Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cigar Fuck

There must be some contradiction to me, at least in the fact that I am an adamant non-smoker, but one who gets boners for cigar men.

Even the most average man with a cigar will get a second look from me. My Tumblr is filled with far too many men holding a cigar.  Freud was wrong - it's never JUST a cigar.

I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with me. It's not just that I don't smoke, but I"m not fond of kissing men who do, the smell isn't that appealing and it's never fun to have your clothes smelling like you came from a bar circa 1987.

...and yet, I'm sexually drawn to these men.  Some of these men, that is.  Trust me, just like everyone else there are men that a cigar could not help with attraction.

Anyway, I had seem him on a few sites:  Recon, Scruff, BBRT.......and it seems he at least knows of my Tumblr, which means he probably knows of this blog, which means he's probably reading about himself.

Knowing this beforehand can be a struggle. If a session is bad, it's harder to write about honestly. Luckily, I won't really have that issue.

We traded messages for a long time, but nothing even trying to nail down a time ever. But this day, I was working from home. I had already successfully sucked two other guys dry (more on them in another post, I suppose).  I think we were both surprised when we were both free at the same time.

I had already 'prepped' my ass in hope of one of those other two guys wanted to fuck (they didn't), so when asked how long till I'm free, I said I could leave in 5 and then 20 minutes there. Boom. Done.

One the way, I was told the door would be ajar and to just come upstairs. I parked and got out of my car - immediately, even out in the driveway, I could smell his cigar.  His windows must have been opened.

I slipped off my shoes upon entering and climbed the stairs to see him sitting at desk, an Asylum parked in his jaw, while he watched porn.  Clearly I entered the sex room.  Air mattress. Porn on dual monitors. Sling. ....and that's about it. But that's about all you need.

He was sitting there, a well worked Asylum in his mouth and wearing a black leather vest. That was it. That was all that was needed - for either of us. It was the scene. It's what we wanted and expected.

My shorts and shirt came off and hit the floor. There was no foreplay - on my part.

Ok, yes, we stood there stroking and touching each other's cock,  but that was it on my end. I never once sucked him. This is unusual for me, but not unexpected in this situation.

That doesn't mean there wasn't foreplay - I just didn't perform it. He (I never did get a name), bent me over his air mattress, got on his knees, and dove his face into my ass, with cigar resting on the side of my hip.

The mouth was good. The beard was rough - but in a good way. It was exactly as it should be.

Then it was fucking time. He lubed up an average sized cock.  His cigar was thicker than the meat. I'm sure it was longer than the cock too when he started it. He placed it at the outside of my asshole and pushed in. Exactly as it should be.

The angle was ok, but not perfect. So into the sling it was.

The angle for me was great. I love being in that position anyways. I like seeing a man in front of me as he fucks. I'm in a semi-vulnerable place and he, well...........isn't. It's a nice view as his cigar gets parked in his jaw while he pumps my ass.

There was a moment a few minutes into the fuck that I thought he was extremely close. Instead he pulled out saying that angle didn't work for him.  Back to the mattress it was.

We went at it different ways but there was a lot of stop and start.  Cigar play was part of the play.

He liked smacking my ass and eating my ass. This played well with cigar / sex images.

....and yes, he put that cigar right back in his mouth after it had been up my ass.

We stopped trying for a while and he admitted to me that he had cum while I was in the sling, and that he thought he could get off again, but now wasn't so sure.  But he sat in his chair and stroked while we talked dirty and traded different tales.

He got up and walked across the room coming back with a dildo. 8" in length and a normal girth. He lubed it up and slid it up my hole. There by, pushing his already deposited load deep.  He continued to fuck me with it while we talked.

At one point he pulled it all the way out and presented it to me.   "Clean it off".  Dutifully, I parted my lips and took the sex toy in my mouth. I didn't just lick it clean, but I made a performance out of it. I tried to deep throat that mother.

All of this go him going again. Soon in was on all fours at the edge of the bed and he shoved his cock in and delivered a second load.

I had not cum, nor was I planning on it. But for good measure, I picked up the dildo again and slid it back into my ass. I made sure it got cum covered again and the returned it to my mouth.

That was it.  We both enjoyed it - I think. There were, and have been, no plans to return. I wouldn't say 'no'.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

30 Minutes

If we're being honest, with whatever on-line app you're using, you choose guy you don't really want to have sex with - they're just close.

Sure sure, some of them we want to have sex with. With some we will travel or wait for them to FINALLY show up...........if they show up. But you know those odds. We all do.

Hook-ups should be like pizza delivery.  30 minutes or less. The endless negotiating and asking the stupid questions, just so a cock can get into a hole is mind numbing.

I'd say I'm guilty over picking closer than hotter sometimes, but there's no guilt. Guilt is a useless emotion - and this is coming from a Jew.

And trust me - I know I've been selected by closeness over hotness from other people looking to get off.

It was a day of sexual thought. The idea of getting someone off. I was horny as fuck. Sorry for shocking you with such straightforwardness. I know - you're all delicate flowers.

Me getting others off was not meant to be. I tried.......and tried. No one near or far was biting. I made it home and had some time to kill before evening plans. I had seen him on Grindr before. No exchanges, words or fluids.

His screen name implied he'd be giving the head.  It wasn't my first or second choice, but fuck - I'd been horny all day in thought and touching myself here and there. Oh - and I hadn't cum for almost three weeks.  So there's that.

45. White.  5'9", 165, average everything.  I pinged him. He answered. He was a mile away. Said he could be here in 10.  I told him to make it 8.   Yeah. I'm kind of a dick, sometimes.

.....but he was there in eight minutes.

He was an eager as fuck cocksucker. By the book, he was good at cocksucking. Good suction. No teeth. Lots of enthusiasm. Good spit ratio. And yet it wasn't working for me. Oh sure, I could have willed myself to cum, but you know I don't give up my load all that often and I want it to count.

On a whim, as I was standing over him, he on his knees bent towards me - I leaned over and rubbed his ass over his shorts.  He responded as I expected him to - like a bitch in heat.

Honestly, I didn't even fuck him.

I mean - I did, but in reality, he fucked me.

In a flash he stood up, pulled down his own shorts, applied his own spit to his own hole, bent over and then thrust himself on my fuckstick.  I barely had to do a thing.

He was an aggressive fucking bottom. It's like he was fucking me - well, kind of.  But he did push himself back on to me fully and then rode me while bending over, me leaning against a counter. He was a little whore.

And he ended up giving me directions.  He pulls off me, kneels down, face to the floor, "fuck me doggie style!".  So I did.  I'm an accommodating host, no?

As you will see some of this from the video - including the sperming of his ass.

.....and then he was gone.  From time of first contact to him walking out the door was a little over 30 minutes.  Perfect timing.

Naturally, he keeps bugging me for a repeat.   Whore!

Topping a Stranger