Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Married Man - #1

Let's just say, when he came to the door, all I could think of was Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.  Minus the lab coat.

Guys provide stats, but don't provide pics. Sometimes you get what's coming to you - and not in that hot, good way.

Guys can't read either.  No reciprocation, I said.  He tried to suck me off.  Then tried to jack me off.

Prefer non-smokers, I said.  "I'm a heavy smoker, is that a problem?"  Um. Kind of.  And this was after he said he wanted to kiss. I told him that was off the table.  He offered a mint, but then he'd just smell like wint-o-green and smoke. Even less appealing than just cigarettes.

But I made my bed, so to speak - and was about to sleep in it.....so to speak.

Oddly, he didn't smell of cigarettes until he took off his suit. Maybe it was his hands. And one of those hands had a gold band around the ring finger.

He was a quiet sort. Too quiet. I didn't know if I was turning him on or off or if he was just indifferent. His hard cock said he was turned on, but that was the only give away.

The ad was for a blowjob, but as they do sometimes, things change.

He stood me up and bent me over a counter. I had not slobbered a ton on his cock, because I didn't know this was coming. But he lined himself up.

I took a wad of my own spit, coated his cock and guided him to my hole.

Most married guys are usually pretty good at fucking. This guy was a novice, despite him being in his upper 40s. He had no good technique.

As I was facing away from him, I kind of smiled to myself when he gave me the 4-1-1 that "I never bareback.......this is my first time."

Mind you, I didn't ask to be fuck. His idea, but not only did he not just take the lead (though, I wouldn't say aggressively) he brought no, nor asked for a, condom.

"You are married, right?"

Because, if we know anything, it is that all married men are good for barebacking because they pose no risk.

He might wear a suit and be age appropriate, but he's not winning any medical advancement prizes anytime soon.

The fuck didn't last long.  Less than 10 minutes.

I could feel him stiffen and throb. I won't say I felt the cum or the warmth, but I knew what he was doing. He seemed to think I was on his level of intelligence though.

He pulls out.  "Sorry - I'm really nervous.  I was on the verge, but I just can't get there. I won't be able to cum.".

His other tricks may have just fallen off the turnip truck, but I didn't.

But I let him have his moment. No need getting him all flustered and I wasn't going to call him a liar anyways. If it was his stealthing fantasy, so be it.

We got dressed and parted.

I do not foresee another go-around with this guy.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gloryhole Service

I have mentioned before that gloryholes are (or can be) the great equalizer.

Back in the olden days when gloryholes were public, the holes were generally big enough for a cock to go through and nothing else. If done correctly  - meaning that either person didn't really look through other than at the cock - anonymity could still be achieved.

The person on the other side could be 17 or 70.  But to the eater on the other side, it was just cock.

I laugh / cringe at ads on any site who advertises their home gloryhole and then asks for pics and stats before you come over. They truly do not get what the glorhole is all about.

And the home gloryholes are usually subpar. I've been to places where it is a hole cut in a sheet that is taped to a doorway.  But recently I found one that was almost expertly crafted.

Good woodwork. A smooth hole that was dremeled out. Even a carving at the base so feet could go under so one could get closer to the door / hole.  This is important and like a stall one of yore - if my readership remembers those public john service stations.

The handles could have been higher for me because that's how I like them. And the hole was too large for me, because it provided less privacy. But I get that not everyone is the same height and needs access one way or the other, so this guy was doing what he can.

But gloryholes do something else - at least for me:  they can make you anything you want to be.

No sights, no expectation, no preconceived notions for the person on either side of the door.

You know I'm 99.6% bottom.  Yet recently a gloryhole changed me horniness up quite a few notches.

I'm not even sure why I went, since I tend to suck and take it up the rear. But I had not gotten off in weeks - in any way, shape or form. And I didn't want to waste it with my fist.

He lived in the upper half of a duplex. I walked in and up the stairs. At the top you see the GH.  I unzipped and stuck my cock through. And waited. He wasn't right there, but somewhere in the house. I opted to stick it there and just wait till he saw it. He did.

The guy gave expert head. He knew his shit. I let him suck, but those handles let me grab hold to really pump his face - as much as one can against a sturdy piece of wood. I also saw him trying to look through and up at me, to see who was feeding him. I told him not to. But I know he kept attempting.

I only lasted maybe 10 minutes...or slightly longer. It was a big load, but I'll give him this, he took it. He gagged once, but most guys who claim they can handle it will cough it up.  Not this guy.

I did a second visit a few weeks later.  The mouth was just as awesome. But I said loud enough - 'someday I'd like to fuck your ass'.

You know I'm not a top, but I was rock hard and here anything seemed possible.

Without hesitation he stood up and backed his ass to the hole. With my spit as lube, I just slid into the guy. Clearly this wasn't his first time.  Maybe not even first time today.

Unlike most times I fuck, staying hard was not an issue. I was solid.

Again, using the handles, I was able to gain some leverage when it came to really putting it to the guy. The door is a real sound barrier. I could barely his moans and requests. He couldn't hear mine either. But it was cock to ass - in and out, over and over.

It's me, so I didn't last long. More than 5 minutes, less then 10.  But to be fair, he wanted me to get off and was milking his hole. On purpose. Trying to push me over the edge.  And it worked.  I dumped a two week load in his ass.

After that, the guy hounded me by email to return.

Truth be told, it was kind of nice to be wanted for my dick, though deep down, I knew I'd rather be taking it.  But he wouldn't give up and he made me swell with pride. And at one point he caught me at a weak moment - so I returned.

I crawled up the steps but this time he was more timely in getting to the door. Still trying to catch a peek of me, he was on his knees expertly sucking me.  Soon enough his ass was up.

My fucking style started fine. The man can easily take a big cock up his ass, but wasn't loose, but clearly he's had lots and lots of practice.

But the old me returned. Keeping it hard was a chore. I'm not truly built to top. He even put a cockring on me to get me back to a place where he could get me to finish.

I also whipped out my phone. It's dark. It's crude. But I took video. While the video is over 4 minutes long, honestly, I fucked him longer, just didn't film it all.

Next time, I'd rather it be someone videoing me taking it up the ass than giving it.

But for that moment, the gloryhole made me a different person.  But just for a moment.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The ad read that he was looking for a massage. That the person who'd come over would massage, then tease his cock. Then get said cock shoved down the throat. Somewhere in the text was the implication that if done right, the masseur would get bent over.

I focused more on the 'shoved down the throat' perspective, but prepped accordingly when I got the green light to come by at lunchtime.

Pouring rain, I waited for the ok to come up to the apartment entrance. What I didn't know was that he was in another car waiting to join me. Looking at the prospective goods to see whether he should join me or drive away.

For full disclosure, I've never given nor received a massage. He knew this going in, but I was willing to try. I thought it would be a two minute massage and right to the blowjob, but riding up in the elevator with him, something felt different.

Not bad different, just a change in expectations. But that we'd be playing this out. Not exactly role play, but sticking with and through the original intent of the ad.  There might have been some slight role play, but nothing forced.

He seemed nerdier than I anticipated, and a bit heftier.  Not fat at all. And to be honest, he never said what he was like exactly, so how I came up with that thought was out of thin air.

"Dave" opened the door and I took off my wet shoes. I'm a gracious trick.

Walking in, I saw he actually had a massage table and it was all set up. I was not expecting that. He got ready, I took off my jacket and shirt, leaving on a t-shirt and jeans. He pointed to the lotions and oils and got on the table, face down.

I started with his back. I worked it with light touches and deep tissue movements, up and down this spine and to the sides as well. As I moved close to his head and neck I stepped forward as well. His dangling arms were there, but the only thing they touched were my jeans, holding onto my calf.

I asked if he wanted me to lose my jeans - he said yes.  I kicked them off and went back to the massage. While his dangling arms were there and touched my calf, he made no attempt at touching anything else. This was like - to this point - a real massage.

His back, neck and scalp were worked.  I massaged his arms. I massaged his legs. I toyed with massaging his ass cheeks, but at this point was keeping it "professional".

I really worked his legs - thighs and calves - and then his feet: the heel, the ball, the arch and each toe. But this time we'd been into it for 20 minutes and it was still a 'massage'.  I kicked it up a little here by licking the bottom of his foot.  He moaned. I rubbed while I licked - depending on where on the foot I was.

With his toes near my mouth, I inserted each toe individually, like mini-blowjobs. Then I got all five toes into that mouth of mine. I repeated my actions with the other foot.

Again, I moved up his legs, massaging as I went.  Barely visible was the head of his cock between his legs and mostly pressed down onto the table, as he was lying on it. Still, I nestled my head there and licked, flicked really, my tongue at the head.  Again there was a moan.

Now I was massaging his ass cheeks. And then I was probing between them......with my tongue. He fucking loved that.

And while it's a little more standard for you guys to read about it here, it's still not a big thing elsewhere: I asked him if I could get a cube of ice from his freezer. He allowed it as he stayed put. He didn't know what I was going to do with it, but he soon found out.

He writhed. He moaned. He groaned - loudly, at that. But as that cube was slowly and deliberately slid into his asshole, he never once tired to stop me.  Like the others, he loved the cold of the cube and the warmth of his ass.....how one immediately melted the other. That and my hot tongue then pushing it in - the sensations are incredible.  (try it!)

Soon, I had him lie on his back. I massaged his chest, his arms, head (again) - still no touching. I did the front side of his legs and then dove on his hard cock - which was about 7" medium thickness.  He loved that too.

But like his ad had said, he shoved me down on that cock as his hand wrapped around my neck. This would be the only touching he'd do of me, other than that light touching of my calf. His hips lifted off the table slightly, but mostly it was pushing me down on his rod.

It didn't last as long as I thought it would, when he said, climb on and sit on me.

My boxer briefs hit the floor and I climbed up. I wasn't sure the table could support two grown men, but he assured me it would. And it did.

With him on his back, I straddled him, reached behind with spit in my hand, coated his cock, held it firm and in place and lowered myself backwards.

He popped in nicely and I slid all the way back. Or what I thought was all the way back. He had me lean further back and even that last 1/16th of an inch made a fucking difference.

And then I rode.  I fucked myself on that dick. Oh, he helped. He moved enough to make me feel it.

I take it back, he did touch me again, holding my hips. He bucked. I bucked. We bucked. We made it last a good 20-25 minutes. Even in that position, he was a skilled fucker. You'd never know it by looking at him, but he knew his shit.

Few words between us, but neighbors might have figured out what was going on at this point. I didn't care. I didn't live there.

Since there were no words, it was only a look of his eyes and the catch of sound at the back of his throat before he made a 'cumming noise'.  It's hard to describe, but we've all been there, hearing one or making one.

I felt him throb up my ass.

And he wasn't quick to let it go, which is good.  I now had a chance to really use my muscles to mile his just spent shaft.  He appreciated the work. His cock was not that sensitive after ejaculation that he couldn't or wouldn't take it.

Eventually, he just kind of slid out.  I slid off the table and stood next to it.

Then I massaged his dick for a bit.  But massaging made him stiff..........again.

I never assume anyone will get hard immediately. He wasn't as solid as before, but close.

He got off the table and got behind me, bending me slightly over the table.  Back in he went.  And this time he had more leverage and more lube. His own lube.

Dave was rough. He totally used that hole. I positioned myself against the table, bracing myself for a hard fuck - and I was getting one.

After about 10 minutes he yanked out and said - "down on your knees, now!"

I dropped - opened my mouth, with one shove he pushed his cock with my ass juices on it, into my mouth and dropped his second load.

Then he made me clean him off, which as the client, I was going to do anyways.

He thanked me for my services and led me to the door so he could hit the showers.  But he did say he'd made another massage appointment.

Let's hope I did well enough for that to happen.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aesthetics. Pleasure. Power.

He had a great cock.  Potentially one of the best dicks I'd ever had the pleasure to know.

Thick. Almost 8" long. A droop from the base and a slight curve upward when you got close to the head.  This pic does not do it justice.

It didn't hurt that it was attached to a man who was fucking gorgeous.

A great face, bearded, dark hair on his head, great glasses. Standing 6'5" and clearly someone who takes physical activity seriously.  And married.

I had answered his CL ad. He got back to me right away, but we played email tag for weeks. Literally.

I'm not saying he was a flake or even a tease, but time management wasn't great. I would go out of my way to make myself available only to get a cancellation. But he was always engaged. I'm not sure how he wrote his ad, but there were no images, nor did I ask for any. But I was intrigued to say the least.

We finally nailed down a time as he texted me where he was in his approach. He seemed invested.

He even drove up the drive with determination. Nothing timid about him.

As he walked up to the door he was grabbing his own crotch, aggressively, through his well tailored suit.  He was ready. I was too.

He just stood there, waiting. I was happy to help him out.  I rubbed his cock through his suit pants, feeling them fill out even more.  A man in a suit is so extraordinarily hot to me, I can't really accurately describe it.

But I think his aggressive nature, his suits, even how he drove spoke a lot about him. Aesthetics is important to him. Pleasure is important to him. Power is important to him.  And he needs to see those things.

Me on my knees, unzipping his fly brings all those into alignment. My mouth enveloping his fucking rock hard cock does too.

He was verbal too. More compliments than dirty talk, but it was our first time. I could totally see (or at least wish) that he'd get down and dirty in his verbal skills. I know he has it in him.

I loved feeling his hand on the back of my head, guiding me. I feel I need no assistance, but I love when a guy is in control.  I loved feeling his pubes on my lips, knowing, even with the curve, I took him to the root.  I liked hear him telling me to 'deepthroat me'.  And of course, I did.

During the blowjob, he kept reiterating how he'd be back - how he wanted more.

Men of power, aesthetics and pleasure are that way.  They know what they want, and go after it. When they get it, they keep control of it until they find better.

We discussed before he arrived what he was looking for. He asked where I wanted the load, and even though I wanted it in my mouth, I am smart enough not to say that to a man like this.

"That is not my decision" was my reply.  "It's wherever you want it".

I'm not being flip or smug - it's the fucking truth. When you are the one to go to your knees (or on your back) for a dominant guy, he calls the shots, including what he does with his load.

"Near the end, I want you to stroke my cock so I can shoot on your face".

It's about power.  It's about control. It's about the pleasure of him seeing his manhood shoot the seed of life - his seed.  He gets the pleasure of feeling the orgasm. He gets the pleasure of seeing the control he has over me - me doing what he requests.  He gets to see the power - his actual babymakers, as they coat my face.

The first jet was powerful. His moan was too. It went up my left cheek.

A few weaker shots hit my tongue, my beard and between my lip and nose.

Unexpectedly at that point, the most powerful jet shot out. Over my nose, up my right cheek and even into my eye.  I knew that eye part was eventually going to hurt (and it did).

But afterwards, he let me worship that cock. He let me clean it off.  He let me take it and roll it in his own cum on my face - both sides - and then let me stick it back in my mouth. I wasted barely a drop.

Then he had me clean him up so he could leave.  He'd gotten what he came for.

I have no doubt I will see him again.

Monday, April 14, 2014


He had a great cock.

"Dick" replied to my ad asking guy to 'flood my mouth'. It took a while for him to get it together, but would later come to find he was a working man - with his hands - and probably not all that tech savvy on navigating email. Especially CL ad responses / replies that always seem to end up in my junk mail.

When he arrived it was chilly but not cold, though he may have been working in conditions with little to no heat. He apologized for not being 'big' at the moment he walked in the door. I told him it was my job to get it big. He liked that.

Dick was tall - maybe 6'5". Slim, but not skinny. Grey hair and facial hair that made him look like a younger Col. Sanders. It worked on him somehow.

I rubbed his denim covered crotch to get him to grow.  Then I dropped those and rubbed his boxer briefs. He was responding.  Soon my mouth was down there, putting warm breath through the cotton blend.

Pulling down his boxers, it was nice to look at.  7.5", but like the rest of him, slim, but not skinny. Big fucking head and it seemed to weigh down the shaft, but in reality he just had a hefty downward curve.

He had a great cock.

So I went to work.

He wasn't sure what to make of the blowjob. I mean, he liked it - clearly - but he claims that I was only his third blow job and first from a guy.

Maybe this was true, but I always assume it is not. He was 55. How does a man get to that age with only 2 other blowjobs under his belt?

I decided to show him what a great one felt like - so he'd have it as a frame of reference.

Being that it was his first real one (I'm saying that - not him), I thought he might lose his load sooner than later, but he didn't. I worshipped and treated his cock like a pro for well over a half hour.

Sometimes his eyes would be closed.  At times his head would be thrown back.

My favorite times is when he'd be watching his cock disappear into my mouth. He enjoyed that too.

"That looks fucking good".  He later confirmed he liked watching his cock go into my mouth or rub on my beard.  Truth be told - I like being watched by them.

I like seeing lust in their eyes, more at what they're doing than who is doing it. I like them relating, even for a second, that there is a guy on his fucking knees giving them pleasure.  I like them knowing a guy is sucking their fucking cock.

Truth be told, the curve was impeding my ability to give him great head. I was doing a good job and even a great one from his perspective, but I knew I could do SO much better.

He was game for me lying back with my head hanging back. It left for a good angle for his cock to slide right down my fucking throat.

And for a guy who hasn't gotten head much, he knew how to pound face - at least in that position. Of course porn movies have taught us a lot, I suppose. But he seemed super skilled at how to feed.

He teetered on the word "cocksucker", but couldn't quite get it out of his mouth. If he was a newbie, then I get that - he is not sure where the line is, though I tried to show him how far he could go with me verbally.

I'd say we were about 30 minutes in before he lost his load - and with very little warning to me. Not that I cared.

It was a decent sized, but not huge. It was ok tasting but had hints of bitterness - but that wasn't important either.

He claims he'll come back. I'd be happy to have him return.  I'll get it right so he understand what he's been missing.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Black Breeding

He came back - a few times.  The 9+" black man who was looking for a guy like me.

Still no name, still no email, still no phone number.  But when I got "No Caller ID" on my phone, it was almost always him.

Once he had me suck him.  Once he had me eat his ass out while he slowly jacked then shot in my mouth.

Still claiming to be safe, this time, he had me show off for him. Rub my ass hole, show him my legs. He did not want to see my dick.

I should mention that he has never mentioned it - let alone touched it. This isn't his deal.

When he says he fucks women, he does and not one of those lame guys trying to pass as straight getting off on some fantasy or trying to help you get off on that fantasy. I was (and am?) all about convenience to this guy.

Maybe it's three calls in as many days. Maybe it's a week or two until he needs the outlet.

Sure, I had taken his cock in my mouth this time. I even just touched the tip of my tongue on his head as it peaked out of his boxer briefs that could not contain its size.  I sucked him, and I sucked him good - but not great.  That is my evaluation, not his.

"Roll over", he calmly commanded.

I was on the bed, on my belly.

Once again he used his rock hard dick to slap my ass.

"You want this".  Again - calmly said, but not in question form.

More cock / ass slapping. Then the lean in.  Then the touching of the cock head to my crack.....and then more localized pressure.

Pressure gave way to blossoming.  Two inches or so had gained entrance.  There would be more - we both knew it. But timing wasn't up to me.

I was on my belly, him over me, but not quite 'on top' of me. He still had 7" to work with that was outside my ass.  He made quicker work of getting it in there - and up there - than I might have liked, but I'm adaptable. I have to be. Not that there was a choice.

There were more grunts and moans from my end then words. There were almost no words from his end, except maybe, "put your legs together".

I suspect that was to not only keep him in me, but to treat me like a random fuck - probably a girl - that he could just pump without worrying about who was there.

He ignored my strong groans, the ones you could tell bordered on discomfort. I knew enough not to say anything, because from previous experience, be it my mouth or ass, he wasn't at all concerned.

This went on for another 10 minutes and I heard a catch at the back of his throat.

"What is going on?" I asked.   "You know exactly what's going on" was the reply.

For a guy last time who wanted to be nothing but "safe", here he was unloading. All bets were off now. This would define what I was to him.  Or clarify it.  It was unsaid, but we both knew.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Go & Cum & Go

A while a go, a friend of mine told me, after I slept with one or two black guys, that a signal has gone up and now only black guys will be contacting me.  Honestly, he called it the 'black stink' - but not in a bad way.

While white guys have not disappeared, there does seem to be an increase in the number of black men interested in hooking up with me. Maybe they have a listserve that gets the word out about the white cocksuckers who like black dick.

So a guy emailed me from a long ago placed ad wanting to know if I was free. I would be, I said - which corresponded with him finishing his gym work out.

His stats were nice.  His body was nicer

He said he'd be by after he showered. I told him not to bother - as I liked the smell and taste of a guy who had just worked out.  He said he would really really need to shower as he was rank, so I caved. 

But a few minutes later he said he was on his way and skipped his shower.  Fuckin' A. 

It was freezing out but there he was in shorts and a t shirt. We got right down to it. 

Unfortunately it was all oral. Don't get me wrong, I love sucking cock - LOVE IT - but this guy I'd have loved to have up my ass. But at this time, it was not what he was looking for. 

The man's shorts and shirt were soaked with sweat. His workout had gone well as he had soaked through his t-shirt and his underwear and his shorts. Before him taking them off, I made sure to smell them.....sniff deep.  Lick them too.  

I don't know what he thought of me doing this - or if he knew what to make of it all. I didn't really care. 

I was down on my knees, sniffing his crotch and slowly pulling down his shorts and briefs. His cock was nice and hard and very dark. Don't ask me why, but on black guys, I do prefer darker skin. His balls were shaved or at least smooth. 

The cock went into my mouth and I fucking savored it. Tasting the flesh. Tasting the musk. Getting it wet, making the dark skin darker with my saliva. It's a good test marker for the feeder to see how far an eater like myself is getting down on his disk. 

I took it all the way. 

After a bit, he sat in a chair and directed my head up and down at the pace he desired. I like to think I know what I'm doing, but each guy is different on what he likes and how he approaches an encounter like this. If he felt more in control this way - let him have it. He's the boss. 

Soon he was sitting back on a bed and I was still on my knees. I went to his balls, which he spread his legs for me to get to. They were smaller than you'd think, but tasted of a gym workout. I tested the waters and went further south. He was receptive for a minute but then didn't want his hole eaten. 

I SO wanted to dive into that and clean it out, especially since he hadn't showered after the gym. It's the taste of a real man. 

As I went back to his cock for some deep throat action, him laying back, he talked about how he'd like to fuck me sometime. That got my cocksucking skills a little more excited. I milked his cock with my mouth and throat. 

He held my head tight. He pumped and I dove and bobbed. We had a good synchronization of feeder and eater skills going on. 

He then held my head real tight and said, "you're gonna make me piss".   

I thought, "huh?"  I had never really experienced this while in the middle of giving head. Sometimes at the end - even a time or two right at the beginning, but not in the high point of a blowjob.  

But piss he did. Not a lot, but not a little either. His cock was far into my mouth and you know, we were in a nice room where I didn't want piss all over, so I took it. Every drop. 

He went back to pumping my throat after that and I'd say within 90 seconds he was now unloading another bodily fluid into my mouth.  Sweet. Hot. Semen. 

I took every drop of that too. 

He was kind of turned on and a little freaked out at what he had just done - or what I had just done. Mainly the piss thing. I'm not sure he was expecting to need to piss or that a white cocksucker would drink it. But I did. 

He got back into his damp, smelly clothes and I followed him to the door. With me right behind him, I reached around and played with his crotch. He wasn't soft. He didn't stop me. 

I told him how great his cock was and I swear it got harder.  Guys love hearing how great their cock is. 

He said if I keep that up, I'm getting a second round. I told him he could bend me right over the kitchen counter and give it to me. 

"You'll do anything I say".  

I said. That didn't sound like a question. He replied that it wasn't one.  But he had to go. I had to let him. 

He said I would hear from him. I hope I do.