Tuesday, January 14, 2020

First Fuck of the Year

I'm still alive - believe it or not. I have no resolution to be better about this blog, but I think we all know I need to be. And while I have a bunch of backlogged material to finish and post, this one is actually a new tale to tell.

He was on Grindr and Scruff. He ignored me on one app, but reached out to me on another. He was in from out of town, so

30 years old, 5'9", 155, dirty blond. His picture showed a beard-like growth. Nothing too heavy. I don't know about his cock, because he didn't show it. He wasn't looking to give his cock, just offer his ass.

I was at a meeting downtown and in a fucking mood. Or he got me in one. And it is hotel sex, which I Iove. But he was being a little cagey. I was about a half mile away and he said he'd only give me his room number when I was in the lobby.

Of course, when I got there, he wasn't responding at all. As it turns out, I got hit up by another guy. 27. Not stats. No pic. Sigh. 

He did send me a pic of his cock though.

Turns out, he was in the lobby restroom and needed to get off. I like public scenes as much as anyone, but this is a fucking busy hotel and these weren't stalls that the last half a foot wasn't visible to anyone who'd walk in the door. I have zero desire to be arrested. Well, arrested I can deal with, being put on a sex offender list is a little different.

But I was there, not sure what to do. Modern day cruising didn't have us say a word to each other. It was all via texting in the app.  All of the sudden guy in the room is now texting. Giving me his room and to come up immediately. I told him I was taking a call first. He didn't need to know what I was doing.

I asked the other stall guy what he wanted to do. He said he was about to bust his nut. I said I'd catch it and eat it. Under the stall my hand went, he almost immediately pumped a decent sized load into my palm. I brought it to my mouth to ingest it. He got himself together and bolted before I even finished, let alone straightened up.

A quick wash of my hands and I was heading up to 1503.  Before I got there, he asked how big my cock was. I chose not to tell him and just said, "you'll feel how big it is in a minute".

The do not disturb sign was blocking the door from shutting all the way.

I knew the room would be dark, which is not optimal for me in certain ways. This I would have videoed had there been enough light, but there was not. As predicted, he would be ass up, face down.

This is his ass. This was the position, minus the boots and the seemingly useless jock.

I was hard. Rock hard.

But first I went down on my knees and I fucking ate that ass. I went at it like I was a starving man at a buffet. He was fucking moaning, and no doubt I was too - just muffled with my mouth between his cheeks.

Truth be told, I thought (read: hoped) I would be tasting someone else's seed. I did not.

I liked him for the fact that he has not lube at bed side. It was going to be my spit and only my spit for slickness.

I pushed in the head, there was resistance, but not much. I pushed in two more inches. He moaned. But he took it. Then I just punched in the rest. He took that too - as if he had a choice.

The man had a talented hole. And I told him so.

But I fucked. I fucked hard and I fucked long. While I still do not fuck often, I've been better about maintaining an erection during longer periods of time and lasting without ending too soon. There are guys I assume who are load collectors, and no doubt this guy wanted my semen, but he was just fine with the process.

Twice, I stopped the fuck so I could go eat butt.

For 20-25 minutes I railed his ass. I loved it. He loved it........but it was more important that I did. Hey, I learned something from taking a few thousand cocks up my hole.

I could have gone on longer, but you know - I had stuff to do.

He groaned when I told him I was depositing an eight day load up his cunt.

Not a word between us. I wiped my cock clean on his sheets. I zipped up.  I never took off my pants, or even down. I had only pulled my cock out of my trousers. I grabbed my briefcase and closed the door behind me.

Before I walked back to my car, I got a text: "I'm here until next Thursday, please stop back".

Yeah - he liked it.