Tuesday, April 28, 2020


FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

He’s married and I’ve been blowing him for about a decade now.

”Mark” is nice, decent looking, but nothing outstanding, except that he is a very upstanding guy. I mean, upstanding as a man married to a woman can be, who lets a fag like me blow him about twice per month. He’s sweet and has a nice 6” cock. And nice lips.

I know this last part because after a decade, he’s started kissing me. Not a lot. But he’s good at it, if not tentative. It seems once he realizes he's doing it, he kind of shies away from continuing.

He’s very mild mannered, but slightly less so now. We are talking about 100 blowjobs later, he should be a little more relaxed with me, no? I never fail to disappoint. I never fail to treat his cock like it’s the only one I’ve ever sucked. I never fail to swallow. To be fair, once I go to my knees, he's fine.

’Cocky’ is too strong of a word for him. But he is more confident than he had been. This time, he was leaning against my kitchen counter. I was tentatively going down on him. I wasn’t being a tease – exactly. He knew, as I had mentioned, that I was awaiting a call from the president of my organization. It would only be a few minute discussion, but rather than get in the thick of it, and having to stop, that we’d wait for the main event.

Mark’s biggest problem is lasting longer than I want. It’s my problem, not his, I guess. But I didn’t want either of us to lose momentum by a longer interruption. He was ok with this.

My phone rang and I took the call. Overall, my big boss can be short and to the point. On other occasions, he does like the longer explanation on things – and to be fair to him, I was asking for additional resources and to realign a large book of business. While the call was scheduled for only being 5 minutes, this is a guy who would make that decision in that timeframe.

As he mentioned why he wouldn’t be going with my suggestions, Mark kind of moved himself up and sat on the countertop. This was not one of the time my boss was giving the short answer, though I already figured the decision. Mark, however, had his pants off and briefs dropped and was hard. That motherfucking tease.

While bossman didn’t drone on and on, I did take the opportunity where I knew a response wasn’t needed from me, to go down on Mark’s cock. He was sitting there at a reasonable height where I barely had to lean over for it. With the phone still to my ear and not muted, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and then enveloped his shaft. And I bobbed up and down on it 5-6 times before coming up. He remained silent, though when I pulled off, he had his lips for in an O as if to convey to me, “ohhhh yeah”. As the call went on longer than expected, I did it two more times.

With the decision made, the called ended. Mark stayed where he was and I went down on him, with a purpose. He then verbalized how fucking hot he thought it was that I was blowing him on a business call and how I thought of his cock and his pleasure was as important as my work call. I don’t want to speak for him, but I’m guessing there was a little ego rush with all of that. His cock was sure stiff as a board in anticipation of my full attention.

And it got it.

I blew the fuck out of him. He was beside himself and I was using all my skills. Probably nothing new to him from what I have done before, I just think senses were heightened on every level. He didn’t last long, but he let go of a nice load into my mouth. His legs were weak when he eased himself off the counter.

He had a shit-eating grin on his face as he left. I, on the other hand, scrubbed down the counter, as it was bare ass on a food prep area situation.

Yes, even I have standards.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Breaking Quarantine

I don't need the lectures - I know I should have stayed sheltering in place. But I didn't. Well, I did, he came to me.

Like many of us, this (then) four plus weeks of being at home with little to no outlet leaves a man frustrated. I'll give the Grindrs, A4As, Scruffs of the world this: they encouraged people staying at home and not hooking up. However, the guys on those sites weren't really paying heed. Save for one time, I was.

"Rick" was an ex-Marine. He actually told me to call him "Captain". I was actually very good with this.

He had reached out to me a few months ago, as he was passing through town. Our schedules didn't mesh, and then he was gone. But he had returned. The claim was to take care of the children of a Marine buddy who had died. That might have held water with me until he mentioned the "kids" were in their 20s.

A week earlier he tried to tempt me to break quarantine. I resisted. He insisted he didn't have coronavirus, as he was tested at the VA.  I tried to explain, but I hadn't been tested and while no symptoms could be carrying the antibodies, as could he, He insisted he didn't. Had I been smarter / quicker, I would have said, if you were tested, that means you felt ill and had similar symptoms to flu and didn't want to get that either. But I wasn't that quick. As it is, I think it was all a big lie anyway, just to lure me in to play.

Flash forward a week later, and we were back at it. Though this time, he caught me in a mood. Four plus weeks at home and I was HORNY.  I mean, aren't we all during this sheltering in place?

I rarely post a pic of the guy about whom I'm blogging - but if I'm going to get judged for being reckless, you should at least see the specimen.

38, 6'2", 210, 6".  Uncut, at that.

A friend I mentioned this to (and showed) after the fact summed it up quite succinctly:  "I'd go 10 days on a ventilator for that".


Captain showed up right on time. He looked exactly as his pics and stat. He had a great baritone voice, which was great when saying "that's a good cocksucker", which is what I did after he stripped down and swallowed his rod.

I went to my knees immediately. He audibly moaned when his shaft sank to the back of my mouth. I treated that cock it was meant to be worshipped. And it was. I took him balls deep. While uncut, his foreskin didn't quite lend itself to me getting my tongue under.  "Worship that fucking cock" he said clearly, but we both knew I was going to anyways.

Captain grabbed behind my head and held me down on his dick while he pumped my face.  Excellent. "Fuck yeah, suck that fuckin' cock, man".  Music to my ears.

Eventually, he wanted to sit on the sofa, I remained on my knees. With his legs spread, I went back down on his cock. Now both hands were each at the side of my head, his strong grip moved me up and down on his dick like an expert, with him telling me I was a "good pussy cocksucker". This man knew what he was doing.

And he knew what he was doing when he said, "preview's over - time to take this up your ass".

This, good readers, is why I broke quarantine. It wasn't for a blowjob. Well.........when a Marine wants to play with you, you gotta support the troops.

I stayed where I was, on my knees, leaning into the sofa. Captain got behind me, slicked up his occk and pressed into my hole. Onto my hole, to be specific. Naturally, with a little pressure, that opening just dilated and welcomed him in.

As you'd expect from military, it was all business. This wasn't love or dating. This was boning. He had an agenda and was fully executing it. But he was a master of his craft. Simply put: the man knew how to fuck, and I told him so........a number of times during the process.

While you might think it would be military precision - get the job done and out, he was detail oriented but not quick.  We had a good half-hour fuck session before he was ready to unload his weapon of ass destruction,

The man was vocal, but no actual words formed. Moans, groans, borderline scream. All the while unloading 4-5 days worth of seed up my ass.

He claimed he hadn't fucked anyone in over a year, but I found that difficult to believe. If true, then I was honored it was me.

There was little chit chat on his way out. He wanted another go-round before he left town, but he's been definitive in any new meet up.  Probably for the best........while I want "it", the best things is to go back to sheltering in place.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Columbus - the Blowjob

I was finishing up my trip to Columbus. The morning was slightly a bust, but I had plans and couldn’t wait around forever. As usual, all the guys go their nut, but I didn’t get mine. That is always by design. The lack of ejaculation keeps me focused on theirs. I don’t lose my mojo that way.

But I was to meet friends for b’fast and I wanted to drop my load before going. It’s also a hotel thing. I always feel the need to nut at least once in those. It’s not just me, right?

I mean, what I really wanted was another load and a guy to either fuck mine out of me or tell me to stroke off afterwards. Getting sucked off or fucking a guy was like my third choice. The sucking option presented itself to me and the guy seemed cute enough. Manly would have been fine, but this was a younger 20-something Latino kid. He claimed to be partnered, but would sneak out of the house for my dick.

Since I love guys who will cheat for cock or hole, I was kind of intrigued. I invited him over with the stipulation of time. In theory, he seemed to understand. In actuality, he needs to take time management classes or at the very least, how to tell time.

By the time he arrived, I was already showered and packed. He came in, I pointed to the floor for him to kneel, not a word said. I didn’t fuck around with the letting him rub my cloth covered crotch. I just undid my belt and hauled out my 8 inches.

Normally, I’d want the cocksucker to be awed by the size, as it feeds my ego. Clearly, I rarely care about my own dick or its needs, but today, well………….I was ready. Today, I didn’t need is accolades or even his potential fears of the dick size. He annoyed me with his lack or responses on the way over and his tardiness. I was already lying to friends while I was behind schedule. But now I was not to be denied.

There I was, with him on his knees, and my dick hanging in mid-air. “Suck it!”. This could have been a hot directive, but it just felt like I actually HAD to tell him what he was there for – direction not a directive.

He had a decent mouth for a younger guy. He had a bit of experience, and one like this would expose him (or continue to) a new world. This could have been a relaxed, encouraging blowjob. Now it was going to be a little harsher, a little more insistent kind of encounter. It helped me grow up and helped me be a better cocksucker – I feel like I was paying it forward, in a certain way.

This was still for my pleasure, but now the focus was different. My cock would still get off and he was still gonna get the load, but it was going to be more due to my attitude and execution than the manipulation of his mouth. Clearly, he factored into the equation, but he was already less in my eyes.

He went down on my dick and my hands went to his head. Both of them. He knew they were there, present but not insisting. Not yet. But in my mind, he knew the implications and probabilities. He was younger, but not a virgin for fuck sake.

He was mostly on my cock. He wanted to spend some time near the head, which can be pleasurable to me, but usually I’m a guy who likes all of the shaft in the mouth. I don’t know if it feels better, or that just someone is taking all of my eight inches. Sometimes the head can be sensitive for me.

The Latino cocksucker struggled with that last part of my cock and would gag and pull off. I was insistent – verbally and physically – that he continue. I told him in no uncertain terms I was late, but I WAS going to get off.

He went back to it. He slobbered on it, involuntarily, that is, My hands were no longer just present but insisting. I fucked his face. I told him he was going to get me off, I told him he was going to swallow. If I’m 100% honest, I was more turned on by my behavior than his abilities. Like so many guys had done to me, he was a tool for me, and I had the ability to separate him from being a person in front of me.

I had been aroused, and then not, and then again, for hours on end. I had been doing my own edging all the last day as I took guy after guy up my ass – or rubbing myself as I attempted to get other guys. I knew the load was big and knew it was coming. Deep down he knew it would be coming but not when. I wasn’t giving up that ghost.

As my hands were already tight against his head, this was no longer an indicator for orgasm. I think he was struggling to keep up with me to notice a change in my breathing. But it did change and sperm started making its way up my shaft.

I did grip tighter, but he wasn’t getting away before and certainly not now. I shot. And shot….and then again and again…….etc. He gagged. I mean, between the volume and the lack of ability to pull off, what else could he do?

Sperm oozed out his mouth. “Swallow it, motherfucker”. He tried. Not hard enough, not valiantly. He eventually got free, as admittedly, my grip loosened a bit during my pleasure. A shot or two went on him and the carpet. “You stupid fuck!”.

I yanked my cock away from him. Still wet, still cummy, I tucked it into my shorts. I immediately picked up my already packed bag – put my hand on the door handle and said, “close the fucking door on your way out”………..and I left.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Columbus 2020 - pt 5

Shorty after dawn, the seventh and final Columbus guy was good too. More slight than he seemed in his profile. Foreigner too. I’m guessing Serbia, Croatia, etc. Hard to tell. He was very confident in his BBRT exchanges. He had my room number. He used it.

The guy talked a good game and lived up to it. He was all business. There would be not chat. No kissing. There’d be almost no face to face. Actually, I was ass up when he walked in the door.

From behind, I could hear his pants being undone. I could hear him taking them off. I could feel him stepping up. Closer. Body heat against body heat.

What I didn’t hear was a lube bottle being opened. What I didn’t hear was spit being applied to his hand. I had a fresh load up me. I had some lube on and in my hole from that. I truly had no idea how big or small he was, but at the moment I was curious, but not concerned.

”No lube?” I asked. “We’re going all natural”, he replied. I felt the head at my hole. His hand at the small of my back. The lean-in, the pressure and then the giving way – my ass allowing him entry. He just kept sinking until he was all in. About 6.5”, I’m guessing. “There was no waiting to adjust. He just started fucking. I don’t know if he sensed there was a load in me already or if he was just curious, but he asked. I answered. This was good for him. He used it to his advantage. He knew I had been opened up and seeded. So he fucked. Hard.

While he did edge, it was in the traditional way……stopping altogether or pulling out to cool down. He talked about wanting to see others fuck me. Breed me. I wanted that too. While he went back in, I got on my phone and looked. There was a guy in the hotel, but he wasn’t timely in answering texts.

We ended up with no one, but he went and ploughed me anyways.

The fuck was good and he was verbal – putting me in my place with words. Letting me know how my ass felt to him. I made sure to let him know how good his cock felt up me. It’s important to inflate the top this way – sometimes they care, sometimes they don’t. But fucking feed their ego – it can only help the process unless they don’t want you talking at all.

But I loved being bent over for him, my head down on the bed, my ass up. I loved his slightly broken English as he pumped my hole. I like that he knew what this was – and treated the situation as such. But loved how he told me that he’d like to see a few strangers load up my ass, with me not being able to say ‘no’ to anyone who walked in the door. How he’d sit and watch. How he’d be the last load up there. It was good one-sided discussion as he moved in and out.

Sure, it was all pseudo-fantasy, but I think it kept him engaged and hard. I know lots of us on these apps want those kind of scenarios, but they can be SO hard to arrange. He wanted to unload, so now I was encouraging him. I took to degrading myself for his arousal. That’s the way I perceived it, I should say. I told him to dump his load into “this cum receptacle”. I called myself a “faggot” for him, I dehumanized myself to help him push over the edge and into my bowels. It worked.

I could feel him pulse – knowing that with each one, a shot of sperm was being dispersed up my ass. I told him to fire his DNA into me. I’d say he complied, but it was happening no matter what.

He was not one for quick withdraw either, which was great. His weight on me, I wrapped my muscles around his cock and squeezed. I systematically took every drop of cum he had. I’d feel him shudder a few seconds later. He had no complaints. Eventually he slid out, but not due to going limp. #He just rolled over, his back on the bed, his cock in the air. “Get to it. Clean it off”. Nice.

I slid from the bed to the floor, on my knees, his legs spread, his add right at the edge of the bed. I licked his nuts. They were wet. I licked the base of his shaft – the same. And I worked my way up. Then the sides. Then back to the top, then took the head in my mouth and devoured his entire shaft. It was shiny, it was clean - - by the time I was done with it.

He was also in no rush to leave. He wanted me to look to see if anyone else was around. By this time the guy staying in the hotel responded, but he was not timely in anything and had way too many questions. He would eventually be one of the guys I won’t even bother to document in a post.

The entire time, the guy here still had a full hard-on. Impressive, though possibly pharmacologically induced. Still, it worked for me. I slicked it up with my spit and climbed on the bed. He knew what I was about to do and didn’t stop me. I got my knees on either side of his body, reached behind to grab and steady his cock and eased myself down on it. In seconds, I was at his bush. And I’d do the riding. He allowed me to do all the work, but I could see by his face he was enjoying the sensation. He mentioned to me how he could feel his own load. I certainly hope that was true.

After 5 minutes or so, he made it clear he wouldn’t be able to nut again. I kind of figured that, but a faggot can dream, right? I climbed off, but before he could even say a word, I swooped down and took his dick into my mouth. I went about cleaning it again………….gladly. Two minutes later, his clothes were on and he was out the door, leaving me with his swimmers doing their job inside of me.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Columbus 2020 - pt 4

When I do hit Columbus, I'd say for the last six years I've almost always had the chance to meet up with "Scott".

It's always late at night, or early morning - and by that I mean 11p-1a. It seems he sneaks out of the house when his husband is asleep. It's the way it's always been with us.

Scott and I started hooking up here about six years ago. It clicked so well......and so wrong....that there is almost never a time I'm in town when we don't find a way to fuck. Well.......he fucks. I just take it.

The big black brute hadn't left much before Scott arrive. Per usual, door was unlocked and open. I was on the bed, kicking back, anxiously waiting his arrival.  Pushing 6' and about 180, and hairy and handsome as fuck.

He also has a nice cock.

It's not the largest I've had, but you've heard me say it before: attitude and execution will always beat size. And he has the attitude, in spades.

Scott intuitively knew me - and I him. He talks dirty, at our first meetings they were implied dirty,  or even double entendres. Then we moved to more overt.

Sexually, Scott does nothing to me, per se. He hasn't fondled my cock. Nor has he sucked it. There is no his eating of my ass or me fucking him. The 'relationship' is all my taking care of his needs.

That said, he's a great kisser. But truthfully, he likes my lips elsewhere.

This last time, there was almost no cocksucking either. We were laying back, me admiring him, feeling him everywhere. Touching hair.  And talking. Dirty. He wants so many things for me - but mostly to watch some total stranger to both of us just fuck the shit out of me.

I want that too. Not just for me, but for him.

Finally he goes, "you're tongue hasn't been up my ass yet". He was right. So down I went. And there I stayed for a good 30 minutes. His ass is as hairy as his chest. I feasted.

I'm not sure if I love eating his hole because it's the best one, or just a guy with the highest appreciation and expectations for a guy like me. And there are times I'm just over-eager to please. He is one of these times - each time.

But that's not what he came for. The goal was my hole.

He got it. The man fucks like a beast, but in a good way. He just ploughed my butt. I took it. He loved knowing how many loads were already planted there. He was sorry he'd seen none deposited himself.

Scott talked a lot, while fucking, what he'd like to see happen to me. My hard-on poked into the mattress as his hard-on poked into me. Full body weight on top of me making me take an feel every inch, all the while his verbal skills were on point.

Sure, I got called every name in the book. Sure, he goaded me into begging for his load. Sure, told me how lucky I was to get his dick. It was all spot on.

Scott was close, but I wasn't going to get it without begging. Well........that's probably not true, but he wanted to hear it and he knew I was more than willing to do it. When I asked for it, then pleaded for it, he called me a "filthy pig". I told him I agreed with him. Saying anything else would be disingenuous, since I had just begged for a man to put his sperm into me.

Then he unloaded. Four days worth. "Take my filthy load you filthy pig - take it all up your fucking ass".   And I did.

Like a good boy, when he finally slid out of me, and off of me, I slithered down to envelop his cock with my mouth. I cleaned him off good. He didn't even need to get a washcloth afterwards.

Scott didn't thank me - nor should have. He said he'd see me next time, and we both knew this to be true.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Columbus 2020 - pt 3

Back at the hotel, before I had to meet friends of an event and dinner, I did put out a BBRT ad.  I had three hours, maybe I could get into some kind of trouble between now and then.  There were a lot of interested parties - for now and later. As usual, the 'nows' started to flake when push came to shove.

I only had one taker. Meh.

Honestly, I had a glimmer that I might have had him fuck me before, but I couldn't truly say. There wasn't anything memorable about the fuck. I was on all fours on the bed and he pumped hard, no notice of impending orgasm, shot and pulled out. I wanted to go ass-to-mouth, but he claimed sensitivity and put his pants back on and left.

I went to my event and then to dinner, with three loads in my hole.  Immediately I headed back to the hotel with a new BBRT ad, plus using a number of hook-up apps.

I got another guy staying at my hotel, but fuck he was creepy. Why it took him so long to walk down the hall is beyond me, except after seeing and interacting with him, I'm guessing he was getting high. He came in - remember, I like to leave my door ajar - and he immediately started complaining about his "friend" who had just robbed him while he was in the shower. He came out and all his money, and his friend, were gone.

There was more than an assumption that this guy would rob me (spoiler alert: he didn't). I really wanted to say 'this isn't going to work', but assumed anything I did to reject him would put me at risk. So, he used my mouth and ass. It was fine, though I was thinking of getting it over with so he would leave, while he actually fucked my ass while perusing his phone. It seemed neither of us wanted to be there, but no one stepping up to the plate. He claims he came, but I wasn't honestly sure he was up for the task. Maybe he did, perhaps he didn't.  But he hoped to come back later with a friend to double team me. Naturally, I said 'yes', knowing I'd never let it happen, but as you can assume, he disappeared with the wind, which was fine.

I finally got a good one on the hook. It is possible I had him my last trip to Columbus, but honestly I think it was a different person.  He is black, 6', 220, but built solidly. He didn't tell me the cock size up front, and I didn't ask. I rarely do, as it's not about the size. I'm gonna bend over either way.

Having not learned my lesson, I left my door ajar, and put my face down in a pillow and ass up in the air at the edge of the bed. It would be the first thing he'd see when he entered. Only a dim bathroom light was on, so it added to the ambiance.

I heard the door open, close and lock. I heard him say, "man!". And I heard his pants hit the floor.

Soon enough, he was behind me. I'm assuming he saw the lube. I'm assuming he put some on. I didn't turn around. But I felt it. Even after taking five cocks in my ass that day alone, and one the day before, this guy was making himself known. He fulfilled the stereotype of black men and their cocks.

He had some finesse with it, until he didn't. Or didn't care. He was nailing that hole, and nailing it hard. The man had endurance, and I was feeling every thrust. He told me I was taking 9.5" of dick. It'd have been nice, but when I went to feel it, I'm guessing it was a solid 8, maybe a little more, but it was the girth that was really working my hole over good.

The man was unrelenting. We were in over 40 minutes. At one point, while I don't think I was trying to physically come off his dick, I think I was moving further up onto the bed, he grabs me by my hips and says, "you're not going anywhere" and pulls me back down onto his shaft.

That alone was almost enough to get me off. The force and determination. And it was enough to get him to the edge.......and then off.......in my ass.

I couldn't feel the cumming per se, but each throb of that thick dick I could - and knowing each pulse was some of his jizz in my hole.

While it was a decent fuck, it wasn't my last one of the night. That one was more scheduled.