Saturday, March 28, 2020

Columbus 2020 - pt 2

Load #2 wasn’t too too far behind. I went to run an errand which was not fruitful. After getting in my car and driving just a few hundred feet, but stuck now in a one-way pattern, I got hit up by a guy who was at work, whose co-worker was out and he wanted to unload.

Day sex. Work sex. Public sex. Semi-Anonymous sex. This was adding up well. He told me where to go, but it wasn’t crystal clear. The area had been gentrified to a degree, but ended about the place he wanted me to go. While I won’t go into exactly where I was, the place was new age-y in a way. There were areas the workers took clients to do some services to them – and no, it’s not a massage parlor or whore house…………..because I didn’t charge!. The guy was true to his picture but had striking blue eyes. 5’11”, 190, brown hair, about 6.5”, but nice.

We went to a room and pulled the curtain. Yes, no doors and the walls did not go all the way up. While there was no one here, should there be, one would have to be quiet. Oh, there was also a massage like table there.

I bent over and started sucking his already exposed cock. There was no time for foreplay of undressing or teasing. It was right down to ‘work’. He pulled away, my pants came down, but not off, and I bent over the massage-like table. Again, there was no hesitation on insertion. He was lubed up with my spit and slid right in, partially due to a fuck I had taken not 60 minutes prior.

He had good fuck action. He knew his way in and out of a hole and it felt good – at least for me, there was little talking, let alone asking customer service questions on his experience during his experience.

I heard nothing, but clearly he did. His co-worker had returned. He “yells” that he’s with a customer. Since the walls don’t go all the way up they could have that conversation. But during it, he slips out of me and puts his finger to his lips to make sure I stay silent – like I’m an idiot or something. But I’m not really annoyed.

He drops to his knees. He takes my cock in his mouth. He looks up the entire time. He has great big blue eyes and they’re beautiful and I tell him in a very low whisper. He’s jacking this entire time. I have no intention of cumming with him. I haven’t even checked into my hotel yet, and I plan on holding that load possibly till the next morning.

He stands up. He’s gotten himself too close it seems. I ask him if he wants to cum, he says he does. I asked where, and without hesitation, he goes, “in your pussy”. Perfect.

Again I turn around and brace myself. While he’s close, he’s not there, so I get a few minutes of pumping in, and it feels good, but I know when he’s there. So does he. Only his female co-worker is oblivious, I hope.

I don’t let go of it when it’s done. I squeeze it with my muscles, working it all out. But eventually we must part. A quick touch up for both of us, dress and he shows me to the door, thanking me loudly, as he might any customer. I have to feel the co-worker will figure it out when there is no appointment in the system nor completed transaction at the end of the day reconciliation of charges. But that’s his burden. I was on my way to the hotel to see what was what.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Columbus 2020 - pt 1

After the office fuck, the next morning I headed out of town, back to Columbus for an event. As you’ve read here in at least two different series, Columbus has always been good to me in terms of finding strange guys to use my mouth and / or ass. This can be true of a lot of out of towners. The natives know you’re leaving town, can play, and never worry about running into you. Also there’s that ‘new meat’ vibe.

I got into town way earlier than my hotel room would allow me to check in. I had something lined up that would have been perfect: an acquaintance of a friend, someone I met at a party who struck me as someone who was of my ilk. We had great back and forth before me coming down, him counting the hours…………….and then he ghosted me. Blocked me on Facebook, Scruff, and blocked my phone number for texting. For the fucking life of me, I cannot figure that out. If I did something so egregious I’d be telling you. Maybe all talk. Maybe cold feet, but for fuck sake, say so. I’m a big boy. 

So now I’m sitting in a Starbucks (free wifi and bathrooms!), scrolling through every gay sex app I have (which anymore is only four of them). I got a lot of interest but little follow through. You all know how that goes. Actually, there were 3-4 guys in Starbucks I’d have played with, one making eye contact with me while he was meeting with a potential future employee, expounding on benefits, etc. He was handsome and had on nice big shoes…..and you know what that means: nice big feet.

I was about give up and move on elsewhere when I got hit on by a seemingly attractive black man. He was looking for a blowjob and I was ok with that to start my trip, as it was only 10a at this point too. After far too much back and forth, I got an address and a time to show. As I knew anything can happen and that after his place, who knows where I’d end up, I did use the bathroom and a Fleets I had in my bag, and did a quick clean out. I wasn’t a boy scout, but ‘be prepared’ indeed.

The neighborhood wasn’t sketchy, but he did purposefully (?) give me an address one house down from his actual. The place itself, inside, was a pit. I kind of get that messy when you’re 12 and have a mom who’ll pick up after you, but this is beyond that……… every way. Upstairs, where we went, wasn’t any better.

While the guy’s pic was nice, it didn’t look like him in person at all. Nor were the stats anything close to what was posted. He was taller than he said, but heavier as well…….even for that height change. Yet here I was in his filthy room, sliding down my pants, so I could stroke a bit while went down to my knees to suck him, he sitting on the side of his bed.

His cock was a little above average, but nicely thick. And very dark. Which I like.

I don’t think it was me, but it might be an age thing, he was on his phone from the beginning. At first I thought he might be filming me, but I think he was watching soundless videos to keep himself aroused. If it were because of me, I think he would have done that later on in the servicing, but he started before I did. Sex ADHD?

At some point, I got off the floor and just leaned over and bobbed up and down on his cock, taking it all the way. I felt his hand reach around my back and to my ass. It rubbed over the cheeks then down into the crack. This was going to a different place. Not unwelcomed, but I was glad I had done the Starbucks prep.

He got up from the bed, without a word, and got behind me. Somewhere in that mess, he found some lube and got his cock slick. He pushed me over farther and pushed in. There was no ease. There was no let’s get adjusted. He started pumping.

While he fucked my hole, he just pushed me up on the bed a little more, took my ankles and pushed them together, so I was in a slight frog leg position. Then he went to town. I couldn’t tell on his end if that made my ass open up a bit, or tighten for him, or which one of the two he wanted – should it have made any difference at all.

He fucked pretty well, but not horribly long. I do like a longer fuck, but the more time I spent in this place was more of a chance to see roaches and the like – and yes, it was that dirty. He shot up my ass with no fanfare, though he did offer me a towel from the floor with which to clean up – I politely declined. Then I boggied out of there, just to be anywhere else. But load #1 in Columbus had been acquired

Monday, March 16, 2020

Office Boning

I was sitting at work, minding my own business when I got a ‘woof’ on Scruff. He was close by, though no picture. 46, 5’9”, 160, Hairy: was his description. He eventually sent a face shot……………..nothing to write home about, but I wasn’t looking to have him model for me.

As it turns out, he was down the street and looking to get off. More specifically, he wanted to fuck. And fuck if I wasn’t at work. Yes, I know you’ve seen there how I have serviced more than a few guys at my place of employment, but I have a new role and now live in another location for work. One that isn’t pedestrian friendly. One that requires checking in / signing in with security and being escorted from A to B. And those were just the known factors.

But he kept making a pitch for it to happen. And I wanted it to happen, as he was so fucking self- assured, and you know I love that. So I knew where he was and he told me he was in his car, did he turn left (meaning to me) or right (to his next client) when he pulled out of the parking lot. I jumped at it and told him to turn right. I also told him I’d need a few moments and to not go to security until I messaged.

To be safe (well……….), I do keep one or two Fleets in my desk drawer, so I made a beeline to a restroom to do a very quick cleanout. He was walking to the doors as I walked to the security desk. He signed in and followed me.

There was no small talk. I pointed out the office next to me, as we walked to mine, so that he’d know we would have to be quiet about this. As you can imagine, it was right down to business. My pants went down no further than the bottom of my bum. His cock only came out of his fly.

I didn’t even blow him. Not even for a second. I spit into my hand a few times and rubbed that saliva all over his cock. I coated it. I then just turned around…..just like this…….

(that was a reenactment)

Clearly with no fuss, no muss, he pushed into me, steady and strong and then started fucking. In a few moments when rhythm was established, I started countering by pushing back onto it with his upthrust.

(that was actual)

There was zero talking for the five minutes he fucked me, but I could tell from his labored breathing he was close, then I could tell from the throbs in my butt and gasps in his throat that it was happening. But he was quiet, as was I.

He slid out and I got him a few tissues to wipe off some left over slime – be it, sperm, spit or a combo of – and I buckled up, he zipped up, and I escorted him back to the front of the building, telling him to let me know whenever he was seeing clients in the area again.