Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Hard Fuck

He'd been after me for months on Manhunt. But his x-ray effect profile shot of his ass did nothing for me. I ignored him for months.

But now and again, one gets horny enough to respond. Or one is always horny and the pickings are slimmer than usual. I responded. I told him to unlock his pictures. He did - but still no face one. Sorry, but if it is a site where you can hide and open face pics for privacy, you'd better show me.

The face wasn't bad after I told him he had to email one to me. It was a goofy faced pic, but doubtful it was how he carried that mug around all the time. Good thing he didn't.

His profile said 6'2". I'm that tall and this guy was at least 1-2" taller than myself. It also said he was 8.5", but I would guess closer to 9". But congrats to him for not boasting, bragging or lying and saying he was bigger than he was.

The ad also said 'safer only'. Don't they all?

He got an invite over and I'm glad I did.

"Jim" liked to kiss. He thought I was good at it - and I think I am. He was fair at best at the act. No matter, I wasn't there to really make out. And his breath reeked of alcohol. He admitted to "finding a flask of cognac" in his car and drinking it on the way over. It was 11 a.m.!

The idea for the meet up was for some sucking and ass-eating, on my part. He wanted to eat my ass too and who am I to say 'no'? Especially to that.

For being 40, he knew all the right things to do, in theory. In practice, he needed more. Like his kissing, his working of my nipples and eating of my ass were fine, but at that age and with experience, he should be way better than fine. His cocksucking was impressive, but that's not really what I was there for.

I laid on the floor and pulled my legs back so he could go at my hole with his tongue. Even with his rough stubble I wasn't feeling much of anything there. He turned around so I could eat his pucker while he ate mine.

His entrance was nice. Fuckable even - if I did that in any regularity, which clearly I do not. But then he muttered something about sticking me up the ass. Again, who am I to say 'no' to that? I didn't.

There was no discussion about rubbers. 'Safer Only'. HA!

Jim feared he was too big for me and wanted me to sit on him so I could control it. I was ok with that. Since I truly thought he was 9", and with what I saw has no finesse, I figured it would be best for me to handle the situation. In the wrong hands (or ass), that dick could do some damage if he didn't know what he was doing.

With a huff of used up poppers, I lowered myself onto him where the head and a few inches went in. He was concerned about my comfort - which was nice. Then I showed him how I was doing by slowly but steadily sinking down onto this dick. All of it.

I moved (not bounced) up and down on that large shaft. He ended up matching that rhythm and I found something besides cocksucking he was good at. FUCKING.

It was good movement. The head came right to the outer ring and then all the way back up into my gut. It felt good. I felt full without being split in two. He claims to have really liked my hole. And what's not to like? : )

After 15 minutes or so in that position, we moved to where I was on my back. The pop of his dick going in me at that angle hit a few senses - touch and sound. Again, it felt right. He drove in and met the correct amount of resistance. And he fucked like that for another 15 or so.

He mentioned something at that time that it took him a while to cum. No fucking kidding! Others can say what they want, but I've experienced very few men who last longer than 20 minutes, even with breaks. But I did have work to do and so did he.

This last 15 minute session started with me on my knees and ended with me bent over a table. The guy just drilled me, as clearly over the last 40 minutes or so, I had been opened up quite nicely.

With no huge warning, he just planted his dick as deep as it would go and then planted his seed. No dirty words, no major groans. A slight whimper or two and some heavy breathing.

It's what I wanted, even though I didn't set up the session for that. It's clearly what he wanted, or needed.

We both ended the session satisfied and sated.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Filling Two Cavities

I was prepped, the bareback porn was in the dvd player, I was wearing my black jock as I was asked to do.

He arrived when he said he would. He had on a tight t-shirt and nicely snug jeans and a black pair of cowboy boots. All showed off his assets - a nice chest, a great box and hot feet.

He followed me on the walk from the front door back to where the porn was playing. I stopped and reached behind to feel his crotch. He was hard. I was hard.

He sat on the sofa and pointed at the floor for me to go down and lick his boots. And I made an act of it. I licked the sides, the soles, the heel and then went down on the tips like I was giving them head. He was into it. I was was into it.

I knew he'd be into it. He was stroking his dick while I serviced his feet......his boots. He actually had to put his cock away so he wouldn't get over-excited. I liked that the acts we were doing resonated with both of us.

But he also wanted his ass eaten and you know I love doing that.

He bent over the ottoman and presented me his fucking beautiful butt. I dove in. He responded. I was happy my actions were getting his reaction. I could have kept my tongue deep in there for hours on end, had we had that much time.

It is a nice ass and a tasty one. Since it was so early in the morning and he had just showered he was clean as a whistle but it still tasted good and not at all soapy. His words and sounds of encouragement kept me going.

He stood up, buttoned his jeans so only his cock would be out of his fly. I like that look on all guys, but really on this guy too. His 7.5" goes up at an angle when hard and not straight out. Like his ass, presenting itself to me. I oblige with my mouth. I suck, naturally, but I fear he's close. Too close. That's not what either of us wants.

The bottle of lube is within site, I bend over the ottoman and present my ass, but the position doesn't really work, so up we go. Over to the entertainment center. I bent enough for him to achieve the desired position - in he goes. Skin to skin, like it should be.

His cock feels natural in my ass - in all ways. Like it was meant to be there. I want it there too.

He fucks. He slows down. He fucks. He fucks. He fucks. He slows down. He fucks some more and I know there will be no stopping. Not only by his words, but by his action and the even harder stiffening of his cock.

I love that I can feel his cock throb in my ass. I could take his fucking pulse that way if I had to. I couldn't feel the actual cum per se, but would feel each time he'd throb/pulse/shoot. That is a great thing.

Normally, he likes to pull right out. I like a guy to stay in me for a bit. Maybe he wants to go. Maybe he is too sensitive. I don't know. I don't ask.

He cleans up and leaves.

I go to the dentist to have another cavity filled.

But at the end of the day, he's back. A number of text messages during the day proves him to be horny again. Still horny actually. I'm not sure the fuck did much to cure that.

However I'm working at home, but still working. I leave the door unlocked. He knows to come in.

I am on a conference call. Not one I can just listen in on and be on mute. One I must participate. His shirt is unbuttoned. His pants are down. My pants are down. He lubes up.

No sound from either of us. He goes in me and he fucks.

No sound from either of us - except the occasional sound of his belt creaking. No one but us could hear it. No one would think anything of it if they could.

He fucks. He breathes heavier but says nothing. I know. I feel the pulse. He cleans up. He's gone.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Hours of Sex

Sorry - this happened back in April and I'm just getting around to finishing writing about it.

I arrived at his condo at the appointed time.

51 (and looked a lot younger), 6'4" reddish hair, 6.5", furry said his ManHunt ad. I was about to head back from a work trip and had a few hours of buffer time, who knew that I'd use every minute of it?

I knocked and "Dave" opened the door for me. I was still in my suit and tie, he in jeans a t-shirt. While he was not that much taller than me, I do like men who are. Two more inches means a lot - and not just in cock size.

I knew just looking at him I was in trouble. His looks and demeanor hit something deep within me.

Immediately, in the hallway, we kissed. And he was a good kisser. While normally it's not one of those things I do, as I find kissing more intimate than fucking, it was necessary for him and a good way of establishing some comfort with him. Right away we moved into the bedroom where he shut the door. I found that a little odd since there was no one else there. Perhaps a dog, but I never saw or heard one.

Dave was handsome with nice teeth. He was nice. It turns out he is a dirty bird, but that's ok. I am too. There was touching, groping and the slow undress we did of each other. The way he ripped off my boxer briefs he did with a sneer and sense of determination. I liked it.

The guy was an expert cocksucker, but we both knew that is not what I was there for.

He asked if I was going to tell anyone I had been there, I said 'no'. As we were in his bedroom and he had a ring on, I asked the same of him. I got the same reply.

There was sucking from me. There was a lot of tongue work from me. Somehow the word 'porn' came up......and he slyly said, "I bet you have some of you on your phone". I whipped it out and showed him some of my pics and a few vids that are stored on there that star myself. He was into it.

He took my phone and filmed me sucking his dick and eating his ass. He did the same from his phone. In some ways were were too much alike.

The guy was a good ass eater, but LOVED getting his hole munched on - and you know me, I loved doing it. He was vocal in his appreciation of what I want doing down at this butt and if I had hours to be there, I would have spent hours down there.

The guy worked my nipples like a champ and he had a dirty mouth on him. Not as sailor-ish as possible, but the tone, the words, the immediacy, the authentic nature hit all the right marks.

I wanted him in me. This was all great foreplay, but I wanted him in me.

He mentioned he had never fucked anyone uncovered. In jest I said, "LIAR!". But his response was sincere - and I believed he had not ever participated in bareback sex.

He asked a similar question of me and I said "oh....um.... yeah - me either". It was his turn to call me a liar - and he did. In good humor but I denied or confirmed nothing.

I almost felt bad for still hovering above him, his hard cock in my hand. I almost felt bad lowering myself onto that hard cock. But he never said 'no' or even try to move.

I like to think I provided a new realm of pleasure he had not experienced. That difference in a millimeter for rubber is a world of difference in sensation - I don't care what anyone says.

Maybe it was the situation. Maybe it was because we had edged each other for almost three hours - but things did not last long after that....for him.

He blasted off a four day load while he was laying back on the bed, me sitting on top of him. His head back, his eyes back. Pleasure? Guilt? Both?

I'm guessing 'both', but the pleasure outweighed the guilt.

Even afterwards, he had me on my back making me stroke off for him. This is something I normally do not do, but he earned it in so many ways, how could I deny him?

I shot all over the place. I couldn't help it.

I got changed. I had to get in my car and join a conference call. He had to get on with his life.

I was not 10 miles away before receiving his first post sex text to me. I still get them every now and again.

Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Doors Down

In all my travels, in all my sex, I have never hooked up with a guy in the same hotel as I was staying.

Even with Grindr and Scruff, I always think it could happen, and guys might be close by, but never in the same hotel.

Imagine my surprise earlier this week. Scruff had a bald, furry, dad-type 156 feet away. Then 9. Then 88. Then 1. I understand there is only a degree of accuracy when it comes to the GPS stuff, but still.......there were no other office buildings or hotels around.

We exchanged non-specific texts. It finally came down to that not only was he in the same hotel, but on the same floor. As you can tell by the title, he was in 819, I was in 826. Our schedules were hard to mesh up, but I was up early one day, as was he.

He was downstairs getting coffee. I told him to knock on the door when he returned. Five minutes later, there was a knock.

The man was 5'10", 180, maybe around 50. Bald and furry as I mentioned. Handsome face.

We chatted. No expectations. He mentioned maybe we could meet after our business obligations, as he had to get ready for work and finish his coffee.

I told him he should just finish his coffee while I went down on him. He made no move for the door.

Probably only 5" in length and not as thick as you'd like - or I'd like - it was nice to have a dick in my mouth. I think he thought the same thing. He liked it.

After a few minutes, he had to put down his cup of coffee so he could grab my head and pump my face. I felt bad he wasn't getting his caffeine fix, but I was about to get what I needed to start my morning.

In a few minutes more, I got a mouthful of daddy cream. A lot of it, but it had almost not taste. None. It was a shame. But on the other hand, I felt I provided an important service to a man who had to conduct training the rest of the day. He could go with a smile.

I stood up, he pulled up his shorts and took a drink of coffee.

He looked down at my hard-on and asked if I was going to take care of that. I told him not to worry about it - and he didn't. His hand reached for the door and he was gone.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Middle of the Night

The gathering was wrapping up. It was 01:00. The sky was fully of lightening and the rain was only beginning to spit. But it was a good time to finish the evening and make the hours drive home. I wasn't too drunk, but I had more than I should have.

By the time I got on the main road, the rain came down harder. By the time I pulled in to fill up my tank, it was a deluge. No one else at the station, I didn't rush to pull out into a blinding rainstorm. I booted up Grindr.

4.3 miles from me he was, give or take 1.1 miles. You know how that works.

I told him I was sitting in a station and no time for chit-chat. If he wanted it, he had to let me know NOW. He let me know. He gave me his address, I put it into my car GPS and was on my way. Only an 11 minute drive. Sweet.

No problem finding the place and I was at his side door with him waiting to open it.

He was a hot little fuck. 5'8" - little for my standards. Shaved head. Goatee. No shirt, plenty of ink. No body fat.

In a matter of minutes my pants were off, my shirt was off and he was playing with my chest. He was ok at that, but not great. There really is an art to playing with a guy's chest, even when it is hardwired like mine is.

Still, my ass was twitching - partially the booze, the continual horniness, a hot half naked man who want, or needs, to get off.

We made out a bit. He had a hint of tobacco with menthol on his breath. Nothing to make me pull away, as I don't find that appealing at all.

The guy took me back to the bedroom, it remained dark. He had me bend over so he could eat my ass. Like his tit work, it was fine, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was enough to engage me, but not to get me going, let alone enough to get off. ...not that I was looking to get off.

But he wanted to fuck - and I wanted to be fucked.

On my back, at the edge of my bed, he dropped his gym shorts and he sported about 5.5". Thin at that, the head of the dick was unremarkable. Still it was a dick.

He asked if I wanted it raw. I told him, 'you already know that answer'. He really didn't, but I figured I'd let him think he was making the decisions here. I almost told him to 'go easy', but I wasn't there to stroke his ego, not that he needed it.

The guy popped in with little effort. He went right to pounding. I could take it. That lasted all of five minutes before pulling out. This time he had me up on my knees, shoulders down, ass up. Again, he went in with no problem.

This time he only fucked me, hard and deep, for about another 7-8 minutes. But his mouth got a workout.

He told me how good my ass felt. He told me how much he'd like to see other guys fuck me. How he'd like to see his buddies fuck me bare. One after the other. How he knew these guys who would do it. None of these were questions as to if I were interested. I was, but he didn't care.

Without build up or warning, he came. He was in me, but I don't think he meant to shoot as fast as he did. I think he turned himself on with his own fantasy and planning another event. He said it was four days worth of spooge. Nice.

He immediately pulled out - and did not want to remain up there. I like when a guy does, but this guy did not want it. His house, his cock, his rules.

I got up to get dressed and he wanted me to get off. He wasn't getting to his knees for it. He told me only 'faggots do that. I'm not a faggot'.

I said, 'you only fuck them?' , which is something he affirmed. But he wanted me to jack off.

Normally, I wouldn't have. I don't care to. But I can't tell you last time I got off. Three weeks? Four? I know - you are weirded out by that, all guys seem to be when I tell them, but it's true. I don't need to cum that much.

I told him if he wanted me to jack off he'd have to get on his knees. I promised I wouldn't cum on his face (again, he sad that was for fags), but I told him I would cum on his chest, because I guess that's for straight guys.

I blew a load. A huge load, as you might imagine. I just kept shooting and shooting and shooting.

When done, he went into the bathroom. When he returned, I was dressed, keys in hand. He asked if I wanted to clean up. I reached for the door and opened it.

Later, I said. And then I drove home in the pouring rain.