Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fat Thick Cock

He's a big guy. Tall. Solid. Yeah, he has a gut. But he also has 8". Not just 8", but thick thick thick and a big head. And uncut.

I came across him a few months ago feeding someone else and I wanted him. I slipped him my email and it took a few weeks, but he reached out to me. He thought I was more masculine than the cocksucker he had fed. I would tend to agree.

He asked if I could take it rough. I told him not to worry about me and to do what he needed. He liked that.

The guy showed up a little late but raring to go. Shoes came off, but I got to undo his belt buckle and slowly pull down the tab of his zipper. To free that meat, there was no way to just pull it out without pulling down his pants. It is nicely thick and just a solid piece of flesh. How he gets it out to piss, even if semi-aroused, is a mystery.

I went to my knees, as expected. He liked me doing a firm firm grip on his shaft and I knew he'd respond to the masculine aspect of my delivery and I to his.

He also responded to my mouth. The deep sucking. The dance of my tongue on the underside of his shaft.

He was big on the verbal. "You like having your lips stretched over my shaft?" Well, fuck yeah.

The head job went on for a good 40 minutes. He liked me playing and tugging on his balls. He liked my mouth. He liked my tongue. I don't think it is bragging too much if I said I did a good job. It's not bragging if it's true.

He came twice within a minute.

The first one was nice. I was still savoring his cream and pulled back the shaft when the second load exploded. A lot more jizz and a lot more to swallow. And swallow I did.

He loved it. I loved it.

He'll be back. This I can guarantee.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Cocksuckin' in Philly

Still trying to catch up with my encounters, please try to bear with me.

"Randy" answered my CL ad when I was coming to Philly. Actually, he was the first to do so. He seemed eager. He didn't seem like a flake.

6'1", 175, 8"cut.

He left out one little tid-bit in the initial few responses: he had hurt his back and was wearing a back brace. Um. Ok. I can at least say it was a first for me. He said that he needed "a hot scruffy face in my crotch is just what i need!" He didn't mention the age, but when he got there I'd say he was in his late 50s. I'm good with that.

He showed at the agreed upon time, and right on time. Almost unheard of in the world of on-line hook-ups. He also looked like his pics, though maybe a little thinner - which almost never happens in the world of on-line hook-ups.

We got right down to it.

His cock came out and I went to my knees. His hands went firmly to either side of his head and he took control of the blowjob. How fast. How slow. And how deep. None of the stuff was up to me.
Randy was aggressive, as he said he would be. And verbal. Calling me a 'cocksucking fag' was one of his lines. He used it often and with authenticity. Oddly enough, not everyone ca pull off verbal humiliation. Not that I was really humiliated, but you get the idea.

I was on my knees most of the time, but now and again, he'd stand me up and stand behind me. It never really got to the point that I thought he'd fuck me - but I would have allowed it. It was never discussed, but he was good at what he was doing and exuded confidence. And of course, he did have that 8" daddy dick.

But he'd also rub himself against me, his hands still firmly on my head - all of this from behind. Once or twice I'm thinking, 'well yeah, I guess he could snap my neck', that's how strong he was. But deep down I wasn't too worried.

Soon enough it was back to my knees. I had a dinner to get to, he had to get home to his wife. With my mouth and his hand, we both got him to where he needed to be and where I wanted him to be.

I made sure he knew that all of his jizz was to go in my mouth - I wasn't looking for it to go on my face or onto the carpet. I wanted it swallow it all. Luckily, that was on his agenda too.

Randy shot a 5 day load onto my waiting tongue. I clamped my mouth over the head and took everything he had to offer. He was glad to give it up. The entire time anyone in the hotel hallway would hear vulgarities coming out of his mouth....all about me. In theory, it could be good advertising.

I took his hand and placed it on my throat so he could feel his slime being swallowed. He loved it. Most guys do when I show them how to do it.

He got himself together and left. I savored his sperm after-taste until I met a friend for dinner.