Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Opening Up

He was visiting from out of town, Phoenix he said.  I'm guessing around 50, 5'11" and 160 or so.

It was a decent body, but not spectacular. His dick was about 6", not thin, but not thick either. But he said he was a total top and that intrigued me.  Doesn't it always?

We chatted for day via Scruff - not extensively, just when we could. He had plans, I had plans, but we finally found a few hours where our free time overlapped.

He kept mentioning how he'd like to "open up my hole".  I'm not dumb, but for the first two or three times, I assumed he meant fucking. But then I realized the word 'fuck' never ever ever came up in the conversations.


He was never clear about 'opening' and what it meant. I could guess, of course. But to be safe, before he arrived I put out the only two toys I have: a 6" thick and ridged buttplug and an 8.5" thick and veined dildo.

Normally, I'm not big on toys. Cold rubber toys are nothing compared to hot flesh real meat-sticks. That and I can't really manipulate them to fuck myself with them - at least not where it feels good, or close to the actual act.

"Ron" said he was big on dirty talk, and he did ok, but again, nothing spectacular. For his pre-talk, I would have though he a master at it, but he was just ok.

We started off with me eating his ass. Because you know I love to and he loves to have it done. It was a good match.  The hole was clean, yet musky. Tight. He claims ONLY a tongue has ever gone up there.

I sucked his cock and licked / sucked his balls too. He wanted me to gag on his cock, but at 6", I didn't see that happening. I mean, I have had some experience.

What Ron was really into was assplay. Fingers. It was hard not to think of South Park and the boy's song, "Fingerbang".

The part that really excited Ron was closely watching my reaction to everything he did to me. His goal was to push my limits, even expand them.  I am ok with that.

It was one finger. Then two.  Two fingers felt like two and a thumb, but he claimed only two were in there. But it was how he curved his knuckles or moves his fingers that made me feel more full.  The way he moved them in a matter of seconds could make me feel full, on the verge or ecstasy or pain.

He liked my responses.  I didn't mind them either.

Normally, I'm not a finger guy.  Most guys are ill-equipped to use their digits to make another guy feel anything but pain. They also never seem to notice their nails and what it does to the lining of an ass. Even if it is under the guise of loosening up a guy before a fuck.

Give me a dick anytime.

Ron reached over and lubed up the butt plug.  It went in easily. Probably too easily, but you know, I've been "active" lately and ready to receive. Still he moved it around that hit lots of nerve endings.  I watched his eyes as he watched everything about my reactions.  He was deep in lust.

After that he went back to fingers. I did notice - and mention - that when he did fingers, he lubed his entire hand. This was not lost on me. Now, it was not lost on him.  Still, he claimed only two fingers were in, but I had no vantage point to actually see. But why would he lie?

Soon, he was lubing up the 8.5" dildo.  With the finger and plug action, I was still surprised how easily it slipped up me.  All of it in less than a minute. Probably less than half of that.

Wow......I'm kind of a slut.  But you've probably already mouthed those words sometime during this post.

That he didn't really fuck me with, but near the end of this part, he did something to cause pain. Not extreme, but it was like he was bending the head of that rubber cock so it was curved against the inside of my ass.  But he couldn't have - right?  First, it doesn't bend easily and secondly, how could he manipulate it to do that when his hands were outside my butt?

When it came out, I was felt extremely empty.  I told him this.

He said how he wanted to fist me.........."next time".  He was leaving for Arizona in a few hours, there would be no "next time".

Maybe it was his ploy to get me to ask him.  To beg him.  And maybe it worked.

I told him to do it. He asked if I was sure.  I nodded.

I have had two other guys get four fingers in me, but not all and not the palm. So it is not like I'm experienced at this. Yes........I was a virgin.  (stop laughing!!!!!)

He was good. Very good. He got his hand in me. Slowly. Methodically. Deliberately.

Yes, he got up to his wrist.  

I've never felt so a good way. 

Of course, in the back of my mind, I was thinking how horrible this really would stretch me out for others. I was never going to become a fist pig. It's not me or my style. Still, the barrier had been broken, my fisting cherry taken. 

He was intent on watching me close up as he manipulated his fingers and hand. When he finally removed it, the last thing out was his middle finger, which he slowly slowly slowly dragged out of my ass, possibly giving me the best sensation of the day.  And it showed of my face. 

He told me to get on my knees, and though he didn't fist me again, he sunk that dildo back up with immediacy. I took it like a champ in less than half the time I did before.   Whore. 

Ron fingered me again, but no fist. He did this while he jacked himself off and cumming on my face and in my beard. 

That is how Ron gets off.  I'm not sure he ejaculates in guys, but that's his thing. 

So, I can cross another thing off my 'to-do" list. 

What does that leave now?  Double Penetration???

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

the Plan

The plan was for a 3-way.  Two tops who had previously had their way with me had hooked-up via an on-line app and decided they wanted to tag-team someone.

Somehow I came up.  The other not knowing I had "slept" with the other.  At least until then.

Of course, I agreed and moved scheduled items around to accommodate this arrangement. Both had been good fucks in the past.

But you know how it goes with the best laid plans.  An hour prior to hook-up, the lead guy cancelled. Something about picking up his BF at their airport, as he was coming in from the west coast.  I did the tally, that meant he was taking the red-eye, which means he had to have known this the prior day.  I was thinking it was all a big fake thing.

I saw guy #2 on line later and said, even though guy #1 had to cancel didn't mean we couldn't still do a hook-up. But he said he would have cancelled had the other guy not.


I told both, if you want to do this, fine, but just tell me. I won't initiate.

Guy #1 did contact me a few days later. He apologized and invited me over to fuck 1-on-1. No guy #2.

Normally I'd hem and haw a little but I was horny as fuck. So I prepped and headed out.

"Rick" was exactly how I remembered him from our last fuck a half year ago. His hands on my shoulders, I was directed down to my knees.

He was commando under those nylon shorts, but I went to gnaw on them anyway and get them spit covered. He was semi-stiff when I started, he was rock hard when I hooked my fingers into the elastic and pulled down.

And then I went down.

....and then up....and then down....and then up.  Repeat for 10 minutes in various positions.

"Stand up".  But I didn't hear him. I had to ask him to repeat what he had just said.  "Stand up".

There was no formality to what was about to happen. I was bent over the couch and with my spit as lube, he inserted the head of his cock and about 2 of his 7.5 inches.

Rick has a good thickness too, so he wasn't really wet enough to easily slide in. Yes, we could have done it - and I have in the past, though not with him. But he reached for lube, squirted some on his still impaled shaft and continued his journey.

I forgot how quiet he is. While he's all about the dirty talk on-line, he says nothing in person. No sounds.

But he is good with his cock - which is the only language either of us needed. He did a nice job of not only pulling all the way back, but all the way out and then sinking it all the way back in.  Several times.

The cock felt good. But then, I love cock up my ass. I guess I can see why guys struggle with taking it, but there is a feeling I get with it that I just fucking love.  Some of it is physical, some mental, some maybe even emotional.

But you know tops. They love the feeling of a warm hole wrapped around their shaft, and I gave Rick this.  I even made sure to use those muscle to make him feel even better.  I am not just a lazy bottom in these situations.

Too soon (isn't it always) it was to be over.  Not that I knew it exactly  No sounds. No words. No shallow breath.  But at one point he just buried and held it.  I couldn't feel warmth but felt throbs. Several of them.

At some point he let out a sigh, but that was no longer to signal his impending orgasm. It was just the feeling of his own satisfaction of his sac emptying its fluids into a willing hole.

I pulled up my pants, slipped on my shoes and showed myself out. Along with the 'promise' of doing the tag-team.

We'll see about that.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Married Man - #2

It's been more than a year since I've seen him.

I'd heard from him of course, but either our schedules didn't mesh or I wasn't in the mood for him. He's not horrible, this married man, but he's not stellar.

But "Rick" messaged me via A4A while Married Man #1 was stealthing my hole.

Besides my libido being awakened, I was prepped and ready for Married Man #2.

Mind you - Rick never said he wanted to fuck. The majority of our get togethers had been oral. But the last two had not been and that seemed his interest those two times. I was hopeful of course. I am sure I would have given good head, but my mind wasn't in that space at the moment.

Rick wanted to meet in 90 minutes, which I could have done, but I said, 'how about 30' and he said, 'I'm on my way'.

First off, the man grew a beard, which looked good on him. He's very average looking, and while it shouldn't matter, it was nice that the fur made him stand out more.

He's also is seemingly very straight-laced.  But clearly he is not, as he lets me blow him and then the ends up fucking me.  But even the last 2-3 times, there has been this undercurrent of unseemly behavior.

Not in a bad way, just in a way that seems to harbor his darker desires, or his truer self. Ones he probably has never let actually come to the surface.  They peek through when he's with me.

Admittedly, he had not come in over two weeks. And he told me ahead of time he wanted a repeat of the fuck, not just a blowjob.  He was being up front and I liked that.

He arrived on time and we got down to it.

He likes to fully strip, which is not a requirement for me. This is a quick sex act - and then they leave. Essentials need be exposed. That's it.

I did suck him for a few, but that's it. He said "stand up".  I did and without hesitation, he turned me around and pushed my shoulders down, so I was bent over for him.

No way did I suck him enough to lube him up, so I tossed him some actual bottled lube. Even though I had just been fucked a while earlier, that was a nothing fuck for me. Rick had a more formidable cock than Dr. Honeydew.

As he nudged his cock against my ass, you could get the sense of where Rick's head finally got to: "oh man, that is an eager hole, just wanting my fucking cock."

He's never been so verbal, but not like he screamed it - it was just a statement.

He pushed in and did take him with little problem. If he noticed I had been "violated" a little earlier he said nothing. I don't think he would be the kind of guy to take notice of that anyways.

Like the previous fuck, it wouldn't last long. Though this time I figured that out when he told me how long it had been since he had ejaculated.

The few minutes he fucked me he did it well. Steady pumps - that completely withdrew and then completely bottomed out.  His announcement of ejaculation came way too soon and all of the sudden he was volleying ribbons of scum up my ass.  Ok, I don't know they were ribbons, but it was a big load.

Rick was good about keeping it in and not withdrawing too quickly. He let himself naturally get soft and let nature take its course of the slow slip-out.  You know the feeling, regardless of which end you're on.

I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth, cleaning him off, tasting him, tasting the last guy, and tasting me.

He said we'd do it again soon, but he said that over a year ago. It'd be nice, but I won't hold my breath.