Sunday, September 24, 2017


I've said it before and most likely will again: in this day and age, it is more and more difficult to have a truly anonymous sexual encounter.

You get a text or an email. If you hit someone's apartment or house, it's all too easy to find out who they are (or who you are, should you be hosting). Everyone is way too free with their information.

So while I was going to be out of town, I placed a craigslist ad a half a day before arrival. Any more than that and people lose interest. They want sex in a shorter amount of time. I totally get it.

All I got was an email address with a phony name, but a real person.  All I knew is what he told me:  6' 180, 7c, 34 yo, mwm.  Don't know if he was married to a man or woman. Didn't care.  Didn't know what he looked like.  Didn't care.

All he showed me was this:

The rest of the email exchange was fairly standard, save a piece that really hit home.  He wanted it totally anonymous.

So far, he hadn't breached a thing. A cock shot, that may or may not have been him. Stats, that may or may not have been his.  I emailed him my hotel and my room number after arrival.

Most every hotel was booked this weekend in question. Mine ended up being one step above a tenement. I could have probably knocked on any door and bought heroin. Sleazy would be an accurate description.

It was a risk for sure to leave my door ajar. But he emailed to say he was in the parking lot, so the amount of time the door was unsecured was minimal. Though it was longer than I'd like. The guy was a little suspicious of the lobby and the hallway. I think he hesitated coming up.....and with good reason.

But I was in place. Jar of lube next to me on the bed.  Me on all fours on that bed, face down in a pillow, my ass facing towards the door. My hole already cleaned out and lubed.

He said nothing. Not a word. Having no idea what he had on, I had no idea what he took off, if anything. I'll give him this, he was already hard.

Usually, a guy has to prime the dick to get erect, or wants the bottom to suck him till he's hard. Not this guy. I think the scene had him so fucking boned he was ready to go.

If he reached for the lube, I couldn't sense it. He was right at my hole immediately. He was right in my hole immediately after that.

His stats said 7".  That picture looked smaller. But it felt at least like 7" up my ass. Again, I don't know if the stats or the pic were real. I kind of hope they weren't.

The guy knew how to fuck. He pounded my ass from the word 'go'. There was no slow-down. There was no change-up. He was full-in, full-out. And he wasn't quick. I mean - I would have liked it longer than 10 minutes, but it wasn't.

As he was shooting, it was the only time he talked.   "That's a week's worth of cum for you hole".

I hate withdraw. And when you're in a situation like this, I knew there'd be no slow, let the cock get softer and slip out kind of thing. Nope. He pulled it right out.

If he cleaned up at all, I don't know how. Soon, I heard the door open and then close. Since I heard no belts being buckled and such, I assume he never took anything off. Or he had gym shorts that he just dropped that were silent.

He was gone.....and yet he wasn't. His load was deep up my guts. Seven days of it.  Allegedly.

 A little while later, I shot him a message to thank him for the fuck. Immediately, I got an automated response or a non-working email address.  

Well played Mr. Anonymous.   Well played.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How it Should Be Done

He was wanting head.........and he wanted a good blow job.

Via Scruff, he mentioned he was back from an out of town trip where he had got lousy head. Too much hand, too many teeth and he didn't swallow.  I replied if there was hand at all, it was a handjob

I got to his place, and he was waiting, opening the door as I came up the walk. He anticipated the arrival, and was horned enough to get going right away.  ....and he possibly didn't want me knocking or ringing the doorbell which might set off the dog to start barking.

No worries, me just saying 'hey' did that.  The dog would bark the entire time I was there, though I never saw it.

I rubbed the front of his pants and said I was sorry for his bad encounter, but that I would take care of him much much better. I could feel him responding to my touch.

Down to my knees I went, right in his foyer. A cat walked by, looked at me, and kept moving. It didn't distract me from the task at hand.

I reached up and unbuttoned his pants....and unzipped. They fell to his ankles. This left only his briefs, and those were beginning to tent.

Like a good steward of his need, I nuzzled those briefs. He got harder. I licked through the fabric, he continued to rise. I gnawed on them, I got a moan. Every so slowly I pulled on the elastic, but only a bit, exposing the root of the cock. I went in and licked. More moaning. I showed more dick, though I was so close - so in there - that I didn't really see it. My tongue could feel it. ......and yet, more moaning.

We finally dispensed with the build up and I pulled them down past his balls.

There'd be no hands with me. There'd be no teeth - though never underestimate the power of chewing every so lightly on a hard shaft.

I went to work.  Mouth. Lips. Throat. Tongue. All in different order. Orders. And different combinations.  It is important to switch it up. Keep them guessing. Complacency, even in giving head, can be a mood killer. I agree you have to find what a guy responds to, but they might not know everything they like. And it helps postpone the inevitable just a little longer.

"Dave" liked the swirl. A combo of going down, and when coming up the tongue swirled around the bottom of this shaft and then fully around the head. He likes head work, but the combo really made him respond.

If he said it once, he said it a dozen times: "fuckkkkkk........this is the way it's supposed to feel".

I love when a guy talks about my skills real time.

He kept saying he loved the way my lips stretched over his dick, so I'd do it again and again. We were into a rhythm and he said, "keep that up and you're gonna get a mouthful".  I pulled off and asked if he wanted me to get him off now or edge him.

"I want you to get me off and take my load now!".

So back to the swirl I went.  I could feel him get harder. And the more I worked, the more I felt a pool of my own saliva and his precum mix in my mouth, and beginning to fill it. I was afraid I wouldn't have sufficient room for his semen.

At that point it was too late.   "DON'T STOP!" he screamed.....the dog barked more.  He started cumming and he fucked my face more. This was not a stop and let the load out scenario. He kept pumping his cock and load into me.  It was great.

I cleaned him off after he stopped trembling.  He looked down at me, "now that is the way it should be done!"


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Right Answer

So I kind of have been lusting after this guy for a while. Like years.

I've seen him at CLAW, but got little to no reaction. Last year he stopped to talk to me. This year he kissed me. The kiss, the attention, kind of made my CLAW.

As it would turn out, I'd run into him outside of this venue. Oddly, I know where he works, only because I used to work there and inevitably there is a Facebook trail of him with friends of mine from that previous employ. So now I know a name: "Bob".

Sometimes this town is too small, but for this instance, it was kind of working for me.

I won't say I actively pursued him, but if he were on Scruff, I'd ping him to say 'hi'. Sometimes I'd get a response, other times I would not. Mostly the responses were generic and friendly and nothing sexual. I could have easily let it be...or he could have blocked me, but he didn't....and I didn't.

One day, the convo turned a little dirty. I let him do the lead, as I didn't want to overstep and scare him away.

Bob is in his 40s, 5'10", 220....but wears it well. Swarthy would apply here.  Dark beard and hair - almost black, if not black. And nice ink. He also has a nice 7" dick.

During this electronic back and forth he established he liked that I wasn't a fragile flower. We made plans to get together.

The man showed up - and while he was business casual, he fucking wore it well. He was swarthy and hot as fuck. The first thing he did was unexpected - grabbed me and kissed. Now there are guys who can kiss and guys who can't. This guy ranks up there. Lips are full and soft, but still masculine as fuck.

It was about this time and that he reached up and played with my nipples.

Now, you know I love that, but he picked up the resistance. And kept increasing the pressure. To a lesser man, it might have been tit torture, but I'm not sure it was. Even though there was a time or two I internally cringed....or maybe a little externally too, as he was keeping a watch.....I said nothing. Never a once did I ask him to ease up or stop. It would have been the wrong tactic.  ....and I didn't want to disappoint.

"What do you want to do?" was his question.

My reply: "that's not up to me".

"Right Answer!"

I've been around the block a couple of times. Yes - just a couple of times.  Don't judge.

Before long, I was on my knees - mostly because he told me to and guided me there. I didn't get to open his pants I was would have preferred, but this wasn't about me. It's almost never about me.

We first started off me sucking his cock with him standing over me. It's a nice cock. Not off the charts big or anything, but formidable. The more important thing was he liked it and knew what to do with it.

I'm going out on a limb to say I did an exception job sucking his dick. I don't think he was acting with his moans, and we both know I was not just sucking but worshipping. I think we both wanted that - and expected it too.

He looked down and me and spit right in my face. Fuck yes!

He went over to a chair, sat and spread his legs, as his pants had come off earlier.  I went back to putting my mouth on his phallus.

"Aren't you a hungry faggot?".  I was. The question was rhetorical, but I nodded with my mouth full anyways.

"Right Answer" was his reply to my non-verbal.

Going by our pre-meeting exchange, I knew this would not end in me sucking him off. I was counting on it, though I would have been happy taking his semen in my mouth and swallowing it all.

Eventually, he pushed me off. He told me to get up and bend over and grab my ankles. I complied. There would be no lube other than what was my saliva covering his shaft.  ...though that's not exactly true. Bob wouldn't actually know he wasn't the first to fuck me that day. Or the second. He didn't ask - and I didn't want to seem too slutty.  (maybe more on those in a later post.)

He pushed hard into me. This wasn't making love. This was going to be a fucking.

.......and the man knew how to throw a fuck !!!!!!!

"Tight....fucking.... boy....!" he grunted through his teeth as he ploughed my cunt. In my mind, I was going back and forth on if he was just using a line or mocking me, as I knew at that moment I wasn't really super tight. It seemed to be said with filthy who knows.

This position worked for a while but then I was bent over the desk.  I rested my forearms onto it and he went back to work.

At one point his hand came down on my ass. Hard.

I know there are some of you who don't like to incorporate that into sex. I don't mind.

I'll rephrase:  I don't mind if it's done correctly. I'm not necessarily one for being beaten, but a few slap arounds is fine - if done with commitment and strength. I don't want it to be half-assed of as a 'let's test the waters' phase.

His palm made full and solid contact with my left cheek. I couldn't see the handprint, but I knew it was there. It was the perfect amount of force, but more importantly (and some of you will get this), it was centered just right. If you don't align it correctly, it's comes off wrong and weak...and a missed opportunity.

I moaned for the sexuality of it. The masculinity of it. The sub in me knew I needed to for him. But I moaned for the perfect execution of it.

I think he knew it too and that it might not be replicated or improved upon - as it was the only one I go, which was totally fine.

"Fuck!  You are SO wet!".  I asked him if that was a good thing - and he said it was. I still wasn't willing to offer my my earlier day activities. I'm hoping he thought he was making me wet......and fuck, he was in so many ways.

Bob picked up the pace. I knew it wouldn't last forever though I would have been happy if it had. Or at least another 20 minutes.

He started to huff and puff.  "Do you want my load? Do you want me to shoot up your ass?"

I restated, "that's not up to me - you'll do what you want anyways".

"RIGHT ANSWER" he screamed as he unloaded up my ass.

The man was a vocal cummer. My windows were partially open, but no one really around to hear anything - not that I would have given a rat's ass if they were. Let them all know what was happening and how.

He slowly slid out. I asked if he was super sensitive and he said sometimes. I dropped to my knees and asked if I could clean off his cock.

"Go for it!".

So I did. "That's right, lick that cock clean, faggot". All I could taste was cum. It might have been his It might have been a mixture. I got him all squared away where he didn't need anything but to find his underwear and pull them up.

Before he did, I got another wad of spit right into my open mouth.

We were chatting a little as he dressed. I lamented I didn't get to lick his ass.  He mentioned he wasn't perfectly clean down there - and I said, that shouldn't be your concern.  He came back with - "it is if I was going to kiss you"  - which he then did. Deep and sensual.

Honestly, all I could think at that moment was: Right Answer.