Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Suck Off

Bet you thought I forgot about you guys! NEVER!

Work and social engagements have taken the priority - but I always try not to forget to post.

Last week, I was traveling again. Lo and behold, on MH one early morning was the hot motherfucker who had boned my hole a few weeks earlier - or on my last trip as it turned out. A few messages back and forth and he wanted to get off again.

You know I wasn't saying 'no' to that.

Before he came over, he told me he had to go to work down near Capitol Hill and could he shower at my place? What did I care? The more he was there, the more he was naked near me, the more I was ok with it.

When "Ed" got there he immediately warned me that I might have to be doing most of the work, as he had thrown out his back. I teased him and asked him if it was during his last visit when he pounded me good. He chuckled and said no, that it was from line-dancing. But I like that he got my tease.

He dropped trou - and briefs and laid back on the bed. I immediately went into the V of his legs and started orally pleasuring him. Ed started out mostly soft but grew within my mouth. As I said, he's a good sized thickness to his 7.5" length. I love the feeling of a man growing in my mouth - and that I'm the one helping him do it. Maybe it's a testament to my skills, but more accurately, it is usually just a horny guy looking to park his dick somewhere wet and warm. Maybe it was a little of both.

Ed was really enjoying the oral manipulation and I was purposefully edging him, but nothing too bad. The thought - MY thought - was that I would still let him lie back and sit myself down on his stiff pole. I think that was his intent too.

But things don't always go as planned - not that any of this was. Once Ed pushed me off so he wouldn't cum, but then he thought maybe this time I should continue to give him head so as to get him off. Since I really love pleasing this guy, I wanted to do it. I would have loved to take it up the ass too, but...........

So about 10 more minutes of a good sucking and he just pushed my head down onto his dick and unloaded. It was a huge load - and he said it was about three days worth. It did not have a lot of flavor to it, but a nice consistency. And again, there was a lot OF it, so, I was good with it.

Hell, I was good with it because it was Ed's.

He went down after ejaculating his load into my mouth (and eventually my belly), but he was in no hurry to move. I was in no hurry for him to go anywhere. I didn't want him to. Don't I usually want to zip up and slam their door on the way out? No 'thanks' even necessary. I'm finding this not the case with Ed.

I nursed his dick for quite awhile afterward, to the point I got him fully erect again. We both thought I'd work him off again, until he noticed the time and his work schedule. I would have gladly sucked him all day long - even without the reward of jizz.

Here is hoping that he enjoys my talents enough - on both ends - to return next time I'm in town.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Kind of.

I think I've mentioned now and again that when I post ads on CL or such, now and again, I get a response: "don't you have a blog?".

It's one of those comments that make me rethink this whole thing. I don't tell my tricks that I might blog about them, or that I have a blog. Hell, I don't even print full pics of me - so how they are gathering this info from a personal ad just kind of freaks me out a bit. Obviously not enough for me to stop doing what I'm doing.

So on my last trip, I was having dinner with two friends. We were sitting outdoors dining, in front of the resturaunt. Now, my friends are gay and even one of them knows about my (s)exploits. His partner might also, as I don't think they keep any secrets - but you never know.

Now my friend is also like the social butterfly of the town, so whenever I'm with him, many a men come up and say hi or such. So it was no different this night.

At one point, two men on a date came up and said hello, and I was introduced to both of them. One of the men was very attractive (in my opinion). My friend introduced us and said where I was from. The attractive man repeated in a pseudo-question form where I was from. I confirmed. Shortly afterward, they left and we went on with our meal.

The next morning, I did post an ad on CL to see what would cum my way. One of the responders was "Ray" (not his real name). Here is the email that follows. Or parts. I'm not doing this to embarrass or call anyone out - as I thought it was fun, funny and endearing.

Didn't I meet you last night? You were having dinner with "Ben" and "Jim" at Commissary...If I'm not mistaken, you have a blog that I enjoy reading on occasion as well.Don't mean to be nosy, just thought you looked familiar last night. I have a knack for remembering faces, but not always the context. After hearing you were from Cleveland, I figured I knew who you were, but since I wasn't sure if you were open to your friends about your exploits, I thought it best not to bring it up. Well, that and I was on a first date and thought it would be rude to flirt with another guy.

It was a shame he was on a date, because I totally would have hooked up with him.

So now am I not only being recognized on my ads, but on the street as well. This can only get me into trouble, right? ......well..........MORE trouble.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


For the life of me, I cannot remember where we came across each other (no, not CAME), but we've been conversing for a few months. We tried to hook-up when I would come to town, but our schedules never quite meshed, as they often don't with potential fucks.

He is a good looking, top of a man, who is a legitimate professional business man, and as it turns out, does some side work when he's not in an office. Yeah - he rents himself out.

I don't know why, but I find that incredibly hot.

We also made it clear that I would not be paying a dime. At this stage in my life, I still don't have to pay for sex. Who knows down the road.

"Lyle" showed up to my hotel room and immediately went in for the kiss. Not a peck, but a grab behind my head, full on man kiss. And he was good at it. I was happy to continue doing it with him and I did.

In his 50s and salt and pepper hair and goatee, the man was hot. I unsnapped and zipped his pants and got to my knees. The cock wasn't the longest, but it had a nice girth and heft to it. It slid down my throat with no problem. Not that I was expecting one.

Eventually I got up, as I had to go prep myself for what we had discussed. Was it wrong to leave a 'man of the night' in the main room, alone where my laptop, iPhone and wallet were? Probably. Most were out of site et al, but I still had to take a few minutes to clean out. Yes - I'm not all roses and freshness all of the time. Sorry to spoil the illusion.

When I came out, things had changed a bit. There he was, now in boots, leather vest and cap. He also had a double cockring on. It was a good look for him - and probably for most guys I'd want to be with.

Lyle played with my nipples just so and was kissing me, just so. But by this time it was late and time to get down to business. Not cash-exchange business, but fuckee fuckee business.

We tried me sitting on his dick, but it wasn't really working for either of us. Usually I like it, but the dynamics of it just didn't go. Soon, I was on my back with him entering me. It was during this fuck how much I found out I don't really need poppers.

Something about getting older, poppers make me lose my hard-on. Not my libido, but my physical erection. I'm kind of ok with that, since I wasn't planning on getting off, but as a manifestation of my horniness, the guy nailing me kind of likes to see that I'm enjoying it. And I like to show that I am too. All the words don't make it so for some guys.

Getting fucked is all about the breathing. Exhaling is the key. Especially when a thick dick is opening you up and stretching you open - like Lyle was doing. Sometimes I get so excited I fucking forget to breath. Doing poppers don't help with the breathing portion - or knowing when to. So deciding not to do them wasn't a bad thing.

Lyle wanted to be harder than he was. Not harder fucker - because he did just fine. I don't think he knew when to push things and when not to. At one point, he gripped my throat and where he could have bee rough here, he never followed through. I guess he could have gone farther - fuck - I didn't know him. Maybe there are a trail of bodies across the mid-atlantic region, for all I know.

But he put up a good 30 minute fuck - doing and saying most of the right things. Granted, it is his (side) business, even if I wasn't a paying customer. He knew what he was doing - and how.

Soon enough, the hotel neighbors knew too. Again, they couldn't have known it was two guys. I was vocal, but not THAT vocal.

Either way - he delivered a 5 day load up my ass, which felt great. He wanted me to get off, but not only was I not in the mood to, I was hoping to keep my libido up by finding someone else that night to come over and slide into his load. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

I just went to bed with his load and kept it all night - in a nice safe place.

Monday, September 15, 2008

BikeGuy Tops........Again

Earlier last week, I was presented with this:


This is the guy who sucked me off after I left a dinner a month or so ago. He cruised me in the parking long. He wanted more from me - and I thought the time was right to fulfill his wish.

Don't kid yourselves - it was completely selfish on my part.

Also don't get me wrong - he was in the above position because I told him to be. He was instructed to leave the door unlocked, leave lube for me in the kitchen and be ass-up in his bed and to not look behind him as I entered - the room or him.

I actually had other plans for him, but at the last minute they fell through. I could tell you now, but that would spoil what is hopefully a great blog post to come.


I stripped down and lubed up in the kitchen and made my way (camera in hand) to the bedroom. Zero foreplay, I got on the bed, behind him and sunk into him.

His email protests of 'going easy' went unheeded, because he was a liar. Not being used to being fucked - as his ass practically sucked in my dick from his bedroom entryway. I would have been surprised if had not been fucked each day this month - that's how easily I went in.


Fuck - he was reaching around and almost pushing me into him. This was no novice. He was craving it. I know it - I've been there. I'll be there again.

He told me he has only recently started taking it up the ass. He says he, get this, did it "for love". I have never met anyone who has bent over for love. I'm not saying it can't be done or those folks aren't out there - but I've never heard of this in my actual lifetime. A first for everything, I guess.


I decided to go tough on the guy and told him - 'fuck man, do you think that guy loved you? He just told you what you wanted to hear so he could get into your hole!" The fuckee agreed. I asked if the guy was still around - no surprise, he was not. You take what you can get and move on. We call that 'sex' - not 'making love'.

There is no shame in it, if you're of the right mindset. Mind you - I tried to make him feel shame for it - because I'm pretty good at reading out guy's headspace and where they are at. It comes from a lifetime of tops doing it to me. It turns out I've been a great student.


I fucked him for about 40 minutes. From behind, from above, from him sitting on me - looking at me and turned away. Yeah - I tried to video it, but the memory card ran empty. Sorry. Next time, perhaps.

We ended it with him against his dresser, leg up on top of it, both of us facing the mirror. It's a great view if you can be happy with the way you look - let alone the way you look nekkid and in action. I wasn't too displeased with it all.

He got a big load from me. Almost 12 days worth.

By the time I got home, he'd already left me an email saying it was so huge it was running down his leg. I responded, if he wasn't such a whore, he could have clamped down a bit harder and kept it in him.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home GH

Not mine. Just the one I went to a few weeks back.

Personally for me, the hole was too big. Guys who make them that way just do it so they can see the feeder walking through the door and up to the hole, but they can't be seen. They don't really know the meaning of "anonymous sex". Well, they do - they just don't think it applies to them.

This is one of those guys. Look at that hole! It's bigger than needed! My opinion, of course. But it's my blog - so in a way, it's the only one that matters. : )

Still - it is a means to an end, for both of us.

Once again, I walked in and up to the hole. I started unzipping as I got closer to the hole. I like to minimize the time I stand there where this cocksucker can see me...or potentially see me.

Now, I'm not bragging, but I have a nice piece. I had nothing to do with it - just the equipment I was supplied with. But I also know this guy is really appreciative of it - and as much of a bottom that I really am, there is something reaffirming about knowing someone really likes your cock.

For the most part, when I'm at places like this (not that I do it a lot), I'm a quiet guy. There is something to be said for the silent lust and act of anonymous sex. Don't give anything away.

Now and again, I'd low growl the words "cocksucker" or "eat that fuckin' dick". Standard Operating Procedure at a gloryhole, no? It always was for me when I was the one on my knees in the dirty bathroom or booth.

So, I'm in the middle of this no-rush head job when my phone rings. I look and it is this guy I know who is Toronto calling me. Now "Paul" is as much of a pig as I am - and his ideas of using me borders on twisted, but I'm down with it - and he knows it.

Of course I answer.

He asks what's going on - and I don't sugar-coat my answer. He loves it. So do I.

In detail I tell him what is going on that very second. He eggs me on....he taunts me. He taunts the cocksucker, even though that guy can't hear anything but my end of the conversation. Though from my responses, the eater must know with pretty good authority how the conversation is going.

Paul thinks I should pull out, zip up and leave him in need. It really crossed my mind. Pleasing Paul seemed more important than the cocksucker or even unloading my balls.

As it turns out we went through the entire process of me feeding him, me pounding my dick and body against the foam-core partition and then eventually, me unloading a big wad of jizz in his mouth.

The moans and groans I gave were for my buddy on the phone. I'm sure the cocksucker was ok with them too - but they weren't for him. Not really.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hot Fuck

On my last trip to DC, I hooked-up with a guy I had met up with about a year earlier.

It's not for lack of trying that we did not get back together. It was either his schedule or mine that prevented such a feat. The first time was so hot, it was one of those things you just want to continue. But you'd know it would have to be something less than a fuckbuddy. Anything more would ruin the fun, the intensity, the filth.

It was to be only a hook-up and very little else. We were so focused, it could have been in the middle of a hurricane and neither of us would have even mentioned the weather.

"Ed" is 43, 5'8", I'm guessing around 170. Very muscular....and hairy. Here is one of the few guys I've come across who works out religiously but doesn't shave or wax his body. And incredible body it is and what I consider a handsome face. Why he hooks up with me is anyone's guess. Desperation?

He also had a 7.5" thick thick dick. Not too shabby on anybody. Or in anybody - namely me!

Ed showed up around 11pm There was no kissing, not much foreplay at all, unless you consider him pushing me to my knees for me to take him into my mouth.

I slurped him down and got him hard and wet. It was a good thing too, because though I didn't know it, it was all the lube I was getting. He pulled me up onto the bed, me on my back, him between my legs. I took a nice long hit of poppers and he just pushed his way into me.

Being as thick as he was, I guess it could have hurt most guys. But between wanting him so badly, his skill and let's face it - the poppers, I took it ok. I just fucking loved looking at his face as he sank down into me. Hell, I just liked looking at him. Period.

I do hate when my emotions (or whatever you call it) get in the way of sex. I don't live in DC, I don't know this guy - why would I think he'd ever want anything more than a fuck? Not that I was asking, not that he was even remotely hinting, but my brain was working overtime for a guy like this. Bad Bad BikeGuy!

After Ed was in, he went to work. I was right there with him. He picked up the pace to a healthy rhythm and kept it there for quite a while. It progressively got harder - his thrusts into me, my shoulders and head into the wall headboard (you know these hotels rarely have traditional headboards anymore - usually a wood and fabric thing attached to the wall above the bed).

The poor people next door had to know what was going on - kind of. They were probably tourists from Indiana or something and Martha couldn't figure out why she couldn't hear any female voices - just male ones.

The fuck didn't last nearly long enough (for me), maybe 15 minutes. Ed just buried himself as deep as he could fit and let loose four days worth of jizz. I took it gladly. I really wanted him - and I was guessing this was as close as I would ever get.

What I really loved is that he stayed hard, and while he didn't continue to fuck me, he didn't pull out either. He stayed in me and he would purposely flex his dick in me and/or I would grab his shaft with my muscles. We both like it.

I would like to think he didn't want to leave, as he stayed in me for almost another 10 minutes. I know I didn't want him to go - but all things must end. Eventually he (or gravity) just made that thick meat slide out of me and thud onto my thigh. I really felt empty.

With little small talk while he got dressed, don't ask me how, but we realized we had a common friend. Neither of us had slept with this person and we agreed to keep it between ourselves. Small worlds.

The next day, I did see him on-line again and we chatted a bit. He thought maybe he could come by again, bend me over and just fuck me. I made a crack about the best of both worlds - he got to fuck me and not see me. I was letting him off the hook basically or putting myself down before he got the chance.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when he said, "I really like looking at your face - especially when I put myself in you".

I'd be lying if I didn't say I loved hearing that. Mind you - we never did find time to get together, but you never know.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sex Addicts: The Profile

Thanks David Duchovney!!! Way to make Sex Addiction visible to the general unsuspecting public. I liked flying under the radar. .....well, except for blogging my sexploits to about 700 folks per day.

CNN says: Sex addiction, also called compulsive sexual behavior, is like a gambling compulsion or alcoholism: It's about devoting your free time to a behavior that you cannot stop, even if you damage relationships or prompt other negative consequences. That could mean extensively using pornography, having affairs, sleeping with prostitutes, and masturbating excessively, to the point where such behaviors get out of control.

For the record, I've never engaged a prostitute, but that's about the only difference in me and the above descriptor.

The reasons they cite for sex addiction are a stretch in my mind. sexual abuse or emotional trauma, assaulted or raped, feelings of neglect as a child -- whether from divorced parents or parents who both worked and didn't spend a lot of time with their kids.

Oh boo-hoo....daddy didn't love me enough as a child! But what is the threshold for "a lot of time"? When is enough enough? I certainly wasn't assaulted, raped or neglected as a child. No emotional abuse - unless you include having all female siblings!

The report also goes on to say if you think it's just about primal desire, think again. For many addicts, sex becomes a way to numb out painful feelings, kill time or stop feeling lonely and most people the researcher talked to get to the point where they don't even like sex. PFFFFFFFT.

No painful feelings here - unless the guy is too big (HA!). I don't doubt some of it is to kill time though. But primal desire not being a factor? Bullshit. At least for me, it almost all it is about.

I just hate articles/reports like this. They are way too broad of brushstrokes to categorize someone like me.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Boi Sex

As you read here, when it comes to sex, I do alright. I’m not completely repulsive, but in reality I am very average on the “looks” list. I know it’s all a matter of perspective and preference, but in my mind, I’m just average.

Which immediately brings me back to preference. I know I have some quirks of what I like and don’t, but overall, I have a pretty wide variety. However, if I had to pick only ONE “type”, I have specifics. We all probably do.

Twinks (or bois) are not in my top 10. Or 20. I liked MEN when I was a boy and I still like them now. But realizing that sometimes you pay it forward, would it be the worst thing to be hook-up with someone who was younger? Considerably younger? Legal, for sure, but still young. Normally, I don’t venture to far beyond 10 years my junior. So 20 years beyond is a huge thing for me.

He shows up (I got no name). Cute for sure, but would take three weeks to grow a shadow of anything on his face – something that takes me about 4 hours. But all he wanted was head and that’s ok, it’s something I enjoy.

6’, 170, dark brown hair, clean shaven, smooth body. Handsome-ish face, for a boi. The pic he sent was very model-esque. In theory - very out of my league.

I lead him over to the standard lounge chair that’s in most every hotel room. I sit and have him stand in front of me. I unzip and unbuckle him. My non-verbals must have been a give away for what he presented vs what he claimed. He said, “don’t worry, it gets bigger”. And though I’ve said this before, I am sometimes amazed how one can grow so much bigger. Normally they don’t, but this guy did. Whoa did he.

9” of thick thick beef. It almost made me sad that all he wanted was a blowjob. This was a piece of meat made for fucking. Long HARD fucking. But it was not meant to be....the fucking. The sucking is what he wanted - and it's what he got.

Me in the chair, him feeding me. Him on the bed laying back, me between his legs. I got to reach up and feel his upper body. The man-boi had a true six pack. I'm not sure there was an ounce of fat on him. You could feel every ab.

Then there was me laying back on the bed, him standing over me feeding me, face fucking me. It was seemingly heaven for all.

I worked that dick for a good 40 minutes. With his thickness, more than his length, he actually made my jaw sore. I was almost grateful for his increased huffing and puffing. I knew he was getting close.

Even though he had ejaculated earlier in the day via his hand, the guy had a huge load. Slightly bitter, but I can certainly deal with that.

Naturally, I took every drop. Milked him for a bit...and he let me, as he wasn't that sensitive.

We made plans for him to come back later in the week, but he never showed. Oh well. Bois will be bois.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The New Past

There is really no past here - just an encounter I had that briefly took me back a few years.

The guy below reminded me of the first guy I dated, who was originally from Puerto Rico. A masculine looking man with an incredible dick but who could fem out quicker than you'd want from a man....or what you thought to be a man.

For the record, the man in the pics is me. The dick in the pic, is him.


The picture doesn't do it justice, as it grew quite a bit more. A bit over 8" and the skin even when fully erect came way over the head. It was quite nice.

His response to my was: I'm a 33yo, 6'1 190, shaved head, clean cut, handsome type sexy latin man-masc/musc/beefy type- nicely built - I like to roll around, make out, body contact, oral, love to rim before topping and have a very nict thick/fat8inches/uc.

Clearly you can see there was some oral manipulation on my part. And if I say so myself, I did quite well. And he did like to eat ass, but I don't think as much as he liked having his eaten. I did it for at least 30 minutes and it felt and tasted great. Eventually we got into a 69 ass eating position, I guess.

I was back with my head on the pillows, him sitting on my face, when he pulled up my legs and went down to my hole. Granted it felt great but I was really into munching on his butt.

But like his email said, it was all a prequel to the main event. Still on the bed, I was on my knees with my shoulders sloped down to the mattress. Fernando (yes, that's what he told me his name was) positioned himself behind me and pushed his fat dick in me.

Maybe it was from his oral treatment beforehand or maybe it is because I'm somewhat of a slut, but this thick dick slid in just fine. I felt full, but not in any discomfort. I even encouraged him to keep going and he heeded the advice.

He wasn't the most aggressive fuck I've ever had. He wasn't really in the top 50, but still good enough. Near the end he had a hard time staying, well....hard. Naturally, I take it as a personal affront, and assume I am not good enough or attractive enough to keep the guy's attention - but deep down, I know that's not the case - or at least not always.

We were able to finish. Or rather he was. You know me - it's not about me getting off. It's about me getting them to get off.

Fernando, pushed deep into me and let all his juices flow. His body weight on top of me his heavy breathing right near my ear. It would have been hot for him to be saying nasty thing is spanish that I couldn't possibly understand, but it was just heavy breathing. But it was that sexual release breathing that I still find so hot.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Record High

I know it's a blip compared to some blogs that get 100,000 hits per month (or more), but I'm still really impressed and happy that you guys keep cumming back.

August showed a record month for hits to this blog: 20,893. ...or about 1800 better than the 2nd highest month.

Not too shabby. Thanks folks. I promise to continue writing up my adventures - bad or good (hopefully the latter). But I figure the per month visits will have to flatten off here soon. I don't imagine that my readership will keep growing - not that I've actively tried to increase it.

I'm happy anyone comes to read, let alone comes BACK to read.

I should have a new post up in a day or so.