Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting Blown

Now, you all know I'm a Cocksucker.  Oh yes, it is upper-cased. It's a title. it's a lifestyle.

So not often am I actually on the receiving end of a blowjob. I was on a visit to a guy who has fucked me semi-regular over the last year or so (you've read about them here), but I was in a "not-so-fresh" feeling and while my mind was willing, my body was not.

It could have, but know.

The get together started out with me sucking him. I mean, that seemed the right thing to do. You've seen my unofficial / official title: Cocksucker.

So it's a little fuzzy on how it came to be that he ended up sucking me. I know he is versatile, but for the most part we've never played on that. I've had my role, he's had his. ...and it's worked just fine.

When guys say they are versatile, they usually have one good skill and play off that and do 'the other stuff' when they have to. I'm ok, at best, at fucking. I like to think I'm great at getting fucked or taking it down my throat. But I'd have a hard time calling myself versatile - though recent events might contradict that.

But this guy had a great mouth. I already knew he could throw an awesome fuck, but who knew he'd have such good oral skills?

Mind you, I was worked up anyways, but seeing him sink lower onto my long, fat shaft made me horny.

I told him he should probably stop what he was doing. It was feeling good and it wouldn't take that much to get me off. I teased him and told him he probably couldn't handle it anyways.

He has seen me shoot when he fucks me and it is safe to say he is impressed with the volume of cum I can displace from my nuts. Hell, I am impressed - and I'm not boasting.  Well...........not much.

I baited him a bit, saying there is no way he could swallow that big of a load. He took the challenge. He went back to his "work".  I let him.

He knew I was getting near, mostly because I told him so. He didn't stop.  ...and now I couldn't.

I told him to stop moving. Not because I wanted to hold off, but because I need a guy to be still while I pump my cream into his mouth and throat. He was about one-third of the way down on me when I let loose.  And I LET loose.

There is no way or remembering last time I had gotten off, but it was safe to say 7-10 days. For a bit he was taking it like a champ. But I would say two-thirds of the way into full release, I saw a slight panic in his eyes. I'm not sure anyone else would have picked up on it, but I know him well....or well enough.

The moment of panic was fleeting, but there.

Unlike most guys, he didn't gag or cough. Nor did he pull off.  He took every. single. drop.

He tried to kiss me afterward, I jokingly resisted, saying that I knew where his filthy mouth had been.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I'm not saying "Tony" was my first Cuban cock, but I can't say he wasn't.

Sure I've played with many a Hispanic before but I never truly asked for their heritage. Nor did I ask for Tony's. He just told me in a message before hooking-up.

28, 6'1", 225, 6.5" thick and uncut Cuban cock.

225 for that height could be pushing the envelope of being heavy, but he said he was muscular. I'm not so sure that was true. He's a big boy. Solid, but it wouldn't take that much for him to be a candidate for Type II diabetes.

He was working - doing house visits for his work and used the time to stop by to unzip and show me this.

The pic doesn't really do him justice. Or his dick, I suppose.  It was a truly thick cock.

As his pants and then underwear fell to the floor, his chub was mostly covered in skin. You know how those Hispanic men keep their foreskin. There was plenty of it, but not in a bad way. Yes, sometimes there can be too much hanging skin.  This was more than enough and it clung to the side of the shaft and over.

It didn't take long to peel back, with a little mouth manipulation. His cock grew. And widened. And widened. While I won't go so far to say it filled my mouth, the orifice was starting to fill up. He truly was majorly thick.

He let me go at my own pace, mentioning during the session how he had 'a girl' and I was only the third guy who'd ever gone down on him, none of the other two swallowed.

I'm not sure if this was just passing information or a challenge. To be fair, he didn't know me or what I like (or not) to do. Somewhere in our exchange I did say I would take every drop - so I'm assuming he understood it meant I would gulp down his jizz.

Never once did he try to use his hips to pump my face. He could have - I wouldn't have stopped him, but he just stood still letting an expert do his job.

I'm guessing it was about a 10 minute session when he told me he was close. I didn't stop. I didn't slow down. He did not seem to want to stop me or let the blowjob last longer. I was on a schedule....and I know he was.

The man shot a fucking load.  A HUGE fucking load. Jet after jet. Throb after throb. The sperm just kept coming. I kept swallowing and while I could keep up, I could see a man with lesser experience struggle with the volume of spunk.

He didn't know what to do with the compliment I gave him on the vast amount he had knocked out.

He has as way to get a hold of me if he's back in the area. He's not the best looker, but with a load like that, I'd get on my knees any time.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hairy Man Fuck

I know I don't top much - and you know it too.  So it "worries" me a little that this is my 3rd or 4th time I fucked a guy this year!

Clearly, it is out of the norm, but I do what I do. It gives you something new to read about anyways.

Actually, this happened weeks ago, I'm just getting around to writing about it now.

He was visiting from Washington state. A hairy handsome man I wanted so badly to bone me. I wasn't looking for the other way around. That is why I went to down to his hotel.

Well...and because he looked like this.

Well, he had a full beard, close cropped head of hair. Furry body. Dirty mind. And looked good in a suit - or so the picture he sent me said. He was also handsome as fuck. 

He gave me his room number and I knocked. He answered, though he was a little shorter than I expected. I expected a more imposing man, but he was a good 5" shorter than my 6'2" frame. 

He (I never got a name) went right for me. Pawing at my chest and my crotch, all the while trying to kiss me. With just a t-shirt, shorts and sandals on, I was naked in a few seconds

It was then he told me he is usually a top but was in the mood to only bottom. I felt duped, as I'm thinking he knew this from the get-go. I'm not big on guy who deceive just to get someone in the door. I've walked out on those scenes before. 

But fuck, he was hot. Nice face, nice body, great cock and yes, a great ass. 

He sucked me. I sucked him.

All of the sudden, he flipped me on my back with his hard 8" right at my hole. I hoped. I prayed. I wished. The ferocity in his eyes made me think I might get fucked and it would be a merciless one. But he backed off.

Fuck, I thought.  And not in that good way.

I could not deny that my cock was like steel.  I made him scoot up over my chest and then I went to town on his ass with my mouth. He moaned like a little bitch. They all do. I have a great tongue.

Most of the guys I do that to rarely get rimmed. I'm guessing this was not one of those guys. He claimed to be almost all top, with just some moments of bottoming. I think it was probably more the other way around.

I wanted to do this face to face. The few fucks I have had were from behind or through a gloryhole. No faces. He was too handsome not to see.

It was he who denounced condoms. I didn't need to be told or asked twice. I didn't have one. Nor did he. I wasn't walking out at this point. It was on.

I have a big dick. Bigger and thicker than his. I slid in with no problem. Very little resistance. "Mostly top", my ass.

But I could see the longing in his eyes and I kept sinking in. Not fast, but not slow. Steady and consistent. He didn't ask me to stop of slow down. I'm not sure I would have at that point, had he. If it were my ass being fucked I would have been in a giving mood - but now that I was doing the fucking, I was not really willing to take requests. Tops over the years have taught me well.

His ass was mine.

He talked about my cock. I talked about my cock........and his ass. He was secondary now. Like I said, I learned through my years.

The words that we exchanged were filthy, even vile. There was no taking them back, not that either of use seemingly wanted to. His poor fucking hotel neighbors and the housekeeping staff that was in the hall. I didn't care - I wasn't staying there.....nor was my name on the registry.

Maybe it was the angle. Maybe it was the man. Maybe it was "experience" I've gotten this year. I was not so quick to cum. My other fucks probably lasted 5-10 minutes. This one was closer to 20. He was asking me to cum, but again, I wasn't taking requests. And I can't cum on command. I'm not that kind of guy.

Fucking for me is mostly mental. Getting it up. Keeping it there. And going over the edge.

For the most part, I stayed hard. Very hard. I had a moment or two, I won't lie. The last thing I wanted was to show weakness to this guy. Not now. I was following through.

And I did. I didn't bother to tell him it was a two week load until it was spewing into his guts. He'd be losing my babies for the next day or so.

He'd remember this trip for a while, though I doubt I would be his last before he checked out the next morning.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dry Spell - Broken

I think you all know that I don't necessarily post things in the order they happen. At least not always.

I still have a few untold tales sitting out there which I have to commit to blog form, but I'll get there. Still, even with that, I've been experiencing somewhat of a dry spell. Some of it self-imposed, some of it not.

BikeGuy finally got his groove back on a bit today. Yes, today. Real time today. As in just a few minutes ago. I almost never blog this soon after an event.

This morning I got out of my sex funk (no, not the smelly musk kind) and wanted to get a load. The problem is, the forces sometimes work against you. Everyone on-line today was looking to take and not give. I hate being in a mostly bottom-town.

As it was getting mid-afternoon, I was ready to give up for the day, as I have evening plans. But fate had another agenda.

Text messaging, home jizz delivery service.  You gotta love that.

I had blown the guy over the holidays. He is a blog reader, so clearly had the advantage on me. He knows my likes, dislikes and weaknesses.  And as you see, was staying two streets over.  For the fucking week.

He was over in a matter of minutes. Honestly, from first contact to in the door was less than 10 minutes. THAT is how it should work.

This was no frills. We never got more than 6' inside the door. "Get on your knees", he commanded - and I did.

Like last time, I sucked. I was so in the mood for this. He seemed to have loved it, especially when I used my tongue. Lots of guys use their tongue between sucking, not enough while they are sucking and even less use it effectively.

I don't have the hard data on that, but going by what the feeders tell me, I'm pretty confident in my assumptions.

Reading back through the last blog entry with him, I didn't realize we kissed last time. There was none of that this time. While I would have, he seemed like a man with a mission. I can appreciate that. And his mission was to shoot his load and have me swallow it.

I sucked. I used my tongue. I lightly felt his full nuts. He said he hadn't been sucked in 5 days, but didn't say how big his load was. I'm guessing he probably manipulated a load or two out by hand since that last suck job.  I could be wrong.

I worked that dick as good as I could. He made a comment that I might be out of practice, considering I hadn't sucked dick in a little while. But it's like riding a bicycle - just warmer and wetter. He also called me "faggot" and "cocksucker" and "cum dump".  I take that with pride, not shame.

I went back to sucking and went to feel his nuts, which were considerably tighter. I could hear it in his breath too. This wasn't going to last long. The man was on the edge and then those words escaped his mouth.  "Take it!!!"

And I did. I felt cum hitting my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I won't say it completely filled my mouth, but it was a good amount.

Since I didn't have time to remember all the nuances of our last encounter, I forgot about his post-ejaculation sensitivity. With no warning, while still cumming, he pulled out. I was smart enough and quick enough to cup my hands and catch the last few shots there - and then licked the palms of my hand clean.

He got some on his hand as well and fed them to me. So technically, I did get every drop, just not the way I expected.

He is here for the rest of the week and it's only Monday.  I am hoping for a repeat visit. Or visits.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Pain & Piss

He wanted to fuck.  That's cool.  I wanted to be fucked.

He was a little stocky, but not fat. Balding, but who cares?  His dick was a solid 7" and cut.

I mention the cut part because of all the cocks I have seen - and yes, that has been a few! - I've never seen such a change in pigment at the circumcision mark.

The man (I didn't get a name) did not appear to be mixed race. His skin was as pink as mine, but below the area he was cut, it was very very brown. Yet the top part of his shaft and his head was white white white.  Go figure.

While we were "chatting" before meeting, he slipped in something about watersports. I said I had tried it and it all seemed ok. I didn't say anything about wanting to learn more about them, but I'm not a huge participant in the activity.

Once in his apartment, he said, "strip and get in the tub".   ...and I did.

I got in the tub and knelt.

He came in and balanced himself standing on either edge or the tub. And he must have been fucking hydrating all day. I know I've pissed this much, I but I can't tell you when. It just never fucking stopped.

He hit my face, the top of my head and then worked his way down:  neck, chest, arms, crotch and my thighs.

When he was finally done, he told me to rinse off and left the room. I did as instructed. I exited the bathroom to find him in his living room laying on the couch.

He told me to stand next to the couch while he looked me over.  He touched my legs, my cock and my balls.  Then he grabbed my balls and twisted. And kept twisting, every now and then looking up for a reaction.

I try not to say 'no' in these situations and to take it like a man. We never discussed this or a 'safe word', but I powered through it - at least this time. I got slight praise for how I came through the process.

I rubbed him a little - all over. I went down and licked his nuts. His request.  I sucked his cock with his guidance and moved back to his asshole on my own, but without any protest. He loved my tongue up his beefy ass.

He told me to sit up on the couch and I did. Out of nowhere (seemingly), he pulled out an already folded black bandanna. "Put this over your eyes".  I did. I double knotted it for good measure. I could seen nothing.

He took me and guided me back into a reclined position.

Somewhere hidden, at least to me, he took things out of a bag. He started to fool with my chest and it while I didn't say 'no', I expressed concern that he was going to do something to my nipples. With toys.

I mentioned I don't like clamps or the likes on my nipples and he immediately backed off.

I know what you're all thinking. I love having my tits played with and I do.  I don't like it extremely hard and I've had clamps on before. They're ok, but not great and the pain taking them off is just bad - at least for me.

Down near my junk, he did start doing things to me. Clamps, I'm assuming. I couldn't see. I knew enough not to ask. He didn't bother to tell.

Whatever it was went around my dick, maybe on it. On my balls. Below them too. And maybe onto my ass. I would later find out, the only thing he would admit to, is putting clamps on the lips of my asshole.

They did not hurt going on, but I could feel them. But soon, he went back to abusing my balls and my dick. With each twist, whatever he secured onto my skin began to set my crotch on fire from within and emanating out.

This went on for quite sometime. I might have grimaced (I know I did). I might have even said 'ouch', but I never told him to stop. I never told him 'no'. I'm not sure if that was to show him how much of a man I was, or to show myself.

"Take a deep breath and hold it".  I did.  "Now let it out".  I did.  And when I did he unhooked a clamp. We repeated this process over at least a half dozen times.

Honestly, I could not tell where on my body he was removing them. The burning was very diffused, not localized at all.

I do remember one of the last ones making my back arch up as I responded to the pain. Nothing came out of my mouth. He asked if I was alright and I gave an affirmative answer.

Still blindfolded, he helped me up and moved me over to another area, where he put me on my knees.  I could sense he was sitting in front of me and I was to go suck his dick. Like a homing radar, I found it in the first try.

We did that for a while. More ball-licking then more ass eating. Then more sucking.

Only then did he take off the blindfold.

"Sit on my cock".

There were two rubbers in reach of him, but he never looked at them and never made an attempt to snag one, let alone put it on. Nor did he ask.

His cock was wet with my spit. I wet my hole up with my own spit. But that and the angle wasn't working the way either of us wanted.

"Grab the lube over there", which was on top of a shelf. I slicked him up. I slicked me up.  I slowly jacked his cock, making him possibly harder than before, but I didn't want to manipulate his cock too much. I didn't want him close. Not this way.

I sat on the dick. It felt great. He told me to lean back as far as I could, which bent his cock in my confined hole. It felt better to him than it did to me, but isn't that the point?

I rode him and he fucked me for a few minutes - maybe 5.

He pulled out.  "Get back in the tub".

I did. I knelt. He straddled. He let go with another enormous amount of piss. It was at least as much as the first time.

Again. Head, face, chest, crotch and even my extended tongue. I wasn't fond of the heat more than the taste. I don't drink coffee even, can you tell?

"Show me your ass".  I did. I stood up, parted he my cheeks and he pissed on my asshole. As soon as he was done, he shoved his cock up my ass.

With my head against the tiles, he pounded me for almost 10 minutes.

With a roar, he came up my ass. I could feel him throb. If he came 1/10th of what he pissed, my guts would be flooded - and they were.

Eventually, but not immediately, he slipped out.

"On your knees".

Once again, I was down, he stood in the tub and pissed all over me once more.  Not as much as the first two times, but fuck, I was surprised he had anymore in him to begin with.

When he was done he held out his cock for me. I cleaned him off.

We both rinsed off and then changed.

He walked out with me, purposefully taking the stairs. He told me part way down he wanted me to feel what he had done to me.

I could still feel the twinges from the clamps and my twisted sac. He told me I'd be feeling it again tomorrow, and I did.

He said he'd invite me back. I'm still waiting.    ......and hoping.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Ass Eating

He was cocky in a way that was a turn-on. There is a line, fine or not, that cockiness turns into a guy just really being an asshole.

It was something about the way he wrote his MH ad. Part was the image he posted, part was him almost demanding you unlock your pics for him when you say 'hi'.  Usually, I skip over those guys, but this time I did not.

It paid off.  For me and I think for him.

One of my unlocked photos was me eating out a guy's ass. This guy was all over that. He wanted his ass me.

Ohhhhhhhh, I "suppose", I could do that.  

He was handsome. 5'8", muscular, 7" or so.  He had the right attitude too. It was about me eating his ass. If anything more came from it organically, fine. If not - then he still got his hole munched on.

While he was fine from the get go, he got into it all more as we went along. His assertiveness. His verbal skills. His confidence.

I know I have a different take on it than some, but I go into these things with low expectations (sometimes) and am fairly comfortable going-in. The worst that can happen is one of us walking out. Egos are a little bruise, but that is it really.

There was a little kissing, but not much. I was pushed to my knees for some minimal cocksucking.

While he liked my oral skills on his cock, that's not what he was there for. It's not what I had him there for. I wanted to munch butt.

Soon he was bent over a desk. You've heard it from me before, but I'll take you through it........

When I pay attention to the ass, I PAY attention to it.

I kiss that hole. I press my tongue flat against that hole. I run it up and down the entire crack, including teasing the 'taint. I flick my tongue against the ass lips. I run it right around the outer ring too. Of course, then I stiffen my tongue and slowly and deliberately insert it up his ass.

Then I tongue fuck it.

By then, they are so into it, they can barely moan anymore.  This guy was no different.

The ass was tight, but it had been used, regardless of what he had told me. It was manly but clean. It had a natural funk to it that isn't bad - or at least for me.

I did suck here and there, but not greatly.  He jacked while I ate. He wanted to lie back while he told me a tale of how he and four other guys nailed some guy in Chicago. None of them knew each other, let alone the young guy.

He was very turned on by that. The story and his retelling.

I ate his ass while he told me.  He jacked.  The combination got him off, but not before I could swoop down and capture it all.

I'm not a fool.