Friday, March 26, 2010

Delivering a Fuck

So, I was back at the bookstore - the only bookstore around - to find some fun.

I had gotten off a plane and had to drive near the place and thought I'd stop in. Still fresh from a long meeting and in a suit, I ducked in and paid the fee to go back and see what there was to see.

You know me, I was looking for cock and cum because that's who I am and what I am. But as I was paying, there is this other guy in a suit just hanging out inside near the register. I'm not sure if he's making time with the clerk or what, but I've never seen two guys in a suit in this place. This part of town is either all blue collar or unemployed. But even white collar dudes need sex, right?

I did the walk around and even though it was quitting time in the city, the place was fairly dead. I have no idea where all the cars in the parking lot are going - but there is a strip club attached, so maybe they are watching the pole dancing T&A show.

I took a seat in a booth and just hung out watching bad porn. As you can imagine, it wasn't long before Mr. Suit swung by and peeked in.

Peeked in turned to a grope and an unzipping of him and me - both at his hand. Before I had a chance to even check him out, he was on his knees swallowing my rod. While in theory he should have been a good cocksucker, I wasn't totally feeling it.

I say 'in theory' because he could take me all the way down and not feel his teeth - and he could impale himself on it orally with no trouble. But his motions were ok but nothing to excite me. And again, I had come here to do the same thing.

We got a few on-lookers, including one 20-something guy who was ok with a smallish dick. I made Mr. Suit suck him but the kid pushed him off a few times, clearly being too close and then he ended up shooting on the floor.

I told Mr. Suit if he wasn't gonna take that load, or mine, to get the fuck out now. He went back to my cock.

But then things changed. He had undone his belt and I thought I might get a chance at his medium sized prong. But that was not what he had in mind. He stood up and turned around to show me his ass.

I will say this, it was a nicely built butt with just the right amount of fur. He wanted me to fuck him - his actions told me so, but so did his words.

I stood up and he slobbered on my cock - stringy globs of spit. I put it up to the hole and sank in. Most of the way, anyway. He pulled off and re-lubed and did it again and again.

He claims it was hard to take, but I wasn't getting that from him. It went in too easily and that man was clean as a whistle. He was ready for this fuck. And at some point, I decided to give it to him. REALLY give it to him.

He wanted to adjust to my 8 inches - but I pushed him over, and he went there all too willingly. And then I started the in and out. As you know, I'm not much of a top but I try my best when I do it. My biggest concern is losing my erection because I just don't care that much about tapping ass.

I did ok though. It helped that a few guys stopped by to watch at least for a while. I do like an audience on whichever side of the stick I'm on. It helped that one guy was egging me on and telling me to 'pound his ass' and asking if it felt good - I gave a half-hearted shrug.

I had the guy bent over far and each time he tried to straighten up I pushed him back over. He was shorter anyway and I needed the angle for leverage. He was jacking as I fucked him and he said he couldn't wait to see me blow my load.

At that point I stopped. I made sure he and the guys watching heard what I said.

"You're not going to see it", I said.

"Why not???", the married faggot asked.

"You have my raw cock up your ass - do you actually think I'm going to pull out?"

He said nothing. I took it as a sign of acceptance or approval. Not that I really cared what he thought at that point. It was going to happen.

With me saying that, it did take me to a new level. My dick was rock solid and I think it pushed me closer to the edge. In a matter of minutes I was silently unloading up his butt.

The guy watching me knew what I was doing, but the fuckee wasn't 100% sure. The guy watching could see my face and it didn't hurt that I winked at him while shooting my nut.

I pulled out and was still clean except for some strings of my own jizz attached to my shaft. Easy enough to clean off and suit up.

Then I was out of there.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Got More

Friday I was working from home, and while busy, I did have time to scour the internet for cock. I mean, I am after-all - ME.

I was hoping for a lunchtime feeding and wrote my CL ad as such. I tried to be creative since most of these things are so fucking sad and they don't even use punctuation.

Want Cock Sucked
, the ads will say, but they don't put in the question mark, so you assume they want their cock sucked. Then get all bent out of shape when you say you want to suck theirs - which was never their intent. Morons.

Anyway, my nicely worded ad got me little to no traction. The creative is wasted on the uneducated. I got a seemingly great guy who was into it and talked a good game, but you kind of figure by the 7th email they are all talk and will never follow through. He got miffed when I told him to man-up or go away. You can figure which he did.

There were a few other responses, but by this time, lunch had come and gone. But I did opt to meet up with a guy who couldn't do anything until later. 47 yo, 5'10", 185 with hairy chest and legs.

I said yes, because, hell, I needed cock and a load and my options were clearly limited.

The doorbell rang exactly when he said he'd be there. I don't know how to describe him better than, imagine a sleazy porn producer. Tinted glasses, euro t-shirt, a crystal or two hanging around his neck. Swaggering with what seems like undeserved confidence.

I'm not saying this in a bad way - because right or wrong, there is something that is a turn on by the wrong kind of guy with the right kind of bravado. He immediately opened his pants and showed a nice thickening 8". The deal was done.

"Where do you wanna do it?" he asked. I got on my knees right there in the kitchen, a room we never left. Naturally, I did a great job providing head. I always try to and that is kind of my job - and the one I advertised to complete. I took him all the way down to his pubes, would hold the dick there and then come back to the head. Of course there was attention paid to the head and shaft with my tongue.

At one point he took a half or full step back and I had to lean forward to stay on the cock. In doing so, I rounded my back a bit and exposed my ass so he could lean over me and feel down my crack. Yeah, this guy knew what he was doing. He was experienced.

This is why Mr. Sleazy Porn Producer was good. He knew what to do and when to do it. This hands on my chest and nipples got me going. His touches to my hole, ever so lightly, really sealed the deal, though no one was willing to say anything at this point for fear of breaking the deal.

He pulled me up and stood behind me, ever so carefully playing with my nipples, which I've told you before are both 'on switches'. As he did that, he came closer attempting a dry hump, but what he was really doing was really testing the waters. I leaned over farther.

He took the hint. Soon his 8" member was between my crack and pressing at the entrance. I swiveled a bit and leaned over the kitchen island, thus non-verbally surrendering to his invasion.

Not a word was spoken from his end as he slid in, with only my spit on his cock. It was a bit rough to begin with, but with some nipple play, I opened up nicely for him.

Since he clearly had figured out I was willing, he took it as a sign to FUCK. And he did. It wasn't the longest session, but it was intense. Heavy breathing (both of us), moans (mostly me) and then a huge grunt (him).

He buckled and shook and unloaded up my ass. I remained propped on the island and took what I had basically asked for, even though it was not what the ad implied. It is still what I wanted. It was still what I needed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Swollen Lips

Hours later, my lips were still swollen and puffy. And rightfully so. For the record, this is not a complaint.

But to back up, I made a trek to a client site and was there for hours. When I was done with my work, it was later afternoon, but not after 5p. I only mention this because in this area of town, people are on a 7a-3p, 3p-11p shift kind of jobs. They are not 8-5-ers. I am. Suit. Tie. Nicely polished shoes.

After my series of meetings, I headed to an adult video arcade. One I have frequented all too often with too many iffy results. But when you’re in need, you do what you have to do. I had already checked Grindr with no luck as usual, so I went to the video place and plopped down my $10. It seems pricey, and it is, but there are no quarters, no tokens, no anything. You can stay as long as you fucking want on that ten spot.

Even though in theory it was the hour(s) it should be packed, there weren’t that many people in the joint. And the ones that were: f’ugly. One guy had a gorgeous cock, but the rest of him was so incredibly heinous, it made me take stock and reflect: I guess you won’t do just anyone!, I said to myself.

As I sat and flipped through the rotten porn (way to many chicks with dicks movies), a few guys came by and peeked in. Or stood and oogled. If you’re a bottom, you just know another bottom or cocksucker. I didn’t pay $10 to get my cock sucked – I can do that for free.

Every now and again, this one prospect would swing by but never stay or even really look that much. He was the only one I had been slightly interested in since arriving. He was 6’4” or so, goateed and glasses. A protruding gut, but not a show stopper. He actually looked a lot like me, though I’ve lost my gut in the last two years.

But he’d look in and move on. I was not going to be that easily dismissed by my only possibility.

Next time he looked in, I purposefully unzipped my suit fly and he stood and watched as I took out my cock. He did the same thing, while standing in the doorway.
His frame was so large, he literally blocked the door so no one coming behind him could look in. He created his/our own privacy shield.

After he took out his flaccid cock, his hands went right back into his pockets. This was good news for me. He wasn’t looking to touch me or turn the tables and blow me.

When I say he was flaccid, I don’t mean he was small, just soft. The man had a really nice hang – at least 5” and somewhat fat. In my suit and that dirty floor – I went to my knees.

Never taking his hands out of his pockets, he let me envelop his shaft into my mouth. Not a sound was made by him as I sunk all the way down.

There is such power in what a cocksucker does to get a soft cock hard. To be able to feel it expand in your mouth, knowing that you’re the one to make it grow is a great feeling.

And grow it did. The prick got wider and longer – to about the 9” mark.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, I have a much easier time going down on a larger fatter cock than an average thin one. The latter kind can make me, well, not gag exactly, but trigger some response that isn’t the best. The former, it just fills my mouth like it knows that is what it was meant to do in life. I know many men who have complete opposite experiences on what cock size is better for the fit of their mouths.

When he was fully “up” and I was still putting my lips to his zipper, with ease, I started getting reactions from him – verbal and non. “yes yes oh yes….that’s it” hissed from his mouth. I said nothing – maybe a moan while my mouth was still on his shaft, giving him something to hear and feel.

I sucked him for over 30 minutes. I just didn’t suck….I used that tongue to no end to stimulate the corona of his cock head. He loved it. I loved it. I didn’t just suck – he fucked my face. REALLY fucked my face.

His hands came out of his pockets and went to the side of my head to steady it and his hips pumped as hard or as soft as he chose. The cock always went deep – as it is meant to do, in theory. I never gagged – he liked that. I’m guessing there aren’t tons of guys he’s encountered who can take him like that. I’m hoping there aren’t.

He was a silent guy for the most part, but about 15 minutes in, he told me he didn’t think he could cum, as he already had. And it is not so much that I was undeterred and wanted my way to get his load (though I did), at some point, and it goes against most any sex I believe in, it didn’t matter!

His cock was so nice and felt so good in me, I could have sucked it for hours and not cared of he built up, let alone expelled, his jizz into my mouth.

For whatever issues he had with just cumming a short time before, he had no trouble staying erect. I will give him some of the credit, but I’ll be selfish and give me some of it too. I know my skills were sending him to good places and those destinations made and kept him hard.

At some point in time his big manly hand wrapped around the back of my head and he basically skull fucked me. This continued for some time – and again, I was loving it. He remained rock hard.

He never mentioned that not being able to cum a second time thing again, but like I said, that was no longer top of my list. I was in the moment of just making him feel good and if he wasn’t going anywhere, why should I?

But as luck, and hard work, would have it, all the tell-tale signs were there: prolonged cocksucking. A massive hard cock. A determined feeder. Heavier and heavier breathing. A massive hard cock getting harder.

There was no announcement. There was no warning While it is hot to hear dirty dirty words at the time of ejaculation, an equally hot time is just taking a slightly unexpected load in your mouth. Or MY mouth, as the case may be.

It was thick, but not copious amounts. Fuck, I wasn’t expecting any at all, so who am I to look a gift horse-hung man in the mouth? My mouth.

It, the semen, that is, tasted great and naturally I swallowed every drop as any cocksucker worth his salt would do.

With an upward nod of his head, acknowledging a non-verbal,” thanks, I’m outta here”, he was out of there, even starting his zip up process after turning and walking away. Me – I was still on my knees.

I had realized halfway through our “session” that my lips were being abused by his fucking my mouth – but I was loving it. A reminder, even if only temporary – as it is with the taste of the cum. Temporary.

But it was there. And I have the memory