Monday, December 30, 2013

"Straight" Black Guy

He advertised on CL.  Married black male in need of a mouth.

39, 6'1", 200, 9".

What he didn't say was he was in a hotel room with his wife, as they were in town visiting family for the holidays. No problem, I could work with that if need be.

The day he advertised now was not going to work, due to he was running out of time, so we agreed the next morning at 10:00 would be fine. He'd give me the details then. And he did, though not in time for me to make it there by the designated time - of which he was a little miffed. But it's hard to be at a hotel of which you don't know the location or room number without him telling you until 15 minutes before the designated hook-up time.

But I made it and there he was. A little beefy in the middle, but attractive and chocolate brown. He had no shirt on and just a pair of sweat pants.

"Are you going to undress?" he asked me.  I said, since it was only a blowjob there was no need, but could take off my shirt if he wanted. He wanted, so it came off.  Then I went to work.

I was on my knees taking out his cock - which may have been a little over 8", but it was not 9". Over 8" is still more than respectable.

Now, this guy didn't know me from Adam, but he had me pegged. The words that flowed freely from his lips were like pure heaven to a cock pig. The name-calling was secondary - what and how I was doing was primary. He knew what he wanted, what he liked and was not shy about verbalizing this.

I am pretty good at figuring a guy's likes and dislikes out early on and as we go along, but it was nice to hear him specify why I was invited over, what I was to do and how I was doing it.

He'd stop now and again to check the peep hole in the door to see if anyone was coming. Whatever. Trust me, if he could see them there, it was far to late to see IF they were getting close.

We'd go back into feeder / eater mode and I was making him moan. Though he wanted to be louder, he was afraid the housekeeper in the hall might hear, and he refused to take me back into the room where the bed was, as he didn't want me where his wife might find out.

But immediately he'd go back into his dirty talk, knowing all the right buttons to push. And he reached down to my nipples, another thing he didn't know about - until I reacted. But he wasn't willing to fuck me - though he told me about how good he fucked and how he's got 5 kids from several different women.

I'm totally good if he's a complete player and looking for any hole to get his manly black cock off in. I mean, here I was in a stranger's hotel room, on my knees sucking his fucking dick.

We only had a while, since he knew she'd be back and they'd have to check out at noon, so I went to work. We both did. I met everyone of his thrusts into my mouth by bobbing down on his meat. His hand at my head.

I did pull back as he was getting close and stick out my tongue. I let him see his white seed hit the extended tongue before ingesting his semen. Then I took the rest of his shooting cock into my mouth and continued to nurse and drain every drop.

He was not the kind to chat afterwards, not that I wanted to. I got my shirt on and was out the door like a good little boy, leaving him to reflect on what he'd done as his wife returned.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Two Condoms. One Fuck.

For months - on and off - Mr. Sensitive and I have been playing.

He has an incredible body and possibly the perfect cock - in length, girth and the best circumcision ever done.

While our encounter have all been oral (except for my hands on his nipples), and the oral always being my mouth on his cock. I shouldn't say "all" - as he likes to stand behind me and tease my ass a little with his big dick.

But it's never gone farther than that.

Normally he gives me about a 30 minute notice before getting together. The last time it was over three hours.

I don't know why, but I decided to 'prep' for a fuck. He gave me no reason to think we would go in this direction - either in this meeting or any previous get together, but I did it anyways.

I'm glad I did.

We started off the same old way, and I'm not complaining if that's all we did. His body feels great against mine. His cock feels great in my mouth. He likes my hands on his chest, and I like them being there.

But he got behind me and rubbed. He told me one day he wanted to fuck me over my desk. I told him I wanted that too. He added, "next time I give you three hours notice, you should be ready for me".

I do believe I surprised him when I said, "I am ready for you now".

He greased up his cock and bent me over. I thought that would be that, but he just teased and then said he needed a condom.

Luckily (?) I had two in my desk drawer. I couldn't tell you what year they were or what the expiration date might be. I can't even tell you who might have brought/left them, because I know they weren't mine.

He squeezed into it, but it was a tight fit. He bent be back over the desk and speaking of tight fits.......that man stretched my hole. And he pummeled......for four minutes.

It wasn't working for him. Whether it was the position or the act, I wasn't sure yet. He was always a little skittish so with guys like this - and some of you know what I'm talking about - you have to play it delicately.

He didn't go right back to old trick guy, though he pulled off the rubber. I went and sucked him. I stood up and stroked his dong and played with his nipples. I praised his body and his skills. Guys love that shit....myself included. We are not complicated beings.

But this got him stiffer than ever before. He told me to lie on my back on the desk. I complied. His bare dick was still greased up and he lifted my legs. With great skill, he slid his cock into me. Pulled out. Then reinserted.

Almost to himself he said, " shouldn't be doing this....", but you could tell he was conflicted.

"Do you have another rubber?". I knew the risk:  say 'no' and possibly not getting fucked and even scaring him off forever. Or say 'yes' and get fucked, but with a baggie. I brought out the last of the rubbers.

Within seconds of rolling it on, he was back in me.

The man is a master at fucking. But completely selfish fucking. ....not that I'm complaining. There is something hot about a guy only getting off for his needs and not worrying a bit about the guy under him. I'm sure I've touched on this before - haven't I? I can't be the only one who thinks this, right?

Since we had been playing on and off for 30-40 minutes, he wasn't going to last long and didn't. Maybe 7-8 minutes of fucking. He busted his nut in the rubber while up my ass.

Due to that lingering sensitivity issue, he didn't last long up there and pulled out way sooner than I wanted him to, and much too quickly.

Now I didn't take Psych 101 for nothing. I got something out of that class, though we never used examples as specific as this:

With a trash can no more than one foot from him, he peeled off the rubber and dropped it right on the floor between me and him.

In his mind, he knew he couldn't give me the load directly by fucking my ass, but he was leaving me the load. Period.

I wasn't about to let it go to waste and deep down he knew it.

He dressed and left with the promise to return.

I gathered his spent rubber and held it so all juices collected into the tip, to see how much cum he might have shot.

And none of you should worry, but I emptied those contents right onto my outstretched tongue.

And yes, I sent him the picture. He knows what he did. He knew what I would do - though it was unsaid.

And yes, I proved him right.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Party Aftermath

I was there for a holiday party. Me and 100 or so of the closest people I've never laid eyes on. However, I knew the hosts - both of them, though one I have known for pushing 30 years. Yikes. I possibly knew 2-3 others.

But I got to meet and hang with a group of 4-5 that I seemed to have something in common. They were fun and funny, but that kind of crowd you didn't dare walk away from as you know they'd rip you to shreds.

There were a few draws to the party:  one was the host I didn't know as well. It was my understanding he had a big cock.  The second was I heard they had a sex room for those willing, while others just enjoyed the drinks, food and seasonal company.

Indeed there was a room with a sling. A TV for porn, but it wasn't playing anything. No one was making a move to that room - and oddly, I didn't want to be the first.

As it turned out, no one made the move to be first. At least by the time I left at 12:30a. Shame. I had a good time, but not the experience I thought I'd be having.

The next morning, I got a message from that host I wanted saying I should have stuck around another hour - as that when things got started. Not sure why so late, but oh well. I was up front and said I was sorry, as I wanted to see and feel his cock. He was just up front saying he really wanted to fuck my ass. Double bummer.

Knowing they had a house full of guests, I invited him to my place, but he had to help clean up or his partner would kill him.  Triple bummer.

A few minutes later, I got a message back saying, I should come over and he'd fuck me. His partner gave him the ok to breed my ass. I wasn't sure how it was going to work, but I headed over there. He said the front door would be open. It was.

"Dan" met me at the door. I passed "Bill", his partner, and nodded. He nodded back, not a word was spoken. I was taken down to the rec room as Bill was cleaning up the kitchen.  Dan told me on the way down, "the bartender from last night is crashed on the couch, but he has 9" so if he wakes up, it might be fun".

I remembered the bartender. At least behind the bar and clothed with cowboy boots on, he looked hot in his own way. It could be fun.

Down in the rec room, I immediately rubbed Dan's dick. Soon it was out and in my mouth. Growing. Pushing 8.5", but it was the thickness that was impressive. It was literally a tube of meat. I'm not patting myself on the back, but soon enough my nose was in his pubes. He liked it. I loved it.

His hands were on my head, then down my back as I took him into my throat. You know how that goes - then they trailed down to my ass, under my jeans. Since I was commando, his hand found my crack. I couldn't get out of those pants fast enough.

At this point, not a word was said. Even noises were at a minimum as the bartender slept four feet away.

We both disrobed completely and I was on my knees, shoulders down as Dan put his spit-slicked cock to my hole. Granted, it was a tight fit, but he pushed into me, and I sank back onto him. It felt good. It felt right.

Dan wasn't fucking me hard - just slow and steady. Very slow actually. After a few minutes, he pulled out and said he needed some lube. I thought for a second it was odd, as things were moving nicely, but he's the top!

A few minutes later, his cock properly slick, he was back in me.

Later, he would tell me that he needed lube to minimize the friction. He felt so good with just spit, he thought he would cum too soon and the lube desensitized him a bit.

This is why I'm not a top. I don't know these things.

Dan went on to fuck me for quite a while. Mind you, he probably got off only a few hours before this, since the back room party got started late, but that was ok, I like being fucked.

Mind you, at the beginning I was being somewhat quiet thinking the sleeping bartender should sleep, but part of me want his 9" dick. So "maybe" I moaned more than was needed as Dan pumped my hole. The trick worked and the bartender stirred and looked up.

But he just got up, and walked to the bathroom - jeans on, no shirt. On the way back out though he didn't button up. He walked right in front of me and presented his dick. Naturally I opened my mouth and took it in. It was flaccid when it started, but I got it fully erect, though it was easily 2" shorter than 9.

Since I was on my knees, shoulders still down, taking it up the ass, the feeder's angle was all off. He tried squatting and even sitting on the floor. Finally, I leaned over and dragged a folding chair over - he sat in it, spread his legs and I was finally getting it from both ends.

Due to the house still being full of sleeping guests, ones who were not as open as we were being, we still remained fairly quiet. Actually, except for a few sighs, the bartender said not a word, though his hand went behind my head.

Dan kept fucking my hole, slowing down at times, which again I later found out was to stop him from cumming too soon. But in theory the launch code had been activated and it was only a matter of time - not that I knew it.

Dan's in and out motions never quite changed in thrust or severity. There was no pre-vocal warnings to his eminent ejaculation. Soon there was just a defining moan, with both the bartender and myself knowing what was happening. And it happened for a while.

Dan had a large load, especially since it had only been six hours since his orgasm. Of course he stayed in for a minute while I milked his bone.

As he pulled out, the bartender pushed my head off his cock stood up and walked around to where Dan was exiting. Without a word, without ceremony, he pushed in right up my ass. He was truly a man of few words. He said nothing. Some grunts, but that was about it.

Dan had moved in front of me and I was cleaning off his dick while bartender just fucked to his own content. I was barely apart of the equation. He did know me, I didn't even have him get me a drink the night before, as the beer was just self-serve.

It didn't matter. I didn't matter. For him at that moment, I was a utility, but I put myself in that situation and I wasn't complaining even if I hadn't.

The man finally said two words amongst some groans, "ohhhh yeahhhhh".  It was low. The voice wasn't going to carry upstairs for anyone else to hear. I'm not even sure he said it for anyone other than himself, like some kind of affirmation of getting his nut.

Like walking out of the bathroom to my mouth, there was no fanfare to him finishing, pulling out and going back to lay on the couch. Dan just smiled.

We both put on our clothes walked upstairs. I nodded again to Bill and left.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Anonymous (?) Hotel Fucking

Is there any true anonymous sex anymore?

It's getting harder and harder to find. Gloryholes, even in some bookstores, have been eliminated. Cruising parks has been cracked-down upon by rangers and police. And the biggest culprit is the iPhone apps for hook-ups.

You get far too much information offered and asked before one actually does the deed. I might not know they're name, but I certainly know their screen name and how close they are to me - along with their likes and dislikes, etc. Or the ones who go on a fucking rant about not wanting to hook-up or aren't looking, though they're on a site for such things.  Anyway...........

I got back to my hotel much later than anticipated, missing the chance to be tag-teamed by the previous guy and another he had found. I was bummed, but almost too tired to care (in between him fucking me the first time and leaving for my event I did suck off three guys - nothing special enough to warrant a separate post). It's not like I was going without.

But as I settled into bed, I did check the on-line apps to see what was what and who was wear.

Since I was near the airport, not tons of folks fewer than five miles away - and while that's not far, it's also not as the crow flies. Yet one guy hit me up. His pic looked handsome.

55, 6'0", 185, 7" and hairy.

My lights were already out, but he asked I leave them off, crack the door and be on my knees, ass up. He'd be there in 10-15 min. I got up and cracked the door and assumed the position.

Mind you - I see ads like this on craigslist all the time, at least the offering of - but never actually had it happen. That was about to change.

True to his word, the guy was there in 10-12 minutes. I heard the door open and close. I heard pants being discarded. I stayed facing the opposite wall or head into a pillow. Never did I turn around. Never did I utter a word. Nor did he.

There was the sound of him wetting his cock with his spit. There was a heavy sigh as he hit the target (eventually) and sank his head in.  ...and then the rest of his shaft.

There was the sound of me snorting poppers and the in and out of his wet cock entering and leaving my moist asshole. Repeatedly.

I know I moaned when he fucked me hard. Not loud, but audible for him to hear. He knew what he was doing had an effect.

After 8-10 minutes there was a deep thrust and the only groan he would give, though it was a long drawn out one. I knew what he was doing.

My head stayed in my pillow as I milked his cock with my muscles.

I heard the pants go on. I heard the belt being buckled. I heard the door close.

I never heard a word of thanks, nor did I give one. I pulled up the covers and went to bed with a stranger's load in my guts.

While it was not completely anonymous, it was the closest thing in a while.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hotel Room Breeding

"Let's get some dick in you now" was a reply I received from an ad I placed while I was traveling.

45, 6'1", 190, average build, 7" thick, hairy and had a goatee. The accompanying picture was nice too.

As you can see from the post opening line, he was insistent on coming to my hotel room and I did ask for aggressive men, so I shouldn't have been surprised. He was hoping others had answered as well and would be there, but timing is everything, so it was just him and myself.

I was slightly disappointed when opening the door. Physically, he was fine, but he came off a little effeminate and I was not digging that. But that said, he turned it around quickly and was a bit more masculine and soon his clothes were off and I was on my knees.

The man used "boy", "faggot", "son" and "cocksucker" an awful lot while using my mouth and pinching my tits. No doubt I probably responded positively to his first attempts and he ran with it.

I sucked him. I ate his ass. He did nothing to me or my dick - which is just honky-dory to me.

Eventually it came down to the main event. And we did it in multiple positions. This guy had warned me he is not a fast fuck and it was true. He was a slow, methodical fucker who took his time and went deep.

The guy took at least 60 minutes to bone my ass.  I'm not really complaining because he knew what he was doing and talked dirty the entire time. If I had a complaint, it was I missed two other opportunities because I couldn't check my phone - and they had moved on while I took it up the ass by this guy.

I did think with that talk and that skill, there'd be a better warning system for when he dropped his seed, but there was nothing more than a mid-stroke, "oh shit, here it comes....."

He pumped a five day load into me, according to him.

And afterwards, he wanted to cuddle a bit - which is not my style. I couldn't shake him no matter how hard I tried, though he did promise to come back later at night with a buddy he'd find and then they'd both fuck me. I let him "cuddle" for that reason alone.

I was ok with being pimped out this way, thinking I'd be back from my event in time for it to happen, but alas I missed that window. But that left me open for another opportunity as well.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Instant Message - pt 2

I sat in the lobby to read the message that had come through - and to see who else might be 'near by', since I was in the exit of a billion airport hotels. SOMETHING had to be around.

As it turns out, there were a few around, but mostly not in a room.  ...except the one who had messaged me.

Again - another one where I'm thinking, 'I'm flattered, but why me?'

31. maybe 5'10", 180. ...and in military dress. No military drag - like a costume party. This guy was the real thing. As it would turn out, he was a Marine.


But he wanted a blowjob and well, I wanted to give him one.

His hotel was less than half a mile away, and I found it and his room with no problem. Like the ginger, he left his door unlocked for me to walk in. Like the ginger he was on his bed, naked.

Unlike the ginger, the lights were on and the blinds cracked. No one could see a thing if they were wide open, but hey what can you do? And the TV was blasting ESPN, no one was going to hear anything other than yesterday's college basketball scores if they were outside the door trying to eavesdrop.

I take off my shoes and that is it. I walk over to the side of the bed, drop to my knees and take his cock in my hand and admire it.  It is a good 7". It has heft to it - it's dense. The shaft is thick. The head is beautiful and big. It's a shame he only wants head.

But it's his gig and I'm there to serve, not direct.

For a few minutes we were perpendicular. with me really worshipping this cock. It was superb. It filled my mouth just right. But the angle was wrong - even though he didn't know it.

I had him turn and lay down so his legs were hanging over the bed and I was between them. From this angle I was able to work some oral magic. And this boy did think it was magic.

Mind you, I've had plenty of experience performing fellatio on men, so I've picked up a few tricks that normally (not always) make a guy quiver and now and again they can't help verbalizing what they're feeling.

This was one of those men.

Since these techniques are patent pending, I'll save them for when they are protected.  :@)    Sorry.

I love that this tough Marine was thrashing around on the bed in the throes of ecstasy. Swearing, laughing, shortness of breath - all at the same time. He was digging my blowjob.

Several times, either through his verbal warning, or his pulsating cock, I knew he was close. I totally backed off.

There are times you just want to finish the blowjob and there are times you want it to last forever. This was one of the latter. He had such a great cock - a perfect dick, even  - that I wasn't ready for this to be over.

I went down and licked his sac. His full sac. Nice set of nuts on the soldier.  But I went further south. And then further still.

While it is possible this boy had been fucked in the past, it had been a rare rare instance. He wasn't the type of guy to shy away from a tongue in his ass, so maybe he had that before, or maybe he didn't know what was coming. He loved it.  But the boy was so tight, it is doubtful he'd ever been entered with anything but a tongue.

I was going back up to his dick and he asked if I wanted the load. I assured him that I most certainly did. He asked me where I wanted it and I said anyplace he desired.

Of course, since this was an oral visit, I assumed that meant the mouth or on the face - I needed him to be comfortable with the choice.

"How about up your ass?"

I stopped sucking for what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably 10 seconds. "Sure - if that's what you want.", I replied hoping he was really meaning it and not trying to tip my hand.

"How'd you like to get fucked by Marine cock?", he growled.

I swear, if words alone could get me off without the sense of touch, those would have been eight words to do it.

My clothes were still on - and I didn't want time to change things. I unbuckled my pants, dropped them around my ankles and kneeled on the side of his bed. With only my spit and a little of his - he pushed into my hole.

Mind you - I thought I was equipped to take his dick easily. But that head. That fucking big head made me feel every fiber of nerve in my ass. In a good way.

He just sunk down, making sure every inch disappeared. I would say he was 80% in when it started to taper to a narrower base making that last push so delightful. My ass just melted around his shaft, grabbing onto every inch of that cock.

The Marine took four or five deep strokes and stopped.  "Is there already a load in there?" he queried.

I hesitated on how to answer. On one hand he could be turned on. On the other, he could think I was a fucking slut who was letting anyone put it to me. I took the risk.


To be honest, no one has ever gone in and said they felt another load. I wasn't sure if it was an urban myth or not. I guess it's a real thing.

He paused only for a second. "Awesome" and started pumping harder.

Now the dude was near the edge when I was sucking him and I didn't expect him to last long here. He lasted longer than I thought, but not by a great amount. Maybe 7-8 minutes and he was adding a third load to my fucking ass.

Grunts. Groans. Swearing.  Just like you'd think a military man might do.

Again, I asked him to keep that cock up me not only because I liked the feeling of his thick shaft filling me up, but I didn't want that big head to pull out the load with it.

Eventually he slipped out, as they all do.

He went to grab a towel, but didn't expect me to drop to my knees to clean him off.

You can see the beauty of the shaft and head.  And that was mean licking him clean - right from my ass. He stood and watched, smiling.

I stood up and pulled up my 501s. He was still all smiles and just said - "fuck man, I still can't get over whatever you were doing with your mouth - that was fucking awesome".

I think it's fair to say - this is the best way to support the troops.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Instant Message - pt 1

Yes, a story in two parts.

There are good and bad things about some of these on-line hook-up sites (Scruff, Mister, A4A, etc). Instant success or instant failure. Or you see they read your message and never even have the guts to acknowledge you.

Or, you have the manic guys who message you 100 times. Are they manic?  ADHD? Too much meth? It's a crap-shoot.

A few days ago, I got a message from a very attractive 26 year old ginger. 06:45a.

Mind you, I was awake, but barely. He could easily see I was 18 miles away, and at the beginning of rush hour. But could I come to this hotel NOW.  And not just come now, but be there NOW.

Dude, best case scenario if I was walking out the door it'd be 25 minutes. But that wasn't working for him. Maybe we could do it later in the day when he woke up.  Oh - and he said I had to be squeaky clean (inside) or he'd sent me away.

So he wanted me at 6:45a, and expected me to be running clear that time of the morning?  Dream on, pal!  And that going to bed at this time made me think he was a meth head. But when he said he just checked in and was checking out at 5:00p, and he was close to the airport, I figured he was a flight attendant.

However, I was intrigued.
A. He was kind of demanding and self-assured for a 26 year old.  and
B. for as many guys as I've slept with (and there have been plenty, I don't recall one ginger or red head.

I know!

So, I was in and we agreed on 2:30p.  But lo and behold at 12:30 he texts me (as I was finishing sucking off GDD) and tells me he's ready NOW.  Ugh.

I left within 15 minutes and told him I'd be there at 1:30.  Every five minutes I'd get another text - when will you be here?  how much longer?  It's still 1:30, dude - laws of distance and physics still apply.

He texts me his room number and that the door is unlocked. He said to strip when I came in and come suck his cock.

I opened the door to pitch black. I bolted and chained the door for no surprises of anyone else he might have around. I stripped and walked over. His dick was soft but nice. His pic showed a respectable 7.5"

and thick.

It grew in my mouth and that's all he wanted it to do, though he aggressively held my head in place and pushed me down. I think he'd have liked to choke me on it, but hell, I know what I'm doing.

Yet, the sucking was all of two minutes of foreplay. He pulled me up and pushed me onto the bed.  "Get on all fours".  I barely had time to hit the poppers before he pushed his cock head into my ass. It was only seconds later he was buried balls deep.

It felt fucking great.

I kept thinking, for 26, he fucks like a pro and for 26, he is a natural dominant person. Granted, at that age, I knew I like to take well more than give, but fuck - he was all business.

He fucked hard for about 7-8 minutes and pulled out. While he said he wanted me on my back, as I started to go there, he goes, "oh no......." and pulled me over to his dick. I knew the score. It was to go in my mouth - right from my ass.

I took it. I took him to the fucking root and used my tongue on his shaft for him to know I was ok with ass-to-mouth.

He pushed me off and back, lifted my legs and without ceremony plunged into my ass down to his short hairs.  We fucked like that for another five or so. Then there was another pull out,then another ass-to-mouth session.

Get on your knees again. I did, but this time he buried my head in his pillows....and then SLAM - his dick was in me again. Pumping. Pumping. Pumping.

I was just a hole on his layover. A place for him to find some pleasure and relief before getting on another flight.

All the pumping sent him over the edge. He unleashed with fury, if the pulses I could feel were of any indication. Or the grunts he made that anyone passing in the hall would know exactly why they were being made.

When he was empty, he lay on top of me for a minute, while I probably whimpered my thanks. Then he pulled out.

BTW - why is it always a much different feel when a guy pulls out after cumming than he does while still fucking and changing position?

After the 'plop' of the pull out, he remained a top of me. He was talking dirty while my head was still in the pillows. He said, he wanted to suck a load out of him, so I would be forced to taste him on my the rest of the day.

As he made this talk, he kept sawing his cock up and down the length of my ass crack. He'd talk and talk, and rub and rub.  About five minutes into this he asked if I wanted another load.

Of course I did!  But with all his talk of making me swallow it, I assumed I would be going to my knees to drink it. However, after I said, "yes, I'd love another load", he plunged his cock into me and shot a second round.


This time it was pulled out completely and in haste. He got off me and stood, waiting for my exit.

Normally, I would just go, but considering some earlier attention to detail, I dropped to my knees and cleaned off his cock again - straight from my hole.

After a minute, he pushed me away.  "I need some sleep", he said, plopped down on the bed.

He may as well have just said, "Get the fuck out, now!".  Which I did. I dressed in the dark, not even tying my boots, opened and closed the door.

By the time I reached the lobby, I had another message from a nearby man in need.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Talks a Good Game

You know the kind of guy I mean. If he's not all talk and zero action, then his talk is exaggerated at best.

And I fell for it - hook, line and sinker.

Don't get me wrong, "Mark" wasn't horrid or anything, he was just fair. Of course, I built up a few weeks worth of text up in my head as a guy being better than he is.

Oh yeah - weeks of text.  He was the master of never following through or something suddenly coming up. Or that, I'll text you tomorrow and we'll set a time.......and then tick tick tick....and all of the sudden he was unable to reply to your messages. You get the drift.

But there we were - finally. His picture were much better than the actual being. He looked like a down and out Danny McBride.  ...and not in a good way.

He had been claiming 8" and he was off by at least an inch. It was nice, but not eight. And for all his skills that he had, he was, again, fair at best.

The man was maybe an inch shorter than myself - possibly two. But he couldn't get an angle to work bending over the desk. I get that. So down on the floor we went.

Due to his texting, I thought the man would have a foul mouth, but he did not. It was just a quiet fuck and he hammered away. If he felt good doing it, I have no idea. It was ok for me, and I'd say nothing to write home about - but here I am, writing about it.

In a way, I'm glad to have it off the table. I don't have to feel the need to respond to his texts right away - hoping to get a piece. I might be surprised if either of us texts each other again. As you know, it's as much about the hunt as it is the kill.

There was no kill. I'm here to live another day and to tell another story or two.  And I think you'll REALLY like the next two.

Monday, December 02, 2013


Guys are like music - you notice the good ones (men and songs) and you notice the really bad ones too. It's the mediocre that no one gives a second look.  The guy with no distinguishing features that you just pass by and never think 'what if'.

I'd argue that most of us do it - including the mediocre guys themselves.

Had he provided pictures, I might have passed. But the stats were ok.  44, 5'10", 190, 7 thick inches. No shabby.

He didn't mention that 30 of those lbs were his gut alone. He didn't mention pasty white and a second chin - one that was only accentuated by his weak goatee growth. And I was less than hopeful for his truthfulness in cock size when he arrived, stripped and sported maybe - maybe!!! - 1.5".

Doing my oral duty - though that was not either of our end game - he did eventually spring nicely to almost 7.5" and yes, he was thick. I need to be more patient with growers. I immediately jump to the almost standard gay classified lie of adding 1-2" to their dick size.

True to our discussion, he used sucking to get him hard, but other than that, all he wanted was hole. Mine.

First it was all fours.  He was thick and I felt every inch of girth. He had enough lube, but he wasn't really skilled at the art of penetration and repenetration.

Maybe his mediocre looks held him back at gaining experience - I don't know. And you know guys, you can't tell us anything. So he wasn't taking direction well. Or even listening.

When he'd pull all the way out, he'd miss the my hole by a good inch, but just kept jabbing a non-entry point. I'd have to reguide him to his destination.

But even when he was in, he basically sawed more than fucked. He clearly did it only for his pleasure - which I totally get from a top. He just wasn't that nuanced.

While trying to talk to him during sex, because I like the dirty talk, I asked if he had a big load. He replied he did - then went on to say he had not come in weeks.

WEEKS? I replied.  He affirmed that. Not even jacking off due to some pinched nerve.

He then wanted me bent over a desk, which was good for me, but he had more problems with that position so it was back to the floor, on my knees, but this time, my shoulders to the floor - ass WAY up.

He liked this better and that was ok.

Overall, I'd say the fuck took about 20 minutes, but without much warning he told me he was going to blow. And did he.

I could feel the pulsing of his cock, but more importantly, I could feel the warmth of his load as it spread through my guts.

I loved how he stayed in and didn't immediately pull out like many do. He let me milk him - every drop of him, or at least most of them.

Maybe the poor guy needs some experience. Maybe I should help him out with future visits.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretty Boy

He hit me up on Scruff.

29, 5'9", 155.  Handsome as all get out on his profile pic.  What would he want me for?

It turned out, he wanted my cock. But that is not normally how I play.  I told him so and that I wanted to suck his cock.  He relented and invited me over.

But before he did, he asked if I was clean - and this time he meant how and when I actually showered last.  I said I did that morning, which was a total lie. I think I showered the day before....maybe.

Then he said it would be a while because he had to jump in the shower.  UGH.

A. I didn't want the time delay of him scrubbing up.
B. I didn't care about him being Irish Spring clean - nor did I want him to be.

And looking at his picture, this kid (yes, kid!) looked like he was always squeaky clean - you know the type.

I told him I was a grown man who wasn't all that fragile and not to shower. And he didn't.

Getting to this house on the perfect street, I started to see a pattern.  His first comment was on the make and model of my car. His house was impeccably decorated. Not my style at all, but nice things and not one out of place.

His profile picture did not do him justice. While he was handsome in his pic - he was model handsome in real life. almost bordering on 'pretty'.

The shower thing all fell into place. The man was all about aesthetics, possessions and presentation.

Before I came over, he even asked what I would be wearing. Priceless.

He took me back to his extremely dim bedroom - complete with what i'm sure was like Ralph Lauren comforters and such. Apple TV and laptop in his room as well.

"Jay" was wearing a nylon like jersey and workout shorts. He was hard - a thin 7" of hard.  His nuts were loose and hung like pendulums - far away from his penis.

At first he sat on the edge of the bed and then lay back so I had access to his cock.  I took it all the way down, but he pressed his hips up to make sure it went even a little deeper.

He moaned appropriately.  He wanted me to play with his nipples - hard!  I played hard and it didn't phase him at all. Well, that's not entirely true. Like the bitch he probably was, his legs automatically spread.

I licked his nuts and little below that, but not yet to his ass.  I took my finger and gently rubbed it across the hole. His hand met my wrist and pulled my hand away.

Granted, the finger smelled a little ripe afterwards and maybe that's why he wanted the shower, but that's exactly why I didn't want him to shower. I'd have cleaned that hole up - but it was not meant to be.

I found it odd he lay completely back, eyes closed or staring at the ceiling, almost being a non-participant in the event.  I get that from straight guys, but his one was not.

Maybe I wasn't what he was expecting. Maybe he was self-loathing and couldn't get into participating.

He knew I wanted to suck. He didn't have to invite me over.  But he let me suck, he was hard, he was getting close.

And then he got there.

Ribbons of slime hit my tongue. I kept it in my mouth, as always.

His only true words to me were, "if you need, there's a towel on the side of the bed if you want to...."

He trailed off.  He was going to say, "spit out the load".  I swallowed and said, "now, why would i need a towel?   You didn't want me to spit it out - did you?"

"No", was his reply.

I thanked him, got up, and left.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Former Football Guy

He told me played college ball, I suppose to describe his build.  Or justify it.

"Dave" said he was 6'1" and 230....but muscular.  "a former football player".  6.5" he said.  Like most college athletes, math wasn't his strongest subject.  He was maybe an inch shorter than that, in the dick department.

But he showed up on time, and he was extremely more handsome than his picture lead on.  There was probably a time he was even more striking

He said he was now a suit & tie guy and he didn't fib.  He wore those clothes well.  A guy who can wear a suit well, is like a guy in leather - sexy. hot. masculine.  The wrong cut and he's just a shlub in a sports coat. This guy knew how to dress.

I know I go on about this a lot, but instinctively, the man knew to touch my nipples.  I gave him no hints of that - nor how hard or light to do it. He just did it - and did it right.  He had me quivering before any of us had a shred of clothes off.

Oddly, though it was explicitly stated 'no reciprocation' his hands went to my belt first and dropped my pants.  He only wanted to feel my cock, but not see it, let alone taste it. It never came out of my boxer briefs.

His made a slight lump in his suit pants.  I was on my knees undoing his belt and feeling his cock through his shorts before chewing on both cotton and cock for a little while.  He pushed me away.

He took off his pants and shoes, unbuttoned his shirt, but left it on (which is hot to me) and then sat on an office chair.

"Lick my balls".  In one of his emails he said he had "big balls".  I suppose that is all relative, but going from some extensive data collected by myself over the past few decades, I can attest that these were not only not big, but they did not even qualify as 'medium'.

I licked them. I sucked them.  I went further south.

"Lick my ass".  I dug in.  I ate that hole. You know how I love to do that.

...and that my friends was about all she wrote.

"I'm gonna cum!  Take it and then you can eat my ass some more".   I pulled off the ass and went down on his cock, which by the way he wasn't even stroking.  I've got a fucking magic tongue!

I will give the man this - he came a huge amount.  ...and it tasted good.

I stayed on him, making sure every drop was ingested.  I licked him clean and then expected to eat his ass some more.

But he stood up and started to dress.  I kindly asked if he did not want his ass eaten some more and he replied - "it will give you something to look forward to next time".

Here's hoping.

Monday, November 04, 2013

No Fluke

As promised, I did not contact the guy who gave me the HUGE load.

But he finally reached back out to me. Normally, I wouldn't have given him a second go-round. He was fine and all - but that's it, still dressing like the '70s were on and in need of a Marcia Brady Makeover ®.

He got a pass because of the massive load he pumped in my mouth and throat last time.

So when he emailed me, I sent a message right back saying I could see him after work. He suggested a time, I said "yes".

Like last time, he arrived at the set-upon hour.  You'd think that wasn't important, but sooooo many guys are 20, 30, 40 minutes late, like I have nothing else to do in my life.  Or anyone else to do. Then there are the guys who set the time, never show and go silent.   ....but that's another rant.

So there he was, in front of me, doing nothing.

I went to my knees.  I took his belt and unhooked it. Ditto with the pants.  I put my thumbs in his black briefs and got those down as well.  Out sprang his 7" piece of meat.

I ogled it for a few and then placed it in my mouth.

Like last time, he was quiet as a mouse.  Not a word.  Not a sound.  I get that, but I work better with either verbal encouragement, demeaning talk or at least a grunt or two.  Still, I knew what possibly awaited me, so I was a trooper and just went about my job.

Though I am not 100% sure, I think he had a "tell", like people do in poker or when they're lying. Every now and again, his hand would go to my left shoulder and I'd get a slight squeeze.

I could be wrong, but I think he was doing two possible things:  steadying himself  and / or a signal that he was close to ejaculating.

To be conservative, when I'd feel the hand, I'd slow down or back off of my sucking process....but only for a bit.  I mean,  I love sucking cock and I was going for the load - that's my job.

After about 15-20 minutes of sucking and backing off, I went for it.  As I assumed, the hand went to my shoulder and then the second one, so I knew I was there - as was he.

I had his cock all the way at the entrance of my throat.  He shot off.

And shot again....and again....and again..............and again.

I would say at least a third of his cum went right down my throat, but then it backed up, flooding my mouth, similar to last time.

Once again, I struggled to keep up.  I gagged.  My eyes teared up.  I swallowed and swallowed again, just to keep up with his productivity.  It was massive.  Again.

Not to worry fair readers, I took every single fucking drop.  And I swallowed.

This guy is the real deal.  I will definitely have him back.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Scruff profile was rather unassuming.  I noticed it for two reasons:

1. He had viewed me first, so I saw that in my list
2. He was a new face. Let's face it, if you're a non-paying member and looking at 'near by' you see the same fucking 40 faces  - unless you live in NYC, Los Angeles or Chicago.

The face was just as unassuming as his profile, and for the uneducated, as he talks about 'chatting' and 'other encounters'.  His partner also has to like you.  So - 3 ways.

But he was from New York, so he was visiting and I'm guessing no partner - which I was correct. He asked about Cleveland and getting around - somewhere along the line, I put in a piggy face, like this :@) and then we were off to the races.

He liked nipple play and asked if I did.  As you know, I told him I liked it light and gave aways my "secret" that most things could happen if someone did that.

He had taken me for, in his words, a 'bitch bottom'.  I couldn't really argue. He wondered when I could get to this hotel room and we agreed upon a time.

He had a suite. HUGE room, with separate bedroom. He opened the door and stood 6'3" and maybe 160lbs. His face was much more handsome than it appeared in the profile image  - something I would later tell him. But the face looked nice and inviting and it threw me from some more of the app chat where he wanted me to suck his cock and he was somewhat dom.

I was brought back to reality quickly when there was no 'hello' or friendly conversation - as his face would suggest - and his hands went right to my shoulders and forcibly pushed me to my knees.

...and so it began.

I gnawed and worshiped his dick through his jeans. I went right into sub mode, knowing most things to do and what not to say and more importantly, when not to say it.

Since it was a suite, there was quite a bit more furniture than a standard hotel room. We'd eventually get to most of the pieces, except the bedroom.

He went to undo his belt, and I said I would take care of that.  I shouldn't have said it.  He told me to lift my hands behind my head, he pulled my t-shirt up and to the back of my head, essentially binding my hands in place with my own clothing.  Then he proceeded to fuck my face.

This wasn't what faux tops do - a few hard pumps and then relent into letting some guy just suck - no, he was fucking my face, like a machine.  Deep, hard, continual. There was no let up. None.  There was no finesse. None.  There wasn't meant to be.  I was being put in my place as an object.

I was on my knees and bound by my t-shirt when he hauled me up by my armpits. Ignoring, not forgetting, my desire for light nipple play, he grabbed my tits with all his might.  It hurt, no doubt, but I was wise enough not to say 'ouch' or 'stop'.  I'm sure he saw the pain in my face.

It was while I was on my knees that that got my first face smack. He wasn't testing the waters to see how hard I could take it, he just went at it, a few times actually....all on the left side of my face.

He moved farther south to my chest and abs, but they weren't slaps as much as they were punches. I thought at this point he'd hit harder but he didn't.  Yet.  Don't get me wrong, I knew I was being punched, but nothing I couldn't handle at this point.

He then moved me over in front of the full length mirror.  I assumed he wanted to see himself fuck my mouth.  Wrong!

He pushed me face first into the mirror with him right behind me. I knew he wasn't planning on fucking me - at least then - but he was exposed and pushing near my ass and into the mirror, hard enough where it had the potential to shatter. All the while, he'd reach around and lightly play with my nipples.

He turned me around so my back was to the mirror.  "Undress" was the directive.  I had to get my pants, shoes, socks and boxers off without the use of my hands.  It wasn't easy, but doable.  Then I was to do him as well.  That was a little more challenging, but soon we were both naked.

More cocksucking while he lightly played with my nipples, though once in a while it'd be slightly harder. More slapping.  More punching.

He had me crawl behind him until he got to a chair. There he put up his feet on the ottoman and had me sit there, looking at him, my mouth to be open at all times and hands on the back of my head.

"Don't swallow" was his directive.  The pool of saliva started to build.  He knew what he was doing.  It began to run out of my mouth, down into my beard and off my chin. You could see he liked it.

What I was also able to see was that for a man of few words and a seemingly pleasant face, his eyes were grey, but there was a darkness behind them that didn't impede color.  The eyes were intense and said everything even if his mouth uttered not a word.

Now and then, he'd reach up and smear my own spit into my beard or use it to lube his hand to stroke his own cock as he watched me intently. I swear at this time, I never saw his eyes blink as he took in everything he was doing, everything to which I was reacting and how he could all make it work to his advantage.

I was ordered to lick from the toes, all the way up his body. I put my mouth to work on all his toes, even trying to get them all into my mouth at once, though I was not successful. But I did work up his body - legs, mid section, abs, chest, nipples, arm pits, arms.  He pushed me away when I worked at his head. All the while my hand stayed clasped behind my head.

All the while he would play a bit with my nipples.

He stood up and walked away, bending over a small table in the room.  I was told to crawl to him and eat his ass.  Of course I did - that is one of my favorite things. I kissed it first.  I licked the outside of the hole. I licked it in circles.  Then I stuck my tongue in deep.  Clearly he had just showered, though he didn't taste like soap.  That went on for about 10 minutes.

Once again I was pulled up, slapped, punched and moved towards one of the many large windows, as this was an older, established hotel.  I was pressed face / chest / cock first into the window for anyone who wanted to look up five stories to see.  The road below was busy with pedestrians. He was hoping someone would see and I did too.

He leaned into my ear and said, "I don't know if you're a bitch boy, an exhibitionist or just want to please me".  I replied, "all three, Sir".

He let me go and walked away.  I knew deep down not to move.  I stayed in front of the window with my arms still behind my head.

I heard him approach from behind me, he had brought a black leather belt with him, which went around my neck. He fastened it so that it basically became both a collar and a leash. I got down on all fours and he "walked" me to another chair where I orally serviced his cock.

He tightened the collar / belt at my neck. He looked at me with intensity and a little warmth. "You have to trust me.  I don't want you not breathing".  I said nothing, with my silence giving my permission.

More open palmed hands to my face.  More punches to my gut.  More nipple play. And even his nails going into my sides and being dragged upwards.

He removed the belt and used it to bind my hands behind my head. There he moved me to yet another chair, had me kneel on it and bend over the back of it. I thought for sure he would fuck me, but still this did not happen. It turns out he didn't know me well enough to penetrate me that way.

It did not stop him from teasing me with his hard 7" at my back door.  He even reached around to touch my dick.  "You're leaking something fierce", he told me.  He rubbed my cock and make me clean off his fingers.

He got me up and took me over to the large dining table.  Oh yeah, they had one that was mirror topped.  Still bound, he pushed me back so I was was lying on the cold surface facing up.  He hit me multiple more times in various places.

He talked about others in his stable. He talked about having me suck off others for his enjoyment. He was getting excited by his own talk, but so was I.  He mentioned the burning desire and lust he could see in my eyes as he went on. It would have been hard to deny.

Times here he would grab my chest hair - hard!  I winced silently.  I knew not to say a word and just take it.

He did pull me up and I was back onto my knees.  "Your two hours are almost up.".  It was my job to finish him off.  I worked his dick until he back it out so my mouth was back open, my tongue out. Where before I did this and was told not to swallow, we both knew this time I would be swallowing.

He blasted off with a force that I have rarely seen / felt.  Jets propelling his cum out of his cock head and into my mouth.  Only the first hit below my mouth and the rest went in as my mouth clasped over his head.  I got the rest, but didn't swallow.

I opened my mouth as he pulled out.  He could see his semen inside my opening.

"Swallow", he flatly stated.  I did.

He saw me gulp his seed and he saw me wipe up that first hit that got into my beard. He smiled. The smile was less pleasant then when we began - as you might expect.

He told me to dress, but he wanted my "evaluation".  Partly to make him a better top, partly to admittedly stroke his own ego.

I didn't have to fudge on the eval.  I told him what I liked, what he did well. I told him he needed a new profile pic.  I said he might have wanted to punch me harder, but he smiled.

He mentioned how taken back I was with the first nipple grab, which did hurt.  He told me as he went on during the two hours, he'd grab harder and harder till he got to the place he did at the first contact, but I didn't seem to notice that it got more abusive.  He said he did the same with the punching.

He told me not to contact him again and that next time he was in town, I would know it.

No doubt I will.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Familiar Face

I know I've mentioned Gnarly Dicked-Day (GDD) a few times here.

After our first time, most of the times, he brings along a "friend".  Rarely do he and I hook up as just the two of us.  Overall, this company he brings has worked out well.  Strangers who he somehow finds on-line with the promise of a blowjob from a gifted oral man (me!).

I assume he shows them a pic of me or points them to my profile.  I don't ask.

For the most part, he has chosen his friends well, but there are only so many men in town who want head - so there is always the possibility that one might actually know me.

So yesterday, GDD messages me that he wants to bring one or two guys over at 11:30a.  Then at 11:00a, he cancels. At 11:45a says he wants to come by at 12:00p.  He's bringing some guy with him.

GDD is at the door, but I know someone is trailing him by quite a few yards, and around a corner. GDD enters and goes up to my office when "Tim" comes around the corner.  He is audible to me only: "are you ok with this?"

I nod in the affirmative.

I know Tim.  I actually wrote about him back in 2009.

Since that 2009 encounter, I won't say I got to know him well, but we did run into each other in a number of social gatherings - all on the up and up. He even snagged my email address from one of these to invite me to political gatherings at the major election times. I declined all of them - not because of my political beliefs or that I'd be mingling with him and his friends and colleagues, knowing what I know.  I just was too cheap to spend a minimum of $250 per event.

So up to my office we all go.  Admittedly, I try not to make eye contact with Tim, as I don't know how he really feels about all this. Clearly he was intrigued enough to do it when he thought it was a total stranger - but I also never know what information was relayed ahead of time about what would be happening.

GDD immediately starts to unfasten his belt and pants and they drop to his ankles.  He pulls his underwear down to expose his flaccid dick.  I get on my knees, still avoiding Tim, and put GDD's cok in my mouth.  I hear Tim say "yeahhhhh".  A good sign.

GDD goes on to call me a litany of names - slut, cocksucker, cumdump, fag - all within the first minute of my performance.  His dick grows to it's full fat 8 inches. He tells me to stay down on it and just let it rest in my mouth and throat - I do as I'm told.

Soon he pushes me off and over to Tim's dick.

His 7" were easy enough to get down, but he's rough.  Or maybe not rough, but he jackhammers his hardening dick into my mouth.  His pours smell like seeping alcohol.  Not a one time drunk thing, but maybe an issue with the hooch.  Hey, not to stereotype, but he is an Irish decent and a lawyer.  Still, I love how the cock grew in my mouth and then would twitch.

GDD tol me to lick Tim's balls. I did.  I ran my tongue over the freshly shaved nuts that were protruding from the cockring that was in place. I even licked farther back, though I couldn't quite get to his hole.  Still, he trembled at my touching his taint with my tongue.

While I was working on one, the other would stroke his own dick.  I was back to GDD getting it sloppy wet, as that is how he likes it when Tim made those sounds - the ones of impending orgasm.  I knew enough to switch feeders and was back on him.

He pumped off a huge load into my mouth and it was quite tasty.

Just as I was finishing, GDD told me to get onto his dick.  I was there for all of 10 seconds before his load went into my mouth - again, telling myself and Tim what a slut I was.

For added effort, as much as I tried to avoid to someone I know how sexual I can be, GDD made sure to nip that in the bud  He squeezed his dick of one last drop of cum and told me to clean it off - and I did, solidifying for the entire group what I was.

Later, Tim texted me to make sure we were all cool and that no one needs to know our "little secret".   I'm good with that.  He said he almost bailed when they pulled up to the house (not that I ever remember him knowing where I lived), but decided to go through with it and he was glad he was.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a Kiss & a Fuck

His lips were soft.  Possibly the softest lips I have ever kissed.

It is not like he is effeminate in any way, but just the softest that have ever touched my own mouth.

The irony was not lost on me, as we were in a brief set of woods, slated to do the nasty.  Yet here I was - doing, and about to do, two things I normally refrain from during most of my hook-ups:  kiss and fuck.

He and I had been chatting for a long long time - and how he wanted my load. He is one of the few bottoms I chat with that actually turns me on by his stories.  I don't like to live vicariously through other bottoms, and I am not, but his tales do make me stiffen up.

He was coming through town, but only for an hour or so.  I made arrangements to meet him close to the airport where he could get away and still have time for his final destination.

I knew of a cemetery bathroom to use, but as I was waiting for him, I found a nearby set of woods that didn't seem to be used.  I even took a stroll back there waiting for his arrival and scoped it all out.  I think we'd be fine and we'd be able to hear them coming from a long ways off.

He eventually showed and I escorted him back into the woods and then into a clearing.  That is where our lips touched.  The soft lips.  While they didn't last long, we'd revisit each other's lips during our encounter.

Our time was limited and we had an agenda - he'd get my load, but I'd get his too. I'm too much of a bottom just to give up my dick and my load without something in return.  I'm selfish.  I fully admit it.

The guy (no name) turned me around so he was behind me. As he was mostly a bottom (too), he struggled a little to maintain an erection to get it into me.  Of course I was understanding, as I know that has always been my lot in life and would be again - in about 10 minutes.

Trial and error, but he got in and up me.  He warned me days ahead of time, he would be quick. He's not accustomed to fucking and the associated stimuli.  True to his word, it was not a long fuck, but I think it went longer than either of us thought - at least based on the information he provided.

He groaned as his swimmers went into my ass.   Now it was his turn.

I think I'd make a decent top with two things - the mental status of wanting to be one and if I took viagra.  If I could keep my cock hard, a whole new population of homos would love me.  And while the drug would override (I'm assuming) the mental aspect of me not being a top - it's just not where I want to be.

I think if you read other blogs, guys are clearly one or the other. Some are truly versatile, but those are few and far between, even if they write that way.  You can see a pattern of who they are; what they prefer.

I prefer bottom, but I made a promise and I would do my best to fulfill it.

I would get very hard as we worked our way to penetration, but I always have trouble at that point and that day was no exception. Our verbal foreplay helped.  I know things about him - his early sexual experiences, that right or wrong, turn me on.

That talk is what would get me hard, we had to keep up the discussion to keep me hard.  After I was in, I think we were golden.

I lasted quite a bit longer.  Actually, I was having trouble getting past the brink. I could feel me getting to the edge of that proverbial cliff, but I couldn't jump.  For the life of me, I don't know what finally did it, but I went.

...and I shot....and shot....and shot.  I had build up quite a load over the days prior to and I made sure he got everything I had stored.

We left the small bottle of lube back there.  We left the handi-wipe he brought back to clean off our dicks (what a boy scout!).  Anthropologists from the future will know exactly what took place back there - at least to a certain degree.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Black is the new Black

A buddy of mine mentioned recently that once you get some black cock, a signal goes out to other black men saying you're open for business.

It's not quite the same as that old phrase, 'once you go black you don't go back'.

I have gone back - and forth - quite a bit. I had my first black dick when I was 16.  Even end of last year and the beginning of this, I have had some I've written about and many that I have not.

And of course, last month, you read about me and the DL Professor.

You did not read about four other DL guys - one who did fuck me, one who attempted to fuck me and two others for whom I got down on my knees.  And there's another one in the wings.  Or on deck. Choose your theater or baseball analogy according to your Butch Level.

The one who attempted to fuck me was on A4A. Nice dick, iffy guy. A slim guys, but his belly was bloated / distended like he needed it tapped and drained.  Considering he was living next to a hospital, maybe that was his deal. He wanted to fuck but had no skills.  I like wham-bam stuff, but he was just bad at it.  Painfully bad - and I mean that in every way. I finally made him stop and I sucked him off.  It wasn't what I wanted, but sometimes that's not always possible.

I have no illusions about returning, though he messages me almost every single day, but doesn't get the hint. I guess I'm being too nice.

One of the feeders is a solid guy, taller than I am, maybe 6'4", but 230 or so.  8" he claims, but is closer to 7".  He's not fond of flakes, but failed to show one time; was here for 45 seconds the second and had to bolt and finally showed up a week later and stayed that third time.  He might qualify as a flake.

The cock was nice. His filthy mouth demeaning me was nicer.  "White cocksucker" or "white faggot" came out of his mouth repeatedly. I mean, he was flaking and I still let him in and was on my knees - he knew the score.

I worked on him a good 30 minutes before he gave up his nut.  The seed was ok but nothing I couldn't handle. I took every drop.  I haven't heard from him since.

The other guy was even more DL.  Answering from Home Depot and stopping by on his way to wherever he was going.

More blue collar, more street than the other guys, with a big whopping 8.5" cock.  He was quiet, but assertive in his hip action into my mouth.  He was a little grimy for me - and I really mean unshowered and a little bit rank. I like that to a degree, but there is a point where it's just not fun.

Still he shot a big load - one I took.  He mentioned having my email and would use it again, but I have heard nothing from him. Nor did I expect to.  I think he was so heavy on the down low that he wasn't going to reach out to anyone repeatedly.

Honestly, I know I had another feeder, but he isn't standing out to me as anything special.

But as for the one who pumped my ass, he was a quiet guy.  60 (yes, 60!), but an incredible gym-built body with a little bit of hair on his worked-out pecs. While his profile said 8", he was 7, maybe even 7.5", but  he wasn't 8.  He wasn't as thick as he claimed either.  Not bad, but I knew I wasn't going to have difficulty taking it - not that that says much about me.  :@)

We started with me bent over a desk. That worked for a while, but then he wanted me on all fours.  I like it that way - but let's face it, there are few ways I don't like it.

With his exchange on-line, he would have been mistaken for more verbal, but he was not.  As I said earlier, he was quiet.  He knew what he was doing with that cock and body, as he pumped my ass while on our knees, but he wasn't nearly as aggressive as I imagined he might.

After about 10, he just told me to get flat on my belly.  Lately, this seems to be the go-to position for a lot of guys. Clearly, I've been topped this way before (even by the first black guy I was ever with), but within the last 8 months or so, it seems more standard.  I'm not opposed to it, but I'm not sure how these "trends" take off.  Or maybe it's just coincidence.

He put his weight on top of me and started really sawing at my hole. It felt good.

WAY sooner than I thought, he was going "yeahhh.....yeahhh.....hell yeahhhhh".

Now, he never said he was cumming, but I could feel the jumps and pulses of his black cock up my white ass.  He was unloading up there as he continued to loudly moan "yeahhhhhh".

Yeah, indeed.

He said we'd do it again.  I haven't heard from him since.

Maybe there is a signal out there that I've been entertaining black guys lately. Maybe their internal network is all abuzz.  Time will tell.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Biggest Load Ever?

Within the last 90 minutes, I have taken what is possibly the biggest load I have ever encountered.  At least orally.

He came to me via a CL ad I placed.  Either too cavalier or stupid to use an email account that doesn't have his first and last name on it, he was looking for a noon-time blowjob.  He was new to me.

50 or 55, 5'11", 180, dark, greased back hair with a hint of grey to it. The scalloped wedding ring. And a diamond stud in his left ear - one he was way too old to be try to pull that off.  With the clothes he wore, he would remind you off a guy who managed a Merry-Go-Round, if they still existed (or maybe they do).

Neither here nor there.  I wasn't there to judge him on his dress or earring, but on his 7.5" cock he claimed to have.  I was skeptical as I rubbed him through his pants.  I was still not sure as I rubbed him through his tight boxer briefs.

Once those came down, out sprang a semi-hard 5" penis.

Respectable, but I wasn't sure it would get to the advertised size.

With a hit of poppers, I placed my lips to his head and immediately sank all the way down.  No teasing - not yet.

With my mouth I helped him grow.  We'd all like to think it was just with out mouths or asses, but some of it is mental on their part too. Yes, we as a gender think with out dicks, but we can't always control them with our northern brain.

He did grow to his full size.  But maybe 7.25".  Still not bad and a good sized thickness.

The man was beyond reserved. It would take him a few therapy sessions to get TO reserved, he was that low key.  No words.  No sounds.  Not a grunt or groan as I worked his meat with my lips, mouth, tongue and throat.

A few times, he touched my left, and only left shoulder, while pivoting himself slightly to his left. At first I thought he was just steadying himself for the head I was giving.  After the third time, I made an assumption is was some kind of physical indication he was close to orgasm.

I can normally tell by other reactions, but he had such small nuts to begin with, feeling if they pulled up and in was a no-go.  His lack of response, verbally, to my attention was a non-starter.

But with his head at my throat, I felt a pulse.  Then two, then three.  He was shooting directly into my throat.

Since I like to taste it, I pulled back. Four, five, six, seven - up to nine pulses, easily. Each time I thought the volume would slow down or lessen, it remained at least as strong as the one before.

I am proud to say I kept every fucking drop.  I am not as proud to say how much I struggled to keep up with the amount of seed this guy had.  I struggled, I gagged, my eyes watered a bit.

I like to think I'm a better cocksucker than this, but on the other hand, I need to be challenged now and again.  I like my limits pushed. I like honing my skills.  This guy did that.

What kills me is, he wasn't trying to do any of that.  He was standing as still as possible, saying absolutely nothing, and letting some unknown guy take his dick into his mouth.

I'm glad he gave me no warning of what was to come.  Maybe he didn't know. But I shoot huge loads and the few times I do get sucked, I warn the cocksucker about my shooting because they always say they can take it and they almost never can.  But I didn't want him to be me, the feeder.  Catch the cocksucker off guard, let him work for it, surprise him - and that's what this guy did.

For the life of me, it is quite possible the biggest load I have ever swallowed.  And let's face it, that's saying something.  A few times I've been 'round that track......

I promised him I wouldn't contact him, but if he ever wanted another go-round, he knew how to get a hold of me.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


I get a message on Scruff as I was working.  A guy saying 'hey' and 'what's up?'

I said I was on-line, looking for a load, "if I am being honest", I added.  He liked that.

His screen name was 'Sir' and is a total top. So when he asked where I wanted the load, I was smart enough to answer, "that's not up to me, Sir".   He liked that even more.

He was working too, but at a bar.  It was 12:30p, how many people could be in a fucking gay bar a little after noon? Apparently one.  The customer must be a sad sack or bar-fly.  But the bartender said we could use the men's room for me to suck him off.

I had some time, so I agreed. I told him I'd be there in 30.  It'd take me 20, but I knew I needed gas, so the moral of this story is never be on fumes - you don't know when you'll have an immediate sex opportunity.

31, 6'2", a slim 165. Buzzed head - he looked like a slightly emaciated skinhead.  His profile picture didn't do him any justice, something I'd tell him after we finished. He was much more handsome in real life.

When I got to the bar, there were now three customers. I missed him sending me a message saying to 'forget it' as he was now busy. I was already outside the bar - fuck it, I was going in.  Two of the three customers finished their "lunch" by slamming them back and leaving - which left the one other customer.

With no words, the bartender walked to the bathroom. I followed about a minute later, which I'm sure was obvious to the remaining customer.  If he was a regular, he'd probably seen this played out before. I highly doubt this was the first and only time this has happened.

The bathroom had a stall with a door. No bartender to be seen, so I pushed open the stall door and there he stood - massaging his already exposed cock.  It was a nice size, but still soft - hard to say where it would go.

I shut and locked the door, dropped my pants and sat on the toilet.  I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth.  He liked it. I worked it up - all 7.5".  Think inches, but still 7.5.

The cock went deep in my throat. I was aggressive at sucking, but he took my head into his hands for control. I have to remember who is a top and who is a pushy bottom.  I rather not be that guy, but some claim to be tops really have no idea, but this guy did.

We were there for about five minutes and he warned he was getting close. At this point I assumed it would be all mouth action, but he pushed me off his dick and asked me where I wanted the load.  I, again, deferred to him, but he wasn't having any of that.

"Where do YOU want the load?"    "Up my ass", came the reply.  He got a shit-eating grin on his face and in a second I was standing, pants still around the ankles and bent over the toilet.

While still taking a hit of poppers, he jammed his prick into my hole. I believe he had fucking skills, just not space or time to use them.

The man fucked me for another five minutes and asked, through his now shallow breath, "where do you want this load?"  Again, I said, up my ass.  He came back with, "are you sure?".   At that point, I reached behind me and found his belt loops, as his pants were not pulled down.  I grabbed a hold of those and pulled him into me.

That was all it took.  The man unloaded and unloaded and unloaded into my ass.  I could feel it - the twitching, the heat.

As his breathing started to regulate, the door opened. He signaled for me to be quiet, but anyone could have seen two sets of feet, both facing the same direction, in that stall.  The positioning of the feel would have easily indicated someone standing right behind someone close, in fact, that they'd still be in them......which he was.

The bartender did not go soft. ...or at least, that soft.

Wouldn't you know it, the new occupant had to be the only person in a gay bar in the middle of the day who'd wash and blow dry his hands after peeing.  C'mon, you know most in a dump like that wouldn't - or wouldn't even know they should.

The bartender says he has to move because that was not the same customer that was out there.  He slips out of my ass and before he has a chance to see if he needs to tidy up, I go down on him for a minute. He seems grateful.

But he stuffs his softening cock back into his pants, no underwear and heads out.  I stay put for a minute and actually wash my hands.

I go back to the bar where my ginger ale is now watered down by the melted ice. I get a look from both patrons, but barely an acknowledgment from the bartender.

He got what he wanted. I got what I needed.

If he sees me on-line again and reaches out, that's great, but I won't stalk or bother him at all.

Friday, October 04, 2013

4 Times

The cock was 7.5"...maybe a bit longer. It was thick. It was slightly curved upwards.  I looked 'exactly' like this....

Maybe because it was the exact same cock.

He found me on A4A, but he was 30 miles away.  I kind of dismissed him after he reached out to me and I saw the distance. Yet he was persistent.  Very persistent.  ...and fuck if he didn't say all the right things.

45, 5'9, 180.  A decent build, but not great.  It was more his cock, his attitude, his cockiness that appealed to me.  Doesn't it always go that way when it comes to my preferences?

The apt was nice, but the bedroom was cramped and dark.  It didn't matter - soon I was on my knees deepthroating that fucking shaft, all the way to the balls.  He sipped his coffee while I did that. Engaged, yet detached.  A nice combo.

Within minutes we were on his bed. Or futon. It wasn't comfortable, but I wasn't there for comfort exactly.

He said he was an expert at getting his cock into an ass, and he was good. I might have undersold my experience, but he didn't need to know that. I've had a few up there, even his size.

I blossom for him, he sinks in. He bottoms out. He starts moving. All on his timetable, not mine.

If I am comfortable, or not, is not his concern. He moves at his pace, and that is a driving, motion that pulls back and dives forward. Drives forward.

My head hits against the cement wall - time and again.  Moving pillows behind it helps for about six thrusts then it is back to scalp on cement.  Oddly I am more ok with this than he is, but it's not my bedroom.

He sweats. A lot.  I'm guessing he's lost two liters in the two hours I'm eventually there - and most of it falls onto me, as I will always be below him.

The fucker plays with my nipples, which I know, and now he does, that my ass spasms around his buried cock. It also makes me weak. Weaker.  I'm already in a vulnerable position, but that's ok, I've put myself here.  He had something to do with it, but not most of it.

He wants to kiss.  I do not, but he insists and I'm in little position to argue.  His lips hit mine.

He likes the banter - about how much he likes to fuck.  How he'd never come in me without my permission. I know he's lying, but I can play that game.  I tell him, no matter what, to pull out of me before ejaculation. He changes the subject, to absolve himself of what will happen.

The first time - it is an hour. He barely loses rigidity even when he has to take a slight break. After he's back in, he's at full mast.  The fucking continues.  It feels good.  He finally "promises me" he won't cum in me.   That is, until he does.

His eyes close, his head goes slightly back and he makes those noises that don't actually form words. I can't feel the semen, but I feel every twitch of his cock.   The fuck has been an hour.

He stays in. He moves his dick to make sure his load goes deeper. I push back against his shaft. Clearly, I'm helping.

He doesn't withdraw.  He starts pumping. Harder this time.

"You want another load?"  

When I arrived he told me he could give me two, possibly three.  But after an hour with the first, I was kind of out of time....or close to it.  He ignored my thought of needing to leave.  He pushed forward.............and pulled back.   And repeat.

In 10 minutes, he was depositing load number two up my ass.  

He's taken his cock out and kissing me again.  He's still hard. Maybe he took ED pills before my arrival. Maybe he's like this. I don't know.

He tells me I have an invitation to come back - and he's put both invites up my ass.  He's rubbing my leg with his cock.  His still hard cock.

He slips a finger in my hole to make sure nothing is leaking out.  He's impressed with the grip I have that none of his seed is escaping.  I knew it wouldn't.  He replaces his finger with his cock - pushing his load deeper.

The pushing of the load becomes another round of fucking.  HARD fucking. My head is really hitting the wall.  His downstairs neighbors must hate him....or be in awe.  One of the two.  In another 7-10 minutes load three goes into me.

I can not tell the amount from 1, 2 or 3.  Does it matter?  It's all in there. Mixing.

He's out of me again.  We are at the absolute limit of time - I had had had to leave.  He had to work. But he's still fucking hard.  He's wiping his fucking dripping body with a towel, it seems to do little good.

He doesn't care about the time at this point - and I'm caring less.  "Pull your legs back".  I comply.  I've come this far - why not keep going?

For another 15 minutes he fucks me.  I think he couldn't possibly shoot again, yet he does.  The FOURTH time.

Maybe at this point he was shooting blanks - I have no idea.  But he was orgasming.  You could see it in his face and his body tensing.

He pulls out and stands next to the bed. He wasn't the only one tensed.  My legs were trembling involuntarily.  We had just hit hour #2.  My ass was sore - or at least tender.  He had been tenderizing it, making the tissue swell inside, for over 120 minutes, almost non-stop.

Again, he "claims" to not have actually cum in me.  He's back on that smart-ass kind of back and forth. He waves his cock 18 or so inches from my face to say, it's slick but it's not cum.  ...and if I wanted to make sure, I could get closer.

So I got closer.  And closer.  Soon my mouth was wrapped around the head.  Then further down the shaft.  Then down to the balls.

Yes, when you got to the base, it kind of had a hint of ass smell on the dick. I told him it didn't taste like ass. I told him it didn't taste like cum either.  He kept up the pretense then it must never actually happened.

However, the next morning, I ended up losing his loads, as I clearly held onto them for about 16 hours.

When I mentioned that to him via text, he told me they must have been someone else's and that I was  faggot for letting a guy shoot up my ass.     Nice touch.

I have been invited back, and while it's a long drive, I just might take him up on it.  Possibly next week.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not a Word

He came alone.

Except for the first time Gnarly Dicked Dad and I hooked-up, he's always brought a "buddy" with him to watch or participate.  The way he set up this encounter made me think someone would be tagging along.

I like the tag-alongs.

But here he was at the door.  Alone.

That meant nothing. His "friends" have been known to show up after we have gotten started. But I didn't ask, as GDD was on the phone. Well, his phone was on, as was his bluetooth device.  As I opened the door, he put a finger to his lips, signaling me to be quiet and then pointed to the device around his ear.

He walked in and to my office, listening to the conversation, of which I could hear voices but not actual words. I assumed he was wrapping up his call and we'd begin our scene.  I checked work email and such, but he began dropping his zipper, then his belt, then his pants.

I got the message. This was starting NOW.

I went over and dropped to my knees - he started talking to his client and colleagues about recruitment packages for CFOs and upper management.  I stuffed my mouth with his cock.

This cock:

It is a nice fat piece of meat.  He knows it - and he knows I know it.  The guy isn't exactly a looker (he's not horrible either), but he's confident with a big dick and that counts for a fuck of a lot.

I slobbered on the shaft.  I deep throated that monster meat.  I bobbed. I licked. I nibbled.

I did all the things that a cocksucker can and should do to a slab of beef.

Of course, I also worked his sac.

I am more a fan of the licking the nuts than the sucking of them, but I'll do whatever the guy needs or wants. He was up for licking.

I noticed, and wondered if his phone colleagues did, his breathing getting heavier and heavier. He never muted them, so he wasn't doing it for my benefit. He always seemed in complete control, so maybe he was unaware how his respiration's had changed.

I was actually palming his meat while I was down licking his nuts when he tapped me on the head and pointed to his dick with some urgency.  I placed my lips over the head and sank down about three-quarters of the way when his honey poured out into my mouth.

Then it shot.  And shot.  And shot.

He never made a sound. I could hear his staff still chatting with the client. He never gave up the ghost of what might be going on right under their noses....or ears, as the case may be.

I nursed that dick too.  I swallowed his seed while his cock was still in my mouth then would tighten my mouth and lips to orally squeeze out any little drop remaining.

And even after I extracted that rod from my mouth, I used my hands to squeeze two more pearls out which I made disappear before his eyes, as he was looking right down at me - literally and figuratively.

I sat back on my heels and he stood up, pulled up his pants, fastened them and walked out while still on his call - never saying one word to me.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Strictly Academic

He got a hold of me on Adam4Adam.

I don't know how the demographics work in other cities with this app is, but it skews heavily to African-American men.  This isn't an issue for me, if it were, I wouldn't have my profile up on the site.

Here he was, an African-American man from across the country, yet only a mile away, hitting me up and saying things to get my engine revving.

He was 43, 6'3", 190 with 8".  It was a good start.  His profile even said he was on the DL.  I knew not to ask for a face pic.

He was a top who was ok with oral but that was not his end-game.  He wanted ass.  That was ok. I was in the mood to take it.

But before we got to that, there was a lot of back and forth "chat". He started with how my ass looked, and how he liked it. It went on about how he thought I'd be into sucking him but hoped I'd "feel the urge to take it up your ass at some point".

He got points for directness.

He went on to tell me how he could imagine the hole twitching at the touch of his nice hard cock.  Fuck that, bud - it was twitching while reading the text message.

He (I got no name) continued on how he'd keep me guessing with a slow fuck, then faster, then not - wanting to create sensations in my ass.

I was done with the chatter, but was up front with him. I needed time to "prep" for that but he replied back that he was in a hotel room down the road and had to check out in 40 minutes.  Drat.

He said he liked to get head too - making a cocksucker take his dick into the throat, make him hold his breath and even gag, pulling it out to see spit on his dark meat.  Then he went right back into 'fuck' mode - saying how sucking is just a prelude to a good fuck - and that he liked to alternate between the ass and mouth.

He was saying all the right things. He insisted he didn't press the ass to mouth things, but when I said he should, he amped it up a bit after I told him a firm grip on my head wouldn't give me much of an out of not taking it that way.  He took the bait.

I said I'd be down in 5-7 minutes. He was waiting outside and since I had no face pic of him, I knew, but he was not what I expected.

This guys was button downed, white collar, salt and pepper haired black.  He was upstanding, but I should have known that by the hotel in which he was staying.  He looked like a professor at the college  to which the hotel was adjacent.  He probably was one and visiting at that.

The guy said he'd already checked out of his room. I was aggressive and told him to go back in and tell them he was checking out at 1:15p, since his airport shuttle came at 1:30p.  He did - and got the key back and told me his room number.

By the time I reached it, his pants were down and shoes were off. He removed his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, but it remained on as did his undershirt.

Since we had 30 minutes at most, I was down on my knees sucking his 7" semi hard dark dick. It only got about an inch longer as it stiffened, but that was cool. I love that he hangs big.  Soon enough, that cock was pointing right at me.

He pulled me up by my pits and placed me on the edge of his bed, on my back.  With my spit and some from his mouth to hand to dick, he lined up and started to put pressure on my hole.  As he had predicted in an earlier text, it blossomed and opened up for him. Slowly and steadily he pushed in until I felt his wiry short hairs against my cheeks.

The man was determined. You could see it in his face. His tongue was out and almost glued to his lips, was the intensity look he was sporting. Concentration on getting it, keeping it in and fucking me, all while mentally knowing he had a deadline.

Mr. Traveler was taking long, deep, dick strokes. Each one was hitting rock bottom in me, yet his face remained stoic. I wasn't sure he was enjoying it until as he bottomed out, I gave a few squeezes of my muscles around his shaft.

His eyes closed for a second, he stopped moving and he quivered.  He told me I was a "white bitch".

While I liked that and wanted to respond in kind, the man in the text was dirty, the man on top of me seemed a bit more refined and upstanding, even though he had his cock in a stranger.  I didn't dare respond to his 'white bitch" comment.

For another five minutes he continued to fuck me.  The verbal he delivered in his text didn't translate to during the deed. But he had co-workers in near-by rooms, so who knows.

Due to lack of facial expressions, for the most part, and little verbal, I wasn't aware he was so close.

"You want it up your ass".  There was no question mark on that sentence.

"You're gonna put it up there no matter what I say", was my comeback.   "You're damned right".

He bit his lip, closed his eyes, concentrated and pumped for another 60 seconds or so before I felt his dick just spasm inside of me. I could feel every twitch of that black cock.  He just continued to flood my guts.

As he eventually withdrew, he told me I was the best piece of ass he had since being in town. I wasn't surprised he'd sampled others, but it was nice to know I met or exceeded his expectations.

He went to the bathroom just as housekeeping knocked on the door.  He was approaching 1:15p.  I slipped on my shorts, I thanked him for the fuck, he nodded and l left.

Hours later, assuming he was at the airport or between flights, he texted me: "Sorry it was so rushed. I'm glad I got what I needed and pleased you gave it up for me".

Spoken like a fucking true top!