Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My First Swallow

Since dry spell continues - I thought I'd at least do one of my First-Time Series!

Here it was. A cold late autumn day after school and I’m sitting in some married guy’s car in a metro-park. I knew exactly how I had gotten to this point – but now I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what I was doing. If I thought my first real experience was going to be a nurturing one – I had missed the mark.

I had urges from years before but no way to act upon them. Well, that’s a little lie. When I was in my early teens, I remember being dared at a sleepover with friends to suck a dick. My friend, Steven, put his mouth on mine first. It really felt so fucking great. But it was only for a minute and then it was my turn to do the same to him. Fear of being considered queer made me actually bite his dick. He was pissed. I knew what I wanted.

Then I came across and would steal these all-male magazines that had ‘stories’ in them. You know, tales of exploits that happen in certain areas: restrooms, bars, rest area and parks. I’d jack off to them, but was wise enough to know they were made-up stories. However, I did keep my eye out of these so-called places of interest.

Not far from my parent’s house, I discovered a park that had a cinderblock restroom. It had all the tell-tale signs that guys in need stopped there. A lot of very descriptive drawings and announcements were written on the walls. Past the bathrooms were woods and trails that went to who knows where.

I clearly didn’t know what good time to go or what I would do if I ran into anyone. It was hit or miss – and I kept missing. There was a gravel parking lot with a turnaround. If no one was there, I kept going.

But then here it was – that cold late autumn day. I should have been home from school, but I stopped. There were two other parked cars the lot…sitting…waiting. One guy got out and went into the restroom. It seemed like an eternity, but he didn’t return. Eventually I got brave and followed. I’m sure he could hear the gravel underneath my feet, so it was no surprise when I entered. And there he was at the urinal. The place smelled like autumn and stale piss. His dick was out and hard. He looked at his 6” erection, then to me and gestured with his head for me to go to it.

I was scared to death, but found myself drawing closer. I leaned down and put the head in my mouth just as I had wanted to do for as long as I could remember. He sighed but almost immediately we heard a car on the gravel. He pulled out of my mouth, zipped up and bolted out of there. I immediately heard a car start and speed out of the lot. Gathering myself up, I headed out. But there wasn’t a new car in the lot – just the other car which had moved closer to where I parked my bike.

As I approached the cars, the man inside rolled down his window. I would guess he was in his early to mid 40s with brown hair and beard. Very masculine looking with a strong jaw. He was dressed in a suit. “How’s it going today”, he asked. I told him fine. I noticed his hand dropped from the steering wheel into his lap. I could not see what he was doing, but made a pretty good guess. He continued making niceties as I stood outside his driver door, like asking me what I was doing. I answered too fast by saying, “I was just on my way home from school….” when I caught myself. He caught it too. An eyebrow went up. I looked old for my age – but I wasn’t passing for being in college. His hand never came back to the steering wheel.

Soon the conversation changed to the weather and how cold it had become. He said, “Come on in and have a seat and keep warm.” I accepted his offer. He introduced himself though I was too nervous to retain whatever he told me. The conversation immediately went back to school and where exactly did I go. I avoided the question – but I could now clearly see his hand resting on his crotch as he gave it a squeeze. It was at that point I noticed the wedding ring. My mind was racing – the stories I read never mentioned married men.

I’m sure I stared longer than I thought and he picked up on that. I was brought back to reality when I heard him ask, “You wanna see it?” I looked up to see he had one raised eyebrow, looking self-assured and a little smug. I just nodded my head. One hand gripped his belt while the other deliberately went to the tab and slowly but steadily pulled down the zipper of his suit pants. He reached in w/his left hand (the married hand!) and fished out a semi-hard cock. “Is this what you were looking for in there?” as he gestured toward the cinderblock outhouse. Before I even nodded, he already started talking. “You guys weren’t in there very long. You couldn’t have done much with that guy – or you made him shoot real fuckin’ fast.” He clearly assumed that I was going there to make the other guy shoot and not the other way around. I eked out that I didn’t get him to shoot at all. “Too fuckin’ bad for him” I heard him mutter barely below his breath.

He just looked at me while slowly moving his fist up and down his hardening shaft. “Go ahead bud, grab it…..you want to, don’t you?” I looked at him and he was looking at me right in the eye. I just sat there and he took my hand pulling it towards his tool. “C’mon, it’ll feel good for both of us.” By then my hand was around his shaft. His fat shaft. Except for the guy in the john, I had never seen a grown man’s cock before. And it was growing. It wasn’t long after my fist was around him that he was fully erect - about 7”, but thick with a fairly fat head that was beginning to ooze. He put his right index finger in the precum and brought it to my lips and traced them. “You like that.” It was not a question. Instinctively my tongue went to my lips. My first taste of another man’s precum.

“God, I’d love to feel your mouth on my dick. I bet it would feel incredible.” He was baiting me – but not begging me. I wasn’t familiar with my surroundings so I hemmed and hawed and said, “Oh, I don’t know. What if somebody comes?” The older man replied, “Don’t worry about it kid, I’ll keep an eye out.”

He said ‘kid’. It hit me kind of strange. In some ways I was a kid (I always felt older than my 15 years also)…and he was all fuckin’ man. But now I was aware we both knew the age difference. “Do it.” He was almost demanding. “I want your lips on my cock, kid”. I leaned over as if I was going to take it, but picked my head up slightly and looked around, fearful someone would catch us. He urged me to go down on him ensuring that he’d keep watch.

His left hand kept his rigid dick in place waiting for my mouth and I lowered myself to it. The warm head passed through my lips and about an inch of shaft followed. “Cocksucker!” he hissed. It was meant as derogatory as it sounded.

Being new to this, I was trying to get a hold of all my senses that were currently on overload. The taste and smell of his prick and all the while feeling how it felt and fit into my mouth. I must have been taking too long to figure it all out because the felt his hand grip the back of my neck and begin applying pressure. “Take it kid. Let me feel that fuckin’ mouth of yours” as he pushed down and slightly lifted his hips at the same time. He pushed that fat cock in my inexperienced mouth too fast and I gagged and coughed. “What’s the matter guy, you never suck cock before?” he asked, not really expecting me to shake my head ‘no’ while still on his prong. “Really!?” he asked with a verbal sneer, “then you are gonna love this.”

His grip relaxed slightly and he was talking me through servicing his cock. Telling me how to take it. He clearly told me his likes and dislikes if what I was doing didn’t please him. He liked it deep, but when it’s your first time seven inches may as well be a foot. His thickness didn’t help matters with a novice like me. His hand was guiding my head up and down while he watched my progress and his member disappear. I was about two-thirds of the way down on it when he just said calmly, “keep your fuckin’ head down and don’t move…we have company.” He had been so intent on using my mouth he hadn’t been paying attention to anyone who might be approaching. His hand never left the back of my head – and knowing I couldn’t pop up in the seat gave him leverage in getting what he wanted. He pushed me down deeper on his dick. “That’s it faggot…keep going. Take it ALL”, he said through gritted teeth. My lips were at his zipper teeth. He was all the way where he wanted to be. But the way he called me ‘faggot’ stung. Us guys in school considered un-masculine boys to be fags. Even though I was sucking a stranger’s dick it never occurred to me that someone would think I was a faggot.

He kept pushing me down on his cock and I’d come up a bit to try to get some air and we’d repeat the process. Inadvertently, he was teaching me to bob on his dick the way he wanted. I was still worried about being found out, but eventually he said, “I’ve seen that guy around, we’re cool.” My man’s dick never lost its stiffness. He was clearly a man with a mission. He became more aggressive – physically and verbally. He took my head in both hands and guided me up and down his shaft. I couldn’t swallow all my spit and it was coating his dick – though I wasn’t aware that it was aiding me in performing my oral duty. He had no issue egging me on, “That’s it, suck my fuckin’ prick…make me feel good!”

Though I had not performed a real blowjob before, I had jacked-off hundreds of times. I knew some of the signs of a guy getting close to shooting. I presumed from this guy’s labored breathing, his string of obscenities at me, that he must nearing the end, I just had no idea how close he might be.

I was having conflicting thoughts of what I should do when he was ready to cum. Though I had been thinking about giving head for a long time, I had never even tasted my own sperm. I had no idea what to expect and immediately began to doubt that this was something I wanted to do at this moment.

Right then he announced, “MOTHERFUCK – I am going to get my nut!” I had never heard that phrase before, but I knew what was going on. In an instant I decided this was not what I wanted – at least now. I tried to pull of his dick, but he’d have none of it. He put his hand behind my head and pushed down hard. I could feel his wedding ring in my scalp. “Oh no you don’t! You had better not make a fuckin’ mess of my suit or my car!”

His dick was jammed in my mouth, but not quite at my throat. I was gagging on the thickness of his shaft. Tears were welling in my eyes – the kind you get from a choking sensation. And then it happened. A huge spurt hit the back of my mouth. That was followed by an “OH YEAHHHHH” from the guy delivering it, followed by almost indistinguishable moans, groans and expletives. The semen was warm and thick and it just seemed to keep coming. At first there were a few heavy jets, then it just seemed to flood my entire mouth. What I did know was that it was unlike anything I had ever tasted. I don’t know how anyone could compare it to anything else they’ve ever eaten. I did want to gag, but mostly from the volume not necessarily the taste.

I remembered his words about not making a mess but most of his cum resided in my mouth and I didn’t know what to do with it. Once he regained some of his composure, he must have realized it too. He never let up on the holding of my head. He leaned forward a bit, close to my ear and growled, ‘do what you’re good for and swallow every drop’. And he held me tightly for a length of time where he knew I’d have no choice but to take it down my throat.

When he was sufficiently certain I had taken it all, he took his hand off my head letting me up and pulled out a tissue to clean himself off. He stuffed his deflating dick back in his suit and zipped up, and threw the tissue out his window. I sat there a bit stunned not sure what usually happens next. I shouldn’t have worried since he had taken charge the entire time anyway. He leaned over me and opened my door for me.

“I needed that so fuckin’ badly – but it’s time for you go to home." And then he gave me a shove out the door and he drove off before I even got to my bike.

I was completely conflicted about what just had gone on. He seemed to want me, but didn’t even touch or thank me. Hell, I never even touched my dick, let alone took it out.
It slowly sunk into me that he had used me for his own purposes. Maybe I was wrong to think it would be a more mutual. The ‘stories’ I had read always had nice wrapped up endings. I on the other hand, was feeling dirty, cheap and completely used.

I returned to the park in a week.

Monday, February 27, 2006

No R/T Lately

Man - I just got NOTHING lately.

....so, I suppose I should entertain w/a story from my past. And it's harder than it seems. Yes - I have many. But to pull back one that I convey a good/dirty time is tough. I liken it to my 40G iPod. Almost too many songs to manage. The Nano is much better - b/c I pick the best of the best.

Or maybe I should just turn this into a generic blog that throws in sex entries as they come along. Thoughts?????? Comments????

Monday, February 20, 2006

Frank & Paul are NOT Gay

This video clip has nothing to do w/my sex life other than I'd sleep with either of these guys (or both!). Oddly enough the kissing scene is bad and looks fake but some of the other stuff might not.

Might not be suitable for work.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Dedicated. The Stupid?

I think the truly sex-driven tend to forego rational thought. Not all the time - but when chips are down, they will do things they shouldn't (too many to list), with people that they normally wouldn't (guilty) and in places and times that are not deemed appropriate. We risk it all for a momentary pleasure.

I'm a guy who can deal w/any amount of snow. Sure most people are stupid when it comes to driving in it - I just avoid those people. As years go by, I find myself having a lower tolerance for the cold. Yes, it can snow w/out being frigid out. And I"m not talking I hate the 20-30 degree weather - but below that, I cannot stand.

What do paragraphs one and two have to do w/each other? Well, yesterday and today had the high temp of 12 degrees. That's Farenheit. That's w/out windchill. But I had an itch. ....and let's face it guys...when we get an itch, it's rare we don't scratch it. .......or is this just me?

Yesterday i was lucky enough to orally satisfy two different guy (at two different times). One was from on-line. Easy in and out of his house. Nothing spectacular. The other was a guy I used to date for awhile. He was over for a late lunch and we were cleaning up - and ended up kissing in the kitchen. Both of us got extremely hard. I grabbed him and he said it felt good. I told him I could make him feel better.

I pushed him against the counter and undid his jeans. I promptly slid to my knees and pulled out his hard 8.5". He just stood there and didn't protest or anything. I love his dick. Big. Thick. And man, was it hard. And of course, I got him off - though he had very little producitivty. But I do it for the appreciation - not always for the pay-off.....exactly.

But today on-line selections were slim. It was deceptively sunny today. I figured it wouldn't be TOO bad. I was wrong. I hit a park. At first didn't seem too cold. But man - after 7-10 min, it was brutal. But I wasn't the only one out there. There is definately a group of die-hards that could put the postal service to shame.

The two guys (separate again) were nothing special. Middle amerian middle-aged dads. Both arriived in their SUVs. We all endured the frigid weather. You can't grab your basket effectively in gloves....or unbutton 501s either. So I wore none. Big mistake.

It wasn't even my nuts that would have froze off - just my fingertips. I'm sure my mouth wasn't warm enough in that weather. The feeling of it enveloping a shaft was not what it should have been. But everyone got hard. Everyone (well....not me) got off.

But being in the park makes me long for summer. Deep in those woods. Doing g-d knows what, w/g-d knows whom.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Psycho Lawyer

Qu'est que c'est. Fah fah fah fah fah fah fah fah fah.

We knew it was coming. Could see it a mile down the road.
I get an email this morning saying he's now 'dating someone and needs to focus on him. Mind you - this was the guy who fucked me raw for 40 minutes on Monday while making out w/someone else. Oh - and I was to cease all contact w/him.

Ahhhh....to be 27-28 and insecure again.

Now, I don't believe for a second he's dating anyone (no, not even the realtor from the earlier posting). But then I got to thinking - he BEGGED me to buy him a pair of cowboy boots. The pointier the toe the better. I mean - I have the email trail (100 of em it seems) w/the begging and harrassing me for them. He got them less than 3 days before the last fuck.

Was I used? You betcha!
Was I hurt? Not really. Pissed in a way that I let myself get used.

So it was time for some fun/revenge. I had a (very) good man email him saying that I was his boy and that the lawyer was to stop fucking me and return the boots. It was no concern how he found out about it - just to stop.

Well, naturally that began entire flood of back & forth emails. The lawyer pissed at me for giving out his address - which I naturally denied. The refusal to return the 'gift'. The email to my 'Sir' telling him to cease contact immediately. Another email to me about Sir and how he'll get all 'real lawyer' on him and charge harrassment. Blah blah blah.

I made sure he knew he meant nothing to me other than being a decent fuck. And I was complying w/his wishes of no more contact. Starting........................................now! (So did 'Sir')

But then his emails started coming back - 'how do you know him"' 'where's he from'?. And to 'Sir' - 'how long have you been fucking him?' etc. Ahhhh....again.....to be 28 and insecure.

Granted, I can't say I was the most mature person here. You could say this is where my bitterness would raise it's ugly head: If he wants to fuck me over- he's gonna have to do a better job of it.

*Don't announce termination of a non-relationship.
*Don't fuck w/me or a friend saying you'll file harrassment charges. (Not when I have a string
of emails you sent FROM work from a large law firm.)
*Don't claim harrassment when you literally email me dozens of times per day.

So, a good somewhat steady fuck is in the past. Time to move on.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

3 Day Dry Spell

Yes - it's been three days since I've gotten any. Only three days you say? Well FUCK YOU. Take another glance at the title of the blog.

Though really - addicts for most things, don't always have to obtain what they are addicted to - but they spend their time thinking about it and how and when to get it. Whatever the addiction. It's amazing I can hold a fucking job.

I mean - in a four day time period, I had five different guys. I'd say it's not normal - but what is? I had a guy who reads this blog emailed me earlier in the week saying that I must have a lot of fun. Fun? FUN?! Ok, yes, eventually it is fun. But it is a LOT of work. See above: planning. plotting. scheming. scheduling. These guys just don't fall into my lap (though I gladly slide down into theirs!).

Then there is the follow-up: the blog.

It is important that you all have something to read - even if most don't comment (they are always welcome). I started it for myself (c'mon - it is a blog. we're all selfish fucks expounding our crap in hopes we get some validation (see comment on comments)).


I can't say mine is too different in theory. There are a lot of sites out there where guys relay their escapades. I'd love to be them. They always get hot married men/daddies, construction workers, cops et al. Oh - they also have read too many FirstHand stories. Law of averages would have me doing all those guys too - but I don't. And neither do they. You get the good, bad and mundane here. But at least it's real. Or my version of real. I'm no James Frey.

I could only give you the good stories - but then my sex life would sound unreal. Then there'd be no room for introspection (like now). The ones I pull from my past are the good or interesting ones. Trust me - I remember the bad ones too. But to be honest, I remember ALL of them. Yes - ALL of them. Oy.

If I don't get nailed anytime soon - you'll be seeing one of those past stories too. I have 1000s (yes - no judgments) of them. Actually, it' harder to narrow down and pull one back from memory. Maybe I'll start a 'first time' series. Some of you saw those on my Tripod site (which they shut down due to graphic content......jeeeesh). It would be in that vein.

Keep well. Keep safe. Keep healthy. And hope that I get laid soon - for YOUR enjoyment....not mine.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3 Way

In general I have a rule not to do 3-ways with couples. One is always attracted to me more than the other or vice versa - and the other always has hard feelings (and rightfully so). So I thought a 3-way w/a non-couple would be an ok thing to do.

It was the lawyer (we'll call him Chris) from previous posts and a realtor I know (let's call him Jim). Problem is - I've known him (biblically) for about 8 yrs. Though we are not a couple by any means - the connection we have is deep and one would think only sexual.

Jim is in a fashion professional in his sex talk. Maybe even clinical. You don't 'fuck' - you 'penetrate'. You don't shoot a load - you ejaculate. It's a very nice penis - not a hot cock. The more you can make sex sound like a business transaction w/him, the better. I can play that game. Easily.

Chris is young and to the point. The 'i'm gonna throw you against the wall and breed your fuckin' ass' kind of guy. I can play that game too. Easily.

Now I think I know Jim sexually and this gives me the advantage. I was wrong.

Almost like a lightswitch, he became a Jim I didn't know. As clinical as he can be, there was an air of coldness added to it. I was instructed by Jim to make 'our host' feel good. On the cement floor I went to my knees. I gnawed a bit through the tight jeans feeling his manhood stiffen even more. I unbuttoned his jeans and took out his cock and did what I thought was a great suck-job.

When I suck, I'm all over the dick. To me - it's not all about deep throating. There is an art to it. The lips. The mouth. The throat. The tongue. I use them all separately and in various combinations. Jim saw flesh and said - "I can see too much of his penis" and promptly pushed me all the way down and held me in his pubes. I tried to work my tongue alone, but each time I tried to come off - I got shoved right back down.

Jim was content to watch for a bit - but the host offered my services to Jim, which he accepted. I wasn't really part of the conversation. I'd become a commodity. A service. (ok....i've always probably been that - but to guys I don't know. truly no strings encounters. anonymous. this was not that.)

Jim has a much bigger dick. Bigger than mine. More than 8" and fatter. The man can actually orgasm multiple times w/out every actually ejaculating. I know all his pressure points to do this. To be honest - my lips never really need to touch his cock to bring him pleasure. But trust me - my lips DO make contact w/his flesh!

While I was sucking they stopped talking (which was so low I could never really hear them anyway). I peer up to see them making out. Really making out. Very into each other.
About a half-hour of rubbing and sucking went on. The cement floors on my knees were hell - but whatta gonna do?

I was told to suck/lick a certain place under Chris' nuts (I guess you'd call it the taint). While doing this I also sucked and licked his nuts. Many guys love their nuts sucked a bit. Chris did not. I was scolded for hurting them. Then told to stand and open/drop my pants. My testicles were tugged, slapped, and flicked. Jim made a point of seeing how hard he could do it before I'd wince. Personally, I think he was impressed how long I went w/no expression at all. Just a day in the life for BikeGuy.

Again w/the low talking - about what they wanted. Though I didn't hear - I just stood waiting for my next direction. They chose to make out - hot and heavy. I admit, I felt left out. Never had I made out w/Jim. Only once had I w/Chris - to which later he said he'd never do that again, as that was not what I was good for to him. I fought the thought just to leave. On some level I hate to say I was jealous or envious. But on another level, I knew they were doing to TO get to me. A form or torture. I stayed standing. Flaccid. Waiting.

Eventually, they pulled apart for more discussion. The plot points were where in the loft to fuck me. They agreed upon me leaning over the kitchen counter. I went over and bent over. Head on the counter, like Chris wanted. I assumed no words from me - which was difficult for one reason: he kept telling me to open up, but that wasn't the issue. He was about 1" off his target.

Instead of saying anything - which wasn't wanted - I maneuvered myself so he could hit paydirt. And he did. He found the hole and pushed in. I made it so he could sink in deeper by pushing back a bit. Jim was right at his side watching the penetration. He loved it. I could hear it in the tone of his voice. Their talking stopped and I knew they were once again back at kissing. Fucking and kissing. Getting off on each other - but using me as the conduit. The receptacle.

The low encouragement that Jim gave Chris worked to everyone's advantage. The fuck was the best Chris had ever done. Jim certainly enjoyed it. Though in their eyes they could care less if I did like it - I fuckin loved it. Chris went on for 35-40 minutes. He's never lasted that long. Not nearly. He was putting on a show for Jim - and rightfully so.

At one point, Jim came around. Though the counter was high, he's tall enough and dick is long enough to be able to feed me. As always, he tasted great. But that didn't last long. He rejoined his new buddy at his side. This I could hear - Jim to Chris: "just do what you need to do. don't worry - just do what is necessary."

I knew what that meant. Jim had no idea if I wanted the load - but that was out of my hands. The entire evening was. Through their muffled kiss - I could hear Chris achieve his orgasm. It was, however, the first time I didn't really feel his ejaculation. But I knew it was there.

After a minute, he slid out of me - my head still on the counter. Jim walks to my side - no facial expression whatsoever. "Get down on your knees NOW." I complied. He said something to Chris, which he agreed. I'll assume it was - should I do it now?, since after the response of 'yes' my open mouth received a huge load of cum. The biggest in our history that I've ever gotten from him.

Normally, Chris would kick my ass out of the loft immediately after. But there was an awkward (mostly for Chris and myself) phase while Jim got himself together. Jim left to use the restroom. I complimented Chris on his fuck saying it was the best one yet. His response was perfect for him - and one he never really exhibited in front of Jim: "the best one I gave you, maybe."

A long kiss goodbye for the newfound friends. Me w/my hands in my pockets. The second the door closed, old Jim was right there. The lightswitch had been flipped back.

We all do it. The lightswitch, that is. Some to greater degrees than others. My ability to go into both their separate worlds (or any guy's) would be mine. Jim was amazed at how affectionate that Chris was. Chris isn't that way w/me - so there's his switch. With mixed reservations - I told Jim I was amazed how he immediately made me a non-entity in that process. He grinned knowingly. He knows the switch too. Nothing else was said.

We adapt. We have to. Or we don't get what we want.

Ultimately, I got what I wanted. I got used. I got watched being used. I got the fuckin loads!

And most likely - I'll get another shot at that 3-way. I'll just have to adapt.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Shake the Disease

I woke up this morning w/that Depeche Mode song in my head. Go figure.

Maybe my recent activities dictate that - not unlike how guys' dicks/balls dictate what they do. We are all primal in our actions. And let's face it - for men - sex drives us. We are all pigs on some levels.

Some can be helped, if we put our minds to it (clearly I haven't). Some can't be helped or don't want to be helped (again, back to me!).

Yesterday I ended up at a pseudo-friends house. I don't know him that much but he was on-line and we chatted. He had a need. I had a need. And luckily mine was the kind that could help his. He, I believe, is partnered.....but no one home when I got there.

Bill (his name) was there at the door as I pulled up. Purple sweat pants on only. Nothing underneath. I don't even think I said 'hi'. I got down on my knees inside the doorway and took him into my mouth. He wasn't hard - which I love feeling it grow in me. It was such that as he grew, I could deep-throat him and lick his nuts while I was all the way down there. He LOVED that. ...so did I.

Eventually I got off my knees and sat on his staircase. Lowering my pants before I sat down. He stood in front of me and face fucked me. No hands on my head - just all hip action. His hand did go down under my shirt to my right nipple.

IF I haven't stated it before in this blog - my nipples are both 'on' switches. There is almost nothing to turn them off. Perhaps, ejaculation. He clearly took notice of my squirming when he played with them. I immediately do what I normally do when someone does that - reach down to my hole. I'm telling you - it's the easiest way to get to fuck me.

And apparently the most transparent. He saw my reaction - which made his dick harder. 7" HUGE head. Tapered shaft under the crown.

Bill told me we had to hurry - and I was in a rush too (I had a nephew's 3rd bday to get to). He led me to the living room and got me on the floor and my pants off. He leaned over my head and made me suck him more. But damn if his fingers didn't find my nips again.

I mean - we're not talking tit torture here. Playing w/them 'just so' can do a world more of damage to me than pinching them off. I'm talking the ability to get me to do most anything, most anywhere w/most anyone!

He saw my legs squirm and my hand down there too. It wasn't long before he was down there as well. Barely an acknowledgement of what he was going to do. Certainly no real approval - other than my lack of refusal.

With spit in his hand, then to his cock, I pulled my legs back exposing my hole. With precision he eased in - popping that big head into me....then just sank down with no stopping. Luckily I had a bottle of poppers w/me and pulled them out to ease the transition.

Bill was a man w/a mission. Pumping in and out of me - all the way - until he got a steady hard-driving rhythm. He told me he needed this more than I did. He had to lighten his nuts. He told me *I* had to cum first. I told him I couldn't make a mess - since I was on my way to a party. He could have cared less. He pulled up my shirt and t-shirt and told me to unload. I was rock hard and on the edge. I knew I shouldn't do it - but I did. I squirted a 2 day load all over my belly and into my pubes.

Doing this got him on the edge. He asked if I wanted it. I nodded. He doubled the question and asked - 'are you absolutely sure you want my seed?'. I said loudly - 'just fuckin' give it to me'. And he did.

He pulled out and told me I had to leave. I did by his watch - and by mine. But I sat in my car trying to clean up. Cum on stuck between my torso and tshirt...seeping into my briefs. There was no way I could NOT smell likes sperm at this party.

As much as I would have loved to keep it - I had to hit a Target on the way and but a new T. I used the old one to wipe myself up.

The bday party went well too. A good time was had by all!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday Afternoon

So my Friday morning session wasn't enough to quell my eternal sex-hunger. But be honest - who here reading this really tires of sex for any real amount of time? Sure there is the post-coital lull, but we're men - we build up again (and quickly).

I find a guy on-line who is needing to get off. I offer my services and say I will stop by after work. He's good w/that. I get there at the appointed time. He's good looking. Maybe late 40s, black hair, jewish (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) like me. In his front room, he has me strip completely.

He got down to a jock/thong and that was it. A nice 8" piece of meat....good sized head. I got on my knees and sucked him good. He loved me taking him to the root. I bobbed. I sucked. I used my tongue. All got good reactions.

He pulled out and turned around presenting me w/his ass. I knew what to do (shock!). I had to pull his thong strap to the side - but dove into that hole. He wasn't dirty or anything - but far from clean. In short: tasted like all man. I got deep and he loved it. He tried to pull away - and I held him there to eat more of his ass longer. He willingly let me.

After some more sucking he got me on my back and out of nowhere produced a small bottle of lube. At first I swear he just wanted to rub the cock around my hole. He wanted the lube to make it feel good. Finally I begged him to stick it in me.

He initally didn't want to claiming to have no rubber. But I told him just to stick it in for a little bit. He took little coaxing - and maybe it was just a ruse on his part to make me beg for it and to take the responsibility for taking it raw. He wins! But I won too.

He threw a nice fuck. Clearly skilled at what he was doing. Kept telling me how tight I was. I think it was more how big HE was. Either way - he ended up pumping off a HUGE load into me. The spasms - the moans - the swearing as he came, I thought it wouldn't end (not that I wanted it to).

He pulled out and threw me a towel - but I refused. I just pulled on my pants and then got ready to go. I wanted that with me. All of it.

Both of us were home and relaxed before sabbath.

Friday, February 10, 2006

2nd Interview. 2nd Person.

A few weeks ago I played out a scenario where a guy came to my office for an interview and got it on w/me, the potential boss. It was hot. It was posted here - along w/pictures.

The 2nd round of interviews happened today. I thought it would be best to have said candidate meet with myself and another worker. Luckily the guy who works in my facility was willing - though he had no idea how close I was to setting him free forever.

Both were relatively on time. The interviewee was right on time. Work guy was 10 min late. In the meantime I told the new guy to make sure he encouraged the work guy to take all my load. I said the boss (me) was big on producitivty and he had trouble keeping up with the workload. He was into the scene to come.

No role playing for the most part after #2 showed up. I went right to work. The candidate was rock hard. Work guy needed to be worked there. I started w/the candidate. Great 6.5" dick. Severe angle upward launch position. Good for sucking - but hard to take two dicks at once in the mouth. I tried - but tough to manage, even for a guy like me. Did I say 'guy'? ...for a COCKSUCKER like me.

I went back and forth between the two - but I really had my sights set on the newer guy. While I sucked - the work guy went behind and started eating this guy's ass. He loved it. They BOTH loved it. Even I got a taste of the butt. Nice and shower fresh. Well.....it was 6:45 a.m.

I then went back to get the work guy off - since interview guy wanted to see me take it. It didn't take too long and once again - a HUGE load. I took it all w/out gagging.......as IF. But I didn't swallow. I held it all in my mouth. I then pulled off looking right up at guy #2 and put my mouth full of sperm onto his rod. I'm sure the warmth and goo felt good. I went all the way down and then pulled off. His prick was coverd in white gold. Sperm. Thick and coated shaft was there for all to see.

Before it could drip or get onto his suit - I made sure to take care of it all and cleaned him off w/my willing mouth. Then set about getting his nutjuice. That took a bit longer. I was hoping guy #1 wouldn't get bored and leave b/c I really needed to feed him in front of this guy. But guy #1 pulled through and I got his load. Ok in size and taste.

But I stood up and told the guy it was time to take my dick. He went right to it. I turn to interviewee and say - 'he can take the entire shaft, but he's not good on taking the load.' Though he stayed on my cock - he looked up and gave me a dirty look. I replied - 'well you can't'.

It did not take me long at all, since I stroked while sucking off both guys. I warned him this time. And told him no matter what - keep swallowing.

The candiate got into too. But I had an 7-8 day load. It was big. I always shoot big. He coughed. He gagged. BUT he didn't lose it. He had it all - he swallowed it all. I told him he was a good boy and he showed signs of promise. Another dirty look shot my way.

We all straightened up. And I let them go to their respective morning places of employment. I went back to work mysef. A little lighter in the nuts.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Now Here I Go Again.......

Dreams. Such a weird thing.

Overall, I do not have sexual dream. Once in awhile - but it's not the norm. I do however have either really weird dreams (which I try to write down as soon as I wake) or ones that are so realistic that I can't differentiate if I'm in r.e.m. or my waking life.

Last night was the latter. Somehow my mother found out about this blog.....and read it in detail. Oy.

I mean - my best friends don't even know about this blog (well.........that I know of). And in the dream, my mother was so nice about the entire thing. That certainly wasn't the case when she found my shoplifted Honchos, Blueboys and Playgirls back in the early 80s.

Nothing much came of the dream. Just the realization that my blog is out there really for anyone to see. It's me. I can't really be ashamed of that. Well, of course I can.....but I"m not.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Morning / Work BJs

Yeah - I met w/the work guy again today.

It'd been two weeks since I choked him on my 32 day load. Today he firmly put his hand behind me head and guided me down to my knees. A good start.

He let me blow him for a bit but then he took over. I love using my expert tongue on the bottom of a shaft and was getting no reaction from him. I mean - I always get reaction from that!!! I guess I can't say 'always' anymore.

It was at that time his hand went behind my head and he pumped my mouth. Maybe he was in a hurry. Maybe he was reacting me to choking him w/sperm. Hard to say. But the man flooded my mouth. I mean - not gagging flooded.....but I can see where had it been a bit more or a bit longer, he might have. I was determined to get a load in my mouth this week - and did.

I got off my knees not sure if he'd ever go back down on me. I didn't ask, but he went to the ground a minute later. Then the fucker pulls out a towel!!! A TOWEL! ("you know....just in case".) I probably should have stopped then. But I didn't.

I told him, "oh, it won't be as large as last time", thinking to myself it'd only been 5 days since I jacked off. I shouldn't have made him that promise. Swear to g-d.........the load was larger. But it's not like I didn't try to help him. I pulled back to give the sperm more room to fill his mouth. I told him it was coming. I even coached him w/my 'that's, it, keep swallowing." But he gagged. He spit up some cum into the towel (good thing he had THAT!. Wuss.). Then he pulled OFF my cock before I was done. HUGE drops of semen hit the floor. The cum is never gonna come out of the carpet!

I enjoy his cock and load - but now not sure how much I want this to continue. Not that I have respect for anyone who'd have sex w/me (necessarily), but man - this might hit a low. If you can't do the job - don't take on the task!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Apparently I've been overlooked by the academy this year. Maybe I started this thing too late in '05 to be eligible.

Alas - you still have a say in your favorite blogs. Vote.