Monday, November 28, 2005

Stop! Or I'll........Shoot!!!!

It's so wrong to lust after a cousin - isn't it? I mean, so much of what I do is considered wrong by society anyway what is one more thing on the list? But take a look @ him.

Throw a cop uniform on him and it's THAT much hotter. He is a cop too -
just not in it for the uniform (unlike me). They say that most cops never discharge their weapon their entire career. This cannot be said for my cousin. In his somewhat brief career - he's shot/killed two people on two separate occasions. Anything else he'd like to fire off is ok w/me too.

And speaking of shooting off....masturbation just isn't what it used to be, at least most of the time. Sexually, I still have major needs. But whacking-off isn't one of them - at least in the frequency of how I used to do it. My bigger fear is that less excites me. Am I too jaded?

That being said, last Friday I jacked off in my office during the work day. The need was there. I had also gotten a call from a guy who wanted to fuck me sometime in the upcoming week. He went into great detail about how and where. I closed, but not locked, my door. I didn't intend to pull the pud. Rub through my suit, perhaps. But he told me to pull it out - and I did. He made me stroke it until I blew a 4-day load.

As much as I would have loved to put it on my desk, I couldn't take that risk and into the garbage can it spewed. There to sit for hours until a environmental service worker took my seed away. To be deposited w/the garbage where so much other semen goes. My loose sperm mixed in a trash dump w/1000s of used condoms and other perverts who've jacked off in their offices.

Is THAT the ultimate anonymous sex?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No New Tale To Tell

...and I guess that just happens sometimes. As I've mentioned before (or I think I have), pulling back a past encounter from the many that I have had to supplement this blog is harder than I imagined. First I have to narrow down what type of encounter I want to discuss and then one that is interesting and translates to text.'s harder than one might think.

Today I thought I'd pull back to when it started. No - not a first time encounter, but the thought of a first time encounter.

When I was 12 or 13 I was babysitting for a couple down the street. They had a copy of Everything You Want to Know About Sex* (*but were afraid to ask). I read this like some people would read the bible....and it was just as fictious.

Actually I read PART of this......over and over, each time I'd watch these kids. Flip to the index.....look up 'homosexuality' and proceed to the entire two pages they had any text on it at all. (mind you this was an early-mid 70s edition.)

Apparently men go to bowling alleys, go to the bathroom, tap their foot under the stall....and voila....SEX! Imagine my surprise when I went to our podunk town bowling alley and not getting anything after sitting for what seemed like an eternity. Oh the disappointment.

The truer guide (read: bible) would have been through the fiction I read in Blueboy or Honcho. These I would shoplift from bookstores in a mall at 15. The stories - though somewhat exaggerated - at least gave a better depiction of bars, parks, bathrooms, rest areas, truck stops & adult bookstores. Granted I didn't have access to all of these, but lo and behold, when I did find - BINGO!

I miss the knot in my stomach I used to get going into a park. Or theatre. Or waiting at a gloryhole. The anticipation of something new. A life-changing experience - as they all were for me for a few years running.

Perhaps they are not to be anymore. Maybe I'm too experienced....too jaded. But I think about those men who helped me become who I am - even though they didn't know it (or care). Should I be doing this for some other soul - now that I am who they were?

Maybe I just need to get laid.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday I had what was probably my first grown-up nooner.

Never before have I left work to go out to lunch - let alone to hook-up w/someone for sex. Well...I didn't actually get lunch yesterday, but I was full by the time I returned.

I got a referral call. A guy who knows a guy I would occasionally do. It was cool that my cellphone was given out..I can deal w/that. This guy - Lou - thought I could help him out and that he was in 'a bad way'. I said I could after work, but he insisted that it would have to be NOW.

As much as I'd like to 'entertain' in my office, the reality wasn't really possible. I mean, in my old job, I would do that now and again, but in this place I wasn't really comfortable w/it. But the more he talked, the more my dick stiffened. He was hooking me - whether he knew it or not. I thought abuot it and figured I lived 5 minutes away and no one was home. I told him when and where to pick me up.

He was there at the appointed time. Not bad looking. Early 50s. Dark hair w/some grey. And a wedding ring. I love the wedding ring. Though sitting, I guessed he was shorter (turns out to be about 5'7"). His pants were unzipped and his dick was out but under his sweater. He had me hold onto it the entire ride to my place. Rock hard and about 7".

Now I just assumed that since the guy who referred him to me had only recieved head, that this is what I was being pimped out for. I was wrong. This guy wanted ass. He wanted MY ass. Correction: he just wanted ass. I happened to be there.

I'm as game as the next guy but I had to coax him to get some lube on there before he pushed in me. Did I say 'pushed'? Crammed. That'd be more accurate. He fucked w/no finesse at all. Pounded, but not quite jack-rabbity. For all his talk about fucking me for hours - he came in about 10 minutes. Lucky for me the windows were shut and the house isn't really near anyone else. The man let loose aurally. Louder than most anyone I'd been with.

I thought, well, this was ok....but I'm not sure I'd do this least with him. But he wasn't done. The man was still hard. He wanted to at least stick it in again. I was down w/it - and his load made it a lot easier to take (why is it that sometimes even smaller cocks tend to make me ache more than bigger ones? this is what people mean when they say it's not the size, it's in how you use it. completely true!!!).

He fucked me for almost another 10 minutes before dumping another scum load up my hole. But still he wasn't done. This man was a walking Viagra ad - though he swears he didn't take any. As a teen, I never had a hard-on like this - even after two ejaculations. He was still hard after he dumped the third one in me too.

Sweat covered him and was dripping onto me. He kept his dick up there and wanted to feel me shoot so I'd contract around his shaft. Normally I don't cum during sex...since I am usually there to take care of the other guy - but I had 6 days worth that I hadn't even jo'd to and felt the need.

It took me no time at all to get close. He cupped his hand around me and caught the load. He pulled out of me smeared his cock w/my cream and shoved himself back in. He wanted to go for a forth time - but I had to make an appearance back at the office.....and take a shower before that.

Sure, there'd have been a time I would have loved to just put my suit back on and smell to high heavens - but this job, I cannot do that. Bad enough I was going back w/three loads of spooge up my hole.

A guy has got to do what he has got to do. Would I do him again? Probably not. Was it an experience I shant soon forget? Absolutely. (but to be fair - of the 1000s of encounters I've had, I remember most all of them.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Backroom Follow-Up

There will be no 2nd go-around for my hotel encounter from last night.

Anyone who really knows me thinks I suffer from low (but not lack of) self-esteem. I do not find myself unattractive, but on the other hand, I don't consider myself goodlooking.

Here are excerpts from the 'straight' man who emailed me today regarding yesterday:

Honestly, you brought out something in me that I do not have a beautiful cock, and are an amazingly hot guy. I knew from your pic that I should not have met you. I prefer older, less attractive guys who worship me....

When I get these avg cocksuckers on their knees and they fuckin love my body and the perfect fit my cock is in their mouths..I can say...You like that cock don;t you? I was intimidated by you and uncomfotable...just felt I was out of my league. But...I lost sleep over you buddy

For what it's worth.....only one other time in my life did someone effect me the way you did. My day was spent fighting the urge to ask if I could suck your cock once more before I leave...

He can ask all he wants - but I'm the cocksucker here. And I think I was just rejected b/c he thought I was 'amazingly hot'? Maybe I'd get a lot more action if I were just 'older, less attractive'. Who knew that was the key to getting laid?

I now believe I am the most attractive man alive and have the ability to change men's sexual orientation. My next feat will be to turn back the tides!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Backroom-Like Sex

So I answered a craigslist ad for a guy who was in town and wanting a backroom/bookstore like experience in his hotel room.

He wanted me to come in to his room - and all the lights would be off. He'd be against the wall and I was to get on my knees and service him.

Seemed straightforward enough. A friend of mine told me I was nuts and was asking to for soemthing else to happen in that situation. I didn't think of it that way and was pretty sure I'd have it under control.

The man was a little shorter than I anticipated - maybe 5'5" or so. I'm 6'2". The hotel was so dark it was really difficult to make out any distingusihing feature. So in that regard, it was like a backroom encounter.

He was ok verbally - but could have been much more aggressive....or at least had low backroom moans. His dick was a nice 6.5" that curved to his right. A decent mouthful. I also milked out an ok (at best) load that had little to no flavor....which was unfortunatel

However when he came - then he was verbal. No chance the rooms on either side of him - and across the hall - and anyone walking down the hall didn't hear him.

He wanted me to come afterward - which was not part of the deal. And though i'm not normally a feeder, it was a non-negotiable deal when he said he didn't take loads in his mouth.

I thanked him and left. Maybe he'll want more backroom head while he's in town. I'm still up for that. I'm not a fool.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bad Attitude IV

(this is the last in this series)

For quite awhile the ulitimate man used me as he wished, when he wished. I gladly obliged.

If he didn't call (which he did not do frequently), sometimes I'd come across him as I cruised a park. Once I orally satisfied him in the woods. Once he had me do it in his little sports car. There was no hiding from anyone driving by - nor did he want to be covert. He was putting on a fucking show and I knew it.

This one time he used me to pick up another guy. He was a little clone-ish, but it's what my guy (he was never mine) wanted. He allowed me to come back to his place while he used the guy. It was more of a show - 'my guy' showing off his huge fat dick. The other guy on a bench of some type. Both of them finally getting off on each other while I stood near - just stroking my faggot dick. Afterward, I got berated for not cumming on the other guy's face while I stood near it. It had never occurred to me that I could. I was barely acknowledged let alone given any type of permission. I thought I knew my place. The line in the sand least for that encoutner.

A few weeks later would actually be the last time that we'd be together. Only I didn't know it. He most likely did. I was summoned over and naturally I dropped everything and was over in a flash. Clothes (but my briefs) were left at the door. We went through the drill of me sucking his big prong. He relished in me gagging on it. He always did. I'm guessing he loved it w/all his cocksuckers - reinforcing his masculinity and his ego.

On the floor - he got me on my knees and pulled my briefs (or as he called them 'panties') to the side so he had exposure to my hole. He was forcing that rod in w/only his spit as lube. I protested that I couldn't take it. His repsonse was, "you always say that - but you always do!" I had no argument there. I always fought it initially - but ended up taking the deep strokes he delivered.

After a pumping on the floor he pulled me up onto his platform bed that is situated in front of two windows that face a somewhat major street. My underpants permanently stretched out at this point, he went right back to pumping my butt. He leans in and says - "the guys across the street are watching. They always do when I'm fucking someone." It was dark out and I couldn't tell - but mostly b/c I was being drilled hard by that point.

In another 10 minutes he pretty much finished up - by pumping a load up my ass...which as always, I savored and loved that he did. As from the other stories - he wasn't one to have his load wasted, and I'm sure there was no shortage of men to accept it. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

On my way out and getting to my car, I looked up across the street - and true to his word there were two guys sitting in the window looking over at me and his residence.

As I said - unfortunate to be my last time, but it was probably better not to know going in.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Vegas II

Upon checking into our unnamed hotel, I noticed a guy in line to do the same. He struck me, only b/c of his mohawk. I mean - when is the last time you saw a guy w/a full-on mohawk? Sure, 1982 I saw em all the time. Not so much these days. But as I was gathering my luggage, another guy joined him. Smaller and what you could tell was a gorgeous body. I didn't stick around and headed upstairs.

Later the next day I saw them stride through the casino in all white suits. Head to toe. I had no idea if they were 'an act', or just dressed like that for the fun of it. I guess they could have been going to a wedding - but clearly Nevada does not recognize same sex marriage, so they weren't getting married.

It was the next day I really saw them. First the MohawkMan, while I was laying out by the pool. But it was hot and I dove in the water. When I came up, his bf was there, stretching. And I do mean stretching. Almost putting on a show. On the ground, legs spread, so as I was in the pool, slightly below him, I got a clear shot of his nuts. As I scanned upward - he was looking right at me looking right at him. Even through both our sunglasses (yes, I had them on in the pool - persription, I'm blind w/out them) we both knew we made the connection.

He looked over his shoulder to verify what I already knew - his bf was like Rip VanWinkle. Dead to the world. After a few more minutes of him stretching, adjusting himself, checking to make sure I was looking at him - and me licking my lips ever so slightly, he got himself together and started to head in - but not before motioning w/his head to follow him.

I dried off and threw on a shirt and my sandals. He was waiting at the elevator. We went upstairs w/out a word and then he keyed into his room. There he stood a few feet into the entry, hands on hips...waiting. I went over and got to my knees and slowly but deliberetly pulled down his red trunks. Up sprang a nice uncut piece of meat....probably 6", but not yet hard. Immediately I put it into my mouth b/c I wanted to make sure I got to taste the head and slip my tongue under the case when it stiffened, the foreskin disappeared.

I love the way the head of an u/c dick feels. The skin must protect it better b/c the head always feels softer and silkier. There were no worried about the skin going away. He had enough of it to play w/and he seemed to like how my tongue traveled between the his head and the skin as it ran in circles around both. He also expanded to a good full 8".

For the first time he said "oh yeah!" I realized he was german. His command of the english language was fair, but the heavy german accent (and his german sausage) really got me going. His dick became erect while in my mouth - a feat that I love to accomplish. Have it grow and fill the orafice that I've used (or have others used it?) for 27 yrs or so to give men pleasure. There is somthing powerful in knowing I help achieve that.

Like most feeders, his hands found my head...and his hips stated moving too. But we didn't continue that too long. I was surprised when he had me stand and swallowed my 8". He did a good job at it too...but it's not what I wanted.

I got him onto the bed where his feet were on the floor, but him on his back. I got on back on my knees and and ate dick. Stroked it too - as i love seeing that foreskin move around his thick shaft and head. I ate lower too - getting his taint and then to his hole. Even though he was clean - he still had that european funk smell, which I like too. I dove in. He squirmed. I snaked in as far as I could. His dick was like steel as he stroked it.

He pulled himself up farther on the bed - his dick standing straight up. Taking the initative, I sat on his lap, though not quite on his dick. He rubbed it around my backside while we played w/each other's chest. Not even noticing it sitting there, he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the hotel lotion (was he jacking earlier?) and opened it up. He poured it in his hands and not rubbed it on his cock. I'm not a rocket scientist, but figured out what was going on.

Still sitting on him, I lifted myself up so he could position himself. Lowering myself, I felt him hit target. We both did. He had a dirty look in his eye as he lifted his hips a bit and pushed it in a little. Normally with a dick that size, I wouldn't mind a hit of poppers, but I didn't have them. I soldiered on and pushed back onto him. He had about half in me when he played w/my nipples - which just gets me going and had me buck back against him more - sinking even more of his shaft into me.

Taking his hands of my chest he got more lotion and started stroking my cock. I had to have him stop since that could have put me over the edge. We were working a rhythm w/him fucking me and it was going to his nuts. They weren't long, deep and hard strokes - it can be very difficult to achieve that when sitting on someone's prick.

The problem I do have is the easiest way to get me to ejaculate is to have me sit on a dick. Most of the time during sex, I never even cum. I am intent on getting the other guy off, but I've never found it my place to shoot my wad (g-d, that sounds so 70s porn). But riding a dick like this, I can cum w/out touching myself. And it was going to happen and nothing I could do about it.

I grabbed my cock and helped it along since IF I were going to do this - I wanted a show. I performed flawlessly. I let out a nice load that hit his chest and one rope up to his neck. There was a few days in me so it looked impressive.

Another problem I have is cumming first. I can't always keep riding a cock after I get off. But the position was a little uncomfortable after 10-15 minutes anway. I pulled off his dick and got on my back, but he didn't get between my legs. Had I waited another minute, he could have popped up my ass....but I didn't anticipate that.

I had flopped on my back and he came right to the side of my face. His dick an inch away, he stroked and said, in his accent, "open!". As I was opening my mouth, he put a few fingers in to pry it open wider. I assumed he'd shove the cock that was just up my ass in my mouth - but he didn't. He got close and fired off rounds of german sperm. Most hit my open mouth. Some hit my lips....some my goatee. It just kept coming. His groan so loud there was no way the rooms nearby could not hear. I didnt care.

I licked my lips and scooped up what I had missed and ate it all. Then got myself together and headed back to the pool w/out him. I still wanted some sun. When I got there, his bf was awake. A few minutes later the guy came down. I was far enough away not to hear much - but know they were speaking in german. The bf looked over at me then turned back to his bf.

I'd have loved to known exactly what was said and how i was critiqued.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vegas I

So I'm back from Vegas and had a nice relaxing time away from work. Though I took my laptop w/me, I never ever unpacked it - which not only meant no temptation to check work email, but no on-line cruising. I had to use my initial pre-internet hunting abilities.

The plus on that is - it keeps my skills honed. The other plus is that though the actual act of hooking-up might be difficult, cruising and getting cruised in Vegas is not so difficult. I'm sure I have major self-esteem issues (um.....this blog and its entries for two things), but there is somthing satisfying to have guys turn and look at me w/some lust built in there. Was I objectified? Maybe. Did I care? Not a fuckin' bit. I feel like Rudolph. "I'm cute.....I'm cute.....he thinks I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuttte." I'm pathetic.

That being said, I did have three encounters in my four days. This is one.

Staying at the luxury hotel was nice (not naming which move on). I was in a more upscale section which had it's own lobby - which guests could only get to and that included a bathroom that those guests could only use. At the entrance to that lobby, a doorman was always situated to keep out the riff-raff. Oh - if they ONLY knew.

Day one I went in and out a few times and made major eye contact w/one of the concierges. I'd say he was under 30. 6ft, dark blond hair. Always a grey suit and crisp white shirt - along w/that damn secret service earpiece everyone in Vegas hospitality wears.

On day two he was in the lobby greeting guests and saw me. Off to the side of the lobby is that restroom. He looked at me and headed to it. I followed a minute or so behind him. I knew the look. I've seen it before. I've *given* it before.

The restroom was quite posh. Two urinals w/flat screen monitors in front of them. Two sinks behind you if you're draining the monster. But on either side of the room are two stalls. And not ordinary stalls. 3.5'x8'x12'. Full door that closes and locks.

When I walked pushed the outer door open he was entering one of the stalls. He looked back and stepped in, but did not shut the door. I walked over - and in - shut the door, clicked the lock. He just stood there, so I took my hand and cupped his crotch. Solidly packed. Now time for idle chit-chat, so I sat on the john. He stepped up.

I looked at his crotch and unzipped him, but he went in and hauled it out. 6.5" and fat. Very veiny and raring to go. I lowered my head and took his in my mouth. Before I could go down all the way on him - he pushed into me. The end result is it was where we both wanted to be, just a different road. " I need this" he practically hissed. That was to be almost the only verbal I got after that.

His hips were about as active as my head bobs. It was an immediate rhythm we established and both of us knew time was limited. He flexed his dick in my mouth. I used some great tongue action on the underside of his shaft. Way too soon he put his hand on my head. Hell, I wasn't going anywhere - but I guess there was no way for him to know it.

One or two nice volleys of seed came out and I thought he might be done - but then it must have just oozed. Completely flooded the cavity that is my mouth. It brought a low guttural moan from him - but he kept it in check. He really did need this. But so did I. The amount of sperm was amazing. The taste was nothing to speak of - one way or the other...but I took it. All of it.

He pulled out and stroked his shaft deep to rid himself of any fluid still trapped on the route up to the head. A nice big drop appeared. I held out my tongue and he stepped forward to wipe it on the extension before him. He kind of smirked a bit.

I sat there really enjoying what just happened as he tucked himself back in and zipped up. As he reached for the door, he turned to me, and w/his exceptional customer service skills said: "Enjoy your stay with us Sir."

I did.