Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cigarman Chris - another tale

FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

Chris (whom you've read last about here - as well as in several other entries) had been on the road, and when he wasn’t, our schedules never matched up. He was down for another play session, but wanted to play outside. That meant my place. As you know by now, part of the yard is not visible to most – at least when it’s not late fall or winter.

I had texted the Nerd about an hour prior to that it was a ‘go'. I wash hoping he could take off for lunch, he’d know the exact spot where he could find us, as he had fucked me made a deposit about 18 hours before. I also told Chris upon his arrival. He was intrigued. I didn’t want anyone totally surprised or displeased. And I know it’s supposed to be about Chris for this go-round, but I’ll admit to being selfish and that I wanted it to be about me. I would and could pretend otherwise to the tops, but I’d know the truth.

Chris did arrive. And he wanted me naked. So I was. He came around the corner, the cigar already lit triple maduro. I don’t know much about cigars, but I know it’s darker and has a heavier odor. Even a novice can figure that out just with his nose and eyes. We had discussed whether to light up in front of me, which can be hot, or already lit, which also has its benefits in hotness. He made the choice.

He ran his hand over my body. Assessing me. His shoes came off, as did his pants. Then his shirt. His hat and sunglasses stayed on. I love his tinted sunglasses. I can never see his eyes. It makes him hard to read – what he’s thinking or feeling. It keeps me on edge. It’s a turn-on for me.

”Suck me”, says he. So I do. On my knees in the grass, looking up at him, his head tilted back a little, enjoying the mouth and his cigar. He’s kind of in his own world, at least momentarily. We’ve discussed before how few people he can come to for this kind of thing. The guys who say they’re into cigars fade away for him when he actually lights up. When / If you add piss to the mix, it usually becomes a hard pass.

While setting this up, I thought it might not happen. He was meeting a guy for drinks who seemed ok with everything he was into. Totally selfish here: if he meets someone like that, my chances with him wither away or completely go away. I asked if he thought he’d do what I do for him – because, I’m all about needing the validation, remember – and he comes back easily, “no one is piggier than you.” Ok, it’s not the validation every man might seek, but it worked for me.

Chris pushes me away with the palm of his hand. I know to stay still. Then it starts. I’d say a ‘gold stream’, but like usual, it is clear as tap water. But it was warm and it was plenty. He aimed for my chest and then directed the stream upwards. My neck. My lips. My extended tongue. My face. My head. I leaned into it. It ran off my head down my shoulders and back. He was marking me with his piss. Again.

While it was not my intention, this session ended up being way more about piss than sucking cock. Sure, there was that. Sure, there was cigar play – though this time he did NOT burn me, so………..yay! There was less verbal, which was a shame.

I did love, he kept looking around, seeing if the Nerd was going to come around the corner. He was actually looking forward to that, as was I. It never did happen, but we both liked the anticipation.

Last time there were three rounds of piss play. It doubled this time. He had no shortage of piss. Honestly, I have no idea how much he drank or his capacity to hold it. I’m not built that way. But I was braver than before. The talk the evening before with the Nerd kind of emboldened me. There were any number of times Chris was pissing and I just leaned up and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock.

I drank from the tap – the most willing time I had done so. There was no flavor, and there was no gagging. There never seemed to be tons of it. He’d explain this later – whenever he put it in my mouth (or I did, actually), he stopped pissing. It was involuntary. He couldn’t explain it. But if out of my mouth the flow started again.

”Lie on your back!”, he semi-barked. I did. On the grass. In the dirt. Looking up at him as he pissed on me. “Faggot” came out of his mouth. It would be the only degradation I’d get that day. But it was heartfelt and hard to argue. I’m laying back while a man with a cigar in his mouth stands over me and pisses all over my body.

The cigar was getting lower. The ring had been taken off. I knew he’d have to wrap things up soon. I got on my knees and sucked. He pulled out and jacked……….this time in my mouth. Taking his load in, he looked down at me and spit on my face. In my eye. On my nose. It was viscous. It was tobacco. It reeked of a strong cigar. It made me hard.

I assumed we were done. I was wrong.

“Jack off on me”. He knelt. I was hard, so I did. I wasn’t about to deny this man. It was a good sized load. But he stood up and scooped it off his hairy body and fed me. Fingers full of my own cum, into my own mouth. I hate it greedily.

Now I assumed we were done, but he had one more gob of spit for my face while I stood in front of him. 

NOW we were done.

.......at least until next time.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Tipsy Nerd

FYI - this story is pre-Covid-19. 

I don’t write about all the times I blow the Nerd. There isn’t enough bandwidth on the internet for that.

Fuck I love his cock. Honestly, one of the best I’ve had. Not the biggest (though it’s big) and not the fattest (though it’s plump). I tell him constantly how I love servicing it and he likes that I do. I don’t think he truly believe the love I have for that cock. And he’s not bad either. Cute. Demure. But showing a darker side very slowly.

With each visit, his seemingly reserved persona is peeled away. Slowly for sure, but that’s more on me than him probably. In my mind, I feel I’m more sexually advanced than he, but I’m not really sure that’s true. So I tread carefully. So does he. More so, in fact. We eke out bits of things that turn us on. Like a third person. Or being watched. Or public sex. Nothing horribly shocking to my readers, but to a person you don’t really know………it could go either way.

Nerd knows about two of the guys with which I play. He knows that recently those have involved piss play. He’s not turned off. He plays it cool. But he seems intrigued a bit.

After I told him about "Chris", the cigar guy, and his piss, I also mentioned that cigar guy would love to have a third, preferably who also was into cigars. All I could guarantee the Cigar Guy is that I could get a guy to fuck me while I blow him, as he smokes his cigar.

A day before my last tryst with the Cigar Guy, I hit up the Nerd, as I was mega horny. I knew I wouldn’t be getting off with the Nerd, as I was saving it all up for Cigar Guy. But Nerd was interested in coming over. When I got a hold of him, he was downtown at a work happy hour. I encouraged him to stop by my place before he had to go home. He was willing.

It turns out, Nerd was tipsy. Bourbon was his drink of choice it seems. We opted to play outside. Part of my yard is greened in for a good part of the year, so there is no one to see a thing – not that it would be a deterrent if they did.

As is our usual, our foreplay is to stand and talk a bit while I rub his crotch. He’ll reach up and play with my nipples. This is where we peel back those layers. We talk about things he’d like, or I try to get him to verbalize his desires. I told him if he were free the next day, Cigar Guy would be over. We would be playing at the exact same place as today. He asked if there would be piss. I told him there would be, but only on me. Or in me. He told me about pissing in a guy’s mouth and his ass. He liked it. I told him it would be hot if Cigar Guy and I were already playing when he walked around the corner and how he could just take it out and piss on me. Then of course, talked about him watching me suck while he fucked me. We discussed that fucking a bit.

We were both fully hard by this time.

I hinted that he had a lot to drink. He said yes. I said I would help him with that. He wouldn’t make eye contact, but rarely does. I don’t know if it’s a spectrum issue or not, nor would it surprise me if it were. I got down on my knees and put his cock head on my extended tongue. And didn’t move. He tried to push it in my mouth and I stopped him. Mind you, I never said what I wanted. I thought it was implied. I thought maybe words were too much and actions were more appropriate.

What really surprised me is how willing I was to do this. I know I mentioned a bit ago how I’m opening myself up to piss more, but I still hadn’t really been aggressive about it. And I still had and have lots to learn, and I still have hang-ups. I took this initiative to help me continue to get over this hang-up. To his credit, he let it hang there for a while, me pushing his hands away from it, as I didn’t want him to be continually aroused. He did admit he pissed right before leaving the bar and didn’t think he could do it. He may have also been pee-shy and just didn’t want to say so.

So off to sucking it was.

I’m good with that, as I said, he has a perfect dick.

Normally, Nerd is a passive feeder. He stands there and lets me do my work. His hand will no doubt find its way to the back of my head, but often I think it is to stabilize himself as he loses himself in pleasure, as he knows by now, I am going nowhere.

This time, it started off that way. And the hand did go to my head, but it became a tight grip and then he just went and fucked my mouth. Right then, it was his mouth. His to use. He was moaning. So was I. He was muttering too. I didn’t hear the first thing he said, though it might be what he repeated. “Fuck, I wanna fuck your ass, man”.

Me? I said, with a mouthful of cock, “mmmm hmmm”, as an affirmative that maybe he meant sometime in the near future and I would be open to that. I took a half dozen more swipes of cock in mouth and he pulled out, bent over a bit towards me and said, “let me fuck your ass!”.

It was wasn’t really a request. It was but it wasn’t. I don’t know non-drunk Nerd would have been like that, so I was liking bourbon Nerd. I immediately stood up. I told him I wasn’t fully prepped. I wasn’t prepped at all, but I didn’t want him to be completely surprised. He didn’t seem to care, and oddly enough, neither did I.

I immediately bent over and put a hand down to brace for insertion. There was no lube other than spit. There were no poppers, as I don’t need those to give head. But I knew a big cock was about to go into me. Between me coming off his cock and bending over, I’m sure he stroked himself, but that wore off most of the spit-lube that we had going. For the multitude of times I’ve been fucked I know I don’t need poppers, if I remember to breathe properly. The first attempt, I did not do that. There was more than a twinge of pain, but I was not going to squash this.

I stood back up and put a big hawker into my hand – twice – and rubbed it all over his cock. It was slick. It was slimy. Then I assumed the position. He lined up and I told him to let me regulate my breathing. He did – for about 5 seconds – and it was enough to have him pop that beauty dick into me and keep sliding.

I’ve mentioned before about this man – he seemingly cares little about technique and his impulse is to drive drive drive. I don’t think he’s a bad fuck or anything. Quite the opposite (spoiler alert). He goes on his like and know how. I don’t think whomever is under him is put into play so to speak. It’s not that he’s uncaring about how they feel, but his pleasure is at the forefront. ….and if I’m true to my words, that’s all I should care about.

Another reason to like semi-drunk Nerd: he lasts a long time.

Sober Nerd sometimes finishes much quicker than I’d ever prefer. Tipsy guy goes on and on…..and just pounded the fuck out of my hole. I was quick to adjust to his size and his assault. As soon as I got into the rhythm I was WAY into it. I mean I was anyway, but it took it up a level or two. The guy ploughed me for a good 10 minutes. Unrelenting. Rough but not too rough. Full in. Most out, but not completely. Then repeat over and over and over………..

His hands were tight on my hips, pulling me towards him as he was pushing into me. Of course, I didn’t resist it and even probably pushed back into that oncoming ramrod. Nerd can be a little verbal, though I’d love him to be more, so I egged him on, telling him to fuck my ass. Telling him to make me feel it. Encouraging him to load my ass with his sperm. We both like this.

As I said, 10 minutes, which is about 4x longer than his normal fuck. I need to get this guy buzzed before our next fuck. But he pushed deep into me and let loose. I couldn’t feel the load per se, but felt the pulses of each release.

He is good about staying in me as long as possible. And being in the mood I was, I encouraged him to stay still and stay in.

I won’t lie. I thought about him needing to piss after cumming. I’ve only had one piss enema so far in life and it was far. And it was before a fuck. I’ll rephrase: pissed in. released. then fucked. I don’t know how a piss fuck works. It sounds way messy and I’d lose all the cum, so I don’t see the upside.

We hit a new level for Nerd and myself. He didn’t make the next Cigar Guy adventure, but I’m feeling we are closer to the newer things.

Monday, May 04, 2020


First off, thanks for making April my highest viewed month since November 2015. Granted, that might have to do with more consistent content from yours truly, but I only write it, I don't read it. 

I broke quarantine........again. 

Honest, I've been trying to be good. I go out for walks and the grocery store. I haven't seen my sister for 2+ months, or her kids. Neighbors, at best are across the street when we talk......which is when I'm walking the dog. 

But once again, I let BikeGuy Jr. do my thinking for me. Not that Jr. got any action. My mouth did, my penis did not. 

The cock belonged to a married man I've blown on and off for the last three years. I almost never hit him up, he is usually the aggressor (yet never quite aggressive enough.....if you know what I mean). He's at least the instigator. 

"I need your mouth.....now."

Now "David" is wound so tight, it never occurred to me that he would take a chance on ever leaving his house for something like this. Now, mind you, I'm the one who usually goes to him, so he can control the situation. But he had company, but I'm guessing he really had a spouse who couldn't / wouldn't leave the house. We're all stuck at home. 

I was working from home, like everyone else, but could break for a few to slip to my knees. David doesn't fuck. Or at least, David doesn't fuck me. But he does like my oral skills. Loves them, in fact.  Clearly, he was thinking with his hanging brain too. 

I agreed to suck his dick (I know, I'm one of the heroes!), and he was coming over.  "I'll be wearing a mask, is that ok?" he texted. I responded, "it could be kind of hot".  In a weird way, it could be a hot thing. I'm not sure it was. 

He knocked, I answered. I expected to see a homemade mask, like most everyone else does. It wasn't.  He had a real N-95er. I'm not sure how he got one, or why he needed one, but...whatever.  It wasn't a Bane kind of thing, but in another way it kind of was. His oversized sunglasses did nothing to help matters. 

As often as I've sucked him - and it HAS been often - the look was a little disconcerting. I won't lie. 

It was a barrier on any number of levels. He never took off the sunglasses. While on my knees, I'd look up to see Bane looking down upon me. But not Thomas Hardy as Bane cuz that'd would have been hot as fuck. 

David's direction to me behind the mask gave a different edge to the bj. It was probably all my perception, but on many levels, perception is reality. The voice sounds different, I swear you hear breathing differently, and no ability to see behind the lenses. It's like a weird anonymous, yet non anonymous, sex.

All the elements of our normal routine was there: licking his ball, how he gets off on me licking the top of his shaft, all the head work he requires. I love a deep suck, but David like the way I swirl my tongue and lips around his head.  "Keep that up, and I'm gonna feed you lunch", said he.

So, I kept it up. Until he pushed me off, that is. He tells me I'm his best cocksucker, so the inference is that he has others. Or he's trying to keep me on my game. Or both.  But now I had him too close - and like most everyone else, we'd been holed up for weeks.  ....and let's face it, sometime your hand just won't do.

David is average sized, but it works. Something about the shape of his cock makes me collect my own saliva around it, so it's not easy to swallow as I suck. This makes for a wet sloppy blowjob, which he likes. So, as he is approaching orgasm, and my mouth is dripping spit, my spit, there is no stopping to swallow it, or I break the momentum.

That just won't do.

I also know now to stop sucking when he cums.

I will say, normally I like to stay still so I can feel the pulses of cum hitting my mouth, tonsils or throat. But David tells me to keep sucking, to keep bobbing, so I do. And he shoots. And with my constant movement, I end up slicking up his cock with some of his own cum and my spit.

No worries, he sits there after we're done and waits for me to clean it up with my tongue. It's a silent request. He knows I'll do it, because I always have. And I always will.  Even during a pandemic.