Monday, July 23, 2018

Morning Load

The morning was different. I had to go to a training session in a different part of town than I normally work. Because the training location has no food, I stopped at Panera to order a salad to take to work.  It was early in the morning, so I sat and had some tea and a muffin while killing time.

I got ping'd on Grindr by some guy a mile away.  Decent guy, not great. Inherently you could tell he was a man of his word and someone who'd follow through, which takes him up a few pegs in my book. He was to the point as was I.  He gave me an address and I said I'd be there in 10 minutes.  I made it in 7.

However he was not there.  Yet.

It turns out I was meeting him at his place, but not his place.  It was a property he owned or managed that was currently kind of between tenants. It was a sex get away for him.  That is, if a sex get away is a 2 bedroom 1 bath major-fixer-upper.

He arrived a few minutes after I did and entered through the back of the house to let me in the front. That entrance was more like a breezeway - and a place we'd never leave. It had a stained off white sofa and a stained off white.....ottoman?

It also had a floor, which is what I used when I went to my knees.

He had on jeans, which I gnawed on the crotch. I could feel the material start to expand as the flesh that was beneath it started to rise. I heard a moan too. Good. A man in need.

The guy had me stand up.  Like an expert, he played with my nipples through both my dress and under shirts. You know I love tit work, but it's hit or miss on if a guy is good.  This guy was superior. He had my legs, cock and butthole aquiver.  He liked his tits played with too.  And hard. Like SUPER hard. I was and still don't think it was enough.

I was putty in the guy's hands and had he wanted to bone my butt, I would have not only said 'yes' but begged him to do it.  I alluded to as much, but I got no bites. Maybe on the 3rd or 4th time he just said he doesn't fuck guys.  Damn.

Back to sucking it was.

This breezeway was a sauna. It had to be mid 90s by 8a outside and with no ventilation inside, He was ripe.  You know that moment in a man's day where he smells manly - but not quite funky yet?  Well he was to steps past that, but not to the point I couldn't function due to his odor.  I was dying because of the heat, but doing my job.

There were times I did what I was doing, there were times he took over the pace. I was cool either way. He never took off his underwear, which was hot to me.

We stopped here and there for nip work which was frustrating for me. He knew what it did to me but I knew I'd get no follow-through and yet I didn't want him to stop, as it's such a great feeling for me. Still I knew my mouth was going to be the solution to his problem.

Plenty of times he would push me off of his cock as he was getting too close. I took it as a win and loved he was self-policing his orgasm. I didn't have to do the edging. That said, I did have a schedule to keep so not being in that control was a little disconcerting.

I gave into it though. I knew I'd still make it to work in time.

The guy had me sit on the stained sofa.  By this time my pants were around my ankles along with my boxer briefs. I was openly stroking my own dick while servicing his.   And I was still servicing his because he stood on the sofa and straddled my face. With his hands on the wall in front of him, he fed me cock.  I took it oh so willingly.

He was once again close. His movements, his gasps for breath, the stiffness of his cock all told me this would be ending soon. He was leaning over me but still looking down at me. He was watching me take his dick. He liked seeing it disappear and reappear.  I decided then and there to put on a show when it came time - which was just about now.

He tried to to bury his cock in my mouth when the orgasm came, but what little room I had to pull back, I took. With mouth open he could now see every pulse of sperm that left his cock and that got shot into my awaiting orifice. "Oh FUCK, that's hot" said he.

I had no doubt it was.

Then I swallowed.

He offered me a used towel from the floor to clean up with, but I hadn't cum and I made his all disappear, so save the sweat on my brow, I had nothing to get rid of.

As it was, I was going to training with a sense of satisfaction and the smell and taste of cum in my mouth.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Face Fucked

"Suck my dick" was the text I received.   I replied, "what's the magic work".....and apparently it's "cocksucker".

Who knew?

He backed off due to my availability.....that damned job I have and all.  I did message him I was leaving and if he had to run an errand that happened to be near my house in 15 minutes, he might want to consider doing that errand.  He was at my house in 15 minutes.  What he told his wife, husband or partner, I have no idea. And I really have no idea to whom he's attached. Nor do I care. I just know he loves me sucking his cock and well, I like doing it.

It had been months. We had been more regular. Maybe twice a week. Then things dropped off to the point I figured he found this blog and got repulsed by the volume of cocks I service. It can be quite daunting. You are either really turned on by that kind of behavior or totally turned off. It's doubtful there is any in between.

I was waiting for him by the front door. He was about to say 'hi' when he saw me just slowly palming the mound in my shorts.

It's not that he cares about my cock. He's never seen it. He never will. He just figured out my level of horniness. He said nothing and walked past me and headed to where I almost always suck him if it is at my place - my home office, the location of so many guys I've had.

With "Dave" I don't really fool around. There is some talk, but not much. I got down on my knees and mouthed his mound, which was covered by white shorts. I hope he wasn't going home right away, as I made them noticeably damp with my saliva.

As it so happened, when I went to my knees, I was right next to the desk. I unzipped his shorts and hauled out his cock, as i fucking love the look of a cock just hanging from a fly. ....though he wasn't really hanging if you get my drift.

To get a good angle, I kind of sat on the floor. As I did, my head was right next to the wide end of the desk. In essence, I was trapped between his dick and the desk. I just didn't know if he realized this yet.

I think he did and he didn't. He knew enough to tease me, just feeding me the head of his cock. Feeding me just as much as he wanted to - which was little. I know he loves head work.  But at that moment, I don't think he realized the full potential of what he could do or how he could control.

But it didn't take long.

Usually Dave is a passive suck. He sits in a chair with his legs spread. I do all the work. All of it.  I'm not complaining.  We all have our places.....our roles.  Mine is cocksucker.

But he fed me more and more cock. Soon, my head was pressed hard against the desk, his pubes were in my mouth. I had nowhere to go.....not that I was looking to get away. He liked this. A lot.

Maybe I'd been getting a Dave who was hiding a more aggressive side, because it came out all too easily. With no hands on my head, he started giving me his dick fully and withdrawing the same way. The pace picked up. He was brutal about it, but it felt so fucking good. Not just the cock, but the scene.

At one point he pulled out and just kept moving his hips.  "Your beard is gonna smell like cock", said he. And a few seconds later, he followed up the verbal with, ".....and your breath is gonna smell like cum". 

I was hard before, but I was BONE hard now.  He is not really a

He shoved his cock back into my mouth and just went to town. The man had skills. I don't mean this badly, his cock is average, but how he uses it, especially earlier today (oh yes, a same day post!). He got me to the point where he had me gagging ever so slightly.  That is no small feat.

While I'd love to say I was turning him on, I suspect - and hope I'm right - he was turning himself on. I think he liked this side of him as much as I did. I'm hoping he suppressed this in the past not wishing to scare me, and now he knows it's better than ok; or I'm hoping it is new-found and he will be doing this more often.

I think he got closer than he wanted to at the time, but there was no going back.

The face fucking did not let up with his ejaculation. He just kept pummeling my mouth. He's not horribly verbal when he's about to cum, and usually I'm the one sucking it out, so I can feel the hardness getting harder. Not this time.

I wasn't sure he was cumming at first. So much went to the back of my throat, or deeper and his mouth fucking just kept pushing it down further. I barely tasted first.

The volume was so fucking heavy it just started backing up in my mouth. With the violent assault, internally I started to worry a little. Breathing was more difficult. My eyes were tearing up. I started to choke a little on the amount of jizz. With his withdraw and reinsertion, I felt cum dribble out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my shirt.

Part of me hates that I lost a drop.  Part of me was completely turned on that I missed some because of the delivery method.

"Don't you dare take it out of your mouth, I'm not done!"  And he wasn't.

I love holding it all in my mouth and doing a big gulp but this time it was not possible. I know some went right down my throat, but I had to swallow at all times just to keep up.

He did pull out and then goes, "I'm gonna cum again".   My immediate thought was, 'really'?  But he tugged his shaft had and fast about 10 times and pushed it between my lips.  It wasn't a huge load, but compared to the one I had just gotten, anything would have seemed tiny.

He got himself together while I kind of sat their dazed.  Then he just said 'thanks' and walked out.

I've been thinking of this since:  while faggots like me want the tops to have all the power, they rarely do. A good cocksucker controls the situation far more than not. He's the one who can get the top off, usually at his pace and his will.  The top becomes a quivering mess just begging for release.

This was not one of those time. I had zero control. I suppose I could have tried to steady his hips and motion, but I didn't. And I didn't want to.

I loved being fully at his mercy.

I am a cocksucker.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Bookstore Visit

It was a weak moment for me. I caved and headed down the 40 minute drive to the questionable bookstore / video arcade. I had not been there for months, swearing it off as a waste of $12, which is now $15, for entrance.

I was “working” from home and had already sucked off two guys separately. I was still bored and horny – which is a lethal combo – and none of the apps were working for me. I totally miss craigslist personals. I thought, when it came to the bookstore – oh it’s 40 minutes each way, spend an hour there, and I can still get home and answer emails etc. It’s funny and yet pathetic how one can justify such a cause.

But bored I was, so I took the drive. The place was every bit as depressing as it usually is. There was the requisite one semi-hot guy that everyone was probably hoping for – myself included. There was me, who was THE hottest guys there, even if I say so. Then the assortment of trolls and trolls with spine curvature, but only because they were 190 years old!

Mind you, I’m not bragging when I said I was the hottest guy there. I was standing upright. Have all my own teeth. Am height-weight proportionate. I don’t use portable oxygen. Those alone made me a fucking catch. …..and I don’t think I’m f’ugly, but that isn’t really for me to decide. I have zero boils, warts or goiters. What’s the problem guys?

The second hottest guy could not have shown less interest in me. He’d look. Then he’d just find a place to squat and look at his phone. And he spent the better part of the time talking to the clerk – and knew each other on a first name basis. Maybe he goes there………………..a LOT! …..not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I wandered. I sat in a booth………or 9. I didn’t even really watch the movies. Whomever makes their selections chooses the worst porn ever. I sat there as guys peaked in. Most leaving. One or two standing, peering….then leaving. One who came in. Not great, but I had long given up aspirations of ‘great’. He loved my mouth…….for about four minutes. “I don’t want to cum yet”. That jewel of a line. Someone either got him off right after that or he just left. My self-esteem was taking hit after hit after hit.

Like always, I considered leaving, but that gnawing feeling that someone could walk through the door any minute. It’s usually a fool’s game. Still I went round both sides twice more, before the idea of calling it quits. On the second time around on the first side, I hit potential pay dirt.

He was black, medium height a decent body on him and he was in a booth with a decent sized cock out. I think he was showing off to the guy in the booth across from him, but I was not one for playing games or beyond stealing a chance from the milquetoast guy in that other booth. I got the nod from the black guy, stepped in and grasped his penis. He liked it. I loved it.

No words. I sank to my knees and took him in my mouth. His hand instinctively went to my head. He guided but no grasped. He didn’t even really need to guide, but I think – like I said – it was instinct. What was a nice cock became a great cock. It grew. And grew. It pushed 8”, but it was thick. Thicker than I imagined. Like I said, “pay dirt”.

He didn’t stop me from my cock worship. One average guy walked in. He took out his cock. The black guy directed me toward it. I sucked like a fiend. I didn’t care if he were there or not, but I wanted him to get off so the black guy could see me take a load. This was not to happen. I went back and forth between the two, but didn’t get him off.

While sucking, the black guy reached behind me and rubbed his hand over trouser clad ass. As I sucked, I unbuckled for him and loosened my pants. His hands soon found their way to a hairy cheek….then a crack. Then a hole. I did nothing to stop him, while the white guy I was sucking watched, as was another guy at the entrance (there are no doors on the booths). The black guy leaned down and said, "I wanna eat your ass. Meet me back in the 'spa'”.

I’ll explain the bookstore and spa. The bookstore is attached to a strip club. Female strippers. As I have only gone to the bookstore during the day, and the strip club must only operate in the evening. I’ve never seen what kind of crowd that might draw. In between the club and the bookstore, the spa connects the two. It consists of toilets/urinals, sinks, sauna, lockers and three or so showers. I have zero idea exactly what it is used for, but it’s there and you can access it for no charge (maybe for the lockers?). On an aside, I’m wondering if some of those straight guys from the strip club wander back there and get head from us cocksuckers. THAT could be fun, but it’s probably just my fantasy.

I trailed the black guy by about a minute though we didn’t sneak around going back there. As he saw me approach, he stepped into one of the showers. I followed. He pulled the curtain closed. It’s not exactly Kal-El’s fortress of solitude, but for this purpose it would do.

His dick came out. My pants went down. He squatted down and true to his earlier statement went to eat my ass. I braced myself against the tile wall.

Truth be told, I went to suck dick there, so I didn’t exactly prep for anything else. I didn’t say anything but if I was nasty, it didn’t stop him. I don’t think I was spotless, but this wasn’t going to be a muddy fuck either (yes……everyone do the collective: ‘ewwwwwww”. Get it out of your system). Nothing had him backing away, so I think we were good.

He stood up, his dick rubbing over my ass. He moved in. There was no talk of lube. It looked like the only kind I was getting was what he left on my hole. I had no poppers, so that wasn’t going to help. I was nervous and excited for the cock and for the mode of delivery. ………until he pushed in.

FUCK he was thick. He got about half way in when I asked for spit. He pulled out and while I never heard him spit onto his cock or palm, I’m thinking he did. With regulating my breathing, the second go round he got in me halfway easily. His mouth to my ear, I heard him sigh as he pushed in and I pushed back. He was fully embedded in my ass.

Then the fucking started. We weren’t loud, but we weren’t really quiet. In the past, I’ve seen very few men venture back into the spa area. It’s not dark. I think a lot of these guys use low light as their friend.

I could feel every inch and vein of this guy’s cock. He’d push as deep as he could and pull most of the way out. I could feel the void as much as I could feel the cock when he was balls deep. There was a fullness in me that I fucking loved. Pressure, but not pain. He talked about how nice my ass felt. I replied back how great his cock was and told him to fuck me. So he did.

Both of my hands were on the shower walls. He was insistent in his fucking, but no jack-rabbit sex. I looked behind at him a few times, often pushing back onto this cock, meeting his strokes head on. Once I saw a hand on the outside of the shower curtain pull it back slightly. I have zero idea who the voyeur was, nor did I particularly care – even if they opted to step in and take turns. I was in that kind of mood.

For a semi-public fuck, this wasn’t quick. I mean, 10 minutes or so. The pace quickened during the event, but not just because he was getting close….or wanted to get close. I’d encourage him to ‘give me that fucking big black cock’. He accommodated.

But he did get close. I’d say deeper in me, but probably not. His dick was a far as it could go, but I think he physically got closer to me while his dick remained deep. Breathing became more labored. “Do you fucking want the load?” It was a question for sure, but it really wasn’t. It’s doubtful whatever I said would have changed to course of action. However, I did answer. “Gimme that fucking black seed!”.

And he did.

He grunted over and over, probably mirroring each jet of sperm that was going up my asshole. For the length of time he shot and grunted, the load was not small. I needed this.  I wanted this.

If the guy who had been watching was still there, I had no idea. Didn't care either. I was pressed up against the tile getting dicked and bred.

He wasn't one for lingering or going soft. He pulled his fat black cock out my cummed-up ass and zipped up. His nod, I assume, was his 'hey, thanks' and he disappeared upon passing the curtain.  I reached down, pulled up, then secured my pants.

I step out and there is a guy farther down the way, near the mirrors and sinks. He's stroking a very average cock. I walk over. I say nothing. He says not a word.  I drop to my knees on the floor tile and take him into my mouth.  I suck him - and it's not a cock worship session.  It it a tight mouthed, fast-bobbed motion head job. His cock his rock hard.

This goes on for 3-4 minutes.  He only utters one line:  "did he cum in you?".  I think he knows the answer, but I nod, since my mouth is full. He grabs my head and shoots his load into my mouth. His question, or my answer, was his trigger.

I take it all. Swallow it all.  Get up, don't look back and walk out - of the spa and of the bookstore.