Sunday, April 17, 2016

Return of the 22 Year Old Volunteer

I revisited the 22 year old volunteer.

This time, he wasn’t actually volunteering at work, but nearby at a review class for an upcoming test / final. I’ll assume this was college and not that he was held back in high school for four years. You just never know though.

I’m sure it’s just me being me, but when he arrived, I felt the new-boy shine about him had worn dull. He was no longer fresh, and now just slightly used. I know it’s just the now somewhat familiarity I’m finding with him, but he’s not coming across as cute or attractive as I once remembered.

I mean, until he pulls down his pants and exposes his big, thick prong, that is.

But when he arrived, he said he wanted to suck me off first. UGH.

I hate that shit. Even by a 22 year old college kid, I don’t want to be sucked that badly. I mean, I have a decent sized cock and his makes mine feel like a micro-penis.  Ok – that might be a little bit of an

I agreed, thinking I’d get a chance to swing on his cock, as he said he wanted to suck me off ‘first’, which implied that there’d be a ‘second’.

He walked in – slightly nervous, slightly cocky, the way a young man can. Not carrying himself with confidence – or maybe with slight regret he’s even doing someone my age, but still with enough bravado of knowing his own skill set.

Overall, he has a really good mouth for a 22 year old. I mentioned before he has experience, and I’d
probably really get off knowing what that experience might be – who he started with, when and how.
Yes, I’m a pervert that way. But, that is kind of why you read me here, isn’t it?

With the door shut, he looked a little sheepish, but rubbed the front of my suit pants. I hauled out my
meat. He played with it a little but got to his knees. As he took me in his mouth, he pulled down the
front of his black sweat pants. It is a fucking gorgeous rod. I felt how guys sometimes express their
dismay when I service them, but refuse access to my dick. They like mine – which I think is just ok – but now I was on their end with lust in my heart. ….and in my mind…..and pants.

He jacked me as he sucked. I don’t care for that, so I pulled his hand away. That would last a minute
and he’d put it back. I wasn’t having that shit. I get he was looking to get me off quickly and go, but that wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t going to let it.

On his own initiative, he moved over so he was slumped down, head against a wall and a curved body that lay mostly on the floor.

I admire a guy who likes to get pinned between wall and strong pair of thighs – this leaves little to no
leverage for the cocksucker and puts most, if not all, of the control into the ‘hands’ of the feeder.

It was an odd fucking angle for me to feed at though. I had to bend at the knees far too much for my
liking. And due to the positioning, his teeth scraped way more than they should have, even after telling him to “watch the fucking teeth”.

But in for a penny, in for a pound as they say. I was too far in to stop - though I suppose I could have.

When I was at my best, he could bottom out in his throat and he had nowhere to go. I'll give him this, he didn't gag.......much. And because he was young and in a vulnerable position didn't make me go easier on him. I mean - I've been face fucked hundreds of times (thousands?) so I have learned a lot over the years. This was a teaching moment for him - - even without words. Just actions.

In some ways I was into this scene, in others, I wasn't. I actually found myself fantasizing about other encounters I had with other men. That was going to get me off more than this kid. But the kid was into it, he was hard and jacking that big cock.

Whatever I was thinking got me to the edge. I didn't ease up because I was about to spew a huge load into his throat. He'd be prepared or learn real fucking quickly.

As it turned out, it was the latter. He kept up with my load, which just kept pulsing. I didn't pull back for him to get it all or taste it. I buried it so it would go down this fucking throat.

The little fucker started convulsing right then and there, and came all over himself.

That, 'second' never happened. I wasn't going to be getting his least this time around. Stupid motherfucker. Though deep down, I knew when I agreed to it, I probably wouldn't. I should trust my instincts more.

I had nothing for him with which to clean up. I got him out of my office and directed him to a restroom down the hall.

I couldn't do everything for him you know.