Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stall Sex

He works near me. Near enough anyways.

He's not in my top 10 choice of guys.......and I'm being nice with that number. There is something to be said for convenience.

The guy is not really my type. Maybe too flamboyant, or the potential to be. Be it the hair, the product, the walk, the talk, the cologne. I get I'm supposed to embrace my brethren, but it doesn't mean I have to have sex with them.

It was a weak-ish moment. I actually figured he'd be the one sucking my cock. And I mean, he did, but he didn't suck me off.

Backing up. It was a Grindr thing. I swung by his office and waited for the all-clear signal. I walked in, he not only closed and locked the door but put cases of paper behind the door. I'm good with not getting caught.

He did go down on me, as mentioned. But it was clear he wasn't going to take the load. He pulled out his 7" cock and told me to suck it. For all the things that didn't draw me to him, his attitude did.

"That's it cocksucker, swallow my dick".  I'm all about the degradation and the dirty talk. I wouldn't have guessed he had it in him. He actually pulled it off well.

"Are you ready for it?".  I'm assuming he meant his load, but I hadn't been sucking long. But there it was. A decent amount went right into my mouth.  I was still swallowing and savoring when he zipped up and told me to get out. He was picking up the boxes that blocked the door - checked for traffic and then gave me the thumbs up to leave.

It was a decent situation.

A few days later, he pings me again. He tells me of a bathroom where he's gonna stroke one out. Wanted me to join him.  I told him I wanted to eat a load, but I had an idea.  I was already in the appropriate stall when he walked in.  He first went to the urinal...walked past my stall, peered through the crack to make sure it was me and took the adjoining stall.

The floor is dark marble. I could see the reflection well enough and could tell when he opened his pants. I could tell when he grabbed and stroked his cock.  After that? can watch the video below to see what my idea was and to what he went along with. Well, he knew about the first part, though you don't have to be a genius to figure it all out.

He left without another word.

I took a screen capture of me eating his load and sent it to him.  He sent back and emoji of a pig.