Sunday, February 23, 2020

Put Me In, Coach

He has a great body. No question about it. I saw him on Grindr and just by-passed him. At 31, 5’9”, 195 (mostly muscle) and looking for dates or relationships, I wasn’t looking for either of those things. Turns out, I don’t think he was either. Still – it’s not that I don’t like muscly men, but generally they do not gravitate to me

We played once briefly before the holidays, and it wasn’t worth drafting a post based on that encounter. But last week he was really wanting me to come over. His texts were telling: without saying ‘role play’, he most certainly had it implied.

Each correspondence started to address me as ‘coach’. He soon started to say things like, “I notice other guys in the lockerroom have hair places……”. I knew where this was going. I’m not adverse to this kind of play. I don’t know I was expecting it from this kind of boy. Still, “Coach” agreed to stop by. I left work early to do so.

I was told where to go, and that the door would be unlocked and just to come in. There were boxes, cases in fact, of muscle protein shakes, whey, etc. Clearly, he was serious about his body growth. There was little else in the house as we walked up to the first landing and to a bedroom.

We very much started and stayed in each other’s assigned role.

He looked towards his feet at first, so clearly I was going to have to kick this off. So I said, “so son, you said you had questions for Coach. What do you need to know?”

Appropriately, he hemmed and hawed. He said, his dad wasn’t around much and he had questions and didn’t know where to go. I said it was ok, and he could ask coach anything. That info didn’t make him feel any more at ease. As expected, he told me he was starting to get hair on his chest and in……….”other places”. I made him tell me where.

Of course, I told him it was completely natural to have hair start growing lots of places. He took off his shirt for me, I won’t lie, it was a nice view. Kids these days get ink so early, I told him, though I mentioned I’d seen it before and after practice. He asked if I got hair on my chest as well, I confirmed that I did, but it made him feel better if I could show him. So I did. I took off my shirt and showed both the hair on my chest and in my armpits. I told him each man grows hair differently, and that some have little to none at all.

He mentioned the other place. I asked if he wanted to show me that too, but it was natural to have hair “down there”. He had decent growth, but nothing too thick, in terms of hair. His penis was moderate, but I didn’t dare tell him that. Youths need reassuring that all is alright. While not fully hard, you could see it bounce a bit, maybe a throb. It was on its way to being erect. He was worried it didn’t measure up to some of the other guys on the team. And wasn’t sure why he would periodically get hard.

Of course, I told him that boys and men, after a certain age, get aroused for several reasons and at inconvenient times. Without prompting, I told him that sometimes the thought or visual of a woman, or sometimes a man or boy, could trigger the response he was feeling and seeing in his dick. He cocked his head a bit.

He asked if I got hard at times. I told him I did so often. He asked to see my dick. I hesitated and told him that this had to be between us, and that folks wouldn’t understand. He agreed. As I was unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping, I forewarned him that my penis was bigger than his, but didn’t make his any less special. His eyes were glued to me as I pulled the elastic of my boxer briefs down and out sprung my mostly hardened cock.

There we were, two men with their cocks out.

He asked about the “slime” that came out of his. I asked him to be more specific, as I wasn’t sure if he was referring to pre-cum or actual cum. He started with the former. So I talked him through that. He saw I had some and reached out and touched it. He asked what it tasted like. I told him to try it if he wanted to. He did, tentatively. He didn’t mind it. I told him what it was, and why it happened. Which eased us into the ejaculation portion of our story.

I told him what an ejaculation was and what it was for biologically. I told him where the semen was produced and that it could be extracted a number of ways. He did ask how, so I told him some: one was by a continual hand motion and showed him how. He tried it on himself and saw his own slime – and sampled that was well. I told him about a woman’s vagina and how his penis would go inside it with back and forth motions. I cautioned that this could make a baby. And we talked about the mouth. For some reason – maybe at a later date? – I didn’t talk about the ass.

He was curious about the mouth. I told him again that each man was different in what he liked when it came to using the mouth. Some didn’t like the head played with, yet others did, stuff like that. He asked if I liked a mouth on my dick. I told him, any many who says he doesn’t is lying. He wanted to try mine.

Again, I cautioned him that this was strictly between us. Friends, family, faculty could NOT know about this. He seemingly understood. He got on his knees and carefully took it into his mouth. It was nice. Warm and wet. He did a convincing job of being inexperienced. I thought I’d help him out.

Hey son, let me show you and example, if I may. I got down on my knees and took him into my mouth. I looked up while doing it. He was looking intently at me, until I got the better of him for a moment. The eyes closed. The head went back. Eventually he looked back down at me. Now I knew I wasn’t there to get him off, but I wanted to sample and I thought it was a teachable moment.

We resumed our places. Me standing. Him kneeling. He went back down on me, no longer hesitant. He sucked me. He sucked me good.

Through gritted teeth I told him how to suck me. He grabbed my cock and tried to use his hand, I swatted it away and told him it was a blowjob, not a handjob. I concentrated on the boy in front of me, sucking, trying to please Coach. Trying to please himself. I may have exaggerated my breathing a bit, to make him feel good about the job he was doing. “Keep going boy. Don’t stop until Coach tells you to.” He kept up the enthusiasm.

I was pretty horned. I’d blown a load the day before, but still had plenty for a young cocksucker. And then I started easing him into that word.

”Oh fuck yeah, what a good cocksucker you are”. He looked up a bit. “Oh yeah, kid, you are a cocksucker. I won’t tell anyone, but look at you down on my big cock. Suck it.”

And he did.

The verbal added to the moment, of course. My own fucking dialogue was turning me on. But I was close at this point. And in my own head I made a decision. He kept working. I kept telling how good he made me feel. But then I was ready.

My hand went to his head. I hovered behind it until I was there. I started shooting, and while he didn’t pull back or off, I grasped his head in case there was an attempt. “Swallow it, kid. I’m not letting you off it until you do”. And he did. Easily.

While this was all happening he was stroking his boy dick. And I could see as I came, he started shooting his spunk all over the floor. He was as turned on as Coach.

After he pulled off, after I let him, he said, he didn’t know I was going to do “that”. I told him it was better he not know. Men like to have their seed not wasted and that I couldn’t take the chance that he wouldn’t take it. I told him it was part of the lesson.

He looked guilt ridden. He stood up, now not knowing what to do with me in his house.

I dressed without a word, but then told him to go get cleaned up as I was lacing up my shoes. He was coming out of the hallway bathroom, as I walked past. “Don’t say a word to your father about this……..”. I walked down the stairs and out the door.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Give Me a Hand

I had been with him twice before. While I didn’t really realize it, he comes to town around the same time each year. Once I hosted at my house, a quick simple blowjob. The second time he had an Air BnB close to my office. I took a longer lunch for a much more involved oral sex session. I got the feeling he wasn’t into fucking, so I never quite perused it.

This time was different. WAY different.

Like the first time, I hosted. Like the first time, we used a bedroom. Unlike last time he had me strip down. He did the same. While I started out sucking him, he gently, but insistently moved me over to the bed. I lay back and he was between my legs. His hand reached out to my balls…..then moved over them and below them. His fingers traced over my taint, which had me shudder. Done right, that is such a G- spot for me. But then he went further.

Clearly, I’m not adverse to things near my ass. But he trailed those fingers over my hole, and around it. The motion made me and my hole quiver. He looked right at me as he started to slide in his middle finger. We never broke our gaze. The first knuckle, and then to the base of his finger. He held it there, I squeezed my muscles around his finger, his one eyebrow raised. Then I felt the index finger start to slide up there as well. Both fully in me, I know I put my head back as he moved them around. I was sure this was the start of loosening me up for his fuck. Turns out, I was only half-right.

As I’m always prepped (well, usually), my ass was clean and there was poppers and Abolene on the bedside table. And a towel, as I am always a gracious and neat host.

He now withdrew his fingers and reached over the lube. He put it on three fingers and went back to work. He was methodical about it, and he was big on the eye contact. I think it was more than just the eyes. He was looking at all my reactions – to see how I was liking it, or if I was. He was looking for the ability to keep going. While I didn’t say ‘yes’, I didn’t say ‘no’ either. He moved the fingers around and in and out….not all the way, but close to. He was truly opening that up.

By this point, with nothing said, I knew it was not fucking that was on today’s menu.

Once we established I was good with three, the pinky started to make its way toward my butthole. The hole itself was already slick from the existing lubricant, so there was no reason to pull out the other three. I’m guessing there was also a risk of if he took them out, he might not to be allowed to get them back in. Just a guess though. As his last finger wasn’t large, it wasn’t a huge struggle to eventually get that inserted.

With the four digits in place, he used them wisely. He’d curl the fingers, individually and in various forms of multiples, up to and including all of them at the same time. I won’t lie, it was kind of good. I liked when he’d pull back somehow…………and I think it might have been with one finger, how it would take hold of my tissue and stretch it. It felt new and incredible. He stayed a seemingly long time with this situation. I didn’t encourage him to quit or go further. Honestly, little was said – none of it being permission.

Since we are here, I should say, and you’d have to scan these 800+ posts, but I’ve only gotten this far twice before when it came to fisting. It was never really on my to-do list. Up till this point, we’d never proceeded past four fingers. If pushed on an answer if I wanted to be fisted, the answer would be ‘no’. But that’s the funny thing about sex, should you be adventurous as I think I am, is that you don’t know you truly don’t like it until you do it. On paper, lots of things sound bad. I mean, I don’t think I’d EVER be down on sounding, but I’ve never tried. That said, I’ve never tried animals, and that is just off the table. NEVER EVER happening.

So when guys ask me, ‘are you into kink?’, I roll my eyes and then I send them the eyeroll emoji. I usually follow up with ‘kink is all relative’. I know guys who think having a guy shoot in their mouth is kinky. I call it ‘sex’………..and ‘necessary’. I don’t think I’ll ever get to a point where I think fisting is normal sex routine, but I know guys who do. To them, it’s not kink. To me, it is.

Anyway, the guy finally asks if I have a dildo. I answer in the affirmative. He slides his fingers out carefully and asks me to retrieve it. I do. He slathers up the 8”x5” rubber phallus with lube and deftly inserts it into my asshole. I should say, by this time, I have poppers at my side and not afraid to use them sparingly. He uses that dildo well, fucking me with it, firmly but moderately paced. He’s making sure that hole has been opened with those four fingers and that the lining is still pliable for more. This is my assumption anyways.

Eventually he slides out the dildo and puts it right next to me. While looking right at me, he only asks one thing, “ready?”. I nod. I don’t even verbalize. After relubing his hand, one by one, he gets the first three in easily, then the fourth. It’s the last one, the thumb, that will be the challenge. And it was. Mentally, I’m not sure I was there yet, and it manifested physically. You can’t say I was ‘tight’, because, well………..four fingers up my ass………but for a fist, I was snug. As I know it is coming, I take a healthy (well, you know what I mean) hit of poppers for both sides of my nostrils. It opens me up enough to slide at least half of the thumb up me. Then all of it. I’m down to the bottom / side knuckle, but no farther.

He bides his time, watching me intently, barely looking down at his now disappeared hand. He rests his hand until I relax a bit more, then he moves….slightly, but surely. He’s not letting this moment go to waste, for him or myself. There is a time I feel so incredibly full I tell him to just hold still. He does. I take a HUGE hit of poppers and something happens. If you remember that very first time you tried them – should you have had the opportunity to do the original real poppers – and how you kind of got transported somewhere else, even for a minute? That was this. Times 10.

With the poppers hitting, he shifted his hand and moved it forward. He was at, or near, the wrist. At this point, I went into completely other state. While I was staring right at him, I could not see him. There was this total euphoric state that lasted a minute or two – which when writing does not seem long, but when you’re there with a semi-stranger’s hand up your butt, it’s a long time. There were moments that I wasn’t sure where I was, but somehow knew what was happening. My hole felt really good and it wasn’t lost on me it was because there was a hand up it.

Mr. Fister moved the hand slightly pulling back and slightly moving forward. Spoiler alert, there was fisting, but this was not fist FUCKED. There would be no movements so pendulous that it would imitate fist-to-ass intercourse. The movements to the eye were probably subtle. To my nerve endings – no so much. Again, the tugging on the tissue on the pull back was somehow heaven.

He very slowly withdrew all fingers. As you’d imagine, it made me feel empty. But without a word, he picked up the dildo and pushed it up my ass in one motion that took all of 1.9 second. He added no additional lube, just replaced his hand with a big rubber dick. That, he did fuck me with. It was fucking amazing.

As he slowed down on that, and I can’t confirm this, but I think he got exactly what he wanted when I asked for him to put his hand back in me. There was no smile or smirk, not even a word, but a nod of the head. And he did. And with another hit of poppers, I had the euphoric state again……even more intense than the last time. I’d have another one a bit later on.

We tried me on my knees as well and he got his fist into me that way as well. I can’t say I liked it more than with him just working between my legs, but it was fine. I didn’t have an out of body experience the way I had.

At this point, we were well over 90 minutes into this session and I did have stuff to do, as did he. While there were times I had a raging hard-on, at this point I was semi-flaccid. It was never about me getting off and seemingly I don’t think so for him as well. I did get off – mentally. Often.

Before we completely finished, I asked him to shove that dildo up my ass again, and he did. Faster and harder than the last time. We both knew I was open enough to take it like that. We discussed him getting off, but he knew he couldn’t do it via sucking and he confirmed that he did not fuck….at least me. But he agreed to jack off, so he did. As he got close, while on the bed, I got on my knees and spread my cheeks. He stepped up behind me and shot on my hole and in my crack. With little urging, I asked him to use his fingers to push the cum up there. He complied. It wasn’t a fist, but 2-3 fingers pushing his warm load into my completely used ass.

He cleaned up and left. Before I resumed my day, I took the dildo and sat on it, taking it one more time. Somehow it didn’t feel the same when you do it alone.

I’m not opposed to trying this again. He was from out of town, so that’s not on the docket for at least 10 months. And I’m not sure how to pick someone who’d go at my pace. But it’s no longer off the menu.