Friday, November 25, 2016

Anonymous Bathroom Breeding

He hit me up on Grindr. “He”. I don’t even have a name or a fake name to give you. It’s best he’s not even totally humanized. This is not a humanizing story. And that’s not a bad thing.

Grindr is not my go-to app for hook-ups. Most guys are younger and they seem me as a dad or an old man, neither of which how I normally see myself. I might only be kidding me. But I took the bait.

He wasn’t of age either – at least for Grindr. 49 he said. An ok picture, but nothing at which you’d be salivating. He was a traveler. In town, at a hospital nearby. I had to clarify he wasn’t a patient. He was not. But it’s not like I haven’t been hit on by patients who were nearby.

While he mentioned he was staying a hotel adjacent to the hospital, I assumed he wanted to utilize that room. As you all know, one should never assume. He tells me to meet him in a certain building at a certain time. Being punctual, I’m where I should be. He is not.

Well, he is – he just sent me to the wrong building, one that is at least a 10 minute walk. No biggie – except that it is. The building he is in is much more populous than where I thought we’d be. But at this point, I didn’t know we would not be using the hotel room and that this is just a meet and walk scenario.

I was wrong.

He sees me before I see him. But to be fair, I am not sure I would have recognized him. His pic and his reality are different. If he’s 49, then I’m 19. Maybe he’s had a really hard few days due to his brother’s hospitalization, I don’t know. It’s here he tells me about a family restroom that we can lock and fuck around in. I’m hesitant, as it’s a busy place. Yet I’d be lying if I said my dick wasn’t hardening somewhat. Public – or semi-public – sex is a huge turn on for me. It’s been harder and harder to do as people and establishments have caught on that this happens.

We find the restroom. I’ve had efficiency apartments that had less room. The door locks, but as we get down to it a bit. Regardless of my thoughts were about the guy – much of it melted away when he freed his cock. It was fucking great. Probably about 7.5”, but thick. A nice head and equally nice shaft. All my qualms kind of died down upon seeing this.

He went down and started sucking my cock (not that I was expecting that). Just then, not does someone try the door, but it opens as well. FUCK!

As it turns out we were mostly hidden. There was a main part of the room and a partial partition where the toilet (and us) was. They might have seen the back of me, but not that there was another person in there. And even if there was, those places are for family members who might need assistance getting to the bathroom. Still – it freaked me out.

He played with the lock, but clearly it was not functioning correctly. We left.

As I had been to this place before and now it was past normal business hours, I knew of two potential spots we could go if he was up for it. He was. Clearly I was too, as I was now taking control of the situation. I was now horned for not only his cock, but for the thrill of sex in a public bathroom.

I easily found the spot. For the moment the hallway where it was located was desolate. As it was a unisex bathroom, there was a lock on the door and I made sure it was functional. We got right down to it.

The thing about public sex is there is little to no foreplay. This is not a complaint. Sometimes you only have the opportunity to get to the act. There is no ‘get to know you’ kind of thing – it goes back to the human aspect. Sure, we are flesh and blood in this act, but in a way we are so much less. There is no personal contact. It’s sex. It is primal. It is animalistic. It is necessary.

From his pants pocket, he pulled out a gold-foiled condom and placed it on a nearby surface. While I don’t know all of my condoms, per se, I do know gold usually equals Magnum. I had already seen his cock and knew he qualified to buy that brand. I assume some guys get that type, as they are deluded into thinking they have a bigger cock than they do. Still – a rubber. Ugh.

I won’t lie – I tried to manipulate the situation. I grabbed his crotch and pulled out his cock. I spit into my hand and coated his shaft with a thick amount of saliva. My pants were already loosened and I dropped them and turned around – presenting myself to him. He took the bait.

The rubber remained on the surface where he place it and he reached into his pocket for a small bottle of lube. Spit would have been fine, but he was big and it was public space, so I’m ok with not doing too much moaning due to a tighter than needed entry. I leaned over and grabbed the bathroom sink. He lined up behind me and pushed at the hole until it blossomed and accepted the head…….and immediately after, the entire shaft.

I semi-silently sucked in my breath and took it – not that I had a lot of choice. This wasn’t one of these situations where you tell them to wait, or hold it, or take it out for a moment. Again: Primal. Animalistic. Necessary.

And at this point – those three items were being exhibited by both of us.

I partially think – maybe more – that the rubber was taken out as a token. Letting me know it was there if I requested he wear it, but hoping I’d never say a word about it – which I didn’t.

The man was good at what he did. He knew how to fuck. He knew how to fuck ass in a public space. Take a look!

Anon Bathroom Breeding

While at this point the hallway traffic would be minimal, his moans were still too loud for my liking. It’s a tiled bathroom – sound reverberates. In a way it is totally hot, in a way it is not.

As it turns out, there was an EVS closet right next to this, so since it was after normal business hours – not that a hospital ever closes – the environmental service workers started showing up to get their gear. They tended to congregate outside our door while this complete stranger’s cock was going in and out of me.

I was getting nailed so hard at one point, I had to let go of the sink. It was attached to the wall with little support underneath the basin. It would have been easy to snap it off the wall with the pressure I was putting on it. So I pivoted over to the right and held onto a grab bar used to support people getting onto and off of the toilet.

At this point, I’d been taking it up the ass for over 10 minutes. Now, in non-public restroom time, that isn’t an extremely long time. Getting boned in a risky venue, 10 minutes is an eternity.

Truth be told, I’m not always hard when I get fucked. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it or am not turned on. Physically, I can’t tell you why I’m not always erect, but I’m not. This time, I was. Full fucking hard on. I think it was the situation: public restroom, old workplace, complete stranger, big cock, expert fucking all culminated in me being extremely excited.

It got to the point I was begging –only somewhat silently - for his load. Part of it was I needed to minimize our chances of getting caught. Part of it was: I REALLY wanted him to pump his scum deep up my ass. That was the bigger part.

He jack-rabbited his cock up my cunt, the closer he got. He wasn’t horribly silent when he made it over the edge.

I could feel him pulse up my hole. That’s not always the case with guys, but this time, I could feel this thick cock getting thicker. I could feel it throb. Each throb was met with his own moans, so I knew his cum was coating the lining of my ass. His breath – or lack of it – was another indicator.

Slowly he withdrew from my ass. His cock was shiny from lube, cum and my ass juice. It was still nicely erect, or mostly. “Cum for me”, were his next words.

Normally I won’t cum while or after getting fucked. It’s not that I can’t. It’s not even that I won’t. There is a deeper sense of I’m not worthy to cum…..I was here for your pleasure, not for mine. Most tops don’t ever care that I don’t get off. That is rarely their goal. Going back to the primal aspect of it all – they just need and want to get their rocks off. And I’m more than ok with being the guy to help them do just that.

Still, it wasn’t a question. Nor even a request. It was borderline order.

While I was still excited by the situation, my hard-on had not gone down either. As I grabbed my cock, he grabbed his. As I stroked, he did as well. He was just as into this after seeding me as he was when he first entered the first time.

It can take me a little while to cum, especially when I was not planning on doing it. I was still going at it and so was he. The difference is, his breathing became a little more irregular – it was shorter and quickened. While he had just ejaculated less than five minutes ago all signs were there for another lift- off.

With no words prior to, he took two steps to his left, which put him right behind me again – and he SHOVED his cock all the way in - balls deep. It was like 3 seconds from insertion to bottoming out. He immediately started convulsing – putting a second load into me.

He was muttering he hadn’t cum twice in a row like that for a long time, but I was barely listening. I told him to play with my tits. So while he was still in me, he reached around and found my nips and started fondling them. He wasn’t great at it, but given the circumstances, I might have been more surprised if he was.

Now I was on the verge. He pulled out and came to my side so he could see me pump my load. It went onto the toilet, onto the floor and onto the wall. It was a big load. He was impressed. I was too.

Not one to stand on ceremony, I shook my dick a few times to get rid of the stray strings. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped it quickly, tucked back in and pulled on my pants. As we didn’t know each other, and he was visiting, there was no need for goodbyes or the such. Fuck – there wasn’t even a ‘thanks’ for either of us.

This all goes back to the need, but lack of humanization. We were both tools for each other. Nothing more.

I opened the door, looked around and left first. Worse case would be – he’d come out shortly after and by the time anyone who might be around saw two guys coming from one bathroom and figured it out, I’d be long gone. ….and I was, leaving him and his unused rubber behind.

I’ve written before: truly anonymous sex is extremely difficult to achieve these days. A profile has location, images, screen name, stats, and a host of other information that no longer makes it anonymous. And fuck – you have to navigate through a maze of stipulations from these guys just to get the chance for them to meet…..or stand you up. So, already, I’ve talked more (online) than I ever cared to discuss, just to get laid.

At least here, the bookstore / video booths are rare. Public gloryholes? It’s been eons since I’ve seen one. Even cruising areas are difficult to fine – woods and parks are patrolled. It’s all very tidy.

I don’t mind impersonal or anonymous sex. This guy is the closest I’ve come to it in a long while.

Ironically enough – it would not be my last encounter with him. More to cum.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Project Manager

“Rob” was on Scruff. He was a few hundred feet from me. Masculine, rugged, blond, blue-eyed. Tall. All those good things you like in men, but not in an Aryan kind of way. I just ‘woof’d’ at him and let it go.

As it turns out, he engaged me in conversation. There was a lot of back and forth with no immediate pay-off. Isn’t Scruff about the immediate, or semi-immediate pay-off? It should be, though it is rarely the case.

Also as it turns out he worked in the same organization as myself. Since there are tens of thousands of people in my organization, it’s not usual not to run across someone such as himself. We are in totally different areas of responsibility, our paths would cross once in a blue moon, if ever.

Still, he would text vague sexual things – the kinds where you couldn’t quite tell if he gave, got or was versatile. Of course, I wanted him to be the guy who gave. I love men taller than myself, but it is rare to find, even though I’m only 6’2”.

Then one Friday late afternoon, he messaged me. He was getting ready to leave work, yada yada yada. I said I was still in my office for a bit, though everyone else on my floor was gone. Said if he was interested, he should stop by. And then it went silent.

Figures, I thought.

Fifteen minutes later or so, I look up from my desk to see Rob standing in my doorway. Well, my outer- office door. I have the arrangement of being able to have double notification if someone is trying to see me. For work, there is no issue. For play – at work – it is a huge benefit.

He mentions he’s not up for play at work. I get that. But there are mixed messages. The more we talk, the more he stands there with a hand in his pocket - playing pocket pool. The more I look at that, or mention it, the stiff he clearly gets in his pants.

He’s teasing me and he knows it. So do I. I don’t hold back and mention it. He responds: ‘who says I’m teasing?’. I reply: ‘I do’, but add that if he’s serious, he should go close the outer door. …and he does.

So either the ‘not playing at work’ thing was a test for me, or he had weak resolve, or a high libido, and caved like a house of cards. Either way, it was working in my favor.

He stepped into my office and closed and locked the inner door. We were very alone. There would be, and could be, no disturbances. I knew that. I think he was hoping it would be true. If he had any nerves, his hard cock betrayed them.

He was standing near the door, me still in my office chair. I rolled a little closer and leaned forward. It was the perfect angle / position. As his pants were dark, I had no qualms about gnawing on his crotch through the rough fabric. No stain would really show, and if he had a concern about that, he never stopped me.

Nor did he stop me when I pulled down the tab of his zipper. If anything, he spread his legs a bit to give me better, easier access. I took the opportunity.

It was a struggle to release his very solid 7” cock from its confines, but I’m nothing if not an experienced slut. Soon that rod was free and passing through the open fly – which is always a great look. Rob stood there why licked the underside of that shaft.

Rob involuntarily moaned as my lips wrapped around his cock and I slid my mouth all the way down to the teeth of his zipper. I think he’d have liked to remain silent….just in case. But I have a great mouth, even if I say so myself. All his actions, verified he thought I had a great mouth as well.

At some point, Rob sat down in my visitor chair. I stayed in my desk chair, wheeled over and leaned in, putting my head - my mouth - onto his lap. Swallowing every inch of cock he had. Right to the entrance of my throat. He didn’t even try to stifle a moan.

He did talk some, but mostly to tell me it takes him a long time to cum. That is good and bad.

Good if we were fucking – him fucking me, that is. Bad for a late day blowjob, when both of you – no matter how much you want this – really just want to get out of the office. So, I cheated. I used my hand. My fist.

I hate being “that guy”, but now and then it is necessary. Sometimes for timing….sometimes it is the only way they can get off. Believe it or not, some guys cannot get off orally. This was a little of both.

Rob’s had slunk down into the chair, his head back – close to, or touching the wall – eyes closed, at least most of the time. He was in the moment of the blowjob. So was I. He succumbed to the moment, to the surrounding, to his decision to let his guard down.

Breathing became labored. Moans were not loud, but they were frequent. As they got closer together, I knew the end was near. And then there was cum. Lots of it. But not tasty. Rob was a smoker, a heavy one at that. When he exhaled just during the blowjob I smelled heavy tobacco. I’m no scientist, but I’m guessing that’s why his sperm tasted bad.

Now don’t get me wrong – I swallowed. Every drop. Including what I squeezed out after what most would have considered “finished”. And I’d never tell him his jizz tasted bad. That’s not my place. I’m there to entice the cum to appear and then make it disappear. I’m there to make a man feel good – and for many, there is no better than the afterglow of orgasm. There is a superiority to them at that point and time.

I straightened up. He stood up and pulled himself together. We chit-chatted while he tucked in and zipped up. It was all very amenable. He even joked, “well, I guess now it’s time to block each other” – meaning to have Scruff impede us from communicating again. We both laughed.

….and I haven’t seen him on Scruff since. I guess he wasn’t joking.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Active Bottom

I walked through his unlocked door and climbed the stairs to his apartment. Once in, it was another flight to his bedroom. As I was a few steps from the top, I could see him. He was almost in an egg- shaped position. Head down, back curled, ass at the edge of the bed with his feet tucked under him. He was in position.

I had been at Starbucks when “Dan” hit me up. We volleyed back and forth before he asked me over. However, the discussion was about him providing me head. I know that’s not my norm, but it had been like four weeks since I got off – which is my norm – and I was ok with someone’s mouth sucking the life out of me.

But now here I was, at his place, his ass exposed for my use.

Well, I assume it was for my use. And there was a bottle of lube and a hand towel to the left of him, seemingly for me.

I  had been here before. I had fucked Dan before. So he knew what I was packing.

Months before (a year?) Dan rebuffed me saying he was no longer having casual sex and was now looking for ‘the one’. I knew he’d be back. They all are. This is an urge that doesn’t just dissipate – even if / when you fine “the one”. And now I was getting on my knees to eat his fucking butthole.

His shitter is nice. Meaty enough, but not fat. Hairy enough, but not a forest. Pink enough that makes you just want to make your tongue dance all around and in it. Of course, this might just be me, since I am such a fan of anallingus. I had him moaning into his comforter, as his head never raised up upon my entrance. While I was down there, I smelled the faintest whiff of poppers. Clearly, he picked up his head enough to take a hit of them.

As we had talked about giving head, I thought I’d take him up on that. I told him before I fucked him, he was going to show me how good his mouth was. He hopped off the bed and got to his knees, while I sat on the edge of the mattress.

His skills were good, but not great. Dan utilized his hand far far far too often, considering the entire blowjob lasted all of four minutes before I pulled him off. Actually, the hand felt good, but it’s a blowjob, not a handjob. And now that the table had been set for buttfucking, I wasn’t really any longer in the mood to dump my nut into a mouth that he might not swallow.

I tried to penetrate Dan with just his spit – and mine (on his hole) – but damn if I’m not too thick for that to go in easily. Considering he said he’d been fucked three times (yeah, casual sex is back on his table) two nights before, I thought he’d accommodate me easily. So I squirted some lube on my shaft, rubbed it around with my hand and then slid up his ass with ease.

Dan is a semi-active bottom. He isn’t that vocal. He doesn’t take over the fuck by physically riding the cock or anything. But his inner-muscles. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Clearly I’ve never fucked myself, but I do like to use my ass muscles on a guy while he his pumping his junk up my chute.

Here I was, fucking Dan and thinking about guys fucking me – as strange as that might sound. My thought and hope was: fuck – I hope guys who fuck me think my ass feels this good when I purposefully milk their dick with my controlled ass muscles.

Everyone who stops by this blog is aware I’m not the best or most proficient top. That’s not necessarily where my skill set lies. I’m ok, but control isn’t always my strong suit. I mean, if I top, I want it to last a bit. And I get that some guys are just load collectors (I’ve had those times myself). But Dan was purposefully trying to get me much closer – or off completely – by working his ass. And the man has talents.

Dan would mock / play along when I’d tell him to stop manipulating my cock. He’d go, “what do you mean??” at the same time he’d pulse around my thick shaft. The bastard.

The ‘fuck’ was more of me staying still trying not to dump my load too quickly. It was more me staving off ejaculating than it was of me pistoning my dick in and out of his hole, which is really what a fuck is all about, no?

When I realized I couldn’t hold off much longer due to my physical make-up and his continually squeezing my pud, I decided to go for broke and just start fucking. #Dan took the cock – and the load – like a champ.

Finishing in the Ass powered by XTube

(last part of video was too big for blogger upload, so I did it via xtube)

The man is beyond experienced, so I don’t think it was a big stretch for him to take the fuck I gave him, but the load was large, so hopefully he was a good boy and didn’t expel it for a number of hours.

Or maybe he used it for lube for the next guy he’d lure over.