Wednesday, December 31, 2008

74 for the Year

Last day of the year, ain't it?

I went through my posts from 2008, and counted the loads I've taken.

74 would be the total. Not the real total, of course. Naturally, 74 are only the ones I bothered to document. I know I've taken more than that, but lets face it - some just weren't even worth it to mention, let alone draft it and post it.

I didn't bother to count the number of loads I have given this year. More than I normally have, but I am estimating at maybe a dozen or dozen and a half.

By most people's estimation, not a lot. By my usual standards, it's pretty high. Clearly my top side is on the rise, but let's not be too hasty. Overall, I still know my place - and so do all of you.

So for some parting shots, I'll give you two pics of my penis.



Hope you all had a good 2008. Here's looking forward to 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

4 Blowjobs; 1 Morning

You know when I travel for work, I usually plan my work day around sex - and most likely do not do it the other way around.

HELLO!!!!!! Sex Addict here!!!!

Two were repeated guys. Two were new. All were in a span of less than 2 hours.

Yeah, I would have loved to have sucked all day long, but I kind of need the paycheck and some of my clients were expecting me at certain times. I throw a lot of caution to the wind, but I don't always throw everything down the drain.

Guy #1

mid-40s. Says he's married and that I'm the only guy who has ever blown him.

I let him go on with this premise, as I highly doubt most of this is true. He's a handsome-ish guy, in a dad kind of way. Height/weight proportional and an almost average cock. He comes early in the morning and always out my door by 7:30a.

I rarely ever ever ever post on CL with the same ad or pics, just because they will block those if you post too often. I almost never show my full face in these ads. Yet this guy always finds me - and always knows it IS me. Weird.

...and for a guy who never gets blown by anyone else, he sure cruises the M4M ads an awful lot or just happens to stumble upon mine the same day I post them. Trust me - this guy is out looking for it every single day. Why he can't tell me that is beyond me - not that I'm losing sleep over it.

He always lays back a bit, leaning on pillows, kind of watching me, kind of getting lost in the act. He always wants it to last and it never does more than 10 minutes, from time in the door to time out the door.

"Don" is always rock hard and the cock and load tastes good. He always shoots a lot - and that is the reason I keep letting him come back. I'm sure I will again.

Guy #2

40, 6'0", 180 lbs., br/br, bearded, in shape, GL, 6.5 cut, hairy legs, crotch, abs & mod hairy chest. Really dig hotel scenes!


His stats were accurate, but he looked about 10 years older than he said. Maybe it had been a rough morning. I've been there!

We never got too far in the doorway, as I just wanted to drop to my knees and get him off. Like so many guys, he was going for the total strip down. That is not my thing for guys I just want to suck off. I rarely want their pants to drop. Normally, I'm good with a cock just yawning out of an open fly.

The guy proved to be an ok feeder. Some hip action going on as he pumped my mouth. He would have liked it to last longer, as he told me so, but his wish was not my command. I wanted to finish him off, as I knew another guy was on his way. I had not cleared with either of them to have a 3rd, and believe it or not, I do try to be respectful of that - especially when one of them is a married guy.

Guy 2 had a nice load as well. For a guy (me) who had not had breakfast yet, I was getting a warm and creamy protein filled meal, all courtesy of room service.

Guy 2 also accidentally left behind a small bottle of good poppers. The ones I had brought were ok, but not as potent as the ones he had. Bonus for me!

Guy #3
Just left the dentist but would love to swing by on my way back to work. I am 38 MWM 6' 180lbs. Clean cut professional. Can come over right now.

I stalled "MN" (name he signed) for a few, as I knew I had Guy #2 on his way. He was cool with that.

MN had no pic to share, which is always a risk, but I have a soft spot for married dudes - or guys who claim they are married or attached. I think we've been through all that before, maybe a few dozen times at this point.

I also have a hard time saying "no" when a guy shows who is less than up to par. I can't tell you how many times I've finished "the job", just because it was easier than kicking them out. Especially if they are borderline. (a guy who is a complete troll or liar about their looks, I have no issue with giving them the boot.)

I almost almost almost turned MN away. I knew I had Guy #4 coming over, who was all that, and MN just seemed a bit mousy and milquetoast.

.....until he unzipped.

MN had a phenomenal penis. He did not reference it in his stats, but he should have. Almost 8.5" of meaty dick. A very nice thickness and heft to it.

That prick fit perfectly into my mouth. Big enough to gag on, for the inexperienced, but fucking heaven to a cocksucking faggot, like myself. I loved taking care of it, and he was enjoying the service I was providing to him.

I was happy to remain on my knees while, just like I like, his dick jutted out from his open fly. I assured him he would get no jism on his pants. He'd never see any and that'd I'd clean him all off. He was good with that.

I worked that dick both nice and slow, and a little more frantic - mixing it up for the poor married guy (this guy I really think was). He was loving it. I was loving it.

Losing track of my time, I left it up to him when he wanted to blow that nut. I had probably worked on him for 20 minutes or so before he did. A very very full load. Slightly bitter, but no way was I missing a drop of it. Just like I promised him.

MN straightened up and I showed him out. He must have passed Guy #4 in the lobby or they were in separate elevators going opposite directions.

Guy #4

professional, hung, 45, 5 11, 185, well built looking to get sucked . I like masculine men w big dicks . Interested?


You might recognize his picture from here. Because I blew him a few months back, while a buddy of mine watched.

It is not surprising I remember him from the pic, but that he remembered me. But he did - and the scene from the above link. He was hoping for a repeat of a 3rd guy - but had I known that....well...............

#4 you can tell is a pro at this. He probably gets blown dozens of times per month in a hotel or at someone who is hosting. His suit jacket was off in a matter of seconds and hanging in my closet. His tie was loosened just so, so that he was able to pull the mostly unbuttoned shirt off, over his head, without actually untying the tie. It makes it very quick to put back on and go. This guy was no novice. I love that shit.

This guy is all about the supine blow job. Him on the hotel bed, laying back wanting and expecting to be serviced. It was just what I did.

I knelt by the side of the bed and enveloped his entire shaft, right down to his pubes. He loved it. His back arched, his hips left the bed to push his dick into my mouth - not that I was going to have trouble taking it. But I loved his enthusiasm and his interaction.

The guy was loud - with his moans and groans and when he'd say stuff like, "oh fuck yeah, SUCK THAT DICK!!!!!!". Luckily the housekeeping staff barely speaks any English. I care.

After about another 20 minutes, the professional stud let loose with a self-reported 4 day load. It wasn't huge by any means, but I savored every drop.

I like cum. What can I say?

He dressed like a pro, in reverse. That suit was back on in a flash and he was out the door. Both of us getting what we wanted.

All FIVE of us getting what we wanted.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Before I get to my 'Cumming Soon' story, I did have another less exciting hook-up - but in my mind, the cumming soon story and guy were so hot, many things pale in comparison.

It seems when I'm in DC I always find a guy who sings for their gay men's chorus. In theory, I would not say I am attracted to show-guys, but I guess I'd be stereotyping that they all were. They all seem to have a need to tell me they are in the gay men's chorus too. It's not like I ask it before we decide to hook-up.

5'10", 167, athletic/toned (work w/ trainer), 43c, br/hz, top. He seemed a bit slick, in this kind of sense: But I was horny and let the guy come over. He was nice enough and had a nice enough of a dick - maybe 6.5", but well proportioned. A nice sized girth to it and hard as a rock.....or as a cock.

The guy did have a good body and seemed to like mine. We stripped down and went to it. There was a minimum amount of foreplay, as he had to get to his holiday performance of his gay sing-a-long show.

I'm sure he gave me his name, but I don't remember it. It and he were not that important in the big scheme of things. Let's face it, I was a hole to him, as much as he was a dick to me. Nothing personal - just sex.

The guy was all about that. Though I had lube, he brought some. Possibly the biggest bottle I've seen anyone carry - and a type I had never seen. Everyone has their preferences I suppose, but to be traipsing around DC with that much lube, just for a trick. Go figure.

The guy did know how to fuck. Though we started with me on my back, he felt he could get the best leverage with me on my stomach. And to him, that's what it was about: leverage. How could he jackhammer that dick into me for his pleasure.

Again, I wasn't offended at his one-sidedness of this act. It was just sex. I'm ok with that.

He felt ok, but it was nothing extrodinary. But he did fuck like a machine. So good for him. Good for me - to a degree. Just how we started, I assumed it would last longer than it did, but he only had about 15 minutes in him.

That was ok too, believe it or not. He had a performance to get to (other than the one he just had on my hotel bed) and I had a business dinner to get to.

Like I said - it was all necessary. For both of us. And nothing special.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cumming Soon

Just because it is the holidays, I'm still getting over my cold and I am working like a mad man - here are two pics that are a preview of my next post:


"David" is a hot motherfucker, who for some reason chose me to hook up with. I know it's my self-loathing and I'm not worthy phase, but fuck - one of the hottest sessions I've had in a while.

Enjoy the pics. Look for the story in the next few day. There will be pics with that one too - but I'll be in them as well.

Enjoy your holiday, guys!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Second Go-Round x 2

I finally left NYC and made my way back to my home away from home: WDC.

I stay at one of two hotels most every time I'm in DC, I know the staffs there, they know me – though they don’t know what I do up in the rooms they book me for. Well, they might – but they certainly don’t say anything about it.

This trip to DC started with a repeat. You might remember about the cowpoke kind of guy who fed me his cock a few weeks back. He answered another one of my ads.

close by, looking to get sucked off before hitting the gym. 5'9" 165 fit, 31, 7cut thick, big shooter, ddf.


Fuck - ain't it a beautiful cock? Nice plump head with and equally thick shaft. The two nice balls are pretty good too. And trust me, it tasted as good as it looks.

He was as hot as I remembered him last time. And like last time he was over in a matter of minutes. He just live in the apartments directly behind the hotel. Works for me!

As soon as he was in the door, the shoes were kicked off and the pants were around his ankles. I was on my knees in an equal amount of time. Naturally, in no time my lips were passing over and wrapped around that nice plump head and equally thick shaft.

My actions provided the response I love to hear and feel from a guy: a long, deep moan and hands being placed on my head. But I worked him hard, I worked him lightly. Unless it is in a complete skull-fucking session, I do like to mix it up quite a bit.

First, to change it up does usually make the sessions last longer. I'm all for the quick, get them off kind of scenarios, but if it is a guy I like blowing and I have no other scheduling issues, I like to take my time.

The fast, lets-get-you-sucked-off moments are balanced by opening my mouth a little wider, having less suction and more of the velvet mouth routine. Don't forget the tongue dance on the underside of the shaft, while still having the dick completely covered in mouth! That usually gets the cock to jump and twitch like no one's business.

I am a master at gauging men's reactions to what my mouth is doing. After all, I have been doing THIS for awhile. I'm nothing if not a student of how a guy reacts to fellatio. Then of course, I use it to my advantage, even if they think it is to theirs.


Longer than most blowjobs, but not as long as I wanted it to last, "Scott" gripped my head tight and volleyed a number of jets of cum into my mouth. I stayed still making sure to take and savour each and every one of them. I also tried not to touch his head, as so many guys are sensitive after they cum - but on the other hand, I didn't want to miss the stray drops or ribbons of sperm that tend to bubble up after most guys think the 'job' is done.

In my estimation, a feeder should never have to clean up after the eater has completed his job. Truly completed.

So as I kept 'cleaning Scott up', he just stood there, letting me. And never going even remotely soft. So kept it up, I did - my actions and his penis.

He did step away and flop on the bed - and then I knew I would be working for a second load, even though it went unsaid.

With the second go-round, Scott started using his words. "Faggot" and "Cocksucker" passed from his lips - along with some other verbs, adverbs and adjectives. I certainly don't even mind his improper nouns. Not at all.

I always assume the second load will take longer than the first and almost every single time I am proven wrong. I don't think that is due to my talents as much as their focus on rubbing another one out and getting on with their day.

Either way, I'm ok with it. Scott groaned and had his head way back in my hotel pillows and pumped another nut into my willing and waiting mouth.

I think the only words that were exchanged as he redressed was 'thanks' (me) and 'gotta go walk the dog' (him).

Neither of us were looking for sustained conversation or friendship. We both got what we wanted. Twice.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pumped x 2

The absolute highlight of my NYC trip was a rendezvous with some guy who shares my first name. We connected on Manhunt and I've never had tons of luck with that site - yet I cannot seem to quit it. Addictions of all types go deep, ya know. Why should MH be any different?

Dad/Top: 45, 6'3", 34W, hairy, 7" cut thick

He was playing hookie from work that day, but I couldn't meet with him immediately. He knew I was having lunch and would be back at 2p. I told him I might be running a few minutes late, but he had my phone and email if he needed to get a hold of me.

Mind you - I never expected him to be waiting outside my hotel room. Fuck this was a MH guy. Usually they are flakes. But there he was, hotter than he looked in his pictures and as sexy as he sounded during a call we had.

"R" stepped into my room as I unlocked the door. Though only claiming an inch taller than myself, he seemed larger. He stepped forward and gripped my head and pulled me in for an intense kiss. As intimate as it could have been, it turned out to be more sexual. Primal sexual, not really foreplay. Sure I put his cock in my mouth - because I love to suck. And what man doesn't like a blow job?


R was a partnered man who played on the side. GREAT! But he told his partner about all his antics and all the details if he wanted to hear them. Snore. You know me, show me a guy who will lie, cheat and steal to bone a stranger, and I'm all over that.

It wasn't long before we stripped down and got down to business - which means a man's prick up my hairy ass.


R fucked like a champ. We did it with me on all fours, with me on my back, with me sitting on his 7". And while he was hot and we seemed to connect on many levels, it was all animal. He wanted to dump a load up my hole, and I wanted him to.

And while we connected, it was a rough fuck. I'm not complaining. I've always asserted, if I am going to take it up the butt - I want to know it. I want it to be done by a MAN. R was and is.

After about 20-25 minutes, I was on my back for a second time during the session when R buried his dick and load. A big load I could feel and that anyone within ear shot could have heard. I'm ok with hotel indiscretion. Really. I am!

We chatted a bit afterwards. We made out a bit afterwards. He had me go back down on him afterwards and clean him up. Since I was pretty clean, he was too and I had no issue doing this while he took pics.


Either my oral skills were good enough, or he was horny enough (or both) to go for round 2 on my ass. Or IN my ass, as the case may be.

For the most part, R took me from behind. He went in deep and rough - and repeatedly. The pressure against my prostate was incredible. It was a bit tender, highly erotic, the pleasure so intense it bordered on pain. Sounds weird, but true. He was hitting all the right spots at all the right time.

Once again, he went in deep and unloaded as far as he could to get his swimmers as far in as they would go. He loved adding his load to his other load. We both did.

R insisted on snapping a pic of this achievement. You know I was ok with that.


R wanted me to push some of his jizz out, but either he buried it too deep, or I deep down I was reluctant to let it go. Maybe a little of both. Why take it if you're not going to keep it?

With R gone, the rest of the trip just became a quest for more dick. But that was it for NYC. Between work and stuff, my free time and my sex time became much more limited.

Still - it was all worth it. Every second of it. Every drop of it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

# 2 for the Day

So, after Mr. 9" left, I did have another visitor before I had to make my way up to Rock Center for lunch. What other folks call a proper lunch.

Having semen for every meal is just fine with me. I've been living off it for about 3 decades now - so why not make a meal out of it.

5 9 165 hairy chest 48 years 8.5 inch cut cock needs to be sucked

I'm not sure of his ethnicity, but he was darker complected. He could have been italian or even hispanic. He wasn't a looker, but he had the goods in the dick department. They weren't internet inches, so as long as I kept my eye on that prize, I was good.

He was another guy who was good and instinctively grabbed the back of my head. I love that, but I'm a cocksucker and should be treated as such.


The guy wasn't very verbal. Not like the last guy. I did love how 'cocksucker' just passed his lips like it was meant to be. But I also had no trouble taking this guy to the root. Why should I? It's not like it was my first time. Hell, it wasn't even my first time that day.


I don't think I worked on this guy more than 15-20 minutes before the grip to my head tightened.

Clearly, you guys know I wasn't going anywhere, but either this guy didn't know that, or he just liked exerting his masculinity. I was fine either way. I like a feeder to take charge (or at least think that he is).

The load was decent, but nothing overwhelming - in volume or taste. I like when it has a taste and lot of quantity - but really, I'm here just to take the load, no matter how big or small, good tasting or bitter.

This is my job. Well, avocation more than job. And sucking more than blowing.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Miss Me?

I know, I know - it's been a bit since I've posted. Not for lack of "experiences", just for lack of time to write them.

As I pointed out in my last post, December is full of business travel for me - which means sex on my off hours. Hopefully.

I will start out with one New York story. I purposefully got in to the city earlier than I needed to be. I wasn't jonesing to meet up with my work-folk before dinner time. I also got to have lunch with an unidentified family member.

But before that meal - I had another one. Well....another two, but first things first.

I should say, I've never had much luck hooking up in New York. I have no idea why, but it has always been a tad more difficult. If using Craigslist, part of the problem is - your ad immediately gets lost in a sea of another 200 that were placed at the same time.

For some reason, this did not happen this last time. I had some decent reponses. Like this one:

GL masc white 27 br/br tight smooth worked out hung 9x6

Well, who wasn't going to be intrigued by 9"? It certainly caught my attention. He was two blocks away and made it in less than 10 minutes. What he didn't include and I completely missed is the lack of height and weight. The pics he went looked good - but I didn't pick up on that he was fairly short.

I know I'm nitpicking - I have always just had a height requirement.

With his demeanor and look - I would almost assume he was straight - but how often do true straight guys really look at the gay ads? I think I'm pretty savvy, but maybe I'm completely off base on this one.

But the guy had the right idea and attitude. The word 'cocksucker' just rolled out of his mouth with ease. It was slightly dirty and highly erotic. And it was also meant with laser focus on what he thought I was. Which I am.



He gladly handled the camera, all the while firmly grabbing the back of my head (which I LOVE and I have great pics of that, but sorry - it shows my entire self) and pumping that big, thick, veined cock in and out of my mouth.

I don't think the entire scene lasted more than 15-20 minutes. I loved that he didn't strip down - just coat off and cock out. His BIG cock was out.

And let me tell you - I know the cock size does nothting to corallate with the load size, but you'd never know it from this guy. He said he jacked off the night before (jack off? with a 9" dick? shouldn't there be a line of guys waiting for that???), but you'd never know it from how much he coated my mouth and throat with his spunk.

No need to worry - I did not miss a drop. He liked that. Not that he was letting my head up to give me the option to not take it all. Not that I wanted him to.

It was a win-win for both of us.

I offered a repeat during my stay, but it never materialized. That's ok. I'm not looking a gift horsecock in the mouth.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Coming to NYC

It was suggested to me, by a reader, that I might post a few days in advance of what cities/towns I will be traveling to, in order to find a different base of folks who might want to hook-up.

DUH. That never occurred to me.

It certainly would be an alternate route of breeding sources other than Craigslist or Manhunt.

I'm throwing it out there guys.

I will be in NYC Wednesday and Thursday of this week (12/3 & 12/4). Availability on the latter date is later - like after 9:30p, as I am working all day. But I have some times starting around 1p on Wed. I'd host.

I will be in DC late late late Friday night (12/5) and all of Saturday (12/6) and very early Sunday morning (12/5). For those who miss me then, I'll be back the 10th-12th.

...and then one day in Miami (12/14).