Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Unassuming Guy

He was average looking in his profile, but stated emphatically he was a top.  That in and of itself says something. At least to me.

He was even more average in person. Not bad looking, but just kind of milquetoast. He appeared to be nice, which for most people is a good thing. For someone (me) just wanting a top, niceness can get in the way of a hot time.

I should mention that in the aforementioned 'top' activities, only me blowing him was discussed. I really wanted to feel a load on my tongue and the spunk sliding to the back of my mouth and down my throat into my belly. That was fine with me.

He'd be taking a break from work to come over then head back once finished.

Dressed all in black, he stood there, eventually just freeing his cock through his fly - which is always a hot look. I went to my knees, and took him in my mouth.  I made him feel good. I made me feel good by feeling his warm shaft fill my mouth.  The 7 or so thick inches lay heavy on my pink tongue. I stayed on it for a while, enjoying the feeling of another man filling my mouth.

But like so many other times, he wanted to go down on me.  Sigh.

What is it with 'total tops'?  Do they not know what 'total' means?  Do I not know?

And yes, I've been around this game for a while, so maybe I'm confused on 'oral top'. In theory it means they like to be serviced, no?  More often than not it means they like to fuck..........AND suck cock. Just commit to a position already!

He had me sit in a chair and he took me to the root.  Not a bad job, but not really what I was looking for. As I was on the edge of my chair, he did go down and lick my balls.  I asked him to lick my taint as that is the most sensitive.  For some reason when he did it, I felt nothing. No thrill, though I faked it a bit.  What?  You've never done something like that?

I will give him this, he went lower and touched tongue to ass. That I liked. But it was a bad angle.  I told him if he really wanted to lick it, I'd get him better exposure.  He agreed.

Now, I won't say I didn't have other motives in mind. I figured if he wanted to lick ass, maybe he wanted to play with my ass.

I got up from the chair and bent over a desk. I waited for the tongue that was never to come.

All of the sudden his knob was at my hole.

"Hey, that's not your tongue", I said.  "No it isn't", he replied and pushed into me. No question. No permission. No rubber.

I braced myself and did not protest.  He slid in further. Well, all the way. Bush to ass. Then without waiting, we went for a ride. Or he did, but in a way, I did too.

For the next 20 minutes, he pulled out and pushed in with vigor. There was no varying the tempo, no edging. This was an out-and-out fuck. He had good stamina. There was no slipping out and having to repurpose the cock or attempt to make it harder for reentry. No - he was working this dick. He was working my ass.  And at some point, I was asking him to do so.

He was verbal, but not nearly nasty enough. His average personal, his milquetoast-ness, was his undercover gear. Once he was in, he was in charge. Sometimes it is the wallflowerish men who have the determined, nasty streak in them. The unassuming who really know what they want and somehow get it.

His verbal behavior let me know he was approaching the end of the ride. And then he exploded his nut up my fucking ass.

No question. No permission. No rubber.

He stayed in me, as did his load.  He eventually slipped out. His load did not. That remained behind.

I'd say he was getting ready to pull up his black briefs and pants, but he stood there for a moment too long. I don't think he was expecting me to go to my knees and take his just extracted cock into my mouth. But I did.

He became verbal again - calling me 'buddy' and 'boy'.  He told me to 'lick that cock clean'.  I did. Those unassuming ones - he fell right into the right mode for someone who'd just taken someone's ass and left a deposit.  He might not have expected to be cleaned off, but once he realized it, he was more than into it.

So was I.

Eventually I finished, though I could have kept his meat in my mouth for quite a while longer, but he had places to be and he didn't need to feel obligated to a guy like me.

He dressed.  He left.  No promise of return.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Main Course

With Mr. Hispanic gone, we were free to play more freely.

MH ran a few fingers through my beard - right around my mouth - and said, "that's where I want to put my load".

My blog and Twitter profile pictures show me with semen in my beard. At this point, I couldn't even tell you whose jizz it was. The images were a turn-on for this guy.

But MH knew I was coming to California and has been following me on Twitter and possibly this blog for a bit of time. And while he tends to like the same things I do - albeit with darker meat - he was hoping to deposit his load around my mouth as well.  Who am I to turn down this kind of offer?

He was maybe a little taller than I am, short hair and a nice dick.  He "suggested" I get down on my knees, as I had a job to do. I did.

We didn't spend much time with my on my knees though. Soon it was too the bed, in various positions.  Mostly me on my back, him with knees on either side of my chest feeding me cock - in and out, in and out, in and out.

He talked dirty - which is a huge turn-on.  I talked dirty too. He queried: "who do you think's a bigger whore - me or you.".  Being the polite guest, I said it was probably him.  He thought it was probably me.  He was probably correct.  Neither of us cared who was the "winner" of that.. We were both ok with being whores.

Lots of eye contact, lots of cock to mouth contact.

He jacked a bit and that was ok. That he's not normally a feeder is fine that he had to jack to get himself there. I can totally relate. I was appreciative that while he can normally be a bottom or eater that he went out of his way to feed me because that is what he wanted to do!

I also knew as he got closer to shooting his load, while I wanted it in my mouth, he was fascinated by the pics I have with it in my beard.  We both got partial what we wanted.

I opened my mouth as he neared, my tongue out. but at least half went in my beard, the other half on my tongue and slid down my throat.

He started to kiss me to taste his load, but I stopped him. "Scoop it up and feed me".  He did just that. All of it.  He kept telling me, "good boy".

"So - who's the whore now?"

It was me.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Central California can be a desolate place for sex sometimes. Lots of interest from the few guys there and little follow-through.

I was waiting for someone who said they'd show but double booked, because you just don't know. 

The guy was short and Hispanic. Maybe 5'6".  His pics showed a beefy, meaty uncut dick - as one would like to see on a Hispanic man in his 40s. 

He never mentioned no transportation, so it took him longer than expected to get there, and even though it is CA, it was in the low 40s so he was cold to the touch too.

The cock was not all that. 5.5" when fully hard, which was difficult to do. He was engaged, but something in him was not cooperating.  I couldn't get him or keep him hard.  ...and I don't think that said anything about my abilities. 

It certainly wasn't for lack of trying.  I did suck him - and well.  We finally got into a position that suited him.  My head hanging over the bed, my head between his legs, his cock in my mouth.  And he fucked my mouth.

For those who've attempted this as the eater, it's a great place, if you're experienced. If not, there can be gagging and a battered throat. Not to say the feeder doesn't like to gag and batter the sucker below him - it can work on multiple levels.

With this guy's dick, I was in no danger of having my eyes well up or have spit running out of the corners of my mouth.

While back there, I did go farther behind and eat his ass, which he was ok with, but didn't get into that as much as most guys who get my tongue on their pucker.

But with my mouth and his dick, he was persistent and he plugged away.  He started precumming and it tasted good...salty, watery but good. Then he stopped for a few.

It hadn't been precum, it was just cum.  His cum.  Pre-cum size, not full load size.  Still a load is a load.

This guy thought for sure he had a second one in him and wanted to fuck me.  Good for him, but I knew it couldn't happen - he barely got hard for a blowjob.

He did get me bent over and poured lube on his cock -and the more he couldn't get it up me the more he poured lube.  I just wanted to tell him no matter how much he had, if he could not get stiff, it wasn't going to happen - but he had to kind of know that, right?

As it turns out, it didn't matter - right then, there was a knock at the door.

The person I was scheduled to hook-up with arrived on time.  He looked at the Hispanic guy, brushed my nipples and leaned in and whispered, "get rid of this guy".

I did.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


After seven years, I updated my template for the blog.  It was actually a mistake I couldn't seem to undo, but I"m nothing if not flexible.

What it also did was force me to update my links because it only imported some and not all. However, so many of those links had not been updated for years and some were just outright defunct and no longer functional.

Normally, I will update / delete a link that has been inactive for 12 months, but I kept one or two because the archived stories are so hot.

But it is possible I lost some links I wanted to keep or some of you link to me and want me to link back.  You have to give me a shout-out if that is the case.

The look is a little cleaner and I like it a little better - so change isn't bad.  We'll ride with it and see what happens.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Physical Therapy

I was on the road, which is where I am apt to be - a road warrior.

It was West Coast time, but my body remained on Eastern Standard Time - or was it Daylight?  Either way, it was 4am and I was awake, but too lazy to start working, so I lay in bed and reached for my iPhone.

Grindr, Manhunt, Growlr and Adam4Adam produced nothing. Now mind you, it's 4a and I'm suspect of guys who are up this early - or still up from last night - but even here there were not many. I did find a few more on Scruff - in particular a guy who was 5'10", 185, short brown hair, clean shaven and 40.  He was looking for no strings - and I'm all about zero strings.

Our conversation went back and forth. I was pretty up front about what I was looking for. He seemed into it. But then he started asking about my cock and to see pictures of it.  This doesn't sound like a guy who wants to feed me his.

And then he wanted me to call him - and talk. I didn't want it to be a verbal session so he could jack off at home. I didn't want to be a phone sex line. Finally he agreed to come over.  I told him my room number and said the door would be unlocked, just push in.

He did just that. The sun was not yet up and very little light in the room.  He dropped his pants and walked up to the left side of the bed where I was laying.  His 7" was hard and ready to go. It went in my mouth.

Since I was laying in bed, right on the edge, he walked up and his cock was at mouth height. It slipped in. I took it deeper. All the way, actually.  He groaned, possibly loud enough for neighbors to hear, if there were any around.

I love when a cock feels natural in my mouth. Often they do, but there are some that don't. This was made for my mouth and my throat. It felt it too - as it plunged deeper, then out, then in again.

Yes, this was not to be a passive blowjob. The cock, and body attached to it, were going to be an active participant. In and out, in and out - all the while me using my lips, my tongue and throat in unison and separate motions to stimulate this great dick.

I was rewarded with moans and dirty talk of both my ability and of me being a big enough of a slut to leave my door open for a stranger.

At one point, he leaned over the bed and engulfed my cock. He had a nice mouth - and he was no stranger to sucking. But that was not what I was there for, and he soon came up and checked his watch. I know he had to go to work.

I went back to work on his cock in earnest. My mouth met his dick as often as his bush met my lips. We found the timing, we found the pace.

He asked if I wanted it.  "It" being the load, I assume.  I always want the load, even in bad sessions.

He didn't really wait for me to answer as he let forth a river of seed that fell into my mouth.

I was still somewhat on my back, I opened my mouth for him to see it go into me.....the white just hanging there on my tongue as some of it slowly slid back past my tonsils.  Of course, all of it made it there shortly thereafter, but now and again a feeder likes to see his own babies before they disappear.

He left one drop on the outer edge of my lip - I made sure he saw I had taken care of it.  With my tongue extended, I reached the droplet, curled the end of my tongue and brought it back to my mouth to  go with the rest of his load.

He took a towel and dried off his meat and was on his way.  ....then I started mine.  After I jacked off, that is.

Friday, November 09, 2012

After the Bookstore

It's the mobile age, so what was I doing while between cocks at the bookstore?  Certainly not watching all the fucking tranny porn they have there. I'd much rather watch straight porn than chicks-with-dicks.  I'm not sure who that is appealing to, but it ain't me.

No, I was sitting in the booths, but I was on my phone looking for cock. Yes, the irony does not escape me that I was looking for better cock on-line than what was right in front of me - or potentially in front of me.

There were a number of people I was 'chatting' with, but two were better.  One in theory because he didn't have a picture. He was using a smartphone app without a picture!  But he was closer than the other guy.

As you might know these apps can tell you they are x distance away. One guy was 16 mi away.  Unfortunately it was in the wrong direction, until I realized when you're horny, that doesn't really matter. As I took my last bookstore load, I decided it was time to leave and give this guy a shot.

His pic was promising.  Goatee, bald, 5'11 and 160.. His cock was 7".  I wouldn't have traveled 40 mi for it, but I was already part of the trip in, so I'd go the extra distance and he talked about what a shooter he was. Of course, I always worry about 50 year old men who have a "roommate".  If he lived with his partner (he said he was partnered) that is one thing - I can abide with cheating.  But for a 50 yo man to need a roommate is just well.......kind of sad.

The place was a walk-up duplex. Something I would have lived in as a college student. The guy's picture was way better than the actual thing, including his dick.  But fuck, I was there.

I got on my knees and he took it out. There is no foreplay when sucking cock like this - no conversation, no kissing, no nipple play. It was on my knees, it was dick in mouth and it was to be over.

For all his talk on the phone, he must have been worked up.  I can tell you the head I provided lasted no longer than seven minutes - no including walking in and walking out the door.

He had a gravely voice so when he encouraged me while I sucked was kind of hot, but kind of not.  Maybe I read too much into the rest of the surroundings. The cock was rock hard, so he was good to go and he did have a fucking big if tasteless load.

Seven minutes isn't record time - fast or slow - for a blowjob.  I was hoping for a little more substance, but I was also happy to get it over with and move on. Like it says, it's a "job".  I did my work, I got what I needed, he got what he wanted.

I started the car and had six loads in me.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bookstore 5

Sorry - after #4, the place just got ugly, save for these two guys who came in I think together.  If they did, they split immediately.  Both were above average. One I would have love to have made it with (ok, probably both), but he'd look at me with slight interest but keep moving.

Adult video arcades are like swimming with sharks, if you stop you die.  It's rarely about what is in front of you, but what might be in another row, or another booth. They always hope there is something better.

The guy in question was maybe 5'9" dark hair with a little grey. His friend was about the same height with blonde hair and seemed a bit more gym built.  Guy #2 never seemed to get off his blackberry, just standing in a corner while his friend made the rounds again and again.  Maybe one was the bait or maybe the chaperon. I don't know.

Neither seemed interested in me. Though I don't think blonde guy knew I was even there.

Then there was a third to the mix - he was a short, muscular, trimmed hair and again, a pair of track pants.

At first he seemed more interested in my cock, which is not what I paid a $10 entrance fee for.

Still, I let him grab it, I let him see how much it would grow.  I felt his cock through his pants, which felt like a solid 6".

He wanted to see how hard it would get, but didn't want to suck it. That I don't get.

As I reached back for his dick, I felt a hand on my balls. But it was coming from behind. It was not the guy in the bench in front of me.  I peered over my shoulder just a bit to see the studly blonde blackberry guy.

The guy on the bench took out his dick and I bent over to engulf it.

Blond guy kept feeling my nuts and across my taint. He tugged a little on my sac and even reach to feel my stiff rod.  When he did that, I sucked the guy beneath me even better.

As much as I wanted that cock in my mouth, I wanted the guy behind me to unzip his and slide it up my ass.

That was not meant to be. He never exposed himself, he never really played with my ass. And when I positioned myself to make myself "available", I think that was too aggressive for him.  As he was getting ready to back off, he heard the other guy - the feeder - tell me to drink it.

Just then he shot off a small load in my mouth. Nothing substantial at all.  I swallowed.

The guy behind me was long gone and the guy on the bench was soon to follow.   But it was my fifth load of the day.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bookstore 4

For those of you who go to adult bookstores - you know how there is always this guy who borderlines on creepy and sexy?

He's the kind of guy that if others are around you might purposefully dismiss, but when left to your own devices can't stop thinking, "maybe.......".

And that maybe usually turns out that their actual air of sleaziness pays off mostly in big ways. That is if, you like a sleazy, smarmy guy taking out his dick for a guy like you (me) to suck. You might think he's low, but you're the one on your knees.

There is a certain hotness to this.

Such was the case in this bookstore. Pearl snap shirt. I'm guessing in his early 60s. Even his moustache was sleazy looking.  Yet, again, that confident air.

I know he looked in on me giving head to at least the second guy I mentioned (Bookstore 2). He stood there, watching my skills more than he was watching the guy feeding me.

I know he saw me walking into the bathroom and I assume he saw the fucker walk-in before me (Bookstore 3). While he might not have known exactly what went on in that bathroom, he probably knew we weren't braiding each other's hair.

Each time I'd walk past him, in my search for cock, he'd leer at me. I still wasn't at that place mentally where I told myself I wanted to go down on him, but internally I knew I was on my way to that place. A few times with me sitting in the booth(s), he stop in the doorway and I'd ignore or shoo him away.  It never deterred him coming back.

At one point, I looked at him and he at me. I didn't say no. I didn't wave him away.  Encouraged, he stepped in to the booth. I didn't stop him.

I sat on that seat, he stood near me.

No words from me. Maybe saying I wanted it would be too much.

No words from him. If he talked, he might risk the opportunity

No words from him, as I assume he knew his ability to make guys like me put his cock in their mouth was his strength.

And it's not that his cock was spectacular.  Maybe 7" thin.  Nothing bad, but it was his mindset - or what I perceived his mindset to be - that was his sexuality.

He stood not moving. He knew I'd make the first move. I did.  He knew he had to do nothing but supply the meat.

I leaned in, I took him in my mouth.  "Good boy" I heard barely above a whisper.....and a hand on the head. Somewhat avuncular, somewhat predatory. Maybe a little of both, not that they are exclusive.

I worked the dick in part to make him hard and get off.  I worked the dick in part to get him off so he'd leave.  Guys have guilt about sex after they shoot. Sometimes feeders have it during - but the need to suck overrides the guy who might not be as desirable.

Get it done.  Get it off. Get it over with.

It took 10 minutes. I slipped from the bench to the floor, his cock never leaving my mouth.  He was hard and I knew he'd have a load for me.  And I worked it out.

"Oh yeah, that's it" was the only other words he said, and that was right before he shot. I knew he was going to.  The load was minimal, but tasty.

Again, it wasn't about physical prowess, it was mental - and his being self-assured. He carried it in the way he walked and how he approached guys.  That he had seem my devotion did not hurt his cause, as he knew what he was dealing with.

He stepped out and I stayed a few minutes longer.

Passing through to the other side of booths, he barely nodded as he chatted with the fucking bookstore clerk.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Bookstore 3

He walked in, not a day over 40 and in shape. You rarely see this in at least this bookstore.

Tight grey t-shirt and track pants. I have no idea why I find track pants so sexy, but on the right guy - and this was the right guy - they are hot.  He had nothing on underneath them.

What he did have was a 7" very fat cock. Possibly fatter than the other guy's dick.

But as he walked in, I was still on my knees - just looking up at him.  He almost sneered as he looked down. He had every right. I was a cocksucker, he had just witnessed me taking another man's load in public and he was the hottest guy this place had probably seen for weeks or months.

He pulled his track pants down enough to expose that cock and huge huge huge set of nuts. I went down on him.

Since that last guy had shot some below my lower lips / chin area, when I swallowed this guy whole, the other guy's seed ended up coating this guys balls. No worries, I eventually licked them clean.

I did a good job sucking him, if I say so myself. I did at one point pull off to ask if he liked the show he had seen of me servicing the guy before him.

He shrugged.  "I like ass".

I stood up and gripped his incredibly thick dick. "This will be tough getting up my ass - it's so big".

"I'll make it fit", came the reply.

I turned away from him and while he rubbed against me he also said he couldn't fuck in a place like this. I'm not sure what he was doing there, but......then he said to follow him to the restroom and he'd fuck me there, since the door locked.

He was sexier in full light.  But there was no playing around. This was business.  He turned me around, my pants came down and I bent over.  Only mother nature's lube - his spit - was used.

He offered me poppers and I gladly took them. I found the opening and pushed. ...and he was thick. Very thick. He kept pushing and he didn't care about how I was doing. The reality is, looking like he did, he probably didn't have to care. People bent over for guys like this all the time and without a hint of complaint. I wasn't going to be the first.

He spit down onto his half-way embedded dick and said, "Ok, let's go" and pushed deep.

I wanted to brace myself against the sink, but figured we'd rip it out of the wall. It didn't look that stable and this was going to be rough anyway. I leaned more and put my hands against the wall.

Studman just went balls deep and started his fucking.  Unlike a lot of big dicked guys, he knew how to fuck. Many don't because they don't have to know, they have big dicks and don't have to have style. But this guy liked ass for a reason, he was good with his tool.

Don't get me wrong, he was stretching me open and we were both quiet. While I've never had issues having sex in this place, it was always a booth, never the restroom.  I wasn't sure how it'd go over.

After the "let's go" comment, not another word was said. Not even after 10 minutes when I felt him throb and knew what was about to happen.

No words of "pull out" or "don't cum  in me" were uttered.  Neither were words of "I'm going to cum" or "do you want it?".

I was letting a stranger fuck me in a bathroom of an adult bookstore. Those were the only things needed to be known.

He pulled out. I pulled up. I walked out. He must have to.....right out the door.  I was back in the video area again.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bookstore 2

It was a few dead minutes of wandering and seeing the same guys until I stumbled upon a prospect.

He was in a booth and his gym shorts pulled down below his balls. I spied him from the booth I was sitting in directly across from me. Remember, these booths have no doors.

He looked over at me too. This cock looked nice and very thick with a huge head. I stared and did a very very slight nod. Bookstores are rarely the place for over communication from the onset. He did the same back. I made my way over from my booth to his. He did not stop me from coming in.

For whatever reason he I thought I was new to all of this - whether he meant the bookstore or being with a guy is unknown - and I just took it and ran with it. Maybe it was his fantasy, maybe not, but I could play the part.

He had me kneel in front of him and he put that big head to my lips. I looked up at him like I wasn't sure what to do next. "Open up", he said. I did.  He did a few quick jabs with that meat and pulled way back. The guy was close already  - though to be fair, I have no idea how long he'd been there or how much he'd played with himself.

He then told me he didn't want to blow right then and I was a little disappointed. Of course, I wanted the load.

The guy had me stand up. He turned me around and wanted to see my ass.  I told him (still in that "role"), there was no way I could take something like that up my was too thick.  Actually, it was very thick and even for an experienced guy it would take some doing let alone in a cramped booth. Sure it could be done.

As it turns out, this guys was probably more about getting fucked than fucking. He wanted me to "rub" my cock against his ass. Then it was against his hole....but he didn't want it up there.  Soon enough it 2-3" was up there.

He had me go back and suck him and of course, one of the hotter guys who paid no attention to just me stood in the doorway watching and stroking his 8".  But he wouldn't let me touch it. I wanted it.....but I think he was interested in the scene or just the other guy and I was in the way.   ...then he walked away.

Rubbed his cockhead over my lips and had a nice string of percum that attached to from my lips.  He then did a few deep thrusts into my mouth and lots of spit came out stuck to his head, and stuck to my lips as it connected us for a few seconds before breaking and hanging off his shaft.

Again he had me stand and he turned around for just the "rub". But I jabbed a few times and then he mentioned he was going to blow.

While I wanted to keep the role going, I knew I had seconds to get on my knees. Eagerness of my normal cocksucker mode overrode the hesitant new guy role. He didn't seem to notice.

He blew a huge load into my awaiting mouth. I got there by a fraction of a second, yet some still hit below my lower lip. He continued to shoot and look down on me. Smile on his face.

"Swallow it", came the command.  I looked up and him quizzically and he clamped my mouth shut so I would have no option but to take his seed.

He smiled, snapped his shorts back into place and walked out.

Unknown to me, another guy was at the door.....waiting.........and just about to walk in.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bookstore 1

I was bored. It was raining. I went to an adult bookstore.

I was hoping others had the same idea, but it was kind of dead there. I've never understood this place. I'm not a half-bad looking guy, but the guys on my level or above tend to hook-up with the much older or the much skeevier.

Everyone has their own tastes and I know places like this allow you to delve into environments you might not do in the light of day. I get that.

So I was wandering around when a shorter, but somewhat attractive man passed me in the hall and purposefully brushed my crotch.  He wasn't hard on the eyes, but only 5'5" - maybe. Much shorter than I'd normally consider. He went into a booth, I followed.

As he leans against the wall, I walk in and he fondles himself. It's a nice package. I can tell through his jeans.

He pops the buttons and I see how nice. Between 9-10". Fat. Maybe 6" around.  It hangs, but you have to figure it takes a LOT of blood to fill that and make it super erect.

Going to my knees, I can't help but to take it in my mouth. It easily fills me up and then some.  Still, at this state, 75% hard, I can still take it all the way to the root.  He seems impressed.

I suck for a while and also work his nuts. Guys peek their heads in and check us out - one guy for a while feeling us both. The intruder turns me around to show both of them my ass.  The big dicked man rubs his penis on my cheeks. I want it.

I go back to my knees. I work the dick. I want the dick.  I tell him it's a "porn-worthy cock". He looks down on me, telling me he's made 22 bareback films.  I bone up.

I ask if he wants to fuck me,  he says yes, but not here, not now.

He makes me stand and jack for him.  He sucks me a little.  He tells me my cock is nice too. It is, but comparatively, it is not.

He is excited as I show off for him and he likes showing off for me.  He announces he is going to cum.

I drop to my knees, the first shot hits the floor.  The second my beard.  The third and additional ones in my mouth.  The amount of cum is amazing.  I have a huge wad on my face, a great splash on the floor and a good amount now in my belly.

He wants me to shoot, but I'm not ready....and I just got there.

He has my number. I have his.  He will be fucking me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dead and Alive

He was in traveling through town.  That's odd, as I am usually the one one the road and hooking up with out-of-towners.  Now he was taking my role - in more ways than one. Ok, in one important way.

I'll call him SP.

He has followed me on my blog for years, and yes, he gave me advanced warning he would be in town. And yes, I made certain accommodations to see him.

I met up with him, since at the time he didn't have transportation. Hormones were high and I was sexually excited, as was he - or at least so it seemed. I found an out of the way place to park and he went down on me. SP did a nice job.

I reciprocated on his nice cock, and he seemed to appreciate my talents.

Now, during my blog and twitter times, now and again I show a picture of my dick. It's a nice dick, if I say so myself. If I had a dollar for each time another bottom told me what I had between my legs was "a waste" (since I'd rather bottom), I'd be a fairly wealthy man.  Those comments no longer bother me, if they ever did.

That said, I am a bottom 98.8% of the time. Any time I've blogged about topping, well, those are all the times I've topped. It's not like I've left any of them out......and out of almost 500 posts, we're talking single digit entries.

I am a bottom.

But so is SP.  And he saw those pics of my meat and he wanted it - and told me so, repeatedly.  Somehow, I kind of wanted to give it to him, but you know me, I wasn't sure I was "up" for the task.  Even if I could get hard, could I stay that way? It's always been a problem for me, more mental than physical.  ....and I wasn't willing to get an ED drug for a singular fuck.

SP was very nice and said I could just jack off and push it up his hole at the last minute to get the load, but what fun is that - for either of us?  None.  Zilch.

Yet, SP excited me and I was pretty fucking hard with no outside help. The question was, where to go?

We talked about a seedy motel and I knew of one or two. We thought we'd split it, but somewhere in me, I'm thinking it was a lot of money for 15-30 minute event. I wouldn't last long, if at all, and we both had places to be.

Just then I got an hair-brained idea, but one I thought would work. I can't say SP was quite on board with it.

Right between motel 1 and motel 2 was a very very large cemetery.

I'd never been in it, but passed it hundreds of times as it was near a bookstore I used to frequent before they tore it down. Too many wrong-doings in that building I suppose.

Yes, the idea I came up with was to fuck in a cemetery.  Not out in the open, but in the bathroom.

For those unfamiliar with the bathrooms there, most burial sites have a men's and women's room not in the main building but back where they keep the tractors and backhoes - the maintenance shed.  Don't ask why I know this, I just do.

No one but workers around, so off we went.  SP was much more nervous than I.  But I get turned on by public and semi-public sexual acts. This actually helped with me maintaining my hard-on.

In the bathroom was one large stall and one urinal.  The stall locked, so in we went. SP was not so sure of this, but my confidence helped him through it.

He got down and sucked my dick and got me hard and wet.  I told him to pull down his fucking pants. He hesitated.

"Do it!", I said.

I've been around enough tops to talk the talk. The pants went down and he bent over, like a good boy.

I lined up with just his spit, but he insisted it wasn't enough and asked me to spit on my own cock. I hit the target like a pro and pushed in.

SP grimaced a little, and rightfully so. I am a little thick and I won't claim to have the most finesse or technique. I also didn't have time on my side. Now or never, baby.

"It hurts", I was told.  I told him to shut up and take it. I know from his past, he can take dick much bigger than my own.

His ass felt great, but I wasn't taking anyone's cherry. He knew what he wanted, he knew I was going to give it to him. Maybe somewhere, he thought I would just jack off and cum, since I wasn't built to top per se.  But here I was, at full mast and pushing in and pulling back like I was used to it all my life.

The hole felt great. Warmth and resistance. A place for a deposit.

Yeah, we could hear workers on the other side of the cinder block walls, but I wasn't too worried. Yeah, we  heard someone flush on the woman's side too, but again, it didn't stop me or slow me down, though we both kept our verbals to a minimum - which I hate to do while having sex............but you gotta do what you gotta do.

He begged for my cum and of course the irony is, I was fully hard and could have fucked for another 30 minutes. But it is public sex and one doesn't have those kind of luxuries. SP was a little nervous about someone walking in, at least that's my take and it's legitimate. There were few barriers from the entrance to the stall, no chance to hide quickly (i.e., someone standing on the toilet seat; only showing one set of feet in the stall).

I quickened my pace and focused on the task at hand.....or in ass.  And I shot.

I shot a three day load into his guts and he took it like a champ.  I stayed in until I was all done and he kept it there.

I was ok to go, but he told me to suck his cock off.  I wasn't quite expecting that.  You know how guys are - once they cum, they can be done.  And I figured, I was the top this time, I didn't have to, but he really pressed it.

He stroked and as I was bending down to take it, he was getting ready to pump his nut off.  I took it all like a good cocksucker.  Oddly enough, that's what I ended up being after all my bravado of topping. I still took the load like I always do.

I buttoned up and told him I'd meet him outside by the car and walked out the door.

I just was looking at the graves so close to the bathrooms.  If they only knew what went on a few feet from their eternal space.

I dropped SP off to do whatever he was to do - and all with my little swimmers in him.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cum & Go

He had had a bad day.

Work wasn't going right. Bank was fucking things up for him. He got a speeding ticket, which set him back $150.  ...and he was horny.

He needed something to take his mind off his bad day. He needed a distraction. He needed to get off.

I was the brief relief.

Early 40s, 5'10", maybe 180. The guy had a shorn head and a well trimmed salt & pepper beard. He seemed soft spoken at first - and at times during - but overall, he became somewhat dominant, demanding, verbal and well, he was a man in need who had a bad day.

He immediately pushed me to my knees. I went willingly, of course.

I sucked his smallish cock, which was still semi-hard. After fully getting it up, he was a respectable 6.5" and not really wide girth.  But that is not to matter. He had needs. I had needs. I was there to fulfill his. He didn't really care if he fulfilled mine.

Sucking was not true foreplay. He made it clear he wanted to pump, dump & go.

First it was me bent over a desk. He went right in, no easing, no testing the waters. He plunged right in, all the way in.

Going by his groans and words, it seemed to be just what he needed and he liked. For me, it was fucking heaven. Pressed between the desk and his cock, I had nowhere to go other than where he wanted me. We were both where we wanted to be.

I won't say the angle was great, mostly for him. As he was 4-5" shorter than I was, there was only so far I could bend over that desk.  The 30" height left us limited in his leverage and the power he wanted to exert.

At first, he pulled out and sat in a chair. I went down to suck him, but he really wanted me to sit on his lap and take the cock. The way the arms of the office chair were, that wasn't going to down on the floor I went, shoulders down; ass up.

This worked much better for him and invariably, much better for me.

The man was merciless in his fuck.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but he wasn't carrying if I did, or if I even liked it or thought it felt good. This was about fucking, cumming and going. I knew that when we first conversed on-line.

Ten minutes later, his breathing was telling me we were nearing the end. Sure enough, he howled and spewed his load deep into my ass.

He stayed in, I stayed down, and we let time and nature have him deflate and slide out of me.  No abrupt pulling out, more chance of his load staying in me, than being pulled back with his withdraw.

The guy moved around and I leaned up and licked him clean.  He threw on his pants and shirt and was gone five minutes later.

Cum, Blow & Go.  All according to plan.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piss & Moan

He claimed to be mixed race, but if he was, then I'm full-on hispanic. Still he had a nice body.  5"11", 170, 8.5 thick thick inches.  ...but I'm ahead of myself.

I was in a seaside California town, keeping eastern daylight hours, so I was wide awake at 03:00.  What to do when you don't even have to be at breakfast until 09:00?

Look on-line for cock.  That's what. 

Jared was awake and looking also...and one-half mile from my hotel.  I was worried he'd be all chat, as he liked to tease and just drop subtle hints via Scruff.  I wasn't there to flirt. It was now 03:30 - this wasn't flirt time, this was play time.

The good thing with Jared was, he was just getting up too. So many at that time are still up hitting the pipe or slamming, and that doesn't do it for me.....or being with guys like that.  I thought since I had the hotel room, he'd come to me, but he had dogs and they'd howl and wake his roommate if he left.  Half a mile, what did I care, I got in the car and went.

I found the house with little trouble and was in the door and in his room in a matter of minutes. His pics did not lie and actually he was better looking in person.  ...and he had to piss.  He'd been holding it until I got there.

We hadn't discussed piss, but I was in a mood and I was game. Into his bathroom he went.

He played with my tits a bit and then got my on my knees, like a good boy.

It took him a minute, but it seemed longer. While not pee shy, he had to work up to start the stream. It was a nice steady, warm stream too. It went on for a long time and then of course it started to get stronger and stronger, in volume, pressure and smell.  ..and taste.

I "let" him piss on my chest and I then positioned myself so it hit my face, my beard, my lips, and then tongue. Overall I'm not a piss drinker, but as soon it was over, I immediately regretted not taking some of it to show him what a good boy I could be.

But I stayed on my knees and took him in my mouth for other fluids. His cock filled out and it was a nice heavy piece of equipment. I did a good job sucking him, if his vocal responses were any indication - and I certainly liked having that cock in my mouth.

At some point he thought he'd fuck me - which I was down with. I told him I hadn't prepped, but he didn't care. If he didn't, I didn't.

..and while he tried, he couldn't keep that big rod filled with blood to make it worth our while at four in the morning. I don't think he liked his straight roommate was somewhere asleep in the house, but fuck, don't invite me over then.

No worries, I went right back to my knees. I tasted lube and my ass and still went down on him. He seemed to respond to the lips and tongue and in 10 minutes he was feeding me a load. Granted, it was not a big load, or even one with a lot of flavor, but getting a hot man off like that was what it was about.

As we I was standing up, he asked if I wanted a towel to shower.  Fuck that.  I grabbed my shirt and pants - I was going to stride back into that hotel before dawn, with dried piss over me, sweat and a load on my breath.

And I did. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Black & White & White

I was on BBRT and found a hot black man to play with.  Shorter than I would like, but his penis looked formidable.

The plan was to meet up with him after my work-out and our emails etc seemed to be fine with me coming over.  I find his place and pull into the lot.  As I do, I see some other guy go towards the condo to be buzzed in. I hate to say it, but he looked gay and I was wondering, "what are the odds".

I email my new "friend" and say, 'is it just going to be us', he replies yes, but others are coming over later. As I'm getting this, another gay looking dude is trying to get buzzed in.  WTF?

The second guy was larger, but not fat. Not as gay looking but he had a dad-bear thing going. He was having trouble buzzing in - and I thought it was him, but later when i tried to buzz in, it was not that intuitive of a system.

As I was trying to buzz in, guy #1 came down. He looked me up and down and any question of him not being gay was gone - he was totally queer.

But G (I'll call him G) buzzed me in and sure enough the bearish guy was in the condo.  He has an ASL shirt on, so I figured (correctly) that he was deaf.  G was very dark skinned and a lot of informal tatts. Many seem homemade, not prison ones.

He and deaf guy were already naked and all I did was drop my shorts.  Since I assume he met everyone on BBRT, that folks were there for raw sex. And we were. But with a third, I wasn't sure how it was going to play out, since clearly G was the top, everyone else coming over, assuming they didn't know others would be there, were all looking to get fucked.  I was correct.

G went to leave the room and Deaf Guy dropped to his knees and sucked me. I will say, he had a great mouth and knew what he was doing.  G came back and watched. G liked to talk low and dirty - I don't think Deaf Guy heard most of what was said, though he wore a hearing aid.

G went to fuck him, but only two-thirds hard. I asked if that first guy was up here too - he affirmed it. He said the guy just licked his ass - which of course gave me an idea.

With G behind DG, positioning himself, I went under both of them to lick G's nuts and beyond.  G slid into DG and I got a great view of the fuck while I licked. Ebony cock and white ass.

You all know I'm not much of a fucker, but G asked me to fuck DG and I did. It took work and I wasn't horribly stiff, but I got in and fucked. G took his chance with me too - while fucking DG, he got behind me and slid into me - at lest for a while.

G fucking me made me harder, which made DG moan. I actually did ok, fucking for about 10 minutes, but I wanted to cum. I wanted to show off for G and he was telling me I was a filthy white guy he wanted to fuck.

Always nice to hear.

I asked if he was going to fuck DG after I blew a load in him and he nodded.  It was all I needed.

I had a good five day load built up and I shot. ....and shot.   ....and shot.   Then I shot again.

And unlike a lot of guys, I stayed in him for a bit. No quick pull out. I didn't want to drag my seed with my shaft.

As soon as I was out, G pushed in. And he moved in and out, you could see my spunk covering his shaft. It was a sight to be seen. At least I enjoyed it.

It didn't take too much longer for G to use that lube and mix it with his own cum. He buried that dark bone up that guy's ass and just shouted as he was cumming up the ass. It was fun to watch.

While it was happening, I slid on my shorts, and shirt, grabbed my keys and nodded to G as I shut the door.

In and out.

That's what it's all about.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hot Sex

We'd been messaging for months.  Him wanting me to suck him, me wanting to suck him. It seemed ok. Scheduling was a fucking drag - as it went on for months with no actual interaction other than emails now and again.

42, 5'11, athletic.

But I was in a mood after the married guy in the previous post porked my ass.  As luck would have it, a few meetings got canceled and I emailed the guy asking if he were free. He was, but I had to come to him.  Fine.

His pics represented him very closely, which can be a nice change. He was nice, and in ways too nice, but I can get over that - and later, he'd have hints of less niceness.

While I was supposed to blow him, he started feeling my cock up through my shorts. Then out of my shorts. I felt up his cock through his shorts as well.

He was asking if me blowing him right there in the living room was ok.  Dude, I don't care where I go on my knees - I don't care who sees......most of the time. He mentioned he had stripped his bed for laundry, so he didn't want to go to his room. Ok. Here was fine.

But during the convo, he reached around and started feeling my furry ass.  He liked what he felt....I liked his hands on it. More attention was to my ass than anything else and I sensed a blow job would only be the foreplay - this was going further.   ...and it did - upstairs, exactly where he didn't want to go.

I did blow him. I did eat his nuts. I did munch, suck and kiss his asshole, but we knew what was going to happen.  He kept telling me "good boy" - when clearly I was anything but.

He reached into his bedside drawer and I expected the worse - a condom, as he said 'safe only'. Alas, the only thing he pulled out was lube and poppers. I said nothing. He said nothing.

He put lube on his hands and worked a finger or two into my ass. It felt good. I may have forgotten to mention that I had taken a load a few hours before and it still resided up that bum.

As he worked his fingers up my ass, I felt a little uncomfortable. Then I felt heat. I said nothing. The heat got a little intense and I assumed he was using that KY 'warming' lube. As I have never used/felt it, I had no idea the intensity of it all.

Like a good bottom boy, I kept my fucking mouth shut and let him do what he needed / wanted.  Soon he was positioned behind me, with my shoulders/face down to the mattress, ass up - and him pushing in.

Whatever heat I was feeling was replaced by cock. Hot flesh.

After a few minutes, he pulled out complaining of heat / pain.

As it turns out, he had been chopping hot peppers before I arrived and had not sufficiently washed his hands - if he had washed them at all. The oil from the peppers made its way from him hands, to my ass - and from my asshole to his shaft.

If you're not a fan of hot peppers, one thing you never do it drink water, as it only intensifies the heat. Milk is the preferred method for cooling as the protein does something to counteract it all. And while deep down I knew this, I wasn't really thinking in this regard.

We took a break to cool down and clean off the oils - but I did it with water and a wash cloth.  That did nothing for what I was feeling, but on I was a good 15 minutes into it now and quite adjusted. Still the burned continued. Oddly, it did not dampen our enthusiasm for getting back to the bed.

My mouth went back to the cock and balls, and soon enough, I found myself on my belly and a man with a 6.5" cock back at my hole....and fucking me.  Nice and steady, but not as hard as he could have been.

My hands had been in front of me, gripping the edge of the bed, but he grabbed then, put them behind my back and grasp each wrist. There he held them - forced them - behind to stay behind me as he leveraged himself to fuck me harder.

This was more like it.

His mouth to my ear, biting it, breathing heavily in it and sometimes speaking into it, he pumped my butt with his hard dick. There was some burning still, but I was well past that. The hot sex was now from his hip action and pinning my hands. He was a man on a mission.

In my ear, he was telling me he was going to breed my ass.  So much for 'safe only'.  Typical though.

And breed me he did. With barely a sound or a word, he shot directly up my ass, as deep as that squirt would go into my guts. I took it like a "good boy", not that I had much of a choice in that position.

Afterward, he laid on top of me until he naturally slid out.

He rolled over on his back, I did the same, though this legs were near or over my chest. His cock right there.  I just leaned up and over a bit and it was in my mouth.  Ass to mouth.  He loved that.

He talked of fucking me. He talked of how it felt breeding me. He talked about how my mouth felt on his ass - he said that last part so much, soon he was sitting on my face, my tongue deep up his shitter. He stroked much of the time.

Soon he was over my mouth telling me to open wide. I did and took his second load.  Perfect.  Three loads in six hours or less.

I was laying there with a hard-on, as would almost be expected. I was not expected to cum - I never expect that. It is not my place. But he was waffling on whether he wanted me to or not.  Part of him wanted to see it.  Part of him wanted to deny me. I usually get the denial and am ok with that.

Finally he decided to have me jerk off and shoot my load.  I'm nothing if not a exhibitionist, so I did as I was told.

The load was intense. Plenty on my abs and chest and up to my chin. He even mentioned something about it going past me, off the bed and onto his hardwood floors.  Kudos to me.

I'm not sure it counts, but I got another load that day.  He scooped some of my jizz up and not only fed it to me - which I ate, but he pushed some up my ass too - and it somewhat joined the other two loads already up there.

A hot time was had by all.  I had spent almost two hours there - and I had to get back to work. With my own cum smeared in my beard and his ass smell on there too, I gladly walked back to my car and drove home feeling a bit more sated.

....for now.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Uninvited Delivery

For a while, off and on, I have been blowing a married man.

I haven't written about it since it is all just too mundane for the most part. He has a decent 7" cock that curves to the right, but that's about all there is to say about him.

He tries to be verbal and now and again can pull it off, but most of the time he is too timid to really groan or swear it out. Hey, I'm into that, what can I say?

He also always delivers a sizable, if not a mostly tasteless load. But it's another one I get under my belt, as does he - albeit a different belt.

Today - like this morning - he stopped by for a blowjob. I needed a mid-morning snack, so why not?

But something changed today.  He arrived, we went to our mutual areas and stripped - he likes me naked. I don't care one way or another. But he saw me naked and came over and felt my chest - a weakness. I trembled.

He reached behind and felt my ass and into the crack.....trailing down to the hole.  I trembled more.  Noticeably. I wouldn't be any good at poker.

He sat me in the chair he normally sits in.  The one I kneel in front of to blow him. He played with my balls. He leaned down and lightly licked them. He was hesitant. It wasn't his first time, but I wouldn't call him experienced, though I reacted appropriately, as I like to have those licked lightly.

Surprisingly, he went south. Farther south. Right to where his finger had been before.

If he thought I trembled before, he got a much better reaction this time.  Again, not experienced, but when does a tongue on a hole have to have a resume's worth of experience?  I also find it hard to believe it was his first time as he claimed. Married guys don't eat ass willingly - do they?

I figured that somewhere he'd tire of that and I'd get down to my normal cocksucking and swallowing of cum of a married man.  How wrong I was.

"Rick" leaned up from between my legs, me sitting in that chair with my legs spread and up on my desk. I was actually in good position and he knew it and used it to his advantage.

Up on one knee, he was able to position his 7" curved dick at my hole. He didn't ask permission. I didn't say 'yes' or 'don't'.  He did it.

Slowly, methodically, he slid into me. I did not stop him. My lack of stopping was no doubt my encouragement, though I have him no verbal ok.

There was resistance of course, but it went in without any difficulty and I liked the angle.  He pumped my ass for a good 10 minutes before sliding out. I was hoping he was not done, but I have him no verbals of permission.

Surprising, he went back to eating my ass then spit on his cock and once again, he was in. This time there was not 10 minutes - more like three and he was over the edge.

As he was shooting, he asks if it was ok to cum in me.

Dude - you don't really care and you're a little too late. I felt no pulse of his dick or load, but going by his face, it was happening.

He slipped out and fell back onto the floor, out of breath as he couldn't believe what had just happened, when he clearly could.  I don't believe it was a spur of the moment decision on his part. So good for him.

Of course, he cleaned up and left - and I was still wicked horny.

But you'll get that in part 2 of my day.

Friday, August 03, 2012


Some many months back, I started blowing a guy I had met on Scruff and Recon about the same time. Same guy - same profiles, same pics. He talked a good game, and while he's older, shorter, etc, his head was in the right space.

He is a dom.  A nice dom, but in charge, nonetheless.

I even wrote about him here - and included, if I can pat myself on the back a little - I have the best blowjob he's ever had. As I said then and now, he's older and experienced, so I take it as high praise.

I've met with him several times since and he is truly appreciative of my oral skills. While we tried anal, he is a stickler for wrapping it and I just don't like that. So since then, we've foregone anymore attempts at him fucking me.

But not long ago, he had an idea to present me to his partner, as a gift. A gift of a blowjob.

It was a hot prospect but one that never truly came to fruition over the months. I put that idea well out of my mind.  .....until last Friday.

I get a text from the original guy, asking if I was free at 11:00a the next morning. His partner would be getting home late Friday night and if he was in a decent frame of mind, he'd put it on the table to have me come over and suck this guy off.

The stipulation would be - they won't really talk about the event to each other, and I wouldn't talk about either one to the other, before or after. I can do that.  Oh, and the requesting male would not be at the house. I was a gift, not a sideshow.

I found the house with no trouble. The front door was open, with the screen door shut, so I knew he was home. I figured I'd try my luck and go early.  I was not disappointed.

I knocked. He came to the door. I said something simple: "I believe you're expecting me".  He nodded and let me in.  No names, but I was directed upstairs to a bedroom. The bed was black leather - or pleather, no sheets and a few pillows.

Man #2 was in late 50s I'm guessing, tan. Very tan. Tan all over. Either had a tanning bed somewhere or just back from a lengthy vacation where clothing was optional. Not a tanline to be seen, and given the 'hood, backyard nudity wasn't really an option - too many prying eyes. The same eyes that probably saw me pull up and go in the house.

We got right down to it. I was hoping Man #1 didn't oversell me. Normally, I like to be on my knees with a guys standing over me, at least to start.  This guy sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back. His present, it was just my job.

The cock was maybe 6", nothing bad, nothing to write home about.

With each movement of my mouth, he raised his hips. It was hard to get a rhythm.

I know you're thinking he was fucking my face, but he really wasn't. It was almost like involuntary movements and it was hard to pace the blowjob, which is what I'm all about, and what gave me such a high review with his partner.  I felt like I was failing.

However, this guy was into it. His verbals - though only moans - indicated he was enjoying it. He liked my shaft work, my ball licking/sucking and I went further south. The guy REALLY enjoyed me chomping on his shit hole.

It was super smooth and really clean, so I was tasting  - not soap, but maybe some body gel or something. It wasn't unpleasant, but it didn't taste like "man".  I like tasting a man, not product.  Still, the guy responded. He clearly liked having his ass eaten, which is good because I love doing it.

That went on for about 10 minutes and it was back to his cock. And though he was hard, I could tell, I wasn't really getting to the end of the job. I'm not sure if it was me, the situation, him, a combo of, so I went a little for broke.

Knowing he responded so well to his ass being eaten, I slipped a finger up there. He liked it. He liked two even more.  Eventually, there were three.

...and sooner than later, he was bucking and ready to blow.  And he did spurt. A decent sized load without much taste.  While I love the taste of spooge, it was more the act that I liked, getting him off as a present from his partner.

We straightened ourselves up and I walked downstairs and thanked him. He did the same.

I got a note two days later from his partner, saying guy #2 was in a chipper mood when he returned home and was making dinner and just had a big smile on his face.

True to form, they didn't talk a word about the event.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bigger Than He Appears

He's a smoker, but I got over that quickly.  He's uber-thin too, but nothing to kick him out for.  He claims to have a 6" dick, but trust me, it's closer to 8.  I know a few things about cocks.

"Rick" was on a break, but he was the boss, so could leave office as he desired. At the time, he desired me.

Gentle pushing on my shoulders told me he wanted me on my knees, no playing around. The direct approach is good and I was never planning on getting to know his life story, so we both got down to business.

I already broke you the news that while he told me smaller, the more I mouth-handled the dick, the more it grew - close to 8" and a great thickness. Easy enough for me to take it to the root.

While we never talked about aggression or levels, he was on it. One or two hands on head, sometimes just to be there, sometimes just to be guiding me, sometimes to fucking make me take and hold that shaft in my throat and mouth.

"GAG"!, he mentioned once.

I'll be honest - I fake gagged. I didn't really have a problem taking him all the way, but I know that gagging made him feel good - and that's my job.

But I did go down on him - time and again. His flesh filled my mouth nicely, like it was meant to be there. It sure felt like it was. Rick wanted to fill more.

Over the table I went, ass up, head down. With spit, his and mine, as lube, he pushed in and gained access. As full as I thought my mouth felt, my ass was really filled up. And while he fucked me for a good 10 minutes, that is not how he wanted to end it. I would have LOVED for him to end that way, but he pulled out and sat in a chair.

I went right to my knees and took him in my mouth. I know ass-to-mouth can creep some out, but if you do it right and are clean enough, it's a turn-on all the way around....and you don't have to take a break to clean up.

Rick was not responding as well to my mouth, but with some tongue on the nuts and below, he jacked and got to full hardness again.

"Open up", he told me. I did. Tongue extended, he shot his load mostly there, though some got on the chin, in the beard and upper lip. No worries, I cleaned it all.

I noticed some semen between his fingers and asked for it - he gave it to me gladly.  Then I nursed this dick to make sure there were no traces of cum anywhere. Then he pulled on his pants and went to back to work - one load lighter.

Monday, July 30, 2012

That's Fucked Up

You know me - well, when I blog, you do - but I don't give only the good encounters, but I'm ok with admitting and posting bad ones as well. They are just as frequent as the great ones. It's dirty little secret in the blog world, since most will only post their good to outstanding hook-ups.

It was a scene that started out so good.

Hot man on Scruff - just my type.

Shaved head, nice defined chest, inked, looked and sounded tough. ...and he was in a hotel room less than a mile away from me. It would take longer to walk from the parking area to the hotel, let alone his room, than it would for me to drive the distance.

I got off on the designated floor and smelled smoke. I didn't know hotels still had smoking rooms let alone designated floors. But here I was - bummer. I think a man with a cigar can be hot. I'm not horribly fond of cigarette smokers.  ...and it turns out this guy was one. His room reeked of smoke.

That barely mattered as he opened the door enough to let me in - him there with his great chest, tough guy face and a dirty jockstrap on. He was waiting for me. We got right down to it.

I was on my knees gnawing my way through that off-white strap. I licked it, soaked it, chewed it and rubbed my face against it...all with the approvals from its owner.

Soon enough, the hardening cock was out of the strap. I was hoping for bigger, but aren't most cocksuckers? It was a nice size and thickness, I made incorrect assumptions by his size and and demeanor that he was truly packing.  And it was a very solid 6.5".

I sucked him right there near the first double bed. On my knees, face in crotch while he grabbed my head. Sound perfect, no?

After a while, he moved us over to a chaise lounge. Yes, this place had one. I didn't realize it at the time, but his iPad was playing porn and it was set up next to the chaise. Fine. I don't care if he needs the porn as much or more than he needs me.

But his hand goes to the back of my head and I'm "forced" to take all of his cock into my mouth and then into my throat. I lick the bottom of the shaft during this time - and also as a separate event. I also gnaw a little on his shaft, enough to stimulate, not enough to hurt or him say, "ow! teeth!!!!".

I'd say we're about 15 minutes into this suck and he takes his cock and beats it against my extended tongue. You know the deal where a feeder will grab the base of the cock, pull pack the shaft and then whack it against a eater's face, tongue or lips.  Yeah, he was doing it to me and I'm into that.

But you also know how they use the same motion to take the cock away in a fast motion, just so they can tease you and then hit you with it again - usually leaving your own spit and maybe his pre-cum on your face or in your beard?

I'm sure you've all seen enough porn to know of which I speak, even if you haven't experienced it personally.

It was on one of the pullbacks of his cock that body fluid flew. Not a surprise with the force he was slapping my dick and how wet I had gotten it.

Mind you, I was on my knees, on the floor, while he leaned back in the chaise, so I was looking up at him as any good cocksucker will do. It's important to keep eye contact with your feeder.

But as I was looking up, I also got to see the spit that flew off and hit between his abs and chest - it was mixed with bright red.

He looked at it. I looked at it. His cock still on my face. He saw me looking and I saw him looking.

First words out of this mouth:  "This is fucked up!"

Naturally, his first reaction was that I bit him and made him bleed. I've sucked enough cocks that me truly biting (not the mock biting I was doing) isn't in my repertoire.  I've never purposefully or accidentally bit anyone, let alone drew blood.  I've done this a few thousand times!

I know what I'm doing.

Immediately, I rubbed the inside of my mouth and then spit into my hand.  No blood. Whatever it was, wasn't coming from me.

He touched his dick and more blood.  "This is fucked up", came past his lips again.

He'd say it again another half dozen times over the next two minutes.  At one point he squeezed his dick and blood and either seminal fluid or puss came out the head of his cock.  "THIS is fucked up!".

Yeah dude, I got that!

He went onto say maybe it was from his PA. He didn't have it in and I saw no holes like one sometimes sees.  But he kept squeezing and the blood and body fluids kept secreting. I'm not squeamish, but it was a little gross even to me.

Being the mensch I am, I offered to direct him or take him to an emergency department - not so much for the blood, but I'm guessing there was infection there too.

Clearly, the mood was broken (duh!) and I got dressed and left. I rinsed out my mouth in the hotel lobby and when I got home, used lots and lots of peroxide and mouthwash

I texted him the next day to see how he was, but as you might imagine, he never returned with a reply.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Loads. One Feeder.

He said 39, 6'0 hairy and 210 and 6.5". He wanted to unzip, have someone go down on him, suck him dry. He said if he was comfortable he could cum again.

I never really assume most guys can cum a second time, even when they can, usually something triggers in the ejaculation that makes them want to get out of there quicker than shit.  I can be the same way.

At first he begged off because he was on the other side of town, but out of almost nowhere he emailed saying everyone who wanted to hook up flaked. I provided him where to meet and he said he'd be there in 20. He arrived in 15.

There was no foreplay. There was no discussion. He opened his pants and they dropped - and I dropped to my knees. Simple as that.

He (never even got a name) started off small and flaccid.  But after I had him in my mouth a few minutes, he was good and hard.

The man was verbal, no doubt.  I like that. I liked that.

He would tell me how my mouth felt, what I was doing right. Calling me names. It was all too perfect.

At times he'd let me do my job, others I'd feel a hand clamp on my head and my mouth and face would get fucked and fucked hard.  This is not a complaint, just a talking point.

The first part of the first load (oh, yes, there were two), I was on my knees while he stood in front of me feeding. About three-quarters through, he sat in a chair, me still on my knees, between his spread legs. When he fucked my face this way, it was to the back of my head and forcing me down into his lap. I was happy to take it that way - right down to the root. He liked it too.

He told me if I wanted the load, I had to work for it - but I knew that. This was not a guy to give it up easily and he seemed to have cum-control.  Many feeders are weaker and I can get that load whenever I want.  I'm not bragging, just stating.

But I also know a thing or 1700 about cocksucking and how to get the load, and I worked my oral magic for another 7-8 minutes before he asked if I wanted it.  The question was rhetorical as the only reason he drove to this side of town was to feed a cocksucker.  Like me.

The orgasm lasted a long long time. Besides the 4-5 jets of semen pumping into my mouth, as that spunk sat on my tongue, pooling the way I like it, his cock flexed a good half dozen times afterwards - after shocks, if you will. At that point, I could not tell if more cum was leaking into me or not.  I didn't care. I was taking it all anyways.  It was a lot, but I'm a pro.

"Swallow", he barked.  I never intended not to, but to be fair, he didn't really know me. And he was a man who didn't want his load spit out. I totally respect that.  I opened my mouth to show him his load and he told me again - "SWALLOW IT!".

I placed his hand on my throat to have him feel me gulp and he did - but the guy was a rough motherfucker and really really gripped it.   I flashed on a little danger, i mean, hey, I didn't really know him either.  But we were cool.

I went back down on him, as I love to nurse and suck a cock after a guy shoots.  I'm ok with them just going, but I want them to know I really appreciate their cock. I buried my head in his lap.

As a fellow blogger told me, "you make it seem like his (the guy in front of me) is the only cock in the world".

At that moment, it IS the only cock in the world.

At this point he seemed like he was going to leave and he stood. I got off my knees and sat in the chair he had been in. But he stepped next to the chair and waved his softening cock in my face.  I bit.  ....well, I didn't, I sucked.

Soon enough he was fucking my face and getting hard again. He was on the way to load #2.  This time I did more ball licking than I had the last. He responded to that. At some point, he pushes me off the chair and onto my back on the floor.  He squats over me and jacks and tells me to lick his nuts.  I do. He then crams his cock into my mouth and throat - there is no give with the floor, so all I can do is take it and gag a little.

Normally I'm good this way, but something about the angle and his force made it hard to accommodate the prick. He backed off and I went back to sucking.

Then he rolled off me and propped  / sat against a bookcase and I laid supine between his legs and sucked his cock. It was only a matter of minutes before he told me my second load was ready.

While not as plentiful as the first, it was much much much more thick - which was great. It tasted better too - or at least had more flavor.

This time, when he was done, he was done.  He pushed me off him and stood up without a word.

As he dressed, he did what he thought was the right thing and thanked me. I told him he never had to thank me and that it was my place to thank him.

He said he'd return for sure - and maybe with a small group.

Fuck I hope they're all like him.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kiss and a Fuck

He came in and changed into something more comfortable.  I sat at my office desk continuing to work until he was prepared.

Granted, he looks nice in the tight jeans and tshirt to which he changes, but it's not necessary for me. Not really. By the time we can usually arrange a time, I'm raring to go - no accessories needed, no matter how nice.

But he emerged from his changing area and came to my desk chair - standing in front of me looking provocative. I had not seen him for months and I wanted him - I wanted to be with him.  He leaned down and we kissed. A passionate kiss.

For whatever reason, kissing him makes me bone up like nothing else. I stood and we made-out some more. We kept that up for a few minutes, but in reality, whatever we think we have going on with that, it still ends up being sexual - dick/mouth, dick/ass, mouth/ass.  Certainly more than mouth/mouth or mouth/ear. At least at this moment.

One of the things he changed into was a re gifted present from me: an army green, lace up jockstrap. The pouch was too small for me - and actually for him as well - and even if I could get my meat into the pouch, it would never lace, at least without the balls popping out.

He was spilling out of it too, but more of it was laced than I could manage.  I noticed this after popping the buttons on his jeans open.  From there, I went and carefully used my tongue to snag the laces and untie was I worked my way down.

Using the tongue was important, as if one uses the teeth, one catches pubes in their teeth, making it unpleasant for the mouth full of hair and the tugging of them to the owner. Looking up, he liked what he was seeing - and why not, I bet it was a hot sight, and not because it was me on my knees.

While his cock was pretty much already free before I started that task, I completed my job before enveloping his shaft with my mouth. I blew him for about five minutes or so, making sure he felt good, making sure he was all wet. There was moaning on both our parts. There was his hands on the back of my head, at my throat and on my chin, all for guidance. To break the sucking he leaned down and really really kissed me. It was totally erotic from my end. And it got my mind on moving on to other things...... his ass.  He bent over the desk and I ate his hole. His perfect clean, yet sweaty, hole. I munched. He moaned. Just the way we both like it. I got verbal validation that he was enjoying my work.

After that, I did something else I know he likes:  me licking his boots.  This time I concentrated only on the bottoms of them, me on my back looking up at him standing over me, leaning against the desk.  I licked the soles of both boots before he pulled away, squatted down and sat on my face.  I love eating ass this way. But I love eating ass.  Period.

I'd say we then got to the main event, but I'm never sure what the main one is. For most, it is fucking and it is probably true here as well, but it's such a layered event who know?  It is almost always the final event.

With some lube on his cock and me bent over the desk, he slid ever so slow and steady into me. There really is nothing like that feeling of a cock in an ass. It is fullness without pain (done right). It is pleasure and stimulation. There is a sense of purpose for those of us who take it - and how a man feels being all the way up in you.  It can be intimacy. It can be lust. It can just be a need. Or all of those thing given the time, place and participants.

I'd like to say it was all, but at that point, it was a need - and I dare say I'm answering for both of us.

By this point, both of us were very worked up. That the fuck didn't last longer didn't surprise me. I would have like it to go on a bit, but that's ok too. As you will see below, I was working my ass on his cock when he clearly told me to slow down or stop, as he tried to delay the inevitable. But like a launch sequence activated, there is little that can be done to stop it.

He jetted into my ass - his boys going deep and me glad to be taking them.

I was happy to do it and eagerly await our next time.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Silent Morning Cream

His Scruff picture looked very masculine. For the record, he viewed me but said nothing. I ended up reaching out to him.

5'11", 175lb, short trimmed beard and looking like he would lack hair under the cap worn in the picture.

Pictures are deceiving. There are ways to interpret them, or we build our own back story on the man we see, that we converse with, that we temporarily want. I am 100% guilty of this.  This was no exception.

There was back and forth with vague messages coming from him. He was from out of town at a nearby hotel and leaving the next day - I had nothing to lose. I IM'd him a picture of me sucking a cock. No way NOT to get the point, right?

He got the point.

There was more back and forth on timing, which I feared wouldn't work - and it didn't until the next morning. He was slow to respond to messages but more than insinuated he needed his dick in my mouth. And since he had given me his hotel and room number the night before I took a chance and headed his way (one fucking mile!) and hopes he'd return my message before I got to his door.

He did not.  But I knocked anyways.  Again, I had nothing to lose. Certainly not pride!

The guy answered and let me in. I guess he read his texts? I don't care - he let me in.

But that's when reality smashes into "fantasy". I don't totally mean to disparage, but............

His wrists had too many gold chain bracelets on them.  The same wrists were too limp.  And too many esses fell out of his mouth.  And if he was 5'11", I'm 6'9".  I'm guessing he was 5'8" - tops.

The height didn't matter to me, because the idea was for me to be shorter than he'd ever be. That's always the case when one is on their knees, which is where I went.

At first the cock was unremarkable, but we have all been in that situation - well the cocksuckers and bottoms in this bunch - that what you see isn't always what you get. The guy did grow to a good almost 8" - thin shaft, but still 8".

He stood for a bit as I took him all the way down. Naturally. It's what I do. I worked on him until he was at full mast.

At that point he sat on the edge of the bed and I continued to work on him.  At this point, after being let in, not a word had been said. Not a sound made that wasn't saliva mixed with lips and skin.

Only at some point did he stand back up and say the only words uttered in that room until the act was over: "let's move over to that chair".   um.....sure.

He sat. I went back to kneeling.  This dick pointed straight up and I went straight down.  My lips played with him, my tongue danced, my suction varied - all in attempts to know what I was doing right or wrong by his actions, words or noises.  None of that was to come.

But his cock was hard, so I was doing something correctly.

I must have worked on it with my mouth another 7-10 minutes. Any experienced cocksucker normally can tell the approach of orgasm - even with a silent guy. I'd lump myself into that category, as this wasn't my first cock...........of the week.

I got none of that from him. Not even the additional last minute hardening of his shaft. I suppose if I were playing with his nuts I might have felt them tighten. But I didn't and I didn't.

At first I thought he started to pre-cum and that may have been the case. Then more. Then more.  But then my mouth flooded.  Subtle pulses that spewed semen into my mouth.

There was a lot of it. And it fucking tasted good. And he never made a sound or a move. I swallowed. Naturally.

I tried to get out of there with no small-talk. He tried, but it became more of a one-sided conversation.  I don't think anyone thanked anyone. Not my norm, but I wanted to go. I got a nice dick and a nice load from someone who wasn't as masculine as I would have liked or perceived. Time to go!

I got to the elevator and a masculine balding man in glasses was there in jeans and a button down. With nothing to lose, I eyed him up and down - without subtlety. Both hands were in his front pockets and I was hoping he'd start playing a little pocket pool - but the doors opened up and there were people inside.

He seemed hot, but maybe that was my perception.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Service - update

Yesterday I had my latest follow-up interview for the movie I agreed to do - "Service".

This time is was done with technology - Skype.  It didn't suck - no pun intended.  The filmmaker and I have a good rapport at this point. I have mentioned he was one of the earliest readers of my blog and we connected maybe seven years ago.

The filming of this was quite different than the in-person experience. The first one was getting used to a camera, waiting for sound and the constant checks for highs and lows. Also camera battery packs and back-up for filming in about 17 minute increments.

Don't get me wrong, it was an interesting process, but I didn't have a trailer to go to while I awaited the director to summon me. Such is the life of an ingenue as opposed to the mega-star. I'm sure that will all change.

Doing this on Skype was maybe not more relaxed, but a different feel. While both sessions were questions, it seemed more like a conversation between two friends. I have no idea how I came across at either session, but I was told the first one went well by those who have seen clips. I guess I'll wait to till the big premiere where I put my hands and feet in cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.  Save the date.

I will be interested to see where this all goes. Less you think it's all about sex sex sex - you might be disappointed. This isn't a porn. It's not quite a documentary either - at least I don't think.

Last time we did talk a lot about sex - my sex life. This time it stuck more to my blog, and blog in general. What I write, why I write and how. While not comparing myself to other bloggers, we did talk trends that I see in the sex blog community.

I won't go into detail - I mean, I'll want you to see the movie when it's released. And who knows what will make the cut when it's all done. He can't use it all.........I don't think.

I have no idea how many more sessions we'll do, but I am thinking at least a few more - one attempted for a week or so from now. No idea what the topic(s) will be and I just assume not know. I don't want my interaction to be canned, nor do I think does he.

Editing will be key in this, I'm guessing. I have all the confidence in what Christian is doing.

I'll continue to give vague updates as we move along.  We are a year in (or abouts) since conception and a few interviews down.  Keep the faith.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 Emails

In a perfect cocksucking world - arrangement for giving head (or getting, depending on what side of that card you're one) should take less than 5 emails - 3 is best. It can almost never be done in two. It just can't.

Three is the ultimate - introduction, one exchange of info the other way, confirmation. Done.

Happened the other day, so I know it is possible. It's not probable, as these guys like to do their foreplay with their hands on home-row, but really, get on with it or keep moving.

The CL ad said he was 37, married, 7" and needing to nut - no reciprocation. Um....ok. He was in the area and at a meeting, he gave a time in his response email, the confirmation was in my hands - and it was a done deal. All he had to do was actually show up.

He did.

No pictures were exchanged, or even asked for. That is either someone who is really confident, really horny or both. He might even be very good looking, but those guys usually want to show off a little. But I never offered my pic either - he was looking for a mouth, not a date.

I was a mouth.

He showed up on time, was true to his description, if not a little plain, but he's a suburban dad - I wasn't expecting perfection.

We went right to business, no formality and to his credit, no hemming or hawing. There was no embarrassment on his part or pretending he was shy about being where he was. He was a man with needs and dropped his pants to get them.

7"c with a curve to his left. I swallowed whole.

He was quiet - nary a moan escaped his lips. I get that, but I like a guy who makes noise - one how groans. One who swears. One who name-calls. And while he was doing me a favor, in reality it was I who was there for him. My likes or needs were secondary.

He let me do my work. I'd take him to the root, I'd tease the head, I'd lick the shaft, I'd play with his sac.

I worked on that rod for a respectable amount of time, but knew I could take him sooner, or later - as I know how to read a guy and his pending ejaculation signs. I was ready for the load - I took it. I took it all.

No moan, nor verbal anything while shooting. I hoped I made him feel good, but other than him cumming, I wasn't sure.

The load was voluminous but had little to no flavor. No biggie. I did what I had to do. I did what he needed.

When done, he thanked me. I thanked him. He asked if I could be his regular cocksucker. I said 'sure'.

We'll see if that happens.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


He's was a surfer type from Orange County. I met him in Las Vegas. There he was on Grindr and Scruff - but clearly so was I, if I knew that info.

'Top' was in his screen name, so I knew what he was about....but even with that you can never be sure. I was intrigued by his pic or I never would have let the exchange go on as long as it did. He was just down the road from me and I wanted him to put up or shut up. I'm 90% sure he was searching for something 'better'. We, as a gender, always are.

I said he had a nice cock for sucking. he replied "I want to fuck". To the point!

5'8", he said. Maybe. Possibly a little shorter. 180, he said. Probably close to the truth. Muscular, he said. He had the potential or once was. He had traces of it, surely, but he wasn't exactly as his pictures said.

Still he was hot and self-assured.

Answering the door to his top floor Mandalay Bay room, he was shirtless and just out of the shower. Still he had grey gym shorts on.

Being a guy from Southern Cali, he had the look. His pic didn't indicate it, but he had long blonde hair tied back into a wet ponytail. With his exposure to surf and sun, his skin looked older than 43 years, by at least a decade older. Still very masculine.

I walked in and he grabs my head and kisses me. He parts my lips so his tongue can go deep. He plays with my nipples through my shirt and of course that gets me worked up.

I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Mind you, it was still covered by his gym shorts, but I took it to the root. It was a great sight and great sensation for us both. I think it also showed him my commitment. This also elicited the first of many "Duuuuuuude" from him. C'mon, he is from SoCal.

I looked up at him as I pulled down his shorts and tell him 'thank' for not beating around the bush about what he wanted. "I'm not retarded", he replied. But as we know, so many guys are not up front about what they want. His response was great.

I do go and suck his thick dick for a while. Not a long time, as I don't want to get him close - not this way. Nor do I want to lose his interest as he did make it clear he wanted to put pole to hole.

We went over to his king bed and he guided me down on my back at the end. Pushing my legs over my head, he bent down and ate my ass. Normally, I love my ass eaten, and it was ok, but I was thinking it would be more than that. I'm not complaining.

He stood over me and walked around the side so I could get his cock wet. Without warning he bent over and 69'd me. There was never a discussion about touching, let alone sucking, my dick. He did a great job. Good enough that I had to pull him off so I would not get over-excited. This man had me OVER excited.

Since he ate my ass, I asked if would sit on my face. He asked 'why'? He was going to make me say it, as opposed to just doing it. I said it: "I want to eat your hole". He sat on my face.

Since he was just out of the shower, he was clean as a whistle down there. If he liked it, he gave no indication. Maybe he wasn't much into that activity - but normally I get a very good response. I sucked his cock for good measure as it was seemingly the only lubrication that I would be getting.

I was not incorrect.

With another gob of spit on my hole, he lined up his thick penis and pushed in like a pro. It slipped in with very little resistance, but I had one hit of poppers and was breathing steadily to take the invasion. In a minute or two he bottomed out. "DUDE!"

Then the fucking began.

With my knees close to my chest, he had full exposure to my asshole. He used it - that advantage and that hole. Deep strokes. Short strokes. Slow and fast. He'd flex that shaft - or not. He'd do nice even fucking and then jack rabbit like effect.

When he wasn't starting a sentence with 'DUDE!', he'd follow it up with 'I feel so fucking good'. When he'd say 'I' he meant him, not that I made him feel good. He was so into himself that way - if one were less of a man they might take offense to his self-centeredness. As it turns out, it was hot.

He made no apologies when he said what he wanted - what would please him, what would get him off. Why should this be different? He was in this for his pleasure, not to give it.

But he was giving it. Mental and physical. I was very much into it whether it was intended or not. I was full, it felt great - though I knew I'd be a little sore later, and I didn't care.

"DUDE!!! - I am so close". He'd hold back and a few minutes later he'd repeat that line. Then we went two or three more rounds of the same thing. It was still hot.

By the time he was building up that last edge (and over) he started asking me if I wanted the load. Over and over he would ask. Making me ask for it, on the verge of begging for it.

Maybe that is what he wanted. Maybe he wanted absolution for what he was about to do - putting a steaming load of sperm up my ass.

I asked. I pleaded. I received.

He popped up my ass where I could feel the throbs, if not the jets. He kept moaning and moaning, I knew he continued to shoot. Beautiful.

Personally, I thought he'd be spent and done with me.

As he kept his still hard cock up me, he started stroking my hard cock. You know me - I didn't care about shooting my load but he did. He wouldn't let up. And I was still excited and erect.

"Let's see you fire one off".

I hadn't cum for days so he was about to see me unleash - and I did. While it shot on my abs and up to my chest, a good amount ran down my shaft and onto his hand.

"DUDE!", he said as he took his cum covered hand and wiped it in my beard and across my face. I opened my mouth to catch some of it there too.

With amazing grace, he flipped me and moved me, so as not to leak any of his semen onto his 600 count sheets. There were no worries, my ass was clamped and I was keeping that load in.

He jumped in the shower, I started to dress. He showed me to the door when he was done and offered me a towel. I did the cursory wipe of my face, and while others couldn't see the mark, I knew it was there. And I knew it all day long at work.