Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shower Time

No sex. Not yet.

It's coming - and it's been coming for a few weeks. Me and a guy from the gym have been building up to it, of this I'm sure. I see him on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

He is a hotter, potentially older Italian male. And he has a big cock!

Normally after my evening workouts I just head home, but he had a locker next to me and disrobed for a sauna. Even flaccid, this dick is mighty impressive. MIGHTY. ...and he saw me look. It's ok, I'm not that shy.

So this last Tuesday, I planned to take a sauna and shower. As I was getting there, he was headed into the shower, so my plans changed and I hit the shower. We were the only two in there - and it is communal so no real privacy if anyone else came in.

He'd soap and look at me. Each time he'd find me looking back at him. Our eyes didn't really meet as both sets were looking a bit lower. He was stiffening and so was I. Soaping. Tugging. Lengthening. Thickening.

The door opened and someone else was coming in, so backs were turned into the spray and eventually I left to towel off - holding my towel to cover my expanding dick. Neither of ours got to full erection.

If my estimates are correct, this man has 8 or maybe 9 inches. And it's thick. Double bonus.

We chatted as we changed and walked out to the parking lot together talking about work etc. In the middle of it, he throws out "thanks for the show. for months i've been wondering what it looked like."

I told him "you didn't see the entire shower" His reply? "neither did you!"

We are now planning on play.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daddy & the Surfer

So, the guy on Monday be damned, I found what I needed and wanted – in spades. It was a good Wednesday.

If you remember the greek/Italian daddy guy with the 8” thick dick I blogged about here and here, was up for another round. For a dick like that, I usually am too.

After I prepped and left the office to go over, he called and asked if I would mind if two other tops would be there. I’ll assume the question was rhetorical, but I answered anyways. Affirmatively, in case you had a question.

Daddy goes on to tell me that one has a 12” dick (yikes!) and one is a muscle guy with about 8”…maybe 7” (it was the latter). They were supposed to be there when I arrived.

I was buzzed in and told the door was unlocked. I went in, not sure what to expect. Yeah, I’m kind of a slut, so the chances of me having been fucked by one of these guys was good – or at least knowing them. That would have to wait.

I pushed open the door and it was just Daddy and myself. The 12” guy backed out and the other guy wasn’t there yet. No problems. To be fair, 12 inches sounds great in theory, but the assault on my ass………I dunno. Let’s face it, 12” is about 4-6 more inches than most guys have. It’s like double cock. I’ve had an 11”er before, but that’s another story.

I stripped down and then Daddy did the same. I sucked his cock a bit – see?

Then I ate his ass a bit – see?

I smiled when he asked, “do you eat ass?” DO I? Again with what I assume are rhetorical questions. I answered, but this time just with my tongue. I was lying back on his ottoman and he was squatting over my face. It was a hairy ass but it tasted so great. Clean yet musky. All man. He loved how I worked my tongue up his tight top hole. You could tell there has never been anything more than a finger up there…if that.

The buzzer rang and he released the entrance door five stories down. He came back to my face and that’s how the new guy found us. Some unknown to him – eating hole. He couldn’t see me. I couldn’t see him – partially because I had my face in ass, but I had also taken off my glasses when I came in and my vision was a little blurry.

When I did see him, I was a little in awe. He was muscular, and smooth and blonde. A grown-up/aging surfer-dude. Most things that are not my type. He had a great body and a nice cock. I also knew him…or of him. I had seen him on ManHunt before, but one of those that seem to be unapproachable, so I never reached out….so to speak.

“Suck his cock”, I heard Daddy say. I sat up and took this guy’s dick into my mouth and into my throat. He loved it. They were talking about my cocksucking abilities – like I wasn’t even there, which is perfect. Daddy then started playing with this guy’s chest. I mean, how could you not? He had a perfect chest and great nipples. Even I reached up as I was sucking to feel the entire upper torso.

I pulled off and asked if he wanted his ass eaten, he was back around over my mouth in a heartbeat. He had a nice ass too. Great for eating. And smooth. The buns, the crack, the hole. It was like eating a 12 year old’s ass……..I’ve heard!!!!

“Do you wanna fuck him?”, was the question from Daddy’s mouth. “Oh yeah”, was the response. “On all fours, boy”. So I got on all fours, or really bent over the ottoman so he’d have a good angle.

Being the good boy, I never looked behind me. But what went in me was not the muscle guy’s cock, this I knew. Daddy pushed his fat cock up into my hole ‘to open me up’, as he put it to the other guy standing behind him.

After I adjusted, it felt so good in there. Raw, oiled up and going deep. He knows how to open me up. But I knew he’d pull out and he did, but it didn’t take long to get refilled. Surfer boy needed some fluffing to get him harder and he snapped on a cockring, but after that he was good to go.

I was butt up and hands down so he could come at me from behind. I would have loved to see his face while he was boning me, but that was not his preference and let’s face it, the way the scene was going, it was all about depersonalizing me. I was a place to put a cock. Or two.

Surfer slid up into me with no problem. He wasn’t huge and he was tapered just right. The fact that big dicked Daddy went in first did not hurt – so to speak. Surfer was a good fucker. But I could also tell the pre-play had gotten him going – maybe too much so. I wanted it to last, but I wasn’t sure he could. He seemed very hot on the trigger.

He’d push in and hold it there. He’d pull back and hold it. I think even the idea of pumping my ass would have made him explode. But there comes a time that just sitting there with a dick in you and no movement isn’t productive either and there isn’t always turning back the tide.

I started using my muscles to massage his shaft. He responded. He would flex and he started moving again. He also told Daddy that he was so close. Daddy told him to just let it go. And he did. The pounding started and then the grunting. So did the spasming of his shaft.

Many times one cannot feel himself being flooded with cum. This was not one of those times. I could feel it come out of him and into me. I could feel the warmth. It was more than warm actually, it was hot. He kept fucking instead of just burying the bone and unloading. But when he was done done – he then buried the bone to the hilt.

As soon as he pulled out, Daddy was behind him. He wanted to feel that hot load as lube. He wanted to tag-team that hole. My hole. Their hole.

Surfer stood there watching Daddy sink his big prong up my ass. “Niiiiiiiice” he said to Daddy. “Oh yeah, I feeling your load and pushing it deeper – it feels so good”. Once again, I wasn’t even part of the equation when it came to the conversation.

Daddy fucked me and fucked me hard. There was little chance of him going off too early. He pumped. Surfer watched….for a while. He moved to start gathering his things, as one is apt to do after they ejaculate. Guys are guys and usually when they are done – they are DONE.

When he went into the other room to get his stuff, I told Daddy to fuck me harder and to cum up my ass – especially while the other guy was still there. I wanted to make a show of it for the surfer stud.

Gladly, Daddy pummeled my ass to get his sperm on. The grunting and groaning could be heard by Surfer in the other room who came back to watch. Daddy pushed Surfer’s cum deeper and then added his own. No words. Just grunts. From both of us. Surfer watched silently.

Daddy ended up sliding out of me and I went torso/abs down on the ottoman while they talked about restaurants like I wasn’t even in the room. Surfer thanked Daddy and shook his hand. He never said what he was thanking him for, but let’s face it, we all know why he was being thanked. I wasn’t even acknowledged. It’s not a bad thing. It just was.

The door was shut. I had a minute to compose myself before my boxer briefs were tossed my way. The message was clear. We were done for the night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I hate it when fucks go bust.

I should always trust my instincts, but my dick and twitching hole always gets the better of me. I don't learn from my mistakes and I'm guessing I probably never will at this point. That whole - old dog/new tricks thing, and all.

I also know writing this puts me deeper on someone's shit list, as I know he reads my blog. For the most part, he's one of the few who has had sex with me and knows about this blog (not that I pointed it out, mind you). But you guys also know, I tell the good with the bad. I'm not a blogger who only writes how hot and great his sessions are. That just seems unrealistic to me.

But back to the post.....

Years ago I fucked around with this guy and it just kind of dropped off. Yes, the posts are somewhere back there if you want to read them, but I won't point them out to you. You're smart, if you search the achieves you'll figure it all out on your lonesome. Anyway, he'd drop out of sight and pop back up here and there to basically torture me - not physically or anything, just mentally, if that.

He was a good fucker - and I'll give him that. But on some levels we could not (or did not) connect. He'd seem interested and then drop me before we did anything. Or he'd contact me and then never follow-up. And I always let myself get drawn back in - most likely due that 'he's a good fucker' comment earlier.

So for the last few weeks we've been doing the 'let's fuck' dance. And yesterday we made the attempt.

I get to his place and he's there on his couch stroking his dick through his open 501s. It's still soft and surprisingly small when it is. But it grows to a nice size - no?

Well my mouth helped it get to that size. I liked hearing him moan when I would make my tongue dance on the underside of the shaft. I find most guys really respond to it. While I was down there he muttered, "did you miss this?".

I hated to admit it, but I did. When all aligns, his attitude and his cock can be very hot.

Then it was on to ass eating. Him bent over his bed, me on my knees behind him.

That's always been a big thing for him - and you all know I like to do it. The butt was a little funky, but nothing I haven't delved into before. He had a hard time just taking the ass licking/eating. Always with the clenching and pushing back. It's not like I was going anywhere - and I thought he wanted my tongue up there. "Just relax", I told him. And he did - for all of 30 seconds.

He straightens himself up and says, "it's time for fucking". Thank god. This is what I was waiting for. Wanting. Needing.

Then he says, ".....but I'm covering it."

This bothered me for any number of reasons. We had never played this way before. Nor was playing raw ever up for discussion, so playing bagged wasn't even on the radar. Not only that, he clearly intended for bagged play, but in the dozens (yes, DOZENS) of emails he sent during the day - and even the weeks before that - it could have and should have come up.

If he thought in not telling me, he was going to keep me there because I'm in such need, he was wrong.

He lost control of the situation quickly. I said 'no'. He said, "I call the shots here". And I'm like, "no - not this time.". "Well stay and suck me." By this time, I had my suit jacket, my phone and keys.

He said, "see ya". My response was, "no. no you won't."

I might get played by guys like this for their needs, but I need something from it too. But I'm a strong willed and strong minded guy. I didn't get out of work early, travel across town to get that kind of fuck. It's not my thing.

I hadn't even made it to the car when he called. I declined the incoming call and let it roll to voice mail. I don't know the exact wording of his message. Why I listened in the first place is beyond me. But it was almost identical to the email me left me a bit later:

I guess all I can say is sorry. I'll make sure not to bother you any longer.

Yes, he contacted me twice to tell me he wasn't going to bother me any longer.

And now I had to drive home with his ass on my goatee.

Sex on a Train

I can't even take credit for this. RL tweeted the URL and it is just a nice, hot vid clip of two guys getting it on, on a train.

What you see above is just a screen capture from the video - which you can view here.

Yeah, they are hot guys. Yeah, they are NICE cocks. ...but fuck do I love public sex. I could so see me doing something like this and taking the risks.

It'd be totally worth it.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top to Bottom

There are disappointments in life - then there are DISAPPOINTMENTS.

Clearly, I've "slept" with 100s of men. I hear you laughing. But if you multiply 27 by 100, it is still 100s of men. twenty seven hundred. I can probably count on fingers and toes how many of those actually included sleep.

So it is not small feat when I say how sad it is when one of the hottest encounters I have had with a man has gone so badly.

This is a salt & pepper cigar man, Harley man, leather man, inked man. The epitome of hyper-masculine. That he has an average sized dick means nothing. NOTHING. He knew how to use it and as you've seen here before, he knew how to use his brain and mouth, which makes the dick just.......there. It's rarely the cock that gets me off. It's the attitude.

We had been chatting for years after I saw his pics somewhere on line. Way before sexual/social networking sites existed. So it was fun to find out he lived less than an hour from me. It took us forever but we finally hooked up. Once. And only once.

He opted for the baths. Sigh. Fine. Not my favorite but I went and paid. As I was getting my towel and all, I saw him there already - and he saw me. You could see he was glad I didn't bail on him. It was understood that I would get and pay for the room. I was there for him.

And I was. We did so much in those few hours. I sucked, I swallowed. I ate his ass. I took his spit - in my mouth and on my face. I took his cock up my ass - twice, along with his loads.

Then he wanted a break. I wasn't sure what the expectations were. Was this a date? Were we free to see other people? I showered anyway - and I lost him. Gone.

I had paid my fee and had the room, fuck it if I weren't going to take advantage of it - and be taken advantage of. I eventually found a man who was pretty hot and he was back in my room fucking the hell out of me when there was a knock on the door.

I knew who it was, but the stranger fucking me didn't. Lover? I'm sure he thought. But with no words, I reached over (this other guy's cock still up my ass) and turned the knob on the door. "Steve" kind of seemed surprised to see this, though he wasn't turned off. Was I supposed to just wait for him? Clearly I didn't.

He talked the guy through fucking me. And fucking me hard.......and harder. He "gave permission" for the guy to put his spunk up my hole. He did too. That was three loads up there so far.

Stranger-guy was a little weirded out and left immediately. That was ok, because Steve punched right up my ass and into that warm load. It wasn't long before he left #4 (three of those were his anyway) up in my gut.

Then he had me get on my knees and lick him clean. Gladly, I thought.

Steve and I have had several aborted attempts at getting together since - and this has been a long while. So color me surprised (and disappointed) when I got a message from him via ManHunt after asking how he was doing:

Steve: got some pals to rape my throat?

Me: i don't. have you become some kind of a big bottom? : )

Steve: yea I have been a big btm whore/slut - that work with you?

I pained me to say it - and type it - but I had to tell him it didn't work with or for me. By nature, I'm not a top and I had seen him and experienced him in a certain way. A way I wanted to experience him.

Fuck, it seems I always have to fight for the bottom, and when you get a man like this who'll do it, what chance do us average guys have?

At least we'll always have the baths!

Friday, October 16, 2009


It would happen almost everytime I went to this leather bar. ...but I'll back up a bit.

Not so shockingly, I have always led this double life. Nice upstanding friend, worker, family member, but underneath it all, I have always been a pig. And I do mean always. At least when you start with my sex life. From the word 'go', as a teen, I was uncontrollably horny. but unlike most teens, I found outlets for that - and as it turns out, men in their 20s, 30s and 40s like teen aged boys. Willing ones. Who knew?

So in my 20s, I would go to gay bars with my friends. You know - the dance ones. The S&M ones: stand & model. I'd say it bored the every loving shit out of me, but it served a purpose I suppose. Invariably, I'd leave my friends and head to a leather bar for the last hour of the night. They thought I either found someone or would have gone home.

While my mind fit in at the leather bar, my body and choice of clothes seemed out of place. Now and again, I'd meet someone and we'd go fuck, but normally it was a place to grab the last two beers of the evening and take in the sights. But after a while, it became something else.

One guy was always there. One guy who struck my fancy....and I guess I his. In the scenario I am about to describe - and the dozen or so repeating times with him, never a word was spoken. Ever.

He was always in full leather, save his denim under his chaps. Tall, built and handsome, he probably could have had his pick of anyone in the bar. The more I observed him, the more I noticed he didn't seem that interested in anyone there, nor did I find anyone attempting to get his attention. Except me. I like to think I was subtle, but I probably was not.

We'd catch glances and he'd make sure he caught my gaze and walk into the small, dark and dank restroom. It was only a minute or so before I entered. He'd be standing at the toilet with his cock out. A nice sized 7" dick. Just standing, and stroking with his leather-gloved hand.

I make my way and sit on the can, right in front of him, and take him into my mouth and all the way down to the buttons on his jeans. One gloved hand finds the back of my head - at least for a few minutes. Before long, I'm standing, my back to him, my pants around my ankles, me leaning over the toilet.

It doesn't take a genius (on your parts) to know where this is going. Where it went, was right up my ass. He fuck - silently. I'd take it - quietly. We both had our jobs, we both had our roles.

Naturally, it was a bathroom, so guys would come in. Some would watch. Some would mutter nasty things as they watched. Some guys came in to piss and were just annoyed at the crowd or lack of accommodations. Never once were we stopped. Never once did anyone step up to take his place after he was done.

Only once did he not finish in my ass. That one time, he pulled out, unloaded onto his gloved hand and put it in front of my mouth. I dutifully cleaned it off and shined up that glove with my tongue. The rest of the times, he'd silently unload in me. Maybe his face told the story, but his mouth never did.

By the time I'd pull my pants back up and leave the restroom, he was gone. Gone from the restroom. Gone from the bar.

It almost became a game for both of us. It was fun while it lasted.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One Man. Two Loads. My Ass.

So it happened again, though this time it was a much more calculated event.

I know - and usually I'm such an above-board kind of guy.

The guy I went to a month or so back who had a home gloryhole, but ended up fucking me, well..........I went back. The only talk was about another blowjob (which btw, he didn't even finish the first time!), but I think we both know what would happen if I showed back up.

He knew when I was coming over and I assumed he was ready for me, as his downstairs door was unlocked and his upstairs door was wide open. I walked in to where his gloryhole was set up before but nothing. I looked the other way and he was "asleep" on his bed. He seemingly awakened with a jolt, but didn't really look that sleepy.

He got out of bed, walked over, grabbed my cock through my suit and led me back to his bedroom.

The mouth felt good on the underside of my shaft, after he took it out of my zipper and got on his knees. I sat back on the bed to let him get to my nuts, but less than secretly, I wanted his tongue to travel my taint.....then past it....right to the target.

As it turns out, he didn't quite get the hint, or didn't care to. While he did go lap at my balls, per my instructions, he shucked his boxers while down there too. He also took off my dress shoes and pulled my suit pants and boxer briefs right off me and threw them in a heap in the corner of his room.

This guy, "Tony", is kind of large, chest and belly wise. Larger than I normally go for. The one thing no large about him is his dick. It's kind of thick, but about 6" long. I went back not because he threw a great fuck, but because I needed one and because he had a foul mouth and an aggressive attitude. By now you should have picked up on the fact that those things will get you much farther with me than a hot face, body or big dick. Mind you - if you have ALL of that, well........................

He stood back up to suck my dick, as I was leaning back on the bed, my legs still spread from his ball eating. But with his shorts off, he was positioned well. He just raised an eyebrow to me - as if asking if it were ok to proceed.

Verbally I replied, "you didn't really think I came here to get my cock sucked, did you?" He grabbed the lube.

I never know what it is about guys who have so much trouble finding the hole. Yes, I have a lot of hair down there, but it is not like the thing is all grown over. Or the guys who think it's in, when it's still two inches away from the opening, and then I'm always the one to tell them "you're not in". It makes them feel self conscious and makes me feel a little bad for them.

By the fourth time of missing, I laid back a little more and spread my cheeks as far as they would go and exposing that tunnel of love as much as it could be. He found it with no problem this time. Sank right in. He loved it. Probably more than I did, but it was nice to have a warm shaft inside me.

With no regards to his downstairs neighbors, he went into full-fuck mode. Bed squeaking and creaking. Loud grunts. If he didn't care, why should I?

As I always do, I used my muscles to massage the shaft (his) and you could see his reaction that he was loving it. He pumped and pumped. I squeezed and squeezed. After about 15 minutes of this, he just could not hold back anymore. He looked down on me and used a hand to bring firmly to my throat - and squeezed a bit. He was a man on a mission and within a minute of exerting his dominance, he let his load loose in my ass.

I really set him off when doing that of squeezing with my hole even more.

Tony stayed in me while I continued on with my internal manipulation of his shaft. He love it. So much so, that he stayed erect and told (yes, told!) me he was gonna fuck me until he shot another load.

Who was I to argue?

He pumped as hard as the first time - if not harder. He grabbed my throat more often and harder than at ejaculation the first time. Seeing that he didn't get a negative reaction from me, I think gave him some license to be rougher. I was down with it - even though I didn't say a word.

I'd tell him to 'fuck me', he'd tell me to 'shut the fuck up'. I don't think he was really that nasty - I took it more that he had to concentrate to knock that second load out of him and into me. I've never been a multiple cummer like that, so I can at least appreciate the work that goes in to firing it off and the build up to it.

He mentioned how much easier it was to fuck my hole, I'm assuming because he had already lubed it once from the inside. The fuck too longer than the first one, but it's not like he was ripping me open with his size, so I could take it.

As he fucked me, like last time, he talked of a 9" buddy he wanted to see fuck me and this time he added the buddy wants to fuck me - so they've talked. I'm not holding my breath - but it would be nice and you know I don't mind an audience.

Tony picked up the pace and I knew he was close so I verbally encouraged him to finish what he started. And he did. Or as he said, he was 'spraying my guts'. Worked for me.

The guy was still hard for a while after that and made sure he kept plunging what cum was there up farther into my ass. A nice touch. I thought he might want to go for round 3 but I'm not sure either of us were up for it.

Then he wanted me to blow my load. Eh. I'm ok with that, but when I get fucked, my mind is sated. My body doesn't need to be. But he kept insisting. He wanted me to blow it all over him. I declined.

He was adamant and how I shouldn't talk back to him. But I'm an uppity bottom with top-like tendencies (even if I can't really act on them well). I told him my load doesn't get wasted like that. It's in a hole, or nowhere at all.

He went to his knees. I knew it wouldn't take me long. And it did. I held his shaved head tight against my abs as I pumped a nice sized load into his mouth. I told him to keep on swallowing and he did.

I let him go and then grabbed my clothes.

With two loads of sperm in my ass, I left and drove home with a pseudo-promise of a fuck with him and his buddy. We'll see.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

BJ Device

Normally it is not my style to just post random pics without stories.

And normally, I'm not into restraining gear. I do well on my own and usually have no intention of going anywhere and just doing the task at hand (or mouth or ass).

But I did see this on ManHunt and seriously considered getting it.

Again, I don't need this to keep my mouth open for a throat-assault, but how hot would it be for some random guy to show up and see me in it?

I think even the most conservative feeder would eventually be turned on and it would put ideas into his head - some of which he didn't even know he was capable of. At least that would be the intent.

The picture, the thought, the possibilities just makes me hard as a rock.