Friday, November 25, 2011

Scruff / Recon BJ

A while back I got a 90 day free access to Recon. It's not a bad site, but like other, it's a lot of looking and not a lot of doing. But there I noticed a man not far from me. Mind you, it was one in the morning, but I was clearly awake. And yes I was ready.

I had also seen this man on Scruff, but his profile on Recon was a bit more descriptive of being 100% "active". I put 80% passive in my profile - and I think I lowered that percentage to keep some guys interested that they'd get that 20%, but really that wasn't likely.

But in theory the guy had it, even though this first night we was all talk - clearly not intending to meet up.

The man was older - 57 - but in decent shape. He was considerably shorter that myself, and that is probably my biggest "complaint". No biggie.

Dick was nice (6.5 - 7") and uncut. I don't see, suck or fuck, a lot of uncut pricks. Even hard he had skin. But in some ways I like them. The heads underneath that skin always seem larger, shinier, smoother. It is a nice change up from the everyday cut folks.

When we did get together, he came from work - dressed to the nines. Beautiful Suit. Cuffs. French collar. Impeccably shined shoes.

We chatted for a minute, but with all the texting between Scruff and Recon, we both knew what I was there for. His cock. My mouth.

At first the blowjob was on my terms. I took it out. I worshiped the hardening flesh. I licked it, of course. Sucked too. But it was how I did it that made the difference. I put my energy into listening to his body, his sighs, his noises. I figure out what he responds to, as a feeder. This guy liked it all.

At some point he took more control, but I'll be honest, for someone who claims to be "100% active" and from the discussions we had, he really was not in charge. I was. I can deal with that and let him think he is, but even he knew he wasn't. He was in front of me to be serviced and maybe that was his control.

I could deep throat that shaft. I'd get my tongue under that foreskin and taste that wetness trapped there. I'd tickle his nuts with the same tongue. I'd chew on the dick. I stimulated all of the sense - or at least tried.

He braced himself against the wall with his hand. I thought he'd do it to fuck my face, but it was really just to steady himself against a really really good blowjob - if I say so myself.

This went on for about 30 minutes before I took him to and over the edge. He had told me he shot thick heavy loads of cum. In this he did not fib. Copious amounts of sperm came from his dick in ropes that coated the inside of my mouth - me missing not one drop. Even after he pulled out and squeezed his shaft, more came from that than most guys pop off during the act. No worries. I got all that too.

A few days later I got a text from him, wanting to do another go-round at some point. He wasn't pushing and somewhat non-committal, and that was ok. He was fun. But I made an comment to him saying hope he liked it. His response was a pretty nice endorsement of me. So if any of you need references......

Beyond a shadow of a doubt that was the best blow job I've ever received, period. I thought I was going to pass out. One of my most intense orgasms come to think of it. You are a master at it.

A highly educated man approaching 60 who advertises himself as 100% active, you have to figure he's had his share of oral experiences over the decades. I'm taking this as high praise.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

His Dead Sister's Apartment

How's that for a fucking blog title? Got your attention, I bet!

He was on-line at Scruff and I was about to send him a message when I saw I already had a few weeks before. But got no response.

He was hot. He was hairy. He was HOT.

What he also was, was a guy I played with a few years back in DC. I clearly didn't realize it when I messaged him weeks before, but all of the sudden I had this trigger of...."hey, wait a sec....".

I messaged him again and reintroduced myself. I also called him by name, since I remembered it. You tend to remember a guy like this. "David".

He was thrilled I remembered and he had not forgotten me. ...and he was three miles away, not 300.

As it turns out David was staying at his mother's house while helping out for a long weekend. He was there to clean out his sister's apartment after her untimely death. I assumed the time for sex was not this weekend. I did offer to meet him for a beer. He said he'd think about it.

The next morning he texted me and asked how the day was. I was just starting work, he was just getting going himself. It was miserable cold and pouring rain. He said he needed to be distracted. I don't think he was talking about having a beer. I took the bait. 10 minutes later I was in my car. 10 minutes after that, I was at the apartment.

His recently deceased sister's apartment.

As cold and miserable as it was outside, it was just as cold in, as I'm assuming the super had turned off the heat. No one was living there, only someone stopping by to clear out the stuff.

Immediately we kissed. Last time we did too. David is an incredibly handsome man and obviously has a good body to boot. He is fun to make out with. ...and to play with.

There was some sucking - me on him. He played with my nips and you all know what that does to me. In short order, I was soon kneeling on his sister's bed and he was slipping he his salami.

It felt fucking great: his cock, his hairy chest on my back. But he couldn't sustain the hard-on and I can't really blame him. Besides being freezing in the apartment, he was fucking me on his dead sister's bed!!!! That has to be a bit weird, no?

And there was timing issues. I know he was watching the clock as his sister's boss was showing up to collect her laptop and work items and then someone was coming to pick up the furniture, as they had purchased it.

Not only was I getting fucked on the bed of deceased woman, but breaking it in for a new owner. I have zero shame.

So that didn't work, but that's ok. He wanted to suck me and that was ok. David has a great mouth and I wanted to make him feel better about what he was doing there, even though getting sucked was not on my agenda. And I did provide him with a big warm load too.

In a way, I thought that might be the end of it. But he was hoping I would do down on him. Of course I would.

Truth be told, like many men, after I cum, I can sort of lose interest in sex. Getting off can be a very selfish act even when it is not intended to be. We are a slave to our bodies and minds though. That is just how mine typically works. You know I give my body to a few - as you've read, but when my dick spurts, I can't always help what happens next.

David was in luck, I went to my knees and took that beautiful cut cock into my mouth. It still had some of my ass taste on it, but that was ok. I got that cleaned off in a minute and went to work.

While still watching the clock, I know he was having trouble concentrating and getting erect - or staying erect. I am 90% it was not me.

After about 10 minutes of sucking he just FLOODED my mouth. Just a ton of cream. There was no warning. There was no sound. I gladly swallowed it all, knowing I had helped out a man in need.

I pulled off, smiled and stood up to kiss him. He looked confused.

He says to me, "if you give me a minute, I'm sure I can cum for you". I had to tell him he just did - and the amount he gave. He looked surprised. He had not even realized he had ejaculated.

So he says, "if you give me a minute, I guess I can cum for you again". And he did. A load as big as the first, if not bigger. Talk about a surprise.

We parted knowing he would have visitors arriving in the next 5-10 minutes and that I had to get back to work. Totally worth delaying the start of my day.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Piss and Vinegar

It was a new scene for me. Well some of it.

I was out of town and looking around some of the adult social media "dating" sites. Lots of promise. Lots of close by folks. Lots of flakes. Same old - same old.

One guy was close by, but he was pretty much all bottom - sub even. 41, 6'3", 215 lbs.

I never know why I change gears once a year, but I was in the mood to get off. He was convenient. Twice. Twice in two days, that is. And now and again, I like to flex my proverbial muscle of if I can top. The results are very mixed.

I'll give the guy this, he had a great mouth. Smooth, warm, and it could hit every inch of me without every finding any of this tooth enamel. That has been hard to find with most cocksuckers.

He showed and I was in the zone. My cock was rock hard. I made him chew on it through my boxer briefs. He wetted those down and made me harder.

Once out, he showed me he had years of experience. Lots and lots - something like me. For reasons unknown his sub abilities kept me hard, at least for a while.

The guy was good with his mouth. I had him lick my balls and it just sent me over the edge - in my mind, not from my shaft. I didn't cum then.

I spread my legs and with body language prompted him to go lower. He did - with gusto. The guy was an expert ass eater. Since I had been traveling for a day, I knew I wasn't out of the shower fresh, and he didn't mind, which gave him additional credit in my book.

But the longer this all went on, the harder it was for me to maintain my top-ness (i.e. my erection). Had I been the one sucking, licking and eating, I'd have had a boner for days. This just showed my limitations for being a top.

I did finish myself off by hand while he fingered my hole. I dumped my load in his mouth. He swallowed. He kept holding my soft cock in his mouth and just wouldn't take it out. Eventually I made him get off it. Then he left. ...but it did get my thinking.

The next night he messaged me again, wanting more. I had no other prospects and I was just coming back from a dinner and was pretty well lit.

I was still professionally dressed when he got there, and in my top mood.

He came over and I let him unzip me. He sucked me, he took off my footwear and socks. He put my cock in his mouth again and I just told him not to move. He did and didn't obey my command. He did not go up and down on my cock, but he would contract his mouth/throat that would upset the order of that I intended.

With so much booze and water in me, I had to go and my theory was from the night before, he held his mouth on me waiting for some piss. He didn't get it that night, but he would this one.

It took me a bit to work up to the flow, but I did and I thought I controlled it quite nicely. This guy wasn't stupid, and while I said nothing about pissing in his mouth, the telling him to hold still and the wait had to inform him exactly what was to happen.

However, as much as I controlled the flow, he had trouble keeping up. Gagging. Coughing. Annoying. After multiple attempts and mouthfuls for him, I just pushed him off my dick and let the rest of my bladder empty into the hotel toilet. Still the ability to just piss in his mouth was a hot concept for me. The feel of that urine just flowing from my cock into him was hot.

He kept apologizing over and over for failing. I didn't let him off the hook or accept his apology. A real top wouldn't, right?

He went back to sucking, licking and then I rolled over for him eating my ass. Here's a little clip of that.

I will fully admit to somewhat dozing off for a few minutes as this guy ate my ass for 45 minutes at least. Hey, I was hammered! This tongue up my hole was a great feeling, and he never was getting tired and digging in while I just fucking relaxed. I'm not sure he was any the wiser that I had a few minute siesta.

But once again, I had to bring myself off by hand into his mouth. Not the ideal.

The next day, via the social media, he apologized for his not being able to take my piss. I wasn't too worried. I wasn't going to see him again, even though he did request a third meet-up. I didn't care about disappointing him, I just didn't want to disappoint myself.

Friday, November 04, 2011

In My Tribe

So chalk up another visitor that it has been years between sightings.

I know "Jeff" from acquaintances, he's also been at my gym now and again and I've seen him at shul. For all those instances, we don't really know each other as we run in separate groups. He's also married with kids in college or late in high school. I had sucked him once - years ago. We jacked off once too in the locker room of my gym, but we never touched each other there - just mutual admiration jacking.

Out of the blue, I get an email from him asking if I was free, as he was near the neighborhood. As I am always happy to see Jeff, the timing worked out that I was not busy. He stopped by 10 minutes later.

Looking good as always, Jeff is about 6', 180, greying hair and a very handsome face. As I had not seen him in two years (and more), he'd added a few pounds but nothing major, just a little noticeable. We went inside.

There was a little chit chat about some mutual people from Temple and such, but overall it was down to business. His business in my mouth.

Not that being married really has a thing to do with it, but Jeff doesn't really suck dick. He doesn't mind looking at it or even touching it, stroking it, but he is a feeder. That's fine, because I am an eater. And he has a decent always rock hard 7" on him. Cut, of course. And clearly a nice helmet head.

He sat down and undid his tie. I took care of unbuttoning his shirt. I played with the nipples on his clipped chest. He appreciated the work with my fingers and my mouth. He liked it a lot.

Then I went and undid his belt, his claps and zipper. For a minute I gnawed a little on his grey briefs which was holding back his hard seven inches. The fabric wasn't winning. A few more sessions like this and that poor cotton would be in tatters - from my teeth or the strain of being stretched to kingdom cum.

I did then unleash the beast. Ok, 7" might not be a beast, but the man for being 50-ish, has a cock that is like steel and without the need for any performance enhancing drugs. It is a great piece of meat.

Jeff is very vocal. I forgot about that with him. I attempted to video the session, but did not get far. First round, the camera wasn't even facing towards us/me. But I did get a little audio of how it started. As we went along, it was much more vocal - on his part. On my part, my mouth was full.

I sucked. I licked. I nibbled. I chewed. I gnawed. I deep throated. I took his face fucking. I edged. Oh, how I edged.

I think I could have gotten Jeff off in five minutes, but I had no desire for it to go that quickly. So I repeated all the steps in the above sentence another three or four times.

But eventually the launch code had been activated and there was no way of shutting it down. He said, "I can't stop........I can't" - almost an announcement, almost apologetic. Almost. "OH I'M GONNA SHOOT!!!!!!!! as he pumped a fucking huge huge load into me. It just kept volleying out of there like he had not dumped his nut in weeks. Maybe he hadn't.

After I took the mouthful(s) of seed, he pushed me off, "No No No, it's too sensitive." But after he took a few gasps of air, and I made sure the load was securely down my throat and into my belly, I did go up and take that last pearl of semen off his piss slit and savor it like a good cocksucker would.

We've made no plans for another get together, but one day, I'll see him or hear from him. It might be a while, but he's always welcome.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


I had not seen him in years - sexually, that is.

I had seen him around town, but we had not "played" for quite a bit. I always forget why where are lapses, until I'm with him and it comes back. I'll forget again and it will happen again - but not for a while.

"Owen" is a decent looking guy. Handsome. He's big too. Bigger than me. Maybe 6'4" or 6'5". Not fat, but had put on weight in the last few years. He's bigger down there too - pushing 9" when fully hard.

But Owen also has a penchant for doing it in basements or storage lockers in his apartment building. And while I have certainly done it there and not minded, but when a better space is available, why not take it?

He sent an email out of the blue - I mean, it had been years. "Any chance I can jam my cock down your throat this week?" he wrote. I replied, "How about now?" We met up in 20 minutes.

I truly believe he was disappointed not to use a dark and dingy place for me to get on my knees, but we had better and warmer accommodations. He brought poppers. He brought lube. I wasn't prepped for the lube since that wasn't the tone of the email and the short turn-around time of contact to meeting. And his size. 9" is a lot to take.

We got right down to it. He wanted to kiss, but I did not - and it wasn't just the cold sore on his lip, but that was partially it, if truth be told.

While down on my knees he told me he wanted to objectify me. I wasn't sure what he meant by that. I don't think he knows what he meant by that.

And here's what struck me about Owen this time, which it never has....I'm not sure he's all there. Something doesn't fire or trigger, some capacity in mental ability seems just a bit short. I'm phrasing this as nice as possible because I'm not sure that is it, but he seems a bit off and I think that is the reason for the years in lapse of our get togethers. It is off-putting to me. He's like a gentle giant who doesn't know he'd physically hurt someone and just be happy as a clam if he did because the ability to know that doesn't exist.

He stood while I was on my knees. He sat back in a chair, while I was on my knees. He hovered over me as I was on my back. All times I fed on his cock. And it feels great in my mouth. I hope my mouth feels good on his cock too.

Perhaps it is my ability, or perhaps it is his 9 fat inches, but it was never fully hard. Usually it is, but not this time.

It didn't matter, he took that task into his own hand. I'm not one for helping a guy along with my fist, and would rather finish the job without their intervention, but he didn't consult me and I knew he was on a tighter timeline.

I wasn't expecting a few things: one - that he would get off so quickly after starting to jack his cock which never achieved full hardness even with his manipulation. two - that going by his email about getting a load down my throat, that he wouldn't actually put it in my mouth. three - the amount of that load.

Number three is my fault. He has shot on my face before and it was quite remarkable the volume of semen he produces. And it's thick. Some of the thickest goo I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. But fuck - the volume.

You can see below what he produced. What you don't see is that I had already swallowed about one-third of it that did go in my mouth or that I had licked from my lips.

As soon as he was done shooting, he stood up and went and just gazed out the window, like a child.

Maybe he did know what "objectify" means.