Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 for My Mouth

I am bound and determined to get caught up on my exploits. Some of them are weeks old, so my memory is fuzzy or at least my perspective has changed. I'll keep it as close to the truth as I remember. Sorry about that.

I hit my old bookstore haunt two weeks ago or so. It was so-so, as always. Nothing too outstanding. I made the rounds sitting in a booth and waiting for Mr. Ok to show up. He didn't. So then I made the rounds peeking in other guy's booths to see if Mr. He'll Do was there and needed some relief.

When looking in one booth a guy about my age was sucking another who was about 7-8 years younger than the both of us. I recognized the feeder at once. He was my boxer wearing boxer. It had been years, but I knew him from the second I saw him.

The eater tried to suck me, but I wasn't into it. That's not what I was there for. As I left, I tried to make silent contact with the boxer guy ("Anthony") to come join me and leave this guy. I'm not above stealing a good cock from another cocksucker. Anyway, I felt this feeder's mouth and I already knew I was better at the task.

About 10 minutes later Anthony showed up. The same traits were there has had been in the other times we played. Aggression, verbal taunts - and AGGRESSION. Yes, so aggressive, it had to be said twice.

His head locks of me and manipulating how my head was cocked so he'd have the best advantage of fucking my face. I'm not talking just the in and out motion, but the pseduo-violent act of taking what he wanted, how he wanted it with no remorse and certainly no input from the guy on his knees.

Another guy came by the booth and Anthony tried to entice him to come in, but the guy shook his head and walked away. We went back to what we were doing and another 15 minutes of being "abused" by him and he shot a nice wad into my mouth. I eagerly and gratefully swallowed. Every drop.

As he got himself together, he said, "man, it's great to see you again. It's been a long time." This surprised me. It never occurred to me that he'd remember me, let alone after almost 2-3 years. Maybe I'm even better than I thought. : )

I put myself together and sat in the booth for a few minutes. I'm glad I did, as the guy who peeked his head in while I was sucking was not standing at my door. Maybe he didn't like the other guy or three-ways, but clearly he liked was I had been offering.

Standing in the doorway, his hand went to his zipper tab and pulled it down. I reach in and fished out his meaty meaty cock and just let it hang from his fly. Nothing else came off or was undone. Perfect.

I sunk down off the bench and onto my knees. I took his cock into my mouth and let it grow there. What a nice cock too. It extended to about 8" but it was the thickness to it that made me love it. He seemingly loved my mouth.

The guy leaned back against the wall and let me do my work. I took him down to the teeth of the zipper and back again - over and over.

His moans and his hands touching my head told all I needed to know: I was doing a good job.

The length of the blowjob didn't last as long as I would have liked. When you get a cock like that you want it for periods of time exceeding what they can either last before coming for before they have to get home.

I heard the heavy breathing and I knew what was about to happen. I wasn't about to try to edge him and possibly lose him, so I went for it. I doubled my efforts and was rewarded with a decent, but not great, amount of jizz.

Gladly, I swallowed it all. I was a happy man.

I did one more quick run-through the place to make sure there wasn't anyone who entered who might be in need of my services - and who I would want to suck. There wasn't.

I drove home, happy in the knowledge that I still had two man-sized loads in my belly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Black and Beautiful

He had messaged me a few times on Manhunt over the last few week, but I kind of ignored him. When I was a little interested, we couldn't make times work - or locations. Neither of us really gave up, but neither of us truly pursued it either - not to any great degree.

But the stars aligned one day last week and we had our time together.

He (I had no name for him) was 5'9" and very muscular.He also claimed to have 9.5".

I mean, how was I turning that down and why did I ever play hard to get?

Truth be told, his pictures did not do him justice. The man had an incredible body with more ink than his pictures showed - or maybe the tatts were newer. I don't know. I don't really care.

We got in a room together and he dropped his short. Totally commando and his fucking big black rod just FLOPPED out. Even semi-hard it was beautiful and enough for me or most faggots.

I could have gone right to my knees, but it was too much fun to feel the heft of that meat in my hands - to feel the veins, to look at the ebony skin. I also got to feel it start to stiffen in my palm. It was a great thing.

I had to snap a pic of his dick near mine. I have what I think is a decent sized dick, but I was absolutely dwarfed next to this guy.

Of course, I eventually did go down to get that tower or power in my mouth. I can't say it was easy. But it wasn't as difficult as one might think.

I've often mentioned that it is easier for me to suck big dicks than the smaller thinner ones. If that theory were to be held true, this would have been one of the easiest to take - ever!

The man had a great dick, obviously, but I loved rubbing my hands over his well developed arms and chest. I don't know I've ever encountered someone that naturally smooth before. And how the man like to lightly play with my nipples.

Instinctively he worked them just so, where it would make me quiver and possibly do anything he wanted. We discussed nothing other than him getting head, but he did have other ideas in mind.

Unfortunately, I had a few factors working against us for him attempting to bend me over and enter me from behind. One was, I was pressed for time due to work. Two was, I wasn't "prepared" - and for that one, I would need to be. Third, I wasn't ready to be ripped open. That would take some time to work that tree trunk up my ass.

Trust me, it's still out there waiting to be done. It just didn't happen then.

I went back to sucking and sucking and sucking. It took some work but he was ready to blow. I was ready to take it.

Considering he said he jacked off earlier that morning (it was only 10a now!), he shot a massive, albeit, slightly bitter tasting load, right in my mouth. I held it there and swallowed for him, so he knew I had taken it all.

Neither of us were ready for him to go, so I fondled him and sucked him to another hard on, but that's all it was. He would go somewhat soft (for him, still huge for the rest of us) and then back to full erection. But another load wasn't in the cards. least for this go around. I think we both know there will be other opportunities.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phllly Phuck

It's been way too long since I've blogged and have way too many experiences to catch you all up on - so I apologize.

These are all out of order, but to be fair, I doubt you care that much on which order they go in. It's not like you'll miss part of the story if I jump ahead to another book entirely. You'll adapt. : )

I was in Philadelphia not long ago and had already sucked off two guys (those stories are coming), but it wasn't sucking cock that I needed. I needed it up the butt - and soon. It had been way too long for me. ....and you know how I am.

One guy wanted to fuck me after I had a business dinner, but when it came down to it, the timing was off, so we agreed to an early morning fuck. Early to him was 9a. That is not early to me.

53, 6', 7.5", salt n pepper hair, though in reality he was pretty bald. Decent shape, but not as "athletic" as I think he thinks he is. That's ok. He had it where it counted - the 7.5" and maybe 4" around.

As planned, he called when he hit the lobby. I left my door open and I was face down on the bed in my jock.

I didn't look up or over my shoulder. I didn't need to. I didn't want to. I heard clothes being dropped and since he was coming straight from the gym, there couldn't have been that much to take off in the first place.

Soon he was touching the back of my legs and traveling his hands up to my ass and taint. Nice.

He then walked to the side of my head and presented himself with his cock. It was as the picture stated and I had no trouble taking it all the way down my throat. He liked it, but that's not what he came here for. And it's not why he was invited.

With no ceremony, he rolled me over on my stomach and reached for the lube I left at the beside table.

I knew enough to raise my ass enough, while keeping my shoulders down and my face in or at the pillow. I'm not new to this game.

Thought it had been a month or so since I had last been fucked (yes, that story is coming as well!), he didn't have much trouble finding the hole and gaining access. It was a tight fit for sure, but he made his way to bottoming out and I made my way to enjoying this need being fulfilled.

I'd like to say he lasted a long time, but he was clearly in a rush to get to work. I don't think the fuck lasted a full 10 minutes. I hope it felt good for him. It felt good for me.

He pumped harder and until he got where he needed to be. I could feel the first few splashes of cum fill inside me and then he pulled out and shot in my crack.


I told him to scoop it up and then push his dick in me again. And he did, but I don't think he was thrilled with the idea.

He pulled out and jumped in the shower. I lay there in the bed and reveled in what had just transpired, knowing it had been too long and that I'd need it again soon.