Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 - First Load

I am still woefully behind on posts. And while this one is about my first load for this year, I have adventures going back all the way to last May that are still in queue.  But we'll get there.

So yes - it took for three weeks into the new year before I got my first load of 2017.  What kind of fucked up world is that? It just seems to be the way lately - the job has been getting in the way of the blowjob.

Post-gym last Sunday, I was about to head home when I saw an old "acquaintance" was on Scruff. It had been at least two years since we'd conversed, let alone....."conversed".  I hit him up, he invited me his work.

It was still morning, he was the only one there and could I stop by to suck him?

The answer was 'yes'.  Yes, I  could.

I walked into the local small business. There had been only one car in the lot and I assumed it was his, yet no one was in the place. After 45 seconds - which felt like a long time - he emerged from what was most likely a rest room.

He was still the same - 5'10", thin, thinning hair, handsome-ish face. He led me to the back of the store that had a partition with a makeshift office - or two stools and a higher counter with a laptop on it.

Immediately, he pulled out his cock. Had this been my first time with him I'd have been disappointed. It was small and very thin. But I knew it would grow to almost 8" and it would fill out girth-wise as well.

We stood there for a moment while I fondled it and then I asked, "do you want me to put that in my mouth?" - he leaned back onto the stool and said "suck it".

And I did.

I fucking love his cock. It fits my mouth - and other places - quite nicely.

And "Rick" always does a nice job fucking my face too. A firm hand on top of, or behind, my head and he then just pumps his shaft in and out of my mouth.

Normally, Rick takes a while to cum. But I don't think I was sucking him for 15 minutes before he just uttered, "oh fuck, I'm gonna shoot".

Now, I attribute the quick bj to the environment. It's exciting and scary to be blown at work. Or to blow at work. I think that got him to a quicker climax.

And while he said it was a two day load, it was huge! Just kept spilling seed onto my tongue and some of it slid back into my throat and down to my belly.  But the majority I kept in my mouth, so I could show him.

When he was done convulsing, I opened wide to show him his own white gold. He looked down admiring his bounty. And then there was one word:  "Swallow!"

I placed his had on my throat so he could feel me ingest his semen. He smirked.

I then opened wide to show it him it was all gone. And for good measure, I squeezed his shaft to milk out two more drops. And I licked those clean as well.

He smiled. I stood up, nodded and walked out of the office and out of the store.

I had gotten what I came for.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Outside Video Shoot

Let's just say that my 2017 resolution is to be more consistent as a blogger.  Feel free to call me out on it when that does not happen. 

He answered my CL ad. I was in a mood and wanted a good video of me sucking cock. Normally I take ok video of me doing such a thing, but it’s usually on the fly and usually have to gain permission at the moment. I wanted this a little more set-up if possible.

I have been getting pics or video long enough that I can multitask, and I can almost guarantee that I can suck cock and hold a camera better than a guy that is getting sucked. You’d think these people have never held a phone / camera before. Or seen porn.

Still, in a way, it is nice to have the guy’s buy-in from the get-go and potentially set up some expectations and block the shots.

The guy, “Matt”, sounded into it and decent: 28, 6’0”, 200lbs and 6.5”. It was his suggestion to do it outside. It was his suggestion to do it in a nature preserve – a place where I have previously hiked. I was down for it and after a few scheduling attempts, it finally seemed to work out.

Unfortunately, when I pulled up, the parking lot was crowded. The times I’d been here before there was no one, or almost no one, who would be back there. Now not only was there a bunch of folks, but a ranger-guided tour. FML.

Still we opted to go back into the preserve.

We entered and headed east. It seem the group did too. We dawdled and looked at plants, the lake, etc until the group not only caught us, but passed us. We had to wait for stragglers too who were out and about, but not with the group. As we slowly walked the trails, we were scouting optimal places to steal away.

We found one – high brush, almost cat-tails. It was a huge huge patch of them. Matt was smart and had pants. I had shorts. It was warm out. But when we found our break of people, we went in. While I saw nothing sharp, it felt like a thousand needles were sticking in my shin and calf. But I persevered for my art, my craft and for all of you. You can thank me later.

The space was tricky. Not quite 20 feet off the main trail, but hidden. We could see movement on the trail. We could hear voices. But were 96% certain no one could see us. The sound was potentially the biggest problem. Those cat-tails (or whatever they were) were extremely dry. Stepping on them, or moving on them elicited lots of noise. Now it could have been seen as animals stepping on them, as it was a nature preserve, but we tried not to chance it.

After we got in place, we tried to make it where we had minimal movement. This proved difficult for me – as that stinging in my legs never subsided…..and it was wicked painful. Still, I powered through.

Matt had a decent cock. It was not outstanding, but that’s ok. He knew what he wanted and how to use it. We tried it with him standing there and me working it with my tongue and lips. We tried it with him pumping my mouth too. The problem was the noise level.

Part of making a good video – in my opinion, of course – is the audio. I like dirty talk. I like moans. I like groans. I like sloppy, wet sucking noises. I like people watching the video to experience what happened. The surroundings made that less than possible.

As it is, we’d would have to take breaks as people would stop on the trail – 20 feet from us – to talk about flora and fauna. Any move could expose us – as it were.

I would hold the camera. Matt would hold the camera. We’d get different angles. He’d talk, but never loud enough. The surroundings, while great in planning, just didn’t lend itself in reality. At least that day’s reality. Any other day I’ve been there we could have done it in an open field with no one but the butterflies to see it.

While I wasn’t overly nervous, I was being cautious. I was not going to stay out there for a long period of time to get a stranger off. And I didn’t need to. We were there maybe 15-20 minutes. And at the end of it, he did the prerequisite grunting and groaning, albeit in lesser volume than I believe he would have. But he couldn’t play up to the camera that way.

Naturally, I swallowed every drop, but not before showing the load to the lens. I might have even exaggerated the swallow.

After we got ourselves together, I walked back through the brush, more stinging of the legs (which would sting then for hours and hours!) and we actually walked the rest of the trail and talked. Nothing sexual…..just talk. As we left the preserve, he told me when I edited the film, to make sure I added in slow motion, to add music, and whatever titles should be 15 point Helvetica. It made me laugh.

I still have done nothing with the footage. It’s all ok…..but once again, still not better than me just holding it myself. I think in reality there needs to be a camera man.