Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Unassuming Guy

He was average looking in his profile, but stated emphatically he was a top.  That in and of itself says something. At least to me.

He was even more average in person. Not bad looking, but just kind of milquetoast. He appeared to be nice, which for most people is a good thing. For someone (me) just wanting a top, niceness can get in the way of a hot time.

I should mention that in the aforementioned 'top' activities, only me blowing him was discussed. I really wanted to feel a load on my tongue and the spunk sliding to the back of my mouth and down my throat into my belly. That was fine with me.

He'd be taking a break from work to come over then head back once finished.

Dressed all in black, he stood there, eventually just freeing his cock through his fly - which is always a hot look. I went to my knees, and took him in my mouth.  I made him feel good. I made me feel good by feeling his warm shaft fill my mouth.  The 7 or so thick inches lay heavy on my pink tongue. I stayed on it for a while, enjoying the feeling of another man filling my mouth.

But like so many other times, he wanted to go down on me.  Sigh.

What is it with 'total tops'?  Do they not know what 'total' means?  Do I not know?

And yes, I've been around this game for a while, so maybe I'm confused on 'oral top'. In theory it means they like to be serviced, no?  More often than not it means they like to fuck..........AND suck cock. Just commit to a position already!

He had me sit in a chair and he took me to the root.  Not a bad job, but not really what I was looking for. As I was on the edge of my chair, he did go down and lick my balls.  I asked him to lick my taint as that is the most sensitive.  For some reason when he did it, I felt nothing. No thrill, though I faked it a bit.  What?  You've never done something like that?

I will give him this, he went lower and touched tongue to ass. That I liked. But it was a bad angle.  I told him if he really wanted to lick it, I'd get him better exposure.  He agreed.

Now, I won't say I didn't have other motives in mind. I figured if he wanted to lick ass, maybe he wanted to play with my ass.

I got up from the chair and bent over a desk. I waited for the tongue that was never to come.

All of the sudden his knob was at my hole.

"Hey, that's not your tongue", I said.  "No it isn't", he replied and pushed into me. No question. No permission. No rubber.

I braced myself and did not protest.  He slid in further. Well, all the way. Bush to ass. Then without waiting, we went for a ride. Or he did, but in a way, I did too.

For the next 20 minutes, he pulled out and pushed in with vigor. There was no varying the tempo, no edging. This was an out-and-out fuck. He had good stamina. There was no slipping out and having to repurpose the cock or attempt to make it harder for reentry. No - he was working this dick. He was working my ass.  And at some point, I was asking him to do so.

He was verbal, but not nearly nasty enough. His average personal, his milquetoast-ness, was his undercover gear. Once he was in, he was in charge. Sometimes it is the wallflowerish men who have the determined, nasty streak in them. The unassuming who really know what they want and somehow get it.

His verbal behavior let me know he was approaching the end of the ride. And then he exploded his nut up my fucking ass.

No question. No permission. No rubber.

He stayed in me, as did his load.  He eventually slipped out. His load did not. That remained behind.

I'd say he was getting ready to pull up his black briefs and pants, but he stood there for a moment too long. I don't think he was expecting me to go to my knees and take his just extracted cock into my mouth. But I did.

He became verbal again - calling me 'buddy' and 'boy'.  He told me to 'lick that cock clean'.  I did. Those unassuming ones - he fell right into the right mode for someone who'd just taken someone's ass and left a deposit.  He might not have expected to be cleaned off, but once he realized it, he was more than into it.

So was I.

Eventually I finished, though I could have kept his meat in my mouth for quite a while longer, but he had places to be and he didn't need to feel obligated to a guy like me.

He dressed.  He left.  No promise of return.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Main Course

With Mr. Hispanic gone, we were free to play more freely.

MH ran a few fingers through my beard - right around my mouth - and said, "that's where I want to put my load".

My blog and Twitter profile pictures show me with semen in my beard. At this point, I couldn't even tell you whose jizz it was. The images were a turn-on for this guy.

But MH knew I was coming to California and has been following me on Twitter and possibly this blog for a bit of time. And while he tends to like the same things I do - albeit with darker meat - he was hoping to deposit his load around my mouth as well.  Who am I to turn down this kind of offer?

He was maybe a little taller than I am, short hair and a nice dick.  He "suggested" I get down on my knees, as I had a job to do. I did.

We didn't spend much time with my on my knees though. Soon it was too the bed, in various positions.  Mostly me on my back, him with knees on either side of my chest feeding me cock - in and out, in and out, in and out.

He talked dirty - which is a huge turn-on.  I talked dirty too. He queried: "who do you think's a bigger whore - me or you.".  Being the polite guest, I said it was probably him.  He thought it was probably me.  He was probably correct.  Neither of us cared who was the "winner" of that.. We were both ok with being whores.

Lots of eye contact, lots of cock to mouth contact.

He jacked a bit and that was ok. That he's not normally a feeder is fine that he had to jack to get himself there. I can totally relate. I was appreciative that while he can normally be a bottom or eater that he went out of his way to feed me because that is what he wanted to do!

I also knew as he got closer to shooting his load, while I wanted it in my mouth, he was fascinated by the pics I have with it in my beard.  We both got partial what we wanted.

I opened my mouth as he neared, my tongue out. but at least half went in my beard, the other half on my tongue and slid down my throat.

He started to kiss me to taste his load, but I stopped him. "Scoop it up and feed me".  He did just that. All of it.  He kept telling me, "good boy".

"So - who's the whore now?"

It was me.