Friday, January 31, 2014


"I'm going to cum!!!!!"

No!  It was way too early. WAY too early.

We had played back and forth for only a short time. He was one of these guys who didn't need a million emails to identify and confirm getting off. It was a great change.

We agreed upon a time and that was the last communication until the doorbell rang. I brought him in with the intent of giving him a blowjob. That's what the ad was, that is what I was ok with doing - but as a former boy scout - albeit for a very short time - I try to be prepared.

He was mid 40s. 6'3" and around 180. Nice looking guy, but average. His cock was a solid 7" and cut. It had a nice thickness to it.

As I sidled up next to him, to rub his denim covered crotch, his hand immediately went to my ass. Hmmm.  This wasn't what was discussed. But like I said, I was case.

I didn't discourage the behavior. Hell, even when I went to go down on him, I didn't kneel immediately - I bent over just so, that way he could still rub his manly palm over my ass. I even dropped my jeans so he could get a better feel over my Under Armor boxer briefs.  I mean, c'mon, you kind of want them to be able to unwrap something if needed. You just can't give it away immediately.

But I did go to my knees. I sucked him like an expert and he liked it. But even he reached over my back so his hand could go back to my ass.

I'm not sure who we were trying to fool at this point, so I just gave up the ghost.

I stood up. I dropped those boxer briefs, took two long hits of poppers and bent over.

With minimal spit - and fuck, it WAS minimal - he entered me.

I don't mind saying it had been 15 days since I got any cock - either end. With pun fully intended, I was now ending a dry spell. I didn't care how wet his cock was at that point. I'm not a fragile guy, I can take whatever I need to, however it is given.

Due to lack of lubrication, the friction was plentiful. I felt every thrust. I never had the discussion, but assume he did as well.

We were only 4-5 minutes into it when he made his announcement.  "I'm going to cum".  

And he did.

Based on the moans and shudders he had / made, he had a lot in his balls he had to empty. I won't lie - I didn't feel the warmth. I did not feel the throbs.

My ass felt full when he slid out - so I know he had done what he needed to do.  And what I needed - even though he didn't really know that.

We both won.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Ex Marine

Somethings on paper are better than reality.

6'6", 230, hairy, muscular, bald, ex-marine.  What's not to like?

From the get-go, he called me "pup". Granted he was a little older but presented nice in pics. He was a self-professed dominant male. Again - what's not to like here?

He was a little into raunch - but I say that nicely. He wanted to wear a sweaty jock. That's ok with me, though I wouldn't say it was 'raunch'. I have a few myself - and I'm not raunchy......right????

The guy shows up to my hotel and he's a big guy. Solid. He doesn't look 4" taller than I am. He might be 6'4". Maybe. But he's solid.

He brought a harness for me to wear because he likes to yank faggots closer to them when he's feeding them his cock. My only problem with this is that it was out in the freezing car for ever so the leather and metal were chilling to my body.

Oh sure, slap me around. Face fuck me. Power drill my ass. No problem.   Put cold metal and leather to me and I'm a fucking pussy.

As it turns out he was a little more raunchy than he said. Or even suspected himself. And it went back to that jock. Maybe he doesn't know what sweat-stained is. This was not.  This was piss stained. No.  No, it wasn't even that.  This was something that looked, and worse, smelled, as if it had been residing in the bottom of a urinal for 4-5 months.

I'm good with bad smells, but this went beyond that. Way beyond bad. It was rancid.

Yet, I said nothing and he kept it on for the entire duration of his stay.

Yes, all was good on paper, until I found out his 4" cock wasn't going to grow anymore than 4". It was that size flaccid and only stiffened, but did not lengthen. 4" was all I was getting from a big beefy ex-marine who was still wearing his dog tags.  Fuck.

And fuck is what we did. My mouth and my ass.

I suppose I could have ended it, as I was mentally disappointed from what was to be. He wasn't that verbally demanding. "Pup" was the only thing he called me.

I sucked his cock. He pulled on the straps. His strength showing as the harness would dig into my shoulder blades painfully. He didn't care, not that I told him it hurt or to stop. I'm a faggot, but I'm a man.

He shot a load in my mouth. Nice, but not overly substantial. Like with most guys, I thought it would end there. But not so.

He said he could cum two more times, but I wasn't sure I was ready for 8" of cock. 2x4=8.  But he wanted to fuck me. That seemed like a better solution to me. He knew I liked the feeling of things on my ass, as he'd been toying with it while I sucked him originally.

He had me get on my back and lift my legs. I hate to be cliche about it, but the term "is it in yet" came to mind. I knew he was in, or around. but honestly, his two fingers were more fulfilling to me.

There was a look on his face as he fucked and eventually came in me. He was happy. I was feigning it. I know it sounds selfish, but I wanted more. If I get fucked, I want to FEEL fucked. But perhaps that is not my place. I'm there for them, not me.

Again, I thought that might be it. But he said he had another load and stuck his cock back up me almost immediately. My first thought was, I can't believe he's still hard.  My second thought was, I don't know that he is still hard. I'm not a size queen - honest - but I could barely feel him. And I wasn't sure if he was performing most of those feeling inside or outside of my hole.

I will say, when he came, I felt it. Warmth. Heat. To the point of, I figured he ejaculated on the outside of my hole, but when I felt for it there, the load did not exist in that place.

He wanted me to cum and normally that is not my place, but this time, I don't think I could have if I had wanted to. I was so not in the mood and it was pushing close to check-out time and I had to be on the road.

He washed up. I pre-packed. Got him on his way, then got myself together and out the door.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bi Top Visitor

Going by his screen name, he was bi top from another state of which I won't name - so you won't all go searching for a like minded screen name.  I know how you are!

He was here for work and actually headed to the airport after he finished with me. Or after I finished with him, as the case may be.

39, 5'10" 170.  He reached out to me - and from my profile that mentions I like verbal and aggressive men, he took that info and ran. There was no 'nice; how do you do' kind of shit. His opening line was, "I want a good no recip bj".

I told him I'd have to dial back my skills to make it "only" a good one.

He knew I was a cocksucker and treated me like one - in data exchange and in person.

In person, he looked manly, but less masculine than his pictures. He came across as a non-gay Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

He had 7" that curved slightly upward, a nice big head and a ridge that went completely around the shaft about halfway down. It was interesting and odd. More odd because I couldn't get a great rhythm going due to its nature - both on down and up oral strokes. It was like a speed bump.

Maybe it was just a bad circumcision or not having one at all. I don't know.

Oh, no fears, I was still making him feel good. I was still making him talk filthy - not that he probably needed m help in that regard at all.

Bi was in his name. A wedding ring on his finger. He talked about fucking women. Fucking men. Getting sucked. There was no talk or perception that he ever touched a cock in his life. That was perfect for me.

I started on my knees, him on sitting on the edge of a bed. At one point he got on the bed and spread his legs. I think he liked that position more than I. Laying between legs isn't always the best angle to suck dick efficiently. At least for me.

I want to do what he likes, but if the end result doesn't let me do a good job, he's only getting the position and not the benefit of my mouth. Isn't that the goal?  I mean, I know it is an amalgamation of things that brings a guy off, so you want them all to work, but that isn't always realistic.

He wanted me back on my knees, but before we got there, I had another idea.

I lay on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed, him standing beside me. Then in front of me. Then him in me.

This position is either golden or failure - and little in between. With Mr. Bi, it was great. He angle worked. His height worked. His thrusts into my mouth and throat worked.

"Cocksucker". "Whore". "Cumdump". "Faggot".  all spewed from his mouth. I couldn't say a word. I wouldn't have anyways. My hard cock gave all the response he needed - if he noticed it at all.

In the end (no pun intended), it was me on my knees - him standing in front of me, like a worshipper at the altar. And in a way - isn't that what I am a lot of the time?

I would have thought for all his vocals and the words he used before even meeting, that he'd be a loud and boisterous cummer. He was not.

He gave no verbal signs he was even there - on the edge. Or over the edge. The semen just came. And came. And came.

He was a heavy shooter. I could see why, if half of his told exploits were true, he was so popular. A nice dick. A nasty attitude. And a load aplenty.

Maybe he'll be back for work again. Perhaps he won't. Perhaps he'll let me know, but maybe he won't.

Monday, January 13, 2014


His body was better than his face. Hit attitude was better than his body.

I should probably go on record that his attitude to any number of guys would be considered rude or selfish. Self-centered at best. Sexually self-centered.

I'm not most guys. To me, this is an endearing quality.....or at least a fucking huge plus.

50, 6'2", 190, hairy (no kidding!).  'recently into some rough stuff and dom play'.

If it was recent, he was a quick learner.

There was no pretense. No foreplay. He walked in and dropped his pants and stripped off his shirt. He was ready to go. He had the same amount of hair on his back as he had oh his chest, just no treasure trail.

There was some quick oral - me to him - but it was for slobbering purposes only. Just get his cock wet enough to travel up my rear entrance.

We started with me bent over the desk - it seemed to be going well for thrust and leverage. For only having a little over 6", he knew how to use it. To the untrained eye, it was all slam and bam, but internally there seemed to be a finesse to it - or as I am apt to do, I was blinded a bit by his attitude.

I've said it before - name-calling and dirty talk with get you far with me. He had it down to an art. His execution might have been recent, but his education had clearly been going on for a few years.

We ended up on the floor - my shoulders down, my ass up as he pummeled my butt. Yeah, the strokes were kind of jack-rabbit like, but it kept me in my place and he in his. He wasn't big enough to hurt me, so as long as what he was doing felt good to him, that was ok with me.

Within 10 minutes of that position, he unloaded. He groaned and his entire body twitched as he shot into my gut.

"You liked that, didn't you, faggot?"

The question was, at least in part, rhetorical. But I couldn't let it go and answered with a simple, "yes Sir".

He pulled out but maybe only lost 25% of his hardness. He got it back to full erection when I put my mouth on it, not only to resurrect him but to clean him off too. His verbal assault lessened a bit telling me what a good job I was doing, as opposed to just telling me to take care of him.

"Get on your back - on the desk!". I did as instructed and without any ceremony he pushed his six inches back into me. This was a much faster fuck. Maybe 5-7 minutes and he added more come to the hole he'd already lubed up.

With the same amount of fanfare, he pulled out and grabbed his pants and dressed.

As he sat down to put on his shoes, he looked at me and said, "I hope you didn't think near the end there that I was being nice to you - because you know, I don't give a fuck about you at all."

...and he walked to the door and left.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Desk Fucked

I placed a CL ad, never expecting a thing. I never do anymore.

For a while I had some good luck, then just flake after flake after flake. Guys who can't read. Guys who don't show. You know the drill.

For whatever reason, I find many responses to go spam from those ads, so I have to be diligent on checking that folder. I also have to check days later too. For whatever reason, some guys do read ads from days or weeks ago - even though there are 100s posted per day - and sometimes one will get to me late.

Such as this guy.

His email started off: "You ready for this?"   DUH!

He included a face picture too, and of course, I recognized him from previous encounters. Since our second or third get together he kind of ignored me. I wasn't sure if he found a boyfriend or didn't like me.

I also didn't know from my ad if he recognized me and if he knew to whom he was replying.  I opted not to say, taking a risk that he either knew and wanted to play or that he didn't know and I wasn't possibly scaring him off by revealing myself.

I'd find out later he knew from the ad who it was and that he did want to fuck me.

From my previous encounter with him, it was mostly sucking though there were fucking components to at least one time. But every time ended up with him busting a nut in my mouth.

This time, my ad had been exclusively about taking it up the ass. It's what I wanted; what I was craving. He was on board, even if a few days late. The need was still there to get boned, so why not?

Like the other times, there was no chit-chat, it was right down to business. Granted, we didn't start fucking, I did get on my knees and work his cock up and slobbered all over it. That was all the lube we were planning on using - which is fine by me.

Knowing the issues we had on positioning last time, I didn't even both bending over for him. This time it was on my back, across my home office desk. My ass; my hole, lined up perfectly for his height. He would have no problems just sliding in.

...and he didn't.

Now parts of me wonders where a guy like this goes as he's fucking. Sure, sometimes he's looking down at me, but a lot of the time his eyes were closed and off in his own world.

Was he enjoying my hole and the act?  Was he thinking of someone else? Was he concentrating on coming - or not, or at least not yet? Keeping it hard?

Now, I wasn't thinking these things during the fuck. I was thinking on how I could make it feel good for him. That's my job.

I think I was performing fine as he was lost in his bliss - whatever it may be. I figured he was into it on some levels as his cock was rock hard and he was pounding away.

There was no variation of fucking today. Not with him. It was single focused breeding.  When I say he pounded, he did. POUNDED.

It was for his own pleasure, mine wasn't even a factor. But don't get me wrong, I was loving it - the feeling, the act, the response from him. You know me, I get off on getting guys off. It is a natural high for me. There is a power to it, in certain ways. Yet it's all about the top.

I won't say the fuck went on forever - though he could have kept going. Still 15-20 minutes isn't a bad bang.

He built up to it even more - in thrust, in intensity, in vocals. I knew what was coming. He was. Right up my ass, where he wanted it so many months ago, before he changed his mind.

Yes, I would say it was about him, but we both got what we wanted.

I haven't heard from him since.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Holiday Traveler - pt 2

I should have read his ad closer. Not that it would have changed anything. I just find I can get distracted by a good picture on a profile and miss details. I mean, how many times have I clicked on a hot guy on MH even though his position said 'bottom' right there before I clicked. Sometimes before I even send a message. I just get caught up now and again.

It was no different with another holiday visitor.

30, 5'9", 170, "some hair".  I didn't notice that last part at all since his beard fit so nicely with the knit cap he had on in the pic - clearly taken during this winter time trip and not at the warmer location from which he resides permanently.

I also missed the part of "I'm into".  The listings were Bears, Muscle, Daddies.

To be fair to the last guy, I will try not to sell myself short. By current definition of a bear, I am not. I'm at an ideal weight and not husky, chunky, fat....or as most "bears" are today, obese. I am hairy, yes. I'm tall, but not fat.

I wouldn't say I'm muscular either. My body is athletic, as I do work on it. I'm getting more definition, but I don't think I'll ever be muscular.

As for "daddy", well........  As one person I relayed this story to before writing it, told me to 'get used to it'.

But I missed that. Sure he was a bit younger than I, so I wasn't really ready when we were into it to hear him call me "daddy".  Sigh.

He was staying with friends. He told them he was going out for a run, but in freezing temps, he ran to my house. He showed up at my door with a great face - a handsome face - and a good attitude. Of course, how did I know in his mind he had struck daddy paydirt?

I took him upstairs and I had the inexplicable urge to kiss him - and I did. He was a great kisser. Had I looked at that profile, I would have seen that kissing was essential to him, but I never got that far. In his mind, he was in daddy-heaven. I was doing everything right and didn't know it.

We both stripped down and when he took off his cap, it is when I noticed he only had slightly more hair than myself. His body was nice and hairy though. He was handsome and I still wanted to kiss him. So I did. He didn't resist. Quite the opposite.

But time was limited for both him and myself so we got down to it. He went down on me, but only for a minute. That wasn't what I was looking for and he knew it.  I got him sitting on the edge of the bed and knelt between his spread furry legs.

I took his 7" into my mouth and slowly, but deliberately took him to his short hairs. That is when I heard it.  "OH Daddy......".

While I wasn't put off by it exactly, I wasn't sure immediately how to respond. I think it was only a minute or two when I asked him, "do you like that, son?".   He did.

He liked what I was doing, but he really liked the response.  I wouldn't call it role playing, but maybe character sex. I wasn't really pretending to be his father, or setting him up for some father fucking.

That said though, at one point, my cock was so hard with him, I did place it against his hole. I got mixed messages of  him saying 'never on the first meeting and never raw' with very sexual moans. Maybe I should have just gone for it, but I didn't - one because of his verbal wishes, secondly, because, well, you know how well I top.

Since his legs were up and a little back, I dropped to my knees again, as his hole was exposed. I got quite a few more "oh daddy" remarks as I dove into that hole with my tongue and ate him out but good.

It was a clean, sweet tasting butt. I could have easily eaten if for another hour, but he had to get back to his friends house. It wasn't supposed to be a long run he was allegedly on.

I went back to his cock and fucking made him (and myself) feel good by sucking it.  "Does that feel good, boy", I'd ask.  "Yeah, does..."   The sincerity of which he said all those words made it ok for him to call me a father figure. I mean, I am old enough to be his dad, but.....

I kept working that cock until he couldn't hold back. And I didn't want him to. Like the guy a few days before, seven days of semen came pouring out of his shaft and balls.  Seven days of semen went into my mouth and down my throat and into my gut.  Gladly. Happily.

The boy was convulsing. The tremors and after tremors of his orgasm were incredible. He reveled in them and of my abilities - or at least that is what he said.

I didn't even have to squeeze to get the last drops. I had already gotten them. Sure I tried to squeeze, but he was coming up dry.

A few more kisses for my boy, him getting dressed and he was on his way. He flew out the next day, hopefully his mind and balls a little better for the wear.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Holiday Traveler - pt 1

I've been blessed (or plagued?) with an increasingly number of guys associating some of my on-line profiles with this blog. It's flattering. It's disconcerting. I should know there is no true anonymity, but what are you going to do?  It's just a little more strange on some of the apps where I'm not identified as 'bikeguy'. Is it possible, I'm too out there?

It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it always takes me by surprise, that a.) people read me.  b.) people even recognize me by anything other than name. I've always thought myself as a guy who just blends in.

A few guys have figured me out after the fact, but now and again, they know beforehand. In theory, this could create for some awkward scenarios, as they have to know I might write about them....and they might have to read about themselves.

Yet the other day I had a message  from BBRT that a guy was coming into town, reads the blog and wonders if I'd be free. He was at an advantage. As a reader of this blog - he knew what my triggers were; my likes and dislikes.

Oddly enough, he was not only visiting from out of town, but staying two streets over with friends. One well placed "need for a walk" and he found himself at my front door.

He was handsome. A nice height and weight. A very attractive face and great salt and pepper hair with a greying goatee. His shoes came off, we went upstairs and I was on my knees. This was going to be nothing more than a blowjob - more or less.

I know, it was BBRT, but his profile was specific to oral. But I loved his directness: "When my cock is in your mouth, and I start to shoot, I don't pull out. You've gotta be willing to take every drop."

That sounds up my alley, no?

I will say, at first I was a little disappointed when his briefs came down. While his ad said he was 'average', this looked a little less than. But with some manipulation from my mouth, he did rise to the occassion to have a nice mouthful, but he was correct for average length.

And I am good with average, as long as the guy knows how to use it. And he did. But more importantly, it is attitude the trumps everything. He had it - or at least knew my triggers enough to tip the scales in his favor.

Like his ad, he was direct. Telling me what to do and how. And fuck, the dirty talk and especially the name-calling just flowed from his mouth like it was the most natural thing in the world for him:  faggot, cumwhore, cocksucker, were just a few of the things he said about me. All of them true. Still, it takes a confident voice and man to pull those off - they can be said by anyone, but not everyone can make them resonate.

I played with his balls, which made him tremble just a little, but it gave me the idea to not only lick them, but go further around. I mean, you all know how I like to eat ass - and this guy must have too.

It was not difficult to get him over to the bed to kneel on it with me right behind him. And I went for it. I dove into that ass, with my beard rubbing in his crack and probably at his hole - though I try to reserve that for my lips and tongue. He was clean and seemed to appreciate my mouth being glued to his shitter. I certainly didn't mind it.

Soon he flipped over and was at the edge of the bed while I went to go back to work on his cock. He couldn't be away for much longer without arousing suspicion and well, I wanted that load anyways.

Guys traveling at holidays can be the best. Boarding with family or friends for extended periods of time don't allow them to get off much - if at all - and this guy had a seven day load waiting for release. Oddly, my mouth was looking to ingest a seven day load, so it was going to be a win-win.

And what a fucking load. Sure I didn't really struggle with it, as I'm a pro, but he had a huge load. I'm guessing he ejaculates a lot on a one or two day load, so a week's worth was just perfect. But he kind of fibbed about not pulling out.

The guy was sensitive and wouldn't let me take every drop, though to be fair his profile said I should be 'willing to' take every drop, it didn't mean I'd get it. He dripped onto the quilt which I scooped up and ate, but he was still massively dripping into/onto his hand. He artfully smeared it on my face and in my beard - perhaps at a little prompting from yours truly.

Before he dressed he leaned in to kiss me - which was very sensual. It's not a normal thing I do, but I wanted more of it.

As he dressed to go, he told me I need to give myself more credit on my looks, as I was underselling myself - which was nice. It got him another kiss.

...and another one at the door before he left.