Sunday, November 28, 2021

P-town 5 & 7: Late Night / Early Morning Muscle

Fully vaccinated here.  I know it's not the end-all / be-all, so I still wear masks in public, wash accordingly and social distance as necessary.  But with Covid and work burn out, I went to Provincetown to meet some college friends - with all of us staying at separate airbnbs.  While all vaccinated as well, we were still keeping mind of no herd immunity. 

That all said, I was in P-town and had every intention of some kind of human interaction.  Or sex, as it may be. 

In early May, it was still considered off-season, and Covid still is keeping people away. And it was downright chilly - into the low 40s. With things closing at 8p, after dark, the streets were about 94% empty.  But that doesn't mean guys still didn't have needs. 

Starting off - I don't know how many parts this will have to this series. Some men will get a single entry. Others - might be lumped together. I can almost guarantee you they won't be in order.


He had the word 'Alpha' right in his screen name on Scruff.  And he reached out to me? 

I mean, what could I possibly do?  How could I possibly say 'no'?  Clearly, I couldn't - not that I wanted to. He said he'd be over in 10 minutes - and he was. 

Everything about him was a red flag. Younger. Handsome. Bodybuilder wanna be. What the fuck did he want with me?  It's not like I asked him or anything. I gave him the address and how to get in - he was there at the time he said. He was ready, so was I. 

At least from our brief texts all he wanted was head. I was drunk. It was after hours. I was ok with anything that came my way - and especially from someone who looked like him. 

His screen name was accurate. Alpha. 

While he was somewhat cordial, he held the cards, the directed the scene, or at least most of it. 

Alpha sat on the airbnb sofa, I got on my knees, where he said I belonged. He was not incorrect. His pants off, his legs spread, he provided access to what I needed and what he wanted. 

I think he'd have been happy for a good blowjob and to leave. But by his name alone, he deserved more. Worship. 

...and I did. 

It's easy enough to take a cock into a mouth and bob till a guy shoots. If a man is not inpatient, the tongue and lips, separate from the mouth, are wonderful tools to excite, enhance and prolong the experience. While cylindrical in nature, there really are four sides to the dick, and the head, the balls and the taint. On Alpha, I used them all. 

He settled in for the experience. Sank into the couch while his legs loosened up even more. His hand to my head, his mouth saying all the right things.  Not just the "ohhh yeahhh" shit. Him telling me what I'm doing right.  Telling me what I should be doing more of. I was happy he wasn't telling me I was doing something he didn't like. He liked it all, but wanted more of certain things. 

I think he liked the tongue on this sac, but he LOVED it a little below that. Of course, I went further south and he didn't stop me. 

Still, there was a job to do and I was determined to finish it. And it seemed it would be with his help. Both hands on my head guiding me up and down - though it was a route with which I was very familiar. Not necessarily on him, but similar paths I have taken thousands of times on thousands of guys. 

I / He edged a few times but then he was ready. My mouth halfway down on his shaft, and hands firmly on my head, he shot.  And shot again.......times seven. Nice thick ropes. His chest heaving. His breath catching. Yet still ekeing out the words "swallow" "cocksucker" and "faggot".  And of course, I would swallow, but only after pulling off, showing him his seed and moving his hand to my throat to grasp it. Like so many, he picked up on it and squeezed. Some do it lighter. Some harder.  He was closer to the tighter grip. 

I swallowed.  He smiled. 

My mouth, as always, goes back to the dick. Invariably there is a stray drop or three. And if you squeeze the shaft up from the bottom - be it with your hands or lips - up, you're bound to extract the final amounts of semen a man still has left. 

He was drained and still catching his breath.  I was still on my knees. His cock still in my mouth. But I was smart enough to leave just the head and little bit of the shaft. 

I wasn't moving. I wasn't sucking him. It just sat there.  Waiting. 

I wanted to see what he would do.  I want to see what I would do if he got on my wavelength. 

"You still want my dick, huh?  Sorry, I'm spent".   I didn't move. Nor did he. It seemed like minutes went by.  And then the lightbulb went off. 

" want my piss?  Fine. I'll give that to you". 

For me, it was now or never. It wasn't my place.  It wasn't my carpet. I had no idea if he'd be pissing clear, beer or heavy yellow.  Honestly, I was hoping not the latter. But I was in for it now. No real turning back in front of someone named Alpha. 

It trickled slow at first. Droplets. Almost tasteless. Warm. Very warm. 

With his cock in my mouth and starting to flow, he used one hand to help himself off the couch by pushing into a cushion. Things inside of him untangled a bit, allowing piss to start moving more freely. 

The volume picked up. The speed picked up. With just part of his cock in my mouth I used it like a straw, not letting any accumulate in my mouth. Just keep swallowing. That was the trick for me. 

"Drink that down, motherfucker" - so I did.   "You wanted it.........get it all".  And I did.  So I did. 

There's a point when you're pissing - or the other guy is - and you know when you've peaked. So I knew when the stream was settling down and no matter what, I could still get it all without any struggle. 

That night, I took every drop of everything that came out of Alpha's cock. Oh, and his spit too, as he looked down at me, my tongue extended...........another non-verbal sexual request.  I was not denied. s

He left with a brief thank you - and I went to bed. Filled and happy. 

Fast forward two days later. My departure date. 6am.  I get this message. 

He gave me the address.  One street over, but his instructions were fucked up and wrong. The buildings, three of them, were not well marked and identical. He said the door was open, so I went up and found the open door. 

On a sofa-bed inside there was a man sleeping with a dog. The dog went batshit crazy and I backed out. the guy didn't seem to wake. I left the door wide open. No way this was Alpha's place. As I was leaving, I passed another man who asked me what I was doing. I walked away with no response. 

One building over, I found it. 

Alpha was in bed. I was dressed and stayed that way.  

I leaned over the bed, pulled down his sheet and my mouth engulfed his cock. He lay back and I stayed leaned over, bobbing up and down on his shaft, taking him al the way to the root. Like the time before, his hand clasped my neck and he pushed me down on his cock at his will - at the force he chose. I was simply a vessel. 

It didn't take long. This was good. He had somewhere to be and I had to be on the road. His cum flooded my mouth.  I didn't hold it to show him the good before. I swallowed and he knew it as my mouth was still around his shaft as I ingested. He could feel the muscles. 

When he was done he held me for a minute?  Want my morning piss? 

I did................but I really didn't.  In theory I did, but I know what the first piss of the day is like. I'm still new to piss and the heavy yellow stream - smell and taste - isn't a need at this point. I politely declined, he chuckled and let me go. 

I thanked him this time - as it should be - went back to my place, loaded the car and left. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Public BJ

I returned to THE park last week. Actually, I've returned several times, almost all without any type of success. It got to the point I didn't make a point of going. But, you know, I was horny.  Actually, what I wanted was a place to smoke a cigar without any interruption of anyone bothering me about it. IF I could get laid in the meantime, so be it.  

The week before, I was there just to cruise. A guy came to my car and asked me to follow him. So I did. He went back into that abandoned tennis court and before I could get in there, his formidable cock was already out. Curved. Thick. Good sized.  I went to my knees and gave it my all.  

The cock was ripe, but that did not detract me. Yet my skill and enthusiasm wasn't enough. After about 10 minutes, he pulled back, zipped up and walked away.  Damn. 

So this time, I wasn't there for anything other than kicking back on a beautiful day with what would turn out to be a fair cigar at best.  About halfway through, a guy got out of his car and walked towards the tennis courts, where I was. 

As he approached, he looked so promising.  Tall. Dark as night. Good body - tight white t-shirt on, baggy blue jeans, though not hanging off him, and mirrored sunglasses. 

Between where I was standing and the court was a stone wall about thigh high - at least on a 6'2" guy it is. He was on one side of the wall, I on the other. He eyed me up and down (I think). It was hard to tell in mirrored sunglasses. I did the same, only more obvious, with my eyes purposefully coming to rest on his crotch. 

After a long minute, he started walked back to his car.  Fuck.  No luck. 

But me, being me, followed him with my eyes and squatted down. Should he turn back, he'd see me in sucking position. When he got to his car, he looked back, shut his car door without ever getting into it and started the trek back.  I stayed put. 

This time, he wasn't on the other side of the wall. He stood next to me and the tree I was against. 

No words from either of us. It was a risk about not asking if he was a cop, but I reached for his crotch and felt his hardening dick. He took over, unzipped and pulled it out.  It was beautiful:  dark, like him, thick and veiny. I'd guessing 7.5". 

He positioned himself just so. As we took no true cover there, people on the freeway and off ramp, in theory could see. I'm not sure how much at 70 mph, but if stuck on the ramp, could definitely see a man in a white shirt from the back. Possibly seeing a white guy squatting in front of him. 

I wasn't deterred.  I went right to work. He let me. No words. Not sounds other than the din of traffic. He was facing in such a way he'd see anyone heading our way. 

At first our rhythm was off. My going down and his pushing in was not in sync. I fixed that problem. His hands were contently in his pockets. Without taking my mouth off his cock, I took one of his hands and guided it to the back of my head. It was then I saw the diamond encrusted wedding band.  Married to boot.  Nice. 

With the hand there, he took over. The second hand joined the first and it went from a blowjob to a face fuck. I think he felt in total control at this point and I was in pig heaven. 

It's not that I wasn't a utility before this head/hand grasp, but it was without a doubt at this point. He was single focused and me, as a person, wasn't even part of the equation. As you've figured out well before this post, I'm fine with that. 

I was more surprised how soon after he took that lead role that he came. I wasn't expecting it. Still no words and his dick didn't seem to get harder as he got closer. None of the tell tale signs were there. But then came the roar. 

It was loud, but not so loud that vehicles on the off-ramp could hear should their windows be down. It wasn't the biggest or tastiest load I've had - not by far. His sounds made the orgasm seem larger than it was, but I think we all know the physical outward can be different than the internal feeling. 

Where I would have liked to make sure I got all drops, he pulled out and away and actually wiped his big black cock on the tree bark next to me.  Don't think I didn't look or notice either.......

He did not leave a lot of residual sperm, but he left it. And well, you know I couldn't abide by that.  At all. 

I took care of it. 

I also know he was watching this before he got into his car.  I'm sure he was just thinking, "fucking faggot!". 

I'm good with that. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Bob Returns

Taking a detour on my P-Town posts because......well, I haven't written them all yet. So I'm digging into one that had been drafted, but not completed at the time (it is now) and ready for publish

He’s been back a few times. “Bob”, that is. But this was all pre-Covid. I’m just getting around to it now. 

I find him extremely attractive and had for years before we ever connected sexually. As mentioned before, I didn’t even know he knew I existed. It just took time. 

This time, he came over, dressed right from work. Beautiful blue suit. White dress shirt. Nice red silk tie. Polished shoes. He looks incredibly hot dressed up like this. I think he’s incredibly hot any way. 

My initial sighting of him was at CLAW in t-shirt and leather. Variations of that dress, depending on the day. Depending on the year, as it did take years to ‘connect’.  He looked hot that way too. However, I do fucking love a man in a suit. And he wore it well.

But like a good pig-like man, that’s what was on the outside. Presentable for those looking. Filthy underneath.

Hands placed on my shoulder and guided me down to my knees, where I was all too willing to go. My face hovered next to his crotch. With my face hovering right up against his crotch, I could feel the warmth of my own breath bouncing off the fabric and back at me – my beard, chin, lips. I hesitated, as this is usually the time I would move my face into a crotch. Not just to feel the material, but to be one with it. Gnaw at it. Lick it. Suck through it. Feel things start to stir as I worked them from a non-naked scenario. I went for it anyway. 

Nice suit or not, he didn’t stop me from doing it. Actually he encouraged it, with words and a firm hand behind my head pushing me into his crotch. After the appropriate amount of attention to his area, of course, for truer satisfaction (for him, obviously) I went for the belt……….and the zipper. I was not denied, my hand not slapped away. 

Under that suit was a leather jockstrap pouch. Red. To match his tie. 

The man is nothing if not coordinated. He saw the reaction in my eyes. I probably sighed….or moaned. He chuckled knowingly. I don’t know if he thought he was hot, but he knew I thought he was and that is probably as good as is needed for a top man. 

I worked on the pouch with new vigor. 

But soon that was to be unsnapped exposing his thick 6” dick. And down on that I went. Like. A. Champ. I might add. Bob seemed to agree if groans, moans and guttural words of “oh fuck yeah” were to be believed. He stood there, pants around his wingtips, white dress shirt unbuttoned, but remained on, with the tie loosened and askew with some cocksucker swinging on his meat.  Just the way it was intended to be. 

However, I’m smart enough to know while my mouth is good, my hole was the goal. To be honest, that was the goal for both of us, though I had little say in this our any outcome. I know my station. 

Off came the shoes. Off came the pants. Off came the jacket and tie. The shirt remained on but open. Everything else remained in place….except for me, who was bent over the desk of my home office. I guess one more thing went on:  spit on his cock. It’d be the only lube I’d be getting. 

And his hand. On those cheeks. often.  There were red marks. They'd remain for a while. 

The entry was blunt, but nothing I couldn’t take or endure. Bob isn’t one for subtlety or nuance – at least not when it comes to fucking subs. Using, maybe more than fucking. This was about his pleasure ultimately, but I think (?) somewhere in him, he wanted to think what he was doing made me feel good. Read that again:  he didn’t care if I felt good. He wanted what HE was doing to make me feel good – as it was still all about him. 

The pounding – and let’s face it, that’s what it was – was intense and verbal. Telling me how the hole felt. Grunts. Moans. Nice movement and then slamming up the hole. Bob is rough, but not as rough as he thinks he is. That, or he’s holding back. Either way, I’m not fragile and if he wanted to kick it up a notch, I wouldn’t be opposed. 

At some point I got flipped on my back so I could watch him fuck me. And watch I did. I love seeing a man in motion. The intensity in their face – and he had it – the look in their eyes, the lust. I mean – I am totally fine with being ass up, head down. Just used.  But trust me, I was being used. 

While he didn’t tell me ahead of time, I know the signs of impending orgasm. The glaze over the eyes, the mouth agape. The flush of the face. Of course, at the moment of – the GROWL and the howl. The pulse. The warmth. And naturally, the sneer. His. 

He was nice enough to let it slide out normally as opposed to just yanking it out. Then he stood there, hands on hips and said, “get it clean, faggot”.  And I did. Dropped to my knees and took the cock that had just been up my asshole, and took it in my mouth. Like I would have if it were just a blowjob, I worshipped that motherfucking prick and made sure to get every inch in me, using my tongue to make sure he was spotless. He was. 

He then had me hop back up on the desk and lay back. I wasn’t sure what he would do, but it turns out, he would be getting me off. With his fist. 

No no………he didn’t put his fist up my rectum (#lifegoals!), but gripped my slimy cock with his hand. I was so revved up and his manly grip was erotic and painful at the same time. He knew it too. And he jacked me. And jacked me. And then some more. 

Of course, it was enough to make me ejaculate. But that wasn’t enough for him. With his hands having some of my cum in them, he continued to use it as lube as he kept stroking me. The post-orgasm sensitivity shot me through the roof. Like his grip, it was erotic, ticklish, painful – I was beside myself, wanting him to stop, smart enough (?) not say the word. 

He knew exactly what I was feeling, because I was an open book at this point. He could see me. He could feel me squirm. He could see my horror and delight all at the same time. I’m 99% sure this was not his first time doing this trick – though it was a first with me. 

He left satisfied. He left me in a fucking heap. 

Then Covid hit and we haven’t had any repeat, though now and then, I will get a filthy-laden text from him, so I know in the future we will be revisiting this or new encounter.  I can’t wait

Sunday, July 18, 2021

P-town 4: No habla inglés

Fully vaccinated here.  I know it's not the end-all / be-all, so I still wear masks in public, wash accordingly and social distance as necessary.  But with Covid and work burn out, I went to Provincetown to meet some college friends - with all of us staying at separate airbnbs.  While all vaccinated as well, we were still keeping mind of no herd immunity. 

That all said, I was in P-town and had every intention of some kind of human interaction.  Or sex, as it may be. 

In early May, it was still considered off-season, and Covid still is keeping people away. And it was downright chilly - into the low 40s. With things closing at 8p, after dark, the streets were about 94% empty.  But that doesn't mean guys still didn't have needs. 

Starting off - I don't know how many parts this will have to this series. Some men will get a single entry. Others - might be lumped together. I can almost guarantee you they won't be in order.


The guy was hitting me up and disappearing. Or not responding. I didn't take him seriously or spend too much time on him over the few days this happened. I was not that invested, and clearly, neither was he. 

At best, his messages were stilted and he struggled with the language. It would turn out he was from Bolivia. Or maybe it was Bogata. It started with a B and wasn't Brazil. This much I retained. Then it just kind of came together. And he arrived on his bike about 10 minutes later. 

His profile pic was better than the real thing (shock!), but he still had an air of handsomeness about him - and the swarthyness of a man from South America. 

I usually don't show face shots here, but I see no downside here, even if someone points him to my blog. 

The eroticism and passion you want from a Latin man didn't happen here. Oh, he was fine. We tried communicating until we just decided it was better to have my mouth full. Honestly, I think he wanted his filled, but it was my vacation, my rental, my terms. And I was clear on that in our on-line exchange - - assuming he could read English. 

It was a brief event, but it fair. 

As you might expect, he had an uncut peen. It wasn't horribly large, but a little below average. But it worked. He was hard and he was in a rush. He had to go to the gym and then work. 

He insisted that I be on the bed, head back while he knelt beside me and fed me dick. So, that is exactly what we did. He did.  I did what I needed to so that he would feel satisfied. 

The load arrived quicker than I anticipated or wanted. I love the process of getting the guy off, but totally realize, some guys want to shoot and go. He was such a guy. 

In a heartbeat, he was up, pulling on his shorts and telling me in broken English he had to go. I wasn't stopping him. I had places to be, people to meet and possibly look for the next guy later on. 

P-town 3: the Perv

Fully vaccinated here.  I know it's not the end-all / be-all, so I still wear masks in public, wash accordingly and social distance as necessary.  But with Covid and work burn out, I went to Provincetown to meet some college friends - with all of us staying at separate airbnbs.  While all vaccinated as well, we were still keeping mind of no herd immunity. 

That all said, I was in P-town and had every intention of some kind of human interaction.  Or sex, as it may be. 

In early May, it was still considered off-season, and Covid still is keeping people away. And it was downright chilly - into the low 40s. With things closing at 8p, after dark, the streets were about 94% empty.  But that doesn't mean guys still didn't have needs. 

Starting off - I don't know how many parts this will have to this series. Some men will get a single entry. Others - might be lumped together. I can almost guarantee you they won't be in order.


He wasn't exactly as advertised. But I was quite drunk and it was quite late, and I didn't have to go to him. So, instead of GrubHub, it was more like SchlubHub. And like anything when you've had a few to drink, it's not quite what you wanted, but it's what you got. 

Dude was about late 30s. Heavier set than he said. More tatts than I realized. Stank of heavy cigarette usage. Probably high too. 

A more sober me might not have looked all past that, but the drunk me did. 

No warm and fuzzies. This was sex only. Clothes off, we got right down to it. It didn't even need to start off with the prelim cocksucking to get him hard. He was there. 

He slathered the lube I had in a jar next to the bed onto his 6.5" upwards curved cock. He poked at my back door and pushed his way in. I moaned........loudly.  While P-town is tightly clustered in terms of residences, at the time, I had no neighbors and all the doors and windows were shut. But this was something I needed.........more than wanted. 

He had barely bottomed out in me when he asked/stated, but with seemingly impossible prior knowledge that I had been sexually abused as a child.  Granted, that is a 50/50 shot probably, and yes, I was in a younger-older forced on situation but I don't see it as 'sexual abuse'.  I know the law would. 

Truth be told, my first time, in retrospect is erotic to me. So I had no problem telling this guy. The more details he pressed for, the harder he was, the harder he fucked me. He was way into it. 

As it turns out, him asking me was probably just an excuse to tell me his first time tale(s), which kept him hard and kept him boning my ass. He too was younger who had an older (but not nearly as old as mine) guy take charge of a situation. 

I GET that not everyone's experiences are on the up and up. I totally get having sex with underage kids is in theory not a good idea, but fuck - I would probably personally thank each and every one of the men who used me when I was a kid. They helped me become me.  And I'm comfortable with that. 

This guy got it too. He was fucking me for all it was worth and he wasn't going to be quick about it. Sure eventually, it just became about the porking and not the stories. I was feeling the up curve with every inward thrust. At some point I knew I needed to get some rest, so I actively used my ass muscles to massage that shaft and to get him closer. And it worked. 

Soon enough, it was he making the noise to disturb the neighbors, had they been there. And then my ass as filling with his load. He didn't stay in my long. He slipped out - and then shortly after, slipped out of my airbnb.  I was ok with that. 

After that, I slipped into bed and got some shut eye. 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

P-town 2: Hispanic Dad

 Fully vaccinated here.  I know it's not the end-all / be-all, so I still wear masks in public, wash accordingly and social distance as necessary.  But with Covid and work burn out, I went to Provincetown to meet some college friends - with all of us staying at separate airbnbs.  While all vaccinated as well, we were still keeping mind of no herd immunity. 

That all said, I was in P-town and had every intention of some kind of human interaction.  Or sex, as it may be. 

In early May, it was still considered off-season, and Covid still is keeping people away. And it was downright chilly - into the low 40s. With things closing at 8p, after dark, the streets were about 94% empty.  But that doesn't mean guys still didn't have needs. 

Starting off - I don't know how many parts this will have to this series. Some men will get a single entry. Others - might be lumped together. I can almost guarantee you they won't be in order. 


I was minding my own business (ha!) in the morning. I had gotten up and walked up to Commercial St. to grab some caffeine and something to eat. Oddly, the night before over-indulging with alcohol didn't set me back in terms of sleep, waking up and almost no hangover effects. 

It was sunny but chilly, yet I sat on the patio of Joe Coffee.  As my friends were feeling a little worse for the wear, no one joined me this morning, I was left with my own company. It turns out, at least to myself, I get bored easily with myself. So when people-watching wasn't enough, I fired up the apps. 

Most of the same people were on all the apps - all varying distances away, but none of them THAT far. I'd say no one was catching my eye, but the reality of it probably was - it was I catching no one else's ocular gaze.  Until............

Oscar wasn't far away. In his 50s (I'm guessing), 5'7", Hispanic, salt and pepper hair and beard, height-weight proportions and a 6.5" dick. Cut - which was the more surprising thing. I told him where I was,  what I was wearing and he showed up and plopped himself down at my table. He was handsome and interested, so I grabbed my now luke-warm tea and we headed the quarter mile back to my Airbnb. 

More than once on that walk he mentioned he had to meet his daughter in a while, or had to text her saying he was walking. I was unsure if she was 14 or 28. I assumed he didn't leave a minor on her own, but fuck, I've done a lot worse things for making a hook-up. 

There was zero pretense here. Pants went down. Shirts came off. I went to my knees. He sunk back into the sofa. My mouth went onto his cock......then down to the base. He moaned his appreciation. His cock responded to full hardness. But we both wanted more. 

Then it was off to the bedroom. 

On my back, legs up, just the way he wanted. 

Oscar was a quiet, respectful guy and a decent top man. 

He knew how to fuck, and that's what I wanted.  It wasn't a long fuck, but a good one. And there was no hesitation or question about shooting up my ass. 

We cleaned up, straightened up, we chatted. He mentioned how much he liked fucking my ass. I concurred. The talk got into specifics of how he like to bone butt. I told him how much I liked having it done and how tough Covid had been on all of us in terms of limited sex. 

He asked about any other encounters I had up in P-town. I told him of one. That's all it took. He pushed me back to the bedroom. 

Less formality than last time. I had only put on my underwear and a t-shirt. The former came down and off. He unzipped His 50 something year old cock was rock hard again and he just went to it. Bent over the bed he went to town on my ass, and using his own cum as lube.   ....and in a short 10 minutes later, he added to that lube. 

After that, he was off to see his daughter.  

What a perv!

Monday, July 05, 2021

P-town 1: Dom Dad

Fully vaccinated here.  I know it's not the end-all / be-all, so I still wear masks in public, wash accordingly and social distance as necessary.  But with Covid and work burn out, I went to Provincetown to meet some college friends - with all of us staying at separate airbnbs.  While all vaccinated as well, we were still keeping mind of no herd immunity. 

That all said, I was in P-town and had every intention of some kind of human interaction.  Or sex, as it may be. 

In early May, it was still considered off-season, and Covid still is keeping people away. And it was downright chilly - into the low 40s. With things closing at 8p, after dark, the streets were about 94% empty.  But that doesn't mean guys still didn't have needs. 

Starting off - I don't know how many parts this will have to this series. Some men will get a single entry. Others - might be lumped together. I can almost guarantee you they won't be in order. 


He was in his 60s - I'm guessing. Shaved head. Silver goatee, Tatts. Masculine as fuck. At least in his profile and in our brief exchanges.  He'd be over at 3p, he said. He was. 

He would look something like this......

He said to be naked. I wasn't.  On purpose. 

One: the neoprene shorts with the zipper down the back were hot.  Two: I liked the idea of him seeing them and eventually opening them to fuck, while they remained on.  Part of this would not happen. 

He arrived promptly at 3p.  I was mostly naked, on all fours, head on the sofa, ass to the door that he'd walk in. He was silent. Sure, I heard the door shut and lock, but nothing else. I don't know if he was undressing, admiring, judging, casing the joint or what. 

He stepped forward. Two solid WHACKS on my neoprene'd ass. He told me to take them off. So I did. 
He took a seat on the sofa, shirt on, pants off.  A good 7" cock in front of me, at eye level. 

As most men are, he was a contradiction in terms. In the same two minute time period my eyes should always be making eye contact with him; and then, always be looking at his cock. Either way I'd get hell - though I think he knew that and just wanted to keep a faggot in his place. 

That was his whole thing: degrading me; dehumanizing me. I'm not adverse to this line or behavior. 

He liked gagging me on his cock. I'm a good cocksucker, so some of the gags might have been for show. A few were actual ones. Those were more about his rapid piston face fucking. Either way, he felt good about himself as I gagged and had spittle. Oh, not that he showed it, but you know...........I think most guys are pleased with themselves on that front. 

Of course, I licked his balls, his taint and his pucker too. 

I between all of those things he kept asking for water. Cold. No ice. On the third trip I knew what he was up to. But as you've read, I've been experimenting with water sports, so I was ok. 

Words like "faggot", "cocksucker", "worthless" flowed from his mouth like a poet. A filthy pirate poet, but a poet nonetheless. 

He told me to stop moving my mouth and the piss started. I haven't played with it a lot and when I have it's always been fairly clear. This wasn't. I mean, I couldn't see it, but I could also tell it wasn't running clear. I kind of always assume people hydrate during the day, and as it goes along, their piss gets less and less yellow.  

Internally I gagged. Maybe externally too. He asked if I liked it, and that he was told it tasted like buttered popcorn. 

Ok - now I like buttered popcorn but the association / connotation at the time, really was off-putting. I had to stop, and thankfully he let me. 

I don't like saying 'no', 'stop', 'easier' during sex. So I was disappointed in myself, and it turns out so was he. 

There would be no fuck. There would be not actual return to a blow job. He jacked his cock, go close and told me to open up.  I did. I caught his cum. I swallowed. 

He hastily dressed and left without a word.  These things happen, right?  They can't all be winners. 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Different Warehouse "Fun"

You're thinking you just read a warehouse story - and you would not be incorrect. But honest, this is a different one. 

Different warehouse. Different part of town. Different guy. The guy was even a different color. 

Guy from A4A had been hitting me up for well over a year. But it was 2020 and well..........that just wasn't happening, right? 

But last week it did, mostly because I was horny as fuck. And this guy wanted to fuck, badly. He asked if I had a rubber and responded that I did not. Honestly, I don't get why the tops think bottoms should be carrying all of this for them. If you wanna fucked wrapped, then bring the wrapping. 

Still, it was a non-conversation and he still claimed he wanted to "pound one out in me". And I was DTF. 

I was at work and could not host. He was at work, but could - if I was willing for a little risk and adventure. I think from these 850+ posts you know I am. And I was. 

Like the previous story, I found the entrance as told - and like the last the door was propped open.

I looked around but no one was there. I texted via A4A and he said he'd be right there.  And he was. 

The guy was younger looking than expected, though he said he was 32.  Maybe 160lb and 5'9"-ish.  Work shirt and vest on, plus a ballcap of some kind. 

There was to be zero foreplay. Time for him was of the essence. He unzipped his pants to show this - though this was not taken during the encounter. 

It filled out in length a little more but it was a solid 7.5" cock. 

He had asked me to bring lube and I just had what I had in my car which was a lotion-type substance that had a good portion of petroleum jelly in it. It's thick, but it smears nicely and when it warms up, it is slick. And if by chance he was wearing a rubber, it might compromise such a covering. 

I had already put a gob of it on my asshole while I was waiting for him. I reached into my work pants and put it right on my pucker. 

He had found us a dark(er) area of the warehouse to go. With little time to waste, I just unbuckled my pants and turned toward the painted cinderblock wall and pressed my hands firmly against those. He aimed his cock far too high on my crack, so I reached back and guided him to the entry point. He took over from there. 

The entry was fine, as was the slide up the hole. He moaned. I did too.....though internally. 

And this guy was all about race play. I'm fine with it too, though can't say I'd ever initiate it. He was all about pounding white pussy and his big n-cock. And his big n-load. 

I responded in "kind" and he didn't seem to mind. It actually spurred him on. If it's one thing I've learned in my decades of helping me lighten their sac is how to adapt person to person, scenario to scenario. 

He was methodical about the fuck, never varying tempo or insistency. To me, that was a shame. I like the change up. I like to know what the guy is thinking and feeling by the way he uses his hips and cock - the non-verbals. I wasn't getting any of that here - a read, that is. 

With all his talk about his load and my pussy, I expected something verbal with the orgasm. There'd be none of that. There was a slow down of the pumping and a slight sigh. I actually had to ask him if he was coming - which he confirmed. 

He went soft enough - soon enough - to just slide out of my ass. I pulled my pants, he his. He actually left first and texted me when the coast was clear. 

He's been bugging me ever since for another go-round.  I suspect it might happen eventually.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Park Play

After I left the warehouse, I ventured east by about 30 blocks to a park of which I knew – or at least of which I've heard. I had stopped by once or twice and it was sketchy at best. But I had gotten some vague intel from someone who ventures there and I thought, what the fuck. Why not? 

The park is heavily – and I mean like 95/5 – minority visited. I assume if a white boy like me is there, they know why I’m there. And they would not be wrong. 

The park itself is about 180 degrees. A half moon shaped place. A road that doesn’t go fully around, so a lot of thee point turns goes on here.  It has a ball diamond or two, and some very abandoned tennis courts. My intel told me this is where the action takes place. Park – walk back to the tennis courts. It’s probably better at night, but this was only 5p. 

There were few cars, but I don’t know the normal activity. I sat for a few, assessed the area and then got out and took a little walk back to the courts. One is truly abandoned, with things in the fenced in area, strewn there. 

One heavyset white guy was roaming back there, but moved along. So it was just me. But shortly, a very thicc (yes, I spelled it that way) black guy got out of his SUV and started wandering over my way too. He was at least 6’, probably 200+lbs with the tightest, most fitted jeans I’d ever seen. So tight you’d never see a box on him. It would have trapped and pressed anything down.  Still, the form fitting clothing was hot. He was antsy and it showed. I was not and think I was being quite cool. He finally got me to follow him to a farther side that seemed empty but was not. 

He was quiet. Not a word. Not quite touching his crotch but close. My radar pricked up hoping this wasn’t entrapment. I finally spoke up. “You a cop?”. The answer was no. And then the pulled out his cock. 

It was nice and it wasn’t hard yet. Dark as night shaft with a pink head and foreskin. Honestly, I don’t see a lot of uncut black cocks. It was nice to hold, and started really firming up. Enough skin that it went back and forth nicely. I told him I’d love to sit on the bench and have him stand in front of me and feed me. He disappointed me by saying he wasn’t into oral, but I hoped that meant he wanted to fuck. Unfortunately, he quickly followed up with he was only looking to jack off with someone. Bummer. 

While I was ok watching that thick 7.5”, and the man working it, I wanted more. So verbal was the answer to exploration.  “I bet you’d be ok with jacking while you watched me suck someone else off”. His reply was great, “fuck yeah I would”. I said I’d suck off anyone if he wanted to watch. 

Almost on cue another black male wandered to the farther side of the same court. Far enough away I couldn’t make out a face, body type etc. The guy next to me said, "let me go check it out" and for me to wait. After leaving by a few yards, he turned and told me to follow. He must have seen enough. 

Sure enough, we get to the other end and the new guy has no pants on at all and stroked his 7”. The first guy must have seen that and taken it as a sign it was ok. 

As it turns out, this new guy wasn’t new at all to me. He’s fucked me in the past. A number of times. That said, we were both smart enough not to really say a thing. We acknowledged it with our eyes. I dropped to my knees to blow him, though we both knew this is not how it would end. Only guy #1 thought this would end with head – maybe. While down there, I unbuckled my pants and belt. 

Soon enough I stood up and let my pants fall to my ankles. “Let me see that hairy ass” came from the guy I knew. Of course I showed it to him. More surprisingly, guy #1 takes a tube of lube out of his already tight pants and squirts it on #2’s dick. I take a long hit of poppers and then I’m taking half the dick in my ass. He holds still for a second hit and then it’s buried to hilt. 

I loved how #1 was complicit in this fuck. 

I am facing outward able to see anyone who might approach, as no one can truly approach from behind us. They’re busy looking at black cock going in and out of my ass. They're talking - most likely about me - but I cannot hear what they're saying. I don't really care, as it really doesn't matter. 

The dick felt good.

I was pivoted so guy #1 was in front of me. And as much as I wanted to be spit roasted, it wasn't on the docket for me. He still wouldn't let me suck his dick and he stayed just out of reach. But he was pounding away. 

He was trying to time his ejaculation with the guy fucking my ass, but he couldn't hold back. "I can't hold it", escaped from his lips.  I told him to cum in my face, and he stepped up and shot. Gobs. 

What didn't land on my face, or open mouth (yes, some got in my mouth directly!) or shirt went on his hands. I don't think he would have fed me the spooge hanging off his fingers had I not asked. But I did....and he did. I cleaned off those fingers. 

The guy behind me by this time was shooting up my ass.  Double teamed. 

Both guys got themselves together well before I did. I was sitting butt to the ground while they walked away. I stuck around for a bit to see if anyone else wandered back to the courts, but it was not meant to be. 

I pulled up my pants, made sure any other facials shots were ingested and headed to my car. 

I'm sure I'll be back.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Warehouse "Fun"

It wasn’t exactly a bait and switch, but let’s say it was an oversell. 

The text via Adam4Adam came in as “Hungry?”. My reply: “constantly”. To be clear, my response was not the oversell, just a statement of truth. 

He went on about the warehouse in which he works and the privacy. He went on about him wanting his ass eaten and me telling him I’m THE guy for the job. He spoke of getting his cock sucked and taking a belt to my ass. This last part, I won’t lie, intrigued me. We agreed to meet and he didn’t flake. 

I had no stats on him, nor did I ask. This wasn’t a beauty pageant. It was me eating ass and getting belted in an alleged empty warehouse at the end of a business day. I was looking for a man to treat me like what I am. I didn’t quite find it. 

The door was propped open, like he stated. 

The warehouse was just that, but filled with small businesses per floor. I climbed to the top of the stairs and roamed part of the floor until he presented himself to me. Shirt pulled over his head, but not taken off. No pants. No shoes. Semi hard cock. He was lithe. Maybe 5’9”, 150. Maybe late 40s. It didn’t matter. Not really. The cock was not as big as in the pic, so he played with the angle when taking that. That didn’t matter either. Not really. 

He presented himself like this after we found each other. 

To me, it was an invitation to feast. So I did. I dug my face into his crack and my tongue into his hole. I let that tongue dance inside and outside his hole. He would reach behind and pull my head in deeper. Once or twice he lightly smacked the side of my face. Testing waters? I don’t know. 

I had him moaning and quivery. And jacking. I had to stop that last part as even a blind man could see he was getting himself too close and too early on. So I used my mouth on his balls and cock. 

Even then, he goes, do you want to load now, or later? I mean, fuck, I’ve been here five minutes. This isn’t a session. I told him not to touch his dick and I’d take care of it later. I went back to his ass. And I stood up and let him spit on my cock. He didn’t do anything with my dick but that’s ok too. That’s not what I was there for. And he’d play with my nipples, but he seemed to have no interest in fucking me. 

I went back to his ass, by sitting on the stairs and him bent forward. I went back to the buffet. But too soon he turned around and fed me his cock and tried to fuck my face. He was too close. He had no control. He was weak for someone who talked so dom. 

I looked up. Mouth open. But he controlled his cock and it was in his hands, not my mouth. It spewed into my mouth, on my lips, in my stache, on my cheek, on my shirt. As I said, he had no control. 

Mind you, being the pig I am, I still sat there feeding his ego and thanking him for this. I mean, I DID want the load…………eventually. 

And while I don’t really like being the pushing or instructive bottom, I came there under a different pretense. Was down still on the stairs, him standing above me. I had to tell him to hit me. He did. Kind of. I had to say, “harder”. And then again, with an instruct of “even harder”. He never quite made the connection. 

Then I had to mention the belt. As I had already told two buds I was having this done, I couldn’t tell them after the fact that it never occurred. The guy semi-reluctantly took the belt off his short which were somewhere on the floor, but he barely barely barely made contact. “I don’t want anyone in the building to hear”. UGH. So much for an empty warehouse. He tried his hand a few times, but failed to make a solid connection. 

I was through. I had a load in my face and mouth. He didn’t ask if I wanted to get off, and it’s ok because I didn’t. Again, not what this was about. I hiked up my own pants, buttoned my dress shirt and left – with that load partially coating my face. I wore it like a badge of honor. 

I already had an idea in my head of what was next anyways.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bookstore Shenanigans

A prologue:  I got my second Covid vaccine dose in early February, giving me six weeks for it to reach peak thresholds (hopefully).  That said, I still wear a mask everywhere and perform good hand hygiene. 

Just yesterday, I opted to take a half-day off of work. I haven't taken any time off in 2021 yet. Technically I didn't, as I work so far over 40 hours per week, I didn't even claim it as 'time off'. 

I was fully aware that my sex life has dwindled in the last year. I mean, most everyone's has, right? Full disclosure: I have been "seeing" one someone over the last year (and before that) as an outlet. For both of us. I haven't really written those stories, and some will be coming, but not all. 

Still, my truly piggy side has been dormant. And I have been frustrated. 

So, when I decided to take a partial day off, I did this with the intent of driving south about 40 miles to a bookstore / video arcade. While it probably is the closest one, it has a decent set up of two sides of booths. None with doors on them. And the shittiest porn playing ever. 

I'm not into tranny porn, but there is a lot of it showing in this blue collar town, so I'm guessing someone likes it. Your other choice was barely legal porn. sigh.  But let's be honest, it is just on for background noise or for some sad faux lure into a booth with a 'what are you watching' facade. I'm not sure the porn is even needed here. 

I paid my $16 to get in and immediately went to one of the restrooms to prep my butthole. It seemed I only needed one cleaning out. In retrospect, a second wouldn't have been a bad idea. Then I just headed into the dark dark hallway. I stood against a wall waiting for my eyes to adjust, as I watched silhouettes and shadowy figures transverse the hallway and the little side inlets that housed two booths each. 

Then I joined the dance. 

Peaking into each booth to see who, if anyone, was there. Trying to make out people as we passed in those inlets or in the hallway itself. Who might be interesting? Who might be interested? Usually, I have one crappy encounter and regret the trip.  There was nothing in the first side of booths, so I went to the other. 

The first guy I saw was nothing to look at facially. But this trip wasn't about that. He had a slender, but long cock. 8" easily. Nice head. He didn't stop me from going to my knees, I took off my glasses, put them and my poppers on the bench. And then I went down on him. 

His 8" slid easily down my throat. My face was buried in my crotch. While down there, a husky black man in blue sweats showed up and pulled out his cock. My head was pulled off the guyI was sucking and planted on the black dick.  He was maybe 6" but thick. He had some cheese around his head, which I didn't get to swipe away before forced to do down on him. After he was in, he took over. Telling me to 'fucking suck that black log!' and to choke on it.  And I did. I did for about 5 minutes before he shot in my mouth. I hadn't even swallowed before he was gone. 

Without a word, the other guy lifted me off my knees and turned me around. His back against the wall, I was turned towards the would-be door. He spit in his hand and bent me farther over. He pushed in, not so slowly, but his cock was tapered just enough that I took it with ease. He bottomed out even easier.  To get any leverage he had to push me forward a bit, which left my head hanging out the doorway entirely. Not that there was much mystery to what was going on before, but now, that was for certain. 

I know we had a crowd. Ones that would stick around for a bit, or ones that craned their necks and left. One guy was right in front of me and asked the guy if he could try the poppers. He took a hit and I tried to unzip his pants and got my hand slapped away. Though he did come back to say how awesome the popper were. I hadn't seen him due to my position - and he was gone again. Shortly after that, with a few harder poundings, the load that was in this guy's balls behind me was gone too - and right up my ass. 

"Clean it off".  So down to my knees I went and sucked him clean. And I'd have to clean. While I wasn't dirty dirty, I wasn't spotless either. But I did my job and he pulled up his sweats and walked out. Two down - one in each end. 

I sat for a few, but no one showed, though by this point anyone in this place who had been mobile had seen me. Back on the other side, the guy who tried my poppers wanted to know what they were. He was handsome as fuck in a very blue collar way. It took me a while to realize I sucked him 13-14 years ago - and wrote about it here!  He didn't seemingly remember me. 

I tried to lure him into a booth for a repeat, only semi-remembering what he was like. He stood in that inlet between the two booth doors and pointed to the floor. I had to come out in the hallway to suck him - for any, and all, to see. So I did. 

He is rough. This I started remembering early on. His cock isn't big, but his personality is, as is his cockiness. He'd hold me head and fuck my face. He'd hold my head against a wall and skullfuck me. I knew three guys were watching, but that was just from my peripheral vision. I knew his intent was to have as many see as possible. He was a bigger exhibitionist than I. I also realized he was doing this for show, not to share. 

One guy right there was egging him one, telling him to make me throat it. Telling him how I had throated his cock a number of times (later looking at him, this was a lie. I had never seen this guy or sucked his cock). My guy might have been listening, but not taking direction. He said he was already 10 minutes late for where he had to be, so then he shot a nice load into my mouth, slapped me hard across the face and was gone. All others watching quickly dispersed. Sorry none stepped up to the plate, but they're voyeurs that way. They're not doing this in a hallway. 

I had several failed attempts at other guys, but hit pay dirt with a married guy. He had a bandana mask on which added to his appeal (though I have to say, every guy was wearing a mask unless he was sucking - I kind of was proud of this group). He was in all black, lots of sweat wicking and lycra material. There wasn't even any sucking. He came into my booth and told me to stand up.  I did. He took out a good 7-8" dick

"Spit on it", so I did. It was to be the only lube I'd get. 

He pushed in with relative ease. His mouth to my ear, "how many loads you have up there".  I told him only one so far.  He replied, "yeah, it went in way too easy".  Then he proceeded to rail my ass for a good 10 minutes. A few guys stayed to watch, again, no takers in terms of my ass, but I did suck one at the door, nice thickness with an upward curve. All I could see is that he had on orange.  The guy in black knocked me up but good, hung around, after I licked him clean - still masked - to see if he could get me into trouble.  He couldn't.  Yet. 

I headed to a booth that had a guy who had a cock like a hydrant. Thick as fuck, but not as long. He sat there and I went and sucked him. He responded nicely, he had a few odors coming off him which I couldn't tell their origin - in location or from what. Still I kept going.  But all he really wanted was to be fucked for the first time ever - or so he claims.  I got off my knees and left. That was not what I was here for. 

There is a 'spa' here, that is really two bathroom stalls, two showers, two sinks and maybe a sauna. I walked back there and lo and behold, the guy in orange was there taking a piss with the stall door open. I came up behind him and told him what a great cock he had. He shut the stall door, I bent over the toilet and he fucked me. He had seen me take it before, so he knew. There were no words during. Not even sounds that weren't bodily. He grabbed me by the hips flooding my already filled guts with my third butt load. 

I was still horny. 

I opted for a walk around. I let a guy, who was without a doubt the hottest guy there, suck my dick a little. I wanted to like him so much more. He was clearly a fucking cocksucker but one whose tongue felt like that of a cat. So, that didn't last long. 

Sitting in a booth, I had a few guys stop in for sucking. By sucking, of course I meant I got my mouth abused. I could already feel my lips were swollen and starting to ache a bit. The guys who stopped in never really were looking to get off. The guy in the black, who had bred me, stopped by again. I sucked him for a little. When another guy popped in, he told the guy, "if you're looking to get rock hard, this is the guy (meaning me) who can do it". He opted not to. Guy in black moved on too. 

As I was thinking of changing sides again, I tried something else. With my pants already down, I just positioned myself with my ass to the door. And waited. It felt like forever, but it was probably 10-15 minutes before I felt a cock sliding next to my crack.  Sure some folks had come by and felt my ass, ran their hands on the cheek. 

Now there was a guy behind me and sliding his cock up my ass. I never looked back. I never talked to him. He never talked to me. There were some sounds but not many. I made a groan to make him feel like he was bigger than he was. I'm all for inflating the ego, if I can manipulate the situation to get a better fuck. 

He was ok. I'm guessing average sized at best - cockwise, that is. He had really good in and out motion. If he noticed other loads up there, clearly he didn't say a word. I don't know what lube he used to go in, or really if he needed any. But the fuck was 6-7 minutes long and I heard his huff-grunting, and his cock twitch. I knew what was happening.  #4 up the pooper was being deposited. Before he left, he patted my butt a few times, like you would a dog for doing a good job. The analogy stands. 

I was going to rest for a few. I sat on the booth bench and another guy was out in the inlet hallway. He motioned me out and onto the floor. The second one today that had me suck him in a more public way. I wasn't sure if he had noticed the first guy or if this was coincidence. But I did as told. 

I knelt. My pants were still down somewhat, so I played with my semi-hard dick. He stuck his in my mouth. He was big on me taking my time, "don't rush it". I sucked the head. I licked the underside. I tickled it all over with my tongue. He stiffened more than he already was. By now, my head was back against the back wall, his hands pressed against the same wall several feet above my head. That is when he took over. The taking of the time earlier had become more urgent, or at least insistent. My already aching lips were taking a beating. I could handle the cock in my mouth and throat with little issue, but I knew the lips would pay. 

This went on for a bit. He let one or two others take a turn, but we all knew he was the main event. I never even tasted the load. He pinned me against that wall, both hands grasping my head. I couldn't have gone anywhere if I wanted to, and trust me, I didn't want to.  The load was deposited directly into the throat and then directly to the belly. I got some face taps before he walked away. 

At this point, I really did need a few to myself. The traffic was decent for a Friday, now between 2p and 3p. I went back to the 'spa' and sat on a sofa for a few and then went back to the restroom area, just to splash a little water on my face. I never got to. 

The guy in black - the second fuck - wanted another go round. He was a good fuck the first time, and I wanted more, not just of him, just with dick up my ass. I dropped my pants and bent over the sink. Clearly, he slid in with no problem. He just started fucking with me leaning on the sink. Unfortunately, there were no mirrors where or it would have been super hot. 

As he's fucking away, a guy comes back, someone not seen before. Handsome, but in a farmer kind of way. Tight plaid shirt and the tightest Wrangler jeans I've ever seen. He literally came in to wash his hands and stumbled upon this. He stayed to watch. 

The two guys talked about me like I wasn't there. About how my ass felt. About how he should be next. He said, he'd like sloppy seconds. The guy in black said, "well you're too late for that, as he's had more than that".  "ALRIGHT", was the response. 

The man in black shot his second load in me, and by this time another guy came back and leaned against the wall just to watch. 

Plaid guy took out a beautiful 7 incher. Nicely thick, but with so many fucking veins it was a sight to see. And a thick thick head. That would have "worried" me a lot more if this wasn't going to be my sixth cock in 2.5 hours. 

He got behind me and took his place and slid in without a care. Again, talked about like I was a non-entity - which is exactly what I was, or wasn't - the guy love the experience and fought against cumming as he said he literally just walked in the door.  But he didn't stop fucking.  After a bit we all knew what was about to happen. 

I couldn't feel the load itself, but I felt every pulse of his shaft. It was great to behold. 

When he finally pulled out, he was a different guy. His congenial fuck demeanor took a different tone:  "Clean it off faggot".  So I squatted down - which was no doubt a mistake in my condition - and took his cock into my mouth. Even with a few loads up there and the clean out, I could still taste my ass. I was hoping not to, but this was just the trials and tribulations of being that aforementioned 'faggot'. 

"Polish the fucking knob" was the directive. So I did. 

Unbeknownst to me, while I was swinging on that dick and squatting some semen slipped out of my ass and onto the floor. The plaid shirt guy noticed and told me to clean it up. 

It never occurred to me that he meant with a paper towel - and he didn't. So he was amused that I knew to go down and lick it off the floor, as he straightened himself up.  "You also got some in your fucking underwear too", as he walked away 

He wasn't wrong. I put them on and decided to make my way home. Scum in my shorts and all.  It had dried by the time I got home. 

I did the math, at $16 to get in and 8 loads, I paid about $2/load. 

As you'd expect, it never occurred to me to even think about getting off, let alone doing it.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021


 I met the one guy again who works at the same organization. 

We have yet to be rejoined by the other guy, but that's ok. It's tough to coordinate three schedules and find a place in the complex to fit multiple dudes. 

The mainstay texts me and wants head. Says he's in need of a 20-30 minute blowjob. 

I love the idea. Of course, 20-30 minutes in a locked bathroom, at work, raises red flags to me for anyone who comes by more than once or twice, or who has to use those facilities. Naturally, those things are all internal and tell him I'll see him in a few. 

He's already there by the time I arrive. This location has a better bathroom, but it's on a busier corridor, so you have to get used to the noise. I lock the door. 

This guy is all about sitting on the can while I get on my knees. It's not about THE can, it's he likes sitting as opposed to standing. To each his own. I'm here to serve, not direct. Truth be told, being on my fucking knees in a bathroom is fucking erotic to me. I never check to see the status of the floor - I just go down as expected, as instructed. 

He's already pulled the string to his scrubs and he's sitting with those around his ankles. And then I go to town. 

I get down to business and work his dick with my mouth. More importantly, I go to work with my tongue. 

Any true cocksucker knows how to interpret his feeders responses to what they're doing and focus on that - to a degree. It's being told how to suck his cock without them ever having to say a word. This guy liked when I swirl my tongue - mostly around the head, but also as I go further down the shaft - or all the way down to the short hairs. 

It's not enough to just go up and down on his dick, bobbing like it's one of your first dicks. This guy, I'm assuming, has had a LOT of opportunities in his lifetime and taken many of them, so knows what he likes and has high expectations. 

Unfortunately, he also likes the use of hand. Again, to each his own, but as a cocksucker, I find that cheating. Cheating him out of my skills, cheating me out of self-worth as a dick-licker. I feel if I need a hand, I'm just bad at my "job".  With him, I don't use a hand until the very end. 

He was thoroughly enjoying the job I was doing - sans hand. 

This wasn't the slow worship session I think either of us wanted. And while he insinuated it, he didn't stop me from my 'working that cock' phase. 

I actually used the double swirl on him. Not just my tongue, but my mouth as well. 

You move the tongue circular around the shaft and / or head, and do the same with your entire mouth. While you can do these both in the same direction, and at the same time, his reaction when I did each in opposite directions had him mad with desire. 

His use of the word 'cocksucker' was frequent, complimentary and degrading at the same time, and rolled off his tongue with meaning and ease. 

I also noticed his breathing was very labored. His cock, very hard. All the signs were there. Right down to the tight grip on my head. 

He is nothing if not a huge shooter. Each time, the volume of jizz is amazing. Sometimes it might be bitter (not this time) but there is always a lot. 

I stayed on it until it was all gone. I even squeezed the shaft in case anything remained. I took it all, like a good boy. 

We straightened up (well, I just stood up, since I didn't even take out my own dick) and I mocked him - nicely:  "20-30 minutes!  Please!".   We were done in just over 10. 

.....and I never used my hands.  BikeGuy - for. the. win.