Saturday, July 02, 2016

Daddy and Boy

“I came down here for nothing”.

That was the opening salvo from some Grindr “kid” who just invited me over and had to come down to let me in his complex because the buzzer wasn’t working right. But seems he knew the work around to the malfunction, and would not have had to come down. Still – it wasn’t a great opening remark to the start of a sex session.

He was more handsome than his picture, but still not necessarily my ‘type’ – that is, if I have just A type. 23 (young). Hispanic (the first guy I dated was Puerto Rican). He was shorter than I normally like. But he hit me up on Grindr – more than once – and this time I bit. It was late in the week and I was horny. He asked what I wanted, and I really wanted to suck.

I have had sex over the last few months – obviously – but I’d say the majority has not been oral. I’m not complaining as I like it up the ass. A lot.

During our on-line exchange, he wanted to kiss. I like to kiss, but not everyone gets that from me. The feeling has to be right.

Once up in his crappy student apartment (he’s a Ph.D. candidate) his clothes were dropped. I was still in a full suit. He went right to his bed and plopped down.

His cock was nice – about 7” and moderate thickness. And brown. Technically he was uncut, but there was not a lot of skin to show for it. It’s the best of both worlds if one isn’t comfortable with foreskin.

Still suited, I sat on the bed, leaned over and took his cock into my mouth. He loved it – naturally. It was a good cock to suck. A weird angle, but a good cock. He was stretched back, eyes closed. Or partially closed.

Yet, deep down I knew this isn’t where he wanted it to go. He had a full grown man with his 23 year old self, and rarely is it about them being the top. I knew this going in, but I was kind of hoping for a load in the throat and on my way on this late Friday afternoon. I needed a good end to a shitty week.

The guy (no names were exchanged – or even pretended to) was all about the cuddling and wanting to make out. It was hot out and that isn’t my thing. I had no intention of taking my suit off, but he kept pawing at it, undoing my tie…..then my belt. Soon, I was butt naked save for my socks. It’s not that I have a sock fetish, but I’m guessing his carpet had not been vacuumed or cleaned for the last three tenants.

Now he went down on me. The guy had a nice mouth. But it was when he went to my balls that he had me. Only a few times I’ve experienced the ball lick that sent basically electric shocks throughout my body. Its pleasure was off the charts. I could not stop convulsing or moaning. Or saying “oh shit!”. The neighbors be damned.

He was diligent in his process. But as I figured, he was hoping I’d feed him. Possibly more.

He climbed on top of me – me on my back, him sitting on my lap. My rock hard dick bumping his undercarriage. Not quite hitting the target, but not far off either. We made out. I went to the side and nibbled his ear, then inside it. That fucking set him off. He was feeling what I was with my balls licked, times 20. This desire made me all the more erect.

And since I was so fucking rigid, I decided I would go for it. I know it’s not normally my style, but here he was, grinding, 23, nice ass – and more to the point, I had a fucking stiffie. You know I don’t normally fuck ass. Normally. Here and there, but not on a consistent basis.

As soon as I mentally decide this is what I’m doing and I try to position my cock while still in the lying back position, then he utters the words,: “I don’t have a rubber”.

FUCK !!!!

I did not internally scream that because he didn’t have one. It’s that he wanted to use one at all.

I love that NO BODY ever has a fucking baggie. Bottoms expect tops to carry them, tops except the bottoms to be packing. Maybe it’s a clever out on everybody’s part, but maybe they’re just too lazy or cheap. Or all of the above.

Still I noticed he has not moved an inch. Still my shaft throbbed. Still he pushed back to it. I reached up and pulled him to me.

“That’s ok, baby”, I said, or something equally as cheesy. I pulled him down into a kiss….and then went to work on his ear and then his other one. He was a mad man trying to control his urges…..but I’m a man of experience, and I saw that control start to erode.

“Daddy wants that hole, but I guess Daddy will have to wait”, I hissed in his ear. I also lifted my hips as I said it.

Yes, I proactively called myself ‘daddy’. While it was never stated, clearly that is why he hit me up as I was over twice his age, and the use of that word got him all the more excited. I might not play daddy or top all the time, but I know the triggers for boys like this. I know what I’m doing. I’ve been this kid.

The words. The mouth. Both got him squirming. And it kept me hard.

“You like the way my cock feels back there, don’t you?”. The answer was as expected. Yes.

“You fucking want Daddy’s cock up there, don’t you…….boy?”. I grab each cheek as I hit the last word of the sentence.

Yes, I added ‘boy’. It was to emphasize our standings. More subtle, it was to get him to secede power from him to me. He admitted he wanted it up his ass. I told him I was gonna put it there. He didn’t say ‘yes’, but he didn’t say ‘no’.

I spit into my hand, reached around his legs to grab and wet my cock. He saw all of this, but said nothing, nor moved an inch.

I positioned myself at the tight opening. While I let him assist in easing it in, I was also in control. I applied pressure – albeit even too much and his hole was fighting me every step of the way. But paydirt: the head went in and then about two inches.

He was uncomfortable. It is a thick cock and his was a tight butt. And he wasn’t sufficiently breathing. I get that holding the breath seems like the logical idea to bare down and take it, but it is the worst thing a bottom can do. The key is to breathe.

The boy complained, and pulled off. But I wasn’t about to miss my opportunity. I brought him down to me and kissed him. Told him Daddy was proud of his efforts. Provided praise for his skill and for what a nice butt he had.

And then I went for the ear.

More squirming ensued. Just as I expected. More praise from my mouth into his ear. He loved it.

I told him Daddy wanted back in and he said yes. I suggested taking my dick from behind this time – and he said yes. He even reached into his bedside drawer and produced lube. As much as I would have liked just spit, I knew I was much too large for his much too small hole.

As a bottom, I’m a very giving person. I fawn over a man. I will lick his toes. Or his pits. I will lightly run my hands up and down a leg – part tickle, part sensual, all hot…for the recipient. But you know I LOVE eating ass. The easiest thing in the world for me to have done would have gone down to wet up his hole with my tongue. But didn’t.

I won’t say it didn’t cross my mind, but it was fleeting. I could have been the kind, caring dad, but no….I felt to sensually eat his shitter out would have been some kind of power transfer – and right now I was not willing to give that up, even if that was in my own head.

His shoulders and head were down, his ass up. I got on my knees between his legs, my lubed up cock at his back door. And I pressed….and pressed until I got in.

In my mind I knew I should take my time. But I also knew my window of opportunity could shut at any moment. He could change his mind. He could say ‘ouch’. Or worse, I could lose my hard-on.

He did mutter some discomfort as I pushed the head past his ring and sunk three inches up his ass, but I pretty much ignored it. I paused for a few and then started pushing more into him. I talked him through breathing again, but he went into a short labored breathing pattern that could have bordered on hyperventilating. He finally started more regulated breaths, but not that kind that I think could have helped him more. But it was enough of distraction on his part for me to go in the rest of the way.

He kind of balked at that, but I told him what a good boy he was for his Daddy and how nice it was to have my cock buried up his ass. He was positioned far enough away that it wasn’t possible for me to lean down and get to his ear. Had I, that ass would have parted like the Red Sea I believe.

To be fair, I didn’t pound his ass – though I wanted to. Part of thinks he wanted that also. But he was grunting, part in pleasure, part in pain. I think he wanted to tell me to stop, but he never did and I was so close anyways. There is no way I wanted to or was going to stop.

Normally there is a precursor to my ejaculation when I’m fucking. It’s not so much the noises I make – though I do make them. But I get them to ask for my load. It makes things so much easier when they tell me not only do they want it, but tell me to give it to them. Even if they say “do it”, I usually say, “tell me what you want!” I make them get specific. There are multiple reasons for this methodology – it lets me off the hook for just cumming and not telling them, but let’s face it – their begging for a load is a huge turn-on.

But this time I said nothing, made no noises. Too much was at stake. Daddy had gotten his boy this far, there was no turning back now – and I wanted no roadblocks in my way, no changing of the mind. So I unloaded.

And unloaded. And unloaded. #Sure, at this point I was making noises. Grunts mostly. I am not one of those who keeps fucking during orgasm. My rod is buried up the ass and just pumping out jizz. He knew what was happening. He said nothing. Just moaning into the bed.

When I eventually slid out, I flopped over off of him and onto my back. I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply. He took it well and kissed back. He sat on my abs and would stroke his dick and lean down to kiss me. It didn’t take him long – as he had never lost his hard-on – and he inched closer up my chest. He asked if he could cum in my mouth. I just opened up.

As he got there, he just stuck the head in my mouth and pumped 4-5 heavy shots of cream. His hands were against the wall, bracing himself. As he regained some composure, he said, “you don’t have to swallow……” but he trailed off as he saw me ingest his semen. He laughed.

During all of this – and afterwards – I’m cynical enough to think I didn’t control the situation at all. This protest for a rubber, his giving in, his taking it…..was all a ploy, his idea to get what he wanted in the first place. Maybe I’m giving too much credit to a 23 year old.

I stood and put on my suit, save tying the tie, and was about to head out. I was dying to ask, “still think you came downstairs for ‘nothing’?”. But I didn’t. I was the bigger, wiser man.

Because at least this time, I was the Dad.