Monday, October 23, 2017


You know - when you've seen a few thousand dicks, as I have (and yes, I am rounding down!) it gets hard to find a superlative.  Yet, here we are, and I found one.  Two.  Superlatives, that is - not cocks.

Can you say......thickest?

Can you say....heaviest?

So, I was running errands and got pinged by a guy in a hotel a mile away. He was all of 24. 6 feet, maybe 210. His pics showed better than the real thing. Oh - and he had Kid n Play hair....or at least a slightly smaller version of it. And as you can

He was wearing nylon gym shorts when I walked in. While not hard, you could see what was undoubtedly a sizable lump. He didn't flinch when I reached for it. Sight unseen I could tell it would be one of, if not, the thickest penises I've ever encountered.

I tugged at the shorts and it.....I'd say "popped out", but without the help of pulleys and cranes, this thing wasn't popping anywhere. It was fighting gravity every step of the way.

I held it in my hand, and that is when I felt the heft. I don't know how much the average dick weighs, but I'd say quintuple it for this. It literally weighed down my hand was it rested in my palm.  Clearly the thickness was there too.

The guy had it all too, as it was about eight inches in length....and maybe around. Length and girth.....that is the dream. To have, and to take.

I don't mean to play the stereotype card, but JFC - this guy was the poster for BBC.

Physically, I was prepped to take it up the ass. Mentally, I was hesitant. I mean, I surely would have. However, he made that decision for me. He rarely fucks and was only looking for oral. I was relieved and disappointed all at the same time. I mean - can you imagine the photos and video of that slab tearing me open?

So, it was to my knees I went.

I've said this dozens of times over the years - I can so much handle a bigger, thicker cock than I can a thin, average length dick. For some reason those can make me gag.  The larger ones just fill me up nicely.  Yes, I get it makes me sound like a whore.........but you know......... if it walks like a cocksucker, talks like a cocksucker and swallows like one.......

I have to say, he really made me stretch my lips and jaw. Once I found the way to accommodate the meat, it really wasn't that difficult to suck....and even take almost - almost! - all the way down. Had he been aggressive, he could have made me get the rest in. But he wasn't.

He stood there pretty much quiet and no action. He was a passive feeder - one of the most I've ever been with. It buys into my theory: when you have a big cock, you don't have to really try or be that good at sex.

It's a flawed theory.  I know many guys with smaller cocks who are SO much better at sex. Still I wasn't going to look a gift horse cock in the to speak.

I didn't use my hands, so I was proud of myself for that. It took a while, but he finally came. It wasn't a great amount.....and didn't have a lot of taste, but honestly, while I do love the load and the act of getting it, this time, it might not have been about that.

I think I had just taken the thickest and heaviest cock I've ever had down my throat....or partially down my throat.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Knocked Up

He’d fucked me before. If you recall it was a few years back and in the basement of the Boy Scouts of America building. Then he kind of went dark in terms of being on-line. There was no repeat of anything. Not even a ‘hi’. But that’s how hook-up apps work, right?

But now it was 2-3 years later and there he was. Same pic, but with an indicator he was on-line. And he was interested in knocking boots. I was down for it, of course. Naturally there were snags: oh, he’s taking care of his father, so we have to use the garage. Ok. I can deal with that. I also dealt with the fact that he is a serious chain smoker. Like he’d have two going at a time a few feet apart so he’d never be without one. He saw my face as he went to light up yet another one….and I’d been there for all of 47 seconds. “oh, you don’t smoke! That’s cool.” And while he put it down, he reeked of an ashtray….or nine of them.

Then he pulled out his cock of his nylon shorts, with nothing underneath those, and the smoking thing was forgotten about. This thick slab of meat just let gravity take over……until it started fighting against Newton’s law and started to rise. …..maybe with a little help from my touch. And by ‘touch’, I mean having his meat between my lips.  ....and highly encouraged to take it to the bush.

Before coming over, we debated about who would get fucked. I know he flips way more than I do. Clearly you know I do top here and there…….but not often. For this encounter, I was going to bottom. Score!

He did forewarn me that most bottoms cannot take him. Not due to size, but for this inability (if you want to call it that) to ejaculate quickly. He said he fucks for a long long time.

I don’t really have an issue with that. There are guys I just want them to pump and dump, and other guys who I want to last longer. But it was pushing 100 degrees and we were now in a closed, hot, unventilated garage. Great for sweat and easy sliding and gliding. Bad for just about everything else. And it’s all relative. His “long time” could be 10 minutes. Mine is not. But I was game.

We started on my back, on a heavy duty plastic collapsible picnic table….which was already collapsed. He had lube and poppers, and a willing bottom. He got it in me with little difficulty, but the angle was off, for both of us. He had a hard time squatting/standing and his angle made the trajectory of his penis to gut a little more stabby than I would have liked, though I would have persevered. Because I’m a trooper.

We opted for me bending over, which was better, but not optimal. Eventually, he raised the picnic table to its intended in-use height. Bending over this way was perfect. With my elbows and forearms firmly on the table, he (I have no name on this guy) became a pile driver.

As previously mentioned, the sweat and heat was a great help. It facilitated a fluid in and out movement even with the force of his thrusts. Sweat was dripping from his face and chest onto my back, mixing with my own.

As it would turn out – sweat wasn’t the only bodily fluid we would exchange that day – but you had to know that was cumming coming, no?

I thought he wasn’t very verbal last time, but it was while he was working at BSA. But save some guttural noises, he wasn’t vocal in the slightest. But his neighbors were two arm’s length away, and I had no idea how much sound a closed garage door muffled.

He was true to his word with not cumming quickly.  He fucked me close to 30 minutes.

There was a big push up into my guts and he had a long grunt. I asked him, or goaded him, into telling me what he was doing. I love having a guy telling me he is cumming, though I’m respectful enough to usually let them do it their way.

 “I’m making you pregnant” was his reply.

Had I not been pushed into the table I think my semi-erect cock still would have spewed its load all over his father’s table.

I thought for sure he’d want me to cum for him, but it never came up….so to speak. I slipped on my gym shorts, slipped on my sandals and walked to my car with a load up my butt.

But I’d be back in a few weeks.