Friday, December 28, 2007

Dropping a 3 Week Load

Sorry for the delay in posting anything. Between work and the holidays I haven't had much time to play, let alone commit the experiences to the blog.

Actually, I haven't played since my last post. I tried when I was down in Lynchburg, VA (home of Jerry Falwell and Liberty University). I posted an ad on craigslist and I was surprised (yet, kind of not) on how many responses I got. For a such a fundamentalist place there were quite a few men (and boys) who were looking for action. The harder and longer you keep them suppressed, the more filthy and desperate they become.

Anyway, due to timing of my visit there, I never actually got to hook-up with anyone, though I think it would have been fun to see how they operate. At least I know they exist for my next trip.

As I have mentioned, I rarely jack-off between my encounters and since I have not posted since close to first of the month it means exactly what you think it does. Until yesterday, I had not gotten my nut since the 1st of December. I was 2 days shy of a four week build up.

Even though I would much rather take than give, I felt the need to dump this seed. Two days ago I tried to get rid of it. None of the guys I contacted could find time for it or me. So I hit a park. Still nothing. I don't fancy myself to be good looking or anything, so I hate hate hate it when I am the best looking one cruising. I finally ran into a guy who used to work where I did who sucked me off almost a year ago.......but he was more interested in going home and napping before an evening shift.

It was not until yesterday that I hit the bulls eye. I left work early (it is a slow week) and hit the park again. I was sure I was doomed for the same scenario. After about 45 minutes of waiting, I opted to leave. As I was proceeding to go, I passed a true blue-collar guy in his work van. Hotter than hell but someone I was sure was looking for some head. I was ok with that. You know I'd much rather swallow than be swallowed. So imagine my surprise when he pulled up to me and told me he wanted to suck me dry.

I tried to talk him into switching back and forth, but he was 100% eater. I showed him my dick right there in the park - something I almost never do just because I do not want to get busted there. Luckily he lived close by and so I followed him home.

Standing in his front room, he asked if I wanted upstairs or the playroom. Well - DUH. I picked the latter. However, on the way to it we had to pass the kitchen where what turned out to be his lover was preparing dinner. He looked at us and went back to his business.

Getting down the playroom, "Chris" does indeed confirm that the guy in the kitchen was his lover and that they have a very open relationship. Apparently.

Now - you guys know I'm more than a little experienced, but I almost hate to admit that I've never been in a full-on playroom. Stockades. Slings. Shelving filled with assorted whips, dildoes, lubes, poppers, magazines and videos. It was more like a store. Oh - and mirrors: above and to the side of everything. Being a complete exhibitionist and voyeur, I loved that!

He was down on my dick in almost nothing flat. I told him how long it had been and this time I made sure to explicitly say that the load had to be swallowed. He agreed. Anyway, I had to pace myself, as my trigger was on a lower setting. Almost anything could have gotten me off immediately. Concentration was the name of the game.

My shoes and pants were off in a flash. Soon, I was in the sling, with him sucking my dick. Not horribly comfortable for him, but I loved it. I liked looking up in the above mirror and seeing him not only going down on me, but then munching on my ass. It was a very hot sight.

Deep down, I was hoping his partner would come down and join us. I was really hoping that he'd come down and fuck me while I was in the sling - but apparently they let each other play without interruption. So there was no luck there for me.

Eventually, Chris wanted to be on his knees in front of me while I pounded his face. I could do that - but I warned him that things would be over sooner than later. He was ok with that - and so was I.

It wasn't long until I was shooting and filling his mouth. He held it all there. He made froth and foam of my sperm and continued to show me until I grasped his throat and told him to 'swallow my fuckin' seed'. He obliged.

On the way out, my balls about 2lbs lighter, he stops and introduces me to his lover: (fill in name here), this is the guy from the park. Guy from the park, this is (fill in name here). I nodded and really just wanted to head to the door. I wasn't look to make friends.

I don't know if the lover recognized me or not, but I'm 99% sure he sucked me off about 18 mos earlier when I went to his leather store to buy a harness.

The world of anonymous gay hook-ups is a small small one.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clank II

I don’t seem to find too many guys with PAs that I encounter. It seems that the guys I end up hooking up with on the road are married – which don’t get me wrong is so incredibly hot.

But there is something really hot about a guy with a PA. Not that I’d ever get one or want one. I am a 100% wuss when I think about what it takes to go through to get one. I do like the way a guy looks with a heavier gauge dangling from his dick head. Married guys do not usually sport PAs.

I like the way a guy carries himself knowing that it’s there. And as I said in yesterday’s post, I like the way the metal hits my teeth – and let’s face it, the feeder does too.


But it’s not just for feeding. The feeling of the cold metal, slathered in lube (maybe!) as it gets pushed up your ass is a pretty unique feeling. I’d be lying if I said the potential damage it can do wasn’t somewhat erotic. Nothing permanent, but you know what I’m saying……..

So it was odd that I had two PA’d guys in one trip. Separate days, but still….. The law of averages and all would say it shouldn’t really happen.

Once again, I had advertised for a feeding – this time it was morning. I had lots of opportunities, mostly from guys who wanted to play email tag, which I specifically said I would not do. But guys are fucking game players – most of em. Normally I can spot the ones who are serious.

…and I did.

He said all the right things. He knew all the buttons to push that one can via email exchanges. When those things happen, I let my defenses down: not requiring or asking for a pic or a phone call.

So when he showed up – again, my door was ajar – I was a little disappointed. He was average looking and body, but could tell even though he dressed the rough part, he was nellier than one would want from a top feeder. Hell, he was nellier than you’d expect from a cockwhore.

But he had a nice dick whose base was wrapped in a thick/wide metal cockring that made his balls look bigger than they were. The shaving did that too. (I’m not big on guys with shaved balls – I like MAN nuts!)


Most of our time was spent with me in the hotel chair, my legs up on the ottoman while he stood next to the chair feeding me. His dick was about 7", but I didn't have much trouble taking it no matter how deep he wanted to put it. Again, I went out of my way to have the PA hit my teeth or run it over my tongue and lips.

Without asking, the guy picked up my camera and just started taking multiple pictures of me down on his dick.....his balls.....and his ass. I never attempted to stop him. I mean, it was my camera.

But this is a newer digital camera and I wanted to try something I had not done before. Luckily, this guy was ok with it. I had never used the movie control on my camera before and well, I'm something of an exhibitionist, so I asked if we could film the final moments before he came.

The guy was game.

He took control of the video and I played to it. There was a little sucking until he was ready to pop. Some went into my mouth. Some went into my goatee. And with the expertise of a better than amateur porn, but not quite as good as professional porn - we executed a good scene. The guy (never got his name - never cared) took his dick, rubbed the head in what spooge missed my extended tongue and then pushed it back into my mouth.

The clip lasts only about 1.5 minutes, but it is not bad.

I know what you're all thinking: why am I not posting it here? It shows a bit too much of me. What little anonymity I still have, I can't see how I can truly throw it up here.

Of course, I'm thinking about all the other vids I can do and the scenes I can concoct.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clank I

I had a fun time on my last business trip. I know my last post might counter-indicate that, but overall, I still had some good experiences even though I didn’t take it up the ass this time.

One bad note is that one guy I had seen most times while I did visit DC has moved to Florida. He was a great fuck with an incredible dick. ….but people move on and there are many many others out there who are looking to pop their load into a willing hole.

I hate to say it, but the first guy I hooked up with was by far the best. Why do I hate to say it? Well, no one wants to peak too soon. But what the hell – he was so worth it.

John Doe (yes, the name he used in email) responded to my craigslist ad and also picked up on what few nuances I had in there – especially when it came in regards to verbal and aggressive behaviour. He had a timeline that wasn’t quite matching with mine – so what did I do? I said screw my obligations and did what I had to do. I’m a sex addict. It IS what I do. Consequences be damned.

During one of our phone conversations, John mentioned he had a PA and whether he should remove it before coming over. My response, I believe, resonated with him – “but how would you hear it clank against my teeth if it wasn’t there?”.

John told me what time he’d be arriving and to make sure the door was unlocked, that I was stripped and on my knees. I did as I was told. Naturally, I had the poppers and camera at a not too far distance.

He was all he promised and more: similar stats to mine, though he was more solid (not fat). GL married, masculine, DDF, thick 6.5.

I am here to tell you the man was more than 6.5”. I love it when guys estimate themselves on the low end. As we all know, it is usually the other way around.

John came into the room with all the confidence you want from a feeder. He walked up and stood in front of me expecting me to de-belt, unzip and pull out his cock. And it was something I wanted and was thrilled to do.

For extra effect, I had his PA hit the enamel of my two front teeth. His response was immediate – a sly, devilish grin. I knew I was pleasing him.

We went through a few positions: him standing in front of me while I remained kneeling, him on the bed, legs spread, while I remained kneeling and then finally, him kicking back in the hotel chair- with, yes - me kneeling between his spread legs.

His mouth was foul but not too much so. Not that a truly foul mouth would upset me in the slightest..

He urged me to take him all the way down – and as you can see, he is a thick-dicked man. I can’t say I gagged, but I’m a bit more experienced than your average cocksucker. I took him to the pubes and loved it. I let my tongue dance on the underside of his dick and he loved it.

His hands were at the back of my head, at times taking over how fast and how deep his dick should go. If you read this at all you know that I love it when a guy takes over – or even when he thinks he’s taking over. I wasn’t manipulating this guy at all….he had an agenda, and it just happened to be mine as well.

Mr. Doe was sitting back in his chair, his head all the way back when he vocally informed me that he was nearing climax. Not that I couldn’t tell anyway. You know how the body changes – and not just the extra stiffening of the dick or tightening of the nuts. It’s the entire movement of chest to toes. The gearing up for something big.

And it was. Well….not huge, but it was a great volley of cum that was hitting my tongue and roof of my mouth. I think he wanted to bury it, and I should have let him – but fuck – I wanted to taste his seed. I shouldn’t be so selfish next time.

…and I am hoping there is a fucking next time (or a next time fucking!).

He dressed and had me just sit there on the floor….naked…..and he just opened the door and walked out. For a few seconds I was visible to anyone who would have walked by. Unfortunately, nobody did.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Non-Swallowers

Why do guys suck cock but not go for the prize at the end?


I’m just telling your I do not understand. I have never understood this behaviour. Ever.

Though in the next few days I will get to some experiences I had on my last business trip, the ones that have been first and foremost on my mind have been one day of events where I ceded my right to be eater so that I could feed.

My other stories will tell of wanton depravity (duh), but after awhile, as it seems to happen in my travels, I find myself with a 2+ week load built up in my nuts. And as much as I do not identify as a feeder, I do feel the need to not to just jack-off and waste my seed either. I’m a riddle that way.

So with a well-placed ad and a picture or two of my 8” dick, in a matter of 15 minutes I had a number of guys to choose from. All I can say is I’m lousy in my vetting process. Never once did I ask THE question: are you going to swallow my nut?

I guess being the kind of eater that I am, it never really crosses my mind to ask, because it’s never really an issue NOT to eat the load. For me, it always goes without saying. I impose my “values” on others that that is how they should be doing their cocksucking. Silly me.

I should have turned guy #1 away. Not only was he average (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and maybe he didn’t realize it, but I did: I had been with him before (and not that there’s anything wrong with that………usually). The guy was fair at best the first time. Had I realized it, he never would have gotten an invite the second time – and the first time, I blew him!

He did an ok job on my dick, but a little breeze at that point would have gotten me off. Me dumping my load was not testament to his oral abilities.

I had a huge load and told him to start swallowing. To his credit, he didn’t gag, but I was soon to learn that was because he was storing it all in his mouth and nothing entering his throat or going down his windpipe by accident.

Immediately he got up and walked quickly to the bathroom. I was deflated, knowing what he was doing. It only made matters worse when I heard him fricking gargling!!! The fucker opened my hotel mouthwash and started cleaning out his mouth AFTER he spit my load down the sink.

I’m a master swallower and even if a guy’s load is bitter, I do my job and gulp it down. I’m not saying my load tastes bad or good – I don’t know with this load – but I didn’t really give a fuck either.

I hustled him out as fast as he could get out of there.

Not long after, I had another guy who answered. The guy was hot. Nice dick – nice face – nice body. But I told him I had already gotten my load off – and that is was a not great experience, but he talked me into inviting him over anyway. I’m sorry to say I’ve never been great about getting load #2 off so quickly, but what the hell.

I had things to do, so I multi-tasked and started taking a shower. I left the door ajar in case he showed ….and he did.

He came into the bathroom and pulled the curtain back. He grasped my soaped up dick and started stroking it. It felt good and I was instantly hard. And I mean HARD.

I hopped out of the shower and he was already naked and waiting for me. The guy had an expert mouth – and I should say he could have blown me all day long. He kept saying anytime I’m in town, I should call him because unlike the first guy, he’d give me what I needed.

I let him edge me for awhile and I was laying back on the bed when I told him I wanted to unload. And he went for it. Perfect.

…or so I thought.

As I started to shoot, he just let the load slide out of his mouth, down my shaft and into my pubes. WTF?????????

…and he was fuckin happy to do it. Thinking he was doing ME a great favor. He wasn’t. So now, not only was I already showered and had one bad blowjob – now I had a second massive load that was clumping in my short hairs…..along with a good blowjob but a bad finish.

It is possible it is me – but I don’t think so. A true eater gets the load. Always.

Maybe I should just stick to eating – and give up on the feeding aspect.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

One more bookstore story and then I have no more for a bit – as I am not traveling by this establishment for the next few weeks.

Again, I arrived sometime in late afternoon. This is a very blue-collar area, so I assume(d) that the people populating the ABS would be shift workers. The parking lot was packed, but no one seemed to be back in the booth area after I paid my entrance fee and wandered into dark. Apparently all the men were next door at the titty bar. Oh well. I wasn’t about to let $10 go to waste – I plopped myself in a booth to watch some bad porn. Seriously, some of the worst porn I had ever seen – gay and straight. Bad amateur porn would have been much better!

One or two guys came by for a look-see, but nothing that even remotely captured my interest. Hell, I hadn’t even taken my cock out yet – as I did not want it to infer interest until I was good and ready.

But as these things have a way of happening, the movies (as bad as they might be), the atmosphere and the horny man inside my brain always get the better of me. I started looking at guys in a sexual way that in normal everyday activity I might not in other circumstances.

A man in his late 50s or early 60s was now in the booth across the way from me. He was peering out to see if I was looking at him. Clearly I was. He hauled out a decent 7” dick which was very thick. I was game at this point.

He came over and I went down on him. He let me blow him for about 10 minutes before he insisted on going down on me. I can take or leave that from just about anyone, but figured if I let him swing on it for a bit, I could finish him off and move on to another guy.

As he was down there, another guy walked into the booth. Maybe early 30s…slim, pale, glasses, bald but with a skull cap. Not unattractive, just like he was post-chemo and continually fighting off a cold.

He unzipped and hauled out a decent looking dick. 7” and the smoothest skin I can remember on a dick in a long time. I know this because I leaned over and took him in my mouth while the other guy sucked me. Eventually the other guys stood up and I alternated between the two.

When I was on the younger guy, the older guy couldn’t hold back and started to pop his nut. I tried to get back on it, but he wouldn’t let me!!! Instead of making a mess everywhere, the younger guy leaned over and caught it in his hand. At first he was going to offer it to me, but then rubbed it all over his cock and pointed at it. Knowing exactly what to do, I went down on his dick and cleaned off the other guy’s spooge.

Those acts don’t happen that often and it is such a hot thing to do. And for whatever reason the sperm tastes and feels so different if you do not take it from the spout. I’m not even sure the provider of the jizz even knew any of this happened, and the younger guy didn’t seem to give any reaction to what had just happened – like he did it every day. …and maybe he did for all I know.

After the older man got himself together and left, I tried working on the younger guy, but I couldn’t seem to get him fully hard. I figured it out soon enough when he went down on me – he was probably more of a cocksucker than a feeder (just like me!). While he was on his knees, another guy appeared at the door. And what a fuckin guy he was.

Brush cut – standing maybe 5’10”, full build with a local high school wrestling t-shirt on. He was too old to be a student – since he was probably late 30s, but looked the part where he could be a wrestling coach!! Hot stocky build and when he opened up his jeans – out fell a nice 8” dick.

While younger guy was still down on me, I went down on this guy. He fuckin loved it – but trust me, so did I!!! Naturally the younger guy wanted a piece of it and who could blame him. Coach (as he’ll be known from here out) and started playing with my nipples which was totally hot. But without too much warning, he was gone.

The younger guy still wanted to suck me, but Coach had me riled up and I wasn’t looking for anything less – so I went out into the maze looking for him. As it turns out, I ran into him in the hall and he asked if I was leaving. Without a word I went into another booth – and he followed.

Calling me a dirty cocksucker, I was on my knees in my suit taking out his hardening dick. I gave it everything I had because the cock was so hot and so was the man. I did not want to disappoint on any level. And I don’t think I did.

Coach, I think, would have liked to be dirtier than the location allowed, though I was willing to do whatever was necessary. On a number of occasions his cellphone rang and he said he should answer it and tell whomever was calling what I was doing to him. I’m not sure what kind of reaction he excepted of me, but I completely encouraged him to do just that.

With my response came a series of name-calling and telling me he thought he should shoot his load all over my suit, tie and dress shirt. Though I hate to lose any seed, I would have worn that load proudly wherever he opted to deposit it.

Luckily for me, and I think for him the entire load went in my mouth. Sometimes I think guys will say those things (about shooting certain places) not only to try to turn the eater on, but to gauge our reaction to see if we are receptive to swallowing their batter. It’s a passive-aggressive thing, that if the guy does it right, works perfectly – for him and the eater.

At that point, I didn’t really care where the load went – as long as it wasn’t on the floor.

It was not a huge huge load, but I’m guessing this guy doesn’t go without, no matter where his travels lead him.

After he left, I noticed the younger guy still hanging out. I almost felt bad that I ditched him for someone hotter - but that's life. I made it up to him though. He looked into my booth and there I was, standing on the seat with my crotch at his mouth level.

He said he could take the load, but he started gagging and spurting before I even began to shoot. Granted he eventually took it, but I was afraid I'd have jism all over my pants. ...and no one wants that.

All in was a good day.