Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Suck Off

The title of this post might lead you to believe that 'another' means boring and redundancy, but that's not what I meant to project.

Granted, I do like to have it mixed up a bit, but a sex addict will mostly take what he can get - within reason. Even WE have standards. They might not be yours - but like an alcoholic or narcotic addict, it's not the score that is always necessary - it's the ever-wanting to score. Even folks who don't drink or use anymore are still considered addicts. They've just altered the behavior.

I had this guy answer a CL ad: 39, 5'11", br, bl, go't, 160 . Decent enough from the description, so I invited him over.

He presented well in person - as he didn't share a pic, you just never know. Not really. But he had a good attitude - or at least the right one. But he also had a, what I'm calling, a reverse Michael Jackson thing going on. Part of his skin were turning brown....or black. Areas way to big to be just moles. And they were in all different areas besides his face. ....this includes his penis.

I rubbed him and played with it just to make sure there wasn't any scabbing or issues going on there, but it seemed to be just a skin condition. I didn't ask. He didn't offer. But he clearly wanted to get sucked, though his dick did grow to a nice 7.5". I would have gladly rolled over for him.

But it was not meant to be. As seems to be the case lately, it hasn't been just one position. I was on my knees, then in a chair, then at the side of the bed. The guy had a huge load - and trust me, I'm not complaining on that one either.


As you can see I kept it in my mouth before I swallowed. Don't focus on the stuff he trailed out (on purpose) to my lips and goatee. No - look further in, center back of my tongue. Yes, there you'll see a nice thick deposit of seed.

It tasted good too. The picture isn't the most flattering angle, but you do what you can in the moment.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Few BJs

I'd love to post more and more stories, but these are lumped together because they don't even warrant separate posts.

One guy was really good looking, but just a bit of a flake. When I post, I am very clear about what I want. This guy answered that ad and I just never think I have to clarify again what it is that should be doing down.

He wasn't going to let me have his nut until he saw me get mine. Pffffft. Fuck that. And I told him so. I think he was surprised by that. I'm not sure if other guys give in and just do it or get caught up in the moment, but I was not into it....and eventually, not into him.

It didn't stop him from stroking while he kept trying to talk me into busting. And all his stroking must have gotten the better of him. While I barely got to suck him, he couldn't hold back his load and I did get it. I can't say it was the most satisfying load, or the most satisfying way. He left soon enough - though I would have been ok with him not showing at all.

The second guy was better. Better dick, better attitude, better load. There was nothing remarkable about him or the blowjob I gave. It just was. It last about 30 minutes in various states of being fed: on my knees, him laying down, me on with my head over the bed - the usuals.

I got another load for the evening and then he was gone and it was off to bed for me.

I told you it wasn't exciting! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Straight" Fuck

I was "played" at my own game.

Well, not really. Nor do I truly think that the guy I had been fucking really thinks I'm straight and married.

But while out of town last week, I hooked up with a "straight" man, who has a girlfriend. He says her name is Anita. Anita Mann, maybe. I don't claim to be straight acting. Some people will tell you they wouldn't know I was gay. One person recently told me, "oh yeah! I knew the second I saw you." I'm sure there is some in between.

The reply to my ad came back: Worked out white guy here. 5ft 7in, 7inch cock, shaved nuts, a worked out 170LBS, 35 years old. I am strictly a top.

He didn't mention shaved head - which is a huge turn on to me.

After much back and forth through email, text and phone, we finally hooked up. I'd be surprised if he was actually 5'7" or 7". I didn't have a yardstick with me. But he was close enough in his stats and he wasn't heinous or anything. He had the right attitude.

But to call it what it is, he was gay-acting. There was no way around this one. And I don't even mean because he stuck his cock up my ass - which he did. Just the mannerisms. And for someone who doesn't do this ever - carrying around lube in your gym bag seems a bit questionable.

Ok - enough of that . The guy was a good fuck. There was no foreplay. No kissing. No touching. No me sucking him or anything. It was him coming into the room - me going to the bed, getting on my back and lifting my legs for him to gain entrance to heaven. LOL. I kid. It's Purgatory. It might be warm like Hell the deeper you go.

It was a morning fuck - so I liked that. A good way to start out the day. For both of us, actually. And he wasn't quick quick about it. We probably went at it for a good 25 minutes. It was nice to see his muscles and his chest as he worked himself in and out of me.

As it must - all things conclude. He was gearing up and honestly, I think had been holding off for quite some time. He finally just buried himself up me and unloaded. No big fanfare. No huge warning - and certainly disturb the folks next door.

He was good enough. Would I go back or have him back? I don't know. Lots of men out there to explore.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sorry folks.

I didn't want to be THAT guy, but I'm going to be.

Going forward, all comments will come to me before being published. I will choose which ones do and do not get pushed out for general viewing.

That being said - I would assume 99.5% of all comments will get posted, even if they have an 'anonymous' author.

Is it censorship? Probably. Don't like it? Then get a 1st Amendment attorney.

....and to the person who keeps authoring the same comment in any number of my posts, consider this a time-saver for you. You no longer have to keystroke your message and hit send, as your message will never get come through again.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Married Guy Suck Off x 3

I was out of town most of this week - sorry for the lack of posts, but between working, I was working on getting you guys new material. Well, getting ME new material to give you. As much as I love sharing with you all, it is all about me.

After placing a craigslist ad, I got a number of responses. More than a few of those responders worked out over the course of the week. None more than the actual first guy to hit me back.

Married father. Mid to late 40s, full body. Not fat, not muscular. Just a downtown business man who lives in the suburbs - a body that screams: DAD!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes being out of town, it is hard to find anyone who is a morning person. They are just not motivated to dump a load before work. I mean, I'm up daily at 5:30, so I'm ok with it. I don't actually have a preferred time of day to have sex. If I'm breathing, I'm good to go.

Anyway, Dad wanted head - and he was a morning guy. 7:30...still later than I wanted, but what the hell. As most married guys have told me (and you've seen elsewhere) they don't get it at home. The ones who do, the wife normally doesn't swallow. Or so I've heard.

"Don" came in each day, suit, tie, dress shoes. First day he tried just dropping his pants, but he couldn't get the spread he he wanted - so the pants came off. He liked to lay back on the bed, feet on the ground, so he would not really look at me. Who knows what he was imagining was blowing him. I didn't really care.

His dick was very average. 6", thin shaft. Nothing remarkable about it at all. Even his nuts were smaller than average.

Don liked my mouth, but blowjobs are like pizza - even when bad they are still pretty good. Though I am NOT saying my head was bad. Guys just love getting blown though. Don was no exception.

He only lasted maybe 1o minutes before he popped his nut. Naturally, I took every drop. He was happy and satisfied. So was I.

He liked it so much he asked if he could stop over the next morning. Then that morning he asked if he could stop over the next.

Normally, I wouldn't have cared one way or the other, but I know enough about this town that I wasn't going to find anyone else that early. So at 7:30 the other two days, there was a knock and I let him in. Each time was the same scene - though he maybe have been a bit more verbal.

I would go out on a limb to say it was the first time in his life he might have gotten three blowjobs in three days.

I'm a guest to the city, but an ambassador to the Cocksucking World for feeders of the planet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BG13 Fuck Pics

You've seen the video. You've seen the crappy, earlier pics from my cell phone.

Now you can see the better still shots from my camera avec flash. Yes, it is me fucking that guy from a few weeks ago.





Not to brag, but you're only seeing 1/3 to 1/2 of my shaft. Ok, maybe it is a bit of boasting.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Tales

From that same ad I mentioned yesterday, I found a like-minded guy a few blocks away from my hotel.

42, 5'9", 175, br/br, hairy chest, legs, GL. 7C. Horny at 14th and I. 2 pics to follow.


I didn't publish the 2nd pic he mentioned as it has his face clearly in the shot. The guy was chatting with me and then going into his office bathroom to take pictures of himself to sent to me. PERFECT.

As you can see, the dick was nice - even soft.

He came over and we played. He wanted to get off, but in an unspecified kind of way. I sucked. He rubbed up behind me. I wanted him to go in. I think he wanted to go in, but as out there as he was, I think he was awaiting permission.

We did get around to discussing it during the sex talk of what you like and all, as you're doing some it at the same time. He wanted to fuck my ass. But by that point, my mouth had gotten him so to the edge, it was too late. Edging had ended and the launch sequence had begun.

My mouth was well down his shaft when his love lava started flowing. And it was a flow, and not spurting high into the air.....or mouth, as the case may be.

But like a good little trooper, I swallowed all of it and he was appreciative of it.

As he dressed, slowly - with his french cuffs et al - he wanted to return the next day to fuck and seed my ass.

As expected, I never heard back from him.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Irish Fucker

Before I head out of town again (hopefully with more sexual adventures to relay), I still need to get some from my last trip up here on this blog.

With one of my initial ads I got a lot of responses. One guy did come over whom I will get to in another post. But I also go a response from this guy:

WM,42,6'1,198,Bl/Bl,Masc/Athl Hung 8"/Thick


This pic is not of me servicing him, just what he had to show me his cock. No idea who is licking the underside of his shaft.

No, this is a picture of his dick right before he slid it up my hairy ass.


After this pic, we got down to business and whereas I would have liked a pic of him buried up my hole, it was not meant to be. I had to respect that he was not there for a photo session.

He came from running, as he was in a tshirt and flimsy running shorts with nothing underneath them. With his hardening glory, he'd be one you'd do a second take on if passing him on the street in that outfit and condition.

He was not the handsomest bloke, but was certainly masculine and fucked like a machine. This was a guy who was out for his pleasure - 100%. Some guys will say they are but honestly, if you asked them to slow down or do this or that, they would.

Not this guy. Piston fuck is what felt good to him. Hard and fast is what he needed and wanted. It is what he got. And though he fucked fast, it was not a fast fuck. He assaulted my ass for a good 20 minutes in a few positions, but mostly on my back with my ass at the side of the bed.

Hopefully, there were no little kids in rooms on either side of me, because he grunted and groaned in ways that only convey 'sex'. I'm sure if there were, parents were scurrying them out or making up some story as to what those noises were.

Any hope of covering that up would have been gone when he came. He let anyone within earshot know it. ...which I love. But I'm a perv.

There wasn't discussion about where the load would or should go. It just went. Deep. Up. My. Hole.

The guy was there for one thing and one thing only. He pulled out, threw his shorts back on and was out the door without as much as a 'see ya'.

He got what he wanted. We both did.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home GloryHole

Yesterday I got an email from some guys I’ve never actually hooked-up with.

We have exchanged emails before in the past, and to be honest, I had written him off as a non-follow through kind of guy. You know the type. All emails, no action.

So I get this message yesterday:

GH Open Tonite

Here are the rules:
1. This is for Tonight ONLY Thursday August 14 - Starting at NOW till 1:00 AM
2. I am here to suck you off & not the other way around

3. Be serious and be clean and disease free
4. (insert address here) - PARK ON THE STREET


- using a dimmer light and will have porn

Truth be told, I’d love to be on the ‘other side’ of the GH, but I’m also not willing to expose myself to strangers by setting one up at my house. Let’s face it, some of these CL responders are freaks – I don’t need them knowing where I live. But gloryholes made me the cocksucker I am today. I am still a massive devotee to them, they are just harder and harder to find…..and rarely outside a private residence.

For full disclosure, this was my first trip to a private gloryhole. I showed around 6:50. No one else was there, which was kind of a bummer. It would have been hot to walk in on someone getting head from an anonymous guy, but it was not meant to be. Nor was it meant to be for someone walking in on me getting my cock sucked.

But as I walked into the ante-room, I saw the porn on, but if you actually needed it (I didn’t), it would have been useless unless you had the head rotation of Linda Blair in the “Exorcist”.

To the left was the make-shift glory hole, which seemed to consist of a wall of board about 2/3 of the way up the door entry. The hole was cut into just fine. For the top 1/3, it was a sheet that extended to the top of the door jamb. But there was enough give on the sheet that I could still grab the top of the partition.

As I approached, I could see the guy’s eyes and nose. He looked through to peer at his feeder – which is ok, but somewhat defeats the GH mentality. GH’s are the great equalizer – just cock, not who is attached to it. It’s all about the cock. And cum.

But I unzipped and stuck it through. The guy had a good mouth, I’ll give him that. But I did grab the partition and held on, not because he was that good, but more out of that I loved when I would eat and look up to see those hands bracing themselves for what I thought was a great BJ.

I let him do his job, but sometimes I fucked the hole, to which his face was kind of attached. Now and again, I’d pull out to edge myself and also to tease him. It was about me being in control….a role I’m becoming a little more comfortable in. Oh let’s face it, as a cocksucker and total bottom, I was still controlling.

As I got closer, I opted to change my usual method, which is to announce I’m going to shoot and to stop moving and swallowing.

This time, I just shot without any verbal queues. It took him a bit by surprise, but he didn’t miss any and no coughing, so that’s a plus. But he continually moved all over my cock as I was shooting and getting more and more sensitive, but I kept my teeth gritted and just did it all as silent as possible.

When we were done, he was all chatty – which again, blows the GH rules. It even somewhat violated his posted rules. I just wanted to zip up and walk out, but he was all “oh, I hope we can do this again, you’ve got a great cock”…..blah blah blah.

Yeah, I know I have a great cock, but don’t get used to it pal

Thursday, August 14, 2008

After Dinner Draining

Tuesday was one of mixed messages.

Answered a CL ad for a guy in a nearby Hyatt who wanted to get fucked. Ok. I was kind of in the mood to flex my newly acquired top abilities. We exchanged emails. We exchanged pics. We made plans.

Now you know how I feel about guys who misrepresent themselves in pics and email, only to be disappointed in real life when the hook-up happens. So, with that in mind, I am very accurate in my description of myself and my photos are always current – or at least within 2 months (though admittedly my cock shots might be dated, as it is not like that tool growing or shrinking like a belly might).

So I make the trek over to the hotel after work and he comes down. He made the mistake (?) of telling me what he’d be wearing and it’s one of these places that you need the key to activate the elevator.

So I am in the lobby, the door opens and I’m 90% sure he sees me and just pushes the button and heads back up. Douche.

Oh – and don’t think I didn’t call him to tell him he was a douche too. I am fully aware that I am not everyone’s type, nor are they mine. But as stated above, pics and stats were exchanged. There was nothing shocking about how I presented than was in my pictures.

Mind you – not only does he not have the nerve or balls to say, ‘thanks but no thanks’, he then ignores his phone. So I left the ‘douche’ comment for him to pick up later on his voice mail. Yeah – I know some of you will think I’m a prick – and I can really live with that.

So afterwards, I went out to dinner with some family and as I was getting into my car, a really nice BMW 5 series drives by and a guy I cannot quite see first whistles at me and then does some cat call. See? I’m not completely repulsive to everyone!

He drives away slowly, but as I start to pull out of the parking lot, I see he has stopped and waited for me to exit. His windows are down and he’s a pretty attractive 40 something.

Right off the bat he asks if I want to ‘fool around’, he lived 5 blocks from the restaurant so I say, ‘sure’.

In the elevator, he unzips me and feels my ever hardening cock. I don’t zip up when we hit his floor. Actually quite the opposite. As he is walking ahead of me getting his keys ready, I pull out my stiff pecker and he sees that as his key goes into the door.

Being the exhibitionist that I am, I walk over to his wall of windows that face other apartments. His is dark, so I have no back lighting, so no one can really see us – which is a shame.

He has stripped down but I’m just there w/my 8” cock out of my fly. In a second he was on his knees. Immediately he was on my dick, but then my hand went to the back of his head. He was hungry – I know the look. I practice it often.

I knew he’d be open to more than just an oral assault, but I was on limited time, as I was meeting those folks from dinner afterwards. I’m sure I’d have to come up with a story for my tardiness, but at that moment, I wanted to use. So I did.

I fucked his face and he loved it. I let him lick my dick and take his time too, I’m not a complete asshole. But I know guys like this. I AM a guy like this. He’s a pig, so am I. Cock and cum – there is never enough of it.

We played for about 15 minutes when I knew I really needed to get going. I told him I was going to feed him – and as I have said so many times here, I heard myself repeating the words again: you will swallow. I do shoot a lot. I don’t want you coughing it up on my dress pants.

As I got ready to shoot, I told him to start swallowing and don’t move. They never listen. What’s the issue? I obey, why not them? Maybe I need more top training.

He wouldn’t stop moving and he couldn’t swallow fast enough. I had a choker. And while that somehow validates some weird kind of manliness, I still rather they swallow the seed.

To be fair, he got most of it, but not all of it. But the way I see it, it didn’t go on me and it was his carpet to clean – not mine.

I made him (yes, made) give me his number and email. Maybe, just maybe I’ll bend him over his dining room table.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Embassy Suites Sex

How do you relax before a job interview?

Maybe you find something to distract you so you don’t focus too much on that process. Kind of like I do.

Yesterday, I had a 3p job interview. But no one knew about it, so I had to keep a change of clothes in my car and do my presto-changeo in my car before I left.

But around 12:45p I saw an ad for a guy in a hotel that was close by to my office who was looking for sloppy wet oral assistance. I knew it was a risk – leaving earlier than I had planned, walking to a hotel, blowing a guy and then getting back to said garage to change and drive to my interview. But damn it, I’ve said it before and I know I will again – “at any cost”.

You’ve read how I’d miss class or even delay getting to job sites as long as there was a potential for cock and cum. Not even the actuality of it, just the fucking potential. So I jumped at it with this too.

I knocked on his door and he opened. The guy had an incredibly handsome face and a killer body. In the back of my mind I was trying to figure out who was in town – sports team wise. Could he be at Brown’s training camp? Nah – too small. Could he be an Oriole? They were in town playing an away game. No clues in the room to see what might have been.

In a heartbeat he was in a chair with his workout shorts off and his smallish black cock hanging there with a weird-ass cockring on that looked like it would dig into to flesh if you got erect. Still, it was kind of hot.

But it was not a smallish black cock.


It grew to a very healthy 8” with a few kinks and curves along the way. It was easy enough to suck and swallow, but apparently the angle, for him, left it a little more sensitive to teeth that I would swear weren’t even touching shaft or skin. …but he felt it, and that’s all that mattered. He was the boss at that moment.

He did like his blowjobs wet and slobbery. It never seemed wet enough for him, and lord knows I tried.

But what I loved about him most was his filthy mouth and attitude. Not so much calling me names – which he did not, but talking about his likes: blowjobs, cumming, needing sex all the time, raw hole. Breeding, fucking, anyone, anytime.

His head was slightly back and eyes closed the entire time. He was in his own world of being dirty – a world he freely admitted he loved. “nasty sex”, he called it. For some of us it just our everyday existence.

It took about 20 minutes, and I was getting worried about getting to my interview, but he finally got his nut…or I finally got it, I should say. Not a lot, but he probably got off before and had 2 others planned for the afternoon. The load was bitter, but who am I to spit it out?

I’m no one – that’s who. I’m everyone. I’m a cum-eating cocksucker. That’s who.

By the way - I breezed through the interviews.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh No - He Took My Cherry (anal)

The guy from the video I posted a while back and I have gotten together a few times. Each time he has taken my load. The first time was in the mouth while he sucked me at his place of employ.

But the others have been in his apartment. Always on a Monday. Always in what I assume is a guest room on questionable red sheets, in the dark (or darkened) area. When I enter, he is always face down, ass up, but I have never just sunk into him. Maybe I should.

No, usually he spins himself around, still face down on the bed, but where he can open his mouth to receive my dick in his all too willing mouth. I’m not complaining.

While he’s doing this, normally I’m taking off my shirt and then eventually my pants, though I have to interrupt his sucking to do that.

Mind you – I think this guy still though/thinks I am a married man. And a father, at that. So while he was blowing me, he went to my balls and then below. I can’t help but really react when someone eats my ass. I’ve always loved it (and love doing it), but it is just a precursor for me to getting fucked. This guy was also an expert asseater too. That didn’t help my cause.

When he went back to blowing me, he also started playing with my hole. Fingers and thumb. He’d also reach up and play with my nipples – which is always what I could consider a dead giveaway to my preferences. I can never keep my legs together when someone does that.

He would get up off my dick and come up to lick my nipples. But when he’d lean in, I’d feel his dick at my crack. His 8.5” FAT uncut dick.

I tried to retain my straightness, but it was difficult as when I get piece of meat like that, along with the priming he had been doing with his tongue, fingers, and my nipples, I was trying just not be act like a bitch in heat. Which, let’s face it, I was/am.

If he recognized this, he wasn’t overt about it, but he also didn’t stop doing what he was doing, even when I asked what he thought he was doing. Matter of factly, he said he was playing with my ass. I insisted he go easy with those fingers, but I never did tell him to stop. Would a true married man have told him so? I am thinking they would have.

Maybe my number is up with him, because not only didn’t he not stop, but he got me on my stomach to eat my ass from a better angle. I was for that – but c’mon, I’m not stupid, I also knew that would put a straight married man in a vulnerable position. It would put me in a very enviable one.

I could hear him put some liquid into his hands. I’ll assume his hands went to his cock. All the while he was eating my ass. But soon enough he was at my backdoor and with out an invite! …well, at least without a spoken one.

I told him I didn’t think we should do this. He said I liked his fingers up my ass. I replied with a ‘but your fingers aren’t nearly as big as that!’. He said I could handle it. He kept pushing every so slightly.

I knew, being me, that I would respond and open up. Soon, his head was in. To act the part, I grabbed the front of the mattress as if I was hanging on for dear life. I also appropriately inserted the grunts and groans of a man giving it up for the first time – along with the ‘no….you’re way too big for this to happen’.

He kept telling me just the head was in. But in reality, I’m no novice. I know he was about an inch away from his short hairs hitting my ass. But he kept up his pretense, I kept up mine.

He fucked. He fucked raw. I took it. I took it way too easily for a virgin, but if the jig was up, no one was saying anything.

He was in me deep and I said, ‘that is not just the head’ and he snidely replied, ‘nah – I’m giving it all to you’. Maybe the jig was up.

After about 5 more minutes of this, he stopped moving and I could feel him spasm in me. No denying he was doing to me, what I had done to him. Touche.

When he finally climbed off me, I just lay there. I tried to keep up the charade, but who knows who was buying what at this point. I did get up and told him it was his turn, but he was having none of it. He was done.

There was, and has been, no talk of getting together again. Maybe he wins. Or thinks he does.

Touche, indeed.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh No - He Took My Cherry (oral)

I was on travel a few weeks ago and came across an ad where a married guy wanted to suck cock. I had taken a number of dicks over the week and was ok with getting my nuts drained.

I swear, the more interesting thing for me was location. I thought he was staying at the same hotel I was, but it turns out he was at the one next door. Still it was very convenient.

The plan was for him to suck me off, but as things go, I’m always happier servicing a guy than being serviced. It wasn’t long after I was there before I was wanting to drop to my knees and take his fat 7” dick down my throat.

As happens lately, I might have made the inference that I was married and had never done this before. As he was sucking me, I was asking him if he did this often and what could it possibly feel like to have a cock in his mouth.

It certainly didn’t take much to bait him. He stood up and urged me to try it. Naturally, I was hesitant. I mean, I had never done this before and he was a stranger. What kind of guy does something like that with a stranger???

He talked me through it, brining the head of his penis close to my lips. I made a play for it, but backed off, the way a newbie might do when someone presents him a cock for the “first time”. He kept encouraging me.

After the head was in the mouth, I did the normal struggling with it for being a first-timer. I coughed. I gagged. I pulled back. I tentatively took more, but still not a lot. And as you see with guys like this, he was empowered by conquering something that has never been done….or someone.

Sooner than later, his hands went to my head. At first slightly encouraging me physically. Then a little more insistent. The more excited he became, the more physical he became. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t horribly strong or forceful, just persistent.

The dick went deeper. He got more vocal. The shaft got harder. I knew what was happening.

Soon (too soon?), he steadied my head and told me he was going to cum. He didn’t question whether I wanted it – just an announcement. His hands were still on my head.

For someone who jacked off the night before, he had a huge load. It squirted on my tongue and he kept telling me to “swallow it down”. Of course, I was going to. And did. Even I will only take the first-timer thing so far. A true one probably would have pulled off and let it fall out or worse, spit it out. I couldn’t do that – even for the act of faking it.

He complimented me on what I had done. I kneeled there, looking at him with the best look of awe and shock I could muster. It seemed to have worked.

Surprisingly, he went right down on me and sucked me off. I let him. He gagged. I left for work.

The next morning, I got an email asking if I wanted to be sucked again. I told him I wasn’t sure – that he left me for a loop on what had transpired the day before. I told him I was very confused. He fed right into it.

He suggested I come over again and try it again to see if it was something I might like. I played coy, but not too much so. He finally “convinced me” to come over.

In a matter of minutes, his dick was in my mouth. This time he was more forceful and verbal. He was telling me he would completely change my world with this. This time he fucked my face. Not hard, but it was there. His hand was tighter on my head.

Like the day before, he announced when he was shooting. I took it. I looked up at him when he was doing it to me. He was looking down at me.

He dragged his dick out as he was finishing and I could feel some cum being wiped from the head of his dick into my goatee. He said he didn’t and there was nothing there, but I knew better. It’s not like I haven’t had it there a few hundred times before. (Believe it or not, this wasn’t my 2nd time!)

I got back to my hotel and there was a nice dollop of sperm in the soul patch portion of my goat. I emailed him and told him what I found. I got a response back: “yeah – just a little something to remember me by.”

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Group Party

Yesterday I attended a group party. In olden days, it might have been called an "orgy", but these are not olden days. It was an apartment with multiple rooms and guys going room to room looking to get laid by hopefully someone better than was in the last room.

I got an email invite for it (no idea how they found me. Don’t really care) yesterday morning, for an event to be done a little after lunch. I really wanted to go, because I have been just that horny, but couldn’t figure out how to do it – since I work and all.

The location was also 30 minutes away from the office. There and back would have taken a normal lunch hour and knowing how I am, I would have hung out there for the entire time things went down. I hate to say it, but I concocted a migraine and told my boss I was going to work from home the rest of the day.

I picked up a new bottle of poppers on my way and found the place with no issues. I was right on time. And by that, I mean, I was the 2nd person there. I had no idea how many others were invited or how many accepted. I certainly didn’t know what kind of guys they were. Had I, it is possible I might not have shown.

Everyone was very very average. And that is a little generous. I have to say, I’ve never seen such a large group of men with collective set of small dicks. Two were over 7” (not including mine), but most I would say were under 6”. Some under 5”. I try not to be a size queen, but sometimes outings like this make it hard not to be.

I was the first to strip down. There was another guy who was right behind me – totally my type. Shaved head, tall, fat & long-ish cock, goatee. Totally masculine. He loved my cocksucking, as I went right to my knees for him and he was a good dickie licker himself. But he wanted to pace himself and walked around as others entered. I get that. Unfortunately, while I was playing with someone else, someone got bald/goatee’d guy off. He was quick on the trigger.

Watched a few other guys and went down on the guy with the second biggest dick in the place (I was #1 – it is not bragging if it’s true). Guy in his early 50s, nice body, very hairy torso. 7.5” straight as an arrow shaft. He let me suck then he fucked my face. Eventually he got me bent over the desk in the office and fucked my ass good. We went at it for about 20 minutes – sometimes being watched, sometimes not. But he was not ready to shoot. Even the host took a turn at my ass, but oddly enough, he had the smallest dick in the group.

Eventually, about 16 people cycled through the 90 minute session. Not all folks were there at once. Some guys got off and left within minutes. Others like me stayed the duration. Almost everyone was looking for someone else to get off with….hoping someone else would show. Myself included.

Then one guy showed up that I knew I wanted. 6’, 170, nothing special in the body area, though it was tight. Not ripped, but no flab anywhere. 6.5” dick, with a nice big head and thicker shaft right underneath that tapered thinner as it went down to the pubes.

Another guy went right down on it while hot guy played a bit with my dick and my nipples. Eventually he went in for a kiss…which I will say, surprised the hell out of me. But what the fuck, I went for it.

Shortly after, he pushed the guy sucking his dick off of him and pushed me to my knees to take him. Fine with me. No egos should be allowed at these events and if the top wants a change, the other guy should go with it. He did.

The stud fucked my face with great technique. I was too into it to notice that we had gotten a crowd. Eventually I would find that 4-6 guys were gathered around. I figured it out when I felt the first shots of cum start to coat the left side of my head and slide down the side of my face. Shortly after, the guy next to him shot on me too….more on the front of me, hitting my arm and chest.

I could see what would look like an ex-marine standing next to my feeder. I could see was about to go off too. I begged for him to shoot it in my mouth, but he just shot it on my face and chest too. I was feeling scummy and cummy – there was no way around that. They made it so.

Seeing all of this really set my feeder off. He pushed me off his dick and aimed right for my face. Even with my mouth partially open, most of it hit my forehead and ran down my face. I’m sure I was a great sight if this were a bukkake movie. (too bad it wasn’t).

In a matter of a few seconds, the hot guy was gone. I would have loved to give him my info for a one-on-one repeat. But after the others had cum, they dispersed a bit. As I was getting myself up and together, I noticed a new arrival: a decent looking black man. Smooth everywhere (except pubes) and a nice 8.5” dick. Another guy was already down on it, but I watched intently. The black guy pushed him off and I took a turn. He started to push me off after a bit because he was too close and I was barely off when he pushed me back on, because he was past the point of no return. I took the load.

At this point, I felt a big piggy. I had taken, in one form or another, five loads. Others went load-less. I mean, I didn’t feel that bad.

As much as I wanted to just dress and leave, I had to wash the sperm off me. It was everywhere. The host let me jump in the shower and I got it off me (or most of it). I dressed and went room to room looking for clothes, glasses, keys, etc. I stumbled upon the black guy back in action fucking a smooth white ass – and wishing it had been me. But it wasn’t and I had my pants on. I was ready to go.

I would have liked the situation to be hotter, but it was what it was. I wouldn’t say no to a second time, but I might not jump in with just my libido.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Video Post

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you all I made a short video of me topping that one guy? The one I posted pictures of my dick in his ass? Yes - the crappy ones from my cell phone.

I still haven't found the ability to post it on X-Tube, and though he doesn't know it, RawTop presented the solution: For some reason, it was able to post there. And now I can embed it here - for your enjoyment.

I don't think you have to join to watch the videos, but you might. You do have to join to rate the videos (or post your own). If you opt to join - it is free.

Oh - I also have better still shots of my dick up his ass from the last time, as I used a real camera with flash. There was no hiding the fact from him that I took them, but he said nothing. I will get those up in a day or so.

...I gotta pace myself so you guys get more posts from me.

Well, this evening, I might be sticking my cock up his asshole again. We need to arrange the time. He's getting a bit weird on me with his emails. He insinuates I just see him as a hole. DUH.

There is no reasoning with him on this. He says, to me, he's just a whore. I told him he wasn't because I'd never pay for it. That seemed to hurt his feelings. Fuck man - I'm not looking to date him.

I'm just looking to fuck, cum and possibly video it all. Now that I can post vids - hopefully you'll see more of them.

Enjoy guys!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

BlogRoll Update

So let it be written - So let it be told!

As promised, the BlogRoll, and other links have been updated. They had to be. Some guys I've enjoyed in the past are just dormant and that's not fun for you guys who might use me as some gateway to other men's perverse pleasures.
  • So long Big Dicked Bottom - you had some hot stories, but no updates for almost a year.
  • Ditto for you B4Skin
  • Joshua - it's been since November of 2007. Again, hot potential, but you never made the commitment. Shame. If you get back into the swing of things - let me know.
  • Mike, from TopMarine - I miss ya. But your October 2007 Death Knell post either hit you hard, or it was really an announcement of the end of your blog. Shame.
All of you are welcome to contact me again if you get back into posting.

With that said - there are a few new additions to the group. Please take a look at:
  • OrlandoTop
  • Bare Encounters
  • Gay Sex Slut
  • Montreal Bottom
  • Matt & Dan
Please see what they have to offer - they are all listed in the right-sided column. They are all a bit different, but don't be shy - check them out.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

19,000 +

You guys made July 2008 the best month ever - in terms of visits. We bested visits by over 3,000 from the 2nd best month. Thanks.

Now I need to keep my end of the deal: new postings for you.

Honest, I am working on it. I have a good six or seven encounters I haven't even started on formulating - well, outside of my head. Inside - they're all golden. Hopefully, some I will have images to post with as well. I know you all like that - and the hits seem to go up a bit when there are those involved.

I get it: sex sells.

That being said - I also need to drastically update my BlogRoll. There were some good sites on there, but they haven't been posting. And I don't mean BikeGuy lazy, I mean months and months and months of inactivity.

This can't happen. I found a few other sites that do list me in their BlogRoll (honest guys, i had no idea!), so I need to look around and see what is what and get more good links back. It's only fair.

If there are those of you out there who do link to me, let me know. I'll see what is what and go from there.

Look in the next two days or so for my next post. Promise!