Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Have you ever fucked a twin?

I don't mean one of two siblings - fraternal or identical. I mean, more someone who looks like you - though not exactly a doppelganger.

He was my height. He shaved his head. He had a beard. A biggish nose and a decent body. He even had a nice cock, though honestly, mine was nicer - if I say so myself.

He was in town. He claims to be a top, but was in the mood for getting fucked - and though he never fucks skin to skin, that was also his mood.

He was at a downtown hotel. I was in a mood, and I thought, why not. Of course, deep down, I was hoping I'd get him to change his mind and be the one to fuck me.

The guy provided me his room number and said his door would be unlocked. In reality, he left a piece of paper in the door so it couldn't lock. The lights were dimmed, but not off, the blinds drawn even at 3p. He was face down, ass up.

One difference between the two of us was his mostly hairless ass. I dove into it like a starving man.

It was a fucking great ass to eat. I mean, I love doing that deed anyways, but something about the buns, the crack and the hole just drove me wild. I did all my usual trick of licking, kissing, tonguing and munching inside and out. He truly appreciated the attention - almost like no one has taken care of him like that before. Though that seems hard to believe.

He was good at dirty talk too - which is a huge plus for me. He ever told me about the first time he got fucked, which was too close to my own story. But he mentioned how the guy clasped a hand over his mouth while he fucked him to keep the noise down.  Smart man.

After the ass eating, it was time to fuck. Me to fuck him, that is. I knew early on there would be no swaying this guy to take me.

He wanted face to face and I was ok with that.

Like eating it, sliding into him was determination that he had a nice hole. But while he claims to rarely get fucked, I bottomed out all too easily. His hole wrapped my shaft nicely, but not tightly. Velvet to skin.

Granted, I'm a little on the big side, and thick - so when I did bottom out, I gave a little extra shove to see if there wasn't a way to get a quarter-inch deeper. I did, and his eye shot open. But the words, 'stop', 'don't', 'slower', never passed his lips.

I'm not sure I would have cared if they did. But they didn't.

So, I fucked. I fucked hard. Like I said - I was in a mood.

I liked seeing his face as I penetrated him. I wondered if that was what I looked like when, oh so many guys, fucked my ass. It was that fine line of pleasure / pain / need / want / stop / don't stop.

Unlike the other guys I've fucked this year, this wasn't over in a few minutes. Maybe I was turned on by fucking myself, I don't know. But I stayed hard, I paced myself and a few times, even pulled out.

I got on my back and lay there, spread eagled, and made him lick my dick, clean himself off of me and then lick my nuts and ass.  Then I had him sit on me and ride.

This was harder for me to control and I wasn't liking it, as much as I like when I'm riding in the saddle. I pushed him off and it was time for him to get back to the position I found him in - face down; ass up.

He was all too accommodating.

I plowed him from behind, fucking him as hard as I could without getting too close to the edge. I was wanting this to last. I mean, I put an hour on the meter, I wanted it to get my $0.75 worth!

That rough fucking without going over the edge, at least for a seldom top such as myself, is a delicate balance. It's why I usually go over the edge 4-5 minutes into my fucks.

But I rode him for a good 15 minutes in this position. I'd hear noises being muffled by the bed, none of them actually words. Nor was he struggling to get away.

We both wanted face to face for the end. I pulled out and flipped him over, pushed his legs back and re-entered.....with ease, I might add.

This time, there wasn't much tease and control. I was going for it. I had 10 days of spunk backed up in my nuts and I wasn't going to waste it. So I pounded. I've learned a thing or two and I pounded.

As I got closer, I did what this first guy did to him. I took my hand and clasped it over his mouth. Deep down, I think he told me that story for a reason, and I took the parts needed for this encounter and incorporated them.

It's not like he was making much noise - nothing to alert the housekeeping staff in the hall, but I didn't cover it for that. It was to take him back. To relive the past while taking the present.

And I came. After about 45 minutes of fucking (a record for me), I shot a huge huge huge fucking load. He never protested. He never asked me not to, so he got it.

And then I got on my way. I made it back to the meter with three minutes to spare.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flip Fuck

It seems that gloryhole I went to a few times goes both ways.

The owner of the hole invited me over to fuck him again. I wavered, since I wasn't sure that was what I wanted to do, but my cock got the better of me.

I opened the door and walked up the steps as it started to pour outside. Good timing. With no pretense, I dropped my shorts and stripped off my shirt too. All that remained were my cross-training shoes and the footies that were on my feet.

He wasn't waiting for me, but I just presented my cock through the hole and waited. It didn't take that long before I felt a wet, warm mouth envelop my shaft, which was only a semi-chub by that time.

The guy has a good mouth, even though if he is so heavy of a smoker, you can smell his breath from behind a door through a gloryhole. It's not all the pleasant. Still, he's an expert cocksucker. He has not issues deep-throating me and keeping me lodged down there for quite a bit of time.

He licked and sucked my nuts too.  I love having my sac lightly licked. Sometimes it is better than the cock. But the feeling never stays. The more they work on it, the less sensation it holds. Why is that?

"Let me lick your ass", says he.  Who am I to argue?

I turn around and present my ass to the hole. It's a little hard to balance and the opposite wall is just out of reach to use my hands easily. He's ok at the task, but I won't go on record to say he's going to win any awards at knowing how to successfully eat mancunt from a hole in a door.

He took a breather as I tried to reposition myself for more stability and that's when I felt it. The head of his cock going right into me.

No asking. No permission. No knowledge of if I did this kind of thing or if I was prepared - on any level.

It was hard to feign being new to this, as I allowed my ass to open up and take the first 4" of his thick 7" dick.  Soon, he was POUNDING his body weight against that door he put up. If his downstairs neighbors were home, there was no hiding what was going on at the upper level. I didn't really give a fuck what they'd think anyway.

If I had a hard time getting balance for an ass eating, imagine how hard it was to really accept his thrusts. But I did.

Twice he pulled out - possibly to give me a chance to extricate myself from the situation, but I didn't and both other times, he went back in with abandon. He muttered something about taking a long time to cum. I said I didn't care.

It's all relative anyways. It took him about 15 minutes to cum. It's a more than reasonable amount of time, but I've had it go much longer.  With a grunt and groan, he unloaded up my hole. Again, no asking. Just presuming. But let's be honest, I was at a fucking home gloryhole with my ass up to the opening taking a stranger's cock. Was there really a need to ask?

I was sweating. He must have been too.

But like a champ he pulled out, turned around and took my dick. I lasted a very short time. 4, maybe 5 minutes and blew up his ass.

No talking after. I pulled up my pants and walked out the door.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Well I had a first a week or so ago.

I gave head on a live streaming session. I'd say it was interesting, but I'm not sure it was much different than giving head without a camera.

I was feeling like an exhibitionist and had been viewing some guys whore themselves out for tokens and amazon gift cards at Chaurbate.

Seriously, guys cam themselves, mostly just jacking off, in return viewers give them "tokens". I honestly don't know what what a token is worth or what can do with it.

Some of the guys have these fucking sob stories about being in debt after getting their truck stolen and losing their jobs....blah blah blah. And of course, like a heroin dealer giving out a free sample before you pay for more, these guys will tease you with a look, but not jack until they get X amount of tokens. And many of them do have an amazon wish list that they want people to buy shit for them - like $3000 computers.

Bitch, it's streamed jacking off, not a weekend in Cabo.

And some of these guys are slick. Not just looking, but in they've made it their primary source of income. They have the patter down, the tease, the responses. I love that in their profiles, all the best looking ones say they're into women.

Uh-huh. You're into women, but shoving a dildo or vibrator up your ass for a roomful of men to see? And you're taking it with ease?  ....and that's because so many straight guys are so into anal play?

I'd love to know what kind of shut-ins are the ones giving 100s of tokens per day to these guys. I'm guessing they're a sad lot.

I will say, and to be fair, there are a number of guys who don't have wish lists and do not accept tokens. They are there to give a show, or at least to show off. That's all I was looking to do.

A quick CL ad later, I had a few responses, but only one seemed legit and oddly enough he was three minutes away working on a house.

Yes, he was a 28 year old laborer with a 7.5 - 8" dick.

I mean, fuck, that's perfect for anytime, let alone for doing a first streaming session (and so far, only streaming session, I might add).

So I had my session opened up before he arrived. With little activity, I tried to tell what few viewers I had what would be going on. But since most viewers don't tune in until they see something going on, or see someone interesting, on the main screen, I knew I wouldn't have many - and I had no long-time followers at this point who would know when I signed on.

This guy was into it. Silent, but not skittish.

Soft to start, he grew quickly and so did my viewer list.

I think I only got up to 23 viewers, but they got a good 8-10 minute show. They seemed to like it. I seemed to like it.

The guy pulled out near the end and jacked off on my out-stretched tongue, as he wanted to give the show to the viewers. Way to commit.  Naturally, much of the big load didn't go into my mouth - initially - and one big gob hit me in the eye.

Fuck that hurts. It's like someone punched me there for hours. Cum: so great, so dangerous.

I'm not much of a jacker-offer, so I don't suspect I'll have any of those shows. And I don't suspect many guys will be into the exhibitionism of it all. But if they are, I'm game. There's just no way to give many people a good heads-up (no pun intended) time to log on and watch.

I'm also not finding a way to screen-capture the show, but if there is, that could be fun for other reasons.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I don't think I'm unlike many other American cocksuckers.  Well - in certain ways I am, but I'm talking about in terms of ratio of cut to uncut dicks one might service.

For as many - and yes, there have been many - that I have taken care of, a surprisingly few have been uncircumcised. Mind you, percentage-wise. To the normal guy, it's still a LOT of cocks.

I could blame it on my religion, but I won't. It's not like I'm sucking tons of Jewish men. Being cut is just more the norm in the U.S. I think.

Still, to a degree, the uncut cock intrigues me and repels me. The same could be said in terms of a cut one, but conversely, the percentage is higher with uncut.

In my mind, I have my own perfect uncut cock. Big. Meaty. Just enough skin to stretch over most of the head when it is erect but easy to peel back with your fingers or even your tongue.

Those are u/c porn cocks. They rarely appear in real life.

So not long ago, I had a guy come over. Medium build, but confident. Big-assed pick-up truck carrying him where he needed to go.

He dropped his pants and for as many cocks as I've seen in my life (again, that is a LOT), this one was new.

6.5" and uncut. So uncut that I wasn't sure there was an opening.

He was 80% erect when he freed it, but the skin was all the way over the head. Tight, over his head. There was the smallest of openings. At the time I thought to myself, how can he even piss out of that?

Of course, I figured, once we got going, the skin would retract, exposing a shiny slick head - the way foreskins somehow make those heads like that, more so than ones exposed to the daily elements.

But the skin did not retract. If anything, it became tighter, the hole became smaller. It wasn't even my dick, and I was worried for him.

Yet here he was, a man of 40 years or so of age. This can't be his first erection or his first blowjob, right? He made it this far without the skin breaking like a worn rubber band.

Honestly, I was a little disgusted. I just couldn't fathom this as being physically appealing or stimulating to him, but he seemed to like what I was doing. In the back of my mind, I kept wondering about the ending of this session.  How would this even happen? The skin didn't give a millimeter and the opening even looked smaller.

Soon enough I'd find out. He made all the warnings of impending cumming.

I can't say if it was because of his cock or not, but his cum was like liquid.  Yes, I know cum IS liquid. I mean very little heft to it. Cum is usually heavier than, say, water. But this was like something that would flow out of a pitcher.

It was plentiful and tasted good.

I'm not sure what was with the guy, but he couldn't get out of there fast enough. Lord knows what I did to freak him out. Or maybe it was just post-orgasm guilt.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Months ago I told you of my photo shoot for a nudist magazine. The entire piece could have been better, but I got a note here and there from readers who reached out. I suppose it is like hearing your voice on a tape recorder - you're never going to be thrilled.

Since then, the photographer / publisher has texted me on and off. At the shoot, he kind of figured out what kind of guy I am and has played upon that. He's the opposite of a sub-like cocksucker. He's more of a dom-like feeder. And not so much dom "like" but pretty much dom.

He has slaves, faggots and cocksuckers who answer to him. Even via text, I could tell he was testing me on how far I might go with him.

I've stated here before, I have sub tendencies (like you couldn't tell that from my entries), but I'm not a slave. I don't even know if I could be a full-on sub. My backbone is too rigid and I can be a horribly stubborn guy - not what a dom really likes - at least for any length of time.

Still he'd push me - via text. Wouldn't I do x, y or z for  him?  Most of the times it was yes, but with a caveat. Being owned isn't really my thing. And he kept coming around to chastity.

You've read here, I don't jack off much and I don't cum that often. I can go weeks or months without ejaculating. I know people think that is twisted, but it is not. It is also not meant to be used as some kind of self-inflicted torture either.

On my worst days, I cum a fuck of a lot. I've waited period in between where it is actually painful to cum when I choose to do so.

Anyways - chastity is not my thing. Yes, I'm selfish that when I do actually want to play with my cock, I want to be able to. Yes, I think about what TSA and the guys in the locker room would say. And yes, I don't like ever not having the key to unlock it - and it is possible that key would be hundreds or thousands of miles away. And considering I've seen this guy twice in seven months, getting the key would be next to impossible, even if he agreed.

Oh, and there is that other thing:  I've seen the guy twice in seven months. Nothing about us warrants me wanting to be chained to him. Texting is not the way. I don't know him enough to trust or distrust him. But I don't have any kind of relationship or physical / emotional investment for wanting this certain guy to cage me.

That said, he's still sexy as fuck and I know he wants to push my limits. I'm all about having my limits pushed.

Anyway time #2 was just the other day. A text. He was in town, he needed a blowjob before he took a nap. I was on my way.

As he is a nudist, I knew to shed all my clothing at the door way. I walked in to find him sitting on the couch in the living area. He pointed to the floor and I took off my glasses and knelt.

While I know I needed to see nothing, the transition from glasses to none make me fairly blind.

But down I went.

It's a great cock. About 7". Medium width at the head, gets much wider in the middle of the shaft and then tapers down near the base. I loved sucking it.

While his hand was on my head, it was more for balance or something. He didn't have to force me down or guide my actions - I was doing quite well on my own.

Since he was all about putting a cage on my cock, I certainly knew not to touch my own cock during this session. I do like stroking myself when I suck someone else - and not cumming - but I knew this time touching myself would not be tolerated. I kept my hands on the couch cushion on either side of his legs. But I was incredibly hard while I was working his cock.

Now and then, he would mutter the word, "FAG" as I blew him. He likes calling me a 'fag' even in text. And I'm not offended because, well, I am one.

At one point his phone buzzed and he reached for it. I had kind of seen it on the table next to the couch, but without my glasses, I really couldn't identify a thing. When he leaned back from the table he had something else I had not seen - an indelible magic marker. A Sharpie.

He leaned down, grabbed my hard dick, and said, "since you won't be caged......"  and then did this.

I guess I could have stopped him after the first or second letter, but I didn't. I actually thanked him after he finished.

I'll admit I was conflicted about this. Not for reasons any of you would think or understand. It came down to that if anyone were to mark me this way - it wouldn't have been him. There was a weird palpable sense of loss or disloyalty for having an almost stranger mark me so knowingly.

And then I went back to sucking. He went back to muttering 'FAG' to me...or about me.

I used my lips, my tongue, my throat - all the standards. I did not use my hands.

I actually try never to use my hands, as that is just jacking off. But in reality, some guys ask for, or eventually need, that assistance. I get the load, but I'm not always proud of how I achieve that goal. But this time, the hands never left the sofa.

He claims to have cum two days ago, but it was a huge huge huge load. Most guys don't cum that much. Before I swallowed, I took his hand to my throat, so he could feel me gulp his jizz. Honestly, I do that a lot to guys, but I would love to know how many of them take it to their normal feeder practice.

He had a wicked smile on his face upon me finishing and milking out every drop. He mentioned the no hands feat. He says he normally has to have a guy help him along - and I told him my feelings on that, but he reassured me that at some point I would use my hands on him.

I'm hoping to prove him wrong.

He did compliment me on my 'exceptional' talent.

I'm hoping for another try.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


He's a  He's mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out.....

Sorry, but that's what came to mind. He answered my ad and I went to him. 'Use My Mouth' was the ad headline.

6'3" (he seemed taller) 225. Wide and solid. 8.5".  A true 8.5".  He just failed to mention that it was at least 5.5" around.

Now, he never gave his race, but based on his dick size and his neighborhood (yes, I'm stereotyping), it was fairly safe to say he was black. And he was. Dark as the night.  He took up the entire doorway as I approached. I didn't even notice at first that he had no pants or underwear on. Just a t-shirt, standing at the front door for possibly anyone to see.

I suppose he was proud of what he was showing. He should have been. It was fucking beautiful.

I wasn't there to give decorating tips, it was just odd, all the walls had pics of various sizes of one woman - one I'm assuming was his mother. I'm talking dozens of pictures of 3x5 to poster size. It was a little odd.

He led me to a room that had a spread out sleeping blanket. I'm not sure if this is how he slept or it was just his sex room. Right now, it was a sex room.

Personally, I'd have liked him to stand to show me that huge cock while I was kneeling, but there was no way I was going to direct this guy to do anything. You could tell he did as he pleased, so why fuck around with that.

He got on the floor, on his back, resting his head and I went down to my knees and then down on him.

Fuck that dick grew. It was big when flaccid, but more than filled my mouth. I'm not ashamed to say I couldn't get it all in my mouth. I made a valiant effort but as he became wider at the base it became impossible to not have my teeth get in the way.

Still, with his fidgeting and moaning, he seemed to be liking what I was doing. I'd lightly stroke his ball sac while I really worked on that massive rod. It was so dark, you could easily see where I couldn't get to with the spit line being very defined.

I can't say it was the most comfortable way to do suck, but his cock, his rules.

He was close and I could tell.  He told me to get on my knees and spread my ass. He said he wanted to cum on my hole.

I was ok with this because we hadn't talked about getting fucked.  I wasn't prepared for it from a hygiene perspective and I wasn't prepared for it from a size one as well. But I could certainly handle his load being squirted on my asshole.

Personally, I think we stopped the sucking too soon and he had to jack longer than it seemed, since he was in such a rush for me to get on my knees. But there I was, my hands grasping each cheek and pulling them part for him to see and have a good target of.

He was moaning and then I felt it. Not the white hot temp of his load. I felt the head of his cock at my hole and then another two inches.

My face sunk further into the sleeping bag on the floor as he pushed into me and then moaned, as that now white hot load was filling my ass. Granted it was not horribly deep up there, but it was up there.

He left and threw me a towel, but I was already putting on my shorts.

He was at the front door, putting on his t-shirt, pants still off, dick for all to see, as he opened it for me to leave.

Thursday, July 03, 2014


He pounded me the way he normally does. Or eventually does.

He is the closest thing I have to a regular fuck - though by anyone's standards it is not super regular. But we never miss a beat once we are together.

The man has skills with his dick. And his hips, I guess. And definitely his mind. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. Yet sweet too. It's a good combo.

Weeks back, before he was to leave on a trip, I found myself in....well, on....his bed.

We do have a routine. A sequence of positions we go through. Usually in order, but not always. This is not a complaint.

Normally, to start, I'm on my knees with my ass at the edge of the bed and him standing behind me. Is it slutty, or hot, that I give no resistance to him entering me and taking a matter of seconds to bottom out? Is it slutty, or hot, that I push back on him, trying to meet him half way?

His cock fits perfectly into my hole. Yeah - one could say that eventually all cocks fit in, but this is the right size for the 'let's just get to it' fuck. And we do just get to it.

At points in the session, I'm on my side, with a leg up a little so he has deep access. We also have the opportunity to kiss at this point. Normally, that is not a big thing for me, but for whatever reason, with him it is. I won't say it's romantic, but there is an intimacy and intensity to it. And even a bit of dirtiness.

Other times I will ride him while he lays back. I like this, but I have less control over my own impending orgasm. If I am to cum at all during the session, this is one of the ways we do this.

At some point, there is always the flat on the belly approach, him on my back - thrusting into me, hard, deliberate and steady.  For leverage, his arms will go under my pits and pull me back a bit. It might be a control thing. I think it's just a way to drive deeper.

This last time, that last position was a big one. We used that a lot. I knew then I wasn't going to be riding him to get off. This was his time to shoot.

With his weight on top of me and the grasp of my arms, I wasn't going anywhere - not that I intended to. He was fucking for a finish.

I was happy for him to do that. Nothing pleases me, or mentally gets me off, more than a guy who becomes a selfish but skilled top.

He drove into me over and over. No verbal warning, but I could feel him get hard as steel and the breath became a little more labored and the respirations a little more shallow. He was racing towards orgasm and going to make sure I got it all.

The guy plunged into me when he let loose, making sure his cock and seed were as deep in me as he could possibly get. I could feel the pulses, but not the warmth. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he re-established composure.

I love that he doesn't pull out. He leaves that dick up my ass. I milk it. I squeeze that shaft, not only making him shudder a bit, but getting out every last drop of sperm that I can.

I'm already looking forward to next time.