Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Bells. No Whistles.

The next day I got a text asking if I wanted a repeat of yesterday.

Deep down I knew while we might get together, there'd be no true repeat.

The arrival was more unceremonial. There was no kissing, little touching and none of it on the stair case. It was directly to the room where I was told there would be no bells or whistles. Just fucking.

For the record, there wasn't just fucking. I neglected to mention that the day before there was also ass-eating, one of my favorite things to do in the sexual world. And I'm a champ at it. This guy has a great hole to eat and he really is into having a guy go to town on it. Or at least this guy.

Before we got down to fucking on this day, I did ask if I could eat his ass some more. He said, he didn't have time to clean.

When it comes to eating ass, their is squeaking clean, clean, manly and just downright dirty. I rarely will to the last of the list, but the others are ok and I'd rather work my way backwards from Manly to Clean. ...and this is a guy who is never ever going to let himself be part of the downright dirty category. He just isn't.

He was borderline clean/manly. I went at it with gusto. He responded in kind. I like the verbal validation, even if there are no actual formed words. I speak horned up pig as a second language.

This time the pillow in the room was for his head. And a new position for us: him on his back, me sitting on and riding his dick.

Well, not so much riding. I did. But he was active too.

The cock felt incredible as it placed it against my hole and it slid right in. I could tell by his face he enjoyed it too. This fuck took longer than the day before. Two to three times longer. I don't think either of us wanted it to end. I can't really speak for him, but I'd say he had to work a little harder for this climax.

Maybe it was his day. Maybe the position. Maybe that I drained a HUGE load out of him the day before. Maybe all of the above.

Make no mistake, he came and I did get the load. No surprise it was coming, as he talked as it was about to happen. I gave words of encouragement because I wanted to show him I wanted it. In reality, he knew I wanted it. In reality, he didn't care if I did or not, and that I was going to get it.

I did get a shot of his cock up my ass though. Actually, there is video, but I'm not sure I'll post that for a bit.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Playtime. Fucktime.

Before ascending the stairs, we kissed.

Normally, no big deal - right? But he wasn't the kissing type. Not with me. Especially not with me. And I probably wasn't with him, but it seemed right.

Now I can't say who initiated it, or if it was mutual. Let's go with mutual. We were still at the bottom step.

I felt his chest. I felt his ass. I felt around to find his 7.5" hard and pressing against his tight jeans. So hard was he, that is made the gaps between the buttons that much more noticeable. It didn't hurt that he was commando. It made it easy to touch his hot flesh tube between the buttons. We both liked that.

As he walked up the stairs ahead of me I cupped his ass. I made him stop and I chewed on his ass through his denim. We actually got down on the stairs, never making it to the top, while we played some more. Hands and mouths on different body parts, yet still fully clothed. Erotic in a way I never expected.

We broke away to make it upstairs. Not tons of his clothes came off. He freed his cock for me.

I love the angle. I love the rigidness. I love the veins. It makes for a nice piece of meat to play with in many regards.

First, I went down and licked his boots. He loves it and oddly enough, I get a thrill out of it as well. Tops. Sides. Tip. Soles. There is something about it that it a turn-on. I won't venture to guess what that is, but I'm sure we all have our immediate conclusions.

After that, it was back up north to start taking care of the dick.

I did a nice job on that cock, if I say so myself. I licked the underside. I licked each side, including the top before my lips extended around the head of the penis. He let me take my time of going down on him. Naturally at one point, he pumped my mouth and that was good. The angle made it nice for sliding in and out with little to no resistance.

I love sucking cock.

But I also knew that was not exactly his plan for getting off. There was a pillow in the room, on the floor and I went and laid my head on it. Me on my back. My pants at some point in this process had come off. Honestly, I don't recall if his did or whether his cock just remained out. I'm thinking they came off and he put his boots back on.

This was the first time he fucked me in this position. We had fucked a few times, but never face to face. We had to adjust the angle for the fuck. The first time he went in, I wasn't relaxed enough or something. It was not horrible but was not the best for me.

The second time he entered, something changed. I felt the ecstasy on face and through m body. I think he saw it on my face too. For those who get fucked - and even better, for those who are the tops and don't get fucked - there is a true right feeling to taking it up the ass. One that makes you feel complete and that it is right. THIS was right.

The right fit. The right feel. Then it went into the right kind of pumping. The right noises, words and sounds.

As always, when it's the right feel, things can progress too quickly. He became close and wanted to know if I wanted him to cum already. Part of me did not. Part of me craved what he was about to do......whether it was now or in five or ten minutes. I opted for now. I'm a greedy guy when it comes to semen.

The orgasm seemed long. I love being able to feel the throb and twitch of the cock, knowing what is happening, even if I don't feel the actual cum. I know what is going on. I love that it is going on.

He got himself together and we both knew there'd be another day. I just didn't know it would be the very next day.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Do You Need to Spit?"

The guy was 15 minutes late, but somehow I knew from our Grindr conversations that he would show. Intuition, I suppose.

47, 6'2", 185. He didn't say what his cock size was, but going by a few pics he sent, I was guessing in the 8" range. I have seen enough pricks in my life to have a good eye for this estimation.

He was as handome as his picture suggested. He was quiet, but determined. Nice, but controlling.

He had me open his jeans. His tight tight jeans. I could barely get them over his hips. But when I did, a very nice cock popped out.

The guy (no name) held me at arms length. He let me look at it. He let me touch it. He let my tongue touch it, but he didn't really let me put it in my mouth. His hand remained at the top of my forehead - literally keeping me at arm's length. I'm ok with this, oddly enough.

I got to lick his large hairless/shaved balls and eventually he let me onto his shaft, after I liked the underside of it.

I'm guessing it was larger than 8", but not a ton larger

As much as I knew I could take it to his pubes, he never let ne get that far. He'd let me go about two-thirds of the way down before he'd slowly pull out.

He was big on having me open my mouth and move in and out at his speed. At some points I had to do nothing about make an 'o' with my lips. He controlled the rest.

He didn't mind the pictures. He encouraged them and even used my phone to take some, so that was nice. They didn't come out great, but he didn't know what I was looking for.

The guy took a turn at fucking my face, controlled and not as deep as I wanted, but hey, this was about him and what made him feel good.....what got him off.

He mentioned at some point that he doesn't get off by blowjobs. Huh? He came over for head - why the wait to tell me now?

When pushed, he said he got off by jacking or fucking. I suggested fucking - as to be on the safe side, I prepped on the off-chance I'd have that opportunity. But he declined and put me back on my knees.

More sucking. Little noise other than the spit on flesh and friction noises that come with cocksucking. You know the deal. You've heard it.

And then, out of nowhere, he starts shooting in my mouth. Gobs and gobs of seed.

There was no fucking. There was no jacking off. Am I that good or was he just fibbing?

The load was a little bitter, but I'm there to do a service. I took it, that big load that was filling my mouth and hitting my tongue.

As I was pulling off and he was pulling out, he said, "Do you need to spit? You can go spit that out now."

I gulped, visibly, more for effect and told him I didn't need to. He smiled.

He immediately pulled on his tight briefs, his tight jeans and was out the door.