Monday, June 29, 2015

No Hablo Inglés

I met him on Grindr. Again, with my instincts - and knowing better, but overlooking the signs, just for cock.

His pic was ok enough. Clearly Hispanic. A little too colorful for me. Scarfs, tie-dyed tennis shoes, multi-colored cap. But I wasn't looking to take fashion advice by him. I wanted dick.

The dick was decent. It looked thick.

Being Hispanic, I knew he would be uncut, but this was more like a tight turtleneck.

The pic is a little deceiving. While the image isn't 'actual size' in real life it wasn't much longer. Though it was thick.

The guy, we'll call him Juan, was relentless. Contacting and recontacting me. I said 'maybe' - and that to him, meant 'yes'. As it turns out, it did mean yes, but before that, I had offers - two others. They were closer and didn't seem as odd.

All the while when 'talking' on Grindr, I just thought he was high.

His profile had symbols for smoking and three or four for bundles of cash. I told him from the get-go, that I don't pay, I don't do drugs and I don't smoke or really tolerate heavy smokers.

He'd come back with one word answers or almost total gibberish.  "No no come?"

This one's on me. Until I was at his place, did I realize he spoke little to no English. While I won't rule out being somewhat high, part of his app communication skills were that English wasn't even his second language. There was no translation, no conjugation. Nothing.

I was there, so I went upstair.

I totally know that it is not a good enough reason, but you've seen I've done worse with less and for far lesser reasons.  I have a problem. I get it.

The room was dark with Telemundo (or some such thing) playing. It was loud. It was colorful. It was distracting.

He lay back on the bed and pointed to his dick. That needed no translation. I went between his legs and started sucking. It confirmed that he was wide at the base, but not very long.

While I was down there he kept talking, but to me it was mostly unintelligible, as I can say 'gracias', 'como estas'. 'de nada' and the likes.

He kept say "" with a slight upward inflection.  I finally realized he was asking if it was 'good'.

I nodded yes, but it wasn't really. It was ok, but good?  No.

He motioned for me to lay on my belly.  I did. He got behind me and hit that hole in penetration. Skilled he was not.

Still, he got in and with every other thrust, I asked, "goo?"

He couldn't really tell me what he was thinking and if he did, I couldn't understand him. He made not big breathing overtures to cumming, and if he made a verbal announcement, it wasn't translatable to me.

I figured he was shooting, but not 100% sure.  And then suddenly he was off me and standing up.

It was my realization that he had finished and was done. That was ok, I kind of was too.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gag Me

I let the 'being a cocksucker' always get the better of me. I have great instincts - I just chose to ignore than way more than I ever should.

He was visiting - less than a mile away. He hounded me a bit. I gave in......a bit.

When someone asks me 'what are you into / looking for' I try to be direct. I mean, sometimes I'll play the flirt game if you are intrigued by them, but if you're on the fence, I just say it as it is. I figure, it might tip things in their favor if they're ok with what I'm looking for.

On the other hand, it could weed out the guys who aren't looking for the same.

What I keep tripping over are the liars. The guys who try to get in the door under one premise and think they'll change my mind after they're in.


So, physically, he looked like his picture. He had a Pillsbury Doughboy thing going on. Whiter than white, and no doubt more than one person poked him in the belly to some annoying laugh. On a grown man, I've never really seen a chest that undefined. It just kind of morphed with the rest of this trunk.

I knew from feeling him up (well....down), that he wasn't the 7" he claims. I just don't get it people. Have you never measured? Do you not know how to use a tape measure? Are you just habitual liars?

He was 5"..........on a GOOD day.  And this was not a good day.

And while I did start off sucking his cock - which was my intent, all he wanted me to do was fuck him.  He went on and on about how thick my cock was, which I don't know how he could truly tell, considering I was barely semi-erect.

I can't tell you how many times I told him that wasn't going to happen. He'd allegedly accept it and then start back in.

As for the title of this post along with the not having 7" - you might even wonder how he got me to gag.

It wasn't his powerful pelvic thrusts. It certainly wasn't his massive member. It wasn't even play acting.

Kneeling three feet below his head, with every fucking exhale his breath made me choke back vomit.

I'm guessing this guy hasn't invested the $1.89 for a spool of floss in.........well..........ever. I'm not sure he's a regular user of a toothbrush - though his teeth didn't look bad. But Listerine most likely isn't in his cabinet, nor is a standing every six month dental check-up.

The, not-so-simple chronic halitosis was just to much to stand. Yet I did. Because I'm a "professional".

Seriously, this guy needed a deep root gum cleaning - two visits to the dentist for that would clear him up - and there is no way he can't smell it, unless he has no sense of smell.

And clearly, I am as guilty as every family member, friend and co-worker for not telling him. I just took his load on my tongue......

...swallowed and escorted him out.

And in reality, it would have been so much better for me had I turned him around, bend him over and fucked his ass.

At least that way he couldn't breathe on me.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Public Restroom Fuck

I hadn't seen him for a while.  Even from the possible hottest post of 2015, I had seen him once or twice, but just to provide oral relief. And trust me, I am more than happy to provide just oral relief to this guy. I'd provide anything he fucking wanted.

We had exchanged a few messages here and there, but mostly just chit chat. He hadn't asked for service and I wanted to stay in his good graces, so I wasn't pushing it. He'd get to me when he could.

That time was the other day. I got a text from him fairly early in the morning, asking if I was free around 9a. I said I could be - and if he wanted me to come over. But he was already at work. Then he asked if I could meet at a shopping center bathroom around 9:15a.


On one hand, I fucking love public sex - and it is such a rarity these days. On the other hand, getting busted was not really in my plans. And if I had three hands....or four........I'm thinking I'd do just about anything for this guy, so why not. And things at this establishment probably didn't pick up until 10:30 or 11:00.  I was in.

I didn't see him in the parking lot, but told him which stall I'd be in. I heard the outer door open and I thought he'd find someway of identifying himself, but he just pushed my unlocked stall door open.


I love the confidence.

By this time, my shorts and boxers were already off and hanging off the handicap bars. He stepped up, pulled down his pants and there hung his beautiful, thick, black meat. I immediately put it into my mouth. It immediately started to grow to full capacity.

I wanted to keep that fucking staff in my mouth forever, and he was liking it too - a bit too much. That is not what he summoned me here to do. It was not the top of his wish list. And I wanted what he wanted.

With no words, I stood up to bend over the toilet. But knowing he was coming from work, I was smart enough to bring lube with me, as I assumed he didn't have any with him.

Normally, I'm ok with a spit-fuck, but as I've said before, this man is THICK. It would be a struggle most times to take him with just our saliva, and I'm willing to try that - but in a quick bathroom / fuck situation, I needed the extra glide.

I rubbed his cock with the lube and bent over. In no time at all he was pushing into me.

FUCK - he is big. Length and girth, but what I was feeling right then was the girth. While I was fairly comfortable that there really weren't other people nearby, why take the chance. I tried to remain silent through the process. Sure, we exchanged words, in a very low tone - though they seemed loud as floors and walls were tiled.

I had to extract myself off his pole, just once, to reacclimate and to fetch a little more lube.

After that, I was back bent over taking it up my butt, like I was born to do.

I kind of smiled to myself - it wasn't any talking or moaning that would give us away, it was the electric eye of the toilet. With certain movements, the sensor would make the toilet flush. And this happened several times.

There were no words of adoration, except for his cock. Mostly moans from him as he'd deep dive and, as he loves to do, flex his stiff dick when it's deep inside of me. As I've said before, that triggers a pain / pleasure feeling (in that order) that is beyond description. And even though 'pain' is in there, it is fucking heaven.

With work-time constraints and not wanting to get busted constraints, I'm guessing the actual fuck too about five minutes. Sooner than I'd like in any other situation, he was putting his babies into my gut in that black-tiled bathroom stall.

I could feel the pulsing dick more than the shooting cum. As always with him, my ass-nerve endings were on fire. I felt everything he had to offer.

With no ceremony, he slipped out of my ass. He allowed me to go sit back on the toilet and take this softening cock into my mouth, cleaning him up a bit, but not completely, I would imagine.

He left the same way he arrived - no words. Opening and shutting the stall door. I heard the water run at the sink while I slipped my nylon shorts and boxer briefs back on over my shoes. I gave him a five minute head-start then silently slipped out of the bathroom myself - driving home with an assload of sperm.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

(another) Painter

He hit me up on Grindr. I'm still not a fan of that site, but now and again, it gets me laid. The demographic is far too young for me, and the spam and bots on that app are way to pervasive. Still, I keep it.

So, he hits me up and while his stats are sparse and profile pic is a landscape of Los Angeles, at least he seems to be real. He also doesn't have his location on, so I don't know where he his....or how far, I should say. Then I get an embedded location sent from him. The odd thing was that it was right outside my house. I couldn't figure out how he was sending me my own location.

We agreed to meet and he said he had a little time during lunch and where was I. I told him. Turns out, he was right next door. He wasn't sending me my location, but his. He was painting a neighbor's house who is getting it ready for sale.

He was over in five minutes. Maybe less.

21 (yikes!), 6'4", 180. Handsome as fuck and pushing 8.5 or 9 inches.  Double yikes.

Unlike a lot of black youths I have 'met', he didn't try to come across as one with tons of street cred - even if most of them don't really have it. He was incredibly well spoken, even if that speak was dirty talk and horniness.

I don't think he was inexperienced, or at least shy. In a heartbeat his shorts were pulled down and out sprang his flaccid, but still big, cock. It took a few seconds of touching to get it to full staff.

In a few seconds, I was on my knees.

And I was down there for a while.

I fucking loved his cock - and he seemingly loved my mouth.  For a 21 year old, he knew all the right words to say to a white cocksucker......including "white cocksucker".

He kept looking at his phone and said he only had 15 more minutes. I figured that was plenty of time for a blowjob before he blew his nut in my mouth.  Right?

He saw I had poppers and said he liked them. I made the comment that I only use them sometimes, and if then, when I'm getting fucked.

The kid said he'd like to fuck me, like it was his own idea. I know I passive-aggressively mentioned the fucking, hoping it would get to that. Actually, I've tried to stay off poppers, but with that cock? I was gonna need 'em.

But I needed him to make him think it was his idea. I try not to scare off the newbies too much with such filthy filthy thoughts.  

With some lube, some poppers, and a good grip on my desk, he got his cockhead into me - and there was no stopping him.

It took me a minute to get used to his size. There is no way around that. Not that he really heeded my request for 'easy'.

I will give him this - he fucks like a champ.

Don't get me wrong. It was a hard fuck. It was a determined fuck. I kept thinking - mostly afterwards - once that young man gets more experience under his belt and learns how to harness that energy, and that cock, he's going to be an A+ fucker.

He fucking slammed me the last 2-3 minutes. He had a deadline, and he wanted to get off. And I wanted him to get off. In me.  With each thrust I could feel it through the core of my being. I loved every thrust of it.

It would turn out later, I would be sore for hours, but it was totally worth it - then and later. It's been a while since someone truly made me feel fucked. But he did.

The load seemed huge - or at least his quaking, shaking and moaning went on for a long period of time.

I was fully sated when he was done. I'm hoping he felt the same way - except that he's 21 and I'm not sure anyone that age every feels fully sated. More power to him.

He thought he might stop by after his day was through, or possibly the next day if they were still there on the job. He didn't come over after and no trucks were there the following day.

Maybe I'll hear from him again. Perhaps not. Either way - totally worth it.

Monday, June 15, 2015


I live in an area where most people have landscapers. Someone to tend to their grass, their leaves, etc. I'm not one of these. I'd love to have the disposable income to toss away on something like that - but it's not how I choose to spend my money. I don't mind cutting the lawn.

As I walk the dog on the days these folks are out, I get to see quite a few of them. Some are really kind of hunky in that pseudo-porn kind of way. Many are Hispanic men.  Some college. And then some middle-aged white guys.

Landscaping seems to be a transient employer. Workers come and go. Maybe for a season I'll see a few of the same guys, but generally, I don't. And generally, I'll look!

On a recent dog walk, making the loop, I saw one guy near his truck. Usually there are are crew of three, but I saw only him. Didn't mean they weren't working in the back yard, but it was just him.

I'd guess he was 50-ish. Hard to tell with the toughened skin he's seen in the sun and elements. Decent shape. Not a looker, but the landscapers in porn are figments.

He nodded. I nodded.  He said something about the day and weather. Nothing sexual, but I got a vibe.

We all know that vibe. The wavelengths of cruising. Not the ones at a bar, bath or gay event - but one of every day life that ends up showing up on 'missed connections' :  "we talked at this place....tell me what I was wearing....I think we had a moment".

Admittedly, I've placed a few of those. Only because the guy was so hot - at least in certain ways - that I thought I had nothing to lose.

Anyways, after I got back home, I was still intrigued, and still (always) horny. So I took another walk - this time without the dog.

Landscaper guy, saw me again and nodded. Said that I must live around here. I told him I did. I know I looked him up and down - and I think I was subtle, but who the fuck knows. He asked where I lived and I pointed to the end of the street.

"I can probably stop by in a little bit".  I nodded and instead of pretending to finish my walk, turned around and went home, he watched to which driveway I entered.

15 minutes later, he walks up my drive and knocks on the door. There was no talk. Or almost none. I had on gym shorts with nothing underneath and a t-shirt. He was in dirty forest green work clothes.

The shirt never came off - his, that is. Mine did. So did my shorts. His pants unbuckled and unzipped. They dropped to just above his knees.

The cock was ok - nothing spectacular. Thick, but about 6".  I went down to suck it but that lasted all of two minutes. He pulled me up by my armpits and bent me over my desk.

I saw where this was going - but so could Louis Braille.

He had no finesse in getting it in, but I shouldn't have been surprised. From the cruise, to the invite, to the showing up to the abbreviated blowjob, he was all about fucking - getting in and fucking!

I'd be lying if I said it went in easily. It could have, but he gave zero time from positioning to almost balls deep.

I say 'almost' because I said, "fuck, you're all in" and he correcting me by that last 1/2" shove. "NOW, it is."

I was still stinging from the penetration, and he just went to town.

I totally get that people think sex is a two way street - and sometimes it is. But sometimes it is just about the road rage driver who is trying to get somewhere, regardless of who the fuck is in his way.

I just happened to be in his way of his final destination: CUMMING.

The fuck only took a little over five minutes. He buried deep - even though he told, during the pounding, me he wanted to see the cum run out of my ass. There was no way that cum was seeing the light of day anytime soon.

True to form, there was no easing out either. He pulled out almost immediately after and by the time I straightened up and turned around, his pants were up and he was in the process of zipping up and resetting his buckle.

He told me to have a nice weekend and was out the door.

Who knows if I'll get that opportunity again.

Friday, June 12, 2015


He texted me - he was painting a house that was to be flipped or rented (I'd find out later) about 20 minutes from me. He was there alone. He needed head.

Black-Italian (not a usual combination), 6', 190lbs. 9", he said.

It wasn't. maybe 8". Maybe. It was thick as hell, but it was not 9. I don't know why guys exaggerate like that. A. we're gonna find out eventually.  B. you had a really nice cock to begin with. Celebrate that.

I did.

He said to park in the drive and just come in the back door. It was open. The place smelled like fresh pain and menthol cigarettes. I get that most trades folk smoke, but I would also think that smell would ingrain in the paint as it set. Oh well, I was there to give a fucking blowjob, not rent the place.

Before I got there, he messaged me that he wanted to use my phone to watch 'nasty porn' while I blew him. I didn't really want him on my phone, so said it was a work one and that I can't be visiting "those sites" on a work device.

Clearly, he had a phone he was texting from - I don't know why he wanted mine. But he didn't get it. Then he wanted me to bring mags. But I didn't have any with women, so he wasn't interested. At least I still got the invite to come.

He took me back to a smaller bedroom or office. The carpet guys were coming next week, so I was on hard linoleum when I went to my knees. He unbuckled himself, though I would have been honored to do so.

So as I sucked, he might have looked down at me once. He was on his phone the entire time. Sometimes probably watching something, though no volume was present. And a lot of typing. I was just background to him and his cock.

That's cool. I wasn't there to converse or even make friends. My mouth, or whatever he was doing on-line (or the combo) got him and kept him hard.

He told me early on, "no hands" and I didn't. And I could get him down my throat easily. Too easily for such a fat fucking cock, but whatever came in to play worked for me. I sucked. He fucked my face. I licked. He fucked my face.

Eventually he needed his hand for a little bit. I'm not doubting my skills, as much as his time allotted for some cocksucker to be at his worksite, distracting him from his bosses task at hand.

Then as his job required - he painted. He painted my tongue, roof of my mouth and tonsils.

The load was big. The load was super bitter. But I said nothing. I swallowed. I thanked him. I left.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Not A Sound

Somehow I heard something alerting me to someone at the door - though it wasn't a knock or a doorbell. Instinct, perhaps?

I was expecting him, but then again I wasn't.

GDD has a habit of making and breaking plans. He has a way of building up and letting you down - either last minute, or with no notification at all. Our meeting time had come and gone - so I was no longer waiting for him and immersed myself in other things.

Yet there he was.  Late, but there. Without a 'friend', but there.

GDD normally brings a friend with him. And by 'friend', I mean someone he's found on-line and talked them in to joining him at my place so I can give them both head. Of the dozen or so times he's done this, about 40% of this friends are even remotely worthy. Had they not been with him, I'd never have given a second look, let alone open my door for.............or go to my knees for.

This time, his 'friend' found me on A4A and asked if it was all right that GDD was bringing him. I suppose had I not known or seen this guy beforehand, he would have entered and I would have done my duty - but he showed himself, and it was not pleasant.

I messaged GDD and said he knew this wasn't my preference. All I got was an 'ok'.

I didn't know if that meant he wasn't coming at all. Coming with someone new? Or just alone?

Turns out he was alone.

Immediately I knew, but......there was no set-up.

I opened the door, he walked in. Not a word. He walked up the stairs. Not a word. In my office, unbuckle, unzip, sits down. Not a peep.

I somehow knew enough not to utter a sound myself - though again, this was unsaid.

His cock was out, but soft. Large, but soft. GDD has a really nice cock - which makes up for a few of his other flaws.

It's long. It's mighty thick. It has a great head on it. 

I went to my knees, he leaned back in the chair and tilted his head back. He was as far away removed from me as he could be and still be present to get a blowjob. A partition would have been the only other way.

He looked up - then down - on me once. It was to slap his hand to the side of my head to guide me for what would only be a few minutes. Other than that, I was on my own to suck as I pleased, though deep down, I know I was sucking the way he wanted me to. I had enough experience with him and enough verbal direction to know what he likes. I catered my style to him when he is there.

Normally, he'd be telling me to make my mouth feel like his wife's pussy - as if I even know what one feels like, let alone hers.

Apparently it's concurrently sloppy and tight. I'll assume sloppy wet, as opposed to just well used, which it might be with that cock he's sporting.

So I just would alternately tighten and loosen my mouth. I would make sure there was plenty of spit to cover his shaft. I played with his balls.

I think I did a good job, but he'd never let me know, even if he was being vocal. I kept him hard. So, I'm guessing I was doing ok.

About 15 minutes in, I was looking up and saw his abdomen just shaking. Trembling, even. His dick was no harder. His breathing seemed no more labored, but I took the trembling to be a telltale sign of impending orgasm.

As the thought was going through my head, my mouth was being filled with spunk. Lots and lots of married, father spunk.

No groan. No moan. No words. Not even a catch in the throat.

Nor did I make 'yummy' sounds as it shot into my mouth and slid down my throat into my belly.

I cleaned him up with my tongue. He dressed - without a word. Walked out the door, never even bothering to close it behind him.

And he was gone.

Friday, June 05, 2015

the Call Up

It was a simple request.

He's full of simple requests: in theory. All guys are.

In reality, logistics get in the way of simple requests. They make the seemingly easy to-do a difficult if not impossible task. I don't immediately toss aside certain hopes, but I'm a realist when it comes to pulling them off.

The request was to call him the next time I was getting fucked.  He wanted to listen in.

See?  It sounds simple.

But it really isn't always. People are wary of smart phones when you're having sex - and rightfully so. Lord knows I've used mine to record the obscenity of sex. Usually not audio.......just to be clear.

He replied that I had done it before........and while he was fucking me. Which was true. The phone was dialed before I ever went into his apartment. The man on the other end knew to be quiet and just listen. He also knew that he wouldn't have to sit through foreplay or set-up - that it would be a buttfucking right from the get go. And it was.

But it also wasn't a smart phone. This was the days before those. And the only reason the person in question knew about the call was because I told him....or maybe he read it. But I wasn't found out at the time.

Still, I tucked away his request - never tossing it.

As it turns out, the opportunity came up just two days after the request. The guy was allegedly coming for a blowjob, but I know him and 9 times out of 10, it ends up with him fucking me. So, I figured with this guy, knowing his behavior somewhat, I could tip the scales in my (the requestors) favor.

True to form, things played out like I knew they would.  The phone was queued up with the person's contact info, partially placed near my laptop. As I bent over, I hit 'call', and a few seconds later, as I was being impaled, I saw the person pick up on the other end - as the call seconds started to climb.

While I am vocal during sex, I was a little exaggerated even for me. I wanted to make sure he heard what was happening. The guy fucking me isn't loud, so I wasn't even sure he could be heard on the other end of the call - so I was trying to make up for that too.

I was trying to incorporate everything he was doing to me, everything I was feeling - as it happened - up unto and through him creaming my ass.

It wasn't necessarily a long call. Unfortunately, this guy doesn't have necessarily long fucks. Nice cock, huge huge loads, but a trigger to speak.

As he was slipping out and I had to come out of the bend I had over the desk, I terminated the call.

Still, his request was a success and he reported he had an immediate hard on.

So score one for me.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Hispanic Hotel Hottie

More of less, I'm caught up on the interesting stories of the past few weeks.

As an FYI - a few times I post pretty close to real-time, but since I only post every 3-4 days, some encounters get delayed in telling. In reality, the stories are tell are delayed by a two weeks or so.  I try to leave myself reminders of a guy I want to write about, but honestly, something more recent usually fills my grey matter and those earlier stories go off to the side, no matter how good or interesting they were.

And as always - you rarely get the tale of the standard blowjob. Those happen quite a bit, but it's hard to make a blowjob sound that interesting. Especially in the frequency in which I give them.  

So I'm guessing this goes a month or two back. He's not a second tier story - just one that got lost in the weeds.

He was in a hotel. He was ending a two week stay here - all for work, though I didn't see his profile on line until a few days prior to his departure.

"Jose" was good looking. 6', 170, full head of mostly pepper hair, with a little salt. Bearded. Hispanic. 7" uncut cock. And married.

It was morning - he had to be at his work site a little late, but was in need. I headed to his hotel.

He was funny and super cautious. He was at and extended suites kind of place. So no only did he lock the door and bolt it, we went back into the separate bedroom and he shut that door too. I suppose that could have been to muffle the sounds of him murdering me, but I wasn't really worried.

There was zero kissing, though he had the lips that I think I would have liked to sample. I'm assuming he left that for his wife. I get it - kissing can be more intimate than fucking, given the right circumstances.

But fucking was on the menu.  Unfortunately by the looks of his bedside table, so were condoms. Drats.

We stripped down. I went to my knees. His body fell against the wall for support as he seemed to really really enjoy the head I was giving him. I suspect I edged him a few times - but it's not how he wanted to cum.

He pushed me away and reached for the rubber and lube. I got off my knees and laid back on the side of the bed, with my ass just hanging over. I love it when things align. Often, someone is too tall or short and there is a lot of positioning.

He maneuvered his dick into me. He waited until I adjusted - and then he just went to town.

Say what you want about married guys - they usually know how to throw a good fuck. He certainly did.

Physically, I wasn't noticing the rubber too too much.  Mentally, it was on my mind.

What surprised me more was that as he was getting close he pulled out and stroked his dick. At least I thought he was close. I know, for whatever reason, some guys have to get off more manually. I don't get it, but I've seen it more often than I think one should.

He even ended up taking off the rubber. And yet he furiously stroked.

I was still there on the bed with my legs spread, stroking my own cock. He said he was going to cum on my cock.

I bought into it verbally, but not mentally. I told him to shoot on my cock. But with my legs open even wider, I told him to shoot on my hole.

He looked up from his cock at me. Looking at the lust on my face, he somewhat mirrored it.  "Yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah.  Shoot on my hole. Shoot on my hole. Shoot on my hole".

He stroked faster.

I said 'shoot on my hole' a few more times, then changed it, subtly but not subtle. "Shoot in my hole".

I tried not to change the inflection from 'on' to 'in', as I didn't want to scare him off. But I repeated it so he hopefully would get the message. He never acknowledged the change. I was fairly certain I'd at least get his jizz on my hole and not on my cock.

As he moved closer to orgasm, he just shoved his cock in my hole and let it loose. He sprayed his babies all inside of me.

Maybe he shut both doors to keep down the sounds of two men having noisy sex. The groans, moans and grunts were loud.   ....from both of us.

As he came down from his post-orgasm high, he slipped out and toweled off a bit. I gathered my shorts and shoes. Neither of us acknowledging what had just happened.

I can't assume what was going through his mind, but I didn't want to disturb the balance. As I dressed, we chatted about his travel and his bluetooth BOSE stereo, with which he travels.

I thanked him and said if he had time in the last few days of his stay, I'd be happy to stop back.

I never heard back from him.