Friday, February 26, 2021

Cum Drinking Pig

I feel the need to apologize again for the lack of posts.  Part is due to Covid, part is due to sheer laziness, if I'm being completely honest.  But I don't feel I'm done here, but I do have to pick up my game. 

Still, horniness is still prevalent - as it is with most men, even in a pandemic. It's not I haven't had outlets during this time, just far fewer and with mainly one guy. I'm still figuring how (or if) to write about those encounters. 

But I have been massively aroused lately. Series of text / sexts do nothing to quell that. 

It had a been a long work day and I was having back and forth texts, probably than with more one guy. But one guy gets this credit. 

You don't get the video because it shows a little too much of me, but screen caps are kind of the next best thing? 

That's right. I jacked off into an empty Starbucks glass and drank my own load.  On camera. And I sent it out. 

To be fair, I sent it out to more than one person. The guy in the text field got it originally, but I didn't deprive a few others from my pigginess. 

Now, to a degree, you get it too. 

.....and don't worry, a story or three are coming your way.