Sunday, April 28, 2019

Blogger Breeding - CLAW 2019

I am SO far behind in my blogging, but I'm skipping ahead a dozen stories (give or take) in various drafts to jump ahead to the here and now.

This week was the 2019 CLAW. While I have volunteered my time and effort for that organization for 6-7 years, this year I opted to just participate.  A "friend" asked me if I had ever hooked up with Felching Pisser - over at From My Side of the Sling.  I admitted we had not, but had discussed the possibility here and there. He suggested I reach out and make it happen.  So I did.

A few back and forth emails - after him telling me, he wanted me in his sling - and poof, I was at his hotel, riding up to the 4th floor and knocking on his door.

With CLAW, there is little pretense about what is to go on. With two sex bloggers who have read each other for years, there is no pretense whatsoever.  There is no chatting. There is no 'get to know you'. There is no kissing or needing to making nice.

He tells me to show him the oral skills I've been bragging about.  Externally, of course, I gladly comply. In a few milliseconds, I internalize: "do I really brag? I don't think I do.......I just relay in my blog what the feeder tells me when I'm down on his cock".   I let that all go.

I cop a squat on a bench and gnaw at his denim covered mound. I undo his belt - and momentarily sniff the black leather - before I pop open the top button. The reset seem pre-unbuttoned for my ease. I expose a bright yellow Nasty Pig jock.  Ahhh yes, I think, "pisser" is in his name. Duh.  I gnaw on that as well.

I don't really fuss too much before I pull down the jock exposing the cock.

His fucking. beautiful. cock.

(even this pic doesn't do it justice)

I'm not sure his blog accurately portrayed the beauty of his dick - in print or pictures. It was long. It was thick. It was cut.  The perfect cock for sucking, though I admittedly could only think of it up my ass.  I'm actually getting hard as I write about it.

I didn't spend tons of time on it with my mouth. Enough to show off my skills.

I was cocky enough to ask if my skills lived up to what I bragged about. He affirmed that they did.  Victory!!!

It was really time for the sling. As he took off his pants and put on his boots, I asked him how he'd like me. While he didn't seem to care, I pushed by asking what HE wanted. It was my leather vest, and that's it.

With that, I climbed into the sling, feet in the straps. Hole to the to speak. With his screen name as it is, there's no surprise he went down to his knees to meet that hole. Some of the ass eating was ok, but when he'd use his tongue IN the hole.......JFC, it was great.

As much of a pro as I think I am at getting fucked, I'm consistently and constantly amazed at how I can tighten up. I don't know why - it's certainly not that I don't like cock up my butt.  Maybe it's just the anticipation of it?  I'm never great at getting the breathing down before insertion starts. It throws off the entire game, I think. So we had a start and stop.  FP was very accommodating that way.

It took a bit to get him up there, but loved it when he bottomed out. Really loved it when he started fucking. I did have to have him stop for a few, as I not only was adjusting to this thickness, but had to tell him I wasn't sure if I was truly opening up or if I was feeling a "little unsure of myself".  It turned out to be the latter.

For those who truly fuck, even the best laid plans can have some glitches. While I had cleaned out and had been fucked earlier that day, I feel his big dick stirred up some things.  Nothing major and nothing that a quick douche did not solve. We've all been there - so no real cause for embarrassment. It happens.   ...then it was back to the sling.

Then it was back to eating my ass.

Re-enty was fucking great. We really synched. He had a great motion and a great rhythm.  There was a time where he not so gradually picked up the force. Not so much the pace, but the fucking force of pummeling my ass. It wasn't just the intensity of the pounding, it was the unflinching look he gave me and that I gave right back.  It was a fucking turn on - and I said so.

He would pull out and go back to eating my ass. Then he'd go back to fucking my hole. The third time, I was open for him. Wide open. It was one shove to the hilt. We both loved it - if he doesn't mind me speaking for him.  This is the way it should be.

As he knew the pound part was a turn on to me (and maybe to him too), he repeated that effort, more than twice. For those times, it's what it feels like to be used.  He was gracious enough to let me film a certain part of this.

He also liked I wasn't a passive fuck. I mean, there is only so much I can do laying back in a sling. I could egg him on to fuck me - and I did. But I could actively use my ass muscles to make him feel my hole more than he was.  And when he was buried deep, I'd ask him to flex that cock.......and he did. And I could really feel it.

During the previous fuck (before the last ass eating, that is) we finally let the sling to do the work. The swaying of the sling back onto his cock and back off it......and repeat.  While the chains could have been oiled to be smoother, you wanted / needed the sound of the squeak to be there.

The last ass eating, he kept commenting how wet my ass was, how it was self-lubricating to protect itself from the fuck he was giving me.  It was all a turn-on, for all senses.

One more push in and he mentioned, this time he wouldn't hold back on the ejaculation. I assumed he had been near that edge the times he'd pull out to go eat my ass. He admitted as much.  As he got nearer, I told him, in so many words, I wanted his load.  He made me ask for it.

I did. Then told him he was "off the hook".   I know this, because I do the same thing when I top.

Then he shot. While he self-admitted he's not a talker, I tried to make him tell me what he was doing as it happened.  "I'm cumming up your ass!".

He was indeed.  And deep up it too, as he was fully in me.

As he started to gain a new sense of normal, I do what I do to all who fuck me:  I used those ass muscles to grab his cock. This elicited a shock to his core - in a good way.  I'd do it a good half dozen more times, all with the same reaction. I told him, I was taking every drop of his seed.

Sometimes I feel I have very little to bring to the (sex) table. I do think I have good oral skills - but again, that is what I've been told. I've heard the same of my ass, but I can never truly be sure.

When you have the cock the size of Felching Pisser's, there is no good way extract your cock. Too big just to slip out.  But when he did, he went to his knees - at first I thought to eat my ass. I mean, the word 'felch' is right in his name.  He looks at the hole and tells me I'll be keep it, he's put his load too far up there to get out.

But he stayed on his knees. Something about the fuck really took it out of him. I'd like to think it was the intensity of our fuck - of my ass.  But that last part probably isn't true.

I thanked him for allowing me to come over and be fucked. I told him anytime he's back in town, I'd be glad to have him fuck me again.

It was a great fuck.

Oh - and you can read his take of the fuck here.