Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bookstore Shenanigans

A prologue:  I got my second Covid vaccine dose in early February, giving me six weeks for it to reach peak thresholds (hopefully).  That said, I still wear a mask everywhere and perform good hand hygiene. 

Just yesterday, I opted to take a half-day off of work. I haven't taken any time off in 2021 yet. Technically I didn't, as I work so far over 40 hours per week, I didn't even claim it as 'time off'. 

I was fully aware that my sex life has dwindled in the last year. I mean, most everyone's has, right? Full disclosure: I have been "seeing" one someone over the last year (and before that) as an outlet. For both of us. I haven't really written those stories, and some will be coming, but not all. 

Still, my truly piggy side has been dormant. And I have been frustrated. 

So, when I decided to take a partial day off, I did this with the intent of driving south about 40 miles to a bookstore / video arcade. While it probably is the closest one, it has a decent set up of two sides of booths. None with doors on them. And the shittiest porn playing ever. 

I'm not into tranny porn, but there is a lot of it showing in this blue collar town, so I'm guessing someone likes it. Your other choice was barely legal porn. sigh.  But let's be honest, it is just on for background noise or for some sad faux lure into a booth with a 'what are you watching' facade. I'm not sure the porn is even needed here. 

I paid my $16 to get in and immediately went to one of the restrooms to prep my butthole. It seemed I only needed one cleaning out. In retrospect, a second wouldn't have been a bad idea. Then I just headed into the dark dark hallway. I stood against a wall waiting for my eyes to adjust, as I watched silhouettes and shadowy figures transverse the hallway and the little side inlets that housed two booths each. 

Then I joined the dance. 

Peaking into each booth to see who, if anyone, was there. Trying to make out people as we passed in those inlets or in the hallway itself. Who might be interesting? Who might be interested? Usually, I have one crappy encounter and regret the trip.  There was nothing in the first side of booths, so I went to the other. 

The first guy I saw was nothing to look at facially. But this trip wasn't about that. He had a slender, but long cock. 8" easily. Nice head. He didn't stop me from going to my knees, I took off my glasses, put them and my poppers on the bench. And then I went down on him. 

His 8" slid easily down my throat. My face was buried in my crotch. While down there, a husky black man in blue sweats showed up and pulled out his cock. My head was pulled off the guyI was sucking and planted on the black dick.  He was maybe 6" but thick. He had some cheese around his head, which I didn't get to swipe away before forced to do down on him. After he was in, he took over. Telling me to 'fucking suck that black log!' and to choke on it.  And I did. I did for about 5 minutes before he shot in my mouth. I hadn't even swallowed before he was gone. 

Without a word, the other guy lifted me off my knees and turned me around. His back against the wall, I was turned towards the would-be door. He spit in his hand and bent me farther over. He pushed in, not so slowly, but his cock was tapered just enough that I took it with ease. He bottomed out even easier.  To get any leverage he had to push me forward a bit, which left my head hanging out the doorway entirely. Not that there was much mystery to what was going on before, but now, that was for certain. 

I know we had a crowd. Ones that would stick around for a bit, or ones that craned their necks and left. One guy was right in front of me and asked the guy if he could try the poppers. He took a hit and I tried to unzip his pants and got my hand slapped away. Though he did come back to say how awesome the popper were. I hadn't seen him due to my position - and he was gone again. Shortly after that, with a few harder poundings, the load that was in this guy's balls behind me was gone too - and right up my ass. 

"Clean it off".  So down to my knees I went and sucked him clean. And I'd have to clean. While I wasn't dirty dirty, I wasn't spotless either. But I did my job and he pulled up his sweats and walked out. Two down - one in each end. 

I sat for a few, but no one showed, though by this point anyone in this place who had been mobile had seen me. Back on the other side, the guy who tried my poppers wanted to know what they were. He was handsome as fuck in a very blue collar way. It took me a while to realize I sucked him 13-14 years ago - and wrote about it here!  He didn't seemingly remember me. 

I tried to lure him into a booth for a repeat, only semi-remembering what he was like. He stood in that inlet between the two booth doors and pointed to the floor. I had to come out in the hallway to suck him - for any, and all, to see. So I did. 

He is rough. This I started remembering early on. His cock isn't big, but his personality is, as is his cockiness. He'd hold me head and fuck my face. He'd hold my head against a wall and skullfuck me. I knew three guys were watching, but that was just from my peripheral vision. I knew his intent was to have as many see as possible. He was a bigger exhibitionist than I. I also realized he was doing this for show, not to share. 

One guy right there was egging him one, telling him to make me throat it. Telling him how I had throated his cock a number of times (later looking at him, this was a lie. I had never seen this guy or sucked his cock). My guy might have been listening, but not taking direction. He said he was already 10 minutes late for where he had to be, so then he shot a nice load into my mouth, slapped me hard across the face and was gone. All others watching quickly dispersed. Sorry none stepped up to the plate, but they're voyeurs that way. They're not doing this in a hallway. 

I had several failed attempts at other guys, but hit pay dirt with a married guy. He had a bandana mask on which added to his appeal (though I have to say, every guy was wearing a mask unless he was sucking - I kind of was proud of this group). He was in all black, lots of sweat wicking and lycra material. There wasn't even any sucking. He came into my booth and told me to stand up.  I did. He took out a good 7-8" dick

"Spit on it", so I did. It was to be the only lube I'd get. 

He pushed in with relative ease. His mouth to my ear, "how many loads you have up there".  I told him only one so far.  He replied, "yeah, it went in way too easy".  Then he proceeded to rail my ass for a good 10 minutes. A few guys stayed to watch, again, no takers in terms of my ass, but I did suck one at the door, nice thickness with an upward curve. All I could see is that he had on orange.  The guy in black knocked me up but good, hung around, after I licked him clean - still masked - to see if he could get me into trouble.  He couldn't.  Yet. 

I headed to a booth that had a guy who had a cock like a hydrant. Thick as fuck, but not as long. He sat there and I went and sucked him. He responded nicely, he had a few odors coming off him which I couldn't tell their origin - in location or from what. Still I kept going.  But all he really wanted was to be fucked for the first time ever - or so he claims.  I got off my knees and left. That was not what I was here for. 

There is a 'spa' here, that is really two bathroom stalls, two showers, two sinks and maybe a sauna. I walked back there and lo and behold, the guy in orange was there taking a piss with the stall door open. I came up behind him and told him what a great cock he had. He shut the stall door, I bent over the toilet and he fucked me. He had seen me take it before, so he knew. There were no words during. Not even sounds that weren't bodily. He grabbed me by the hips flooding my already filled guts with my third butt load. 

I was still horny. 

I opted for a walk around. I let a guy, who was without a doubt the hottest guy there, suck my dick a little. I wanted to like him so much more. He was clearly a fucking cocksucker but one whose tongue felt like that of a cat. So, that didn't last long. 

Sitting in a booth, I had a few guys stop in for sucking. By sucking, of course I meant I got my mouth abused. I could already feel my lips were swollen and starting to ache a bit. The guys who stopped in never really were looking to get off. The guy in the black, who had bred me, stopped by again. I sucked him for a little. When another guy popped in, he told the guy, "if you're looking to get rock hard, this is the guy (meaning me) who can do it". He opted not to. Guy in black moved on too. 

As I was thinking of changing sides again, I tried something else. With my pants already down, I just positioned myself with my ass to the door. And waited. It felt like forever, but it was probably 10-15 minutes before I felt a cock sliding next to my crack.  Sure some folks had come by and felt my ass, ran their hands on the cheek. 

Now there was a guy behind me and sliding his cock up my ass. I never looked back. I never talked to him. He never talked to me. There were some sounds but not many. I made a groan to make him feel like he was bigger than he was. I'm all for inflating the ego, if I can manipulate the situation to get a better fuck. 

He was ok. I'm guessing average sized at best - cockwise, that is. He had really good in and out motion. If he noticed other loads up there, clearly he didn't say a word. I don't know what lube he used to go in, or really if he needed any. But the fuck was 6-7 minutes long and I heard his huff-grunting, and his cock twitch. I knew what was happening.  #4 up the pooper was being deposited. Before he left, he patted my butt a few times, like you would a dog for doing a good job. The analogy stands. 

I was going to rest for a few. I sat on the booth bench and another guy was out in the inlet hallway. He motioned me out and onto the floor. The second one today that had me suck him in a more public way. I wasn't sure if he had noticed the first guy or if this was coincidence. But I did as told. 

I knelt. My pants were still down somewhat, so I played with my semi-hard dick. He stuck his in my mouth. He was big on me taking my time, "don't rush it". I sucked the head. I licked the underside. I tickled it all over with my tongue. He stiffened more than he already was. By now, my head was back against the back wall, his hands pressed against the same wall several feet above my head. That is when he took over. The taking of the time earlier had become more urgent, or at least insistent. My already aching lips were taking a beating. I could handle the cock in my mouth and throat with little issue, but I knew the lips would pay. 

This went on for a bit. He let one or two others take a turn, but we all knew he was the main event. I never even tasted the load. He pinned me against that wall, both hands grasping my head. I couldn't have gone anywhere if I wanted to, and trust me, I didn't want to.  The load was deposited directly into the throat and then directly to the belly. I got some face taps before he walked away. 

At this point, I really did need a few to myself. The traffic was decent for a Friday, now between 2p and 3p. I went back to the 'spa' and sat on a sofa for a few and then went back to the restroom area, just to splash a little water on my face. I never got to. 

The guy in black - the second fuck - wanted another go round. He was a good fuck the first time, and I wanted more, not just of him, just with dick up my ass. I dropped my pants and bent over the sink. Clearly, he slid in with no problem. He just started fucking with me leaning on the sink. Unfortunately, there were no mirrors where or it would have been super hot. 

As he's fucking away, a guy comes back, someone not seen before. Handsome, but in a farmer kind of way. Tight plaid shirt and the tightest Wrangler jeans I've ever seen. He literally came in to wash his hands and stumbled upon this. He stayed to watch. 

The two guys talked about me like I wasn't there. About how my ass felt. About how he should be next. He said, he'd like sloppy seconds. The guy in black said, "well you're too late for that, as he's had more than that".  "ALRIGHT", was the response. 

The man in black shot his second load in me, and by this time another guy came back and leaned against the wall just to watch. 

Plaid guy took out a beautiful 7 incher. Nicely thick, but with so many fucking veins it was a sight to see. And a thick thick head. That would have "worried" me a lot more if this wasn't going to be my sixth cock in 2.5 hours. 

He got behind me and took his place and slid in without a care. Again, talked about like I was a non-entity - which is exactly what I was, or wasn't - the guy love the experience and fought against cumming as he said he literally just walked in the door.  But he didn't stop fucking.  After a bit we all knew what was about to happen. 

I couldn't feel the load itself, but I felt every pulse of his shaft. It was great to behold. 

When he finally pulled out, he was a different guy. His congenial fuck demeanor took a different tone:  "Clean it off faggot".  So I squatted down - which was no doubt a mistake in my condition - and took his cock into my mouth. Even with a few loads up there and the clean out, I could still taste my ass. I was hoping not to, but this was just the trials and tribulations of being that aforementioned 'faggot'. 

"Polish the fucking knob" was the directive. So I did. 

Unbeknownst to me, while I was swinging on that dick and squatting some semen slipped out of my ass and onto the floor. The plaid shirt guy noticed and told me to clean it up. 

It never occurred to me that he meant with a paper towel - and he didn't. So he was amused that I knew to go down and lick it off the floor, as he straightened himself up.  "You also got some in your fucking underwear too", as he walked away 

He wasn't wrong. I put them on and decided to make my way home. Scum in my shorts and all.  It had dried by the time I got home. 

I did the math, at $16 to get in and 8 loads, I paid about $2/load. 

As you'd expect, it never occurred to me to even think about getting off, let alone doing it.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021


 I met the one guy again who works at the same organization. 

We have yet to be rejoined by the other guy, but that's ok. It's tough to coordinate three schedules and find a place in the complex to fit multiple dudes. 

The mainstay texts me and wants head. Says he's in need of a 20-30 minute blowjob. 

I love the idea. Of course, 20-30 minutes in a locked bathroom, at work, raises red flags to me for anyone who comes by more than once or twice, or who has to use those facilities. Naturally, those things are all internal and tell him I'll see him in a few. 

He's already there by the time I arrive. This location has a better bathroom, but it's on a busier corridor, so you have to get used to the noise. I lock the door. 

This guy is all about sitting on the can while I get on my knees. It's not about THE can, it's he likes sitting as opposed to standing. To each his own. I'm here to serve, not direct. Truth be told, being on my fucking knees in a bathroom is fucking erotic to me. I never check to see the status of the floor - I just go down as expected, as instructed. 

He's already pulled the string to his scrubs and he's sitting with those around his ankles. And then I go to town. 

I get down to business and work his dick with my mouth. More importantly, I go to work with my tongue. 

Any true cocksucker knows how to interpret his feeders responses to what they're doing and focus on that - to a degree. It's being told how to suck his cock without them ever having to say a word. This guy liked when I swirl my tongue - mostly around the head, but also as I go further down the shaft - or all the way down to the short hairs. 

It's not enough to just go up and down on his dick, bobbing like it's one of your first dicks. This guy, I'm assuming, has had a LOT of opportunities in his lifetime and taken many of them, so knows what he likes and has high expectations. 

Unfortunately, he also likes the use of hand. Again, to each his own, but as a cocksucker, I find that cheating. Cheating him out of my skills, cheating me out of self-worth as a dick-licker. I feel if I need a hand, I'm just bad at my "job".  With him, I don't use a hand until the very end. 

He was thoroughly enjoying the job I was doing - sans hand. 

This wasn't the slow worship session I think either of us wanted. And while he insinuated it, he didn't stop me from my 'working that cock' phase. 

I actually used the double swirl on him. Not just my tongue, but my mouth as well. 

You move the tongue circular around the shaft and / or head, and do the same with your entire mouth. While you can do these both in the same direction, and at the same time, his reaction when I did each in opposite directions had him mad with desire. 

His use of the word 'cocksucker' was frequent, complimentary and degrading at the same time, and rolled off his tongue with meaning and ease. 

I also noticed his breathing was very labored. His cock, very hard. All the signs were there. Right down to the tight grip on my head. 

He is nothing if not a huge shooter. Each time, the volume of jizz is amazing. Sometimes it might be bitter (not this time) but there is always a lot. 

I stayed on it until it was all gone. I even squeezed the shaft in case anything remained. I took it all, like a good boy. 

We straightened up (well, I just stood up, since I didn't even take out my own dick) and I mocked him - nicely:  "20-30 minutes!  Please!".   We were done in just over 10. 

.....and I never used my hands.  BikeGuy - for. the. win. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Cum Drinking Pig

I feel the need to apologize again for the lack of posts.  Part is due to Covid, part is due to sheer laziness, if I'm being completely honest.  But I don't feel I'm done here, but I do have to pick up my game. 

Still, horniness is still prevalent - as it is with most men, even in a pandemic. It's not I haven't had outlets during this time, just far fewer and with mainly one guy. I'm still figuring how (or if) to write about those encounters. 

But I have been massively aroused lately. Series of text / sexts do nothing to quell that. 

It had a been a long work day and I was having back and forth texts, probably than with more one guy. But one guy gets this credit. 

You don't get the video because it shows a little too much of me, but screen caps are kind of the next best thing? 

That's right. I jacked off into an empty Starbucks glass and drank my own load.  On camera. And I sent it out. 

To be fair, I sent it out to more than one person. The guy in the text field got it originally, but I didn't deprive a few others from my pigginess. 

Now, to a degree, you get it too. 

.....and don't worry, a story or three are coming your way. 

Monday, January 25, 2021


 FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19.  Actually, it goes back a ways.  Two years, even !! Just catching up. 

He hit me up on one of the apps.  He was cute and Hispanic. And he was staying at a nearby high-end hotel. And he wanted me to come by. 

I would say he was in his 20s. 26 at most. 5'9" or so, proportional weight. And he was cute as fuck with untamed black hair and black eyes full of fire.  He had a decent dick, but nothing outstanding. 

The hotel was nice, the room was nice, though there were clothes everywhere. When I travel like this, I rarely even unpack the suitcase and just go in for what I need. As it turns out, some of these things were his brother's.  Allegedly, he could come back at any time. 

This intrigued me more than it deterred me. Meaning: it didn't deter me in the slightest but no worries, he never showed, which is a shame. I was happy to put on a show for the big brother. 

"Miguel" was versatile and I knew that going into this whole thing. I am also smart enough to know that he mostly wasn't going to be the top, but I was hoping to give him head.   .....and I did......and didn't. 

I mean, certainly, I have him head. Just not enough to get him off. 

He pulled me off and came at me with passion. Lips to lips.  I think he was trying to keep himself from coming because it was not to be the main event for him. 

The main event was to be my big white cock up his cute brown butthole.  Well, the skin was brown. The butthole, as it would turn out, was clean. 

Yeah, he sat on "daddy's" dick. He rode me and I fucked him. 

But then it was time to get down to brass tacks. 

I loved him played on the bed, getting railed by a perfect stranger - and of course, this is the moment I wish his brother walked in. Nothing to stop me, nothing to pretend that his brother didn't want it like this. And of course, having an audience is always fun for me. 

Alas, it did not happen. 

What did was, I loaded the kid up with my jizz. Toweled off and went home. And eventually, he went back to him home country.........just with something extra. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

I'm Back

It's been a while, right? 

I apologize for the absence. I don't think I have to tell many of you that 2020 has just bitten the big one in just about every way.

For a bit there, I was chugging along stories from the past and finally started catching up with any tale I wanted to tell. Covid hid hard - not me personally - but "activities" became scarce, if not non-existent. You already read that a few times I broke quarantine, and might have since, but they are few and far between. 

I have a few other experiences still tucked away to tell, so why not start now, right? 

This is, indeed, a break in Covid protocol. As you read last July, about my friend "Jack" directing me to do things for him. For me, but to please him.  He has dubbed me "office whore".  He had me go back and suck "Dave" from IT two more times.  He told me I'd be popular. 

And while Jack is busy as I have been with work, he liked hearing things from me, even when things are pandemic slow. But not long ago, I got pinged on an "app" from a guy within one of my buildings where I maintain an office. He wanted head. He shoots big and needed attention. He mentioned location. I said could be there in 10 minutes.  "Make it 5!". 

I was there in 5 

This was a one stall, bathroom with a lock. I went in. Texted I was in there. He arrived, Shut and locked the door. Both of us in masks, until I had to take mine off. 

The cock was ok, however unremarkable at 6". I wasn't sure it would get that large when we started, but it filled out. And I went to work. I went to town. He groaned, as much as he could in a space that is semi-private, but the intent was there. He also had a super strong grip on my head. 

If you read for content here, I don't like to use anything but my mouth. Hands are cheating, in my experience. But this guy insisted I use some hand motion. So I did. He loved it. He responded. He ended up fucking flooding my mouth.  I did what I was there for.  I texted him when I got back to my office. With my mask back on, the smell of his load was trapped and came back at me, making me continually inhale the scent of his jizz. He loved it. So did I. 

The guy texted back: 

Jaek wasn't wrong. I even texted him. 

Flash forward a week later and I get a text asking if I could be free at 5pm.  I could be, I told him. Deep down, I like to be gone from the office at 5p, but I know this is a calling. My life. His buddy would be joining him.  

I felt the anticipation as I heard the elevator ding as they arrived. Being the only one left on the floor, my door was open, so they knew where to go. They both came in, and shut the door. It automatically locks. 

The buddy was younger, and taller. Maybe 6'5". Bearish, but not quite there yet. It got right down to business. 

I have to guest chairs in front of my desk. Both dropped their pants and sat in them. The first guy just pointed to the floor. In my work pants, I just got on my knees and started on the new guy. The other guy had had me before, so I'm 90% sure I was talked about - including my skills. I thought it best just to start off showing him guy #1 wasn't wrong. 

I was only at it a little bit when I glanced up - cock still in mouth - to see these guys making out hard. This would continue for most of the session. I have nothing to back this up with, but I think the new guy was way into the married (to a woman) first guy. That said, he was coming back hard with the new guy.  

This is automatically erotic for me. Not that they're kissing. But that they're into each other, and I'm somewhat a non-entity. 

Sure, they're using my mouth to feel even get off. To a degree it's like I'm not even there. I cannot explain why this is such a turn-on for me. A non-verbal degradation, and yet I'm stiff as fuck in my pants. 

With a touch on my head or a finger point, I go back and forth between the two. Then it's back to Lookout Point for these two, while they go back to their necking. There isn't even talk about me, my skills. I wouldn't expect that to me, but about me between each other. Nope. Right now, I'm a utility. A service. I'm not a man. 

Knowing from the prior week, I use my hand on the original guy. He responds. His dick is even harder, if possible. He stops kissing enough to stiffen his entire body as he shoots his seed into my mouth. Obviously, I take it. I savor it. I swallow it. I milk whatever else I can from it as well. It's bitter. I don't care either. 

I'm directed back to the new guy. 

He too wants a helping hand. Damn. I feel like I'm failing as a cocksucker. But guys like what they like. 

This dude isn't too far behind either. His load isn't nearly as large, but it is tastier. I milk him too. 

Immediately, they pull up their pants and get themselves together. I get it. It's the end of the day, they want out of work, and they got what they came for. Literally. 

Soon, they are gone with just two loads of mixed jizz on my breath.  I text Jack. And he back. 

Pun was not intended. I don't think. 

Moments later I got a group text chain from the two I had just blown. 

....and then one again from the original guy. 

I shouldn't have needed this validation from either of them. I got the loads. Wasn't THAT the validation? I won't lie - I liked the affirmation. 

Saturday, August 15, 2020


 In his Scruff profile, his "What I'm Looking For" resided the answer: a deep throat. 

53, 5'10" 180 (or so said the profile). Real life might have had him 10lbs heavier, but not a deal breaker. He had a kind but masculine face. Almost too nice when he was talking. But when talking was over - he didn't seem as nice.  .....and I say that in the most positive way.

I'm sure he introduced himself, but I didn't retain it. He had a screen name that had HUNG in it, I did remember that. See? I know when something is important. 

He didn't come for chit chat, nor was that why he was invited. I cupped his clothed crotch in my hand and whatever shifting of his feet that had been happening came to a full stop. All attention was on this: his dick.

As it should be. 

I sunk to my knees in front of him and went to do my traditional gnawing of the crotch. Before I could start, he hoisted me up and led me closer to a wall.  The back of my head was now at the wall and his dick thighs.  Nowhere to go, not that I was planning on it. 

There would be no gnawing. He reached and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles. And he was commando.

His cock was nice. Pushing a real eight inches. But it was the girth that was truly impressive. It won't show in the images, but it was thick. Choking hazard thick. I loved it. 

That said, wrapping my lips around it, at first, was fine. With prolonged periods of time, coupled with either sucking or being face fucked, I won't lie - was a struggle. Mind you, I was not - and am not - complaining. 

During all of this, I remembered his Scruff want: a deep throat.  I wanted to give that to him, though I now knew my impediments. 

All of this was now out of my control. After I had opened and he inserted, he was in control. Remember, I had nowhere to go. 

He started off ok, but the penetration became deeper, faster, and with more intensity. 

I have mentioned here before, there have been times I have faux gagged, just to make a guy feel good about his prowess and / or his size. This was not one of those times. Each and ever time I gagged it was for good reason. The man's battering ram was assaulting my mouth and throat. 

I know for a fact a time here and there he got scraped with my teeth. This did not deter him, slow him down, elicit an 'ouch' or a 'hey, watch the fucking teeth'. He just kept plugging away. 

I kid you not when I tell you I could feel him bruising my tonsils in the process. As time went on, they became exceedingly more and more tender. He needn't know this - not that I could say anything had I wanted. 

The word "cocksucker" passed his lips. Not often. Or not often enough, but the point was made. Of course, the point was made with his mini-firehose in my mouth, pushing into my throat, over and over again. 

I was drooling on his dick. I was drooling on the carpet. It's funny what penile assault will do to your salivary glands. I think a lesser faggot would have asked him to stop, try to push him away, or tried to get the cock out at least for a breather. I'm not that guy. I was there for a reason - his, and now mine. I was hellbent on finishing what I started. 

Turns out after almost 20 minutes, he got what he wanted. What he needed. What I needed. 

The semen flowed and shot, or so it seemed. He buried himself as far as he could. I know guys say they want to cum in your throat, but most do it in the mouth and it slides down into your gullet. This was not that. This was I knew he was cumming but not tasting it. This was, yes, you've got a horrible deviated septum but figure a fucking way to breathe or you're gonna choke. 

I reached up enough to pull my septum to the left opening up airflow. I don't even think he noticed. I don't think he cared. 

I did taste some of his slime as he pulled back out. And let's face it, I nursed it. I got a few drops out. I savored them. But I savored the entire experience. 

Internally, I felt like I did a half-assed job. I had a hard time keeping up. I struggled. I didn't feel like I succeeded, though he got everything he had wanted. 

I felt a little better as we got ourselves together and he went on about how hot that was and what a great cocksucker I was. His evaluation of my work was nice, but my self-eval was much harsher. 

I guess I should keep practicing, huh? 

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

...and Then There Were Two

I had hooked up with a man who had been messaging me for months. The name on the account had '2 Dads' in it. We hadn't gotten together as our schedules did not match. 

However, it was apparent from our messaging back and forth that he was dominant. Of course, I try to leave my profile pic to week out the bottoms - though it is very unsuccessful.  The image is a partial-faced me standing next to a sign that says 'Parking in the Rear'.  A second image is of my ass.  The latter one usually garners the initial response of 'nice ass'. 

....thank you!

So he kept trying. And eventually it happened. Probably in his mid 50s, 5'7"-ish, 160-ish. 6"-ish. He had the dom part down. Right up to his bedroom, right down to my knees. 

While I did blow him, it was about the fucking. 

He sent me a few shots like this after the fact. Honestly, I respect a man who secretly tapes me taking it up the ass. 

He did a good job pounding my butt, and of course, seeding it. I went to work with a gut full of man cum. 

On the way to go, he's telling me of his buddy - the other 'dad'.  He says I sucked him before. He said I said the other guy had a small dick. Maybe I did. I had no idea who he was talking about. But going down the stairs there were framed pictures on the wall of the guy who boned me and another guy - still didn't look familiar. 

Apparently the other guy is truly married, and to a woman.  Both responded to the app profile, so I was never sure to whom I was chatting. Guy 1 showed 2 the images and video he had taken and shared the experience of fucking me in tale form. I'm peaceful with that. 

Fast forward like 5 months later and I was asked back. Well several times I was asked, it was the first time we could arrange anything.  While running on time, I was told to 'hurry'. When I got there, guy #2 was in the house as well. I remembered him from the picture, but not anything in person. They were well on their way to nakedness, so I dropped my work clothes on the floor, and my knees soon joined them. 

For a bit I swapped back and forth between the two average cocks, usually at the direction of one or the other. Guy 2 gave direction, obviously, but was not overtly dominant. The scene and my mouth got him overly excited and he announced far too soon that he was going to cum. I caught it all. He liked that. He liked that I showed him the load before swallowing. 

I didn't want to direct the scene, but it looked like Guy 1 wanted me to polish him off.  I wanted fucked. So I led the conversation that way. I was on the bed in no time. Guy 2 took my phone for video. Here is a brief peek.

I'll give him this. He was a good director. He knew the angles and the shots he wanted.  Clearly he knew where to place secret cameras for the visuals he wanted. 

I got another nice hard pounding on all fours, then on my back. Alas, cumming in my ass was not to be. I was directed to my knees where I opened my mouth like a bird waiting to be fed. And fed I was. Big gobs of cum in my mouth, one landing on the side and dripping in my beard headed to my chin, but clinging tough. 

We got cleaned up and I opted to stay as is. Lube on my hole and all, which was just spit anyways. 

With the first guy in the bathroom, Guy 2 told me that I had something on my chin. I told him I knew and was keeping it there. He sneered. 

We all headed down and Guy 1 mentioned the cum on my face. Guy 2 answered for me. Both loved it. Then Guy 2 piped up again:  "we have a friend who would be interested in you".  My response is: "set it up. Whomever is here, I take care of. No questions asked."   

They both loved that answer - and now I wait. 

Monday, August 03, 2020


A rare non-sex post:  I know, right ???

So, I will be honest, I've been catching up on all my outstanding entries and getting decent hits, but wasn't feeling "the love".  From all of you, that is. 

It was odd. I had / have a good following (I mean, I think) but my comments just kind of dropped of. It was weird, not by a little, but 100% just stopped. 

Until this morning. 

BikeGuy13 might have it in the cocksucking, ass eating and buttfucking departments, but apparently, Blogger and attention to detail is still a mystery to me. 

I do not remember changing any settings, but lo and behold, this morning I found 218 comments that needed approval for posting. For some reason there is now a step in which I have to approve what people comment. And I get no notification of this. 

Now, there were 218, but mind you about 50 were ads about asian girls peeing on things. I deleted those and pushed the others through. 

While this is clearly on me, I won't say I didn't have my doubts of whether I should even continue this blog. But you've read my blog, I'm all about the need for validation, which is why I do what I do. That is, have sex, not write about - though let's face it, that's tied in too. 

So this morning before dawn, I read each comment and then had to go back and look to see on which post you were even commenting. Some go back two years!

I am so so sorry for not catching this earlier, or doubting all of you. 

Now onto finishing my next post. Check back in a day or two. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Eat and Drink

“Dave” works two floors above me. Before I relocated to this building, he managed an IT project of which I initiated. He wasn’t responsive in that regard and did marginal work at best. As with a lot of IT projects, all the coordination is done over phone, email or webex. We’d never met. Save for a shitty picture in his email bio, I had never seen him. To be fair, everyone’s pic in Outlook looks shitty. This was not a reflection on his looks. 

Flash forward a year or so and I’m in a new role at a new building. One that houses IT. I’m there a few weeks and get pinged on a ‘dating’ app from a guy who has a chest pic, but no face one. He’s less than 400 feet from me. As there is nothing around this building, it can only mean it is coming from inside the building. Unlike my last place that had over 10,000 folks in that building, this has less than 1,000. It’s not as easy to disappear. 

The app guy thinks he recognizes me and after a little back and forth, as you’ve already suspected…’s Dave. We actually meet to say ‘hi’, but he’s not my type. Still I don’t say that. He asks if I’d like to go out sometime. I mean, you’ve read me, I’m not the ‘date’ kind of guy. I politely decline and say I am kind of seeing someone. That is that. For a while. Now and then, I get a ping, never an email, to say ‘hi’ and he tries to gauge my interest….and no longer for dinner and dancing. I continue to deflect and defer. 

Not quite concurrently, but on an adjacent timeline, a long time friend and my relationship has taken quite a turn. “Jack” quite honestly, knows everything about me. We’ve known each other forever, and have had very candid conversations over the decades. Like I said, he knows everything about me. He knows about this blog. He knows about the stuff that doesn’t make it into this blog. He sees pictures and videos that you don’t. He reads this blog. He’s reading this too……I suspect. 

Somewhere 2-3 years or so ago, Jack, while physically distanced by 1,500 miles or so, made a comment via text about one of my blog entries. We chatted about it. He made suggestions of how I should serve men better. He inferred his own likes of how I should serve. He dropped the word, ‘boy’ in there once or twice. It was a change in our style. Not quite a subtle one, which he may already have known. He was testing me a bit – and we both knew it. 

...and I bit. 

The good and bad thing of having someone know so much about you is, they know the buttons. They know your weak spots. They know your desires. Jack had all of that in his back pocket. And he was starting to use it. 

Our random text conversations about our lives, work and families would eventually come around to “BikeGuy”. In each string, he’d wedge in things about my subservience and how I need to maximize that potential – most of them with explicit suggestions. Until this time, I don’t know I’d have ever taken Jack as a top, let alone a dom, but we all change over the years. Or we all get seen eventually for who we are. 

At one point, Jack asked if I had a pic of me in a collar. I said I’ve never had one on, he replied, “You would look great” (duh!). Then when I was telling him in detail about an affair I was (and am) having, he told me in no uncertainty that the guy should lock me down in chastity. 

Chastity to me is more slave than sub thing, but I get it. I rarely use my dick anyways. But like Hispanic kids anywhere in the U.S., I am not fond of being put in a cage. Even part of me. But more than once, Jack mentioned, HE would like to put me in a device. 

Often, more than I think I care to admit, he would have me rock hard. It is the benefit of knowing my triggers. 

So, as it happens, this last week Jack and I were conversing. We didn’t even start friendly, but more in a dom / sub manner. It went on and off for a good part of the day. Between on-going conversation and the Covid horniness my dick was rock hard. I was horned beyond belief. So the ping I got on the app now was fortuitous. 

In theory, and left to my own devices, I would not have followed through on this. I’m not sure I’d have even replied at all. But going with the moment and the on-going conversation, I took a screen shot and SMS’d it to Jack. 

Dave was invited down. He locked my door, my blinds already drawn. Whereas I’d normally fawn all over the feeder, this was not the case. I didn’t get on my knees. I didn’t gnaw at his crotch or bat his hands away from him own belt. I kind of chuckled to myself when he took off his work ID. 

I didn’t look up. I waited for him to undo his pants and take out his dick. It was exactly how I imagined. Slightly beefy but short. Short is kind of fine, but fucking trim your pubes. Most of them were longer than his cock. My first swipe of my mouth, I had no less than eight rogue hairs that ended up in said mouth. I’m not a fan of that. 

Still, I persevered, as I had marching orders. 

For him, it was a great blow job. For me, it was fair, at best. 

I’ve said it before, I love cum, but not necessarily a load collector. I love the art of extraction as much, if not more than the actual jizz. I like the process, the aural component, the body quaking, the trying to hold off even when they’re at the point of no return. This was not that. I was there for the load and to report back. Simple as that. 

I swiped up and down on his cock. I tried to avoid as much hair as possible. There was no verbal back and forth, nor did I want any. I didn’t even go to my knees. I sat in my desk chair for the entire process. I’d like to think, in Jack’s mind, there was a certain humiliation / dom satisfaction in making me do something I love and reducing it to a task. That kind of aroused me. 

Dave came. No noise, but given where we were, it is the way it should have been. I swallowed. It was a hefty sized load. It never occurred to me show it to him, like I do so many men before I ingest. 

I’ve honestly had men totally naked dress faster than it took Dave to pull up his pants and put his ID back around his neck. But he left with a smile, satisfied and knowingly on how I perform –and that I do perform. 

Jack was happy - for the moment - in my performance. In my responsiveness. In my submission. 

A day later, I got a message to that I was a good boy. And I should find private time to go and drink your own. I assumed he meant my load. He did not. 

Of course, he's read, and knows, my goal of learning how to drink a man's piss. You've read about that in this very blog yourself. 

I'm paraphrasing, but, "go down stairs, piss in a glass.............and drink it. 

I did as I was told. 

I videoed it and sent to him.  He was pleased. 

In a way, so was I.  

Though, it was semi-strong and had I not taken a break in chugging, I would have tolerated it better. On the video, I made a face. An involuntary reaction?  Maybe, but it was a start. 

He flexed his proverbial muscle and won.  He said we would have our old kind of discussions and relationship, but I'm not 100% of this. I'm not sure how we could. But time will tell. 

 For the record, this is the first time in 800+ posts that I have asked permission to write a story.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Doubletree Visitor

FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

I was picking up my morning tea and heading into the office. In a building, when full, that holds 1500 folks, I'm probably always one of the first 50 folks to arrive. I've always been an early bird.

But before I leave with my beverage, my phone buzzes from A4A.  Less than 2 miles away, in a hotel, a married black man wants to get off - and looking for NOW.  No one keeps my hours, so no one knows or cares what time I arrive, as long as I don't miss a meeting.

"Now" to me is clearly different than others. To this guy, it meant, getting up, getting some coffee and showering.  UGH!  I told him to send me his room number and I'd be arriving in 15 minutes. I get the wanting to shower, but it's sex, it's not needed. If anything you're gonna need one after we are done, no? 

But as I pulled into the lot, he provided his room number. OMW, I texted. 

The original text was for a blowjob.  That seems morning like. But I'm a prepared faggot, so I hit the hotel lobby restroom and used a Fleets I keep in my my know, just in case. This might be one of those cases. 

I knocked. He peered through the peephole and opened the door, just wrapped in a towel. 

He wasn't as fit as his profile said, but nothing bad. He was 6', maybe 190, but the excess was in the belly. 

In a moment he dropped the towel and hung nicely.  It would get to a full eight inches, some with the anticipation of my mouth and some from the actual lips around cock action.  I did go to my knees right there.  I took him down my throat, which is something he appreciated and responded to - both verbally and with a hardening dick. 

He wouldn't really fuck my face, so I kind of mouth fucked his cock, doing some aggressive bobbing on my own. But that would only last a while. He tapped me on the head and told me to stand up. So I did. 

He moved me a few feet over near the bed, turned me around to face it and bent me over.  It wasn't "just" a blowjob after all and my prep in the lobby would not go to waste.  With my spit, and some of his, he lined up and just pushed slightly, but insistently, until my ass opened up for him. And it did. 

It had been a while since I took a cock up my ass, but it blossomed nicely, easily taking his full eight inches. He wasn't harsh about the insertion, but consistent. After the initial insert, he gave me a few seconds - literally - before starting the journey that would end up with his balls at my cheek.

And then he went for a ride. I went along for it. 

While I could see his wedding ring on the hand that was gripped onto my left shoulder, I knew he'd be a good fuck. I always find married guys adept to fucking butt. He was no exception. 

And he was a good fuck. 

He pumped my ass for a bit in that position and then got me on the bed. 

He propped himself up on one elbow and before I got into position, I went back down on him. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I think he loved I went ass-to-mouth. He said something about me being nasty - and of course I am. It's like 7:15 in the morning and I'm in some stranger's room taking his cock on my mouth and ass...........and then back again. 

Soon, I was on my side as well with him behind me. His cock was teasing the outside of my hole.  "You like that?  You want that?"  I answered in the affirmative.  He pushed it in fully. I felt every inch of it. My ass was on a good way.  He held it there for a few.  "Tell me you want this black cock". 

So I told him. I told him I wanted him to fuck me hard.  So he did. 

He railed my ass for about another 10 minutes. No big build up to his orgasm. No shouts, no extremely heavy breathing, no proclamations.  He just started grunting and I could feel the shaft pulsing. I knew what he was doing. 

When he slipped out, I went back down him, much to his pleasure. 

As I was getting ready to start my day a second tie, now with sperm up my butt, he said, he was glad I allowed him to cum up my ass.  

I told him, well, you didn't say you were going to cum.  He smirked and said, "no, I didn't". 

And then I left. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

He Was Italian......or Some Kind of Spanish

FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

I had two very hot sessions with him years ago (here and here). Now it turns, he’s back in town for a meeting.

I know for a fact he’s Italian but he is billing himself online as Spanish. Before he was a determined man. As you can go back and read, was into the head I gave and the fuck he did. All good. Not everyone’s tea, but it is and was mine.

He was back. Same hotel. And wanting to get with me. Ditto – and right back at ya, dude. Or Sir.

I arrived at his agreed upon time. He opened the door but was right down to business. I placed my keys and walled on his desk and then took my clothes off per his instructions. He was mostly undressed, but the most important part was exposed. It was his fucking fat Italian cock.

I’m making assumptions here, but either he got way more aggressive in his general behavior (and that’s saying something), or he figured he had been with me before and I would know what to expect and that he could push those limits like he had done last time. I’m all for having boundaries stretched, as you’ve seen over the course of this blog.

We started out well. He kicked back on the bed and I went about licking his nuts gently. Gliding my tongue across his sac, wanting to make him shiver the way I do when and if someone does it just right. I can’t say I got that response, but maybe he processed it internally. Or maybe it’s not a trigger point the way it is for me.

I worked my way up his shaft – methodically – and he seemed to appreciate that. He muttered in Italian not quite under his breath. I could feel the change in his respirations as well. He was controlled, but he was working at keeping it that way. Until he wasn’t.

There is nothing quite like being called “cocksucker” or “faggot” by a guy with a foreign accent. It is just slightly dirtier than your primary language. You know they have to work at the translation, process it, just to make sure they call you what they want. I was hard, but that hardness dug into his sheets and mattress. I knew I wasn’t to touch it, not that he mentioned it, but I know this guy – or ones like him – and I know my place in these instances.

He was ok with me taking a little video. Until he wasn’t.

”Put that camera away!”, as she slapped it out of my hands. I did. I went back to work.

He became gruffer. The hand at the back of my head became tighter. The length of time he held me down was longer. The amount I gagged increased. This all did nothing but turn him on more. The control. The degradation.

It became clearer to me, as we went on, this was no role play. This was no acting out a fantasy. This was more than likely the real him. It starting getting more intense, and potentially more dangerous. Not enough for me to call a time out, as there were no safe words. Truth be told, I didn’t want to feel like I wuss’d out either. And thought, I can ride this out………… bad can it be.

In reality, I’m not sure it truly got more intense, but I think my sensors were on high alert and I couldn’t enjoy some of what was going on. I know folks who read this have commented to me – mostly off-line – about how they don’t care for rough sex. I just happen to – to a degree. Everything is ‘to a degree’. Usually, most guys (read: tops) just play the part and aren’t really THE part. But if you’re gonna play with these guys, I felt I had to deal with the real ones when they represented.

Soon my head was hanging over the bed, he standing before me, feeding me his thick cock. Deep. Hard. Unrelenting. Me: spit over his dick, running out my mouth, gagging. “You fucking filthy whore!” he literally screamed. You’d think this is something he’d do in tandem with his orgasm, but it was not. He just went on a filthy degrading tirade while he plugged my mouth and throat.

There was no pulling off of his pole. I was between his thighs (and thrust) and the bed. I was at his mercy – literally, and he was showing little of it. That said, I rode it out. Well…………he did. The degrading expletives just flowed from his mouth with his accent, making them sound just slightly dirtier.

Then came the flood. His cock erupted. Into my mouth. Not that I wasn’t planning on swallowing, but the position, the angle, the ferocity made it challenging. He probably showed signs of impending orgasm, but I was not paying attention to that as much as I was trying to be able to breathe…..not properly, just at all.

I took the load. Granted, some oozed out the side of my mouth and into my beard, mixing with my spit. He didn’t let up on the pressure of his cock in my mouth until he was satisfied there was no semen left inside his balls. He pulled out with no ceremony and no remorse. I kind of stayed there for 30 seconds – felt like 30 minutes – just a little dazed and recovering from the experience. He was already stripping to take a shower to get to an event.

I got myself together and left. Only when I hit the valet did I realize my wallet and keys were in his room. I called up to his room first, no answer, but chance are he was still in the shower. I went back up and knocked. He was not pleased to see me, even asking if I left them there on purpose. I assured him I did not and grabbed and left.

I’m guessing on his next trip he will not be hitting me up. But I’ve been wrong before.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Back in Black

FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

We’ve been trying to get hook up with this black dude for almost two years. Seriously.

Our schedules don’t mesh, and he has a short memory retention on that. I work. I’m assuming he does, but not necessarily my hours and when he does – it’s far across town. And he can’t host. So there are limitations to say the least.

But recently, he hit me up early, as I was on my way out the door to work – which is early. Like 6:20a. Clearly, I couldn’t, but told him I might be free at lunch and could host. He was off, so it was on. Finally.

Dude is very much into race play. I’ve said it before, I can participate, but initially I cringe – at least internally. But we made it clear, if / when it happened, things would be the ‘n’ word, not people. His cock, his balls, his seed. The man? No.

He was good with that and after we were done with sex, that we didn’t need to revisit the word in regular chat. Though he said he was free to call me a ‘white faggot’ anytime he wanted. I clearly agreed to that.

He wanted to make sure we weren’t going to rush, as he told me once I see his cock, I’m gonna want to take my time. And he wasn’t wrong.

The guy was on time, even ahead of. I gave him my street, but not the address. I didn’t need a stranger at my house when he knew I wasn’t there. I’m an idiot, but not a total one. As requested, I was naked with the door unlocked when he arrived.

His profile said 28, 5’9” 185. Doubtful he was that heavy. The rest seemed accurate. I can attest to a little over 8”, though he claimed to never measured. Though he said could do that with my throat. And I did.

With him standing there, I went to my knees. I felt his semi through his denim. I leaned in and gnawed on it too. He didn’t stop me. I think he liked the attention I was giving it, even before seeing it. I unzipped him, but he took care of the belt and button. With nothing underneath, his now more than semi hung there like an open invitation. So I RSVP’d. With my mouth.

I licked the head, the underside of his shaft, then the sides and top. I made the dark flesh stand out with a great sheen that made that cock really look great. That also made it fill out completely. And that additional spit made it nice and easy when I wrapped my lips around it and sunk my mouth to the base. The slickness made travels that much more of a slippery journey. Instinctively, a hand went to the back of my head.

I wasn’t going anywhere, and we both knew it. Still: instinct.

Feeders do it all the time. It’s a control mechanism even when there isn’t really anything to control. He knew I was a cocksucker. He knew that what we were both there for. I totally get that guys on line are flakes and he had no way of knowing if I wasn’t just a bunch of talk. I wasn’t. I’m not.

I couldn’t be a ‘bunch of talk’………..because my mouth was full. Of black cock. I have manners, I don’t talk with my mouth full.

We traded off me sucking his cock and him fucking my face. It worked out well. But like so many, he wanted to sit for his head. I guess I get that, but there is a nonverbal dominance thing with kneeling in front of a standing man. Still, I was between his spread lets on that sofa (well………futon). I bobbed on that cock, making him feel good. Sating my appetite too. I won’t pretend this was all for him, though in his eyes, I made sure he felt that. That’s part of my job too – to make it all about ‘him’. But in reality, I have a need too.

In reality, the race play barely happened, and I think we were both happy about that. I mean, it did come into play here and there, but the ‘n’ word wasn’t really used. In a break from sucking, both of us sitting admiring his own cock, he leaned over and told me – and made me tell him – his cock was superior……because it was black. He made me tell him I was inferior because I was white. That got him fucking stiffer than he’d been, which is saying something.

I don't lie - it turned me on too.

He was so aroused by that, he pushed me back down on his dick. He pumped my head, hand firmly behind it. With him sitting down, my head in his lap, he just used my mouth, the way a superior cock would. I took it. And as he shot, I swallowed. And he told me to take his “black babies”. So I did.

I mean, we all knew I was going to, but…………ya know, it makes for a good story. He shot a fuck of a lot of cum for someone who said he got off the day before. Not that I’m complaining. And while eventually I’d swallow, I held as much as I could in my mouth. As I’ve done with so many others, I took his hand and guided him to wrap it around my throat. As I started to swallow, he could feel it and he got the idea of why I did it. Almost involuntarily, his grip tightened ever so slightly. But the look on his face, the one of new knowledge, the one of a certain power or superiority as I let his seed slide down to my stomach was not lost on him, or me.

He loved it. I did too.

Sorry it took that long to get together and I’m assuming it won’t be long before he’s back.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cigarman Chris - another tale

FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

Chris (whom you've read last about here - as well as in several other entries) had been on the road, and when he wasn’t, our schedules never matched up. He was down for another play session, but wanted to play outside. That meant my place. As you know by now, part of the yard is not visible to most – at least when it’s not late fall or winter.

I had texted the Nerd about an hour prior to that it was a ‘go'. I wash hoping he could take off for lunch, he’d know the exact spot where he could find us, as he had fucked me made a deposit about 18 hours before. I also told Chris upon his arrival. He was intrigued. I didn’t want anyone totally surprised or displeased. And I know it’s supposed to be about Chris for this go-round, but I’ll admit to being selfish and that I wanted it to be about me. I would and could pretend otherwise to the tops, but I’d know the truth.

Chris did arrive. And he wanted me naked. So I was. He came around the corner, the cigar already lit triple maduro. I don’t know much about cigars, but I know it’s darker and has a heavier odor. Even a novice can figure that out just with his nose and eyes. We had discussed whether to light up in front of me, which can be hot, or already lit, which also has its benefits in hotness. He made the choice.

He ran his hand over my body. Assessing me. His shoes came off, as did his pants. Then his shirt. His hat and sunglasses stayed on. I love his tinted sunglasses. I can never see his eyes. It makes him hard to read – what he’s thinking or feeling. It keeps me on edge. It’s a turn-on for me.

”Suck me”, says he. So I do. On my knees in the grass, looking up at him, his head tilted back a little, enjoying the mouth and his cigar. He’s kind of in his own world, at least momentarily. We’ve discussed before how few people he can come to for this kind of thing. The guys who say they’re into cigars fade away for him when he actually lights up. When / If you add piss to the mix, it usually becomes a hard pass.

While setting this up, I thought it might not happen. He was meeting a guy for drinks who seemed ok with everything he was into. Totally selfish here: if he meets someone like that, my chances with him wither away or completely go away. I asked if he thought he’d do what I do for him – because, I’m all about needing the validation, remember – and he comes back easily, “no one is piggier than you.” Ok, it’s not the validation every man might seek, but it worked for me.

Chris pushes me away with the palm of his hand. I know to stay still. Then it starts. I’d say a ‘gold stream’, but like usual, it is clear as tap water. But it was warm and it was plenty. He aimed for my chest and then directed the stream upwards. My neck. My lips. My extended tongue. My face. My head. I leaned into it. It ran off my head down my shoulders and back. He was marking me with his piss. Again.

While it was not my intention, this session ended up being way more about piss than sucking cock. Sure, there was that. Sure, there was cigar play – though this time he did NOT burn me, so………..yay! There was less verbal, which was a shame.

I did love, he kept looking around, seeing if the Nerd was going to come around the corner. He was actually looking forward to that, as was I. It never did happen, but we both liked the anticipation.

Last time there were three rounds of piss play. It doubled this time. He had no shortage of piss. Honestly, I have no idea how much he drank or his capacity to hold it. I’m not built that way. But I was braver than before. The talk the evening before with the Nerd kind of emboldened me. There were any number of times Chris was pissing and I just leaned up and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock.

I drank from the tap – the most willing time I had done so. There was no flavor, and there was no gagging. There never seemed to be tons of it. He’d explain this later – whenever he put it in my mouth (or I did, actually), he stopped pissing. It was involuntary. He couldn’t explain it. But if out of my mouth the flow started again.

”Lie on your back!”, he semi-barked. I did. On the grass. In the dirt. Looking up at him as he pissed on me. “Faggot” came out of his mouth. It would be the only degradation I’d get that day. But it was heartfelt and hard to argue. I’m laying back while a man with a cigar in his mouth stands over me and pisses all over my body.

The cigar was getting lower. The ring had been taken off. I knew he’d have to wrap things up soon. I got on my knees and sucked. He pulled out and jacked……….this time in my mouth. Taking his load in, he looked down at me and spit on my face. In my eye. On my nose. It was viscous. It was tobacco. It reeked of a strong cigar. It made me hard.

I assumed we were done. I was wrong.

“Jack off on me”. He knelt. I was hard, so I did. I wasn’t about to deny this man. It was a good sized load. But he stood up and scooped it off his hairy body and fed me. Fingers full of my own cum, into my own mouth. I hate it greedily.

Now I assumed we were done, but he had one more gob of spit for my face while I stood in front of him. 

NOW we were done. least until next time.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Tipsy Nerd

FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

I don’t write about all the times I blow the Nerd. There isn’t enough bandwidth on the internet for that.

Fuck I love his cock. Honestly, one of the best I’ve had. Not the biggest (though it’s big) and not the fattest (though it’s plump). I tell him constantly how I love servicing it and he likes that I do. I don’t think he truly believe the love I have for that cock. And he’s not bad either. Cute. Demure. But showing a darker side very slowly.

With each visit, his seemingly reserved persona is peeled away. Slowly for sure, but that’s more on me than him probably. In my mind, I feel I’m more sexually advanced than he, but I’m not really sure that’s true. So I tread carefully. So does he. More so, in fact. We eke out bits of things that turn us on. Like a third person. Or being watched. Or public sex. Nothing horribly shocking to my readers, but to a person you don’t really know………it could go either way.

Nerd knows about two of the guys with which I play. He knows that recently those have involved piss play. He’s not turned off. He plays it cool. But he seems intrigued a bit.

After I told him about "Chris", the cigar guy, and his piss, I also mentioned that cigar guy would love to have a third, preferably who also was into cigars. All I could guarantee the Cigar Guy is that I could get a guy to fuck me while I blow him, as he smokes his cigar.

A day before my last tryst with the Cigar Guy, I hit up the Nerd, as I was mega horny. I knew I wouldn’t be getting off with the Nerd, as I was saving it all up for Cigar Guy. But Nerd was interested in coming over. When I got a hold of him, he was downtown at a work happy hour. I encouraged him to stop by my place before he had to go home. He was willing.

It turns out, Nerd was tipsy. Bourbon was his drink of choice it seems. We opted to play outside. Part of my yard is greened in for a good part of the year, so there is no one to see a thing – not that it would be a deterrent if they did.

As is our usual, our foreplay is to stand and talk a bit while I rub his crotch. He’ll reach up and play with my nipples. This is where we peel back those layers. We talk about things he’d like, or I try to get him to verbalize his desires. I told him if he were free the next day, Cigar Guy would be over. We would be playing at the exact same place as today. He asked if there would be piss. I told him there would be, but only on me. Or in me. He told me about pissing in a guy’s mouth and his ass. He liked it. I told him it would be hot if Cigar Guy and I were already playing when he walked around the corner and how he could just take it out and piss on me. Then of course, talked about him watching me suck while he fucked me. We discussed that fucking a bit.

We were both fully hard by this time.

I hinted that he had a lot to drink. He said yes. I said I would help him with that. He wouldn’t make eye contact, but rarely does. I don’t know if it’s a spectrum issue or not, nor would it surprise me if it were. I got down on my knees and put his cock head on my extended tongue. And didn’t move. He tried to push it in my mouth and I stopped him. Mind you, I never said what I wanted. I thought it was implied. I thought maybe words were too much and actions were more appropriate.

What really surprised me is how willing I was to do this. I know I mentioned a bit ago how I’m opening myself up to piss more, but I still hadn’t really been aggressive about it. And I still had and have lots to learn, and I still have hang-ups. I took this initiative to help me continue to get over this hang-up. To his credit, he let it hang there for a while, me pushing his hands away from it, as I didn’t want him to be continually aroused. He did admit he pissed right before leaving the bar and didn’t think he could do it. He may have also been pee-shy and just didn’t want to say so.

So off to sucking it was.

I’m good with that, as I said, he has a perfect dick.

Normally, Nerd is a passive feeder. He stands there and lets me do my work. His hand will no doubt find its way to the back of my head, but often I think it is to stabilize himself as he loses himself in pleasure, as he knows by now, I am going nowhere.

This time, it started off that way. And the hand did go to my head, but it became a tight grip and then he just went and fucked my mouth. Right then, it was his mouth. His to use. He was moaning. So was I. He was muttering too. I didn’t hear the first thing he said, though it might be what he repeated. “Fuck, I wanna fuck your ass, man”.

Me? I said, with a mouthful of cock, “mmmm hmmm”, as an affirmative that maybe he meant sometime in the near future and I would be open to that. I took a half dozen more swipes of cock in mouth and he pulled out, bent over a bit towards me and said, “let me fuck your ass!”.

It was wasn’t really a request. It was but it wasn’t. I don’t know non-drunk Nerd would have been like that, so I was liking bourbon Nerd. I immediately stood up. I told him I wasn’t fully prepped. I wasn’t prepped at all, but I didn’t want him to be completely surprised. He didn’t seem to care, and oddly enough, neither did I.

I immediately bent over and put a hand down to brace for insertion. There was no lube other than spit. There were no poppers, as I don’t need those to give head. But I knew a big cock was about to go into me. Between me coming off his cock and bending over, I’m sure he stroked himself, but that wore off most of the spit-lube that we had going. For the multitude of times I’ve been fucked I know I don’t need poppers, if I remember to breathe properly. The first attempt, I did not do that. There was more than a twinge of pain, but I was not going to squash this.

I stood back up and put a big hawker into my hand – twice – and rubbed it all over his cock. It was slick. It was slimy. Then I assumed the position. He lined up and I told him to let me regulate my breathing. He did – for about 5 seconds – and it was enough to have him pop that beauty dick into me and keep sliding.

I’ve mentioned before about this man – he seemingly cares little about technique and his impulse is to drive drive drive. I don’t think he’s a bad fuck or anything. Quite the opposite (spoiler alert). He goes on his like and know how. I don’t think whomever is under him is put into play so to speak. It’s not that he’s uncaring about how they feel, but his pleasure is at the forefront. ….and if I’m true to my words, that’s all I should care about.

Another reason to like semi-drunk Nerd: he lasts a long time.

Sober Nerd sometimes finishes much quicker than I’d ever prefer. Tipsy guy goes on and on…..and just pounded the fuck out of my hole. I was quick to adjust to his size and his assault. As soon as I got into the rhythm I was WAY into it. I mean I was anyway, but it took it up a level or two. The guy ploughed me for a good 10 minutes. Unrelenting. Rough but not too rough. Full in. Most out, but not completely. Then repeat over and over and over………..

His hands were tight on my hips, pulling me towards him as he was pushing into me. Of course, I didn’t resist it and even probably pushed back into that oncoming ramrod. Nerd can be a little verbal, though I’d love him to be more, so I egged him on, telling him to fuck my ass. Telling him to make me feel it. Encouraging him to load my ass with his sperm. We both like this.

As I said, 10 minutes, which is about 4x longer than his normal fuck. I need to get this guy buzzed before our next fuck. But he pushed deep into me and let loose. I couldn’t feel the load per se, but felt the pulses of each release.

He is good about staying in me as long as possible. And being in the mood I was, I encouraged him to stay still and stay in.

I won’t lie. I thought about him needing to piss after cumming. I’ve only had one piss enema so far in life and it was far. And it was before a fuck. I’ll rephrase: pissed in. released. then fucked. I don’t know how a piss fuck works. It sounds way messy and I’d lose all the cum, so I don’t see the upside.

We hit a new level for Nerd and myself. He didn’t make the next Cigar Guy adventure, but I’m feeling we are closer to the newer things.

Monday, May 04, 2020


First off, thanks for making April my highest viewed month since November 2015. Granted, that might have to do with more consistent content from yours truly, but I only write it, I don't read it. 

I broke quarantine........again. 

Honest, I've been trying to be good. I go out for walks and the grocery store. I haven't seen my sister for 2+ months, or her kids. Neighbors, at best are across the street when we talk......which is when I'm walking the dog. 

But once again, I let BikeGuy Jr. do my thinking for me. Not that Jr. got any action. My mouth did, my penis did not. 

The cock belonged to a married man I've blown on and off for the last three years. I almost never hit him up, he is usually the aggressor (yet never quite aggressive enough.....if you know what I mean). He's at least the instigator. 

"I need your"

Now "David" is wound so tight, it never occurred to me that he would take a chance on ever leaving his house for something like this. Now, mind you, I'm the one who usually goes to him, so he can control the situation. But he had company, but I'm guessing he really had a spouse who couldn't / wouldn't leave the house. We're all stuck at home. 

I was working from home, like everyone else, but could break for a few to slip to my knees. David doesn't fuck. Or at least, David doesn't fuck me. But he does like my oral skills. Loves them, in fact.  Clearly, he was thinking with his hanging brain too. 

I agreed to suck his dick (I know, I'm one of the heroes!), and he was coming over.  "I'll be wearing a mask, is that ok?" he texted. I responded, "it could be kind of hot".  In a weird way, it could be a hot thing. I'm not sure it was. 

He knocked, I answered. I expected to see a homemade mask, like most everyone else does. It wasn't.  He had a real N-95er. I'm not sure how he got one, or why he needed one, but...whatever.  It wasn't a Bane kind of thing, but in another way it kind of was. His oversized sunglasses did nothing to help matters. 

As often as I've sucked him - and it HAS been often - the look was a little disconcerting. I won't lie. 

It was a barrier on any number of levels. He never took off the sunglasses. While on my knees, I'd look up to see Bane looking down upon me. But not Thomas Hardy as Bane cuz that'd would have been hot as fuck. 

David's direction to me behind the mask gave a different edge to the bj. It was probably all my perception, but on many levels, perception is reality. The voice sounds different, I swear you hear breathing differently, and no ability to see behind the lenses. It's like a weird anonymous, yet non anonymous, sex.

All the elements of our normal routine was there: licking his ball, how he gets off on me licking the top of his shaft, all the head work he requires. I love a deep suck, but David like the way I swirl my tongue and lips around his head.  "Keep that up, and I'm gonna feed you lunch", said he.

So, I kept it up. Until he pushed me off, that is. He tells me I'm his best cocksucker, so the inference is that he has others. Or he's trying to keep me on my game. Or both.  But now I had him too close - and like most everyone else, we'd been holed up for weeks.  ....and let's face it, sometime your hand just won't do.

David is average sized, but it works. Something about the shape of his cock makes me collect my own saliva around it, so it's not easy to swallow as I suck. This makes for a wet sloppy blowjob, which he likes. So, as he is approaching orgasm, and my mouth is dripping spit, my spit, there is no stopping to swallow it, or I break the momentum.

That just won't do.

I also know now to stop sucking when he cums.

I will say, normally I like to stay still so I can feel the pulses of cum hitting my mouth, tonsils or throat. But David tells me to keep sucking, to keep bobbing, so I do. And he shoots. And with my constant movement, I end up slicking up his cock with some of his own cum and my spit.

No worries, he sits there after we're done and waits for me to clean it up with my tongue. It's a silent request. He knows I'll do it, because I always have. And I always will.  Even during a pandemic.