Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BikeGuy: Both Side of a Coin

It was my last day of this business trip. I had morning meetings scheduled sporadically at my hotel and didn't have an early early start. But I was up early. So a craigslist ad was placed. Actually and eventually - two of them.

Let me start this way: the evening before was a bust. I finally got a guy to come over who totally got it. "Married" (or so he said) and in need to get sucked and to use a cocksucker. What's not to like?

He showed - mind you, driving for 40 minutes to get to me - and he was ok. The right attitude and ok looks. But the schlong of a horse. 9" easily and thick. But either I didn't do it for him or he didn't have enough blood in his body to get that sucker hard. You know deep down I'm hoping it was the blood thing - but I'm big enough of a man to realize that everyone doesn't turn on everyone.

After an hour of attempt - on both our parts, he gave up saying he had to get home to 'the wife'.

Mind you - by this point, I was pulling on my pud for an hour at least. And it had been about three weeks since I've unloaded. So, I was all worked up. But I wasn't about to just sign into x-tube and take care of myself. I went to bed instead.

Early, I placed an ad telling guys I could host and send them to work with a smile on their face. I had a pretty good size of responders.....but that included the flakes, of course. And the same guys who respond to any frickin' ad that I have ever placed. Is it possible there are hornier guys than myself out there????

I settled on two to three. Yes, I double-book and hedge my bets. Worse case scenario, none or one works out. Best case: three way!!!! It's a rarity for sure.

On weeding guys out, I thought I should somehow lose my load besides just using my left fist. So hence the second ad with the title of how many days out the load was. Not surprisingly, the responses were 6-7 times the amount of me wanting to get guys off.

But to the first ad: The first guy, I just ended up dismissing shortly after we tried to get there. Not at all what he represented in email (shock!) and had more bling on him than Paulie Walnuts. I wasn't really attracted to all his completely shaved pubic region either. Or the half bottle of Drakkar Noir he had bathed in.

Let me tell you - he wa PISSED when I sent him on his way. Tough noogies, I say.

I started trying to coordinate the first ad responses to the second. I wanted to get a guy (or two) off before getting off myself. That's reasonable - right?

The more and more it looked like nothing would happen with the first ad, I moved into second ad mode. I had a schedule to keep and wanted my nuts lightened before I headed to the airport.

This feeder responded: 39 5'11' 195, brown, blue, goatee, hairy chest, avg guy, avg cock.

His picture was more then decent, so we made arrangements to meet after one of my meetings but before my scheduled departure. (Un)Fortunately in the meantime, I also made arrangements with this guy: I'm a good looking 35 y/o mwm. I'm 6'5" 235 and horny as hell for some cock with a nice load.

He wanted to feed me. And he's tall! A huge plus in my book.

I arranged times so they wouldn't overlap, but weather and traffic delays thwarted those efforts. And I was so focused on my business meetings and the possibility of eating that I lost site of the feeding schedule.

As I was in the lobby of the hotel conducting an interview, I knew immediately when the tall feeder arrived - and he recognized me too. With a slight nod, he kept moving and sat waiting his turn. Good man. Smart man.

I finished my interview and headed to the elevator...the feeder was close on my heels. And damn if my key card didn't work for the room. I demagnetized it by putting it in the same pocket as my cellphone.

By the time I returned, not only was the feeder there, but so was the eater. Whoops. I told them both to come in. The eater thought he was going to eat both of us, but I said 'nope'. I would feed and he would feed. That seemed to be the best scenario for all.

The big guy did not have a big dick - just an average one. But he claimed to shoot massive amounts of spooge. I suppose it is all relative. The eater claimed to be able to take massive amounts (meaning mine), but I fully warned him on the volume I shot normally and how backed up I was. He seemed confident in his abilities.

Like business, I tend to under promise and over deliver. It impresses most everyone.

I had the eater start out by sucking both of us, but it soon moved to me on the bed, eating the feeder standing next to me. My feeder was on his knees eating my dick but quickly moving to my ass.

The guy was an expert ass eater. I've had a few guys (HA!) munch on my hole, but this guy was at the head of the class. My hole crack was sopping wet. I had not so secretly hoped that the guy I was sucking would walk around and put his moist dick into my now lubed butt. I'll spare you the non-set up: it did not happen.

The feeder I knew had an eye appointment he was already running late for, so it did not surprise me that he wanted to wrap up sooner than later. He was ready to shoot and I was ready to take it. The man did not lie - he had a HUGE load. And I might add it tasted good.

As I let the eater just chew on my ass, the feeder dressed and left with only a nod of his head. I never attempted to stop the guy from doing what he was doing. But he did stand up for a second and I opted to go down on him. His dick was small...maybe 5" rock hard and he too soon shot a decent load.

Luckily, his blowing a load didn't slow him down. Sometimes after a guy gets his nut, they don't actually finish the job they came to do. He wasn't this guy.

I stood up and had him go down on me. All the way down. With all the foreplay and the weeks of not getting my load off, I was a hair trigger away from losing it and told him so. He edged me as long as he could but I had to do what I had to do.

Placing my hands on his head, I told him to stop moving and start swallowing. Yes, I know you've heard that from me here before, but it's what I like. He kind of did what he was told. At first he seemed to be able to take all I was giving him, but then he backed up and started playing with the head of my dick......and that's a no-no.

That head is just too sensitive to me and I don't want that. I told him 'deeper' but he didn't abide by my wishes and did what he wanted to. Fuck that!

...and to be honest, I thought I was done cumming, but when I pulled free, I had many many more shots left that got deposited on the carpet of the brand-spankin' new hotel. I think I might have been the first load shot on their rug. Yea!!!! One for me!!!

He was disappointed in not getting it all, but I let him lick me clean until he worked the head again too much. Some fags you cannot teach anything.

So, though he was a good cocksucker in theory, he was a bad one too. A great one knows how to please his feeder - and even intuitively at that. He wasn't good there let alone with explicit instructions. I'll give him a 3.5 out of 5.

When I got home and checked my email - I had dozens of responses to my big load ad. Clearly men cannot read for content, since I said I was leaving town at 10a...and they are answering at 4p. Morons.

But I also had a response from my feeder of the day.

It was awesome you took my whole load. Most guys start chocking and then I finish on their face--it's hot to feed it all to you. I think I even shot some down your throat.

I send a message back that it was a pleasure and that I'd be back at same hotel in two weeks.

Maybe I'll go for a repeat or try to find someone new. Or both.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

101 Positions

Yes - I'm out of town again.

And of course, you know what that means: play time. Or hopefully so.

This time I am out in the suburbs. The underbelly of repressed sexual activity. You always think it will be slower out here and it is just not true. One placed ad got me a number of responses than I sometimes get in the big metropolis.

Like the city, there are a lot of look-see guys and flakes too. But some do come through. Or cum through, as the case may be.

The first guy in his pic seemed like a bohemian 20-something. Different for me, but I bit - so to speak. He hemmed and hawed until he finally said he was on his way. Then of course, I got a call from my staff here and they were almost ready to go out to dinner. FUCK.

He showed and I told him I had 5 minutes and could he do it in that time. He could. He did. He was a as bohemian as his pic looked and a LOT shorter. Maybe 5'5". Maybe. And his dick was about the same.....well....5.5". But thick.

I did my duty since he made the trek and went down on him. He swears it was his first time trying poppers, but you just never know if they're telling the truth. It was a smallish load, but not a bad one.

After dinner, most of the other guys who were interested just one.

5'8", 165lbs, dark hair (a little greying) - was actually mostly grey, not that that bothered me - love to lick manholes. all top.

He came over and called from the parking lot. I left the door unlocked and got myself on the bed. I put poppers and lube next to the bed, but one of them would never be used.

I heard the door open, close and then lock. He stripped down out of eyesight. He was ok, but nothing spectacular by any means. However, his emails et al were so on the mark, the looks were tertiary by this point. He was more grey than he said, but a full head of it. A little paunch, but overlookable - especially when you looked down at his semi-hard dick, which was bigger than most people's hard hard dick.

Fully erect, I'm guessing 8", but very thick. And veiny.

Yes, he put his tongue on my manhole, but barely in it. Though he was enamored of the hole itself. He went to work on it with his fingers and thumb. Inserting one or the other, or multiple in as he could. Then he played with my nipples, so you know it was all over then. I was giving him anything he wanted.

I told him the lube was on the table, he told me he doesn't use it. Precum is his only source of lubricant. Oddly enough, I wasn't nervous - even when I knew his size. I still find spit to be such a great turn-on as lube, this is only one more step out from that.

Now, I don't precum much, so I would worry if it were me, but I've been with guys that it is like a faucet. He was somewhere in between.

But he worked me open enough for me to take it. And let's face it, I'm a trooper when it comes to taking dick. I did take a hit of poppers but it was almost not needed for any relaxation.

We started with me on my side and it was good. Then he flipped me on my stomach and buried my face in the pillows and just bottomed out in me. And went to town too. The guy just hammered away. And I took it like a champ. He clearly knew what he was doing.

But we went at it from top, bottom, side, side of bed and on all fours. After about 40 minutes I was begging for him to unload. I think he would have gone longer, but I really did want it. No - NEEDED it.

He got me more on my stomach again, but twisting me to the side just so. I can't say I was on my side though. He got my leg into a position he could really slam into me over and over again. With a mighty groan, I knew what he was doing.....though he never said it. Which is kind of a shame because I do like to hear some nasty talk when that happens.

But on the other hand, sometimes it does not need to be said - and shouldn't. People start to balk at what is going on - and it should happen regardless. There are times it is too late to turn back no matter what the other party then wants.

Wrong? Perhaps in someways. But necessary in others.

So, I'm going to bed full. And slightly sore. I'll be the only one who ever notices.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Truck Stop

You guys who read this know I'm not about posting xtube-like videos. It's not my thing normally. I'm about my real-life experiences, good or bad.

But as you also might know, I never say 'never'. I feel compelled to do such a thing today, as I stumbled across two, but totally related, vids over at BareDerek.

The guy taking IT, made me envious to be him. While watching, I was overcome with such weird feelings of horniness and jealousy that it wasn't me getting just the way he was and from the guys he was taking it from.

There is the HOT guy (military haircut), the big-dicked guy, the fat-dicked guy and the mohawked guy. Actually, all are pretty hot. I love the sub-titles of more real dialogue than you'd get in any other fuckin porn movie. It could have been hotter when the fuckee 'complained they were tearing up his ass if the guys said 'they didn't care'.....but they didn't.

...and though all bareback, and I understand the need for the money shot, I do like how the third guy (HOT guy) unloads up him, whereas the others shot on his hole then pushed it all in.

Note the only guy who doesn't shoot into his ass - Mohawk guy. In the first clip, it's brief, but it's there: the bio-hazard tat between his shoulder blades. Call me twisted, but it is fucking hot. Only a shame he didn't deposit his load up that slut's ass.

Anyway. Enjoy the vids. I know I did. I know I'll be watching them over and over.

Find more videos like this on

Find more videos like this on

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two Two Two Dicks in One

Once again, I posted an ad on craigslist and got a number of responses. Two responded to me that piqued my interest.

One was a repeat from my last trip to DC. Married stud, all of 33 years old, who lasted all of 2 minutes (tops) with the head I gave him. Handsome face. Beautiful dick. Just overexcited. He apologized, but with all else he had going for him, he was easy to forgive.

Last time, he expressed interest in watching me suck someone else - as he had never seen it before. He had also mentioned watching me get fucked. I was so ok with both these things. Not only for him, but especially. As you know from here, I do like an audience.

The other guy was hot in pics, though he provided no stats. I'll guess he was around 6'4", football player-ish build, 200 pounds or so, a very nice smooth chest (which I'm not usually a fan of smooth, but he pulled it off), and a beautiful 8" cut dick.


Only after did he come over, had his dick out and me down on it, did I bother to mention someone else might be coming over too. I told him not to worry, as I had been with him before and he was more than ok.

I had been working on this guy's cock for about 10 minutes, taking every fucking inch, not only on my own, but sometimes with his help, when there was a knock on the door. Opening without ever looking through the peep hole, I let Mr. Repeat in.

Immediately we both go back to the big-dicked man standing, waiting for my/our return. Respectfully, Mr. Repeat stood at a distance while I took a hit of poppers and dropped back to my rightful place. Mr. Repeat was in awe. I did not see his reaction, but I heard it: the inhale of breath as he saw me deep throat the big-dicked man, his reaching out and asking if he could feel his chest. He got approval.

Mr. Big Dick told Mr. Repeat to take out his dick. Then he told me to go down on it. Not that I wouldn't have done it anyway, but it's nice to have direction. Mr. Repeat has a nice cock too. Not quite as big or thick, but such a huge head. I wasn't on it long before the feeder pushed me off it. Once again, he was close. Too close. I held off.

He ended up going over to the bed where he lay back watching us. We moved closer to give him a better show. Mr. Big Dick fed me and I took it. Unfortunately, Mr. Repeat started playing with himself and it didn't take him long to lose control. But we were all aware of it. And so not to muss his suit (yeah, like that was the reason), I went over and took him to the root. He left no question that he was getting his nut.

Mr. Big Dick leans over and tell me in a low, but clear tone, "don't you fuckin' miss a drop. drink it all." And I do. I do it as much for him as I do for Mr. Repeat, as I do for my own selfish gain. Let's face it, I'm not completely altruistic.

Almost immediately, I was coaxed back onto my unshot feeder. While I was down there, Mr. Repeat zipped up his suit pants and I heard the door close. Not even a 'thank you'! Fuck - not like I ever expect it from a feeder. Truth be told - it is hot never being acknowledged that way.

MBD just held my head and pumped his meat in my mouth. Suddenly, he pulled away. I knew he was very very close. He did too. Actually, he knew he was going to shoot, but wasn't going to let me have it. He kept me at arms length until he was ready. Then he took that arm and popped into his palm. I was devastated. I worked hard for it and took a lot of time and turned down others to get it.

Luckily, he didn't keep me fully deprived. With most of the seed still cupped there. He told me to 'open up' and then tilted his hand until his sperm ran into my mouth which remained agape. It was a big load and I know I didn't get it all. When he shot, some flew past his palm and into the carpet. Naturally, some of it clung to his hand - and while I offered and was willing to clean that off, he opted to just wash his hands in the bathroom.

Taking a queue from Mr. Repeat, he threw on his pants and hit the door without a word. I just lay in the bed....stroking my extremely hard dick, waiting for him to exit the bathroom.

I knew I wouldn't cum. Not that way. But he didn't. Nor did he care. He got what he wanted. But truly - so did I.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I've been traveling for work for about a year now. Can you imagine that in that time I've run out of available new men?

I find it hard to believe - and I'm sure I haven't. But this last trip I had two repeats. Kind of three.....but that last one is the next post.

What kills me is that these guys either didn't remember hooking up with me or didn't let on. Why should they? I knew (after they got there), but I never let on.

Oddly enough - both guys were from the same trip, possibly the same day. These guys also were on the same day for this trip. The coincidence was not lost on me.

The first guy was Gerry. Or Jerry. A married guy (to a woman) who also had a boyfriend. Impressive for that juggling - including holding a job and fucking me on the side. Well, not fucking - anything other than my face.

I get it - you're married and have another partner: you're not going to be unsafe. wah wah wah.

The guy was not really a looker (as I wrote about back in April or May), but he had the attitude and the cockiness to pull it all off. The dick was average, but it sure did pump out a nice load. And I do love it when it spews on my tongue and I can have it glide down my throat.

By the way - I love it when they won't fuck because it is deemed unsafe, but they have no qualms about putting their load down a guy's throat. Yes, transmission is lower etc, but the transmission is lower for the eater - it is zilch for the feeder - or the guy who wouldn't put it up your ass. They alllllllways think they're the clean ones.

But anyway - he promised to call and come by again when he could wrap it. He never did. And why? He got his nut and walked back to work. I was a distant memory before he hit the lobby.

The second guy I also didn't recognize from his pics. I did the second I opened the door.

Italian, nice dick, nice body - though a little on the thin side. Potentially he had the right attitude, but acted more like a dead fish the entire time he was there.

So I opted not to play.

Could I have gotten off? Maybe. Should I have? Not really.

There is being a bottom and there is someone being there with zero interest. I didn't get it. I don't get it.

He was like that the last time too. I did work out a huge load, but this time it didn't seem worth my time.

I kicked him out and went to look for other things.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ethinic Hook Ups

The thing about DC is, that there is a plethora of ethnic places to eat - and I'm not talking about restaurants. Just a lot of any kind of dark meat you'd like - from light tan to ebony. You also have asian fare, if you're into that - for me, that's not high on my list.

I don't have a 'thing' for black dick, but there is something appealing about that. I could put my finger on it it, I guess. As control issues go, there is something about being subservient to a black man. any man.....and only to a degree. But yes, something about being it with a black man.


33 6,1, 190, 9c nice phat load - is what the ad read for the above picture. I took the bait - literally. Hook. Line. Sinker.

I will say, the dick was much more impressive in real life than the photo every hinted. The man it was attached to was also impressive. He carried himself with a certain attitude, but not in a bad way. I think if you've read this blog with any consistency, you'll know I like that kind of thing - even more than the looks of a guy, or the size of his member.

We pretty much put myself in every position imaginable so he could feed me his dick. He also gave me a really really big load. But then I couldn't get rid of him. He insisted on pissing before he left and must have made a half dozen unsuccessful attempts. I was a little nervous he wouldn't leave.


The next morning, the above man answered one of my ads to be fed a hot protein breakfast. He replied with the above picture and description - 5'9" 173 masc-in shape -discrete/private- ddf- suit & tie black guy- 40.

Though clearly the man has an incredible cock - honestly, it was the suit & tie thing that got me hot. You probably could have seen my face drop when he showed up in sweats and a t-shirt (it was REALLY warm in DC last week).

Yes, his thick long dick made up for any lack of suit - but man, to see that thing just hang out of his open fly would have been so hot! And let me tell you - that thing was a hole splitter.

Sure he answered an ad to get sucked off, but he was very well built and changed his mind after we stripped down. I like when guys do that and try to manipulate the situation to get their rocks off their way. ....or to think they do.

In reality, I did post an ad to get fed, but left a nice pic of my ass on said ad. Not quite subliminal, but suggestive and that is what I'm guessing he responded to.....and for.

He had me on my back on the bed and just teasing me with his cock. But he also played with my nipples, which is just a sure way to get me to spread my legs. Maybe he knew that. Maybe it was luck. But he got them open.

Though he asked me if I had a rubber, it didn't really stop him when I said 'no'. Technically, it was a lie. For whatever reason, I do carry them with me, but would only pull them out if I really really really wanted the cock and only if they really really really insisted on not doing it raw. You can usually count on two of those 'reallys'' disappearing once the pants are off and the cock is hard.

He was a good looking man, though he had the greenest eyes - almost translucent. It was an odd thing - like he was looking through me. And maybe he did - which is how he knew what he could do without ever really asking.

Thick and curved was his dick - as you can see. Though he handled it like a pro. Or I'm just a slut. Or perhaps a little of both. He had to get to work, as did I - so it was all business. No playing.....nothing but dick pumping in an ass.

He did a good job - and I did a good job taking it. At least I think. I could tell you to ask him, but I don't think I'll give out his contact information. In matter of 15 minutes or so - it was all over. Him getting off. Me taking it. Then me taking a shower, suiting up and hitting the Metro.

With part of him still in me.

But what trip wouldn't be complete without a tour of south of the border?

"Ken" was 28, 5'11", 210lbs, black hair, brown eyes. The man was solid! Not fat, but it would be like moving a semi by pushing him with bare hands.

The dick was small, but he was a confident fucker. He could move me around at will with ease. You gotta like that. And he had a huge load, which he opted to deposit on my dick and in my pubes. Yes, a waste of a load (in my mind), but I would do him again, with the chance of doing more.

I like to experiment - so it's all good!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Late Nite Shenanigans

After a dinner with a friend while working in town, I trolled on-line for dick. Yes yes....feign your shock elsewhere. Your mock indignation goes nowhere with the likes of me. We're almost 200 posts into this blog. It's not like I hold back or tell only the good stuff. I'm pretty much an open-book with most of this shit.

Anyway - the dick below (I have a face pic,, but can't really post that now, can I?) answered me and was looking to get off. It took some email exchange, but it finally happened.

What also happened is that I invited someone else over before I knew this guy ("Brent") would accept the invite. Brent showed first.


Clearly coming from a bar, he was a little drunk and he also like to smoke - as he reeked of it. But once he was out of his clothes only his hands smelled like it. He was short. Not shorter, but short. Maybe 5'6". For a guy who stands close to 6'3", he's short. I didn't notice it much on my knees or back.

When I let Brent in, I told him another man might be coming over and left the door slightly ajar. I was at the complete end of the hall, no one was making their way down there unless absolutely necessary. All the lights were off in the room save the bathroom light....and the lights of Thomas Circle.

I was down on my knees and taking Brent's cock all the way down. Because he was drunk, I believe that is why it took a while to get him up. But trust me, I did my job and he became rock solid.

We both heard the door open and close, but neither of us looked. Isn't that kind of the way it should be? It was about the scene - not the person per se. He came behind Brent and was doing lord knows what to him, but he seemed to like it.

I never did get a good look at the guy. He came in between Brent's legs and tried to suck on my dick while I was working my mouth over Brent's. That wasn't my thing. I wanted to get these guys off - it's what they both came over for.

We moved around and ended up on the bed - me still not seeing this guy. Brent stood next to the bed while I was on my back eating his dick. The other guy went to mine and I let him for awhile.....but I didn't want to ejaculate. So I pushed him off.

I will say that Brent and I got a little into each other - enough for the other guy to walk out the door. I never saw him (again/still), but heard the door close. And then we went at it.

More sucking. Face getting fucked. ...and then Brent started playing with my nipples - which is always a bad sign. Or a good one. I've said it here before, it just makes me wanna take it up the ass. And even though I told him to stop because of that rationale, I equally (if not more so) told him so he would continue and to plant the seed of fucking me - pun fully intended.

He talked like he wanted to, but somewhat resisted. I kept saying, no problem, but it would feel so good. He wanted protection, I told him I didn't have any because I thought it was just going to be a blowjob.

He laid back and I do think he wanted me to take control of the situation and just sit on him - but I didn't do it. Eventually he took the lead and had me on my back and just pushed himself in.

Soon, his manscaped pubes were pressed against my ass. The 60 minutes of edging didn't leave us much time after he was in. He was pretty primed, so I'm guessing he only last 5-6 minutes. He ended up unloading on a out stroke, but pushed it back in for the big finish.

It was kind of hot and I talked him to the door, finally seeing that I was a good head & shoulders above him, height-wise. He emailed numerous times for a follow-up, but I had moved on and looked for someone new.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brother in Arms

So....time for new stories..

I'm back from my work travels and am happy to say that as of today, I have new stories for ya. None of them are in sequence, but I don't think that matters. The tales I have to tell are not a continual storyline where each chapter has events that affect the next one.

Let's face it, there are only so many varying degrees of the on-line set-up and execution of getting off....or getting someone off.

But I'm a very adaptable guy and go along with most things - sexually and otherwise.

After placing an ad on Craigslist, I got a number of responses. But one guy who intrigued me was a 38 yo who said he had 9x6 c. Yes, I try not to be a size queen, but who wouldn't wanna see that? And of course by 'see', I mean 'suck'......or whatever else.

I'm also a sucker (literally) for a man in a harness.

We exchanged a few emails and it was decided I would leave my door open and that he was very into verbal. .....and you know I'm down with that shit.

I actually thought he wasn't going to show, since he was 10 minutes away and now it was 25 or so. But the door was pushed open and there he was in all his glory. Work overalls, Citadel wrestling tshirt (woof) and a knit cap. He was handsome too.

His frequent references to being up all night and not being able to sleep made me wonder if he was tweaking or something, but he wasn't too icky about that - though generally I try to avoid those types.

I was a little worried when I got him out of his overalls, as I thought there was no way of 9x6 anything...but he surprised me. Definitely a grower...

I was happy to be down on my knees and help him get it all the way I took it all the way down. And true to his word, he was verbal, but more about his background.

As I was taking him to his short and curlies, he was telling me about it felt like when he had his older brother blow him back when he was 17. He and his brother were 'drunk' and his brother blew him and swallowed his seed.

Then he started calling me his brother. Reliving, real or imagined, his fantasy blowjob. I was ok with it and continued my work.

Tweaker or not. Brother story or not. The man blew a huge load. ...and yes, I took it all.

What? You're surprised?

Friday, January 04, 2008

First Load of '08

Well it was only the third day of the month before I got my first load of the year.

Not too shabby.

The guy who fed me was actually a repeat. I have another guy who wants to fuck me who is a repeat. Has it gotten to the point that I’ve had sex with everyone in this town that I have to resort to circling the block again?

I kid. Of course I say ‘yes’ to the good ones. I’m smart enough to say to ‘no’ to the bad ones. Unless I have a lapse in judgment – but that’s not too too often. And much less so if I haven’t been drinking.

But you might remember the guy in the Spidey boxers. Still sexy as hell and though I haven’t hooked up with him inbetween our first encounter, he has IM’d me via my cell now and again. We’ve had some failed attempts. Not so much this time.

We met up at the bookstore because more than wanting me to suck him off (which of course he still wanted), he wanted to see me swallow some other dudes. As that is how he found me the first time, I know he really got off on that. And let’s face it, I get off on being watched.

Can I even tell you how dead the fucking place was. It was him and me. Period.20 booths on one side and about the same on the second side. We cruised both sides and there was no one. Nada. Zilch.

I take it back – there was the cleaning guy. The one who is relegated to mop up the spooge from the floor after a guy chokes his chicken while watching marginal porn. Those guys always have an attitude – and understandably. They shouldn’t with me, because I never create a mess for them. I help guys take that out of the equation. There is no missed load. Nothing to hit the floor. Certainly not off-white gold.

But as it turns out, it was only him and me - in a dirty booth with no door. Him fucking my face. He kept glancing at his watch like he had somewhere else to be at a certain time or timing his orgasm. Possibly both for all I know.

Like last time he vice gripped my head, forcing it at a 45 degree angle and pounded his crotch into my lips. Like a champ, he dumped is load into my mouth. I pulled off after he had milked out every drop and then showed him his efforts before I swallowed it all.

The other guy I who has been in contact with me is The Lawyer. You might remember him from stories going back 2 years ago. Great dick. Nasty attitude. But annoying as hell. He does not know when to stop – and maybe he goes off his medications or something. It is not uncommon when to get dozens of text messages or emails from him a day.

I want to give him my ass, but sometimes the price is too high.

But I’m off on travels all next week. …and you know how that goes. I normally score and do pretty well.

I’m hoping to have more stories and pictures to share. Hoping to get video too – but like last time, you’ll most likely never see that. Sorry. : )