Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stall Suck

What the fuck is happening to me?

I was such a dedicated eater. You could count the number of times I ever fed anyone in my lifetime on two hands. I swear in the last year I've been doing more and more feedings. Sometimes it is the guy. Sometimes it is the scene. This is definitely the latter.

The craigslist ads in this town are fairly pathetic. Chicago, NYC and DC have hundreds per day. We're lucky to get a dozen, maybe two. Usually by the same pathetic guys who post over and over and over. But this following ad really got my curiosity up:

Anyone interested in meeting me in a public restroom at the xxxxxx Building downtown Cleveland to feed me? Hot Italian jock, 30 very good looking.

Ahhhh....public sex. My favourite. Now that I work downtown I'm seeing what trouble I can get into. Luckily, this building was a block from my office. Around 12:00p we emailed back and forth and the only time he could do it was after lunch. Fuck, I wanted it THEN. He told me he had already swallowed two other guys that morning. I told him he was a fuckin' whore. In reality, I was jealous.

But you know, I have a fairly relaxed work environment. I calculated 5 minute walk each way and a 15 minute blowjob - tops. I could do this at 1:30p. No one would notice I was gone.

I got there and emailed from my phone I was there. He was down in less than five minutes. He told me to get my cock ready and just shoot in his mouth. A good idea, but I wanted his mouth ON my dick.

I opened the stall door as he stood outside. I made sure he knew he had to come in. He bent over and took my dick in his mouth. If I wasn't completely hard before, I was as he went down on me.

He was cute. Perfectly cropped hair and goatee. Smallish features but big feet - for what that's worth (if anything). He moved over to the toilet and took a seat. I stood beside the wall in case anyone came in. He went back down on me. He was good. Not great. I don't think he got me all the way down. I didn't care.

My hand went to his head. I liked feeling his perfectly cropped hair. I liked guiding him down to my cock. And if he was anything like me - he loved me doing it.

I confirmed that he wanted my load. He nodded yes. I confirmed he was going to take my entire load. Again he nodded. I then asked if he was ready for my load. He eagerly nodded. I let him go for another minute or so and told him not to move.

My jizz started to shoot into his mouth. I told him to not pull off, I was not done. I told him it was a five day load and there as more for him to take. And there was.....and he did.

I told him he was a good cocksucker - because that's what I'd want someone to tell me.

Without a word he did exactly what I would have done. He pulled off, leaned back and opened his mouth to show me the load before he swallowed it.

Like a fool, I did not do what I have other feeders do to me - hold my throat to feel the sperm go down. I think he would have liked that too.

I told him, as I buckled up, that he was a good boy. I told him to take more loads that day - and he said he would.

I swear it was like looking at a younger me.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

First DC Trip (pt 2)

My second night in DC was a bust. I loathe dinners that last a long time - and 3.5 hours is about two hours too long. I had to do it because I'm new at my job and didn't want to be rude. I just about audibly groaned when someone goes, "sure, I'd like another decaf".

I'm thinking, I need to get back to the hotel to get on-line and get laid. But by the time I got back and got ready for the next morning (had to pack and leave by 7a to make my morning meetings) I knew nothing was going to happen.

Luckily, a guy who had answered my craigstlist ad whom I wanted to hook-up with couldn't make it until early early morning. 5:30a early. I was down with that - especially since he sent his profile/stats:

hey man, 43, 6'4"/240/bm/bi-married/military man here. masc/musc/hung9/athletic. definitely h/w portionate...could be in uniform if you like. would love to stop over en-route to work either Monday or Tuesday morning around 0530am.

I didn't care if I had to wake up an hour and a half early. His en-route destination: the Pentagon. All the elements were there for hot fantasy material.

Here's the good thing with military guys: punctuality. Boot camp must have drilled that into them (pun fully intended). He called from the lobby at 5:11a. His voice was deep and sensual. And though his ad did not say it, nor did I care, the voice led me to believe he might be african-american.

I got up, unlocked my door and left it ajar. I'd never seen his picture. I didn't know him. You could say I was taking a major risk. If you've read this blog at all, you could say that over and over and over.

The guy walks in - doesn't even knock. It's what I wanted, but you never know. I'm not looking for civilities here. If he wasn't black, he was mixed race. Honestly he looked mostly african-american with a hint of hispanic background. His description was on the fuckin' mark - down to the wedding ring.

The downer was no uniform. He apologized saying he had to hit the gym before work. He was a guy who hit the gym often. Yes it is trite to say his legs were like tree trunks, but after I got his pants down, it is the best way to describe them. His cock too. It turned out to be two THICK penises in as many days. I like DC men.

He was all feeder. He wanted me on my knees, which is good, because ultimately that is where I know I belong. As I was trying to fit his thick 9" in my mouth, I heard him say he wanted to fuck my face. I mumbled him encouragement - and he took the hint.

It wasn't long before he dragged me up from my knees telling me he wanted to have my head over the edge of the bed so he could stand over me and feed me. Fuck yeah! The man could gag me - and easily. It's a bummer that he could in some ways - as I like to see myself as a better cocksucker than that. But he was thick, long and powerful. He was telling me how much his wife still loved his fucking cock after all these years of marriage. Braggart.

While in that position, I did get to sample his nuts (nice and tight) and his ass (clean and tasty). He liked the tongue in the ass thing - and admitted to a few guys doing it before.

At some point he wanted to fuck my ass, but no way I could do that with his rod without some recovery time before I had to ride the Metro for an hour at a time. The results could have been disastrous. :) I told him 'next time'....because you just know he fucked like a champ.

He didn't have the nipple skills. He'd touch them and usually they are 'on' switches for me....but I got nothing from him...which is a shame. That makes me spread my legs faster than anything.

Eventually we got back to me on my knees and him feeding me like a man does. He wasn't loud or vocal and wasn't quite expecting his load. To be honest, I didn't know he was actually cumming. It seeped out of him and there wasn't a lot. I overlooked all of these little flaws because I was sucking off a military married man.

I pulled away with the load still in my mouth. I let him see it and grabbed his hand, which I am apt to do. Once again, I have a feeder who points me to the waste can. As if!

I took his hand and put it on my throat so he can feel me gulp it down. In amazement he goes, "you took it all". I squeezed his shaft and produced a nice pearl of jizz at the head and clean it off. "No, NOW I took it all".

What kind of guy who calls himself a cocksucker spit out the fucking load? It is something I've never been able to comprehend.

In a way, I'm glad some guys do spit or pull off. Feeders appreciate my talent and commitment all that much more.

Afterwards I did ask what branch of the service he was in. He hemmed and hawed and kind of choked out 'Air Force' - but I'm not believing him. This guy was Army or Marines for sure. I've never seen an AF guy this big.

I can't wait to get back to DC.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

First DC Trip (pt 1)

Since I've gotten my new job, my exploits have been sparse. I knew that would happen as I had to focus a little more on the career and just acclimating to the new culture. But part of my new job involves about 50% travel. Most of it to the DC area.

My first trip happened this week. Thought it was jam packed and a whirlwind, I did manage to have some fun - even though traveling with an entourage. I had my own room - and I'm smart enough to place internet ads slightly in advance of these trips - plotting my sexploits.

I've given up Men4SexNow in lieu of Manhunt. But you know - I find craigslist to be the most successful of all of them. In bigger cities - it never fails me.

I had way to many responses to the ad I placed than I could ever fit into my two hotel evenings. But I also know that no matter how many guys actually respond, the show rate is about 10-15%. Men are assholes (myself included).

The first guy who answered my ad seemed liked one of the hottest. Imagine my surprise when he knocked on my door - and he turned out not to be all he claimed or what he shared in pictures....takes one look at me and says, " this isn't going to happen". What the fuck????? I'm never thrilled with how I look - so I'm not saying this with ego, but who the fuck does he think HE is? I would have been the one lowering myself....and willingly. It stung for a few minutes. Luckily I had someone on the back burner.

hey guy, i'm 38, 6', 170, 32w, br/br, masculine, hung, into safe fun,
like oral, j/o, 69, rimming, versatile. in arlington and can travel

What he didn't mention is that he really wanted to eat my ass. Oh - and that he had 8.5 FAT inches.

What I did know is that I could get him to fuck me - uncovered.

I immediately rubbed his jean covered crotch then got to my knees. His dick was appreciative and grew. I took him to the root - and it'd been awhile since I had a cock that thick, so it took a little work. Before long it was a 69 situation - his dick in my mouth; his mouth on my hole. Not too long after than I was working my way back to his hole. I do love eating a nice ass - and he had one.

I can't even tell you how many positions we tried. Ass eating. Cocksucking. Wiping pre-cum off a dick, licking it then passing it back and forth. Lots and lots of poppers.

Without too much warning he started just rubbing my hole w/his cock. He told me he'd be gentle and he was. That big fat dick sliding farther and farther into my butt. Soon in and out. Always teasing me. Looking down at me.

Before long I was eating his ass again. Then he wanted to sit on me. Who was I to stop him?

With his big dick in my face - or a few inches from, he lowered himself on to the dick I'd been edging for an hour at this point. Unfortunately I didn't last long. His warm hole just wrapped around my pole as he sunk down on it. He was jerking his meat for all he was worth - pushing poppers under his nose and mine.

Before long I couldn't hold back. I don't know if he wanted my load or not, but there was not stopping, nor did I try.

I just started pumping my seed up his tight tight hole. He was still jacking and unloaded on me, hitting my goatee, chin and chest. A nice load at that, though I tasted it and it was quite bitter.

Afterwards, he just slipped on his pants and thanked me. Told me he'd see me around - but the chance of that is slim to none.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Former Co-Worker

Sorry for any delays in posting. It's not that I haven't had encounters - but I also started a new job, so that has been keeping me away from the ability to put thoughts to computer. The new job will have me traveling and I swear to g-d, that is when I get the most action anyway. Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot MORE posts from me in the near future.

That being said about the new job - I was off-site looking over a clinic near our airport. I was done around 3p and had no intention of going back to the office at that point. I hit an ABS which was dead, so I meandered up to a park. Yes it was cold and miserable, but it can have heavy car cruising action. Today was no different. A hot guy who looked like he had gotten his nose broken 3 or 4 times held my interest. I love guys with that look. What does that say about me? But he was a little left of center and very non-committal. Either he thought I was a cop or maybe he was. We never got that far to ask that question.

I moved to another location and a car which I had seen driving around stopped near me. As it turns out, it was a person who worked in my department two jobs ago. He was entry level staff, I was upper management. I knew him peripherally - as he didn't report up through me. There were over 200 folks in the department - I only had responsibility for 70 or so.

John was nice looking and always friendly to me. I assume he was gay - but never really thought about it. While I'd fuck around with people in my organization, I never thought about doing anyone who worked for me or in my area.

After acknowledging each other, we discussed vaguely why we were in the park in mid-day. We both knew. At this point he admitted that he had always wanted to blow me in my office. As the conversation went on, he mentioned the office about half a dozen times. Eventually I asked, was it blowing me that interested you - of doing it in my office. That gave him pause - but he wanted both.

I told him I wasn't near an office now. But he was still interested. He wanted to see what i had, and I wanted to show him. I unzipped my suit and he got out of his car to look in. I told him to rub the big drop of pre-cum off the head. He did and licked it off his finger.

I wasn't near my home. He had a roommate and couldn't take me back there. The park is really too risky to complete 'the act' anymore, so we were at a loss. But the fucker kept teasing me. Showing me his tongue and and throat. He wanted my seed - and as much as I love being a cocksucker, I wanted to give him my load.

I flashed on a Starbucks that had parking behind it in a small small alley. True it would be hard to get out of there if needed, but also it had very low traffic volume. I told him where I was headed and left. He showed a few minutes after I arrived. He got out of his car and walked to mine.

After about 10 seconds of discussion, I told him I wanted him to blow me. I was so worked up I told him it wouldn't last long - though I could hold off a bit, but it was daylight and behind a fuckin' Starbucks. Why push our luck.

John went right down on me and I almost immediately regretted not knowing he wanted to suck my dick in my office. With a mouth like he had, I would have let him do it.............often. You hear descriptions of guys mouths like velvet - and this would be one of them.

I told him I was gonna pop off and pushed him down telling him not to move. Even though I had jacked off a day or so before, I shot a HUGE load. He took it all like a pro. But I'm guessing he's been sucking for a while.

What I didn't expect was the after-effect. John lifted up, said thanks and left. I get that (and give that) a lot with strangers. I thought I'd get a 'see you around' or 'call me sometime'. But cocksuckers are a breed that sometimes cannot be changed - no matter the environment.