Wednesday, December 20, 2006


....but it ain't because of my kissing!

You're a Freaky Kisser

When you kiss, you want to experience something new
A new technique, a new partner, a new piercing...
And your own personal kissing style is very unpredictable
There's no saying where your tongue or hands will go

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blo N Go

Tis the season to see what we can be doing for others.

Fuck - I've lived THAT since I was 15!

Anyhooo....I just happened to be at the park yesterday. There were a number of prospects - or at least a number who seemed to be interested in me. One guy I couldn't shake at being 'the law', so I just played it cool and never initiated a conversation - nor did he. But the second he was gone, someone pulled his SUV in next to me. He'd been waiting for his opportunity.

Maybe 10 yrs older than I am with a look of authority. A guy who knew what he wanted. He definately looked ex-military. Somewhere between a brush cut and high and tight. His glare/growl spoke volumes. And sexy as hell the way he rolled a toothpick around in his mouth.

Eventually he nodded my way. He'd look at his crotch and then back up at me to see if I was noticing. I was. Then he was working his unseen crotch with his fist. I know the movements well. He asked if I had some time. I responded back with an unsure 'what are you looking for'. He came back with "I'm game for anything". I just took the bull by the horns - kind of - and said: "you lookin' to get THAT off?" He was.

I followed him back to his house. Nice body. Nice dick. A fat 6.5", but HUGE balls. I don't think they were saline injected, but that's how big they initially looked. And they were newly shaved.

Immediatley I got on my knees and took him all the way down. No playing around with the tongue teasing. He seemed glad for this. He took my head and force fed me. I was glad for that!. He countinued to feed me while he felt my face and throat with his free hand.

Eventually I got up and sat on his couch. I thought he'd just stand there and feed me, but he stood on the couch and fed me from above. A NICE touch! He just shoved all the way back - and could care less if I could take it or breathe. It was so hot. After a bit he got down and put his mouth at my balls and licked. I wasn't expecting this - but he did say he was game for anything. He worked his way south and slobbered on my ass. Brave - since I hadn't showered for about 36 hrs.

Of course, I thought exactly what you are thinking - he was gonna fuck me. And maybe he thought it too. But all of the sudden he said, "I'm close!". So he stood back up on the couch and shoved his rod into me and let loose. A very nice sized load that I could feel just fill my mouth and slide down my throat. And man it was one of those that just tasted GREAT.

I was willing to let it go at that, but he surprised me - this big masculine guy. He stepped to the floor, bent over and took my dick in his mouth....and went to town. He wasn't that skilled but knew how to use his hand as he wetted my prick. Normally that wouldn't do it for me, but the entire scene of this guy blowing me was too much. I told him to stop moving - and then unloaded in his mouth. Like a pro, he swallowed it all - and it was a big load. Six days worth.

Just a nice little early holiday present for me......and him!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes Way, Jose

Yesterday I had a business lunch scheduled at 1p.

My biggest pet peeve is ME being late for something. I don't necessarily give a shit if someone else is late, but I do if I am. Oddly enough, this can work against me - like yesterday.

I was way early in the area of town where I needed to be. But I also knew of a park in the same area, and it was 12n - so, what the fuck. Right? All those single men alone in their cars....just sitting in a parking lot.

My style is to park my car and let the fuckers come to me. It usually works. I found a decent, but slightly remote area to situate my car and it wasn't long before a guy pulled up next to me. Clearly he was hispanic and sported Jet black hair with matching porn star moustache. He also wore flannel and drove a big-ass Ram pick-up truck. Oh he also wore a wedding ring.

He played around being interested almost too long. Now I only had 30 minutes until my lunch. He told me to be late, which I would have done had I had the cell number to my lunch companion. But like most men, I think with my cock. The guy said he had a place that was 10-12 minutes from the park. I said yes.

I don't think it was his place since it took like the eighth key before he found the one that fit the lock. We went to a basement bedroom where he immediately started feeling me up. I told him we didnt' have time for that shit. Surprisingly he went down and started undoing MY pants. This married fucker wanted to get to my dick.

The man was good at sucking dick. I wasn't his first. And though he couldn't take all of me, he did a damned good job at the inches he was taking in his mouth. He responded well to verbal commands too. Eventually he got on the bed, laid back and had me feed him from the side of it. Still, he did really well. But his non-verbals were telling me he was never gonna take the load. Not they way I wanted him to. He was slightly pulling up his shirt and t-shirt, exposing his belly and chest. I didn't wanna shoot it there.

He asked if I ever sucked. How that secretly amused me. I said I would try it on him, but he had to stand up for a second. I wasn't getting on that bed. I didn't have the fuckin time. There was a chair next to the bed and next to that, a drum set (don't ask - i have NO idea). I had him sit on the drum stool, me on the pants around my ankles.

The guy insisted on leaning in to kiss. I was ok with that. Something hot about making out w/a married man - and he was good at it. As he leaned way in, his 5.5" fat and uncut dick went under my balls. Those married guys really know how to hone in a hole - don't they? But I wasn't there for that.

I pushed him back and leaned forward myself and went down on him. He fuckin' loved it. Easy to take the entire way. He was so fuckin' worked up I knew he couldn't and wouldn't last - which fit in perfect with my timetable. He had been remarkebly non-verbal most of the time. But he moaned a bit and said how good it felt. And just as he was about to pop his nut he almost sneered, "HERE'S your lunch, brother!".

The load was HUGE. Absolutely enormous. I kept taking it and it kept on cumming. And I kept on swallowing.

What he did next was surprise me. I figured after he was done, he'd be DONE. He jumped right back on the bed and wanted to suck me more. I asked him where he wanted the load, as I was so ready to pop! He said, "on my face. ALL over my face". And I did. Six days of built up sperm coated his fuckin porn stache, his cheeks, his chin, his nose. He was impressed - and I have to say, so was I.

He let me out of the house at 12:57. I had to make a 10 minute trip in 3 minutes. I made it in seven, or about 5 minutes late - and I still was the first to arrive.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I had met this man on Manhunt a few weeks ago. The guy talks a good game. Professional suit w/a heart of leather. We've emailed. We've IM'd. We've talked on the phone. We hadn't done any real time.

Here's the thing about me - I'm smart! I'm sure some of you could read these posts and think I'm a dumb-fuck, but I'm not. I do like what I like and go for it. Might not be your cup of tea, but who is asking? Oh that's right - not me! This guy thinks he's smart. He's not.

He leaves me his cell number. He doesn't even use a screen name for his email. He uses his first and last name @ Oy. And if you think that maybe that is made up - then so is the name he uses at work, which he let slip.

Now I haven't lived at home for 25 years. I never knew the people across the street that well when I did....mostly b/c their kids were almost 10yrs older than I am. But this guy's name rang a bell. Fuck - he was the "kid" of the people who lived across the street from my parents. This 50 yo kid just moved back home WITH his least according to mine. What the fuck was I doing?

So, Tuffman (which he tried to go by later) keeps talking about his load. Finally I tell him to put up or shut up. If he wanted to give it to me we'd find a way. He suggested the bathroom at Barnes & Noble. Fine with me. I'm no stranger to public sex. In fact I love it.

In previous discussions he always said he never wanted me to just swallow his load. He wants me to kiss him and give it back to him so he can slip it back into my mouth. Fine. I have no issue with that.....though it ruins the instant gratification for me.

I am in the restroom at the appointed time...and wouldn't you know it, someone else comes in, but it's not THE guy. I try killing time and in walks 'Steve'. Awkwardness as people try to come and go and stay and loiter. Eventually the other guy goes. Steve is in the other stall (i'm in the handicapped one) with his door open. I'm not doing it there! He finally gets the idea to come over to mine.

There is a fuckin procession of 3-4 guys who come in and use the urinal or able bodied stall. I still take out Steve's dick. It's harnessed up under his suit. And small. And man this guys REEKS of cologne. Not a splash. More like bathes in it. I can barely stand it. It does not mix with what I'm guessing is his 2-3 pack a day habit. Putrid to me.

But I'm there to do a job. I'm a cocksucker and a good one. I take his dick in my mouth. Becuase it's so trussed up, I'm not sure he could get hard. Maybe it's the enviornment too. I still do it. Soon - but not soon enough for me, he grabs my head and pumps a load into my mouth.

I was hoping to just take the load like a good boy and go. But he grabs my face and makes me give him his load back. Then he gives it back to me.....along with about half a pack of tabacco juice he always has in his mouth. In addition, his perfume gets all over me too. Great! Now I smell like him.

I don't want to do him again - but he's already told a buddy about me. A professional football player. How do I pass THAT up?

I truly am a fuckin slut!

Monday, November 13, 2006

My Dick. Their Mouths.

A few weeks ago, I let some guy suck me off. Those of you who read this regularly know that's not my normal thing - though I've been known to let it be done a few times per year. In some ways, that old adage of 'the best tops used to be bottoms' can be true. The filth that can spew from my mouth is quite aggressive. My memory data banks from when I was 15 yo to present has stored all those things the best and worst guys have ever said to me. I know enough on how to regurgitate it as needed.

Anyhooo...the guy was an ok cocksucker but I knew in general he didn't swallow. Why bother?


I'm sure these guys think they are doing a service to blow a guy, even if they pull off at the last minute - or worse: spit! Now, I'm all for the money shot, but when I sink to my knees (or lower), I'm there to help a guy out, or to be put in my place. Or both.

This time I told him, he had to swallow. I don't have it any other way. He said he agreed. As it turns out, I had it planned that I'd be on the phone w/an acquaintance from Chicago. I didn't know he'd be getting sucked at the same time though. At first I thought the bud wasn't listening to anything I was telling my cocksucker - but he heard every word of it.

My cocksucker was older (late 50s?) and a decent mouth....but oy! his breath. Now I wasn't kissing him, but even a few feet below on his knees, I could smell the stench of his gum disease! It was rancid! If it weren't for the guy on the other end of the phone, I would have zipped up and bolted. I did cum and he did swallow....but it wasn't doing anything for me giving my dick him or anyone else.

But a few days later this sucker kept emailing me about a 'friend' of his who wanted my dick. Apparently my 'top' self got good reviews. How off-putting I was. Little did the guy know it wasn't an act. His breath put me into a new realm. A real one. No acting. I was disgusted by him - but not because he was a cocksucker.

So, my bud in Chicago told me I should use the guy Bad Breath Guy was referring me to. Like a moron, I did as I was told.

The guy was divorced and had kids. It wasn't hard to figure out he was ex-military too. The second I walked in, he had medals displayed. The flag. His company etc. The only other thing he had in his downstairs was a bright blue crushed velour sofa and what I'm guessing was a 72" projection tv w/the worst g-d awful straight porn movie playing. ....and I like straight porn! (yes, believe it or not!).

First off - don't get any ideas that because the guy was ex-army or married that he was hot. He was best. Technically, he was an ok cocksucker. No teeth. Could take it deep (though not all). But I figured since he wanted me because of the rep given by Bad Breath guy - he wanted verbal and similar treatment. WRONG.

I have never been with someone who lacked any reaction to verbal anything. I got no rise from him. Hell, I got no answers - in words, grunts or groans. I could have as easily been jacking off. ...and here is where I'm a 'guy'. I wasn't leaving without cumming. Not after driving 25 minutes. How incredibly selfish am I? Yup - I'm a guy! least he swallowed.

Oh....and I covertly took a picture of him on my dick.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mr. 9" redux

I don't think there was a chance that there wasn't going to be a repeat performance of the storage closest and Mr. 9". I think all of you (as well as him an myself) would hope for a slightly different outcome. N'est pas?

Mr. 9" wasn't upset at the first ending, but clearly wanted to finish what we started. He even sent me a left-handed apology: sorry if I hurt you - but I just really wanted to be up there and still do!

Apology accepted.

So late last week, I was back at his place. Back in the dark storage room. This time he brought the lube and an aerobed. That latter was his choice. I'm fine with a dank cement floor. I mean, if we're doing it in a basement closet - it's kind of expected! Clearly he wasn't planning on bending me over this time. It was to be a different position where he wanted to be comfortable. It is highly doubtful he cared about my comfort....and I'm good with that.

The second we were in the room, he said 'strip. everything.' I did. At first he said he wanted to just play: me suck. make out. me eat his ass. and just play with my ass. loosen it up. But I know guys - 97.4% of them think with their dicks. The other 2.6% is Bruce Villanch!

I knew there was no way that the idea of just loosening me up this session was going to be it. There had to be more. There always is. And trust me - I'm not complaining, just don't kid a kidder. I've heard all of the stories. I had my huge sexual decipher talking machine on (patent pending).

As I said - he brought the lube. Average Joe thinks I should carry Elbow Grease with me. And it's a great idea. But he wanted me to be discrete when I went to his building. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was for him - just not for my ass. So this time, with me on my back o the aerobed, he coated his fingers up good. In no time, I had three of them to the third knuckle.

Call me a whore - but I was relieved. I thought the time before I could take it. This time I knew it wasn't just me. Perhaps it was the angle we were at, or his impatience in going bone-deep. Without a word, we knew it would happen. He placed his cock at my hole and slid in. Without a word, he gauged my reactions and went as fast or easy as my face told him.

Before long he was deep dicking me. He'd slow down and whispering if I was doing ok. I whispered back, "did I ask you to slow down or stop?". Green light for him. He paced himself and would even stop and pull out. I think he didn't want to unload too quickly. Top guys are like that. Maybe bottoms guys are too. It's not up to me if it is a quickie or a long fuck. My task (?) is to help them achieve the final goal: popping their nut!!!

Back in, he really went to town. I knew there were some kind of maintenance men down in that part of the building. I could hear them talk. For his insistence that we be quiet, it was shot to shit by that aerobed and his rhythm. That rubber mattress squeaked louder than I've ever moaned during a drilling. But there was not stopping him - nor was I trying. I didn't live there. I didn't have to live with any repercussions of taking it up the ass in a residence.

I loved looking at his face as he kept going. The sheen from his sweat. The look in his eyes as he internalized the process to slow down or finish the job. The look that determined he wanted both, but this dick and balls were betraying him and the concentration he was trying to deliver to himself to stop the inevitable. He failed in one way and crossed the finish line for that medal - all at the same time.

It's hard to tell if his load was bigger than the last time. The prior've seen that on my face. This one wasn't so visible.

Like most guys - when he was done, he was done. He had me change and didn't even show me out this time. I just needed to go so he could clean up (i.e. deflate aerobed before his bf noticed is missing?). He did mention that I hadn't shot. I told him that wasn't my place. He looked a little confused at that. He'll learn.

I got an email later in the day saying he wanted to fuck me like a pig. Whatever could he mean by that??????

Friday, November 03, 2006

Mr. 9"

I have prided myself on being able to take cock. Fuck - I've been doing it since I was 15.

Imagine my surprise the other day when I had trouble taking on via the rear entrance!

Let me start from the beginning. For whatever reason, I finally became a temporary member of Manhunt. There have been some decent guys on there, but one guy msg'd me wanting to fuck around. Better yet, he wanted to find someplace dirty and dingy to do it. He determined I might like that scenario as well after seeing a pic of me in my old basement in a jockstrap leaning over a washing machine.


I love shit like that. I believe I have mentioned that bedrooms are the most boring place to have sex. Public or pseudo-public sex is great. It gets me hot and horny. I do my best work in those situations.

After some back and forth emails - we finally agreed to meet at his condo bldg. I wanted to do it outside in a heavily wooded area that was close to both of us. Though it was in the 50s, he determined that it was too cold out for outside sex. Not by my standards.

I know the condo doesn't sound that great - but we decided to use the storeage closet in the basement. Each condo has a space that is maybe 8'x4'x8'....which is smaller when it's got crap in it. Besides just wanting to use it - we had to. Lloyd, the guy, couldn't use his apartment due to the fact that his lover might come home. A cheater too! BONUS.

The pics and despcription of the guy was good. 6'5" (love em tall) and about 210-220 with 9". I know your first reaction - "um......sure. 9 internet inches." I took that stat w/a grain of salt. Fuck - a whole pillar! But though the dick would be nice, he just exhibited a great aggressive attitude. You know I love that.

I get to his place at the appointed time and he meets me outside. With only a nod and nary a word, I follow Lloyd into his building and downstairs. He unlocks the storeage door - it's cramped, it's dark, it's exactly what I wanted. Still no words and I unbutton my 501s and drop them around my ankles much to his approval - if his smirk was saying anything. His hands go right to his fly and haul out his dick. What he has to show is a true 9". It is cut and beautiful. A very very slight curve to his right. But immediately I am worried.

I've taken dicks bigger than 9" before. I know - you're all shocked! But it's true. It was his girth. He had a fat cock! I don't believe in 'beer can' thick - and he wasn't, but it was what I'd consider hole-splitting....hence my worry.

With our previous discussion, it was up to me to bring lube and to pre-lube my hole. Silly me - I brought a small tube of KY. Granted it was a full tube, but too small. It was like a drop of water in an ocean. I'm not sure the entire tube even covered his shaft. I knew I was in trouble.

We were both horny, but Lloyd was a tad bit inpatient. When I knew of his length, I told him we'd have to ease it in before getting to the thrusts. He agreed - at least in theory. In reality he wanted in and wanted in immediately. Mr. 9" tried to break in before I was relaxed, but it didn't go in far. Not far enough for him. Damn the width of that shaft! He pulled out and I went to my knees. A little more wetness couldn' hurt - right?

Eventually I got back up and bent over. I took a big hit of poppers. Before they had a chance to even hit he was right at my hole. He got in as far as he did before but then went for broke. His hips bucked and impaled himself onto me. I knew enough to keep quiet. He kept going. The man truly was the owner or a hole-stretcher.

I will admit, I was not up for the task of a long fuck - not w/his dick. I had not conditioned myself for that kind of cock or pounding. I didn't want to be a whiny faggot, but I had to ask Lloyd to stop. I hated myself for that.

He was a sport about it and did as I requested. I did go right down to my knees because I was going to take care of him. He was hot and had a fuckin fabulous rod. I licked his nuts too. He did ask as I was doing this if I ate ass. Now I told him it was HIS turn to bend over.

Turning around to present his butt to me, he flipped off the lights. I love the pitch black - the anonimity of it all. His ass tasted like all man. No soap. Someone who'd been working all day. He was surprised at how I dug into it. What can I say - I love eating hole. And he loved that I was so into doing it for him. Lloyd asked if I liked the way his ass tasted. He had to know he wasn't all clean and he was testing me and I passed. He pushed back and and I went deeper. While in there, I heard him mutter, "man, I wish I could fart". But he didn't.

But the man had a load to lose. He turned the light back on and spun around and told me he wanted to deliver a load on my face. And he did. A HUGE you can see.


Oh - and there will be repeat visits. We have to make sure my ass can accommodate that big fuckin' pole!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What's Not To Like?

This is from a guy I met on and then it moved to email forum.

I am a total top man - What I get into, no specific order: Butts,
Rimming, Feet, Gym Sox's, Armpits, Butt 69, Exhibitionism, Outdoor
Sex, Groups, Couples, Real Jockstraps, Briefs, Working Over An Ass,
Naked 4X4, Rest Stops, Mutual J/O, Videos, Sex Clubs, Piss
Play/Watersports, Taking X Pics, Pigsex, Spanking Ass, Naked Camping,
Boots, Partial Clothing, Hiking Gear, Hanging Out Naked,
Net Camming,Open to suggestion, mild to wild...

I guess dream men do exist.


He's not all talk either. And he knew I wasn't either. The very next day I was at his apartment and in a matter of minutes I was down on my knees - exactly where I should be. And exactly where he thought I should be.

At first he didn't want me there because in his mind it was a quickie - and he didn't want a quickie. But schedules are just that and it was then or not until later this week. Let's face it - men think with their dicks and very little else matters. So he had to shower (huh???) and I arrived at the designated time.

He was already relaxing with a scotch as he buzzed me in. Then a little tour of his apartment - like I even gave a fuck! But then to his media room. TV and PC with multiple screens. He puts porn on and it shows on all the screens. Slick!

We did not get into most of the above 'likes' he posted. Hell, I didn't even bring my digital camera. I think most here know I'm not shy to the camera. And I so look forward to webcamming a live sex event - I cannot WAIT.

But now it was about my mouth and his dick. And balls. And namecalling. The man had a mouth of a sailor - which turns me on to no end.

After some sucking and ball-licking, he has me stand up to show off my ass. Not just for him to look at, but to really show it to him. Before long - a thumb was firmly up there. That only stayed u there a minute or so. Then it was back to licking his nuts. Big shaved nuts at that.

He directed me back to his fat canadian dick and would egg me on - saying I wasn't doing a good enough job or meeting his expectations. I hate that. I WANT to be a great cocksucker for all guys. Eventually I got to do him like he liked. And he kept alternating me between his nuts and cock.

I was down almost below his nuts when he said he was gonna cum. But he said it as he did it. The first shot hit me across the face and into the eye! (WHY is it always into the eye? Lots of surface room on the face - and it always goes into the eye - making it feel bruised for the rest of day!)

The second, third and continual shots went into my mouth - after I clasped my lips over the head and pushed down his shaft. This illicited a 'oh you want my cum!'. DUH! Going from his above description - it never occurred to me that not taking it was even an option.

I milked every drop dry than scooped up what I could on my face and cleaned that up too. I looked up at him and said - 'for future reference - I always want the load! Always!!!'.

So we'll see where this goes. Groups. Video. Whatever he wants man. I love it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Like Clockwork

I was in early again today. And I paged ultrasound guy when I arrived. He called back in minutes saying he was on his way up. Perfect.

I left my office door ajar and put my Treo 700 and bottle of poppers on the desk. There was nothing new about this scenario (save the Treo). No new ground was broken. Ultrasound guy was a little more vocal. Normally I might care - and even though I know there might be people in this time of the day, it was still early. And it is the 2nd to last day of my employment here. What are they really going to do to me?

I stood in front of him rubbing his semi-hardening cock through his jeans. He just said, 'get down on your knees'. Who am I to argue? In my dark black suit, which could show the slightest form of dirt, I slid to my knees and in front of his crotch. No belt on today - which meant no buckle hitting my head as I sucked his dick. I popped open the top button of his jeans and pulled down his zipper.

He was rarin' to go even after feeding me dick and popping off a load 24 hrs before. But really, what guy is going to turn down a blowjob? No strings. That's right - no one. Guys are guys. They are machines w/little to no thought process that goes above their pubes. And g-d love em for that.

I sucked him till he was completely hard and then took a hit of poppers. He took them from me and really hit them. I mean - I have never seen anyone take such long continual hits from a bottle like this guy. I'm talking even guys getting power fucked who really need them. Ultrasound guy was just standing there being fellated.



I reached over and grabbed my 700. I was gonna be damned if I didn't get attempt to get a shot or two of this. It's not the best camera, but in a pinch it does the job. See???

I stood up for a second not really needing a rest. I thought maybe he'd go down on me as he has before. No such luck. You might recall I really made him gag on a 7 day load once, and on a 32 day load another time. I think he still recalled it, which is why he wasn't in any hurry to repeat that scene. Geeesh - I mean, I only have a 10 day load going now.

His hands went to my shoulders and told me to finish the job. And that is what I was there for. Sucking. Swallowing. I knew my place. Down I went and it didn't take long to polish him off. He was somewhat loud as he ejaculated - but again, I didn't really give a fuck. I held the sperm in my mouth and snapped another pic, but you can't really see the seed.

He knows I only have two more days. Let's see if I get two more loads!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My time is limited at my current job. At the very least, at my current position. But most likely I will be jobless for a few weeks beginning Friday afternoon.

That being said, I haven't been doing much work. Lots of blog reading and yes, I know I need to do more writing. But today I ran into ultrasound-guy. I think if you look back at some of these writings, I've referenced him.

Shorter (hell, I'm 6'2" - most guys are shorter) guy, goatee, balding and buzzed. A nice 6" dick. And he gave it to me today.

When I ran into him, he boldly stated "I have 20 minutes until my first patient". I quickly replied..."meet me in my office". He was there in minutes.

In seconds I was on my knees unzipping his pants and pulling his stiffening boner out of his boxers. It seems his favourite phrase when I'm blowing him is "gooood boy". I think he knows, as does everyone here, that I am anything but.

As his belt buckle repeatedly went into my forehead, I continued to lick the underside of his shaft w/my tongue as my lips and mouth moved. He is not as responsive to the tongue on the bottom of his shaft as most guys are. But I adapt. That's what cocksuckers do. Keep doing something until it resonates with the feeder.

Soon enough (I mean, he had patients waiting), his dick stiffened and both hands went to the back of my head and PUSHED me into him. Then he started to unload. Telling me to take his cum, he poured it into my all-too-willing mouth. Slightly bitter, but I didn't give a fuck. I took it gladly, as I kneeled on my floor in my suit.

As he put himself together, I told him I was leaving the organization (which right now is about a 50% chance of being true). He told me he'd like to feed me again tomorrow. I upped it and said - everyday this week!

Here's hoping he calls tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chicago IV

After taking a lot of sperm (not a lot of loads, but volumous seed), I had a tinge of a sour belly. For you non-cocksuckers, this can happen. I guess it's that 'too much of a good thing'.

And I did need real food. It's true - man cannot live by jizz alone. I headed to dinner after a few other guys blew me off - and a friend all of the sudden couldn't make it for dinner. Whatever.

I had to leave the hotel at 7a for the airport the next morning and was deciding whether just to stay in and read or go do some damage. Another craigslist ad yielded nothing (it's all in the timing w/that thing).

It was a little early for some of the bars (and I was way downtown), but the Gay Games were in town and I had no idea how that'd change bar times/crowds. I decided to lay out the clothes I was wearing the next a.m. and put everything else in my suitcase. As the joke goes - us fags are good travelers b/c we always get our shit packed the night before. Think about it.

I also left out what I'd wear out - typical chicago bar wear: 501s, Dr. Martens, black t-shirt, dirty used jockstrop, leather vest and oh yeah - under all that was my harness. Ok, my typical chicago gear. Eagle/Cellblock gear. Not Sidetracks kind of clothing.

I am as out as the next guy (what the fuck does that mean?) - but I was staying in a respectable hotel w/work cohorts. I couldn't just wear the harness and no shirt - even though that was my plan once at the bar - and stroll through the lobby and into a cab.

The Eagle was ok crowded for 11p. And hot. But it was mid-90s outside. I just took off my t and shoved it hanging off the back of my belt. The inside pocket of my vest held poppers and a small disposable thing of lube. No rubbers! I grabbed a beer and hung out for a few in the main room. Some real men there. And lots of faggy disco. Why is this? I hate that shit. Gay men like non-168 bpm music ya know. Oh - and there is no dance area @ the Eagle.

I headed back to the Club Room. Just a back area bar where one truly needs to be in leather to gain entrance. The front area - posers can get into on weekend, but not the back, so it's a little less crowded. I was good w/what I chose to wear. The area is smaller. Smokier. Cigar smoke mostly. If nothing else - a cigarman is hot to look at. Freud was wrong. A cigar is never just a cigar.

The action I was there for was beyond the Club Room. It was the backroom. Yes, they still exist. An unlit room. Maybe 15' x 12'. A trough at one side - but guys usually only use it to lean against. If it was hot outside or in the front room - it was scortching here. No airflow. No cross ventilation. Trapped air - compunded by oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output. Add to that the heat and execution of desire.

After you're in, there is very little room for movement. If someone is "busy", it can be tough to get around them to where you want to be, or to whom you want to be next to. Persistence. It's the name of the game there.

But it is dark - though in my estimation, not dark enough. Some of these guys are still picky about what they're doing and with whom. I understand it to point, but it IS a backroom. There is rarely any talking - which is a good thing. Any verbalization is usually grunts, growns, slurps and an occasional 'fuck yeah' or 'ohhhhh'. But even that is done just above the breath. Now and again, you'll hear a 'suck it' - but that comes in later to this story.

I do have to laugh at the couples who go back there - hand-in-hand yet. Are they scared? Is it a date?

Either way - I made my way back there and into the thick of things, but sticking near the outer wall. Immediately someone dropped to their knees and I let them. They puled open my 501s to find my dick. It wasn't long before someone else watching had their hand down the back of my jeans. And he found the hole. BINGO. I also made out w/this hot little guy. I usually like guys bigger than myself, but something about him made me go 'woof'.

It wasn't too long before my pants were down around my knees. Giving the cocksucker and the guy behind me full access. They took full advantage. Before too much time passed, someone was at my backdoor. I made no attempt to stop them. Nor did I even look behind me. The cute guy and I were swapping spit....and I don't mean kissing. Nice big gobs of spit in each others mouth or on the face....and then lapping it off. But soon the guy behind me was head deep up my ass. He stopped for a minute - but I pushed back onto him. He was good to go after that. No words. Some grunts. And lots of pumping. I think we were too close to the wall because though he had a good enough rhythm, it wasn't any kind of assault fuck - but it was crowded. I assume others were watching, but I paid them no mind.

I did push the cocksucker off me. I had no intention of dumping my load just yet. Though it'd only been about 10 min, I felt the guy behind me stiffen up. He also sped up a little. He was ready to unload. He never asked if he could. He didn't care. He was gonna finish his way. This was the backroom of the Eagle. If you're not there to play, you'd best not be there. I could feel him throb and get his nut. Still not a word from him. Just as it should be.

Soon enough he slipped out of me. The make-out guy wanted a break, which was fine by me. I needed a beer. Though it was necessary to leave the backroom for it, I regretted it. Getting back in would be difficult. It was getting late and I needed to finish somethings and get back so I could get some rest before leaving for the airport. So back to the backroom for me.

I eventually made my way to the far wall where the trough was. Leaning against it in the corner was a hot man. Average looking, but exuded sleaze. Little did I know he was a sub to some master's whim. His dick was out. 7" curved up and nice. I turned my back toward him and lowered my jeans and leaned into him. He whispered in my ear, "my master doesn't allow me to fuck strangers raw.". I leaned back and said, "it's not like I'm ever going to see him or tell him". In less than a minute he slid into me. I did most of the work- the back and forth. He was probably pretending this was against his will. That he wasn't doing the fucking. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Again, never long enough - and guys were watching this time - he unloaded in to my ass w/a "ohhhh fuck". Perfect.

Before I got to get my jeans up, the make-out man was there. But this time he became the cocksucking man. And what a good mouth. I'd pull him up now and then for some mouth to mouth and told him I was gonna cum in his mouth. It was then he looked at me w/a question. I figured out he didn't understand a word I said - he was completely deaf. PERFECT.

I pushed him back on his knees and on my cock. I was ready. I needed this. I spewed a huge load into his mouth. He tried to pull off, but there was NO way I was letting that happen. My head was back and someone next to me said, "oh yeah!". Deaf boy was impaled on my dick and I was giving him no wiggle room. I think he got most of it, but I dont' think he was happy about it.

It was very late now. I had to get a cab and get back downtown. Luckily there was one waiting. HOT arab driver. He asked how my 'party' was. I said it was fuckin fabulous. I would have loved to blown him, but didn't.

What is Colin Doing ???

Personally, I like to think he's telling the world what I'd do for him.

(honestly, I don't know why it looks like a still picture when in the blog. When I play if from my pc, he's jacking off and making blowjob motions. if anyone can tell me how to embed that so it plays right from this site, I'd be appreciative.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chicago III

Luckily, when I was in Chicago, I had the foresight to book an extra night at the hotel and not fly home straight away. And the work meeting ended at 1:30p. I thought this would give me ample time to play.

I set-up most of my meetings via craigslist - and it worked well. Again, the flakes were out and about, but I like to think I can spot the interested parties from their initial response. I was straight forward in my ad - figuring it was approaching late afternoon on a Friday.

"Get off after Getting off (work)" was the title. I ended up w/about a dozen and a half responders. I started attempting to arrange scheduling. Some wanted small groups. Some didn't. Then there was the matter of them heading out of their office and when. I tried to stagger them - and was pretty lucky at it. Then were the guy who didn't bother to respond to the response or worse, didn't show at all. I mean really - why bother?? Is there some thrill in stringing a cocksucker along? Or in pretending you'd actually go through w/the act?

But first guy who showed was 'Oscar'.

Hey guy-Str8/bi white collar guy getting off work at 3pm. Looking to stop by and give you my 4 day load. I'm 28, 5'10", 155, br/br. athletic, smooth, 7" cut. Here's a pic of my cock.

He was all he said he was, which is always a nice surprise. He sat on the ubiquitous hotel chair and let me suck him. Pushing my head down on his cock - and me taking him all the way down to his pubes. Eventually he took off his pants, which kind of surprised me. He really seemed like the 'cum n go' kind of guy. He wasn't too verbal, but he liked to fuck face. And he delivered a nice load in about 15 minutes. He was barely done shooting when a knock came at my door.

'Oscar' wasn't too put out, but weary nonetheless. I asked guy #2 ('Mark') to give me five minutes. I know this can be the kiss of death. That they bolt b/c they don't want to loiter. Or they figure out you're a slut. But let's face it. I put an ad in a very public place to do a very dirty thing (ok, it's not dirty!) - what are they fucking expecting?
'Mark' wasted no time reappearing as 'Oscar' exited the room. Both got a very good look at each other. So much for discretion.
Mark 5-11, 170; five time marathon racer; age 42; brown hair green eyes; good looking, masculine, assertive/aggressive; 7.5 cut and med thick; 32 waist 40 chest; 3/4 German semi hairy; clean cut & professional here.
Mark too was all he said. But for 42, he looked very boyish in the face. Reddish hair and though he said German he looked all Irish. Body of that marathon runner - and carried his bike wheel w/him. He was in lycra riding gear and a tad bit sweaty. Perfect.
In a corresponding email that I missed, he did ask if I liked more than sucking. Something I obviously didn't answer - but he was sure to ask it again, this time in person. And he was aggressive. Though not full of himself, he clearly liked to watch via mirrors. I'm down w/that. I'm into it too - w/most forms of exhibitionism.
After sucking him so he could look over the desk mirror, he finally asked if he could fuck me. He was hot - so I said yes. Ok.....I probably would have said yes anyway, so what the fuck of it??
We moved over to the slight space between the wall and the closet - which was made of mirrors. I figured he should be able to see him pump ass. He was WAY into that. I lubed him up and got on my knees as he liked to do it doggie. I loved how there was never a question on his part of covering his cock. None. At all. It was assumed on his part (or is it wishful thinking) that I'd just take it unbagged.
At first he couldn't get it in my I got on my back and guided him in - both of us watching the mirror and not each other. It's like we were tertiary players in this sex act. Eventually we went back to doggie where he went to town pumping my cunt. Like any marathoner, he could pace himself...but knew when to run hard too. I'm not saying he was uncaring - but he was very into himself. It wasn't me in the mirror he was looking at. Partially the act of what we were doing - but mostly at his own prowess. I swear that makes guys more aggressive anyway. So be it.
Again - w/out question if he could or should - he just finished deep up in me. It's the way it should be. No apologies. NEXT!!!!
I'm in town for games - need to explode down a hot guy's throat asap.cute masc 22 6' 155 latino 7" & juicy. work out a big load.
I can't tell you last time I had someone that young. I usually like more experienced guys (though I see a trend in myself looking at younger. Odd.). He was not necessarily the hot latino I was hoping for - but not horrid. I was massively disappointed when I rubbed his denim covered crotch. I could feel NOTHING. I opened up his pants and still barely felt a thing.
Completely disappointed when it came into view. I had never seen a dick this small before. I almost dismissed him. But I stroked him for a bit and it grew, but only incrementally. I put my mouth on it and the dick began to rise. Turns out he did have a full 7" dick. Juicy too - just as he said.


He was hispanic and 22 - and he used my mouth like a 22 yo. Pinned me against the wall and fucked my face. Damn I love that if a guy can truly pull it off. And he did. He was in and out (pun intended) in 10 minutes. Maybe 15. A nice thick load too. Naturally, I took it all. Never missed a drop.

The last guy who actually showed up barely sent words (so not reprinted here), but unsolicitedly sent a face pic. I'd love to share it, but feel that would be disrespectful - and keep other potential guys away thinking that I'll out them.

This guy wanted a group. Fuck - so did I. A number of guys were all for it and of course, never showed. Typical. But RJ stayed the longest. Maybe 90 min.

He was good w/my edging him. He was into all sorts of things. Not all physical, but looking at each other was erotic. Touching too. Built like an older high school wrestler, he was all man. Never taking off his t-shirt, but the rest of his clothes, I went down on him while standing near the door - and eventually working over to the bed.

Spit was the name of the game w/us. Drool. Lugies. You name it. On the face. In the mouth. I took it all. He was good w/a backhand. When I didn't flinch and knew I could take it - it continued. He played w/my nipples just so. Having me silently beg for his cock up my ass. Too silently. He either didn't want it - or missed the signals. As he was the top, I felt the need for him to make that decision - not for me to ask for it.

He had me suck his fingers individually. Then in multiples - until I had a hand in my mouth. This really got him going - as did my blowjobs of his toes. He ended up delivering a nice load into my mouth. With some prompting earlier in the session - he knew to place a tight grip on my throat. And I mean TIGHT. He wanted to see me struggle anyway - but he also wanted to feel me contract my throat muscles in a swallowing motion. Knowing his seed was going down to my belly to join the other two guys who deposited there just an hour or two before.


We played for awhile after his ejaculation too. I thought maybe I could get another one out of him. He thought someone else would show up so he could watch and/or participate. We were both sadly mistaken.

But the afternoon had been somewhat successful - at least on my part. But lets face it - those guys all got something they wanted. We were all sluts. I'm just the one w/the nerve to identify that way.

...and it was only dinner time.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Chicago II

Day 2 in Chicago brought me mostly work. I can't say I didn't try to put myself out there, but I didn't go overboard. An ad or two, mostly which were answered by loons. I ended up only hooking up w/one guy. It was supposed to be two - but one always just fuckin' flakes or worse, becomes a weirdo.

I did get one msg on my handheld - from an older gentleman (56) who liked to be 'coach'. He seemed ht/wt proportional - and w/someone willing be 'coach' - who am I to argue. He would be downtown around the time I got off (work) - and he'd be in suit and tie. Perfect.

Well, he turned out to be ok. He showed up at designated time and was quite in character. Well, characters. He ended up switching to 'dad' - which was more to his liking. And that was fine w/me. He didn't stay in his suit nearly as long as I wanted him to - which would have been the entire time.

Dad/Coach had me strip down and he pulled his dick out. A little below average, but who am I to complain. He had the right attitude, but not completely there. More aggressive would have been good. You've seen from my previous posts that aggressive is VERY good.

But there was nothing outstanding here. Some verbal. Some spitting on my ass, but no fucking. And maybe I didn't do it for him (AS IF!), but he ended up having to jack off and then push into my mouth when he unloaded.

He wanted to come back later and fuck me - but I had work to do and hoped to find someone better.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chicago I

Oy. Sorry for the delay in posting. I've tried to remain active. Honest. But between work, work travel and a don't want to hear it.

So, I went to Chi-town for work. Not for the Gay Games. ...not that I wasn't hoping to entertain anyone participant who might need relief.

As it turns out I did just fine w/ and craigslist. A few well placed ads had a number of interested parties. After you weed out the flakes (and there were many) and factor in the no-shows (a different kind of flake), I still did pretty well.

Day 1 I met up w/an 0n-line friend (K) who brought his slave w/him. We met in the hotel lounge, since we really didn't know each other except for IMing. He was everything I expected. All man. No bullshit.

Slave kept me a little off-guard. I wasn't really sure how to act around him and what he knew of me. I felt very much 3rd wheel. We decided to retire to my room - which might surprise you since it was not a foregone conclusion.

After arriving upstairs, we stood around talking. Still uncomfortable to a point. Slave offered to leave and give us time alone. He was dismissed. Before leaving, he did provide his master a rubber.....just in case.

Upon leaving, it was unspoken that I would be getting fucked. I had prepared by cleaning out my hole just in case. Underneath my shirt, I had put on the harness I had purchased only a few weeks before. K was very glad to see that, and somewhat surprised. It never occurred to me NOT to put it on.

With only 501s around my ankles, I bent over the bed (jock strap still on) and awaited penetration. I never looked behind. I had no idea what he had to offer - nor did I care. Attitude is everything.

K attempted to go in dry. And when I mean dry - I mean dry flesh. The rubber that was provided sat on my hotel table - unused. I'd like to think I can take that, but I'm not sure that is realistic. The PA he was wearing (that I felt but did not see) jabbed into me along w/the rest of his dick. A quick lube - and he was in. All the way in.

The fuck was quick. He had places to be and someone waiting for him. And he wanted to get his nuts off. He (and I) felt it was necessary for him to breed me, as we had been discussing it, but he was by no means to be the only.

I expected him to be loud. He wasn't. I'm not one who really cares what my hotel neighbors hear. ...which is good since 60 minutes later, I had another visitor.

A find - this man was a self-proclaimed pig. He lived up to it. No 'hello', but 'get down and make me hard. NOW!', as he pushed me to my knees before the door even closed. It was a nice hang - I have to admit that. 8" thick. No chemical enhancements to make him erect.

Almost immediately, the first words out of his mouth were to call me a whore. Listen - I can't dispel the truth. My mouth is not what he wanted though. His ad was clear about that. Breed, Seed and Go. There'd be no kissing. There'd be no nice talk. There'd be no - 'how does that feel?'.

It was push it in and fuck! I was on my back on the bed taking it. Him inserting himself into me. Then pumping. When he tired of that, it was on my knees on the bed - him impaling himself INTO me. I could lie and say it felt great, but there was nothing in this for me except to take what I was given and how it was given. not to say there wasn't something in it for me. This is what I do. I'm not looking to date these guys. Fuck - I don't even know their names.

After he shot in me, and even before i turned over, he was pulling on his jeans. "thanks, faggot!" as the door shut.

I would have loved to find more - but it was 12mn and I had a 7a mtg.

...and there was more...just not that night.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Harness & a BJ


I'm not what you would call a 'leatherman'. Or even 'leatherboy'. But there is something undeniably attractive to me about leather. One could argue it's just another form of drag - and it probably is. The majority of men wear it for fashion, not function (if there is one). The majority of men can't pull it off. I'm probably one of the those men. ...but I like it anyway. If nothing else, mentally it can exude a higher masculinity level.

I have your jackets, vest, boots, gloves and even pants (no, not chaps. at least yet). I even have a leather jock. But yesterday I went looking for a harness. I've looked on and off over the years, but nothing really caught my eye. Hell, I go out so infrequently, I'm not even sure where I'd wear it - but that's probably true of all my leather. But I am on my way to NYC and Chicago in the next few weeks. I'd hate to be denied access to sections of the Eagle b/c I had on a Polo and some skorts! (oh fuck people, i'm KIDDING!.......well, not about going to the Eagle part...)

A harness made out of chain looks hot - but not on me. And it's not technically leather. I didn't want too many faux studs adorning the straps either. But I'd come to find that those studs were usually snaps to keep the harness together. Sure, it's the easy way to put it on, but for me, it also looked less obtrusive than some of the buckle versions.

I should set this up a bit more. The store is small, but not tiny. This was 7pm on a weekday and no one was in there. And I had come directly from work - though changed out of my suit into 501s, I still had a button-down Brooks Brothers shirt on. Maybe I'm traditional faux-leatherguy, maybe I'm not. I'm thinking I am.

At first I was looking for only a chest harness - but found nothing to my liking. Yesterday, upon happening into a leather store, and conferring w/the shopkeep, I opted to try on a full-body harness....or one that extends down to a cockring that would be wrapped around your penis and nuts.

The clerk was helpful, but not too helpful. He wanted me to try on the harness and that was fine. At first I thought I'd just try on the chest part, as I know how to put on a cockring and how that fits. But since he had to measure where to punch a hole for a snap, I needed to do the entire thing. No problem.

He provided a cockring I thought might fit. As I was going back into the dressing area (which is overstating it) a male-female couple came in - actually the man was looking for a harness as well. As I was putting this altogether, I listened at the woman found in amazement that the anal beads on display were actually bigger than a ball-gag also out for viewing. It made me laugh.

So the dressing area was really a curtained-off landing to the top of a set of basement steps. He peeked his head in to see how I was doing. I was flaccid, but he checked out the fit and thought I needed a different sized cockring. As I was in there, my pager fell off my belt and went down the flight of stairs. I had to recover the pager, the battery and couldn't find the closure to the battery casing. Oh well.

So, he got me the new cockring and was completing my transaction. I asked if I could go back downstairs to look for the cover. He came w/me and turned on lights. We found it. I knew then, if I wanted, we could fuck around. But we went back to the counter where he rang me up. I paid. He asked if I was going to make sure the harness and new ring fit. I asked if I should - he said 'definitely'. I knew then we would fuck around - or most likely.

I went through the pretense of closing the curtain. But soon enough he stuck his head through to make sure I was getting the ring on correctly - like I hadn't put one on a few hundred times! It's not Nordstroms, but the customer service was pretty good.

This time as I was hooking up the harness to the ring, I wasn't nearly as soft. He checked the snugness of the ring. Then checked the snugness of his fist around my shaft. "Nice weenie!"

Who the fuck calls it a 'weenie'? It's a cock. It's a dick. It's a tool. Even 'my member'. It's not a weenie.

"You wanna suck it?" I said. He goes down on me for a few seconds. Good mouth as far as I can tell. Then he pulls off and goes shuts and locks the doors. I wait in the dressing area. My dick is rock hard. The strain of my cock puts a strain on the ring and harness - or is it the other way around? I don't care.

I'm big. I'm red. I'm erect. He comes back and sits on the chair and goes back down on me. As he does he hauls out his own cock! Now I have a nice cock. I don't use it a lot, but I do. It's big. It's a decent thickness. It was small compared to this guy's. He has a good inch on me - in length and girth. Not too shabby!

But he's blowing me. I'm looking at myself in the full length mirror as he is sucking my meat. When he comes off, I have to go down on him. I have to. He seems to appreciate my talents, but it's not what he's after - and he makes that clear. I told him I'd take his load, but he said he's already gotten off earlier - as if THAT has ever made a difference to most breathing males.

I let him go back to his job. I start talking to him. Telling him how I knew he wanted it since I'd walked into the store. How when I was downstairs, he should have made that move on me. How he looked in on me not to check the fit, but to check the dick. He verbalized this affirmation with a mouth full. I also made him acknowledge he was going to swallow my load.

I started fucking his face in ernest. He took it. All of it. Every inch. Soon he was taking the load. All of it. Every drop. He even sucked me for awhile afterward - there were no remnants of my load anywhere when he was done.

...unfortunately he lied too. He did have another load in him. He stroked off a moderate load as he was taking mine. It fell to the carpet in front of my shoes and the 501s around my ankles. Damn!

But when we were done...we were done. I had already paid. There was no awkward conversation afterward. I left the harness on. I put my shirt on over it and walked out to my car and drove home.

All in all - not a bad purchase.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Repeat Performance


Ok - I did it again. Fed an eater. Stayed in my temporarily reversed role. And I fuckin liked it.

The cocksucker from the other day emailed me a few times wanting to know that he liked it. More than hinting that he wanted it again. I've been in his shoes (or, should I say - on his knees) and understand the want.....the need......the hunger! I also think the huge load I had just put down this throat was only one of a few I needed to lose to reestablish normalcy in my semen-cycle.

I agreed to come by his place again on Friday evening. On the phone, I was completely in 'the role'. Never addressing him by his name....only his 'title'. I never asked, only told/demanded. I learned much from the many many many many many men (x1000) who have fed me over the years. I had been exposed to many different types. I decided to exhibit the one that turned me on the most: the uncaring, distant, 'do it now' feeder.

I arrived at his dark sad basement apartment. Before knocking, I unzipped my suit pants and hauled out my flaccid cock and nuts. Then I knocked. And as I knocked, I started to rise. He opened and welcomed me in. I stayed put. Eventually his eyes traveled downward to see that I was exposed. He offered NO resistance when I put my hand on his shoulder. Right there in the open doorway he was on his knees - his lips to my zipper. I could have cared less if anyone came upon us. Fuck - I didn't live there!

After about 4-5 minutes, I let him get up and then walked into the apartment and shut his door. I stood in his living room and let him feed on my shaft. But I was feeling aggressive. When I looked down and saw he still had an inch to get down him, I slapped the side of his face - HARD. "You're not taking it all, cocksucker!". He moaned so appreciatively. I couldn't help thinking of myself in his position. I swear to g-d, I think that is what kept me hard.

Pulling him down on my dick, I force fed him for awhile. But I wanted a change too. So sitting on his couch, I let my pants fall around my ankles so he could deep throat me while I sat back and watched. Again, I had him lap at my nuts.

When he went to stroke my dick I smacked him away. Told him if he needed to use his hands he wasn't a cocksucker. I also told him that was cheating - and I thought he wanted to work my load out slowly. Stroking me off was only to help him - not ME. He had a dilemma: wanting to suck me for awhile and wanting my load now. He really couldn't have it both ways. He was a fuckin cumpig. Again, something to which I can totally relate.

But I checked my watch and I had to be on the other side of town for a dinner and thought I'd wrap this up. I stood back up and decided to fuck his face. One hand on the back of his head. One hand at this chin, that I ran down to this throat. No mercy.

Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound.

He never missed a beat. I was giving expletives to him. Telling him what a worthless piece of shit he was - on his knees for a virtual stranger. I told him how he should NEVER suck a cock again w/out my permission. Anyone's dick. He had my cell. He had my email. If he wanted another guy's cock- he'd have to ask me first.

Again, I gave no verbal warning to my ejaculation, but it was there. And it was just as big. The difference was, my hand was tighter on his head, but now he had a tight one on this throat. I wanted to feel him gulp. I wanted him to struggle a bit for the load. ....and he did. As I unloaded, I gave him the order: "Start Swallowing!"

Coughing. Gagging. Choking. You've read it here before. For my true calling of being a cocksucker, I know what he was dealing with. I have a big dick. I know I have a big load. And I know how to use it if I really need to. It's just not often.

This time though - and he doesn't know I know it - he missed a drop. Maybe it was just his spit. Maybe it was my semen. It was probably a mixture. But a drop and a string escaped his mouth and dribbled to the rug.

He was still on his knees as I pulled up and secured my own pants. I just walk away - no 'thank you' (hey, I never expect one!). As I'm approaching the door he says, 'I'll see you again!'. I respond, 'we'll see' and slam the door.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How The Other Half Lives

I think anyone who reads this can pretty much see that I don't Top much. I can't say 'at all' b/c, well, now and again.......


I am beginning to see the appeal of being a Top. I know I won't be one - but a little role reversal never killed anyone. This is all about oral. Even w/my nice shlong, I've never been good at fucking. I'm never going to be good at porking an ass. But they say the best Tops used to be bottoms. I've never really bought that.

But I had hit day 77 w/no ejaculation. I had hit my limit. I couldn't ride my bike anymore w/out my nuts aching for hours and hours afterwards. The balls would be so swollen, I swore they hit my inner thigh as I just walked down the hallway at work. Something HAD to be done. ...and at this point, jacking off seemed like such an obvious choice and easy way out. But it also seemed like a waste of what was sure to be a huge load.

I know if I had the opportunity to suck me, I would. Trust me, if I were limber enough, I'd be sucking myself daily. (Note to self: look into yoga!) And though this was completely about ME, why shouldn't it I help someone else out.

One craigslist ad later and I had to whittle down my choices of who would be the lucky recipient. I narrowed it down to a guy named 'Mike'. Italian, cute-ish via picture. One phone call later, and I flashed upon the cocksucker in me. Is this what I sounded like? Hungry? Desperate? All too willing? The questions are all rhetorical!

I made it to his apartment bldg on schedule. In a way it was kind of sad. A dark basement apartment. Reminded me of a campus apt I lived in 22 yrs ago. But I was 20 - not 38.

I really learned from my all my tops over the years. I told hi

m I wasn't going to do a thing but get sucked. That meant him unbuttoning my 501s. That meant him pulling my cock and balls out of my boxer shorts. I told him if he felt my hands on his head, it was going to be b/c I couldn't see the television screen.

Oh - he wasn't anything like his pic. Not bad - but older, heavier and hairier. But I was there. And I mean, I was THERE! My frame of mind was that of a feeder - not an eater. Not yesterday!

He had a good mouth. No gag reflex at all, that I could tell. My 8" went down easily and w/out the feeling of teeth (not that I mind that) even near the shaft. I stood and let him feed for a while. Then I decided to sit and let him crawl between my legs. Again, he was good. Taking me to my short hairs. Then he went to my nuts. I love a tongue running over my sack. Not huge on having my balls sucked - but licked? I'm all for it.

It was at this time my phone rang. Fuck - why not answer it? Not like this guy was gonna give anything away. He my nut. Luckily, it was a buddy who was all to familiar w/my usual when he asked what I was doing, I was truthful. He decided to keep me on the phone until I got my nut. Fuck - I didn't care. And I didn't care what the cocksucker thought either. I knew he wanted it bad enough to endure whatever I was up to. Hell, I've been him - so I knew how it would all end. Kind of.

As he was working it - my bud asked me how big the load was. I told him how many days. There was this long pause and in a very serious manner he replied: "choke him". So the sucker wouldn't know, I responded back, "yeah? define exactly what you mean."

"I want choking. I want gagging. Don't let him up until he's taken it ALL." What more could I respond, but "sure!".

The eater already knew I had a huge load. He assured me he could take it all. I told him if he didn't - he'd never get it again. Hell, he probably won't anyway, but he doesn't need to know that. I figured today, I'd just go back to being an eater again anyway.

At this point I stood back up. Him still on his knees. I fucked his face. I held his head. The phone resting between my shoulder and face. I took one final hit of poppers and my bud said - "do it. do it NOW! ...and don't give him any warning." I've never been one to perform on command that way. Hell, I can count on one hand the number of times I've been sucked off in the last two or three years.

Since my hand was already on the back of his head, he didn't really see it coming - but if he was a decent cocksucker, he should have. I held him. I held him tight. He was going nowhere - even when I volleyed off round after round of my pent up load.

He tried to pull back some - but not too hard. He didn't get far anyway. I knew what was happening. He couldn't swallow fast enough. I was filling him up too fast. His eyes were probably welling w/tears. He did gag. He did choke. Hard enough I thought he'd blow spooge into my pubes - or leak onto his shirt or the floor.

But I will give credit where credit is due. He took it all like a champ. Not a drop was lost. After he came off my cock, he was still coughing. But content. He milked anything else he could get out of me - as anticipated.

Then he also remembered what he had to do. Just as he unbuttoned me, he had to tuck me back in and get me back to a presentable level to leave his fellatio den. He couldn't quite master that.

He did thank me. He did ask who was on the phone. I told him it was none of his concern - and I found the fuckin door.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hello.......It's Me


....meanwhile a month later. Nothing new new to report. Lawyer and I haven't made time to get together. I've been inactive in the parks dept. Work has dominated my life - when I think we all know I'd rather have it sex doing that.

Well....the thought of sex still does dominate. In meetings. While on the phone. W/every fuckin man I pass in the hall. Obsessed I still am. Fear not loyal readers, I'm still a pig. I always will be. Life just got in the way.

I've been thinking lately about the complete non-verbal cruise and execution. It reminded me of a time, back in the day....

I was getting off work. My work and living places were close together and I would walk most days. In between, there was some shopping areas and busy intersection. some point before leaving the office, I caught sight of a guy. Not the complete clone look - but close. Leather jacket. Buzzed yet feathered hair (how did they do that?). Somewhat bushy moustache. 501s. It was the 80s ya know.

...and the silent cruise began. He caught my eye. I caught his. The look that pretty much says it all. You'd know it if you've experienced it. And you knew actual introductions would just ruin it. Completely.

So I walked and I noticed he followed. He didn't try to make up any distance. He stayed behind me at the same pace no matter what. At a stop light, while waiting to cross the street, he still kept his distance. I thought I'd play a bit and went into a record store (yes! records!!! THAT is how long ago). He followed. Always a row or two over from me, peering over an album cover.

I decided, let's get this over with. I left the store. He followed. I could have taken a back alley to get to the apartment quicker, but I didn't. I stopped out front, got my mail and then made the big walk down the interior hall.

I was the last apartment in said hall, and it was a good 100 feet from the main entrance. I could see him thru the door at the end of the hall as I entered. I left my door open.

In a minute I could hear footsteps down the hall. I never invited him in. That didn't stop him. He entered and shut the door. In a matter of minutes he had my pants down and me bent over my kitchenette table. Not a word was spoken. A few moans. A grunt here or there - on both our sides.

It took 30 minutes to get to this point. It took half of that to do the deed.

There was no: "what do you like?". "Is this good?" "This feels great!"

We/He did what was necessary. What was conveyed in a spit second of our eyes connecting. In retrospect there was no chance of NOT doing it. Maybe it was fate, maybe not.

No thanks were exchanged afterward. He put his used bone away, buttoned up and walked out just as he came in. Silent.

was it completely anonymous? possibly not. If he were smart he may have snagged my name off the mailbox. But I never saw or heard from him again. Just the memory of holding onto that table while he pushed in and pulled out.

...and the look. the all knowing look.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Pseudo 3 Way

Why 'pseudo' - you ask? Well b/c only two of us were physically there. Another was there on the phone - but the guy fucking me just didn't know it.

You can go back to some of my earlier posts to find a stories of contentious relationship (ok, 'relationship' is toooooo strong of word) I've had w/a an attorney. It's sex. No dating. Barely any talk. Just tongue on his hole. Tongue on his boots. Dick in my hole.

Actually, I'm fine w/a sex-n-go kind of thing. Why muddle it down w/the crap that is life?

To be honest, after one of my last posts on him, I was done w/him. I thought he was done w/me too - and I was wrong. I hate when that happens. After a few months of no contact, he emailed me out of the blue. I was telling a certain Sir in Chicago about it and we determined he was probably mind-fucking w/me. For weeks I'd get sporadic emails and no follow through. Indeed, I began to believe of and in the mind fuck.

Chicago Sir suggested I abstain from sex awhile back - to which I allude in my past two posts. But lately, he's been excited for me to pursue and obtain sexual contact that results in capturing the results of a man's orgasm. Yes - he wants me to take their sperm. I know - you're all shocked that I'd ever consider doing something hot! But what could I do? I was told to.

What you might be surprised at is when he told me to get the lawyer to fuck me again. If you go look back at some posts in February (?), after some weird melt-down I had, Chicago Sir and I decided to mind-fuck w/this guy ourselves. But now, all bets were off.

Two days ago, I fulfilled the wishes of the lawyer and my chicago 'friend' and hit the attorney's loft after work. But not w/out arrangements. Prior to entering I called Sir. With no words from me, I left the phone on. He wanted to hear our interaction. Who am I to say 'no'?

The plan between lawyer and me was that he wanted me to be vocal and nasty. The reality w/lawyer is he almost always changes his mind on the details of what he wants. Times he wanted to suck my dick - never happened. Times he wanted me to cum on his shoes and lick it off - never happened. A time he wanted ME to fuck HIM - didn't happen. But I figured the talking nasty thing would be a breeze. It didn't really happen.....which was a problem for my entire phone scenario.

I locked his door after entering and went to his living area. I was told to lick his boots (the ones I foolishly bought for him!). Well, it's hard to be vocal w/the tip of a cowboy boot in your mouth....or your tongue pressed to the sole or heel. And he wasn't doing anything but light moaning as he stroked his cock. I was highly aware that these sounds weren't getting through and I was boring the listener on the other end.

By the time he wanted to take it to the bedroom, I had an opportunity to see that the call had been dropped or he hung-up. I redailed and headed to the bedroom. There I got to lick his ass. I will say this about the lawyer - he's got a nice tasty hole to lick, eat or tongue fuck. He clearly loves it.

We speculate that attorney-boy is one big bottom except when it comes to me. He has bottom tendencies. Chicago Sir would have loved for me to seed him - but the reality is, I haven't fucked anyone (let alone to ejaculation) for at least 4 years. I'm just not cut out for that. Let's face it - I'm the fuckee.

I was trying to be more vocal about my ass eating. He was vocal too - just face in the mattress. So I'm sure not picked-up by my Treo.

After a long annilingus session, he wanted me back in the hallway to fuck me. And fuck me he did. Hard - but not nearly long enough. Is it ever? I tried talking nasty. He told me to keep my mouth he usually does. And not only not following through on his plan (again), but thwarting our little plotting so a man in another state could hear me get bred.

Lawyer-boy did announce that he was going to shoot - something he's never done. I told him to make me feel it. I do love the way his cock pumps and I can feel every throb of his blood vessels.

As usual, after he pulls out - before I can even straighten up (let alone pull pants up) he is tucked away and walking away. This time saying - 'you know where the door is'.

I reached the outter hall and saw that Sir was still on the line. I waited to get outside to talk to him. He had heard almost nothing at boot-licking time, but heard some stuff while ass eating and butt fucking time. To be honest, being right there and I could sometimes barely make out what the lawyer was saying.

But he emailed me the next morning he admonished me for not thanking him for the fuck. As always, he wanted it both thanking for him and not being allowed to talk. He mentioned I was tighter than I had been (it had been months..........for him) and it was the best fuck he's had in awhile. BINGO for me!

....then he wanted to know when I would take his load again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In w/a Bang (pt 2 of 2)

So go figure......after one old man load and one regular man load (one end each, respectively), I wasn't satisfied. Or maybe I was physically, but such is the life of the addict. It's not about what you get or have - it's about what's still out there to be had.

The day was winding down - the folks who were actually using the park for what the law considers legitimate behaviour were thinning out. The ones hanging around were perverts like me. Ok....maybe they weren't perverts - but it's unmistakable that I probably would fall into that bucket.

I backtracked to one part of the park that had a truck in the lot. Making my way back to the woods another car pulled in the lot. In the woods, the truck must have had a family who was fishing. Deftly avoiding them, I went deeper into the trails. The other guy followed. He was ok. 6', 200 lbs. A little wimpy....but whatta gonna do?

His dick was a little small to begin with - but it was a grower. A good sized thickness at that. He was a little too passive for me. He let me suck but could not commit to anything unless I demanded it. Can you be a bottom and still be a feeder? It seemed so wrong. But I got a load out of him using my mouth. He pulled back to soon and some squirted in my goatee. The hottest part was that he lapped it clean. Fuckin pig! :)

As I headed back to through the woods, thinking that I was done for the day, I heard the fishing family leave. So I decided to hang back and let them vacate. Glad I did too. When I looked up, there was a decent looking guy coming down the path. A little out of sorts for this type of cruising - nice shirt, decent pants and shoes along w/a euro pair of eyeglasses. Personally, I dress like I'm hiking the woods - just in case. I could be 'birding' or whatever (ok, I don't bring binoculars, but........), but this guy is trekking thru the woods for sex. Plain and simple.

As he approaches and passes me he gropes himself. A good sign. But he's not savvy enough to move deeper out of site of anyone who might approach from any direction. I had to take the lead there. Take it down an off-path and there were were. In no time, he was on his knees, unbuttoning my jeans and taking out my dick. He had a good mouth. An experienced mouth. Wet and sloppy plus those noises some guys make as they GULP the cock. Intake of air, saliva and eating all at once.

After a few he stood up and I went down on his 7". Thin, but nice. He told me he had a big load and I asked him what he wanted to do w/it. W/out hesitating, he said 'plant it up your ass'. I winked at him and went down on his cock. I got it nice and slimey w/my spit. Ribbons of white, bubbly spit.

I proceeded to stand up and drop my 501s to my knees. Again, w/the not being able to find the hole. I guided him to the entry of love (HA!) and in he went. No ceremony. No finesse. Just to the balls. I'm a man, I could handle it.

I'm not sure if he could, but I saw a guy approaching. I've seen him before and knew he was ok. Maybe not cool, but ok. An odd-ish sort. He's back in the woods often, and always w/something in a coffee cup. He exudes hotness, never wants to play - but now and again can be swayed into watching. He's got a wedding ring on (not that means a fuckin' thing), so I'm not sure what his story is. (see my 10/31/05 post) I don't care - I don't mind being watched.

I tell the fucker that there is someone coming, but he's cool and to keep going. He never breaks stride The guy w/the travel-mug is about 8 ft away and staring intently - as most guys who come upon fucking will do. Creatures of habit we all are, as a gender. Driven by sex and/or the idea of sex.

Travel-mug guy inches a little closer. I love that he doesn't rub himself or anything. It's like he's a birder - watching nature, taking it all in. How animals act, their mating calls, their mating habits - the works. I love watching guys who are watching me too. It's almost like sometimes the person I'm having sex w/is secondary.....or is that tertiary?

I'm broken out of my mode of travel-mug guy by the man fucking me. He is close and we all know it - but I have to state the obvious to the guy watching. "He's gonna shoot in me!". Travel-mug guy just grins and says 'oh yeah'. The fucking guy just buries himself deep and silently dumps his seed.

As he coming off his orgasm, travel-mug guy just gives a thumbs up and walks back down the path. The fucker-guy can't get out of there any quicker too....but takes off down another path.

Me? I just pull my 501s on, button up and head home. ....and txt message a man to tell him what I've just done.

Monday, May 08, 2006

In w/a Bang (pt 1)

I know I vowed to write past experiences when I wasn't having new ones - but I've been lax. I've also been quiet on the current sexual front. Partly due to the way things shake out - and mostly due to a self-imposed moratorium on sex. Well, not so much self-imposed as highly suggested by a man who wanted me to abstain. Not out of love. Out of control.

Luckily this last week, he approved me to do something about this no-sex predicament. And thank g-d!

But as luck would have it - Friday and Saturday were pretty much bust. A few nibbles and the guys just never came through. Unfortunate it was. Saturday I even cruised the parks to no avail. Mind you these parks are 30 miles away - and I was going back and forth. ...and w/gas prices the way they are, it maybe have been cheaper just to get a hustler.

Sunday however was a different story. Weather was pretty, but cool. I had to hit a few parks a few different times to actually strike paydirt. But strike I did. Four times, plus more misses.

The woods were crawling w/icky predator types - though fuck, I might have to lump myself into that category. Many guys were easily rejectable, even by anyone's standards, but their own. But I was getting frustrated and actually followed an older guy deep down a path. I'm guessing he was late 60s. Rough and weathered look. He had his cock out by the time I reached him. It was decent enough. 7" of the smoothest skin on a shaft I've seen in awhile. He had trouble keeping it up - most likely to dilated blood vessels from a lifetime of smoking (he chain smoked while I sucked him!) and his age. But I got a load out of him - but not before being spyed on by a guy who was sitting in a jeep before I hit the woods.

The old man took off immediately - which was fine. I went into the woods hoping the Jeep guy would follow. He just took too long. But he was here now. Great face, but a little hefty. No problem. Sweat shirt w/shorts. I was still in my position of sitting on a log when he approached. NICE cock. Almost 8". I sucked him for awhile but he spooked easily and took off. Damn!

A move to a different area of the park got me my first fuck (yeah, you heard me, my first one!). I was parking the car when a guy came out of the woods. I pegged him immediately as a cocksucker, but I also know I have a way of getting what I want/need. He looked right at me and w/a slight nod no one else would have ever seen (except the experienced cruiser) I knew he was game. Oh - the slightest lick of the lips didn't hurt either. I started down the path - and like a good boy, he followed. DEEP into the woods w/this one. After stopping in a matter of minutes our dicks were out. He was on his knees almost talking me all the way down. I tried to encourage him - and he tried desperately to succeed. He almost made it. But it did feel good.

Getting a good look at him - he had a nice runners body. Receding blonde hair....and the face somewhat of Josh Lucas. I do not say that lightly. He also had a rock solid, thick 7.5" cock w/a heavy duty metal cockring. He came prepared. I felt I could talk dirty to him and not scare him. I was right. We made out a bit. He played w/my nipples. I told him to stop b/c that just wants me to bend over for a guy. He didn't stop. I asked him if he knew what he was doing and he just smiled.

Ryan (this guy's name I found out after we were done) wanted to eat my ass. I hadn't' showered since Saturday morning, so I was ripe....and a bit dirty. He's a grown boy, he'd be able to detect that soon enough. I bent over a fallen tree and let him have at it. And he was GOOD at it. There is an art to truly being able to eat an ass well. The guy had experience. And he certainly didn't object to my cleanliness issue(s). Good boy.

Soon enough, still in that position, I felt his cock at the hole. Not sure what it is about me that guys can't find it w/out my intervention. Too high. Too low. Where is fuckin Goldilocks? But after he found the hole he put it in. Here he was a little timid. Only partially in. And afraid he'd hurt me. Please!

I pushed back onto him and told him to start fucking. He asked if I was hurting him and though I would have liked to help his ego on how big he thought he was, I didn't have time for that. I told him 'no' and to fuck me harder! It was harder, but not hard. No time to train someone out in the woods on how to top an ass. He didn't last long. Maybe 10 minutes. I just felt him stiffen and stifle a grunt.

More making out. Or me grabbing his hair and pulling him to me. He wasn't unreceptive. I asked if he was all done. He said his stamina didn't allow for another go. I told him - I didn't care about his cock, but what about MINE? He told me I was a dirty man and I agreed. He went to his knees. Now, I had no intention of cumming. In fact I had been told NOT to. And as I've posted here before, it's been weeks since I've cum last. I continue my moratorium on jacking off. I could have though. Cum in his mouth, that is.

But to take the pressure off him, I guess I could have said I couldn't get off - but I didn't. I started talking how when I came I wanted him to take it all. He mentioned he rarely did that. I looked at him and told him I took his load...............IN MY ASS. He nodded and went back to it.

Then I mentioned I shoot huge. Cock in mouth, he looked up at me. I told him I hadn't shot for over a month. His response, "yeah, right!" I looked right back at him in all seriousness - "yeah....RIGHT!". I then told him I don't waste my load by jacking off and I don't waste my load at all. That is why I want YOU to take it. He said he'd 'try'. I said trying wasn't good enough. All or nothing. He opted for nothing.

In my own twisted way I let him feel he was in control of the entire situation. In reality, except for following me back into the wood, he was in none of it.

He got off his knees and pulled up his shorts. There were leaves stuck to them. As I walked away, I told him to brush them off his pants - he looked like a cocksucker.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Ex Calls

Yesterday I took the day off of work. I rarely do that, but needed the mental health day. I used the time to run errands I hate (getting fitted for suits, financial planner, etc) and then figured it was time to hit the parks for some cruising.

Immediately there was a problem. It started POURING. The new guys who did show up - didn't leave their cars and you couldn't even see through the beaded up windows. We're they cruising back? Could they see me looking/leering? After hitting two separate parks 25 miles away, I opted to hit a cruisy restroom @ Homo Depot. BINGO. Five minutes there and there was a hand under the stall grabbing for my cock. Soon I was following him back to a bar he owned that was not open. The guy was average, as was his cock and his load. Getting his load took half the time it took to drive the 10 minutes to the bar.

Soon I was back at the park. Still raining. But traffic had picked up a bit. First this hot goateed man parked near me - but not close enough to discuss a thing. Then two guys in a van showed. How I fuckin wanted them to take their turns w/me in the back of that vehicle...but it was not too happen.

As it happens the goateed stud came back...and closer this time. We chatted, he asked what I liked. I just told him I was extremely good w/my mouth. He liked that. We chose to go back to his place - that is after confirming that his teenage son would be gone for a little while.

Nice - I was gonna get some 'daddy dick'! I asked about his wife - and he mentioned she was ex! Ok. Married would have been hotter in my book - but I needed the cock/load.

The place was a wreck thanks to his kid (or so he says). The guy was big - 6'5" or so. Thick, but not fat. He pointed to the floor and said 'get comfortable'. You gotta like that. So I did. Right on my fuckin knees.

His cock wasn't too long. Maybe 6", but good sized thickness (I've never been able to calculate girth!). He told me he had a GOOD sized load. Damn if I didn't give it my best. At some point he wanted to fuck me - but I told him I couldn't. I was saving myself for a certain man in Chicago - but figured he didn't need to know that. I went back to sucking.

Part of me was thinking about his son showing up. I didn't know if he was 13 or 19. There is a certain hotness of being watched like that - but it's probably attributed to too many Joe Gage movies. As it turns out - he never showed.

After about 10 minutes I milked a HUGE load out of the guy (turns out his name was Jim - as he told me after the fact). I swallowed all of it. Naturally. As I went to pull off he held me down on his dick and started to slide in and out again. He told me, 'you don't really wanna go anywhere yet cocksucker'. Nice!!! I worked him more. No problem.

As I continued sucking him, his phone rang. I really thought he'd pull out and pick up in case it was the kid. But he didn't. The machine volume was up and it was his ex-wife asking questions mostly about the boy. He fucked my face harder.

I pulled off long enough to say - 'if she sucked you like I am - you'd still be w/her.' I had no idea if that was true, but didn't care. He pushed my head back on him. She wrapped up her call - and immediately his cell phone rang. That bitch wanted to get ahold of him I guess. But he was busy....w/ME.

After his phone stopped ringing - I think it sent him over the edge for a second time. The load wasn't as big, but thick and tasty.

I cleaned him up good. Clearly he wasn't getting regularly w/his son living there, but I helped out. Just my kind of community service.

Though he didn't know it - nor did the first guy, I had text messaged the Chicago guy. I'd say we were friends - but we're not. We get along, but I know my place....and he's made it clear we are not in the same league. Chicago-Sir knew my every move that day. The guys I was going to do before and after. It was very hot.....for all involved.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Am I Wrong??? find a convicted killer and death row inmate hotter than fuck??? bone up in my pants when I saw his pic in the paper???

Too fuckin' bad! OZ would have been tame compared to what we could have done!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Humiliation's the name of the game. Does it mean anything to you?

The other day broke this seemingly endless dry spell. But at what cost??

Lately I've kind of lived or died by the on-line hook-up., men4sexnow and craigslist. All have their pluses - but many many minuses. Or maybe I'm just forgetting how all those same categories are at the bars, baths or bathrooms. It's just a little easier to misrepresent oneself via the internets. I'm sure I'm guilty of it to a degree.

However, I don't take license w/my age, weight or height. I mean, why bother? If you get together, don't you think the other person will notice. I'm guessing it's so you WILL get together and HOPE the lying guy hopes 'oh well, we're here why not....'. yeah yeah yeah. I get it.

Yesterday though - oy. The pic represented in the posting was decent. I wasn't expecting someone this short of a candidate for gastric bypass. I just like knowing what I'm walking into. I've done overweight guys before. Just a major misrepresentation.

The house reeked of pot (not that I judge - it just took me a long time to kick some habits). His nipples were like big used gumdrops. It wasn't pretty. Less pretty was me having to duck under his belly just to get to his cock. All 6" of it (again, presented better in the pic).

I was there. I could have walked away - but I was there. I'd been dry for weeks. I may have broken drug habits - but not a cock/cum one. A buddy who likes to goad me on knew I was going there. He had me use my cellphone to dial him @ work so he could hear me sucking the guy off. Though the volume didn't work well (the feeder wasn't a talker) and my mouth was full. But I liked the idea of someone knowing what I was doing.

Luckily (?) my mouth was full when the guy asked " I as good as I look in the pictures?". W/an mouth full of cock - I didn't have to lie (not that I'm above that), nor did I have to hurt his feelings and tell him the truth.

Oh - and it only took maybe 10 min....but he flooded my mouth. But I don't remember any cum I've ever taken to be chunky. I'm not talking thick.....i'm talking CHUNKY. Bits in the sperm. It was not pleasant. At all!

It's been a long time since I've felt dirty and disgusted w/myself and my actions.....but this get together kind of brought it all flooding back. I am what I am!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I thought this was a kind of neat thing. Below is my Blog Cloud. The site is a bit intrusive, as it searches through my already written blog entries and pulls out words here and there. You can actually go in and delete/substitute words you don't want to show up, but I like the randomness of it all.

I did not, however, pay $22 to get a t-shirt made of image. (the words cheap, crowbar, jew, miser do not appear in my cloud!)