Monday, May 31, 2010

CLAW Cocksucker

I have kind of neglected to write about an experience a month or so ago. My bad.

It's another one of me wanting to get fucked, but end up letting some guy suck my cock. I've said it before; Life would be much easier for me if I were a top. But deep down, I'm just not.

That being said, I've also mentioned that I've learned a lot from the few thousand tops that I've serviced. You gotta figure: you spend enough time in class, somethings bound to rub off on you - right?

So at the end of April CLAW was in town. In theory you'd think I would like leather-event weekends, but they are rarely what they advertise and you get the middle and the worse of the population you want. Those guys you think will be there never seem to be - so even when it's close to home, I normally avoid it. You can still get some decent hook-ups on the side without participating in the event.

So I ended up answering an ad where I became the feeder. Eh. Sometimes I cave.

As I got to the host hotel, I thanked my lucky stars I didn't pay for this event. Each guy in the lobby was uglier than the last. I wasn't hopeful for my encounter, but I continued on.

I knew there'd be a third in the room. The guy sucking me had a partner and he wanted to watch. Both guys were very average and the partner was more like a daddy - 15 years older at least (or the victim of a really hard life).

I knocked. They answered. I just dropped my pants (did not take them off) and let him go to his knees.

I like to be egged on as a top or a bottom, but the partner/daddy wasn't good at it - for me and he didn't do enough encouraging for his partner/son. The guy was a decent dickie-licker though.

Concentration had to come into play as I wasn't going to easily get off because I didn't want to be the feeder. But I didn't want to be the eater with these two either. So I persevered. I am SUCH a trooper!

I took a few hit of their poppers and the guy had been blowing me for about 15 minutes and then pulls off and goes, "thank you Sir". I had to ask, "thank you for what?" "It was a nice load.".

Channeling my inner-top, I grabbed his hair and pull his head back:

"I didn't cum you asshole. When I do you will KNOW it!"

I do have to say, I think my talk turned me on more than it turned him on and definitely more than he turned me on. It at least got me close.

Soon, but not soon enough, I popped a three day load into his mouth and he swallowed obediently.

"See the difference, faggot?" I said as the pulses were subsiding, but knowing he couldn't answer.

I pulled out, pulled up the jeans and walked out.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Travel Stories

This guy was actually the first responder I hooked up with on my last work trip via my CL ad.

36, 5'9",165,32w,br/gr,7.5 thick. 'Thick' was even a part of his email address. Promising. As was the accompanying picture he attached.

How was this guy NOT getting an invite over?? Hell, we even moved our time up when one of my meetings got canceled. No way I was letting this guy get away.

He showed up at the appointed time and looked better than his stats made him out to be.

If possible he was hot, cocky, understated and seemingly genuine all at the same time. He was very good looking, with a great body and clearly as you saw, a really nice cock. Either I have more mojo going on than I think or where I was traveling has the dregs when it comes to gay men. I'm betting on the latter.

Knowing he was coming, and him wanting me naked after he arrived, I was already stripped to my briefs and t-shirt. Soon after he arrived, I was down to flesh. He wasn't far behind.

The body was nice and the dick was as promised. IF I have a complaint, it is that he clips his chest hair. I don't get that - but maybe he swims or dives and it was just growing back in. It was a small thing.

Right away he came up behind me, reached around and started to play with my nipples. As you all know: BAD idea. I'm mean, a great idea if the plan was to fuck me. But that hadn't been the plan. Had it, I would have made sure I was cleaned out, etc. I didn't do that. I would have fuckin' got kicked out of Cub Scouts again. Be Prepared !

He knew he had found my on switch(es) and played them to his advantage for a big. I liked his style.

But soon he had plopped himself down on the bed, on his back, with his legs spread. He told me to suck him - and while I take direction well, I did not heed him. Not exactly.

Oh, I got down on my knees and in between his legs, but I went for his nuts. I find mine are way sensitive early on in the process and thought other guys might experience this too. He responded the way I do. I lapped at them ever so lightly, making sure to send shivers down his body. He told me to suck on them, but after doing that for a little while he preferred to have them lapped at. Never say BikeGuy doesn't know what he's doing. He does!!!

But before sucking his cock, I went down farther south. He didn't even attempt to stop me. Why would he?

He had a really tasty hole. I lapped at that too. And flicked at it with my tongue - oh and buried it up there as well. I will say this, for his inference of being a top, I could tell that hole had seen some action. I've eaten enough to know used from unused. He was the latter.

But he had an incredible cock - and one I love and he loved me to love. I used my better than average skills to orally pleasure him. See?

He had a dirty fuckin mouth on him and a dirty mind. We both wanted him to fuck me, but it did not happen, though he was happy to play with where his dick would have gone.

He continued to tweak my nipples, play with my ass and push his cock into my mouth. All of this lasted only maybe 40 minutes and I could have gone on and on and on. But he was well down the road of needing to lose his load and he did - right in my mouth.

Of course I swallowed it all, just as I had promised him.

He left his brand new bottle of poppers with me saying he'd come back for them tomorrow - AND to fuck my ass.

Unfortunately, I still have the poppers and he still had his load. He never showed, though did email apologizing for not being able to make it.

Next time I'm in his town, I will let him hit that!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I was out and about for work and placed a CL ad stating I was working from my hotel room all day and that I was happy to help guys get a load off - and sure enough, responses came out of the woodwork.

Responses by people who cannot read, but that is par for the course when you place an ad. Guys who don't include stats when it is told to be a requirement. Guys who don't send pics when it is more than suggested. Guys who clearly don't know what ht/wt proportional is (hint: it is not 5'6", 190 or 6', 250). And the worse, the guys who want to get me off. My ads are pretty clear.

I did connect though, so no worries. But there were more turn-downs and flakes than actual meet-ups. But here is one:

don't have a pic sorry....I am 5 11, 197 brn blu 7 cut.....told I'm cute....

WHO in this day and age does not have, or cannot get a pic?

Anyway, he showed up and not bad. Young. I'm guessing mid-20s, but not bad. I'm not sure he was 7", he may have been overstating it a bit, but he knew how to use it. Or me, as the case may be.

I started by blowing him nice and everything and then he just took over and fucked my face. And fucked and fucked and fucked. He knew how to hold out, when to pull back and when to go full force.

His cock was only out of his fly for a while and I couldn't quite get that. I wanted his nuts too. He seemed a bit reluctant. I found out, kind of.

While averagely built atop, his upper thighs, what little actually became exposed were huge, but not muscularly so. That explains the almost 200 lbs. It was a weird kind of physical disparity.

But we weren't getting naked and we weren't gonna date, so what the fuck did I really care. I went back to work. Well, he did. Pumping my mouth and me taking it. Soon enough, well, like 30 minutes total, he was ready to pump off a load - and I was there to catch it.

I showed this pic to a buddy of mine afterward and he goes, "I would have beaten your ass for not swallowing it".

Silly man. Of course, I swallowed it. But I had to capture the jizz for the blog, no? You guys DO want to see this kind of stuff - am I right?

On his way out, he turned to me and said, "I can't wait to use you again". It's a nice sentiment, but highly unlikely.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Into the Mouth

So yesterday Grindr made a hit locally. Actually a number of in from out of town guys were on. Not sure exactly all what's happening, but it's happening.

The winner was a guy who claimed to be married and only wanted to jo. I was clear with him that this was not my scene and I will also cop to that I was like so many assholes who try to get with me - meaning, they hit me up in hopes of changing my mind, which almost never works.

I wanted his dick in my mouth, it was that nice of a penis. But he wanted to nothing more than to stroke off in front of me. He would have liked me to beat off too, but I told him that was not my scene. ...and as you know, it isn't.

But I went to his hotel room and watched him stroke his really thick 7.5". The one he said guys had told him was the perfect cock - the best one to hold and to suck. But he wasn't letting me.

I played with his nipples and he with mine. I lightly touched his hairy nuts. I grabbed his lubed up rod and stroked that a bit too. He was close. He told me.

"Are you hungry?" I told him I was.

"Get on your knees". I did.

"Open your mouth". I did.

He got close, but not too close. He stroked and stroked some more and then got just a little closer.

My mouth opened. My tongue was extended. And then he shot.

I'd like to say I caught it all, but with him not willing to put his head in my mouth, I could only get about three-quarters of his jizz. You know how it is, that spurting cum is a bit uncontrollable. You can't always direct it.

Some went on the floor, some went in my goatee. Most went in my mouth.

For a guy who had jacked-off earlier in the day he had a huge load and it tasted good. I was happy to have gotten it.

He was done and so was I. I tried to snap a pic of the load in my goatee, but I don't think it came out horribly well.

Maybe next time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guest Blogger Post

I have stories to tell - honest. I just need to get them written down. In the mean time, enjoy a story from my almost long forgotten guest blogger, Lou.

For the first time in God knows when, I was cruised on the street.

I was carrying a large box to my car when we made eye contact. We did the turn-and-look game a few times until I went back and walked up to him. We made small talk and I gave him my business card. I invited myself to his place, so we walked the half block walk to his house.

He showed me around a bit until we wound up In the kitchen. He leaned in and in no time we were making out. Pants were opened and the groping began. Eventually, his hand went to my ass and he began playing with it. He turned me around and lined up his very hard and straight 6 incher to my hole. He suggested that we go upstairs, where we stripped down. He got a bottle of lube from the closet and placed it on the nightstand. He asked if I like poppers (fuck yeah!) as he opened the nightstand drawer. He chose a bottle out of like 5 and we each took a whiff.

In no time we were back to kissing and groping. A minute later he spun me around and grabbed the lube. He told me to bend over as I held onto the side of the bed. He lubed my hole and his cock. I braced myself as he shoved in. I didn’t have much choice but to get used to the assault he was performing on me. He slammed me like there was no tomorrow. After 10 minutes of being used, his thrusts became harder and faster. Soon he grunted loudly as he shot a thick load deep inside me. While still inside me, I grabbed my cock and began stroking. I came buckets as he pulled out of me. We cleaned up and chatted some more while dressing. Said goodbye and I was on my way.

You never know where the day will take you.