I pulled out. Dripped on his carpet a little and put my kilt down. I didn’t thank him. I didn’t say a word. He heard the door slam shut behind me.