Friday, January 11, 2013

I Remember

It was 25 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. So does he.

He was maybe 6'7" or 6'8". You tend to remember someone that tall.

I'd see him around - but I didn't know him. I don't know how he ever got my number, but he did.  He'd use that number late at night.

"Matt" found me, not that long ago, on-line and he's been playing back those late night visits with vivid detail - the kind only I thought I remembered.

After the bars would close and I'd get home, there'd be a call.  Was I free?  Was I alone?  The door was left unlocked.  Drunk I'd already be in or on the bed by the time he arrived, as he only lived a few blocks away - or so he said. I never saw his place.

These were always summertime fucks. I don't recall visits in the cold months. I remember the summer ones, because it was so fucking hot out and I lived in an old brick apartment building that held in the head and had no air conditioning.

I remember because when his body was on top of me, we were both so slick, you could move with just fluid motions at one point or be stuck together where one would have to forcibly pry the other apart due to being adhered together.

And while I'm a tallish guy, as we all know, what a difference 4-5" makes!  : )    Matt had the leverage to do some damage - and while he didn't, he certainly knew what he was doing.  The man knew how to fuck.  And as you can see, he had the equipment.

Mind you, two decades ago we didn't really have the technology to capture these images, but he was kind enough to send to me the other day after he touched base - and reliving old times. They were good times.

Unless you were my downstairs neighbor. Keep in mind, bars close at 2:30a, Matt wouldn't show up until after 3:00a and well, the fucking went on for quite a while. Add to that, wooden floors and a VERY creaky bed frame - and we were very into it.

Years later, after I moved out,  I'd find he'd run into my downstairs neighbor who would comment on our escapades and congratulated him on his well.....skill.  How she assumed he was the skilled one and not the receiver is anyone's guess.  Maybe she heard me yell, "fuck me!".

Yeah, I remember.  I'll never forget that.  Clearly, neither will he.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fucked On a Work Call

I got the first load of 2013 from the same guy who provided the last load of 2012.

He wanted to fuck, and well, I wanted to be fucked.  Simple as that.

The only problem was that I had back to back work meetings, even though they'd be telephonic and taken from the home office. I still had to participate, so I originally told him I could not meet.

He is nothing if not persistent.  He asked if he kept it quiet and said nothing, could he fuck me while I was on the phone.  I hesitated for a bit then finally relented. Sure it was risky, but when sex drives run high, one does things they might not ought to do.

I left my office door unlocked and was on the phone when he arrived.  He was dressed causally - sweater, tie, dress shirt, dressed up trousers, but not suit pants.

I thought he'd be hard, with the scene we'd set up, but he wasn't.  I stroked the dick he let out of his fly. And make no mistake, that is as close as he came to undressing.  I couldn't mute my phone, but went down to my knees and silently as possible sucked his cock. He was quiet as a mouse.

He went hard.  7" of dick with a slight upward curve.

I stood up, my pants went down, I bent over.  Simple.

He was behind me. The phone was still active when he entered me. I kept it quiet, so did he.

It did get to the point where I wasn't needed for some part of the call and put it on mute.  We got a little noisier, but not by a lot.

He does a good job fucking, and I think I do a good job getting fucked - though at one point he just stopped moving and I ended up fucking myself on his cock.  He liked that.  Hell, I liked it too  -  but there is something about having an active top, but I'm good with mixing it up.

I was able to stay on mute for a while - at least until he hit the point of no return and dumped a nut up my ass. I squeezed that shaft for good measure, milking every drop out of it.

As soon as he withdrew, I was needed on my call....he went to straighten up a bit.  The call ended and he let himself out.

I kept him inside.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

the Return

His hair had grown out.  It was easier to tell when I put my hands in it than by looking at it.  He mentioned it as I felt it - I acknowledged that I liked it.  It felt right. It felt good.

I liked it when I held his head when we kissed.  It had been months since we had - and I had missed it in my own way.

Due to my schedule, we had little time to play, but we found a window of time and we used it.

It all happened so fast, so quickly - we had time to kiss, time to make out (which you know I do with few people, save him), there was no foreplay or very little.

Ok, yes, I sucked a bit and yes, I ate his ass very little (and him mine), but really it was not an extended session and as much as I like to do all those things, that was not the focus for either of us.

On the bed it was quick - too quick.  We had time lines, unfortunately.  Except for pants and shoes, nothing else came off....of either of us.   It was down, but not dirty.

I was on my back, he above me.  His cock slipped into me like it was meant to be there.  I love the way he fucks me.  7" of dick,  curved slightly and the guy knows how to use it.  And he knows it.

I would not call it a quick pump and dump, but again - time lines.  In and out - in and out.  You all know the mechanics.  There is something to be said for kissing while fucking.  There is something to be said about kissing more deeply the closer one gets to coming.

Of course, there is something to be said about coming.   ...and he did....right up my ass.

Flexing of the dick, knowing his load was shooting in me. Knowing that is where we both wanted it to be.   It felt right.  It felt good.

I'm hoping we don't wait months to do it again.  I'm thinking he's thinking the same thing.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Big Bald Buff

He was a Manhunt find.

Like all sites, Manhunt seems to be hit and miss. But out in California, it was a hit.  Twice. Mind you, with the same guy two different times, but what the fuck - it worked.

He (I got no name) was 6'3", shaved head, a beautiful toso that as partially shaved into somewhat of a diamond shaped pattern.

He claims his cock was 8" x 5.5", but it seems larger...and thicker. But numbers and tape measures do not lie.

 He also seemed at least an inch taller.

First time, he arrived late. Late enough that I was on the phone, on a work call, because I didn't think he was going to show. He entered quietly. He stepped behind me and rubbed my chest and nipples. I was a bowl of jelly while talking with whomever I was talking with. He knew it.  He was revving my engines.

The man was wickedly masculine and handsome - I would tell him later, totally porn-worthy. What he was doing hooking up with the likes of me is completely unknown.  I wasn't really going to argue the fact.

He was affectionate in nuzzling his unshaven face near mine and by my neck.  Lips would never touch - either visit.

I slowly stripped off his suit, cufflinks, tie, etc. He was dressed up for work, but in middle of the morning, here he was, in my hotel room.

I stopped him as he went for his belt. Exposing him that way would be my "task".  I love doing that and it's hot for a man like that to just stand there and be worshipped in certain ritualistic ways. Plus, before those pants come off, I love seeing a shaft just sticking out of an open fly.  Most tops don't see the beauty in this, but I didn't want to be denied.  I wasn't.

It was a fucking beautiful thing.

While ultimately successful, I did have to work to get that rod down my throat.  I went to the short hairs and he fucking liked it. I fucking loved it.  While we never truly talked about how he wanted to be drained, what good session doesn't usually start with some head?

I so wanted to eat his ass too, but he said he would think about it. It turns out he's not a fan of having it eaten, which I don't get.  I TOTALLY get guys hesitant about eating another ass.  But somewhere along the line, I got the green light and he was fucking moaning.  The hole was tight, so he's not the kind to have it played with often, if at all.  Maybe he thought if one barrier went down, the others would.  I had no intention of using anything but my flesh colored tongue for insertion.

The guy loved my nuts. Granted, they are large and he assumed it was because I had a huge load in them.  I did, but they are always that large anyways.  I told him I don't come that much.

We did move over to the bed.  He leaned back while I sucked him. He played with my nuts.  His fingers found my hole.

The man was skilled. Not with this fingers but with that massive rod.  He claimed not to want to fuck, but would rub the head over my hole, leaving me wanting....needing.

He teased and teased and then the head was in.  Then 2".....then 4.   Just my spit as lube, no poppers.......and soon he was hitting bottom. And it was fucking glorious.  He stood between the bed and the wall and I placed my feet against the wall.

It seemed to be good for him too.  He could feel me clamp down on every withdrawal. He felt me relax for every push. His eyes would roll in his head for the former, as if he were trying to keep control of his orgasm.  I have seen it enough times with enough men to know the symptoms.

He kept claiming he wanted to unload in my mouth, but didn't stop the pumping of my ass. I don't know if it was a ruse to keep up me so he could finish or if he thought he had time.

I could read the signs in his face - there was no holding off.  I squeezed my ass muscle and that's all she wrote.  The eyes rolled back once more and he got his nut.

Once he came off his orgasm high, he insisted I jack off.  Normally I do this for no man, but he was fucking hotter than shit.

He tugged my nuts and I stroked my dick. I got off - big time.  I had a 10 day load, easily.  I hit everywhere and everything with my jizz. He was in awe.

He said, "I thought you said you don't come very much".  I misspoke, I told him.  I meant, I don't come very often.

A week later, I was back in his town and he was back in my room, though at night.

There was very little foreplay this time.  It was fucking.

Again, just spit, no poppers.....his dick, my ass.  Hand and glove came to mind, but he wore no glove.  It felt as good the second time as the first. It had not been a fluke.

Both of our methods made the other feel good, until he slipped out of me.....on purpose.

With no words, he lay back on the bed and waited.  I took the hint.

Straddling him, I held his dick stead and slid it into me.  Slow and deliberate, I sank onto it, again, till we were bush to ass.  Then I rode.

He insisted (again), I jack off while I fucked myself on him and cum on him and in his face.  It seemed like a good deal to me.

He made it to the finish line before I do - they always do, but I don't come that often.

He closed his eyes and got off, then encouraged me to shoot.  I did - hitting mostly his face, but a few times in the face and once in the eye.

I will give him this, he had me stand there, while he watched me afterwards and he stroked himself off  - getting a second load.  Had I known, I would have been on my knees to catch it like a good boy.

I'm hoping to be back in his town sooner than later.