Friday, March 30, 2012

Silent Morning Cream

His Scruff picture looked very masculine. For the record, he viewed me but said nothing. I ended up reaching out to him.

5'11", 175lb, short trimmed beard and looking like he would lack hair under the cap worn in the picture.

Pictures are deceiving. There are ways to interpret them, or we build our own back story on the man we see, that we converse with, that we temporarily want. I am 100% guilty of this.  This was no exception.

There was back and forth with vague messages coming from him. He was from out of town at a nearby hotel and leaving the next day - I had nothing to lose. I IM'd him a picture of me sucking a cock. No way NOT to get the point, right?

He got the point.

There was more back and forth on timing, which I feared wouldn't work - and it didn't until the next morning. He was slow to respond to messages but more than insinuated he needed his dick in my mouth. And since he had given me his hotel and room number the night before I took a chance and headed his way (one fucking mile!) and hopes he'd return my message before I got to his door.

He did not.  But I knocked anyways.  Again, I had nothing to lose. Certainly not pride!

The guy answered and let me in. I guess he read his texts? I don't care - he let me in.

But that's when reality smashes into "fantasy". I don't totally mean to disparage, but............

His wrists had too many gold chain bracelets on them.  The same wrists were too limp.  And too many esses fell out of his mouth.  And if he was 5'11", I'm 6'9".  I'm guessing he was 5'8" - tops.

The height didn't matter to me, because the idea was for me to be shorter than he'd ever be. That's always the case when one is on their knees, which is where I went.

At first the cock was unremarkable, but we have all been in that situation - well the cocksuckers and bottoms in this bunch - that what you see isn't always what you get. The guy did grow to a good almost 8" - thin shaft, but still 8".

He stood for a bit as I took him all the way down. Naturally. It's what I do. I worked on him until he was at full mast.

At that point he sat on the edge of the bed and I continued to work on him.  At this point, after being let in, not a word had been said. Not a sound made that wasn't saliva mixed with lips and skin.

Only at some point did he stand back up and say the only words uttered in that room until the act was over: "let's move over to that chair".   um.....sure.

He sat. I went back to kneeling.  This dick pointed straight up and I went straight down.  My lips played with him, my tongue danced, my suction varied - all in attempts to know what I was doing right or wrong by his actions, words or noises.  None of that was to come.

But his cock was hard, so I was doing something correctly.

I must have worked on it with my mouth another 7-10 minutes. Any experienced cocksucker normally can tell the approach of orgasm - even with a silent guy. I'd lump myself into that category, as this wasn't my first cock...........of the week.

I got none of that from him. Not even the additional last minute hardening of his shaft. I suppose if I were playing with his nuts I might have felt them tighten. But I didn't and I didn't.

At first I thought he started to pre-cum and that may have been the case. Then more. Then more.  But then my mouth flooded.  Subtle pulses that spewed semen into my mouth.

There was a lot of it. And it fucking tasted good. And he never made a sound or a move. I swallowed. Naturally.

I tried to get out of there with no small-talk. He tried, but it became more of a one-sided conversation.  I don't think anyone thanked anyone. Not my norm, but I wanted to go. I got a nice dick and a nice load from someone who wasn't as masculine as I would have liked or perceived. Time to go!

I got to the elevator and a masculine balding man in glasses was there in jeans and a button down. With nothing to lose, I eyed him up and down - without subtlety. Both hands were in his front pockets and I was hoping he'd start playing a little pocket pool - but the doors opened up and there were people inside.

He seemed hot, but maybe that was my perception.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Service - update

Yesterday I had my latest follow-up interview for the movie I agreed to do - "Service".

This time is was done with technology - Skype.  It didn't suck - no pun intended.  The filmmaker and I have a good rapport at this point. I have mentioned he was one of the earliest readers of my blog and we connected maybe seven years ago.

The filming of this was quite different than the in-person experience. The first one was getting used to a camera, waiting for sound and the constant checks for highs and lows. Also camera battery packs and back-up for filming in about 17 minute increments.

Don't get me wrong, it was an interesting process, but I didn't have a trailer to go to while I awaited the director to summon me. Such is the life of an ingenue as opposed to the mega-star. I'm sure that will all change.

Doing this on Skype was maybe not more relaxed, but a different feel. While both sessions were questions, it seemed more like a conversation between two friends. I have no idea how I came across at either session, but I was told the first one went well by those who have seen clips. I guess I'll wait to till the big premiere where I put my hands and feet in cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.  Save the date.

I will be interested to see where this all goes. Less you think it's all about sex sex sex - you might be disappointed. This isn't a porn. It's not quite a documentary either - at least I don't think.

Last time we did talk a lot about sex - my sex life. This time it stuck more to my blog, and blog in general. What I write, why I write and how. While not comparing myself to other bloggers, we did talk trends that I see in the sex blog community.

I won't go into detail - I mean, I'll want you to see the movie when it's released. And who knows what will make the cut when it's all done. He can't use it all.........I don't think.

I have no idea how many more sessions we'll do, but I am thinking at least a few more - one attempted for a week or so from now. No idea what the topic(s) will be and I just assume not know. I don't want my interaction to be canned, nor do I think does he.

Editing will be key in this, I'm guessing. I have all the confidence in what Christian is doing.

I'll continue to give vague updates as we move along.  We are a year in (or abouts) since conception and a few interviews down.  Keep the faith.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 Emails

In a perfect cocksucking world - arrangement for giving head (or getting, depending on what side of that card you're one) should take less than 5 emails - 3 is best. It can almost never be done in two. It just can't.

Three is the ultimate - introduction, one exchange of info the other way, confirmation. Done.

Happened the other day, so I know it is possible. It's not probable, as these guys like to do their foreplay with their hands on home-row, but really, get on with it or keep moving.

The CL ad said he was 37, married, 7" and needing to nut - no reciprocation. Um....ok. He was in the area and at a meeting, he gave a time in his response email, the confirmation was in my hands - and it was a done deal. All he had to do was actually show up.

He did.

No pictures were exchanged, or even asked for. That is either someone who is really confident, really horny or both. He might even be very good looking, but those guys usually want to show off a little. But I never offered my pic either - he was looking for a mouth, not a date.

I was a mouth.

He showed up on time, was true to his description, if not a little plain, but he's a suburban dad - I wasn't expecting perfection.

We went right to business, no formality and to his credit, no hemming or hawing. There was no embarrassment on his part or pretending he was shy about being where he was. He was a man with needs and dropped his pants to get them.

7"c with a curve to his left. I swallowed whole.

He was quiet - nary a moan escaped his lips. I get that, but I like a guy who makes noise - one how groans. One who swears. One who name-calls. And while he was doing me a favor, in reality it was I who was there for him. My likes or needs were secondary.

He let me do my work. I'd take him to the root, I'd tease the head, I'd lick the shaft, I'd play with his sac.

I worked on that rod for a respectable amount of time, but knew I could take him sooner, or later - as I know how to read a guy and his pending ejaculation signs. I was ready for the load - I took it. I took it all.

No moan, nor verbal anything while shooting. I hoped I made him feel good, but other than him cumming, I wasn't sure.

The load was voluminous but had little to no flavor. No biggie. I did what I had to do. I did what he needed.

When done, he thanked me. I thanked him. He asked if I could be his regular cocksucker. I said 'sure'.

We'll see if that happens.